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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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s . >> what drivers stuck behind the el illegal act were seeing. >> eight vehicles doing donuts, stopping traffic and then speeding off. they're adviced about 10 to 15 ford mustangs. >> now one of the mustangs broke down during the side show blocking three lanes of traffic. the driver was arrested for reckless driving and officers had his car impounded. chp officers were able to cite other cars they believed were part of the side show when they exited the bridge. one of the drivers didn't have a license. crews battling the ferguson wildfire say they reached a major milestone, that fire is
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now 100% contained. it's started on july 13th, a firefighter died in the fire, which grew to 151 square miles. on august 15th, yosemite officials closed the park indefinitely due to the smoke and fire. it opened nearly three weeks later. the cause of the fire still unknown. a quick update on some of the other fires burning. the ranch fire has charred more than 524 square miles. it is 76% contained. cal fire still expects to have full containment by september 1st. while crews are making progress on the deadly carr fires, it has burned 355 square miles since the fire started july 23rd and is 83% contained. smoke from the fires led to the third consecutive spare the air day. this is our east bay hills
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camera, and gray skies in this our sfo camera. air quality is not expected to improve tomorrow with another spare the air day. so let's get the latest. >> here's another look from walnut creek. notice how hazy it is here. we have the pollutants trapped. as high pressure begins to move out of town. cool at the coast and, of course, today the worst air quality in the santa clara valley, although you're seeing it all over the bay area. the strongest winds at the coast, but notice up to the north and east bay, a little bit lighter coming down from the north and that is allowing for the smoke to get into the bay area. so for your forecast tomorrow, notice once again, the east bay, south bay will see the poorest air quality. we we'll see it for another day. but then beyond that we'll get
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into better air quality and temperatures below seasonal norms. a suspect under arrest following a shooting last night in a normally quiet san rafael neighborhood. it left one person wounded. cornell bernard is live in san rafael with the details. how's the victim doing? >> ray: eric, police say good news. they say that man will recover. authorities just now got a search warrant for this home here on 5th avenue. the shooting happened just outside the home. they're now looking for evidence. >> i feel asleep around midnight. i was woken to an apartment between two men screaming really loud. >> she thought the fight was unusual in her quiet neighborhood. but hours later at 3:00 a.m., the fight escalated. >> a woman in particular, with terrifying yells, just
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bloodcurdling. i hear two -- it sounded like gun shots. and then everything was quite. >> investigators say a 20-year-old man was shot after a fight broke out in the street near this home. but the victim vanished before officers arrived. >> we got a phone call from santa memorial hospital where a victim showed up with a nonthreatening gun shot wound. >> neighbors they there was a party at this house. >> there was a party when we walked by. >> one man visiting from washington state was arrested. >> there was a man arrested for being a convicted felony in possession of ammunition. >> police aren't sure if he played a role in the shooting. for now neighbors are upset and on edge. >> this doesn't happen on fifth avenue. >> now police are questioning the man who was arrested. they are also looking for other suspects. a motive in this crime is still
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unknown. live in santa -- i'm sorry san rafael. cornell bernard abc 7 news. new details on a drive-by shooting saturday night that left three people wounded at a berkeley city park. gun fire erupted add around 5:30 yesterday at san pablo park. the most serious wounded victim was a 25-year-old man. the other victims were a 63 and 57-year-old man. investigators say there was an exchange of gun fire. a celebrated poet from the east bay died after being hit by a car. a car hit 77-year-old tom clark in berkeley while he crossed the road friday night. police say he was not in a crosswalk, when a driver who had a green light struck him. in addition to poetry he wrote about sports and penned biographies. >> a few american catholics are considering reducing or
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withholding donations to their local churches following more revelations about the clergy abusing children. the pope did not mention a report by a grand jury in pennsylvania it detailed cases dating back to the 1940s where hndreds of priests exploited hundreds of victims. they're urging the pope to react. >> i would like them to take away their rights to be a priest. to be prosecuted the same as anyone else. but i also encourage people to not leave the church. >> the pope recently removed a cardinal from the ministry after he was accused of abusing a boy. the president had words for the "new york times" as they reported that don mcgahn was
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cooperating with the russia investigation. >> president trump firing off tweets about don mcgahn cooperating with the russia investigation. tweeting the failing "new york times" wrote a story that it seemed he was turning on me, when i allowed him to testify. don mcgahn, apparently sharing detailed accounts. mcgahn has met with mueller's team at least three times. his lawyers saying he wrote the questions honestly. former new jersey governor and abc political analyst chris christie saying waiving privilege left don mcgahn in a difficult position. >> he has no choice then to go in and answer everything after
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you waive privilege. >> rudy giuliani telling abc he's confident that don mcgahn didn't offer information that's harmful to the president. this morning he won't be rushed having the president testify. >> when you tell me he shouldn't testify because he's going to tell the truth and shouldn't worry. it's somebody's version of the truth. >> the president tweeting he has nothing to hide. demanding transparency so that this rigged and disgusting witch hunt can come to a close. they served up brunch for the last time at a beloved north bay restaurant. >> why after 29 years the still popular lunch spot closed its doors for good today. >> every day i feel like everyone is my family. a free wheeling spirit has a message of kindness and love to share with the countr
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a family owned restaurant in the north bay served its last meal this afternoon. abc 7 news was in san rafael where people waited in line to have one last brunch. the restaurant opened 29 years ago. bogies owner say business is good but closing due to an unresolve issue with the american's with disabilities act. >> if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't know the people we know now. >> i always said bogie's was made for the betterment of others. >> they say they may reopen at
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other location. >> the closure of a bridge has been extended. workers had to do emergency worker on the rio vista bridge when a gearbox broke leaving it in the up position. it will remain closed until 3:00 tomorrow morning to allow three vessels to pass underneath. contractors blame old age for the broken gearbox. culture, creativity, reflections and traditions all show cased today in fremont. a. >> a look at india independence day. from our roof camera this saturday afternoon you can see some of the fog invading san francisco and the breeze out there, keeping it cool here. and temperatures trending downward elsewhere. but we're not going to get the clean air yet. we have a look attan improving seven day outlook which inturn also features cooler days. here's tom with a look at
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what's ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> coming up, rudy giuliani talking truth why he says president trump should not meet with the special counsel. plus the father and son trying to escape a raging wire, the moment they realize they're trapped.
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♪ a two-day celebration of indian culture wrapped up today. abc 7 news was in fremont for the 26th annual festival of globe indian day fair and parade. it features cultural programs, a free health fair, food festival. >> a woman is a mission to role roller blade across the country. she's been roller blading across the united states for the past five months now, and right now she's in nebraska after starting
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her journey in miami, florida. she plans to finish her trek ini po portland, oregon by november. she wants to counter act negative with a positive act. >> every day i have no plans. i just have faith in the goodness of people. >> she roller blades about 70 miles a day, she doesn't accept money for her journey. she relies on the generosity of strangers to provide her food and shelter. >> during the break i found out it's sunday, not saturday. hope you enjoyed it. we are looking at a slightly cooler afternoon and that is going to be the trend for the next several days. here's live doppler 7. you can see the fog banked up along the shoreline. the winds have kicked up. a beautiful shot from sutro. where we see the fog. 59 in san francisco, 70 in
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mountain view. 76 in san jose. some haze, also some fog. low 70s santa rosa. 82 in novato. so 24 hour temperature change you can see, look at hayward, 11 degrees cooler. 7 degrees cooler in concord. we're going in the right direction if you don't like the heat. sun here in santa cruz, another spare the air alert tomorrow. temperatures trending down throughout the week. we'll look for no extremes for the temperatures in the upcoming work week. it's good news. it's been hot and those fires some of them getting the upper hand. notice the fog moves across the bay tomorrow. and mist and drizzle tonight and waking up to low clouds and fog around oakland and emeryville. it will peel back and we'll have a sunny afternoon with some
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haze. temperatures in the low to mid 50s and some of the fog stays with us along the north bay shoreline for much of the morning hours. getting ready to plan your day in the north bay, notice it's cool, in the 50s to start out with hazy afternoon sunshine, low to upper 70s for the most part. a nice afternoon with temperatures trending right around where they should be. and i hate to be the bearer of bad news. but just the messenger here. back to school for many of you this week from cupertino, union within temperature in the 70s. and looking at upper 80s around month debab low. 58 where emery will see the low 70s. 79 for you in cupertino. upper 70s san mateo and redwood city. with the sea breeze you'll feel the change. san francisco a little change for you, mid 60s. as we go up into the north bay,
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notice the low 80s instead of the mid 80s. a little hazy at times. and near east bay should be nice. you head inland, some of the reds coming into play as you get out towards the delta where numbers will be in the upper 80s. the accuweather seven day forecast starting the work week with the warmest day of the week, another spare the air alert. temperatures continue to drop. the low average on tuesday with the mist and drizzle greeting you throughout the night. and no change throughout the week. we'll keep the temperatures just below average and cool at the coast. >> we did not put lisa at the k kiddy table. >> it's just an optical illusion. >> i feel a little small. >> but big -- you have a big heart. >> wait until the 6:00. >> and a big forecast. thank you, lisa.
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mindy is here for a look at sports. >> a great day in the east bay. and in oakland 24,000 fans showed up. the warm weather brought out the home runs. we have highlights coming up.
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>> announcer: now sports from abc 7 news. the astros and the athletics had their aces on the mound as they battled for the outright division lead. but the game came down to which team could outslug the other. this gentleman brought all the momentums. an offday for jonathan velasquez and sean manaea. matt chapman facing a full
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count, parks this over the centerfield wall. khris davis two batters later, his 35th home run of the season. verlander lasted five and a third, gave up four home runs. sean manaea gave up six runs, four of them coming in the third inning. yuli gurriel with a three-run home run. a's get it back in the bottom half thanks to khris davis again. this game is tied and well within reach but evan gattis joining the home run derby. oh,land had a chance to do dang in the sixth, bases loaded for melker karlsson. but brad peacock strikes him out to end it. the astros hit three more home runs off emilio astros win 9-4 and retake first place in the al west.
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>> to this point we played well enough to take the series from two good teams and, you know, that's a positive. >> today sucks we lost. obviously nobody wants to lose but we're not going to win every game. no team is perfect. we believed in ourselves in spring training even when not a lot of people thought we should. so put this in the past and keep going. >> giants closed out a three games series in cincinnati. a lot of red. suarez versus suarez. hue han owe sure wez won one. this home program was t chase darno went a full inning without giving up a run, gave up a hit. the reds sweep the giants 11-4 the final.
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the g. men are struggling. the splash brothers got together today to enjoy offseason competition on the golf course. they played for a good cause as well. they spent the day at harding park. the event benefits local -- youth education and fitness programs. klay is not an avid golfer like steph but he does enjoy playing. >> it's way too short but a good problem to have when you're playing for championships every year. i try to play a lot of golf. it's been a great offseason. no complaints. i'd love rest of the year. >> klay has a golf bag, you saw the three titles. and he has golf club covers of
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his dog. >> of course he does. >> last night he brought his dog with him on the red carpet for the kick off. the love is there. >> it's there. >> you were there for the last game of the championship, what was his first thought? >> all he wanted to feed treats to his dog, rocco, that's all he was thinking about. >> the champagne is there, and he's thinking about rocco. >> so sweet. she's guided by god and he knows how to get i oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk?
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, how an issue could cause thousands of students and staff members to be late on the first day of school in san francisco. >> measles is on the rise in california. the new numbers about the number of cases already reported this year. one of the biggest moments of last night's white sox royals game happened before anybody stepped up to bat. >> believe it or not a nun left everyone stunned. this is her throwing the first pitch in chicago. look at the arm. this video went viral. some people suggested the giants had nuns to their pitching rotation. >> that's a nasty curveball. you see that drop in there. >> her leg was up. she put some force into that. >> swing and a miss. you can't pray to hit that ball because she has you beat there, too. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00
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we thank you for your time i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim, on behalf of everyone here at abc 7 news, thank you for i tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the president's lead attorney rudy giuliani, and the stunning new reason why he's advising president trump not to testify in the russia investigation. >> truth isn't truth. >> as abc news confirms white house counsel don mcgahn has cooperated extensively with robert mueller. killers on the loose. new details after a string of shootings that have left three people dead, and may be connected. the getaway vehicle police are now searching for. also tonight, a family trapped by a raging wildfire. their attempt to drive through the flames. >> jesus, god, help us. >> the moment they realize they can't go any farther. plus, the police ramming investigation. a teenager taking off after he was stopped for not having a
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light on his bicycle.


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