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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 29, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the powerful images coming in tonight from arizona. the doors opening a short time ago toor senator john mccain. cindy mccain with her head on the coffin. his daughter megan, who was so close to her father, breaking down. and his sons saluting their father. also tonight, the outrage over the words used today by a republican candidate for governor in florida, having just won the primary last night, now facing the mayor of tallahassee, what he said about him today causing backlash. an anchor on fox news saying, we do not condone this language. the deadly heat wave tonight. the train catching fire. an 11-year-old girl dying in a hot car. and tonight, the line of severe storms, three confirmed tornadoes. the officer speaking out tonight, on trial for shooting
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laquan mcdonald 16 times and killing him. the suspect seen on body cam walking past the officer. tonight, that officer in his own words, saying, i'm not a racist. just in tonight, the player responding, and what we just heard from the u.s. open, after outrage. a female player warned for this moment, changing her shirt around. it was on backwards. while the men sit on the sidelines with their shirts off, no penalty. what's not happened tonight. and made in america is back tonight. and here's the hint. that famous line, bet you can't eat just one. the farmers ready to thank you. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a way t. and we begin with those powerful moments playing out right now in arizona. senator john mccain lying in state, the lines forming to honor an american patriot. and this moment today, mccain's wife, cindy, at the arizona capitol, resting her head on her late husband's casket. his daughter, meghan mccain, who
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wrote that beautiful tribute to her father already, breaking down. and tonight here, what we've learned. mccain personally reaching out to former president obama and former president bush in recent months, two men who defeated him, to deliver his jewelulogie washington. and why president trump will not be there. abc's terry moran leading us off from arizona. >> reporter: under the blazing arizona sun, the motorcade bearing john mccain made its way through the streets of phoenix. in silence, it arrived at the state capitol. an honor guard awaiting. cindy mccain stepping forward, supported by her two sons in their dress uniforms -- jack, a navy helicopter pilot, and jimmy, a marine. then the guardsmen pallbearers remove the casket and john mccain's sons salute their father. up the long walk, the honor guard bringing this adopted son. the mccain family following. inside, as the casket is placed in the rotunda under the copper dome, the family taking their seats.
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meghan mccain, sobbing, overcome with grief, comforted by her brother. >> loving god, see our tears. >> reporter: a brief and simple service. a wreath is laid next to the casket. in his final months, john mccain himself issued instructions for this service and the ones coming later this week in washington, personally reaching out to presidents barack obama and george w. bush to deliver eulogies saturday at the national cathedral. the two men who defeated him in his campaigns for the presidency. senator flake today praising mccain's ability -- >> to see and appreciate the humanity in our opponents. >> reporter: when it was over, there was cindy mccain, and that moment of tenderness and sorrow. his seven children coming forward one-by-one to honor their father. afterwards, members of the public filing past. and outside, arizonans sayi
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if wa-- fair well, including vietnam era vet tom burns, telling us he was proud to stand in the honor guard for john mccain. >> that's a hero. that's the epitome of heroism, right there. >> a powerful scene playing out. and terry moran joins us tonight. another service there tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right, david. the capitol building will be open late. we just saw a large group from arizona's vietnamese community. so, this is a very powerful scene. and the jewel gist that john mccain chose at tomorrow's service, dear friend joe biden. david? >> terry moran, you'll be with us straight through this weekend. and it was senator mccain before he died who said, "i'd like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different." but tonight here, outrage over what was said today for the republican candidate for governor in florida about his
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democratic opponent. an anchor on fox news later saying, we don't condone this kind of language. both candidates having just won primaries last night, and already tonight, the firestorm. and accusations of racism. abc's victor oquendo from florida tonight. >> reporter: just hours after andrew gillum became florida's first ever african-american nominee for governor -- >> we're going to unite this state in ways that are unparalleled in the history of the state of florida. >> reporter: his republican opponent, ron desantis, went on the attack. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. >> reporter: the backlash, to those words, "monkey this up," instant. the head of the florida democratic party declaring, "it's disgusting that ron desantis is launching his
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general election campaign with racist dog whistles." team desantis calling the claims of racism quote, absurd. their statement read on fox news, but the anchor then adding this -- >> we do not condone this language. >> reporter: desantis, a congressman, has made his support for president trump the backbone of his campaign. >> ron loves playing with the kids. build the wall. he reads stories. then mr. trump said, "you're fired." i love that part. >> reporter: the president returning the praise. >> he's tough, he's smart and he loves florida and he loves our country. >> reporter: gillum, the mayor of tallahassee, won the democratic nomination for governor in an upset, powered by the endorsement of senator bernie sanders. asked about his opponent's comments today, he was blunt. >> was that racist or a figure of speech? >> well, in the handbook of donald trump, they no longer do whistle calls. they are now using full bull horns. i'm not going to get down in the gutter with desantis and trump. >> and victor oquendo with us live tonight from florida. and victor, president trump was asked about this late today, those comments from congressman
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desantis? >> reporter: david, the president said he hadn't heard the comments. instead, he heaped praise on desantis, calling him an extreme talent and extraordinary in so many ways. david? >> vick to oquendo in florida. we're going to turn next to the heat wave that's now turned deadly tonight. a train catching fire. an 11-year-old girl dying in a hot car. and the power. storms moving in, as we head into the labor day weekend. at least three tornadoes confirmed in michigan and wisconsin. you can see the homes damaged and destroyed in both states. heat advisories tonight for 60 million americans from virginia to maine. the feel-like index welo ny places. ginger zee on when this breaks and the storms coming, and abc's alex perez where the tornadoes touched down. >> reporter: tonight, powerful storms moving east, drenching the heartland. >> you all right? >> reporter: tractor trailers crashing off the road in missouri. tornadoes touching down in michigan and wisconsin. along with 75-mile-an-hour straight-line winds causing major damage.
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in brownsville, wisconsin, jesse nytes riding out the storm in the basement with his family. >> it was a white wall of rain, and then the winds came. >> reporter: in calumet county, firefighters saving an 11-year-old boy who was sucked into a storm drain. >> he was actually found in a manhole opening. we believe there was air trapped in that area. >> reporter: flooded train tracks delaying two amtrak trains crossing the state. >> you know how long we've been here? >> 17 hours. >> reporter: and in the east, 60 million americans are sweltering in a record-breaking heat wave. outside philadelphia, firefighters battling this commuter train fire, where it felt like 99 degrees. at the u.s. open in new york city, officials allowing players ten-minute breaks to deal with the oppressive heat on the courts. and on new york's long island, tragedy. an 11-year-old girl discovered inside her family's hot car. she did not survive. >> and alex joining us now from
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brownsville, wisconsin, where officials confirmed a tornado right where you're standing? >> reporter: that's right, david. an ef-1 tornado confirmed just west of here. and you can see the power of the winds, ripping this structure to sl this reds, completely destroying it. crews have been working around the clock to restore power, but the cleanup here is just getting started. david? >> all right, alex, thank you. we want to get to ginger zee tonight. and when does this break? and we know when it does break, cooler weather moving in, it usually means potential storms moving with it. >> reporter: that it does, david. and today, boston made it to a sweltering 98 degrees. they're on track to have their hottest august on record. and you can see the heat advisories. scranton is in there, atlantic city is in there. yes, those storms that come along with the break, that is going to be a severe thunderstorm watch now for interior new england and even strong storms back in western pennsylvania where a tornado warning popping up just a moment
3:40 pm
ago. but we will nosedive, big-time. boston was 98 today, going to 72 by friday, david. >> all right, ginger zee with us again tonight. thank you, ginger. we're going to turn to chicago now, and the police officer charged with murder, after the deadly shooting of a black teenager shot 16 times. that officer now breaking his silence for the first time on the eve of his trial. officer jason van dyke about to stand trial for shooting laquan mcdonald. the suspect seen walking past the officers cruiser. the officer, in his own words tonight, on being portrayed as, quote, trigger happy and insisting "i'm not a racist." here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: the shooting shook the city of chicago. 17-year-old laquan mcdonald gunned down by a police officer in the street. 16 shots in 15 seconds. his 2014 death sparking protests across the city amid allegations of a coverup. >> 16 shots! >> reporter: officer jason van dyke claimed that
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mcdonald tried to attack him, raising the knife over his head. but none of that is caught on tape. watch again. mcdonald walking quickly. then shot. van dyke is facing murder charges, and three of his fellow officers are accused of falsifying police reports. now on the eve of his trial, the officer is speaking to the local chicago fox affiliate, saying he once contemplated suicide. >> i had all sorts of thoughts going through my head. i thought about just driving at a high speed into an embankment. >> reporter: and he's telling "the chicago tribune" he only fired his weapon because he feared for his life. >> i never would have fired my gun if i didn't think my life was in jeopardy or another citizen's life was. >> reporter: van dyke insists he is not a racist and that he had never before fired his weapon. >> being portrayed as somebody that is trigger happy is highly inaccurate, false, hurtful. >> reporter: but tonight, some members of mcdonald's family are suggesting that the officers comments are self-serving. david, they are, in a word,
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skeptical. >> pierre thomas tonight. thank you, pierre. meantime, there is a new headline tonight after those children were rescued from that remote compound in northern new mexico. one child was discovered dead on the property, a 3-year-old. the judge now dismissing charges against three adults arrested at the site earlier this month. prosecutors missing a deadline to establish, quote, probable cause. two other adults are still charged with the death of that 3-year-old boy. prosecutors say some of the 11 children rescued were being trained to be school shooters. an alarming case making national headlines tonight. a deadly shooting and a particular defense. stand your ground in florida. authorities say video showing a man chased down and threatened an uber driver and his passenger. a pickup truck cutting him off. the uber driver firing one shot. the sheriff calling it a classic stand your ground case, saying it's a new day in florida and in the united states. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the video florida police are sharing tonight is from the dashboard of the uber
3:43 pm
driver, 38-year-old robert westlake, who's in the middle of a fare, and happens to be a recent police academy graduate, legally carrying a sidearm. for reasons he doesn't understand, the driver of this pickup truck, who's been tailing him, suddenly pulls in front of him. out jumps 34-year-old jason boaek, who had just left this bar in dundee after a fight with his girlfriend. he thinks she's the one getting the ride. but police say she is still at the bar and the young woman in the backseat is a stranger. >> i say something? >> you know i got a pistol? you want me to [ bleep ] shoot you? >> reporter: when he threatens the driver with a gun, that police never found, the driver shoots the man, and he dies. >> he came towards me shouting he's got a pistol. >> this is a justifiable homicide all day long. >> reporter: police are sharing these texts to the girlfriend, where boak promises to find her and beat up her driver. >> here's a message for the hot heads. don't do that stuff. good people carry guns. and they will shoot you. >> reporter: the stand your ground law has some people in
3:44 pm
florida outrageded, but police say, this case is textbook. prosecutors are reviewing it. david? >> steve osunsami. one more note involving the white house tonight. president trump acknowledging white house counsel don mcgahn is stepping down. the news coming more than a week after reports mcgahn has been cooperating extensively with robert mueller's investigation. questioned more than anyone else in the administration. mcgahn was apparently surprised when his decision to leave was revealed by the president on twitter. he will stay on through the confirmation of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. the deadly salmonella outbreak tonight. we'll tell you what's causing it. it does involve chicken. the big rig rollout. authorities say it happened after a road rage dispute with another driver. the incredible pictures. we have a breaking headline tonight. the mystery woman we reported on last night here seen at that doorbell camera. her hands apparently in shackles. what we've learned. and the outrage at the u.s. open. a female player warned after
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including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. next tonight, what we heard late today from the u.s. open, after the outrage. a female player whose shirt was on backwards, she turned it around while on the court. she got a warning from the umpire. but what about the men who take their shirts off all the time, no penalty? abc's adrienne bankert at the u.s. open. >> reporter: tonight, the womens' tennis association says france's alize cornet did nothing wrong. after she was called on a code violation at her u.s. open match for taking her shirt off to flip it around, sparking allegations of sexism. >> you cannot take your shirt off on the court. >> reporter: it happened fresh off an extreme heat break tuesday when she came back on court and realized her shirt was on backwards. the violation sparked claims of gender bias, because several male players -- including roger federer and novak djokovic -- were seen bare chested that same day while playing in temps that felt like 100 degrees.
3:48 pm
online, some fans upset. one person replying to an earlier photo from andy murray's mom, tweeting, "where's his code violation?" another calling it weak. murrays mom replying, "sure is." other players shaking their heads. >> if i would say my true feelings, it would be bleeped out. >> reporter: today, an apology from the usta, saying "all players can change their shirts when sitting in the player chair" without a code violation. cornet, tonight, wants to move on. >> everybody apologized to me very quickly in less than 24 hours. so, now, it's not a big deal anymore. it could have been. >> reporter: david, she tells me her biggest fear was getting fined, and that while she does believe men and women are treated differently in the sport, she says it wasn't the case here. she says it was all a mistake and that possibly the hot weather got to the umpire, too. david? >> all right. adrienne, thank you. when we come back tonight, the deadly salmonella outbreak involving chicken. and the news coming in this hour at that mystery woman we showed you, her hands apparently in shackles.
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to the index of other news and the update just in. the mystery woman in distress has now been found safe. the home surveillance, a woman barefoot, her hands apparently if shackles. today, deputies responding to a welfare check at a nearby address. she was found safe. the case of road rage leading to a tractor trailer flipping over on a new jersey highway. the driver of the tractor trailer losing control. authorities say the truck driver had gotten into a dispute with the driver of an suv. poth drivers are facing charges tonight. and that deadly salmonella outbreak has now been tied to raw chicken. this cdc reporting that 17 people have been sickened in four states with one fatal case in new york. the strain causing the outbreak tied to profacilities including one that processes empire kosher brand chicken. when we come back tonight, our made in america is back, just in time for labor day, and here's the hint. bet you can't eat just one. to the junior prom with.
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finally tonight, labor day is almost here, and so is our made in america series. and you'll remember the ad. they've been around a long time. remember the ads and the challenge. >> and we were up for it. with millions getting together this labor day weekend, we go right to the chip aisle. i know it well. >> hi, david. >> chris, how are you? >> great to meet. >> good to see you, too. i'll go anywhere where i can get some chips. frito-lay. ruffles. tostitos. and of course lay's chips. made with potatoes right here in america. it's the classic, right? >> yes. >> which is why you call it the classic, right? >> that's right. >> an american classic from an american investor, h.w. lay. he was a traveling salesman during the great depression.
3:57 pm
>> 1931, he started peddling chips out of the back of his truck. >> seriously? this ford model a. at the same time, c.e. doolin had bought the recipe for another american classic -- fritos. and he started making them out of his mother's kitchen. so, he's making fritos. h.w. lay is making his chips. they're competing against one another. and who knew that they would combine? >> that's right. that's how frito-lay became frito-lay, those two joins forces together in 1961. >> with a little hyphen in the middle. >> that's right. >> workers on the line. inspecting the chips. just 10 cents back then. and all these years later, the potatoes still from farmers across america. 120 farms in 25 states. black gold farms in live oak, florida, among them. >> my great-grandpa started i19we'rtoeoe.oy ps. >> those potatoes loaded and trucked two and a half hours north to perry, georgia. 1,230 workers waiting to turn
3:58 pm
them into those famous lay's chips. 30 plants in the u.s. and it turns out, four to five potatoes go into every bag of chips. >> my husband and i, we play a game in the grocery store. >> looking for lay's chips in your shopping cart. >> it's keeps grocery shopping interesting for us. >> while back in that grocery the camera on hold here. >> sample them. >> time for the taste test. no one can eat just one. thanks to those farmers and those workers tonight. >> made in america! >> it is impossible to eat just one, i tried. well celebrate those workers and those american farmers tonight. and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow. i'm david muir. have a good evening. good night. . live where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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true love, cindy mccain shares one more moment with her husband as a nation gets ready to say good-bye to senator john mccain. good afternoon, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. ama and larry are off today. thank you for joining us. this is a live picture from phoenix right now where the late senator's body is lying in state inside the copper dome rotunda at the old state capitol building. since this morning mourners dealt with triple digit temperatures waiting their turn to say good-bye to respected lawmaker and war hero john mccain on what would have been his 82nd birthday. >> here's more with marc to an american icon, john mccain's flag draped casket carried into the arizona capitol building, placed on the state seal, his widow cindy silently showing her love. daughter megan in tears during
4:00 pm
this private ceremony in the rotunda. >> none of us were ready for this. we never would have been ready for this. >> the late six-term senator lying in state today, veterans, constituents, even those who didn't agree with him politically, lining up for hours to pay their respects on what would have been >> services honoring mccain who died saturday after a year-long battle with brain cancer. close friend and former presidential campaign manager rick davis on cnn sharing the war hero's final display of bravery. >> i saw the progression of the disease and what it did to his body. but his spirit and his mind stayed strong to the end. he was really an inspiration to us. >> an inspiration to the 10,000 people who were expected here today. and after a memorial service here in phoenix tomorrow, mccain's body will be brought


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