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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 2, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 2nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> carolyn, hi, everyone. good morning. we're looking at patches of stratus along the coast from the san mateo coast to the east bay. and temperatures are certainly cool. here's a look at santa cruz where numbers will be in the low 70s with sun later today. but right now we are in the 50s downtown. upper 50s san jose. 49 in morgan hill. half moon bay, mid 50s.
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this is a look in the north bay, san rafael. a bit hazy this afternoon. 51 santa rosa. livermore is 55. moderate air quality today and tomorrow as a bit of haze gets pushed into the atmosphere. that's because we're warming up today and tomorrow with northerly winds. and those northerly gradient to the wind will allow a bit of haze. but temperatures more in line with what we should feel like for september. 80s by noontime. inland. 90s, 4:00, and staying cool and comfortable coastside and around the bay. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa. we are following breaking news this morning along the california/arizona border. at least one person is missing. a dozen are hurt after two private boats collided on the colorado river. here's abc news reporter marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: witnesses say one of the boats was speeding on the wrong side of the river and hit that other boat head-on. he describes seeing people thrown into the water as both boats flipped.
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one boat quickly sank as first responders rushed to the scene. >> head-on at 50 miles per hour in the river near the topock restaurant. 12 people in the water near pirate cove resort. >> reporter: and that search for those 12 injured people was especially challenging, because this happened just after sunset, around 8:00 last night. on the colorado river in the park near california's border with arizona. the waterway packed with people celebrating the holiday weekend. the current so strong, rescuers say they found survivors as far as five miles from the crash scene. one person was airlifted to a hospital with what first responders describe as life-threatening injuries. the san bernardino county fire department says the search for one or two people still missing was suspended overnight, but search teams getting back out there this morning. marcy gonzalez, abc news, happening today, a final
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goodbye for senator john mccain. loved ones will gather for a private memorial ceremony at the u.s. naval academy. mccain will be laid to rest on the academy grounds. yesterday mourners packed the national cathedral to celebrate his life. here's abc's elizabeth her. ♪ >> reporter: a final farewell befitting a political giant. >> john has bestowed on us a much-needed moment of unity. >> reporter: political leaders and rivals of the past and present all sitting together, celebrating the life of senator john mccain. >> i know you can see this gathering here in this cathedral. the nation is here to remember you. >> reporter: mccais daughter, meghan, sharing a tearful tribute. her message at times, defiant. >> the america of john mccain has no need to be made great as
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always great. >> reporter: meghan taking an apparent jab at president trump of, who was reportedly not invited. his name never uttered, but in every speech an underlying reference. >> john detested the abuse of power. could not abide bigots and swaggering despots. >> so much of our politics can seem small. and mean. and petty. >> reporter: president obama and bush delivering eulogies at mccain's request, honored the late senator as a great leader who embraced differences and served without prejudice. >> isn't that the spirit we celebrate this week? that striving to be better. >> reporter: we are told the memorial services this entire week, all designed by mccain himself with a focus on respect, decency and unity. elizabeth her, abc news, capitol
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hill. and coming up at 6:30, we'll have a closer look at more of the powerful moments from senator mccain's memorial service. here at home, san francisco police are looking into whether this crash may have been connected to a robbery. the collision happened at hyde and ellis streets last night. a jeep struck another car. you can see it landed upside down. no word if anyone was hurt. new video this morning of a fire that forced ten people from their homes. it happened friday in san francisco's uttouter richmond district. this is video from the fire. some residents returned yesterday, but only to collect their valuables. abc 7 news reporter castillo has the details. >> reporter: this is the home he has known for the last 45 years. she was seriously injured and remains hospitalized after she jumped fifur t
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fire. >> she jumped from the window to the ground. my goodness! >> reporter: hiko says his wife broke both legs and her back and suffered other injuries in the fall. >> i don't know what happened. they say something -- in the cornerstone or something. >> reporter: san francisco fire confirms the cause was accidental. citing an electrical issue. in total, three people were injured, and the two officers first on scene suffered smoke inhalation. >> both officers ran into the building. they were able to kick down doors, rescue at least one person from the building. at that point, they got overcome by smoe smoke. >> reporter: the officers also made sure neighbors were okay. a family dog was killed in friday's fire. >> i'm really glad that none of them were home. i mean, it really sucks that the dog was there. that meant a lot to him. and, you know, all we can do is be there for him and his >> ror
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residents will be able to return home. in san francisco, i'm amanda dell castillo abc 7 news. abc 7 was in oakland yesterday, where someone shot and killed patrick scott jr. back in february. the berkeley man was at the bus stop when the gunman went up to him and opened fire. his mother does not want this to become a cold case. >> he shouldn't have been targeted. he shouldn't have been shot down. he shouldn't have been brutally murdered. it's a senseless murder. if i asked him today and come face-to-face, why did you kill my son, they don't have an answer to give me. because they probably don't even know why they killed my son. >> ferguson also dedicated a plaque to her son at morning star baptist church. the family, oakland police, and
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the fbi are offering a $36,000 reward to help find his killer. a crew on a mission to save the environment is now docked in san francisco bay. abc 7 news was at pier 19 in san francisco, where green peace's arctic sunrise isocd. it's here leading up to governor jerry brown's global climate action summit. the ship has taken the lead in many environmental missions from stopping whaling to protesting oil drilling. green peace says the 50-foot banner reminds people, we need real climate leaders. >> it's the ice-breaker in our global fleet of ships. and this ship has traveled from pole to pole, most recently before it was in the united states it was actually in antarctica doing some research there. >> and if you would like, you can check it out up close. the arctic sunrise is open to the public for tours today and next weekend. did you feel it? a 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook
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a small east bay community. it happened in crockett, just before 5:30 last night. e c 7 news reporte l >> reporter: in a tiny town of crockett and beyond, just about everyone felt the same thing. but no one was quite sure what it was. >> i live in a four-plex, so i thought maybe somebody did something upstairs or something. >> we were sitting, having a beverage. and we thought that a diesel or something had run into the building. >> reporter: turned out it was an earthquake, magnitude 3.3. residents say what set this tumbler apart, there was no rumbling, just a quick jolt. >> i've been through earthquakes before, but i didn't think it was an earthquake, because it didn't really roll. it just banged and i thought it was an explosion. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey says this latest quake was on the southern end of the west napa fault, the same fault zone of the 2014 napa quake.
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but this latest event was quite small. >> the motion itself was rather short-lived. and so it just -- so the fault moved briefly and then stopped. so it generated sort of a -- it would generate more of a pulse. >> reporter: there were no reports of injuries and at j & l market, only a few items got knocked off the shelves. but it made for lively conversation for the rest of the day. >> well, they walk in the door and go, did you feel that! >> reporter: and for everyone else, the quake was a reminder that the big one could come at any time. >> i always try to have, you know, cases of water bottles in my garage and, you know, stuff -- try to be prepared as much as you can. >> reporter: the 3.3 quake was originally reported as magnitude 3.6. in crockett, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> got my earthquake kit somewhere at home. have to try to dig it out. >> that's right. good morning. we're looking at a pretty nice sunrise out there. the sun coming up another 30 minutes or so.
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and you can see how pretty it looks from walnut creek. we'll see a warmup in your backyard today. mid and upper 80s for inland valleys. right now it's 59 in concord. 56 in danville. also 56 downtown with a little fog. we'll talk about the holiday weekend. still a couple days to enjoy, and a cooler look at the rest of the week. that's coming up. thank you, lisa. also ahead, riders stuck. the evacuation off this roller coaster, and what may have caused the problem. also -- >> kids now have some high-tech motivation to do their chores. i'm
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some scary moments for passengers on a roller coaster in illinois. this is one of my nightmares. the ride at six flags great america was making its initial ascent when suddenly it stopped moving yesterday afternoon. the amusement park says the coaster's safety sensors halted the ride. everyone got off safely. no one was hurt. park officials say it is unclear why that ride million functioned. it's now closed for inspection. berkeley police officers will soon be equipped with narcan to help treat opioid oversere on how to properly use narcan, which can be administered
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nasally. 115 americans die every day from opioid overdoses. narcan can reverse the life-threatening effects of an overdose. the department is expected to start carrying narcan soon. san francisco police and some other jurisdictions already have it. if you're a pg&e customer, you may end up having to pay if the utility company is found liable in a wildfire. it's all in a bill now on the governor's desk. abc 7 news reporter, leslie brinkley, takes a look at what's at stake. >> reporter: sb-901 passed both houses late friday night. the controversial part of the bill addresses the 2017 california wildfires, including those that burned in the north bay. cal fire investigators determined that 11 of the fires were caused by pg&e. they have turned those cases over to the corresponding d.a.'s offices. pg&e could be on the hook for millions, even billions, in damages. >> we what we voted on last
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night was to allow pg&e, if they are negligent and if they can't afford today to pay that liability, we'll pass that cost on to rate payers. make them pay for it. so before we know what pg&e's liability is, we've already given them a bailout. and that's wrong. >> reporter: after the vote, pg&e issued a statement, calling the bill a common sense solution that puts the needs of wildfire victims first and ultimately protects electric customers. the bipartisan bill was designed to keep pg&e from going bankrupt over payouts to fire victims. it puts the california public utilities commission in charge of deciding when rate payers kick in money. >> they're going to have to do a complete fiscal analysis, independent of pg&e, and no money comes from rate payers until pg&e pays the maximum amount that they can pay and still remain in busine. >> reporter: sb-901 also puts
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money toward streamlining forestry management. the rate payer liability in sb-901 only applies to the 2017 wildfires. 2018 and beyond, liability reverts to pg&e shareholders. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. sunday morning waking up to some typically cool conditions. patchy fog, certainly at the shoreline. but not reaching as far inland. we have a bit of a warmup on the way, but it's going to take a had the on our air quality. haze back in the forecast today. live doppler 7 showing the stratus right along the coast and reaching over into oakland and san pablo bay. that will retreat and allow for a lot of sun today. take a look at mt. tam, where it looks pretty nice out there. the sun coming up in another 25 minutes or so. and temperatures slightly warmer in the far north bay today. right now it is 56 in san
6:18 am
francisco with 57 mountain view in san jose. oakland checking in at 58. and a hazy shot from our east bay hills camera. and a northerly push today. we're going to bring that moderate air quality back. you may have noticed it yesterday. it hasn't been ideal. but it hasn't been horrible, either, where we have a spare of the air alert. just kind of on the edge there, where we're looking at the north bay fire. some of that smoke and the pollutants trapped at the surface due to the high pressure building on in today and tomorrow. 51, santa rosa. 50 in novato. mid 50s in livermore. here is a look at sutro. in the distance there, looks a bit hazy. so patchy coastal fog. a little bit hazy around the bay, particularly in the north bay today. and feeling more like summer today and tomorrow with 90s arriving inland. the typical summer spread, about a 30-degree spread. and as we look at the low cloud deck throughout the afternoon, it gets wiped pretty clean from the coast. it comes back tonight. if you're an early riser for the holiday, it's barely there, and
6:19 am
then once again, it will be evaporating mostly throughout the shoreline, and that means more sun for your labor day. into tuesday, high clouds and the fog still at the shoreline. so it's into that pattern that we'll stay. and for your beach forecast, mid 60s, ocean beach, half moon bay and about 70 in santa cruz. so a little bit more fog there, down along the central coast. and we'll be looking at sunshine today. afternoon game at the coliseum, the mariners still in town with low to mid 70s today. pretty nice out there, but seems like we're getting used to that atmosphere and the haze around. with that north wind, that's kind of the tradeoff. a bit of a warmup today. 83, morgan hill. 80 in santa clara. on the peninsula, the sea breeze will keep you comfortable with mid 70s from mt. view. and in san francisco, upper 60s today. shy of the average. north bay numbers, low to mid 80s. as you head far north, you see the 90s and continue to feel the
6:20 am
warmth from lake port to clover dale. east bay numbers, low to mid 70s. san leandro, 74. cavity tr castro valley, 70. upper 80s here today, so a pretty typical summer afternoon. if you're planning tomorrow, well, it looks about the same with temperatures in the 50s by midday. 60s and 70s around the bay at the coast and hot inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at today and tomorrow, very similar. probably just a bit warmer tomorrow. you can down load our app, very subtle changes for tuesday. and then the slightly cooler weather takes hold wednesday, thursday and then into next weekend. >> wasn't this time last year we were roasting? >> yeah, that was something else. i like to forget that. >> this is much better. thank you, lisa. there is a new app that could make it easier to get your kids to do their chores. it's called busy kid. 7 on your side's michael finney shows us how it works. >> reporter: 11-year-old mia
6:21 am
hahn takes out the trash. she's fairly honest about how she feels about it. >> it's not the funnest thing in the world, but i'll do it if i have to. >> reporter: big brother nicholas, pretty much felt the same way. then his parents told him about busy kid. the app lists a variety of chores, including cleaning up after the pet rabbit. money is transferred into the child's account after a parent confirms the task is completed. >> i can either use it and get money with it, or not use it and don't get money. so i just took the obvious answer. >> reporter: in a few months, nicholas says he's earned $150. the 14-year-old is looking forward to saving money to buy his first car. greg mercer is ceo of busy kid and the father of six children. >> i really wanted to give them the skills to get out of my house and never come back. except to visit once in a while. >> reporter: he compares the app to a child's first job with direct deposit. money is deposited into three
6:22 am
baskets. savings, sharing and spending. mia and nicholas' mom loves the idea. >> my best hope for this app was that the kids would be responsible for taking care of their own chores without us constantly reminding them. >> reporter: mia is most excited about the opportunity to invest in the stock market. busy kid allows kids to invest in partial shares, starting at $20. there's no commission until the stock has sold. mia invested in apple. her $20 investment has grown to $25. >> over time, you earn the money if the stock goes up. and then if you lose some, i guess -- you get less money? >> reporter: dad says the app doesn't respond to commands as fast as he would like, but says overall, it's a great motivator for kids. >> what we like about it is the aspect of a financial education for our kids. this is something that the school doesn't really teach about.
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>> reporter: busy kids charges an annual fee of $14.95 per family. there's also a fee of $5 for each debit card. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up, expect company if you're shopping the sales this labor day weekend. the mall offering a ♪ ♪ you are many different things in one amazing package, and t.j.maxx gives you the freedom to express every one. with our unique mix of must-have brands at must-buy prices,
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coming up. high winds, heavy rain, egg-sized hail flooding and what looks like a tornado. a stormy holiday weekend in the midwest. what's coming next, and what it means for labor day beach weather and travel. plus, remembering john mccain, the tributes to a father, a senator and a war hero. the emotional eulogies from meghan mccain and former presidents obama and george w. bush, and the implicit swipes at the man who was not invited, the current sitting president. and finally, what started as a sweet story about a couple who launched a high-profile go fund me campaign for a homeless man has soured into a court fight. what that man is saying about this legal battle. it's all coming up on gma. we'll see you soon. >> thank you, dan. still to come here on abc 7 mornings, a warning for weekend b.a.r.t. riders. why some could face possible
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welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> carolyn, good morning to you. watching that fog fill at a gre start. the golden gate bridge, but also anticipating a wind shift today that will bring northerly winds to the bay area. and what that means is a slightly warmer day, and 56 in san francisco. 57, san jose. and on the coast, the mid 50s. here's the fog in the bottom of your screen there. and then some haze throughout the rest of the sky there. so that's going to be what we'll have throughout the day today. upper 50s. >> concord. livermore, 55. and the entire day tomorrow, as well. the north winds take over. we warm up. 60s, coastside, 70s around the bay, and 90 inland with the moderate air quality through the holiday labor day tomorrow. carolyn? >> lisa, thank you. if b today, you could be facing some possible delays. track repair work continues.
6:31 am
you see a long line of commuters there waiting for a bus bridge yesterday. track repairs are happening between that b.a.r.t. station and the west oakland station. riders say it's as busy as the last two weekend closures. >> there's a university of north carolina versus cal football game. so that's going to -- wow, put -- and then the mets are in town. so i don't know. i guess there's no good time to do it. >> reporte >> so this was the third weekend, and b.a.r.t. has set aside a fourth, september 22nd, in case more work is needed. right now, police are looking for a man who attacked an agent at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. it happened late friday. we're told the suspect sucker-punched the agent in the face. b.a.r.t. police are going through surveillance video, looking for leads. >> down 40th, and north on telegraph. going to be a possible ethiopian, all dark clothing
6:32 am
about 5'8", medium build. >> copy and what's the weapon? >> unknown. but had a cut under his eye. >> this attack coming just after we learned b.a.r.t. police are cutting back their patrols. officers had been putting in overtime and working six days a week following the stabbing death of nia wilson. a peaceful end to a potentially dangerous situation in san mateo. abc 7 news was at first avenue near south claremont street, where police responded to a domestic disturbance call yesterday. police located a man with a gun, barricaded in a vehicle, heavily armed officers closed off the area, as members of the crisis negotiation team contacted him. it took about an hour and a half, but officials eventually calmed him down, and you see them there taking him into custody. a celebration outside an east bay detention facility. immigrants' rights advocates raised $80,000 in one week to
6:33 am
pay for the release of a man. ♪ >> abc 7 news was at the west county detention facility in richmond for the celebration. mexican national hugo aguilar was held for 17 months until thursday. that's when advocates paid an $80,000 bond. most of the undocumented immigrants detained at the facility were transferred after the sheriff's office terminated its contract with i.c.e. aguilar wants to see all of them freed. >> i wish everybody in there, you know, can be with their family too. and all the people that got moved to the other states, you know. i hope they -- they let them out too. >> aguilar was arrested last year and said i.c.e. officers detained him when he was released. mollie tibbetts' father has
6:34 am
written an op-ed article, pleading for people to leave her out of the immigration definite. tibbetts grew up in oakland before moving to iowa. the man is an undocumented immigrant. his father says she would not approve of people using her death to advance racist views. and the op-ed on tibbetts' appeals for decency, saying after a eulogy, i said mollie was nobody's victim. nor is she a pawn in others' definite. she may not be able to speak for herself, but i can, and will mu. please leave us out of your debate. allows us to grieve in privacy and with dignity. coming up, committee chair and foreign relations committee member, senator ron johnson, will discuss president trump's declining approving numbers. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00, right here on abc 7. >> goodbye today for senator john mccain. he will be laid to rest in a
6:35 am
private ceremony at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. yesterday loved ones and political leaders gathered in washington, d.c., to celebrate his life. that ceremony included poignant stories from fme predent a psios daughter. here's a look now at some of those moments. >> my father was a great man. he was a great warrior. he was a great american. i admired him for all of these things. but i love him because he was a great father. >> today we give john sydney mccain iii back to the god of love who gave him to us. >> freedom, human rights, opportunity, democracy and equal
6:36 am
justice under law. in john's life, he nobly served and advanced these american values. right now i think he's probably deriving some pleasure from the fact that it turned out that his funeral was held on a saturday, and i had to walk to get here. [ laughter ] i'm sure if he were here right now, he would tell me that was divine justice. >> and at times of national trial, a few great personalities have emerged to remind us of our essential unity and inspire us to fulfill our sustaining values.
6:37 am
>> back in the day, he could frustrate me. and i know he would say the same thing about me. but he also made me better. in recent years, we sometimes talk of that intense period like football players. remembering a big game. in the process, rivalry melted away. >> a better way to honor john mccain's life with service than as best we can, follow his example. get in the arena and fight for r the few. it is en tall of us. ♪ best.s perhaps how w by recognizing that there are some things bigger than party or
6:38 am
ambition or money or fame or power. there are some things that are worth risking everything for. may god bless john mccain. may god bless this country he served so well. >> when my father got sick, i asked him what he wanted me to do with this eulogy. he said, show them how tough you are. we gather here to mourn the passing of american greatness, the real thing. not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly. nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who live
6:39 am
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you can expect large crowds if you plan to shop the labor day sales today. it is the fourth-biggest buying weekend of the year. livermore police are warning customers to expect traffic delays near the san francisco premium outlets. there will be shuttle service from the college parking lot to the outlet mall. how will the weather be? pretty pleasant. >> that's right. you can see some fog behind us, but it's not going to be everywhere. in fact, we're looking at a bit of a warmup. here's a live look outside from mt. tam and the sun coming up. just a few minutes ago, it's in the 50s, low 50s in the north bay. 57 in hayward. so we're on our way to a very, very modest warmup. but also not totally clear today. we've got a little bit of haze out there from some smoke. we'll talk about it in detail, coming up. all right, lisa. also coming up in sports, khalil
6:43 am
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6:46 am
khalil mack, to the chicago bears. abc 7's sports anchor, mindi bach, h morng'.ay morning, everyone. khalil mack held out from raiders' training camp as he wanted to be the highest-paid defensive player in the league. and he will be. but not by oakland. the chicago bears in the 2016 defensive player of the year agreed to a six-year, $141 million contract extension with $90 million in guaranteed money. mack's annual salary will average $23.5 million. the bears and mack were able to come to that agreement after oakland traded him a second round and fifth round pick to chicago. in return, the bears gave the raiders first and sixth round picks in 2019 and first and third round picks in 2020. the raiders also free up $13.5 million in salary. the a's starting pitching staff is so banged up that the manager is experimenting with relievers using them to start games.
6:47 am
the a's used nine pitchers in nine innings on saturday. they call it bullpening. look at ryan healy with the popup. jed lowrie right there. oops, that would be an error. and the mariners put up three in the third, at one point led 8-1. but the a's come back. chris crush davis. his 40th home run of the year, third straight year with 30-plus home runs and the a's make it a game. 8-7, the final. the a's have lost two of three with a finale today. this guy is everything. look at this. some kind of pedal canoe with his dog as the giants play the mets. evan longoria, 15th home run of the season. that would tie him for most for
6:48 am
san francisco with the now traded andrew mccutchen. so the mets scored in the top of the 11th. the giants' last chance, brandon nimmo snags the flare, and that ends it. the giants lose 2-1 in extra innings. ouch. and raiders' head coach jon gruden addresses the media today at 5:00. we certainly hope to hear more from him on the mack trade, as well as the upcoming season. for now, that's all. we hope you enjoy your day and we'll bring you all your sports tonight on ac 7 news at 3:30. now lisa argen. good sunday morning. waking up to some fog, filling in around the bay. but it's going to become patchy later on today, and into the holiday. so that means a quicker retreat and a little more sun and a bit of a warmup. we're also talking about a wind shift, as well. and that's what is going to bring us into the 90-degree range in the inland valleys. notice our east bay hills camera, haze in the atmosphere.
6:49 am
and also a little bit of patchy fog. so temperatures today, east of the caldecott tunnel around concord and livermore, antioch and fairfield, flirting with 90 degrees. so that's certainly warmer than we have been for the past couple of days. and it will be last, looks like, through the holiday weekend. but then after that, it certainly looks like we're going to see some cooler numbers head our way. that would be into tuesday. so elsewhere around the bay, talked about that north wind, allowing for a little bit of some of that smoke from the north bay fires to be with us this afternoon. and that north wind is also going to work to warm us up. offsets some of the clearer conditions we've been seeing south of the golden gate bridge. all in all, moderate air quality for everyone today. if you're headed up to the sausalito art festival, temperatures in the 70-degree range. by about midday. and it will be a bit on the hazy side. so a little warmer than yesterday. and at the coast, we are certainly looking at some clearer conditions. we got that sea breeze going for us later on in the day.
6:50 am
but a lot of 60s should do it for you. mid 60s from half moon bay. low 60s pacifica. toward stinson beach, in the upper 60s. there's the sun in the corner there. so certainly has been an unusual month with the cooler air for much of august over 20 days. and san francisco has not even seen the average high for some 50 days. that would be in the low 70s. so another day in the upper 60s today. about 67 degrees. and we'll enjoy more sun as we get into your sunday. but we do have those westerly winds that are helping to at least keep our air quality out of the spare of the air alert zone ask. that means if you have a barbecue planned, you'll be able to enjoy warmer weather. but we do have the moderate air quality for you. here's a look at -- i believe it's san rafael and south bay -- in san jose today in the low 80s. a little change for you. it's been mild to warm, and
6:51 am
temperatures all around the bay look to be pretty pleasant, closer to the water in the 70s. santa cruz, about 72 today. the fog this morning is around santa cruz, and the monterey peninsula. stacked up from the san mateo coast. obviously, some computer problems, working on them right now. that's why we don't have all of our graphics. but the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the warmest days today and tomorrow. into the workweek, sliding 3 to 5 degrees tuesday through next friday. so it's been sort of in that range. and we're not really going to shake it up too much. >> all right. yeah. a wonky computer, no data. but we did get to see a lot of beautiful shots. >> good. i am hope about that. >> thank you, lisa. a warning about dui check points this holiday weekend. at least three drivers have been arrested in novato. one checkpoint on san marin drive saw 2,000 cars friday night. chp officers tell us they arrested three people on
6:52 am
suspicion of dui. nine drivers who were arrested for not having a license or driving on a revoked license. some bay area teenagers got a firsthand lesson on the dangers of drinking and driving. the chp, the insurance industry, and ford all teaming up for the hands-on demonstration. abc 7 news anchor, eric thomas, has the story. >> reporter: skylar and julia, both seniors at north gate high school, aren't used to driving with movement-restricting braces on their knees, elbows and necks and vision-blurring goggles over their eyes. >> i feel like i'm going to fall. it's crazy. >> reporter: actually, it's an experiment. the outfits are designed to show teenagers how drugs and alcohol affect perception and fine motor skills. >> these are the 100 deadliest days, the days between memorial day and labor day, when we have so many teen drivers who are on the road, and as a result we see more teen accidents, injuries and fatalities. th a
6:53 am
12th accident on highway 24 in walnut creek in which two antioch teens died. the 18-year-old driver was arrested for dui. here the teens got behind the wheel with simulated impairment and plenty of adult supervision and attempted to avoid the cones on the obstacle course. it did not go well. >> the vision was the worst part, definitely. i had a headache just after putting these on. just for that drive and it's nauseating. your vision is completely shifted and your perception is totally off. >> reporter: to see if that was true, we put a more experienced driver behind the wheel. >> here we go. this is embarrassing. >> reporter: i probably hit more cones than anyone. it was a sobering experience, and a valuable experience about the dangers of driving impaired. >> it's not worth it. it really isn't. >> reporter: not to mention, it's a crime, punishable by fines, license, suspension or jail time if a crash causes injury or death. and police will be watching. >> it will be full hands on deck
6:54 am
this entire weekend. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. coming up, the annual greek festival in can make you feel unstoppable.
6:55 am
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and the winning numbers from last night's $28 million super lotto plus, 12, 14, 27, the m the mega must be 3. no one picked the winning numbers. wednesday's jackpot grows to $29 billion. the annual greek festival in belmont continues today. organizers expect 20,000 people to visit the festival this holiday weekend. new this year, an outdoor market that resembles streets in greece, filled with food. tickets cost $6. the event runs from noon until 10:00 today. noon until 8:00 tomorrow. at holy cross greek orthodox church. let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast. >> we have some fog on the peninsula right now. but low to mid 70s should do it later on this afternoon with that sea breeze. so should feel pretty nice there. san mateo, 71. 74 in palo alto. belmont, 73. 74 in richmond with upper 80s in
6:58 am
our inland east bay. and the accuweather seven-day forecast could see 90s tomorrow for the holiday. and notice that even the bay could warm up just a smidge, and then we'll cool back off the rest of the week. >> all right. that sounds good. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues metastatic breast cancer is trying to stop me, but not today. today, there's a new treatment for women like me who won't be held back. learn more at
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good morning, america. severe weather breaking overnight. reported tornadoes touching down. flashes of lightning and heavy rain leaving football fans running for cover. sam champion right here with the latest on the conditions this morning. celebrating a hero. ♪ oh danny boy >> meghan mccain's poignant words honoring her father's legacy. >> we gather here to mourn the passing of american greatness. >> the powerful messages from two former presidents. >> public discourse. >> as his family prepares to lay him to rest this morning. supreme court battle. president trump gearing up for a confirmation fight in congress this week. the cases brett kavanaugh says


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