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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 3, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a bizarre traffic death in the east bay. a woman is killed on a highway after police say she justed out of an ambulance. happy labor day to all of you. this happened on interstate 580 in pleasantonhollyfield has been in touch and joins us live from their headquarters in dublin. amy? >> reporter: good morning, reggie. they are still working hard to piece this case together. they still have a lot of questions. take a look at the scene. this was right at southbound 680 at the ramp to westbound 580.
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that ramp was shut down from 7:30 to 9:30. a woman jumped out of a moving ambulance and was walking in the middle of the road when she was hit by a couple of vehicles. a subaru station wagon and a pickup truck. she was killed. investigators don't know why she exited the ambulance and explained how they will consider this a crime scene until they can figure out what happened. >> out of an ambulance or get out while it's moving. we have to figure out how that unfolded, so we treat it has a crime scene until we figure it out and move from there. >> no one else was hurt. the chp officer said he felt bad for the two driver who is hit the woman. the victim was being transported from valley care hospital in pleasanton to john george
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psychiatric hospital. they have not released details about the woman. not her age or where she is from because they are working to notify relatives. abc 7 news. >> thieves targeted the apple store. nine days ago, you can see suspects cleaning out an apple store without any issues. a walnut creek apple store got hit on the same day and $30,000 in product gone in seconds. last wednesday, thieves ran into the apple store and took another $30,000 in products. that brings us to the fifth incident in less than two weeks. matt keller talked about the most recent theft. matt? >> this is not the first time this apple store here has been hit by thieves.police say it han
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three times before. they hope that surveillance video and evidence at the scene will lead them to an arrest. they put out new phones on the display near the front door. this comes less than 24 hours from when a group of teens or young men raided the store sunday. >> they're grabbed all the phones off the display phones and all the computers. they break the security cords and run out. they are in there less than 30 seconds. >> there were four thieves this time stealing about $50,000 worth of merchandise. they ran out to a get away car and suspect's faces were covered by the singed up hoody sweatshirts. the farmer's market was taking place and apple had security outside their store. >> he was able to get pictures and be a good witness. >> the store has been hit more than three times before.
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they have yet to make an arrest in the cases. yesterday's was the fifth since august 22nd. surveillance video has been released from the locations. burlingame police say they appear to be connected with the same mo. thieves get away with thousands of dollars will worth of products without confronting customers or employees. they would face burglary charge fist caught. >> it is frustrating and i'm sure apple has done their best to do what they can and still make it an experience for the customer. they are caught between a rock and a hard place to make the experience in there. >> i reached out for comment on the thefts and they have yet to get back to me. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> bart police are looking for a person who sucker punched a person causing a 1.5 inch cut on the victim's face at the mac arthur bart station at 11:47 at
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night. two women reported that a man was harassing them. that man came up from behind the agent and hit him in the head. the victim was taken to the hospital and bart has not released surveillance of the suspect. this latest attack is not reassuring rider who is are already on edge. >> i feel like this is like getting out of control. i just feel like it keeps happening very often. it just doesn't feel safe to catch a bart no more. >> the mac arthur station was the same location where 18-year-old nia wilson was fatally stabbed in an unprovoked attack last month. new this morning, a body was found in the south bay with a possible drug overdose near the capital expressway in san jose. it was found along the northbound side of 87 around 9:45 and chp has not identified
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the body. happening today, more than 1,000 workers will march in oakland to protest plans by kaiser that they say would under main patients and care givers. workers would meet and march across the street to kaiser medical center. congress men are set to join that protest. kaiser is laying off employees, outsourcing jobs and won't engage in negotiations. happening now, some of the california's best cyclists are riding around the streets of san francisco, including the studio i'm sitting in. it kicked off at 8:00 this morning. the race will close streets around levi's plaza and battery skpr front sfreets and embarcadero. the final pro race pedals off at 3:00 this afternoon. they might have to be careful because a spare the air alert is in effect. the millions of cars on the bay area roads combined with hot
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temperatures and wildfire smoke are expected to cause poor air quality. they should be done in the early morning. this is the 11th spare the air alert for smog this year. not what we want to hear on a holiday weekend when people want to enjoy their last day. tat's what we have. >> the day everybody is out there. there was nobody on the road. let's talk to the folks and tell them what to expect. let's take a look at san jose. one of the areas that is supposed to have the poorest air quality. you have the cleanest air while the rest of us are moderate. if you are going to be out and about, things are starting to get hot even though the sun is not out yet. it will be hot inland. it will be in and out of the clouds and kind of cool. 70 at santa cruise and low to mid 60s elsewhere. if you will be on the bay, play north of the bay bridge and let me advise you of the small craft issue as the winds gust up to 30 knots possible.
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developing news from brazil where more than 20 million pieces of history are believed to have been lost after a massive fire at the country's museum. firefighters worked to contain the flame am a museum official said the damage is irreparable. it included egyptian mummies and historic works of art, 1 that dated back 11,000 years. it is brazil's oldest historical institution. >> gun violence, abortion, robert mueller's investigation. three subjects brett kavanaugh is going to be grilled on. stephanie ramos has more on the intense battle president trump's justice nominee brett kavanaugh will likely face a contentious confirmation hearing on capitol
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hill starting tuesday. >> you are going to see really strong sets of questions from a number of us that are on the judiciary committee. >> kavanaugh is a judge in d.c. if he is confirmed, the supreme court will have a 5-4 conservative majority for likely a decade. >> an extraordinary judge, a long record 12 years on the d.c. circuit court bench, over 300 decisions. >> senate democrats are demanding to see more of his records during his time in the george w. bush white house. hundreds of thousands of pages have been made public, but lawyers for the former president say even though bush signed off, the trump administration is withholding 100,000 pages, claiming executive privilege. >> i think that you could ask some very interesting questions about the documents. >> kavanaugh will likely be asked about abortion, campaign finance reform, reg torrey oversight and execuive power.
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they are expected to press kavanaugh to recuse himself from any cases that involve investigations against trump. president trump. >> he chose the one person that is written he should have immunity from investigation and prosecution that might result. this to me is astonishing and not only that, should not be allowed. >> sources familiar with kavanaugh's prep tell us it is unlikely he will recuse himself from any cases have having to do with the president. abc news, washington. >> we are expected to hear from raiders quarterback derek karr, the first time the team traded away the best defensive player. saturday morning's decision came down to money. the so much said he wanted more than the raiders were willing to pay and the bears offer aired trade deal they couldn't afford to pass up. he signed a record setting-year, $141 million extension with the bears. he held out all preseason,
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looking if are a bigger deal and oakland felt it was time to cut the cord. >> we wait and waited and the rams game was looming. our feeling was he was not going to report any time soon. >> it's a staple in a real, rich history-based organization. especially for the defensive side of the ball. it's going to be exciting in this, but i'm looking forward to it. >> mac found out before everyone else he was no longer a raider. stay with us. much more ahead on this midday including why bart riders may face delays today. >> we'll open up the weather window on the golden gate bridge. a west wind at about 14 if you are thinking about venturing out. one colleague was sneezing and we have a high amount
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hello again. we will start with a beautiful picture of pier 39. look who is not laboring today. the sea lions are having a good time. the folks look like they are staring at them and getting pictures with the fun out there. we have a stronger sea breeze and not as warm as it was yesterday. we have the spare the air. be careful if you are going to be outside. cloudy and drizzly near the coast and the heat will ease off throughout week. this area of low pressure. see that spin? that counterclockwise spin is going to keep us cooler. it keeps pumping in the cooler air and keep the clouds locked into the coast as lot more than
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yesterday. yesterday's high at the airport, 98 degrees. only 85 today. 85 in morgan hill. everybody else in the mid 70s to near 80 and santa cruz will see sunshine at about 78 grs. that's the exception. most of us in the low to mid-70s. low to mid 60s along the coast and the breezes will kick up around san francisco, holding downtown to about 66. you notice around the bay and the san francisco bay where the breezes blow, san raphael and vallejo. the deeper you get, the less influence you have. pushing the low to upper 90s from cloverdale, ukiah and lake port. berkeley at 70. 72 at oakland. less of an effect here. as you move inland, upper 80s to low 90s and a degree or two cooler than yesterday.
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if you are going to the game, expect sunshine. these two would play in the one-game playoff. 69 at 1:05. warm stog 72. have the sunglasses and the sunscreen. we will drop to the low 50s to upper 50 no, sir most neighborhoods. lake port, antioch and san jose. we will show you the latest tropical storm. marco island, florida. how it's couching just about th coast and the gulf. here's what it's going to do. make a bee line for about biloxi, mississippi. hopefully taking more of new orleans out of it. it could cause flooding rains as it heads up through deeper into the week. we have a very active pattern and the pacific. you can see we have two storms there. norman is a category two and olivia is a tropical storm. let's follow norman.
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it gets close to the islands and makes a right hand turn and weakens and heads away. it will cause waves of thunderstorms and possibly really high surf, but that's about all. my seven-day forecast, there you go. a couple of degrees every day by thursday. we are below average and hang on to 60s at the coast. mid 70s around the bay and into the next weekend. >> we were 100 degrees last year at this time. >> yes. it was brutal. >> brutal, wasn't it. >> especially if you don't have ac. i will take this all day long. >> much more comfortable. >> bart riders in the east bay may face delays as track repairs continue. at the 19th street in oakland where a long line of riders waited for a bus bridge. crews are repairing the tracks between the west oakland station and the trains provided the free bus service between the stations am they set aside a fourth weekend september 22nd in case
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more work is needed. part trains are running on a modified schedule. abc's new brand is sharing stories in a weekly digital series called more in common. you want to see this because it's about a navy veteran who lost both his legs in combat. >> i don't want to come back on land. it's quite nice to be on the ocean and weightless and feeling the energy of the ocean. when i come back on land and change out, i feel more disabled. when i'm outer on the water, it makes me feel alive and intensen >> we went out with dan and watched surfing with him and having fun. we were looking at how he was actually surfing. we said you know what, we are going to be able to help him take his turfing to another
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level. >> we started collaborating and how could we make a surfboard to work to fit my story of gravity and unique body shape. >> it's not just helping dan, but every veteran we serve. >> we're hit the nail on the head with the latest design right here. >> really good story. i hope you can get into localish by looking for it on facebook watch. you will see new episodes every week. after the break, a star thissy gives you all the feels. i love this so much. two people working together at a local hospital. their connection that spans nearly three decades. the incredible story behind that photo.
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a reminder we are on 24-7 on the news app and abc 7 we posted the story behind this pick of actor keanu reaves at a couple's santa cruz wedding. if you are logging on from your phone, download to get breaking news alerts and our next newscast on the television happens at 4:00 p.m. best story of the day, thousands of people on social media
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sharing a photo showing a heart warming reunion between a neonatal nurse and one of her former patients. the children's hospital shared these is stories and calling it a chance encounter. thru see nurse wong discovered her new colleague was the premature baby she cared for 28 years ago. brandon is healthy and currently a second year pediatric neurology resident. during rounds on the nicu, she recognized his name and asked questions. she said okay, so were you at this hospital when you were a baby. is your dad a police officer? as soon as she said that, he knew exactly who she was. they have been talking about her for years and that picture that you saw of her right there holding him as a baby, he was just a little more than two pounds. >> wow! >> yeah. when he was born.
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he's come a long way. >> those nurses are special. >> such an awesome story. have a great day and a great labor day.
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most pills block one. >> hey, everybody, get ready, because in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of her very, very rich. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] fired up today. let's welcome our first contestant, a father of two from aliso viejo, california, jared stanchina. >> yes. hi, everyone. >> how you doing? welcome. >> i'm doing well. how you doing, chris? >> doing great. i'm about ready to give away a million dollars. can it be you? >> i'm ready to take it. >> okay, that's a deal. all we have is 14 questions from $500 all the way up to that $1 million. that's it. >> that's it. that's it. >> you've got your three lifelines. they're there if you need them. and if you're ready, let's start making money. >> no time like the present. let's go. >> now, let's play


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