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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you. maxx life. t.j.maxx good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." it is 5:00 a.m. and we're taking a live look at sfo right now because changes could be coming to the tsa precheck. the effort to stop nonmembers from using the special lanes. >> good morning. on this friday, september 7th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco says it's going to be a hot day, right, mike? >> absolutely. especially inland where you can see no clouds. the gray, mainly around the east bay shoreline and along the coast. we're going to wake up with more sunshine earlier this morning, but tempertures are still pretty cool in the mid 50s, even a few upper 40s in the north bay. now look by noon you'll already notice it looks different and feels different. especially inland we're in the low 80s. everywhere else 50s and 60s.
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4:00, we're in the mid 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay and 90s. there's your push of warmth. heading out this evening, 50s at the coast, near 70 around the bay and mid to upper 70s inland. let's get alexis in here and check out that commute. good morning. >> good morning, mike. i do have a couple things to talk about. look at the bottom of your screen on this traffic camera in emeryville. we have a disabled semi on eastbound 80 before ashby. the far right lane blocked and it should be about 40 minutes until they can get a tow truck on the scene. that being the counter commute side i don't think we'll see big delays. i will keep an eye on that. they're wrapping up on schedule, 680 the closure scheduled until 5 between andrade and sheridan for the bridge work at sheridan. i will check o speeds in the backup, hopefully a lot better in ten minutes. now a live desk update. >> from "abc 7 mornings." >> thousands are waiting for interstate 5 to reopen in the redding area as the delta fire continues to grow.
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officials have issued mandatory evacuations. at least two structures have been destroyed but officials the expect the numbers to go up. 22,000 acres have burned. there is zero percent containment as of this morning. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling those flames and if you are planning to head north this weekend plan a lot of extra time. the detour to get around the i-5 closure will take you at least three hours probably more because of the traffic using the route. the final scheduled day of nomination hearings for supreme court pick brett kavanaugh will get under way in just a few hours. legal experts and witnesses will testify on behalf of kavanaugh on why he should be confirmed to the high court. two days of questioning have been marked by protests and partisan disputes over access to the judge's documents. yesterday two democratic senators released previously unreleased committee
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confidential documents, one of them defended his actions. >> they were releasing them anyway now, but yesterday i broke the sham rule, sham committee confidential rules, yesterday i broke the sham committee confidential rules and accept full responsibility for what i'm doing. >> in the two days of questioning the nominee has managed to avoid definitive answers on many issues including roe versus wade and presidential pardons. president trump took aim at democrats who grilled kavanaugh during the hearings. the president spoke to supporters during a campaign-style rally in montana last night. >> do you believe the anger and the meanness on the other side. sick. it's sick. the whole country is now seeing his amazing intellect and brilliant legal mind. >> president trump said kavanaugh was, quote, doing really well during the hearings. happening today, opening statements begin in the case of
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the so-called gypsy hill serial killer. 69-year-old rodney helbauer faces murder charges of two young women four decades ago. he's charged with killing 17-year-old paula baxter of millbrae and 18-year-old veronica casicio in 1976 then in 2014 investigators matched his dna to cigarette butts left at both crime scenes. the trial will be held in redwood city. in the south bay, google is stepping up to cover the costs of repairs to a war memorial vandalized two weeks ago. the vietnam memorial foundation erected this memorial to remember the 142 sons of san jose who lost their lives during the vietnam war. costs to remove graffiti and acid burned into the granite estimated at 2500 to $3,000. after the vandalism, the san jose parks foundation started raising money for repairs. >> and we got a little bit of money. we had only been at it about a
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week. google called and said we want to take care of this. they've made it so we can clean it up, pay the costs and have some in the bank for future maintenance. >> that's great. the amount of og memorial found is looking into installing cameras. new this morning, if you have ever used the tsa precheck to speed through lines at the airport, changes could be coming. >> a new bill would crack down on exactly who gets in and it's somewhat unbelievably called precheck is precheck. it just passed the house of representatives. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at sfo for us. hi, amy. >> hi, good morning, jessica. see how this line is getting long, this is the general main line for security. sometimes to ease this line they will pull people out and let them come over here where there is no line to the tsa precheck. well, this is a line that people have paid money for and some have complained, so congress is
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nowoingot traveler this morning who was surprised to hear this. he says he just doesn't think it's that big of a deal. >> precheck, you pay for it, so it is something that, you know, it's an added benefit you have to pay for, but i understand if there's no line, then in order to expedite the other people it would be okay to move them into the precheck line. as long as it gets people through safely and as quickly as possible i think it would be fine with me. >> congress is talking about bringing an end to this and only letting people into the tsa precheck line who are supposed to be there. the house of representatives has already passed the bill. it is -- it does have bipartisan support and now it's heading to the senate. it has the strong support of the global business travel association. if it passes, precheck members could soon have the quicker experience here at the airport. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc
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7 news. all right. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. want to give you a quick look at what's going on with the 12-hour planner for the peninsula. mostly sunny at about 58 degrees. sunshine and 68 by noon and check out the mid-70s during the afternoon hours. looks pretty comfortable there. especially when some other areas are going to be so much warmer today. a look at temperatures if you're stepping out right now, what you're going to see and feel everywhere, just about, is cooler weather. hard to believe we're going to be so much warmer this afternoon. tracking the fog, that's what happens when the clouds don't roll in. you can see temperatures up in the north bay in the upper 40s to low 50s. 46 novato and napa. a greater look at the fog in less than seven minutes. temperatures in the 50s until tracy at 06. golden gate bridge, west wind slower about 10 to 12 miles per hour. high uv index. going to try to stay cool at the
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beaches or at the pool have the sunscreen. the sun is coming to the beaches and it will be a gorgeous afternoon and evening on the bay. here's where it's going to be est today afterta in our east b valleys, topping 80 at noon, near 90s from 2:00 through about 5:00. comfortable this evening, 72 at 8:00. in the south bay it's going to be warm after starting off with about 61, 75 at noon, hanging out in the mid 80s during the afternoon hours but also very comfortable during the evening, about 71 degrees. let's take a look at what's going on with traffic. good morning, mike. yeah, we have had some slow spots already today, but we are improving in the fremont area. 680 between andrade and sheridan road we have all lanes back open. we had the overnight bridge work and a full closure i should say until about ten minutes ago. you are stop and go at about 41 miles an hour in the sunol area. i think this will fully clear out if we give it ten minutes. one new problem in the east bay, eastbound 580, lane number two
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is blocked on the connecter. sounds like a vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and collided with a horse trailer. we're waiting for details hoping there weren't any animals in that. >> thank you. in the east bay, a debate over safety in schools, it comes after education secretary betsy devos again suggested arming teachers. reporter leslie brinkley tells us why the issue is hitting home for so many right now. >> reporter: last week a 14-year-old freshman fired a gun inside balboa high school in san francisco. last month, a 16-year-old was shot and killed near a high school in fairfield. the school was put on lockdown. >> it affects every american in every community and every town, in every household. >> reporter: here in oakland, a panel of students, educators and gun violence prevention groups brainstormed what to do about it. >> we have become desensitized to gun violence and have
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normalized shootings in our schools. >> our kids get put on lockdown because there's guns in the neighborhood. there is nothing good that comes from guns. >> tonight got started when it was announced that the federal government was thinking about using federal education dollars to arm teachers with guns. >> reporter: passionately opposed to arming teachers, groups like sandy hook promise offered alternatives to connect local schools to national programs, things like a phone app to anonymously submit tips about students at risk. >> this year alone in the state of california we've trained nearly 134,000 students through our programming. [ applause ] >> yeah, thank you. we're growing like crazy here. >> we can't prevent fires, we can't prevent inches, we can prevent school shootings. >> reporter: while the political discourse will continue, what everyone here agrees on is that it's the activism of young people that's changing the dialog. in oakland i'm leslie brinkley,
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abc 7 news. >> a brentwood woman has been arrested on charges of embezzling money from a school's parents club. the superintendent of the brentwood school district told people that 50 krrlds christina bonavito allegedly stole $28,000 from pioneer elementary school. the investigation began after board members alerted the principal to unusual charges on the club's debit card statement. another delay this morning in the bart extension to san jose. at 5:30 the latest problem with construction pushing back the long-awaited service until the end of next year. plus -- >> a man causes thousands of dollars worth of damage by jumping up and down and doing
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> this is a live look at san jose where it's clear and 58 degrees right now. check out the dramatic jump in temperatures, a surge of warmth coming our way. santa rosa, when you end up in the mid 80s to low 90s. britney spears, livermore, oakland, san francisco, all 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. your neighborhood coming up next. >> thanks. up to 16 people are presumed dead after a powerful 6.7 earthquake hit japan. the quake triggered landslides,
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burying homes and soil and and timber. they are hoping to find signs of survivors. 26 are still unaccounted for. nearly 3 million h power but has since been restored to half of the buldings. the san francisco department of management is testing its ability to house and care for people following the big one. >> that's right. abc 7 news was at st. mary's cathedral for a disaster response exercise. during an emergency, 100 locations including churches, schools and community centers would take care of 60,000 people. they would have staff, medical supplies and generators. >> that's one of the great things about these shelters is then we can get medical equipment and supplies in that if they are dependent on the electricity to get the medical care we need we can do that in the shelter itself. >> food and water will be available and translators for
5:16 am
those not fluent in english. most will be city workers who have taken an oath to become service workers during a large-scale emergency. abc 7 news was in san francisco's neighborhood where a teen toured a building currently undergoing an earthquake retrofit. the city says more than 300 commercial building owners have not complied with a mandatory retrofit program. those owners have eight more days to get in compliance. >> if you don't comply, then we will put a placard in front of your building. the consequence of this is saying your building is unsafe and your tenant may not pay you rent. >> after the deadline which is in eight days, the cases could also be referred to the city attorney's office and you'll find deadlines for stocking an earthquake survival kit and developing an emergency plan for
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your family at under prepare nor cal. a mother and her 3-year-old son were injured after getting trampled by a giraffe in south africa. >> abc has more in today's "gma" first look. >> in today's "gma" first look a young mom and her toddler are in critical but stable condition after being attacked by a giraffe. family members tell abc news overnight katie williams a doctor and wildlife specialist, was at the family home within this sprawling nature preserve inouth africa when the giraffe, who was with its 2-month-old calf at the time, began trampling the 35-year-old and her 3-year-old son fin. they say her husband sam was returning from a run when he saw his wife and their baby attacked. he managed to scahe animal away and call for help. the two immediately airlifted to a johannesburg hospital, both required major surgery. the owner of the property says the giraffe might have seen the two as a threat to her baby. we'll have an update on the
5:18 am
mother and son's condition coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look i'm adrian bankerts, abc news, new york. brazil's far right presidential candidate is recovering. someone stabbed him during a campaign event. police arrested a suspect who is charged in connection with the stabbing. he was rushed to the hospital where he had surgery and is now stable. doctors expect that he may have to undergo another set of surgeries in a couple months. recent polls estimate that he is the favorite to win the election with a 10% lead over his closest rival. now to some unbelievable video, a 23-year-old man is under arrest after causing thousands of dollars in damage to a police car in fresno. take a >> fresno police officers say they watched adolfo lopez do this for about half an hour and they tried talking to him to convince him to come down, but
5:19 am
they say lopez kept stomping on the police car, smashing windows, jumping up and down and doing jumping jacks. >> officers did show a lot of restraint, we brought out two two crisis negotiators to try to get him off the vehicle so there would be no injuries to officers or this suspect. >> officers eventually had enough and they rushed the suspect before taking him into custody. you see that there. the police officer suffered a small cut to his hand. lopez was taken to the hospital for evaluation and will then be booked into jail. it turns out this summer was the warmest we have seen in six years. this according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. they define summer from june 1st to august 31st and noaa says the nationwide average was 73.53 degrees, the warmest since 2012 and tied for the fourth warmest on record. the temperature at night this summer was the hottest ever, an average of 60.9 degrees.
5:20 am
noaa says the inability of the atmosphere to cool off at night is a sign of global warming driven by manmade climate cha e change. >> you pointed out summer is not over in san francisco. it doesn't feel like it. >> according to noaa summer is the three warmest months for the year which is for most june, july, august, but for san francisco the hottest time of the year is september. that's why you have to put an asterisk next to this. the thing that has kept the temperatures up at night the ocean temperatures. even our ocean temperatures have been warmer than average. along the east coast way above average and helped push some of the warmer weather we dealt with over the summer months. here in san rafael it's clear this morning, let's take a look at my accuweather highlights, the warmth peaks today, average this weekend temperatures will start to fall a little bit but definitely going to be cool next week with a touch of fall in the weekend. all right. next week i should say. zero and zero, an eighth of a mile or less visibility from petaluma to santa rosa so watch out in places like pengrove and
5:21 am
windsor, it is tough to get around right now. now as far as the cloud cover you can see easily back to the coast well before lunch today and even the coast will see sunshine this afternoon. let's see how our temperatures respond. 80s through the south bay. los gatos to gilroy, head to santa cruz, sunshine, 78 this afternoon. 73 to 81 your spread on the peninsula. 61 to 67 along the coast. that's definitely warmer than it has been. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco, sausalito. a lot of mid-80s to you were 80s through the north bay valleys. up to santa rosa or northward you will need the air conditioner, low to mid 90s there. along the east bay shore, 76 in oakland to 82 in fremont, 86 in orenda and you run into a wall of 90s, low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. tonight it cools off nicely once again, low to upper 50s with clear conditions and fog along the coast and up in the north bay once again.
5:22 am
as far as my accuweather seven-day forecast you can see the 90s hold through sunday, upper 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast and we're in the 60s and mainly 70s by wednesday and thursday. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. just 5:21, we've had a handful of issues this morning. one of those in emeryville, but it's on the lighter side of 80 so eastbound 80 the far right lane blocked and that is right around powell street. so at the very bottom of your screen, you can see some flashing lights. that's a disabled semi in the right lane. a rollover crash 880 before alvarado boulevard in the union city area. maybe right on the fremont line. that has been pushed off to the shoulder. so we definitely have onlooker delay if you are coming from the hayward area. a check of drive times, we are still friday light, westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 29 minutes. 680 fully recovered from the overnight closure for bridge work. dublin to mission boulevard now just 16 minutes and northbound 101 to cupertino wide open at 15
5:23 am
minutes. happening today, the presidio will become the first national park in the west to roll out electric bikes. 50 dockless jump bikes will be available in the park. you've probably seen them in other parts of the city already, the bright red bikes, although they're dockless if you ride the presidio bikes you have to park them at official bike racks. there are 125 in the park and you're not supposed to ride the bikes on presidio trails. noted. more than a dozen global hotel chains will give their employees panic buttons to protect them from harassment and assault. marriott, hilton, hyatt, and wyndham will give the safety devices to all employees by 2020 who deal directly with guests. the companies will train them on how to identify harassment and anti-sexual harassment policies. the move follows heightened awareness around the metoo
5:24 am
movement. >> the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> california's races are tightening. >> oakland pride is this weekend. what you need to know.
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if you're just joining us or heading out, here are seven things to know before you go. number one, a 50-mile stretch of i-5 north of redding could reopen today despite the fact that the delta fire continues to burn out of control. 22,000 acres have burned and there is still zero percent containment. a trial date is expected to be set today for the two ghost ship fire defendants. they are scheduled to appear in alameda county court at 9:15. google is covering the cost of repairs to a war memorial that was vandalized two weeks ago in san jose. the amount of the donation from google has not been disclosed. number four another delay
5:27 am
for bart's berryessa extension. it might not open until december of 2019, because of an issue with networking equipment. hate to hear that. number five, we have a mostly friday light commute so far today. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. in fact, we have lighter than average volumes in most areas. for number six, we're looking at the warmest afternoon in the next seven days. it's today as temperatures will be pretty close to average in san francisco and also in redwood city. everybody else about five to eight degrees warmer than average. >> number seven, mike, grab a cold one. it's national beer lover's day. check out your favorite brewery today. many of them offering some deals to celebrate and as mike said it's going to be nice and warm outside, so a good day for a cold one. >> maybe just wait a little while. >> not now. >> it's 5:00 somewhere, in the morning. we're coming back with another full 90s minutes of news including the latest on the high-profile anonymous op-ed in
5:28 am
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it's 5:30, friday, september 7th. >> thank goodness. natasha is off and the rest of us are here to welcome you to the weekend. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike, it's going to be a pretty nice one and pretty warm for us this weekend as well. >> especially inland. temperatures pretty around san francisco and oakland. i've overlaid the winds on live doppler 7. where is the sea breeze. we're calm less than ten miles per hour. some of them are trying to filter in the bay and along the north bay valleys and someinetu
5:31 am
temperatures,astet we're cooler this morning, upper 40s to mid 50s. we'll run from the upper 50s to mid 60s along the coast from noon to 4:00. 68 to 77, 80 to 90 inland and look at all that sunshine. make sure you have the sunglasses before you leave. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we are looking live at our walnut creek traffic camera, one of our ugliest shots traffic wise, all week long here. things are slowly starting to fill in. no significant delays through that stretch. drive times looking good, 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, about six minutes. if you're continuing to highway 24, walnut creek to highway 13 that's another 8 minutes. still under a half hour, got love that. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 29 minutes. now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> a 50-mile stretch of interstate 5 north of redding could reopen today despite the fact that delta fire is still
5:32 am
burning out of control. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in shasta and trinity counties. to the north, the community has been told to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. the fire has burned 22,000 acres. there is still no containment. flames are burning on both sides of i-5 nearly trapping drivers and for some people this is becoming an all too familiar routine. >> our little town has been doing really well. we're all on edge. i mean, we just got comfortable and thought we could unpack ourselves from the other fires and now here we are right back in the mess again. >> this morn there are no reports of injuries or deaths. cal fire says it is running out of money and needs another $234 million from the state to cope with the record fire season. officials say the agency has less than $11 million of its $443 million budget left. the fire season peaks in
5:33 am
september and october and cal fire says its crews need to gear up to battle more wildfires. this is the earliest in the season cal fire has asked for more money. now a better idea othe staggering cost to all of us. the commissioner says more than 10,000 home and commercial insurance claims have been filed from the carr and mendocino complex fires. the losses amount to over $845 million. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left a man in the hospital. police say the 31-year-old victim is an employee of marina pizza and cafe and he was taking out the trash before 3:00 this morning on lombared street when the suspect demanded money and shot the victim. the suspect ran away but officers arrested him on greenwitch street three blocks away.
5:34 am
bart riders in the south bay have to wait longer for the highly anticipated berryessa project to get finished. >> it could take more than a year to complete. matt keller is live in san jose with the new timeline. >> good morning. vta says these delays have resulted from various circumstances some of which are beyond their control. what went wrong some vta was informed june 12th that some of the networking equipment installed does not comply with contract requirements and must be replace. >> they're trying to replace the parts. have some have been ordered and delivered. vta says they have requested an extension to the federal transit administration to reflect the start of passenger service no later than december 31st, 2019. if that does happen, our media partner "the mercury news" says that would mean the bart
5:35 am
extension to berryessa will open three years after officials hoped. they hope to have an accurate timeline by 2019. reporting live here, matt keller, abc 7 news. in the east bay a trial date is expected to be set today for the two ghost ship fire defendants. an alameda judge threw out the plea deal for derrick almena and max harris, setting the stage for a lengthy trial. they had agreed to plead no contest to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in exchange for prison sentences the families said were too lenient. the san francisco police department says the five officers who fatally shot mario woods acted in accordance with department policy. woods was killed by police in the bayview in december 2015. his death recorded by onlookers and it sparked national outrage. the department's decision ends a nearly three-year investigation into the shooting.
5:36 am
the district attorney said in may his office would not file charges against the five officers who shot woods. white house officials denying they were behind the now highly profile anonymous on ed published in "the new york times" and at least 12 top officials including the vice president mike pence, defense secretary james mattis, treasury secretary steve mnuchin, attorney general jeff sessions, and secretary of state mike pompeo have publicly denied that they were behind the letter. in it the author describes president trump as, quote, impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective. the president calling the "times" to reveal the author's identity last night. >> for the sake of our national security "the new york times" should publish his name at once. >> this morning the "times" reports the white house has a list of a dozen possible prospects. president trump will not answer any questions about
5:37 am
whether he tried to block investigators probing russian meddling in the 2016 election from mr. trump's top attorney, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. special counsel robert mueller has sought to interview the president about obstructing justice in the past. giuliani told the associated press doing so is, quote, a no go. happening today, a former policy adviser to president trump set to be sentenced as part of special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to making false statements about his core responses with russian nationals and attempts to arrange a meeting between the trump campaign and russian officials and faces up to six months in pris joan a poll shows two frontrunners in california races are seeing their leads cut to single digits. for governor gavin newsom leads john cox and 17% of those who responded say they're undecided.
5:38 am
for senate incumbent dianne feinstein leads challenger dench deleon 37% to 29%. 34% responded that they were still undecided in that race. the research poll was taken between august 29th and september 2nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. take a look at temperatures on the peninsula. a little cooler, look at menlo park, 49 degrees. the rest of us dress for 52 to 54 around pacifica and half moon bay. notice the 40s around santa rosa and napa and you're getting close to fall the longer nights, cooler conditions. 49 in both of those neighborhoods. but in the hills where the warm air rises, los gatos 71, most of us mid to upper 50s. antioch at 61. a look at the san mateo bridge, we're looking towards the west and on the roads be ready for sunshine early this morning. earlier than we've had all week. bright and calm for your ferry ride and mass transit comfy. it's going to be hot this afternoon. the comfy is in san francisco where we'll have mid to upper 60s this afternoon with full on
5:39 am
sunshine. we'll be back in the 50s by 8:00. across the bay we'll start off at 58 with cloud cover. quick sunshine near 70 at noon and mid 70s throughout the afternoon hours. you'll need a light jacket 63 degrees and in the north bay a little fog, it's really thick around petaluma, up towards windsor that will burn off to sunshine and 77 at noon and we'll hang out in theid 80s for the afternoon hours and you'll drop into the 60s once the sun sets and it will get cool after such a warm day. alexis is in here to talk about your friday morning commute. what do you got? >> quite a bit going on this morning actually. we have lighter volumes since it is friday but a lot of ins departments to talk about. one of those a rollover crash on the shoulder but a lot of folks slowing down to take a look at this. 880 before alvarado boulevard and again they quickly were able to push this off to the side. you are jammed i would say solidly back up to state route 92. that route typically heavy and heavier than it normally is. a little bit outside our sensors
5:40 am
but coming in westbound 205 out of tracy we've got a sig alert, flipped semi, we're hearing from chp one lane blocked on either side of 205 west of macarthur drive. they're saying it's probably going to be about two and a half to three hours before it gets cleared. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. friday light doing the bay bridge commute. hearing about a new rollover crash in the palo alto area. we'll check that out next. >> thanks. oakland getting ready for its annual pride parade and festival. >> it's happening on sunday. this is video from last year's parade. sunday's parade kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at 14th and broadway. it ends at 20th and broadway where you can find the festival and it's free to watch the parade. $10 to get inside the festival. there will be food, drinks, various vendors and performers on four different stages. saying good-bye to a hollywood legend. the tributes to burt reynolds this morning after he died at the age of 82. plus an update on jeffrey
5:41 am
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no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> one of our stories this morning troubling news out of the drought monitor when we started may 1st, you can see the yellow abnormally dry, the beginnings of a drought in
5:44 am
eastern contra costa and alameda and santa clara counties. the entire bay area is under the dry moniker with moderate drought in napa and solano counties. fingers crossed we get an average rain season. hundreds today in fresno and palm springs, near 80 in san diego and los angeles, yosemite 94, no threat of thunderstorms today and in tahoe the 80s until monday and the mid 60s fall-like wednesday and thursday. jessica? >> thank you. hollywood is remembering the career and life of hollywood legend burt reynolds. he died yesterday at the age of 82. his career spanned more than 50 years. he played everything from a southern heartthrob to tough guy to funny man. the 1972 credited for his breakout performance. in an interview last year, reynolds wanted to be remembered as a good man and somebody who
5:45 am
loved the entertainment business. and in the end of his 2015 memoir it reads, quote, nobody had more fun than i did. memorial services for burt reynolds have not been announced. there are tributes to burt reynolds in los angeles. the tcl chinese theater dimmed its lights last night. reynolds' hand and footprints are on display at the hollywood landmark. burt reynolds, aretha franklin, neil diamond, some of the celebrities we've recently lost. we have a photo gallery honoring each of them. a few weeks ago at the academy awards they were going to have a new category for most popular film. well, it's not happening. at least it's not happening this year. the academy is suspending the plan amid big backlash and need more time to study how to implement the new category. the oscar nominations will be announced on january 23rd. looks like former cosby show actor jeffrey owens has a gig in
5:46 am
hollywood. he has been making headlines after someone posted photos of him working at a trader joe's in new jersey. a lot of folks who said they were trying to shame him. he spoke to "good morning america" and he did an amazing interview with robin roberts, more than 2 million people watched that on-line including producer tyler perry. tmz reports owens has accepted a job from perry. it's to appear on the show "the haves and the have nots." tmz says he will have a recurring role and appear on ten episodes. the longest running show on broadway is in san francisco with a tech upgrade. abc 7 news was inside the theater as the stage crew checked the chandelier from "phantom of the opera." the light fixture has 30,000 crystals and can shoot firecrackers. there's so many pyrotechnics that a fire marshal is atry show.ntteer 30. >> those people on the screen are the actress playing the
5:47 am
phantom and christine, the lead in the show. >> we heard his voice this morning and he has a rich voice. >> he has that baritone way over me. >> yeah. sounds good. yeah. >> he sounds great. >> i was jealous, very much so. hopefully you get a chance to see that. let's take a look at what's going on outside. no real fireworks here. we have a compressed marine layer from sutro tower, looking over top of it, that means quick sunshine today and our warmest afternoon of possibly this month so far moving forward. we'll have below average and breezy conditions through the extended. expect partly cloudy conditions tonight with a little fog in the north bay and cool like we're dealing with once again. we have the warmest weather around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. real nice in santa cruz, sunshine and 78. low to mid 80s, uncomfortable this afternoon in the south bay. we'll have 73 to 81 in redwood city and palo alto. the warmest. along the coast look at pacifica, 61, daly city, because of a northerly breeze, you will
5:48 am
be only 61 while pacifica 67. 70 in downtown san francisco. head through the north bay valleys, a lot of mid 80s until you get to santa rosa and northward and we have the low to mid 90s. hopefully you have air conditioning there. 76 in oakland. almost where we should be this time of year. let's jump into the east bay valleys where the warmest weather and we're in the 50s this morning going to jump into the 90s this afternoon. tonight, temperatures will be in the low to upper 50s and if you are going to the mountain view art and wine festival, the 47th annual, temperatures will hang out in the upper 70s to 80s during the afternoon hours. we're back to average by sunday and then we're well below average with a touch of fall next week. here's alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike. we have what sounds like going to be a big issue on the peninsula, northbound 101, we currently have all lanes blocked in the mountain view area due to a multicar crash and at least one of those vehicles flipped over. this is just north of san antonio avenue. so fire crews are on the scene. they're saying a full rescue operation is under way. we don't know the condition of
5:49 am
any of these drivers. chp on the way to the scene as well and as soon as we have more information from them i will pass that along to you. for now stick to el camino real or 280. sounds like that will be there for a while. another rollover, 880 before alvarado boulevard, that has been off on the shoulder for some time. boy, at love folks slowing down to take a look at that and that's a tough area anywhere. 11 miles an hour your average. that is about a five and a half, six mile backup right now. not great on southbound 880 either. a quick check of the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. work right there at the toll plaza until a few minutes after 5:00 this morning. crews have cleared. next traffic update before 6:00. >> thanks. it's the end of an era at the solano county fairgrounds. crews have started tearing down the grandstands at the horse racing track making room for future development. a plan called solano 360 will replace the track with a mixed use residential, retail and
5:50 am
transit development. the county has not found a developer to work with but they have set aside $90 million to help turn that project into reality. >> you just can't build these buildings and put in the infrastructure and go okay, we're only going to use it two weeks out of the year. so we want it to be used 365 days out of the year and to benefit the public as well as private interests. >> demolition will likely continue through december. the other 130 acres on the fairground site will be retained and used for the fair and other events that generate money for the county. new at 6:00, the bay area city topping the list for least affordable housing in the u.s. >> first, colin kaepernick makes the an appearance after the debut of his nike ad. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620 for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." all right. let's talk baseball and korean heritage night at the a's game. 64 at 7:05 dropping down to 59. it's going to be a cool one. taking on the last placed rangers. here's reggie. twitter has banned alex jones and infowars. jones who is known for spreading conspiracy theories was kicked off youtube, apple, facebook, and spotify last twitter suspended some privileges but on thursday made it permanent. in a tweet it says we took this action based on new reports of tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy in addition to the accounts' past violations.
5:54 am
uc davis researchers developed a blood test for autism that could speed up diagnoses for children. they discovered a group of blood markers. when tested researchers found they could identify about 17% of kids with autism. no biomarker test for autism currently exists. right now children are diagnosed based on behaviors which may not become apparent until 2 to 4 years old. a new research out of israel suggests taking probiotics may not be quite as good for us as commonly thought. they could even be harmful if taken after some antibiotics. nearly 4 million adults in the u.s. consume probiotics in yogurts, smoothies, supplements and other foods. probiotics are intended to mimic and strengthen the effects of good bacteria that fight off infections. researchers, though, found that many people were resistant to any effect from probiotics. pro helped a few people to kill off the bad bakeria.
5:55 am
>> to the mountain view area where we had that crash that i told you about a few minutes ago on northbound 101 just past old middlefield road. chp is on the scene and they tell us no vehicles flipped over. that's a little bit of good news. the three right lanes are blocked and you're backed up from state route 237. definitely crawling along there at just about four miles an hour. in the meantime finally got official word here that bay bridge metering lights were flipped on that happened right around 5:44 this morning. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much, alexis. let's talk about oakland pride and what's going on sunday. so nice weather there. temperatures start off at 64 with increasing sunshine and then we'll jump up to the low 70s in the afternoon hours, dropping back to 64 by the end. still have a high surf warning through this morning. heading to hawaii that will drop as norman moves away. a look at olivia, category 3 and look how it makes a curve and starts heading for the islands
5:56 am
and it could be there as a tropical storm as tuesday. you'll have gusty winds, squally weather and high surf again. colin kaepernick making his first appearance since the debut of nike's controversial just do it aduarters e ofortland yesterday as part of nike's day. kaepernick hasn't quarterbacked a team since the 2016 season when he knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality. the action sparked outrage from some people including president trump. nike's decision to feature kaepernick as the face of its just do it 30th anniversary campaign has sparked criticism and praise. the oakland a's beat the yankees in a series that could turn out to be a wild card preview. >> before leaving the bay area yankees all-star pitcher and vallejo native cc sabathia took time to give back to his hometown.
5:57 am
he and his wife amber hosted a backpack giveaway from his alma mater vallejo high school. 1700 studentre free backpacks with school supplies and he took part in a career panel alongside bay area hip-hop artist e-40 and mista fab. the message was success starts in the classroom. >> it starts at a young age.he w a hip-hop concert too. coming up at 6:00, a growing inferno in northern california. and remember this body camera footage of sacramento police shooting and killing an unarmed african-american man. now the victim's family is seeking justice from the city. plus lawmakers are tightening the reigns on w
5:58 am
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. 's friday, september 7th. it's almost the weekend. >> i'm looking forward to that. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike, did i hear you say it's
6:00 am
going to be 70 degrees in san francisco? >> yes. >> what? >> low to mid 60s on the coastside. there's 70s in the future. we have great conditions mainly here and over along the east bay shore and up in the north bay we have really thick, dangerously low visibility because of that thick fog in petaluma up to santa rosa. here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. >> upper 40s to mid 50s. 63 this afternoon at the coast, the bay 77 and inland 90s. definitely warmer. here's alexis. >> all right. not looking so good in a couple areas this morning, mike. we have a crash involving four vehicles in the mountain view stretch, the northbound side past san antonio avenue. initially sounded like we might have had a couple rollovers involved but chp says that that isheas but a20-minut ing iulto injhe did aill rollover crash pushed off to the side in the union city area.
6:01 am
now we have a new crash beyond that in the fremont stretch


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