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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> officials have evacuated two buildings of a complex. hazardous materials experts have decided to let the leak escape from the tank to reduce the risk of an explosion. it poses no risk to people nearby. now let's take a look for you at the map showing us where this is happening never interstate 680. the situation began around 3:15 this afternoon. crews are expected to remain on scene for two more hours. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. more breaking news on the east bay. firefighters are urging people to stay indoors because of hazardous materials posed by smoke raising from a fire in san leandro. >> you're looking at a metal processing plant. the fire department tweeted these pictures after the fire broke out 3:35 this afternoon. >> sky 7 flew above the scene while workers uncovered flames using heavy equipment so firefighters could attack the
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inferno with water. >> we'll stay on that as well. now, to what you could call a million dollar mess in san francisco. you've got to see this. take a close look, a filthy bed, a syringe in the middle of the floor and garbage everywhere you look. this dump is a rental on airbnb. and when the property manager entered the house, he was shocked and sickened. the multimillion dollar is in a very upscale neighborhood in san francisco. dion lim is live in the city with more. dion, what an absolute mess. >> reporter: no kidding, dan, it's pretty bad, right, well, that homeowner requested privacy. i can't tell you exactly which neighborhood this home is in. i can tell you it has sweeping views of the golden gate bridge and is valued at $5.3 million. as you can imagine, what happened inside is a total nightmare. >> it's horrible, horrible. the person who was renting here had defecated through the entire home, and urinated all over the
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place. >> reporter: this is what realtor and property manager egan limb walked into a few days ago and prompted him to call in private clean, a crime scene cleaning crew. >> it was something out of a horror movie. >> it was pretty bad. people from the outside walking by could smell. you had joggers stopping and going, wow, what's that smell? >> reporter: the $5.3 million home ransacked by the renter inside. >> this was a clean bed, a head board right here. there was bloodstains. >> to give you an idea of how bad this home was, take a look at this bucket. it's filled with about 150 needles, most of them for drug use. this in-law suite was rented for 3 1/2 months for $100 a night. limb can't estimate how much damage was done. >> we're filing a complaint. >> reporter: airbnb has a $1 million host guarantee. in 2017 there were more than 49 million trips at airbnb listings
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worldwide, significant property damage was reported to us only .004% of the time. something even limb agrees with, and says won't deter him from managing properties through rental sates. >> i use it myself. i'm very confident in using it and any of the other vacation rental sites. anybody subject to this type of vandalism. >> reporter: believe it or not after all of this headache, after the trauma of going through this, the homeowner and the property manager say they will indeed rent the unit out again although they will be installing security cameras outside. in san francisco tonight, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> dion, thanks so much. to our other top story, it looks like a table set up for a gun show but these are all illegal weapons seized as authorities busted a huge human trafficking ring. the operation allegedly run out of child and senior care facilities across the bay area. and the guns aren't even the worst of what was found. the state attorney general says the owners of these facilities
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basically enslave the people who work for them, stealing millions in wages and allegedly using rape to keep at least one worker in line. this happened at six different care centers in south san francisco. daly city and pacifica. and just in the past hour we got mug shots of the four suspects, all members same family. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in daly city with more on this shocking story. wayne? >> reporter: kristen, when we spoke with neighbors today they just had to get their heads around it. they did see the arrests yesterday and they did see those guns. according to the state attorney general's office these crimes happened literally right next door in neighborhoods, even directly across the street from west moor high in daly city. no one suspected anything. >> i have kids. i didn't know anything like that was going on over there. >> reporter: these are some of the weapons police seized during a raid of the rainbow bright day care center on west moor boulevard, a loaded handgun
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found under a blanket allegedly within easy reach of children, this one of six locations in san francisco, daly city and pacifica. sites where attorney general xavier becerra says they engaged in human trafficking, rape and labor exploitation. >> rainbow bright was cheating, not just their workers of their pay, not just the workers of their dignity, but was cheating you and me as taxpayers. >> reporter: the defendants live in this house. the victims were immigrants from the philippines who needed work in order to stay. >> the workers were forced to live on the premises. they were forced to work up to 24 hours a day. one defendant is being charged with three counts, as i said, of rape against a female employee whom he was trafficking. >> reporter: abc 7 tracked down one former worker today, john paul velez fits the employee
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profile he worked for the accused ten years ago in a senior center. >> i don't think that could happen, you know, human trafficking is maybe the last thing or not even the last thing that comes to my mind that he will do. >> reporter: it was the workers who helped bring this case to light. and it is the workers who are the greatest victims of rainbow bright and its operations. >> reporter: those defendants have all appeared now in san mateo county court. combined they face $9 million in bail and there are more charges coming. live in daly city, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. investigators say these crimes have been going on for almost a decade. but how? "7 on your side" looked into how facilities like these are regulated. in california, licensed care centers are regulated by the state department of social services, most inspections by social service workers focus on the building itself. worker conditions and complaints are regulated by the state
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department of labor. those investigations can include a visit to the facility and interviews with workers. we sent an alert on our free abc 7 mobile app when the charges were first announced this morning. if you want an update or alerts on all the breaking news of the day, download the app in the app store. enable push notifications. now to the raging wildfire in shasta county, the delta fire as it's called is burning north of redding on both sides of interstate 5. nearly 50 miles of the freeway are closed until at least sunday because of the flames. the fire has charred more than 24,000 acres since wednesday night and is 0% contained at this point. there are mandatory evacuations for residents in parts of shasta and trinity counties. people in dunsmuir have been notified to be ready at a moment's notice. remember the cracked window at the millennium tower in san francisco? we reported on it this week. the deadline for building
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management to explain what happened was 5:00. abc 7 news reportedr lyanne melendez is live for us. >> reporter: even if they wanted to replace that window system, and of course they have to, it no longer exists. the manufacturer no longer makes it. these cones and caution signs in front of the millennium tower were replaced today, a large scaffolding was ordered by the department of building inspections after two engineers examined the cracked window pane yesterday. >> it wouldn't hit anybody, it would hit the scaffolding. so anybody walking under that would be a little better protected. >> it's unlikely any pieces would fall from the unit on the 36th floor because the crack is contained with a silicone see lant. tom miller is the attorney for the homeowners association. he revealed new information regarding the replacement of the window. >> we were just informed that that window product is now
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discontinued. so we have to go back, find a like kind and quality hurricane resistant, seismic resistant. >> reporter: the manufacturer is in a corporation based in minnesota. we contacted the company but they would not confirm the information. late this afternoon the building department was still waiting on a report from the millennium tower management to determine if the crack was an isolated incident or due to structural stress. the building opened in 2009 and has sunk 18 inches and has tilted to one side. engineers hired by the homeowners association believe the fracture is not structurally related and are now asking for a full inspection of all windows. >> we want to see whether that same installation problem with that window is systemic, meaning it may be the same problem in the other windows in that building. >> reporter: and if they miss the deadline and it seems they have the building department will now issue a notice of
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violation, which means they must act within 30 days. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. backlash from neighbors today over plans to introduce drug injection sites in san francisco. we've talked about this here. a crowd demonstrated in front of the federal building asking attorney general jeff sessions to step in to stop these proposed sites. the plan supported by mayor london breed is seen as a way to keep addicts from shooting up in streets and often leaving needles behind in parks and benches. demonstrators call the idea misguided. >> this is shameful what we're doing to these people. we're telling them it's okay for them to continue to inject themselves, to put poison in their body, and at the same time we're allocating money to get them back from the brink of death. >> the state legislature just passed a bill authorizing this pilot program, governor brown has until the end of the month
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to sign it. president obama appears to be weighing in on colin kaepernick's nike ad, without talking about the ad itself. last night nike aired its new just do it tv ad with the former 49ers quarterback. kaepernick hasn't been a quarterback on a team since the 2016 season. that's when he knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality. president trump has been a vocal opponent of the protest, and just this morning tweeted what was nike thinking? president obama spoke today in illinois. while he did not reference kaepernick or kneeling, he did say this. >> if you are really concerned about how the criminal justice system treats african-americans, the best way to protest is to vote, not just for senators and -- >> kaepernick said he didn't vote in the 2016 election. he explained, saying it would be hypocritical because he's against the system of oppression, which voting supports. more to come here, tesla's
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ceo is in another mess because of a video that appears to show him smoking weed. >> the reaction as tech insiders descend on san francisco for a conference today. the city of dublin is cracking down on drones, why they say prisoners are forcing them to do it. summer heat is back. will it stick around for your weekend? i'm sandhya patel,
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the tesla shares tumbled about 7% this morning in part because of that video of elon musk apparently smoking pot. >> the video's from a taping of the podcast the joe rogan experience streamed on youtube. the blunt was provided to musk by rogan who said it was legal. it's not clear if musk inhaled. also affecting stocks today, the company announced its chief accounting officer resigned after a month on the job, citing
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public attention and the fast pace of the post. according to bloomberg, tesla's hr boss will not return from the leave of absence she took last month. >> does the maverick culture in silicon valley play a role in how tech companies conduct business? >> if so, is this a good thing or bad thing? we want to know what you think. go to chris nguyen spent the day in san francisco looking into the possible disconnect between silicon valley and wall street. >> how the culture in the tech industry is changing. >> reporter: whether it's making a pitch to a potential investor or simply showing off the latest technology to the curious, tech crunch disrupt is a gathering of the brightest entrepreneurs. >> if i can do something in this world so people can be happy and live a better life. >> reporter: does a desire to do good outweigh the expectation of
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people acting responsibly. much said about elon musk smoking weed on the joe rogan podcast and if it was inappropriate. >> it shows a profound mis understanding of silicon valley of wall street. casual drug use is not that uncommon in silicon valley, especially amongst tech founders. >> reporter: tech crunch editor at large says strides are being made to break the bro culture of silicon valley. >> with a smaller smartup, you have more control over the culture. these are the ones pushing things forward. rather than looking to the big tech giants to change, we should look to the small companies to force them to. >> reporter: a nonprofit aimed at combatting sexual harassment in the workplace. >> supposed to represent the company. if they're not demonstrating what if company stands for in a positive way it affect it is rest of the company. that could be really dangerous. >> reporter: carry byron is now chief creative officer at smart
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girls toys. it's important not to get sidetracked. >> we're empowering young girls to say interested in tech so we have more of a supply of really informed s.t.e.m. educated women going out in the field and actually help change the entire culture. >> reporter: a tech community trying to thrive without distractions. in san francisco, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. so what does the maverick culture of silicon valley do for these tech companies? getting votes at >> the results, 37% say it's good, 63% say it's bad. we'll keep the poll up and running through to 6:00 tonight. several companies are asking for protection from president trump's newest round of proposed tariffs. >> he's ready to hit china with another $267 billion in tariffs. san jose based sis co, juniper networks in sunny vale and hewlett pack ard enterprise have
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written, saying the tariffs will increase costs since many components come from china. >> they say that could lead to big job losses here. apple also says the proposed tariffs will add to the costs of apple watch, home pod, airpods and other products. the city of dublin has banned drones within half a mile of government facilities to try to stop drug dropoffs at santa rita jail. law enforcement has discovered a number of attempts to use drones to smuggle drugs into the jail. while the faa regulates drones, enforcing the rules typically falls to cities. rapper mack miller died suddenly at his home in los angeles today. police detectives and coroner's investigators searched miller's home in stud owe city trying to learn more about today's tragedy. he had broken up with his girlfriend earlier this year. the 26-year-old tweeted about his upcoming tour just before 7:00 last night. his tour was due to start in san francisco at the end of next
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month. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. hi, there, everyone, let's check out live doppler 7 right no in typical summer fashion we have fog right near the coast. inland areas are clear. as you take a look at the 24-hour temperature change many parts of the bay area seeing an uptick in the numbers, 10 degrees warmer in fairfield, up nine degrees in concord, a beautiful day to hit the beach, a live picture from santa cruz with blue skies there, foggy areas along the coast tonight. heat eases this weekend. much cooler by the middle of next week. if it was too hot for you today inland, we got up into the mid-90s, always a place to go in one of those places, i just showed you a live picture of is santa cruz. here's a look at your beach forecast tomorrow afternoon, mid-70s, sunday a little cooler and breezier. but both days do expect some fog around santa cruz in the morning hours. here's a live picture from our mt. tam camera, you can see the shallow fog layer as we look
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back towards san francisco. here's another vantage point from the east bay hills camera. the fog will not go very far, mainly at the coast. 60 degrees in the city. it is 67 in oakland. san jose, 79, morgan hill, 91 degrees. here's our abc 7 news pier 39 camera, and visitors certainly enjoying a beautiful view, a lot of sun out there. not seeing too many sea lions. temperatures mid to upper 70s, santa rosa and napa in the mid-90s. concord, fairfield, livermore, 91 degrees. tomorrow morning, if you have early plans it will be clear most areas except for some fog near the coast. upper 40s all the way to the low 60s to start off your weekend and then for the afternoon expect the heat again inland, 93 degrees in morgan hill, 95 gilroy, 82 in san jose, cupertino in the south bay, temperatures will come down a little bit tomorrow, but it's still going to be hot inland. on the peninsula, 78 in munt view, 77 in redwood city, 63 in half moon bay, mild at the
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coast. downtown san francisco -- 63 in the sunset district. north bay, mix of sun and high clouds, 84 in san rafael. napa, 89 santa rosa, 82 in vallejo, east bay, 78 richmond, 74 oakland, mid-70s around san leandro. inland areas it will be hazy and another hot one, 91 in concord, walnut week, 92 in livermore. temperatures are down by a couple degrees. the heat easing over the weekend. don't have to worry about the heat if you're going to the mountain view 47th annual art and wine festival. starting off at 71 rising to 80. on sunday, it's cooler, nice looking weather for that festival. and also here in san francisco, for the ghiradelli chocolate festival. low to mid-60s on sunday. temperatures in the low 60s all day long. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, mild to warm for tomorrow. near average temperatures. you will need your shades and your sunscreen, of course, if
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you're going to any of these events or any outdoor activities. monday it's a cooling trend, dropping you out of the 90s into the 80s. breezy and cooler through really right on through thursday with well below average temperatures, low 80s inland, low 60s coast, and slightly warmer on friday. i know one computer model for a few days hinted at the possibility of a few showers. next friday, that model is going dry. we'll see, dan and kristen. >> thanks very much, sandhya. a little art, a little food, part of finney's friday free stuff next. at 5:30, "world news" with david muir. the new track just out tonight that it could clam into the east. the major fire trapping drivers on the highway. an arrest warrant coming for a police officer shooting and killing her neighbor. she was in the wrong apartment. next. thanks, david. see you then. call it a guide to guide dogs, new at 6:00, the new film that takes on and looks at an insightful look what it takes to become one, the incredible cost
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when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. this just into the newsroom, it's friday and that means it's finney's friday free stuff. what do you have for us, michael? >> we've got food. a little bit of culture. go to the museum down in monterey. this is an amazing museum, by the way, monterey museum of art dedicated to california art of the central coast, which is really pretty phenomenal. you ought to check it out. we're going to give you free tickets to go there. it's a $10 value. if you want to go anyway, they have first fridays where it is -- it's every month and it's music, cocktails, art, plus a chance to meet artists. the first friday 5:00 to 7:00, pay what you wish. >> oh.
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>> yeah, that's pretty cool. we've got tickets so you can go anytime you want. >> now to food? >> rocksann's claim a ticket, kind of got to work for this a bit, and then you'll get the mini six pack, which is a $7 value, the smaller one there. a lot there though. and that's free. but you're going to have to go to the kindred craft festival located in the san jose convention center. that's coming up. and i've got to tell you, these are really, really good. >> they look fantastic. >> you definitely want in on these if you like biscotti. >> how do we get this? >> what a great question. go to our website, look for the finney's friday free stuff page and i'll hook you up. >> thanks, michael. we want to show you a pod of dolphins swimming off the coast of monterey. >> what made this pod
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scientifically super. >> first, thank lisette for this picture. and remember, the raider season opener is monday here on abc 7. our pre-game coverage of the silver and black taking on the rams begins at 7:00 p.m. live
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♪ >> announcer: superior accuracy in the palm of your hands, the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minute by minute forecasts, plus realtime radar and alerts, keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, the defense is laying out its strategy, who they plan to blame for this disaster. the turmoil at tesla brought on by this video of elon musk apparently smoking pot, but not
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the only thing causing concern. and a "7 on your side" warning about a new scam that involves an e-mail you'd get from your boss. michael finney shows you how the sophisticated conworks, all coming up in half an hour at abc 7 news at 6:00. a rare, up close and personal look at a really, really big group of dolphins swims in monterey bay. >> really? the video was posted online earlier this week of a super pod as it's called. marine biologists say this group could have as many as 1,000 dolphins in it. >> super pods get together annually to feed on schools of fish. the aquarium says it's rare they are spotted this close to shore. you can see the homes in the background. >> that is something to see. like a dolphin "world news tonight" with david muir is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. see you again in half an hour.
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tonight, president trump fuming. his new demand onboard air force one, telling his attorney general jeff sessions to hunt down the author of that anonymous op-ed in "the new york times," the enemy within the trump administration, and as he was talking, so was a former president. president obama and the rare move breaking precedent and attacking president trump. also this friday night, the potential major hurricane headed for the east coast. tonight, the new track just in as tropical storm florence now grows closer. multiple pathways where this could hit and when. the chilling new video just out tonight. the gunman walking into that office building taking aim. you can then see the officers shooting from outside the building right through the glass, trying to get the gunman.


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