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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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> witnesses jump into action to stop a driver desperate to get away from police. >> that car raced onto the campus of gilroy high school this afternoon. >> abc 7 news reporter explains how parents helped stop that driver. >> he's heading towards -- >> a man driving this stolen suv out of fresno somehow ended up on the campus of gilroy high. the chaotic moments can be heard on a police scanner. >> the car's still moving, you guys. >> reporter: parents a kids there for a youth football game witnessed it all. >> when he drove out of here he
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was like all over the place. he spun there a few times. >> reporter: some parents took matters into their own hands. >> they started throwing tires at the guy and his car to stop him. >> reporter: the reason they pulled out all the stops, the fence was open, the driver just feet away from getting onto the football field filled with kids and their families. >> our stands were pretty full. my main thing was the kids. you know, i think they saved our kids lives. >> reporter: the chase ended at the baseball field next door. police say the suspect was shot at as he was charging towards an officer. people told to shelter in place. >> i was looking for my daughter when i heard gunshots. >> reporter: the suspect was restrained without injury. butthe incident a scary one for everyone. abc 7 news. new details tonight about an officer involved shooting in the south bay. a santa clara police officer
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shot and wounded manuel rico after police say he allegedly rammed a stolen suv into the a police officer during a pursuit. they tried to pull it over when the driver took off and they gave chase. fire crews in napa county report major process in battling a wildfire that threatened various estates. >> reporter: the number of acres burned is holding steady at 2,400. but cal fire says there's still plenty of work to do to get this fire contained. with police permission the mendoza family returned to retrieve various items. they say the drive home was reassuring. >> when we left there was a big cloud of smoke. driving up there was kind of an eerie scene how close it was.
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>> reporter: firefighters spent all day dousing hot spots in what's been called the snell fire. the waterway serves as a natural barrier between the burning hills and nearly 200 homes under evacuation orders since the fire broke out on saturday. >> the concern right now is that it's holding along the creek and if it jumps that it gets into the community area. so we really want to make sure we're confident that area is cooled down enough we're not going to reevacuate people. >> reporter: residents are releefbled th releefr relieved that the worse appears to be behind them. >> telling her you've got to take the dog, i've got to help other people. so it was really tic. >> reporter: but now everyone is eager to return home for good. >> i don't see the fire or the smoke, but maybe they're trying to clear things up. >> reporter: the fire is now 20% contained. cal fire says they should have a better idea tomorrow morning on
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when residents can return home. in napa county, lillian kim, abc 7 news. to our north, progress is much slower against a wildfire that shutdown interstate 5 in shasta county. officials now saying it will be closed indefinitely just north of redding. the delta fire broeng out wednesday and is now 5% contained. families in several neighborhoods are still being told to stay away from their homes. smoke from the wildfires is affecting our air quality. here's a look at the smoke today from the bays. we are under an advisory until tuesday. >> that summer spread today 64 at the coast, but yes our air quality is declining in the north and east bay throughout the next several days until we get our cooling trend under way. it is beginning. we saw a couple of degrees of
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cooling today but it has to do with the wind component and we are looking at still the wind being moved in from the west but that fog being chased away out of directions out of the north. as soon as we get that onshore push all around the bay area we'll get that cooling under way. we are looking at winds gusty at the coast, and then that's going to transport that cooler air in. we'll tell you how it's going to play with our forecast ahead. back in a few minutes with your full forecast. >> we'll see you then. thank you. the long time leader of cbs network has resigned as more sexual misconduct claims around him surfaced. the network says moonves will receive no severage at this time. cbs will donate $20 million to groups that support the me too movement. moonves received compensation packages that exceeded $69
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million in 2016 and 2017. >> reporter: tonight the head of cbs is out amid accusations of sexual assault and harassment. six more women coming forward speaking as part of a just published new yorker article. some claim he exposed to them without their consent and that he used physical violence and intimidation against them. phyllis golden gottlieb says she reaches up and pulls me up and throws me, i mean hard against the wall. golden-gottlieb says she kept quiet because she feared for her livelihood, saying he absolutely ruined my career, he was the head of cbs. no one was going to take me. another saying he's cunning, calculating and he's a predator. these latest accusations adding to the list of seven other women who previously accused moonves from unwanted advances to sexual
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assault. last year the titan addressed the me too movement. >> i think it's important a company's culture will not allow for this, and that's the thing that's far reaching. >> reporter: tonight the cbs chief responding to these latest allegations in a statement saying the appalling accusations in this article are untrue. what is true was that consensual relations with three of the women 25 years ago before i came to cbs. cbs has confirmed to us that even before these latest allegationess it was already negotiating a severance package for moonves. some of the women who came forward now expressing outrage over the reports that package could be worth $100 million. abc news, washington, d.c. just about two hours ago a new space mission launched. >> still ahead how this spacex journey will help improve the way we kmukt.
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and when moving to music is the best medicine. this hospital staffer is helping young patients heal in his own unique way. analysts say an angry outburst by serena williams is bringing new attention to a double standard in
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people along the eeastern sa board have begun preparing for hurricane florence. shoppers can still find items like bottled water at retailers across south carolina, but some people are taking different approaches for being redry when the storm arrives. >> look at it, it's beautiful
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out. so we'll enjoy it and deal with it when it gets here. >> we've activated over guardsman to support and coordinating with all of our neighbors. >> florence is expected to reach the u.s. mainland on thursday. the police officer who shot and killed her neighbor in his apartment was arrested tonight. amber geiger is facing a manslaughter charge. investigators say she told them she accidently went into her neighbor's dallas apartment thursday night. she says she thought it was her own apartment so mistook her neighbor for an intruder and opened fire. geiger's bail was listed at $300,000, and she is no longer listed in the jail log so it is possible she already bailed out. congresswoman barbara lee received an honor for her abortion rights. if enacted that bill would
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enable every woman in the u.s. to receive affordable abortion care regardless of income level or her insurance coverage. this week someone will repel down san francisco's millennial tower to try and inspect a cracked window. skrafl older has already gone up as a precaution and engineers have already checked out that window but an attempt to get a better look with a drone yesterday failed because that drone crashed. lawyers with the group association say they want whoever repelled down the building to photograph it and take a picture of the glass from the outside. a neon sign reading climate change is real is now shining outside the yerba center for the arts. bloomberg philanthropies paid for the creation. space tonight carrying a ed int-
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communications satellite that will improve communications between asia and the americas. >> liftoff. >> tonight's launch from cape canaveral, florida, was deemed a success by spacex. the payload is a 15,000 pound satellite. the rocket successfully landed on a drone ship in the atlantic. a health care worker in southern california is helping the youngest patients with his moves outside the or. we're introduced to the dancing doc. >> reporter: from disco to beyonce, cardi b and drake, they call him the dancing doc and for the last year he's been putting smiles on the faces of children going through some very tough times. tony atkins is a physician assistant at children's hospital of orange county in california. >> and it all started with just one patient that i said has
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leukemia and was in depression so i started dancing with them and from there it kept going. >> reporter: the family of 5-year-oldaviary rogers credits the dancing doctor for helping their little girl. aviary wasn't able to dance or twirl because of a brain condition but post-surgery he started working with her. >> she was so ecstatic. she said, yes, i'm ready. so we put on a song and started dancing like it was nobody's business. and i actually did a turn with her. it just warms my heart. >> reporter: and the feeling is mutual. avia aviary sending us this message for the dancing doc. >> thank you, doctor, for making me smile in the hospital. >> oh, the power of laughter is one thing. the power of dance as you can see -- i love the smiles. hopefully we have lots to smile about when it comes to the
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weather. a cool down is on the way. >> you going to dance, lisa? >> you take the lead. we have some good news, maybe you want to dance about it. the cool down really began at the coast today. here's live doppler 7. we don't have any fog to speak of. typical september weather. you'll notice circulation is up in the gulf of alaska, and that's going to be the key to our cooling just a bit tomorrow. but then more pronounced as we head towards the middle of the week. but, boy, is it active in the pacific and atlantic. category one at 75 miles per hour. but look what happens, it heads right to the hawaiian islands again as a tropical facing storm. the eastern facing beaches could see between 10 and 20 inches of rain. we're looking at large swells being generated and high surfs,
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so certainly not good news for hawaii. and check out florence with winds at 90 miles per hour. this will rapidly intensify over the next couple of days and make landfall between north and south carolina as a category four. this area has seen so much rain over the summer that the remnants of tropical storm gordon, they've seen excessive rain. it's already a low-lying area, and more heavy rain will be on the way with this system as it lingers on friday. and we're looking at those fog-free conditions throughout the night tonight. maybe a few patches along the san mateo coast. slightly cooler tomorrow, but much better cooling as we get through wednesday and thursday. and the end of the week it looks like we're really going to see the cooling trend continue. check out where the rain is with this system. it's off the coast. we're going into friday and we're still influenced by this trough of low pressure, bringing the cooler air our way. tuesday inland and feeling the breeze and wednesday 60s and 70s
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arrive and thursday feeling like fall for everyone. nice day, good air quality there and on the peninsula a little breezy. 73 san mateo, san francisco, in the upper 60ers. you might notice the haze in the north bay. the air quality just moderate here. temperatures in the mid-80s. still a bit on the warm side the further north you go. as we head into the east bay looking at 70s in oakland. high clouds and some haze in the east bay. the inland valleys will see numbers on the warm side but slightly cooler than today in the accuweather forecast. featuring the cooler air and breezy conditions on tuesday. and look at wednesday and thursday, temperatures bottom out and into next weekend and now we're trending cooler instead of warmer. that's why you stay tuned. things change. >> by the way, i think you just challenged eric to a dance off. >> did i? >> exactly, did you?
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thank you. the nfl, big opening weekend, right? >> yeah, we'll talk about that in just a little bit, but chances are you won't see this again. >>
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the biggest, hugest, largest most massive airplane in the world. the six engine russian designed landed with a maximum take off weight of 640 tons, give or take. 1.2 million pounds, maybe. it's also the heaviest plane ever built. only one was ever constructed and it is in the east bay right now. count those engines, yep, six of them. the jet will leave tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. loaded with fema relief supplies, and then to guam which is threatened by a
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typhoon. do you see how small that southwest is in comparison? >> the landing gear, all the tires it had for the landing gear. >> yeah, you need all those even though they look like they're for show. the nfl is back and running. there was an amazing comeback tonight led by a quarterback, but not the one that ...and get the brands youshion want.... check this out. "oh, yeah" prices. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at the ross fall fashion event. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. the 49ers opened their season with a disappointing loss in minnesota. disappointing because the 49ers
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got themselves more than they got beat. the vikings got their skull chant going, and it worked for kirk cousins. cousins threw for 244 yards and two scores. 49ers had four turnovers including this fumble at the 1 yard line. 49ers down two starters on the offensive line by the third quarter. and yards for the score, the rookies first career touch down. 145 left. a horrible decision, picked off for the third time. he was 15 of 33, 216 yards a touch down. his first career loss as a starter. >> you need to play better to
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beat a good team like that, and we believe we are a good team but you aren't until you beat some. >> with all the things thawent bad, we still had a shot at the end there, but it's a tough way to end it. >> i think we played sound in moments. i think we took too long to get comfortable out there. you know, there was moments we could have been more sound, more disciplined and got off the field. >> we lost and we're extremely disappointed with that. well, khalil mack, the league's highest paid defensive player made his debut against the packers. he made every penny. a sack, recovered a fumble and erin rogers injured his left knee. he would leave for a bit. mack doesn't waste any time. the pick 6 takes it 27 yards to the end zone. the bears led 24 to 3 after three quarters. but he's the highest paid
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offensive player for a reason, three t down passes in the fourth quarter alone, including that one to randall cobb. cobb took it 75 yards to score. packers win, an amazing comeback 24-43 the final for the there. they opened against the steelers and 48 seconds left in overtime ro ro rothlisburger picked off, and blocked. at least it's not a loss. the game wins in a rare 21-21 tie. this abc sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. the a's sneaking up a little bit on those astros. it's getting good. >> i'm still impressed how erin rogers just flicked the ball there and just takes off.
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it's amazing. >> and nobody thought he was going to come back after that knee injury. he did and he looked great. coming up former trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos is talking to abc news about brokering a russin summit for the then candidate donald trump. what trump says he knew about it ahead. and a happy ending brings sheer elation to a family in florida. the news they were desperately waiting for and more on the moment when their worry turned to relief. and as we head into the break, want to take a live look at our tower cam. all the lights over the city just
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good evening and thanks for sticking around. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines a gilroy police officer shot at a stolen car today near a high school filled with athletes. officers say the suspect suddenly drove towards an officer. the suspect was not hit by the gunfire and surrendered to the officer. police say the car had been stolen in fresno. firefighters are making progress against a wildfire in napa county. the 2,400 acre snell fire is burning near bariesa estates ess about 20% contained. that fire ignited yesterday afternoon. cbs chief executive les moonves resigned today after more women made sexual misconduct allegations against
11:36 pm
him. moonves says the claims are untrue. the network and moonves announced they will donate $20 million to groups that support the me too movement. to new details now in president trump's legal battles. former campaign advisor george papadopoulos spoke to abc news for first time since being sentenced for lying to the fbi in the russia investigation. >> reporter: tonight former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos admitting he lied to the fbi about his contacts someone from the fbi suspected of being a russian operative to cover for president trump. just two days after being sentenced to 14 days in prison for making false statements to the fbi, speaking exclusively to abc. papadopoulos claiming at or near jeff sessions supported an idea to broker a summit between then candidate trump and russian president putin. >> candidate trump at the time nodded at me. i don't think he was committed either way. he was open to the idea and
11:37 pm
deferred of course to senior senator jeff sessions who i remember being quite enthusiastic. >> reporter: papadopoulos contradicting sessions' own testimony. >> i believe i wanted to make clear to him he would not authorize to represent the campaign with the russian government. >> reporter: while president trump remains defiant against the russia investigation, he's backing away from another legal battle. filing court papers in california district court promising not to enforce a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement signed by porn star stormy daniels signed just days before the election for her silence about their affair. >> would she be willing to give back the $130,000? >> if she's multiultimately ordered to do that, 100% absolutely. >> reporter: but now avenatti saying they won't back down. while the president is backing down from this legal battle he's
11:38 pm
still trying to root out the anonymous author of that op-ed in "the new york times." now vice president pence says he's not the author and would be twilling to take a lie detector test just to prove it. sarah sanders tells abc news the test is not under consideration. serena williams has been fined $17,000 for her behavior during saturday night's u.s. open game. williams was going for a 24th historic grand slam and lost but it's what led up to the loss that had her seething. >> i'm a woman and you're going to take it away from me? that is not right. >> the trouble started when the chair umpire issued a warning when serena's coach made an illegal hand signal. late in the game he gave her a game penalty standard. analysts say it never should have gotten that far.
11:39 pm
>> it was up to serena and the chair umpire to reign it in. and neither one of them did what they should have done. >> the women's tennis association says it will look into what happened. the efforts of hundreds of searchers paid off when a missing college student was found safe in florida. his family as you can imagine were overjoyed at the news. family members of justin shields embraced one another along with one of the investigators who helped look for him. shields vanished into a wooded area near florida university on wednesday. search dogs led sheriff's deputies to the 19-year-old shields. you may have seen the new miss america crown tonight right here on abc 7. just ahead a look at a different kind of pageant here in the bay area that helps young women connect to their heritage. while it still felt like summer around the bay in some spots today, temperatures were modestly cooling and right now
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nia franklin, new york you are miss america 2019. congratulations. >> and you is saw it here on abc 7 tonight. the miss america competition was crowned, miss new york was all smiles when she was crowned with the 2019 miss america tiaura. the classical vocalist wrote hir first song at age 6. tonight's competition was the rst thhe swimsuit competition. it focused less on the pageant and more on the responsibilities that come with the crown. now, this a challenging time for main stream beauty pageants trying to keep up with change in american values. >> but here in the bay area a
11:44 pm
different type of pageant appears to be thriving. ♪ >> reporter: this is the world of ethnic beauty pageants celebrating immigrant roots and bay area women who want to connect to their heritage. >> it was more about empowering latina women, and it would help me learn more about my culture, like really learn about my culture. >> reporter: they're both winners of bay area pageants featuring evening gowns and swimsuits but with a major focus on mexico. >> it really connected me back to my roots, and i think that's so important being born here, being mexican-american you lose those traditions. >> reporter: amanda just graduated from san francisco a models she met are part of the pageant. >> they were an example for me. look, we're going to help you, whatever you want to do if you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, we'll connect you. >> reporter: the bay area is also home to miss asia global, built as the longest running
11:45 pm
asian-american badge nlt in the united states. women must be at least 25% asian to compete. >> a lot of our delegates come from places where they don't have an asian community and they're not really sure about their asianness. >> reporter: miss asian global was founded by rose chung who says it's evolving. meet the god and goddess of the moon festival. >> our thing now is more like we're not feminists but stemnists, going into stem. >> reporter: stem as in science, technology, engineering and math. one is called miss and miss vietnam usa and the other is called miss vietnam california. >> you are not required to speak vietnam ease, but you need to speak some vietnamese. >> reporter: and there's another critical element. >> the first thing you really need to have is the gut to enter
11:46 pm
a pageant because you need to be brave. >> reporter: the ms. vietnam title is open to women at least 35 years old. may hurt, a phd who teaches chemistry was crowned miss vietnam in 2012 and has stayed involved working in the mentorship program. >> the word ms. alone implies older and with that age comes experience, character and depth. and i think that's very important to have that aspect in the pageant world. >> reporter: mai also loves the vietnamese traditions. >> what i'm wearing right nowe p and pants underneath. >> reporter: contestants where some version of the traditional dress but no swimsuits are required. >> they are so strong and smart
11:47 pm
and brave, not to mention beautiful. we should point out some cultural pageants do require swimsuits and contestants we talked to, they were kind of mixed about their feelings over it. some want to show-off how fit they are, others say it takes away the focus of their ethnic heritage. i'm glad we have so many here in the bay area. >> well, congratulations to them for doing that. time to take a check on the weather forecast now. you know weave the warmest day of the week today and right now temperatures are warm inland. looking at mid to upper 60s in our east bay. so our wind grade won't will likely keep the fog out of the bay tonight. temperatures will still cool, though. so starting out with a chilly day but then by the afternoon it's another warm one inland. but still a few degrees cooler than we were today. so 50s to start out in our east bay valleys, pleasanton, walnut
11:48 pm
creek and by the middle of the afternoon livermore, mid-80s to upper 80s. and temperatures will drop off after that. look at the week ahead in the north bay, yes, we're going to be warm tomorrow but not as warm. low 820s tuesday and after that it's going to feel like fall with more 70s midweek. 67 in san francisco, we are looking at that moderate air quality. the north bay, also you could see some haze in the east bay. upper 80s there. 79 in san jose, 73 in san mateo. accuweather forecast showing the cooling trend each and every day but by the middle of the week only in the 70s and as we get a bit warmer we're going to trail back for the weekend. good news for the relative humidity and for the firefighters. all right, trying to forget about maybe football for a little bit. >> kind of hard to do. but the thing that makes it really a lot better, i mean not to be overlooked on nfl sunday
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now, the a's may have the best record in the majors since the all-star break but they have the reigning world champions in their divisions so they cannot afford to stall. they trailed 3 1/2 games today against the rangers. they were down three until to the fourth when matt oleson scored on a wild pitch. can't handle nick martini's hit. two run score, and then oakland went onto score seven unanswered runs. steven piscotty capped off his
11:53 pm
with a career high. the astros lost to the red sox, so the a's are only 2 1/2 games out of first. >> it's a lot of fun to come here every day. the clubhouse has got a bunch of great guys and just being here every day and taking it one game at a time has been a blast so far. >> the combination with our offense and, you know, those guys, you know, helping us out it's -- i think it's why we're like 30 games over now. >> giants, brewers madison bumgarner retired 15 straight heading into the six. that's when he nearly hit ryan brawn. well, the next pitch he did hit rian brawn. bumgarner and brawn exchanged words. it would be the counsel getting into n'thy wor lam.athan scope, bumgarner allowed five over six innings. he's given up 11 runs over his
11:54 pm
last two starts. the giants have now lost a season high 8 straight. men's open final djokovic. in the third he uses the wonderful overhand shot to take a 2-1 lead. championship point, hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. another overhead slam. djokovic's 14th grand slam u.s. title. 6-3, 7-6, 6-3. sports director larry beil recently spoke with rick about his incredible career and the biggest achievement of his life. >> it's been quite a career art for rick wellics, working with the great russell to now joining russell in the hall of fame. >> i guess he learned my name
11:55 pm
and we became friends and it's an unlikely friendship, i would say, but it's one that's lasts for a long, long time. >> reporter: he's spent more than four decades at the nba while working at the league office in the 1980s he came up with all-star weekend. it was more like job preservation. >> truth be told, my biggest motivation was to keep my job. we went into larry o'brien's office and i got pretty much like, yeah, we're not going to do that. i don't know what happened, he walks into my office a week later and says he says we can do it. as long as you don't embarrass us and two it doesn't cost the nba a >> reporter: he's always has one mission. >> it's about shining a brighter light and creating a bigger
11:56 pm
stage for the players and coaches that fans really care about. >> reporter: he left feengsz several years ago and decided to move to the bay area where they happened to have new owners who wanted him to become team president. >> i had one interview, one meeting and flew up to joe's house and talked for two or three hours, went to dinner. and when we're saying good-bye that night they said if you want to do this, this is your job. >> and you mentioned to them you can pretty much guarantee three championships in four years. >> yeah. so obviously they wanted to hire me. weltz spends most of his time now on construction of the new chase center. >> it's been such a big part of my journey and, you know, the most important thing i will ever do in my life. hopefully, you know, there's some kid out there who today
11:57 pm
believes that he or she can be successful because of who they are, not in spite of who they are. anything else i do probably pales in comparison to that. >> this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. those who have been fortunate enough to see rick, get to know him, see how he operates, he does everything at the highest level. it's no surprise he's in the basketball hall of fame with what he's accomplished. >> a really approachable guy. >> absolutely. well
11:58 pm
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