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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live doppler 7 tracking hurricane florence. the storm just reaching the east coast. but the worst is still to come. >> all eyes on the east coast. good morning to you. it's thursday, september 13th. thanks for joining us. >> that stharb natasha is off. we are very concerned about our friends in the southeast. >> a storm surge could bury some of the outer banks of north carolina and some of the cities that are along the sounds and also the rivers. we'll talk more about that coming up. getting you out the door by showing you live doppler 7 and the high clouds prevalent around 20,000 feet this morning. we will see more sunshine this afternoon. we will be tempered by the breeze. mid to upper 50s. we'll be stuck in the 60-degree range at the coast most of the day. 67 to 72 under the breezes at 4:00. mmre alexis. hey, good morning, mike. we have been tracking one significant issue for most of
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the morning. it is still active. a rollover crash and sig-alert southbound 880 at mission boulevard and fremont. he we haven't gotten information from chp in quite some time. using our distance measuring tool, you're stop and go three miles. the speeds aren't terrible yet. it is about 10 to 15-minute delay if you're heading through that area. another spot, 680 creek, tre walnut creek, treat boulevard. more development surrounding the safety of the troubled millennium tower in san francisco. the city is threaten to go yellow tag the building after a window crack last week. >> not to mention it is cinquing and leaning. >> amy hollyfield explains. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. it is about nine hours away. we don't see any signs of
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construction work going on. no construction work is happening right now. the city is worried about a window that cracked in the millennium tower here at mission and fremont. the building is sinking and leaning. now a cracked window. inspectors want to make sure the glass doesn't start breaking, falling and hitting people below on the sidewalk. an overhead protection system needs to be stalled by 3:00 today. there is some surprise that this window cracked with many wondering how this could happen and if it is relate to the fact that the building is sinking. >> this is a window system that is designed to with stand hurricane-force winds. this is obviously of serious concern. >> reporter: the homeowner's association wants more time. saying they are working on it and plan to meet the city's demands in a timely manner. the city sls wanalso wants evers
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windows inspected by tomorrow. the city says meet these deadlines or we would yellow tag the building, which would limit access until it is deemed safe. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. happening now, we are tracking hurricane florence as it is close to making landfall on the east coast. take a look at its path over the past 12 hours. 1.7 million people are under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. more than 10 million people live in plates under storm watches or warnings. nearly 1,000 flights are canceled through friday. and 5% of gas stations in north carolina are now out of gas. we will take you live to north carolina. and mike is forecasting florence's path in the next half hour. a teacher who just finished his first week at a south bay school is now on administrative leave facing accusations of child molestation. he was arrested on tuesday.
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he just started teaching at harper school in san jose, a private middle school. the allegations of assault on a former student happened at his former school in san diego. they have no information on any allegations against students in san jose. school officials say they do extensive background checks and charges weren't filed until last week, which is why they did not see any issues when they originally hired him. the san francisco police chief promises to crackdown on drug problems at u.n. plaza. according to the examiner, chief bill scott says his department is boosting trams off market street. four additional officers began monitoring the area this week. the police department says it is responding to complaints about drug use and quality of life issues related to homelessness. dramatic video shows two children on ava lay hoe ledge, and nobody is around. and it has people questioning the response by police. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. where are the police?
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>> that is so scary to watch. the viewer who shared this said she first called 911 at 7:00 p.m. tuesday. she called again 15 minutes later when no one showed up. she said she then went to the firestation around 7:30 that night. when she got back, the children had gone inside. the vallejo police department says it is investigating why that 911 call wasn't prioritized. it plans to follow up with parents to find out how the children got on the ledge in the first place. in the east bay, moraga police said the hot car death of an 18-month-old toddler was a tragic accident. >> the girl died after being left alone several hours on tuesday on hardie drive. a family member accidentally forgot the toddler was in the car, immediately called for help after finding her. at the time it was about 80 degrees in moraga, making temperatures inside the car even hotter. according to san jose
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meteorology professor jan knoll. >> the inside of the car probably would have gotten to 130 degrees. and that's out of direct sunlight. it doesn't have to be that hot outside to get a temperature like this. >> moraga police chief said officers tried to revive the toddler who wasn't breathing, but it was too late. lily was pronounced dead at the hospital. the world is watching. that is a stunning art piece from this week's global action summit. our camera was rolling as video played out at city hall. this is called the standing march. it was first displayed in paris during the u.n. climate change conference. it features 500 people and highlights the importance that this is one topic that impacts everybody. >> this is the greatest challenge we have ever faced as a humanity.
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>> it is by french artist j.r. and oscar-nominated filmmaker darren aranovsky. i don't even know who they are or why we're here, but my daughter wanted to go, so here we are. >> such a funny comment from a dad. bts brings everyone together, even though people have no idea who bts is. you will see the show and meet the army behind the music sensation. >> way to go, dad. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. this is the fishing pier from north myrtle beach.
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here's the latest on florence. you can see the outer bands had itting the outer banks down to morehead city. it churns 110 miles per hour. it did weaken a little bit.
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a storm surge will bury the barrier islands and push flooding up the sounds, into the rivers and freshwater flooding inland and tornados. everything is coming today. low to mid-50s throughout san francisco. golden gate, notice no fog, no low clouds. if you're out and about, refreshing temperatures. temperatures around 60. on the bay, it will be choppy. here's alexis. good morning, mike. overall, a much better day than we did yesterday, especially when you consider the bay bridge commute. we briefly had a disabled truck blocking lanes before the toll plaza. it looks like that is getting hooked up right now. metering lights at 5:27. typical backups into the maze. trouble spots have been happening around for a while. rollover crash, 880, mission
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we're tracking developing news from our live desk. stunning accusations from president trump this morning. he is questioning the death toll from hurricane maria in puerto rico. within the last half hour, the president tweeted this, 3,000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit puerto rico. when i left the island, after the storm had hit they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. as time went by, it did not go up by. then a long time later they started to report really large numbers, like 3,000. this was done by the democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when i was successfully raising billions of dollars to help rebuild puerto rico. if a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them onto the list. bad politics. i love puerto rico. now, the president is responding to recent federal report that found nearly 3,000 people died in last year's hurricane.
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abc news reports there was no evidence the study was influenced by any political party. and this morning the mayor of san juan, puerto rico is reporting to the stunning accusations by president trump. here's her tweet. it says this is what denial following neglect looks like. mr. president in the real world people died on your watch. your lack of respect is appalling. >> that's a lot to take in. >> it sure is. that story obviously going to develop throughout the day. >> okay. we are going to completely switch gears and talk about something a little more pleasant. steph curry. >> he throws a great ceremonial first pitch. the giants lost 11 in a good o. he looks good in orange and black. so, hey, i don't know, maybe they could use a little help. >> he's doing it all.
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he's got golf going. >> he's just an athletic guy. it's one of the most popular concerts this fall. the boy band sensation from south korea, bts, performed a sold-out show at oracle arena last night. ♪ they call me idol >> and they were loving it. you knew they would. the bts army is what their fans are known as. they brought down the house. they started camping outside oracle on monday hoping to grab a spot in the first come, first served pit by the stage. bts, bts. >> it helped a lot of people grow more confident about themselves. they talk about self-0 a lot. self love a lot. stubhub says bts is one of the top-selling shows it has seen a while in the bay area, selling more tickets than the eagles,
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beyonce and jay-z. >> it seems like the whole world knows about them. >> i remember when they were the billboard awards. that was the first time i heard of them. i thought what is this? they are ahead of us. as they always are. they are always ahead of the olds. >> you have a retweet that just went crazy. >> yeah. it turns out the bts army is now playing. any time you hashtag bts army, they will just retweet back. >> that is nice. i'm glad it's a positive message. that's nice to hear. if you don't like the heat, we have a cooler weather once again. 280 and 17. partly cloudy in the south bay. 57 degrees. san francisco rafael, partly cloudy. a gorgeous sunrise about to develop on southbound 101. 59 in your neighborhoods. high clouds early today. cool breezes this afternoon. we will keep our temperatures well below average. a mix of a few high clouds and low clouds tonight.
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cooler weather this morning. just minor changes for a while. an area of low pressure that's yanking the cooler, cleaner air, and dropping it on top of us. the river of fast-moving air that moves all of our weather systems. some of than fast air is going to translate down to the ground once we get into the afternoon hours and start warming the air mass and it starts to turn over. mid to upper sifts in t70s in t basement mid 60s to low 70s is. 59 to 62 along the coast. mid-60s for downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. 66 to 70 for the east bay. we move into the inland neighborhoods. mid to upper 70s. it is like late october. mid-40s to mid-50s around the bay and the coast. a little more sunshine tomorrow.
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two to four degrees tomorrow. we'll have to wait till wednesday. here's alexis >> good morning, mike. i have good news. we have been keeping track of a rollover crash. we finally got the all clar. mission boulevard, it seemed like the backup service starting to improve. sig-alert canceled. certainly good news there. looking at the south bay, 280 and 17, inbound side. traffic heading towards us northbound. no significant delays yet. overall, we have enjoyed a decent morning. westbound 80, 4 to the maze, 25 minutes for you. 14-minute drive across the bay bridge once you pass the metering lines. and san francisco to sfo in the green, just 9 minutes. alexis, thank you. good morning america is coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. ginger zee is live in
6:21 am
wilmington, north carolina with a look at what's ahead. hi, ginger. >> reporter: great to be with everybody this morning. i'm in wilmington because we're less than an hour from seeing the first outer bands of florence here. look at the images from the outer banks. tropical storm first winds are there. waves and buoys off the coast up to 18 feet. storm surge and rain, water going to be the number one threat because of the prolonged period it will hug the coast and sit next to north carolina before making its way inland. it is not a storm we will stop talking about. it is still a major threat. eventually it will be kicked out early next week. boy, are we going to be here. i will likely be here through the weekend for that very reason. you guys were talking about the
6:22 am
bts army. my 16-year-old sister has been a bts army fan for four years. so they have been around. >> wow. >> these kids. >> reporter: yeah. she would tell you it's a big deal. >> they are way ahead of the game. we're just catching up now. ginger, please be safe. we are thinking about all the people in that area affected by the storms. movie crews have rolled into santa cruz. >> san francisco leaders
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all right. you're never more than seven minutes away from a accuweather forecast. that's a live look at what's going on outside. the clean air is here. check it out. it's going to remain clean all the way through the weekend. new at 6:00, a warning about obesity in america. it is getting worse. according to a new report from nonprofit groups trust for america's health and the robert wood johnson foundation, seven states now have obesity rates that top 35%. that is up five states from two years ago. california's rate is lower, about 25%. and the report is making some recommendations saying that states should mandate 60 minutes of physical activity or education a day at schools. medicare should promote and cover obesity counseling. and hospitals should stop selling or serving sugary
6:26 am
drinks. happening today, u.s. and cuban officials planning to meet to talk about the mystery health attacks that injured diplomats in havana. it began two years ago. some were diagnosed with brain damage. cuba said there is no evidence supporting any assertion that the health conditions were caused by premeditated attacks on its soil >> new at 6:00, one of the hottest directors in hollywood is in santa cruz this morning. jordan peale is shooting a sequel to "get out." according to the santa cruz s t sentinel, they were setting to shoot above seabright beach. >> that's exciting. i love to get out >> that's cool that that's happening in our area. >> yeah. the demand protesters are making
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of governor
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] now at 6:30, tracking hurricane florence. the category 2 storm close anything on the carolinas right now. a live picture shows the wind and the waves. yeah. really picking you. team coverage live from the east coast. whoops.
6:30 am
batt bart accidentally recorded information from sent the information to ice. it cost $2 approximate$2 bi. why parts of it are already falling apart. the days of renting a mediocre car is over. porsche want to put you behind the wheel of a very fun sports car good morning on this thursday, september 13th. it is 6:30. glad you're with us. >> thank you for joining us. natasha is off. you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> we'll focus on us and talk about florence in seven minutes. showing you the high clouds are over top of us once again. the breezes are manageable 5 to 15 miles per hour. they will pick up again this afternoon. so will the sunshine. look at the gorgeous spot from the explore tore skwrupl. 60 at the coast. upper 60s around the bay. low 70s by 4:00. if you're stepping out right
6:31 am
now, temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. a check of the morning commute. hi, alexis. >> good morning, mike. we're in a quiet spot right now. hopefully i'm not jinxing anything. looking at typical values out of tracy. slow there. 7 miles per hour average on 205. up to 13 miles per hour up to 580. i know this doesn't look great. overall, much better day for the bridge commute. a disabled vehicle in the toll plaza. they quickly cleared that. metering lights on from a little more than an hour ago. norm drive times coming up at 6:40. thanks alexis. bart takes up its surveillance policy. they should have a lot to talk about. >> bart accidentally sent information it got from its cameras to federal agencies, including i.c.e. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the warm springs station.
6:32 am
matt? >> reporter: yes. bart says this was an accident, jessica. the license plate reader system was on and took pictures of tens of thousands of cars at the macarthur bart station. the information was being sent to the northern california regional intelligence center into a database i.c.e. can access. the board said not to turn them on. at some point they got activated. the east bay times said bart sent peubgtsz of 57,632 license plates to the database from january through august of last year. in november, the police department figured on out they were recording and had the license plate readers powered off and completely uninstalled. bart asked to have all the collected info deleted. the cameras will remain in stora storage. a hearing will be held candidate
6:33 am
at 9:00 a.m. bart will be considering a policy that would ban travel for staff to nine states. they have laws that some say discriminate against the lgbt community. alabama, kansas, kentucky, mississippi. there would be exceptions, for example, if bart needs to meet contractual obligations or comply with federal requests to appear committees. this would go into effect october 1st if approved. developing news out of bakersfield. kern county deputies are investigating a shooting rampage that left six dead, including the gunman. >> the sheriff says the gunman and his wife went to a trucking business around 5:30 last night. the gunman confronted a man and shot him before turning the gun on his own wife. three more people were eventually shot in the rampage spanning several crime scenes. when deputies eventually caught up with the suspect, he took his own life. >> these are not random shootings. six people lost their lives in a short period of time. this is highly unusual. >> the suspect is believed to
6:34 am
have carjacked a vehicle with a mother and child inside, but the two managed to escape. this morning authorities still do not have a motive. family members are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads them to a missing 66-year-old woman. palo alto police say kaboga-miller was last seen driving on university avenue on august 17th. she had just left the countrytime market. she's considered at-risk because she uses numerous medications and they were left at home. she was driving a silver 2002 mercedes-benz clk. she had a handicapped placard. dp241lu. a statue in san francisco civic center that some call racist and demeaning will not be now be removed. the city's board of appeals rconsidered its decision in april to overturn the early days sculpture. it shows a native american man at the feet of a conquering spanish cowboy and catholic missionary.
6:35 am
the chronicle reports the commission will begin working to take down the statue immediately and safely store it. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. florence has weakened a little bit. 110 miles per hour winds. it is moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. these areas you see from cape lookout, morehead city, hatteras, nags head, in the yellow, they are getting consistent 39-mile-per-hour winds. so tropical storm force winds. look at the squally weather. live doppler out of morehead city. that is heavy rain starting to fall. there is so much more to come over so many hours. in fact, let's track it. it is 170 miles east-southeast of wilmington. it will be there during the overnight hours and come in as a category 2 with 105 miles per hour manipulate winds. it makes the right-hand turn. heads between florence and myrtle beach, drops to 60 miles per hour. it will be raining like crazy.
6:36 am
one to two inches per hour. over columbia, unwinds at 30 miles per hour. it dumps heavy rain. it moves up the spine of the appalachians. 3 million people under a flash flood watch in the carolinacaro. we could get up to 40 inches of rain. storm surge up to 13 feet. flooding coasts, sounds, rivers, inland. we'll have damaging winds and tornados. back at home, low to mid-50s. pretty quiet weather wise. no fog, drizzle, low clouds. comfortable temperatures. those coming up. how about the commute? yeah, it hasn't been terrible today, honestly. if you compare it to yesterday, especially the bay bridge commute, things are looking much, much better. that being said, i have a couple new issues to talk about. southbound 880 just before state route 238. initially we heard this was a disabled vehicle. sounds like this is a two-car collision that is blocking the
6:37 am
two left lanes. although it is not causing any delays. south of there you are heaviest. that is our typical volume. right now it is not causing any issues. northbound 280. that is a typo. that is blocking the right lane. if you want to totally avoid that, take 101 instead. i don't think a detour is necessary. southbound 101, 16 minutes. castro valley to the maze, 14 minutes. slight delays northbound 101. alexis, thank you. bart is now responding after it approved advertising from an organization that is classified as hate group. >> the institute for historical review bought electronic billboards at two san francisco parking lot station that reads history matters! the organization is accused of defending naziism and spreading
6:38 am
holocaust denial propaganda. bart said free speech court rulings reinforce the fact that bart cannot reject the ads. if the ad inside including fighting words, we could reject it. as it is written, we cannot. it is never too early to think about the warriors. >> this is the final season in the east bay for the defending champs. you'll want to set your alarm for 2:00 p.m. that's when tickets will be able. you can buy them through the team's website or the box office at oracle arena. a third top manager of tesla is leaving the company in just a month. and a live look at the board at the new york stock exchange. how the markets are doing when we come back. the city of san francisco threatening to yellow tag millennium tower. the latest trouble for the sinking high-rise >> 6:38, here's a live look as the sun is c
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while oti'm the only ones servthat has the bowlsff, to serve something different. i mean, just look at my teriyaki bowls. choose from steak or chicken, covered in teriyaki sauce, plus your choice of white or brown rice. what about these bowls jack? hey! you got some pretty nice bowls there. and so does dan! thanks jack! those are some nice bowls. everyone's gonna want to get their hands on jack's bowls. try my bowls! see that right there? you can't say that. what? i was just saying i got great bowls... ooooh. now i hear it. yea. try my teriyaki bowls. only at jack in the box. check out the gorgeous colorful sunrise from our east bay hills camera this morning. i'm trying to catch these and post them as fast as i can. it doesn't last long. tahoe, red flag warning is over. it has moved south to bishop, lone pine and goes through 9:00 this evening.
6:42 am
as far as what we're seeing, 78, sacramento. 105 in palm springs. the seven day forecast for tahoe. highs in the 60s to 70s. look at the lows. freezing cold sunday and morning. more on florence from reggie and jessica >> live doppler 7 those the path closing in on the east coast. >> some areas starting to feel the effects of the storm which remains a category 2. life threatening storm surge and catastrophic flooding expected the next few days. ana rivera is live in wilmington, north carolina for us. ana? >> reporter: well, reggie and jessica, it is still not as windy as we expected right now. wind is picking up a little bit. some clouds. the sun is also shining on me. the good news, many beens have closed down and boarded up.
6:43 am
they left behind mention, including a list of shelters of where to go. look at the video from yesterday. this was the line of cars packed trying to get out of wrightsville beach. we saw lines of residents waiting to get back earlier to finish up some last-minute preparations. hurricane florence is approaching the coast. we are expecting it later today. reggie and jessica? >> thank you so much, ana. a deadline today and tomorrow. the city of san francisco is taking action against the troubled millennium tower. a cracked window last week. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live outside the tower with more. >> reporter: hi, jessica. look up with us. we don't see any work going on
6:44 am
right now with construction crews. that deadline is coming today. they don't want any of the glass to fall off and hit us down here on the ground. that's what the city is worried about. so they have a this afternoon. the department of building inspections, or dbi, wants the tower to install an overhead protection system to protect the public from falling glass. and they want that done by today. that's because a window in unit 36b cracked. this just adds to the building's problems. it is already determined it is sinking and leaning. inspectors consider this crack a huge concern. so they are demanding windows in every unit are checked out. they want that done by tomorrow at 3:00. the homeowners association is asking for more time in response to the dbi's demands, the association told abc 7 news in an e-mail we relayed the association's daily efforts to
6:45 am
meet the dbi's requests to date and reiterated that the association is fully prepared to respond to the dbi requests timely. no word whether the city will give them more time. as of now, this building will be yellow tagged if demands are not met and this deadline isn't met. they want to protect people on the sidewalk from the possibility of glass falling and hitting them. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thanks for the update. the global climate summit continues in san francisco. they are expected to take action to reduce carbon emissions. not everybody thinks it is enough. >> ♪ what's the matter with jerry. >> they are calling for more ambitious regulations, demanding an end to oil drilling and gas production in california. security is ramped up for more protests today. we are seeing the impact of
6:46 am
global warming every day. >> we are all seeing and feeling the impacts, whether it be the fires in california or the hurricanes coming. so we need more ambition >> san francisco mayor will kick off the day's events this morning at 9:00. in celebration of the climate summit ford go bike is holding a free ride day today thraouf its bay area network. free passes of unlimited ride up to 30 minutes are available on the ford go bike app. they are station indeed oakland, berkeley, san francisco; emeryville, san jose. riders have already pedaled nearly 3 million miles, burned 125 million calories and saved 2 million pounds of carbon emissions since ford go bikes launched last year. a judge is upholding a restraining order against an alum rock union school trust employee. he is accused of berating the superintendent during a meeting and threatening her. tran says they were
6:47 am
mischaracterized. a judge postponed the court hearing until october 29th, so the restraining order is through next month. he says he plans to sue for defamation. two senior care centers criticized for evacuations during the north bay wildfires are fighting back against an effort to revoke their licenses. the department of social services has received a notice of defense from oakmont senior living. it operates the verana and villa capri centers in santa rosa. social services says oakmont failed to protect residents last year as the wildfires approached. the department claims many people would have died if family members did not help evacuate them. you would think $673,000 would get you a pretty good sidewalk. but at the new trans bay transit center, sit a big expensive fail. this is what's happening in the walkway at the public park that sits four stories above street level. chunks of the expensive walkway are breaking up.
6:48 am
that is just after one month of use. the walkway is made of decomposed granite instead of asphalt to give it a softer feel. >> the good news is it is under warranty. the other piece of good news is that people can still enjoy the park. this is nothing that prevents people from coming to the park, enjoying it. >> the walkway does not have any structural damage. workers will continue to sweep the pebbles and patch up the holes until it is fixed. porsche wants you to test drive vehicles by renting them. >> the automaker is launching two pilot programs which allows potential buyers to rent porsches. customers in los angeles and san francisco will list their porsche rentals for rent on toro. porsche drive launched in atlanta this week. it offers hourly to weekly rentals. another shakeup of palo alto based tesla.
6:49 am
he is taking a job at another company but did not name the company. chief accounting officer dave morton announced his exit. on september 7th, elon music announced chief people officer gabby toledano is leaving to spend more time with her family. the new york stock exchange is up 154 points. overnight, global markets were up after the u.s. has proposed a new round of trade negotiations with china. >> a uc berkeley staffer has given the ultimate gift to a total stranger. catherine welsh is giving the thumbs up shortly after she donated one of her kidneys to a man in washington. she knew almost nothing about him. an article in "the new yorker"
6:50 am
inspired her. >> if somebody is dying without a kidney and i have two kidneys and it doesn't sound that hard to give one away, then why not just do it. >> catherine had the surgery 22 days ago. look at her. back on the job. she works as a fund raiser for the college of chemistry. that's really inspiring. how amazing. #. >> no easy task to go under a major surgery and do some voluntarily. >> for someone you don't even know. >> she acted like it was no big deal. >> just a generous person. >> with a great heart. >> if you're stuck in traffic, you know what's out there. look up. it's a gorgeous sunrise this morning. a little bit of pink left over from our bay bridge toll plaza vantage point. east bay hills. colorful sunrise. it is starting to climb over mount diablo. partly cloudy. i think we will see a little bit more sunshine in the afternoon than yesterday. the breezes will keep us cooler
6:51 am
than average once again. we will have this pattern of below average temperature the next several days. we will start to warm next week. nothing extreme in this forecast. here's a look at your 12 hour planer and your highs from 59 in engel side, 65 in the mission and bay shore. increasing sunshine along the bay shore. temperatures stuck in the 60s to near 70. mid-60s to 70 for highs. peninsula, extra sunshine. 62 half moon bay. barely 70, menlo park. down to the south bay, a little more sunshine later. temperatures will respond. how about some low to mid-70s for you. east pwaeup valley, temperatures comfortable. 94 is a mistake. it should be 74.
6:52 am
a little more low cloudiness. expected to be cooler tomorrow. wednesday we start to warm back up closer to average. here's alexis >> i can vouch for you that the bay bridge plaza was looking great a couple minutes ago. it is not bad now. i tweeted out a picture if you want to check it out. and the traffic looking much prettier than yesterday. yeah, the metering lights are on. but typical backup. nothing blocking currently. a look at our golden gate bridge commute. green in the traffic flows and 3d view giving you the same thing. drive times looking great as well. southbound 680 walnut creek to dublin. santa rosa to san francisco, one hour and two minutes. santa cruz mountains, los gatos, 24 minutes.
6:53 am
a group of san francisco police officers accused in a racist text scandal could still be in trouble seven years later. aus sending racist, sexist and homophobic texts. they were uncovered in 2012 in a federal corrup a superior court judge stopped proceedings for disciplinary action against officers. the city can move ahead. that means the officers is could end up getting fired. three men accused of robbing an apple store near sacramento under arrest. investigators say the suspects led police on a chase after robbing the apple store at the roseville galleria in placentaer county yesterday. the suspect's car hit several vehicles during the pursuit, including a big rig. somehow, even with all of that damage, nobody got seriously hurt this. comes weeks after a wave of apple store robberies. roseville police say the men matched the description in other store robberies. so far they're not saying which
6:54 am
robberies. they say it is too early to prove a connection. >> michelle obama is coming to the bay area to promote her upcoming memoir "becoming." it comes out in november. her ten-city tour will bring her to the s.a.p. center, friday, december 14th. tickets go on sale to the general public next friday at 29 bucks. 10% of ticket sales will be donated to charities, schools, and community groups. high drama at the raceway as drivers compete or not indycar championship. >> the drivers a top the leaderboard had fun yesterday. scott dixon and three closest pursuers took a motorized cable car drive. hey, shouldn't they be driving? dixon is looking for his fifth indy car championship. he could be overtaken by alexander rosi under a points system that will be used at the grand prix of sonoma. ? at the end of the day, we just have to go into it and try to
6:55 am
win the race. that will be the easiest way to win the championship. this will be the last indycar race for some time. the series moves to monterey's laguna seca. next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> first, our instagram picture of the day. you can see a lot more great pictures like these. share your photos and video. this is customizable str...whatever size.r family. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome.
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power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
6:58 am
here are the seven things to know before you go. number one, it is just starting. outer bands of hurricane florence now battering parts of the carolina coast. here's a live look. it remains a category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. yeah. the tropical storm force winds just coming to shore. so are the thunderstorms. it started. it's only going to get worse from here. more@ >> mike: nicco, abc 7. increasing sunshine. cool breezes in the 60s and 70s this afternoon. number three, president trump is denying nearly 3,000 people died in puerto rico after hurricane maria. the president, without evidence,
6:59 am
is accusing democrats of making up really big numbers of deaths to make him look bad. number four, parking lot officials are meeting today to discuss how information from license plate readers at the macarthur station were sent to a database accessible by i.c.e. officials. number five, san francisco is threaten to go yellow tag the sinking mill hrepl yum tower is the homeowner's association doesn't act fast. they have until tomorrow to make key repairs. number six, looking decent traffic wise. walnut creek, 680, one of our typical slow spots. normally 15 minutes. it's about 30 right now. >> and number seven, you can get into a few san francisco museums for free tonight. sf moma, society and bookbinders and other museums won't charge admission starting at 5:00 this afternoon. that will save you 25, 30 bucks
7:00 am
or so. >> it's nice. if you haven't been yet, it's a good morning, now.north ca the effects. and the new warning about catastrophic flooding. the storm increasing in size overnight. now 10 million people on alert as the category 2 hurricane moves in expected to make landfall friday morning. those still left behind racing to escape. >> please leave now. >> the most vulnerable transported out. the national guard called this to action. david, ginger, amy and our entire team spread out across the storm zone this morning, tracking the very latest. the new video from one of harvey weinstein's accusers behind closed doors. >> all right, don't interrupt. don't interrupt. all right, hello


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