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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 17, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in days. >> we had to get out. you can't cook or anything. so we finally came out today. >> it's scary. you think the worst of it is over, then we get another gust of wind and rain >> reporter: cape fear just down the street. it broke a record on friday. this morning a flash flood warning is still in effect. emily rau, abc news, wilmington, north carolina. >> and the american red cross is organizing a relief effort for people affected by tropical storm florence. and you can make a $10 donation by texting florence to the number that you see there on your screen. 90999. >> it is 4:30. if you're just joining us, a quick update on your weather and traffic. >> we'll start with florence. tropical depression. 30-mile-per-hour winds north of bristol, tennessee. it's just come ovehe worlder into virginia.
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the rain shield moving well north of the center. that's going to be the case the next 24 to 48 hours. a flash flood watch extending from south carolina all the way up to boston. and this goes for the next 48 hours. nearly 10 million people under this flash flood watch. so she's not finished yet as far as the rain. back here at home, from the exploratorium, low clouds hanging around. low to mid-50s. everybody at noon stuck in the 60s. most of us in sunshine. the coast is where the clouds will be. 60 at 4:00. the rest of us in the low to mid-70s. a little bit of a breeze north of the bay bridge. 7:00, jacket weather once again. 57 to 63 degrees. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i want to head back to have the sig-alert in castro valley. we did just talk to chp. they are saying they should have this back open soon. westbound 580 is closed at state route 238, as are several on ramps.
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folks have been sitting there for at least 30 minutes. some of them even longerha that. you want to avoid that, take surface roads around that on or stick to the 880 instead. a quick check of everyone else. no major problems. a stack up for the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. it should happen around 5:20. developing news this morning, a bay area woman finds herself at the center of assault accusations against president trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> she is a psychology major at palo alto university. in a "washington post" interview, she said the assault happened in the early 80s. claims were sent in a confidential later to senator dianne feinstein. she said she is decided to speak publicly after her name got leaked. when the accusations came to light last week, kavanaugh denied them. at least three rental senators
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are raising concerns about moving forward. for many the accusations are bringing back memories of the confirmation hearings for supreme court justice is clarence thomas. that was back in 1991. you'll recall anita hill accused thomas of workplace sexual harassment. this time the outcome, though, may be different given the me too movement. >> i think a lot of folks have regrets how anita hill was treated when clarence thomas was up for confirmation. now there's a chance to kind of make things right and take a woman's claims seriously this time. >> according to media reports, chairman chuck grassley is now working to set up phone calls with both kavanaugh and blazy ford. in other news, in the south bay, a homeless camp on state-owned land is in jeopardy. >> hope village opened up last week without permission. people plan to protest an eviction notice. matt keller live for us in san jose. matt
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>> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. chp says there is no plan for eviction. but they are planning a notice to vacate at 7:00 a.m. this morning. people say they're not moving. this has been dubbed hope village. it was set up on west heading street. they say it serves as a concept of homeless housing on a budget. they were selected because they are not drug users, not seriously mentally ill and the primary issue is lack of adequate income to representative a place. the state requires paperwork to ask permission to use the property. they are willing to engage in non-violence civil. survivors of clergy sexual
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abuse plan to urge the skaefl attorney general to investigate how it was handled against priests. 12 men claimed they were abused there in the 1970s. that includes releasing the names of priests accused of abusing children. >> naming names is crucial. you hear all of these stories about people who sreb juhave be relocated parrish to parrish. unless we want the names, how are we expect said to protect the children? >> it is expected by the middle of next month. santa rosa police are asking for your help finding a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. witnesses called 911 after seeing a car hit a man at stoney point just before 9:30 saturday night. and the man died at the scene. investigators say they think the
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car may be a white sedan with a spoiler on the back. they don't have a description of the driver. investigators are going through surveillance video from nearby businesses and any witnesses are asked to call santa rosa police. in the east bay, some are calling for governor brown to veto a bill that would call for more bart stations. opponents of the bill say bart needs to focus on providing safe and reliable service instead of housing. they plan to hold a news conference later this morning at the dublin station. sales force co-founder is buying "time" magazine. he and wife lynn will pay $190 million for the weekly magazine. the deal is unrelated to sales force where he is chairman and co-ceo. the announcement of the purchase says they will not be involved in the day-to-day operations or journalistic decisions at time.
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more readers rely on digital resources for their news the snell fire in napa county 100% contained. it burned nearly 2,500 acres. cal fire says it was fully contained as of saturday night. no homes, no structures damaged. but berryessa was under mandatory evacuation orders two days. the cause of the fire still under investigation. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. pleasanton, 49. san ramon, 52. got a lot of low to mid-50s through the san ramon valley, livermo livermore. brent wood, 55. antioch, 57. pittsburgh, 58. concord, about 59. how about some other neighborhoods, mid to upper 50s preponderance of the evidence the east bay shore, south bay. 54 in pacifica. upper 40s
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mid-50s and napa. the western span of the bay bridge. alexis now keeping an eye on that. breezy north of the bay bridge. cool to comfy if you're taking mass transit. fran, stuck in the mid-50s through the morning hours. sunshine starting to break through the clouds by noon. we will cee lo to mid-60s develop. for the south bay, waking up cloud cover, 56. 68 at noon. and let's head all the way up to the north bay, opposite end waking up to the fog at 51. 70 at noon. mid to upper 70s at noon. 61 at 8:00. nothing really extreme here in the weather center. how about on the roads this morning? yeah. we have quite a bit going on already. starting off with police activity in castro valley. a full closure westbound 580, state route 238. we talked to chp a few minutes
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ago. they are hopeful to have this back open shortly. westbound 580 closed. 238 closed too. going the opposite way. take surface streets around that. folks have been stuck in that for a while. traysy, 22-mile-per-hour average. pretty bad collision at state route 4 east of tracy. one-way traffic control is in effect if you're traveling to or from the discovery bay area. berkeley city leaders want more people to go vegan. how they are promoting plant-only eating at city hall. they see the impact of gun violence every day. health care workers are taking action to try to stop it. amazon facing a scandal in
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this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. speaking of hurricane florence, let's take a look at the radar, the future radar. that's what you're seeing here, the yellows, greens, oranges. it moves right up the spine appalachia appalachians. storms of normal variety will fill in behind it. pretty quiet pattern here at home. 81, sacramento.
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breezy along the coast. 62 in eureka. 79, san diego. 107, palm springs. a look at the next week. tahoe, temperatures in the mid-70s through thursday and friday. upper 60s for the weekend. jessica? mike, thank you. on the peninsula, a coalition of doctors, nurses, emts is and other health care professionals will gather to denounce gun violence. the noon rally will be one of 40 across the measure. they want to treat firearm violence as a crisis and epidemic. among the goals is teaching medical school students about the impact of gun violence. it calls itself scrubs addressing the firearm epidemic, s.a.f.e. the city counsel passed a resolution requiring vegan food be served as city events once a week.
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>> reporter: instead of chowing down a meaty burger, how about going vegan. >> being vegan means that i do not par take in animal products restaurant in the heart of berkeley. some are applauding the city's latest decision. last week berkeley became the first city in the nation requiring that vegan-only food be served at events once a week. >> i'm not asking people to give up meat. how we can reduce our meat consumption. >> reporter: kate harrison, author of the resolution, calls for a public campaign to inform businesses and residents of the environmental impacts of meat production. >> almost a third of your climate change problem comes from animal husbandry. >> reporter: eating tpwraoepbs for this family is important, but so is their meat. >> i do think it's important to
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have a good resource of all foods available to us. but having a mandating thing from somewhere higher above, i think it's the individual's responsibility to have that awareness >> reporter: there is still no date when green mondays will begin. they are working with the city manager to figure it out. they hope to stare the awareness campaign by the end of the year. abc 7 news. happening today, when the spacex plans to launch its first space polite to the moon. elon music will reveal who the first tourist will be to the moon. it appears there's only one passenger. the mission will use a rocket bigger than spacex has right now. musk tweeted a rendering yesterday. it is still in development. it suggests that the moon launch is a few years away. all the details a lot 3:00 this afternoon. he's becoming like the
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will willie wonka of space. i'm glad we have someone like him around. he can push the envelope, while the rest of us sit back and watch and ride the coattails, so to speak. weather wise, he hasn't gotten into that yet, but you never know. florence still backing up our weather pattern. as we heard at the top of the show, everybody seemed to like the weekend, so let's do it again. 72, mill pitas. 78 in gilroy. afternoon sunshine in santa cruz. upper 60s to low 70s for the peninsula. 67, mill gray. along the coast, always breezy, cloud cover. low to mid-60s, 60 to 63. still cooler than average in san francisco. should be around 70. 65 and breezy, becoming breezy this afternoon. the breezes will hit the delta.
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you can see the temperatures here from 72 va hercules. head farther south we start hitting 73 union city and fremont. as we start to move into the valleys, 76, pleasanton. 80, concord. tonight's temperatures a lot like this morning. a little more cloud cover, especially in the south and east bay. mid-40s to mid 50s once again. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. trying to briefly bring us a warming trend wednesday and thursday. things are back down to normal for astronomical fall. we're off to a busy morning. castro valley, due to police activity. a full closure of westbound 580,
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238. it is closed. and then several on ramps to westbound 580 closed for police activity. they were hoping to open at 4:45. they are hoping to have it back open soon. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 42 minutes. dublin to mission, 15 minutes. 101 to cupertino in the green also sat 15 minutes. thanks, alexis. amazon is looking to claim some of their employees are taking bribes. >> half of all calls will be spam. >> "tech bites" reports of bribery at amazon. >> according to the wall street journal, some sellers are paying workers to wipe out negative reviews. amazon is investigating. streaming services are in talks with i max to show their original content in theaters.
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hollywood recently debated whether original movies by netflix and amazon should be eligible for best picture at the on oscars. cannes film festival announce said all winners will be to be shown in theaters you will be getting more junk calls on your cell phone >> next year, almost half will be scams. it is called neighborhoods spoofing where the incoming calls appears to be from your area. >> we're already getting some of those. >> we are. >> those are your "tech bites". >> that makes me so upset. i feel like i have blocked every single number that ever calls me. >> that's why we should only text from now on. >> no kidding. getting to san francisco on on cal train is about to become a challenge. the service disruption expected to last for months. a teenager finds a purse on the side of the road with
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the apartment building where the fire was.
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when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] with the cool air in place, yeah, we'll have a little bit of fall flavor to the forecast. i'm adjusting the numbers right now. the air quality will be good today and tomorrow. it still looks like it will be good when it gets warmer wednesday and thursday. we'll keep an eye on it for you. thanks, mike. big changes coming to ride cal train through san francisco on the ekcterth, the replace trains between the san francisco terminal at 4th and king streets and the bay shore
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station. trains will still run as usual between bay shore and downtown san jose. trains won't be coming into s.f. because of work to electrify the rail line. work will continue through next march. they plan to be all electric by 2022. you will get an emergency alert on your cell phone this week, but don't worry, it is only a test. fema is testing a new national warning. in california, you should see the alert pop up on your phone at 11:18 thursday morning and you cannot opt out of this test. the alert system will be tested on radio and on your televisions. an award-winning chef is coming to the rescue for thousands of people who are affected by florence. >> this is the right thing to do. chef andre and world central kitchen are serving meals in some of the hardest-hit areas.
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this mobile kitchen is in wilmington, north carolina. so far they have served more than 65,000 meals to evacuees ir >> when you ahe they went to pu after hurricane maria last year. they were planning to serve meals for three days. they extended that trip to a year. and they served nearly 3 million meals. andre's promise to help americans in need for the long haul. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather fork. san jose, clear and 55 degrees right now. i vice president heard alexis sneeze yet this morning. >> not yet. >> the tree pollen is moderate. we have weed pollen, grass pollen. here's a look from our road
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camera. it remains cooler were than 80. you're the exception. most of us in the 60s and 70s this afternoon. all right. back to alexis for an update on a busy morning already. >> it is. i have great news. castro valley, the significant latter just cleared. they were really close to clearing it. all lanes back open now. state route 238, the opposite way 238 to 580 back open. and the on have reopened as well. i'm just seeing a tiny bit of backup. split from purple back into the green shortly. back to the discovery bay area. west of tracy boulevard, serious crash. one vehicle went off the roadway. a vehicle possibly went into the water and caught fire there as well. they're working on clearing that. they were able to set up one-way traffic control. it looks like eastbound side has thinned out. alexis, thank you.
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hundreds of people turned out at city hall to celebrates independence day. ♪ abc 7 news was there as mariachi music filled the rotunda last night. the consulate general of mexico in san francisco sponsored the celebration. their colors are green, red and white and lit up the city hall exterior. a santa barbara teen did the right thing when he stumbled across a black purse with $10,000 inside it. he found the purse in the middle of an intersection while walking home from school. there was no i.d and no one was around looking for the misplaced purse. he did the right thing. he went to the local sheriff's office. >> i thought to me this is the right thing to do if i take it and find whoever's purse it was. if the roles were reversed, i
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know i would want it was reunited with the owner. she said she put it on top of her car and drove away without realizing it. this is when i start to have some questions. we'll get to that in a second. rami got 100 bucks as a reward for his good deed. $10,000 in your purse. first of all, why? second, that's going to be the thing you forget that day? i get if you put your starbucks cup and you forget it. but the purse with $10,000? >> i don't know. i don't have any of the answers for you, reggie. but i will say good on that teenager, and his parents should be proud >> applause for him for sure. >> nextmmes reacting strongly after a veteran nfl player suddenly retired at halftime. the troubled hunters point. the major problem that environmentalist groups center with an updated plan to retest
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now at 5:00, a bay area woman goes public accusing the supreme court nominee of sexual assault. we are hearing from her attorney as democrats try to delay the vote. good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. natasha is off. meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> hi, everybody. hey, reggie. visibilitywise, a mile and a quarter in novato. two miles at half moon bay.


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