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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 25, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh breaks his silence. >> what i know is intimidated and will not withdraw his nomination amid new accusations of sexual misconduct. this morning, a new interview with kavanaugh's college roommate. why he says he believes the accuser. a new call for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to be impeached. what happens if the man in charge of the russia investigation is ousted from his job. we look at who may replace him. protecting your paycheck. this morning, an alert from the fbi. how hackers are trying to gain access to your direct deposit. new details about the teenager who survived 49 days adrift in the pacific ocean
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admitting he was often scared and crying. what he did to stay alive. plus, we hear from two patients previously paralyzed now walking again thanks to a breakthrough treatment. and special delivery. two doctors called in to deliver a baby orangutan into the world. and that will be our cuteness alert for this tuesday morning as we say hello, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm stephanie ramos in for diane macedo. we begin this morning with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh making his case on national tv just days before he defends his name under oath. >> kavanaugh sat for a rare interview along with his wife and he denied claims of sexual assault making it clear he has no plans to withdraw. >> the nomination battle is sparking heated protests on capitol hill where more than 100 demonstrators were arrested monday as republican leaders dismissed the allegations against kavanaugh as a smear campaign.
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abc's lana zak has the latest from washington. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning to you, stephanie and kendis. president trump continues to support judge brett kavanaugh overnight tweeting that democrats are trying to destroy the reputation of a wonderful man with false accusations. judge brett kavanaugh is not waiting until thursday to tell america his side of the story. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone. i did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter. >> so, you're saying that through all these years that are in question you were a virgin? >> that's correct. >> with his wife ashley by his side, kavanaugh spoke with fox news. >> i am not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps dr. ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in some place. but what i know is i've never sexually assaulted anyone. >> ashley, how has this been for the girls, for your family?
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>> it's very difficult. it's very difficult to have these conversations with your children, which we've had to have, some broader terms for our youngest, but they know brett and they know the truth and we told them at the very beginning of this process this will be not fun sometimes. you're going to hear things that people feel strongly, and you need to know that and just remember you know your dad. >> reporter: kavanaugh says he will not bow out. >> i'm not going anywhere. [ chanting "we believe dr. ford" ] >> reporter: on thursday america will hear from dr. christine blasey ford, his first accuser. in a letter to the republican chairman chuck grassley, blasey ford writes, while i am frightened, please know my fear will not hold me back from testifying. chairman grassley writing back, both of you deserve a credible and fair process, adding in his own handwriting, p.s., i look forward to your testimony. for now kavanaugh and blasey ford are the only two people scheduled to testify on
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thursday, but there is also now another accuser, deborah ramirez, a former classmate of kavanaugh's at yale university. she says kavanaugh exposed his genitals to her at a drunken party. kavanaugh denies this allegation as well. now, kendis and stephanie, there's also one other potential eyewitness to the incident, the alleged incident of christine blasey ford's. that would be mark judge. he was a friend of brett kavanaugh's in school. he was supposedly in the room. he has refused to publicly testify, but a "washington post" reporter found him at a friend's home in delaware. he actually asked that reporter, how did you find me, but he says he has no memory of the alleged incident. kendis, stephanie. >> lana, thank you very much. brett kavanaugh's freshman roommate at yale has come out in support of the second accuser saying kavanaugh and his social circle in college were capable of the actions that debbie ramirez described. james roche tells abc station kgo that he knew ramirez in college, and she stood out as
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being exceptionally honest. roche also said he did not witness the incident in question but he says kavanaugh was a heavy drinker even by the standards of the time, and he describes kavanaugh as normally reserved but says kavanaugh became aggressive and belligerent when he got drunk. all right, let's turn to the other big story in d.c. rod rosenstein's future at the justice department. it does appear to be in jeopardy. the deputy attorney general is, of course, the man overseeing the russia investigation. his future up in the air after he reportedly talked about secretly recording the president. this morning with the fate of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein hanging in the balance, now house republicans are threatening to impeach him. >> i think rod rosenstein needs to be in the witness chair this week in the house judiciary committee. he needs to go under oath and explain these circumstances. >> reporter: two republican congressmen preparing articles of impeachment against rosenstein if he refuses to testify about that explosive "new york times" report that he discussed wearing a wire to record president trump.
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>> rod rosenstein has never denied that he made mention of wearing a wire on the president of the united states. what's in question is whether that was serious or whether it was a joke, but either way, it is inappropriate for the deputy attorney general of the united states to even be joking about wearing a wire on the president. >> reporter: "the times" reports rosenstein spoke last year about recruiting cabinet members to remove trump from office by invoking the 25th amendment. he was summoned to the white house monday to meet with the chief of staff and expected to be fired. instead "the times" reports kelly is conflicted because he believes rosenstein's departure before the midterm elections would be bad for the president. as for the president's mind-set on rosenstein -- >> i'll be back on thursday, and when i get back, we're going to have a meeting. i spoke with rod today, and we're going to have a meeting on thursday when i get back to the white house. >> reporter: sources say the president has spoken to attorney general jeff sessions about his chief of staff possibly
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replacing rosenstein. but oversight of the russia probe would go to solicitor general noel francisco, a conservative lawyer with broad views on presidential power. he argued in front of the supreme court this february, the president's constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws requires adequate authority to remove subordinate officers. so, rosenstein has denied "the new york times" reports and sources say that he offered to resign over the weekend but couldn't agree on terms. he is set to meet the president on thursday. bill cosby is expected to learn his fate at the end of his sentencing hearing today. prosecutors are calling for cosby to serve five to ten years in prison for his sexual assault conviction. but attorneys for cosby say he should not serve any time saying 81-year-old blind men are not dangerous. a judge will decide cosby's sentence and whether cosby will be declared a sexually violent predator. the dallas police officer who shot and killed her unarmed neighbor in his own apartment has now been fired. amber guyger faces manslaughter
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charges. she says she thought the victim was in her apartment. protesters have been calling for her to lose her job. the police chief said last week that couldn't happen while the criminal investigation was under way. guyger's attorney now accuses the chief of bowing to pressure. all right, let's take a look now at your weather for this tuesday. good morning. we have a low pressure system that's getting a little bit too close to comfort along the north carolina coast starting on tuesday. now, as we go late tuesday into wednesday, it's going to swing right close to the coast bringing about showers and thunderstorms in an area that's already very much too tenderized from what happened with florence last week, keeping a close eye on that. then we'll look for an outbreak of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the northeast as well as throughout the central part of the country because these thunderstorms are
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going to bring about severe weather in chicago going into st. louis. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. if you call 911, you do expect a quick response. but coming up, why response times may actually be getting longer. also this morning, the shocking sight of a baby crawling across this busy street. what the parent is saying now. and how hackers are trying to steal your paycheck by gaining access to your direct deposit information.
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we're back with that jaw-dropping moment in new jersey. a baby found crawling across this street. a driver who first thought there was debris in the road stopped to rescue the young child. a woman who lives in the baby's house told reporters the baby snuck outdoors by accident. police are investigating the incident. >> so many unanswered questions there.
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authorities in north carolina have expanded the search for a missing boy with autism. 6-year-old maddox ritch was last seen saturday at a park in gastonia after running off. the fbi has joined in the search and recovered his parents' voices, and they're playing back those voice recordings in the woods hoping to get maddox to come out if he is hiding. getting help after you dial 911 could take longer as call centers face a growing labor shortage. "usa today" reports many 911 dispatch centers are short-staffed. they're having trouble hiring operators because of the booming economy and tight job market, and that is slowing down response times. offering higher salaries doesn't seem to solve the problem. there's a new warning about a scam targeting your paycheck. the fbi says hackers are posing as human resource employees. they're sending out links asking you to update your credentials for direct deposit. once the hackers gain access,
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they're redirecting the deposits to an account they control. the fbi warns that you should make sure you verify any emails claiming to be from your hr department. a big shake-up at instagram. the co-founders of the photo-sharing app have abruptly resigned. their departure is the latest challenge for instagram's parent company, facebook, which paid a billion dollars for instagram five years ago. $2.6 million doesn't buy you much of a home in silicon valley. that's the asking price for this two bedroom, one-bath house with less than 900 square feet. and that's actually a bargain for that area. the average price per square foot in that part of northern california is much higher. all right, well, coming up, love and weight. just how many pounds you pack on when you enter a relationship. but first the man who survived 49 days adrift in the pacific ocean.
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oops. that's going to leave a mark. a driver in new jersey was having a little bit of trouble backing out of that parking space. she battered the toyota next to her car knocking off the hub cap then scratching the outside. you see her there, she did try to put it back. she also tried wiping the scratch off with a towel. it took her about seven minutes to finally get out of that space. she didn't wait to speak to the owner of that car. but the person who shot this video told the owner of that toyota who was to blame. >> she's probably great at parallel parking or not. we turn now to the man who survived nearly seven weeks lost at sea adrift in the pacific ocean. >> he ran out of food and water but never ran out of hope. >> one, two, three.
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>> reporter: a miracle rescue at sea. 19-year-old aldi adilang plucked from the pacific ocean after 49 days. >> careful, careful. slowly, slowly. >> reporter: it all started on july 14th when his wooden fishing boat broke free from its anchor in strong winds. he was sent sailing 1,200 miles away taking the teen from off the shores of indonesia to guam. after running out of supplies, he used wood from the boat's hut to make a fire, caught fish to eat and filtered seawater through his t-shirt to drink. adilang says countless ships passed him by and he tried to flag them down to no avail. then nearly seven weeks later, this massive ship came to his rescue. the teen managed to send out distress signals over his portable radio causing the ship's crew to spot him. when the ship approached, the giant swells nearly capsized his boat. the exhausted 19-year-old kicking at the water line screaming as the waves crash
4:18 am
over him before the crew pulls him in. >> one, two, three. >> finally making it into the rescue boat and into the arms of the crew. he is now back with his family and he's in good health, and that was actually his job, living on that boat, but now he plans to do something else for a living. >> you think? i would too. all right, so researchers may be on track to helping paralysis victims walk again after spinal cord injuries. two studies used implants to send electrical impulses to nerves. some patients then able to walk. they still needed to use walkers and other devices, but patients say the breakthrough is giving them a big lift. >> i took maybe three or four steps in sequence, and i just stopped, and i -- my lips started quivering and my ears -- i mean, my face got hot and my eyes got teary, and i was like, oh, my god. that just happened. i just took steps. >> when it first happened it was
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kind of a surprise. it was on the treadmill, and just one day i was getting one leg pretty consistently, and eventually i kind of progressed from there. >> researchers caution the implants did not work for everyone. turning to sports, the steelers got their first win of the season against the bucs. pittsburgh built a 20-point lead after intercepting three passes from ryan fitzpatrick. the bucs narrowed the gap, but it wasn't enough. steelers win, 30-27. well, terrible news for the 49ers. jimmy garoppolo will miss the rest of the season, torn acl. it's bad. big blow to the team which recently signed him to a $137 million extension. in baseball, the oakland a's have clinched a spot in the playoff. the celebration lasting into the night. they're expected to face the yankees in the wild card game. all right. you might want to think twice next time you ask andy murray to hold anything. a commemorative plate he
4:20 am
received in china shattered when he dropped it. the tennis star took some heat for the fumble on social media from his own mother. she posted an eye roll emoji. >> but was it secured? was it secured. >> so, it wasn't his fault, totally. >> whoops. well, up next in "the pulse" doctors pitch in to deliver a baby orangutan. and also ahead, one pro hockey team's new mascot scaring up the fan base. is he too frightening? and later the 7-year-old national anthem singer you have to hear to believe. ♪ o'er the land of the free >> that's coming up. ♪ land of the free . another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair.
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entering a relationship. >> a new study finds people with partners have gained an average of 36 pounds since they started dating, and they gained an average of 17 pounds in the first year of their relationship. >> apparently it's all those dinners that you do out with your partner. next is a new mascot that is the stuff of nightmares. >> the philadelphia flyers have introduced gritty, a seven-foot tall fuzzy creature with an orange beard. some call him downright terrifying with his big eyes and creepy smile. >> of course, memes popping up on twitter including one showing gritty as jack nicholson in "the shining." lebron james' reaction to gritty, awesome. gritty made his debut during last night's preseason game, and he fell on the ice twice. maybe it was part of the show. well, a baby orangutan maded at a zoo in kansas. >> yeah, lilly was born about three weeks ago, but her mom needed some help. >> the vets at the zoo got worried when lilly's birth was taking too long, so they called
4:24 am
two local ob/gyns who have years of experience in delivery rooms. >> i'm an ob/gyn for homo sapiens, humans, not for animals. besides the preparation and the environment, it was very, very similar. it felt no different. >> it felt no different. it took about three minutes to deliver lilly by c-section. both doctors also delivered human babies on the same day lilly was born. >> cuter than gritty. >> cuter than gritty. born. >> cuter than gritty.
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good morning. and thanks for joining us on this tuesday, september 25th. i'm matt keller. >> i'm debora castro. sue is in this morning. good to see you. >> we'll kick things off with mike. >> we have fog to contend with, a fire danger to contend with. it will definitely be warm inland. those are the three main highlights right now. the temperatures are a little warmer. mid to upper 40s in clear lake and into the bay, south bay and east bay, we have a lot of upper 50s to about 52 degrees. this afternoon, mid-60s along the coast. 70 in san francisco. upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay and upper 80s to mid-90s inland. warmer weather coming up. here's sue. speaking of the fog, it's a.
4:28 am
it's right down on the deck. very thick over the waldo grade and they work going on to one lane a bit ago. we'll check with the chp and see if that's been picked up. roadwork in pacifica. we'll check back in a few. new overnight at the live desk, we are tracking an emergency at sfo. passengers on board flight 927 to mexico city were forced to deplane when fuel spilled out of the jet. an sfo deputy manager said ten gallons spilled onto the tarmac. on passenger posted this video of crews cleaning up the spill. the flight was delayed four hours. it's expected to take off any minute. abc 7 reporter amanda is headed there and will have more for us.
4:29 am
abc7 news reporter amy holly field is live in san ramone where they've seen a couple of fires over the past few days. amy? >> reporter: that's right. fire departments in the east bay are working smarter and yesterday it showed. here's a look at a second fire that broke out in san ramone. this is the view from sky7 hd. firefighters got this out pretty quickly. they say that's because of a new approach. when red flag warning was issued, they sent the crew out to red hills to wait and watch. crews were called in to be part of a strike team that was ready to go and that paid off. in oakland they also have the same approach. necessity have firefighters out patrolling in the hills, paying attention to the area right above highway 13 just in case. >> i believe every department in the greater barrier is more reactive as far as having people in place instead of sitting at the fire house waiting for the call. >> reporter: residents are being reminded to be cautious with
4:30 am
lawn mowers and other equipment and barbecues during red flag warning. that warning is in effect until late this afternoon until 5:00 today. they were worried about wind gusts overnight and what that could produce. it is very calm right now, so as of right now, it was a quiet night. reporting live in san ramone, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. now we'll check in more with mike. >> hi, everyone. let's tke a look at what's going on -- let me go back out here. >> when did you shrink? >> wow. you got a little shorter there, mike. >> all right. in all seriousness we have the high fire danger through 5:00 this afternoon. north winds could gust up to 35 miles an hour. the fires that do start can spread rapidly in the areas you see in red, which is mainly above 1,000 feet. we have thick fog,


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