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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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4:30. a quick check of your weather and traffic. hi, drew. >> hi, guys. good morning. visibility, we're doing well across the region. 6 to 10 miles of visibility. no locally dense fog. cloud cover overhead. hour by hour. by 10:00, a fair amount of cloud cover in the east bay and along the coast. that gradual clearing to the coast this afternoon leads to a comfortable day. inland, only 60s and 70s in our warmest spots. a closer look at our afternoon highs and how the weekend is shaping up in seven minutes. good morning, drew. a couple minutes ago drew said is today the last day of dreamfor dreamforce? please tell me it is. it is. we have the closure in front of howard in front of the moscone center. you can see the traffic flows. a lot of extra folks in town today. hopefully they will start to clear out for drew and everyone
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else in the evening hours and over the weekend as well. purple on fremont, as amy mentioned. the closure between mission and that o the e of next week. right now looking at slight delays surrounding that. no major issues. so far that is not impacting the bay bridge commute either. it will remain closed as long as the salesforce transit center is closed as well. next update at 4:40. a lot of us still processing the historic hearing on capitol hill yesterday. senators now expected to move forward this morning on the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh. >> late last night the american bar association called for a delay until the fbi has a chance to investigate the accusations. if they move forward, a procedural vote is planned for tomorrow on the senate floor. a confirmation vote could come as early as next week.
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lana zak has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. president trump saying he found the testimony brutal and hard to watch. and across the country, reverberations, a 140% increase in a number of calls made to a sexual assault hotline. senators on capitol hill tried to reconcile two ease phoerblly char or emotionally charged testimonies. judge kavanaugh defending his reputation. >> you may defeat me in the final vote, but you will never get me to quit ever. >> the laughter. the uproarious laughter between the two. >> i have never sexually assaulted anyone. >> reporter: but both certain. >> none of these allegations are true. zero. >>
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do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100 percent. >> reporter: republicans frustrated that the allegation was revealed so late in the process. >> what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open, and hope you win in 2020. >> reporter: kavanaugh at times joining in the partisan fight. >> this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled by anger of president trump and the 2016 election, revenge on behalf of the clintons. this is a circus. >> reporter: beyond the political animus, there is a story of a woman who detailed how she survived a sexual assault. her courage hailed on both sides. >> i'm an independent person, and i am no one's pawn. >> reporter: senators can choose to side with just one. the clock is ticking with a full confirmation as soon as tuesday.
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there is no plans on hearing from mark judge or the other two accusers. lana zak, abc 7 news. reaction to the hearing has been pouring in on social media. president trump said kavanaugh's testimony was, quote, powerful, honest, and riveting. he calls this process a total sham and an effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. alyssa milano was in the hearing to show support for dr. blasey ford. they said to look her in the eye and allow themselves to feel something. sw scott wiener said he lacks the temperament to serve as a judge. he is a political hack. and sarah sanders says lindsey graham has more decency and courage than every democrat
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member of the committee combined. that is in response to senator graham telling his colleagues this is the most unethical sham since he's been in politics. >> leaders say that is a prime example of what happens when people testify without an investigation. >> that means there is a focus on demeanor. it's not always the most reliable thing. for example, many people are talking about how brett kavanaugh's anger, that's how someone who had been falsely accused would react. it's also how someone caught in a lie would react. >> he is a former classmate of yale. he said he is glad the american bar association is calling for an investigation. >> on the peninsula, some of ford's neighbors rallied outside of city hall. >> nearly 150 people were at the rally organized by a group of palo alto mothers.
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they wanted to especially sure blasey ford wasn't alone as she told her story. >> we all look out for each other's kids. we bike to go to dog parks together. this is an extension of that, our community showing support. >> when you're supporting christine, what you're really supporting is women and women's rights. ? people also wrote messages oven couragement on giant pieces of paper that will be delivered to blasey ford. >> the group that runs the national sexual assault hotline was flooded with calls during and after blasey ford's testimony r.a.i.n.n., it was its experiencing unprecedented wait times for their online chats. so the group is encouraging people to call instead. 800-656-4673. and of course if you're in immediate danger, always call 911. we have resources on our website
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to help you take action and find your ally, along with other links on sexual assault and harassment. go to dublin police are investigating an anonymous threat to hurt students at dublin school. this is video from the campus last year when a woman called in a bomb threat. yesterday the dublin unified school district alerted parents there was a bomb at the school with the intention of carrying it out next monday. additional resources have been made available out of caution. if it is deemed credible, more information will be given. they are working closely with police. inton to create a conservatorship program for homeless people suffering from mental illness and addiction. thet allows a
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judge to order someone to undergo treatment, includingleg implement this law. critics say the law raises questions about the balance between medical care and personal liberties. a north bay city is taking extra precautions to fireproof neighborhoods. novato will clear overgrown brush near open fields near homes. the chief told city council the work needs to be done as soon as possible but they need the funding to do it. novato will consider implementing partial taxes and service fees. >> and good morning. taking a look at temperatures in the east bay right now. look at this. 50s from san leandro to union city. fremont, 52. similar story in berkeley at this hour. the broader picture from the coast to the bay, mainly in the 50s. there's your lone exception,
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eeng l60 latertoday, theat we're going t cooler today than we were yesterday afternoon. especially inland by 10 to 15 degrees. inland, we're in the 70s to 80s. 80, livermore and antioch. san jose, 76. 77 in santa rosa. the coast will stay shrouded in cloud cover. a little bit of afternoon sunshine, 64 degrees. take a look at the next three days. today you could see most spots are in the 70s. as we look at tomorrow, temperatures take a dip a bit. it comes with a chance of drizzle in the north bay, overnight into sunday. no, it won't be 4 in the north bay. that's a typo. that would be really cool. but it l in the 70s for the most part. the heat is out of here. traffic-wise, how are we doing? >> we're friday light so far. we'll enjoy it for now, right. taking a look the at our traff
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maps. i do have one significant slowdown in the east bay. oakland, northbound 880, full closure at 23rd for overnight road work. they should be done with this in 20 minutes. 5:00 a.m., scheduled pickup time. you can see the solid light approaching the closure. adding 10, 15 minutes to your trip. if you're not in a big rig, stick to 580. that is wide open this morning. slight delays out of central valley. west bound 580, tracy to dublin, 33 minutes. dublin to mission boulevard, 15. 101 to cupertino, looking great at 15 minutes. thanks, alexis. boys will be boys is no longer an excuse. now schools are changing the way they teach teens about consent dancing on
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>> it's 4:43 on our friday. to the south we go, l.a., 80. 73 in san diego. sacramento, not too bad at 81 degrees. back at home, the three-day forecast is all about the cooler, comfortable afternoon. as we head into the weekend, a chance of sprinkles in the north bayment we'll look at the timing coming up in five minutes. jessica, ridge where
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drew, thank you. in light of christine blasey ford's testimony, a generation is no longer accepting pwoeugs will be boys as an excuse. >> the new birds and bees starts with boundaries and concept. >> reporter: a symposium held at san francisco state. colleges continue to make reference to the red zone. the first months on campus when students are on their own for the first time. >> statistically, the most vulnerable are female freshman. >> reporter: all incoming freshman have to take sexual assault training during orientation at san francisco state. >> it is important they are able to get the education around their rights, how to party safe. and also where to get support >> reporter: california is one of two states that requires consent to be part of sexual education in schools. maryland is the other. it starts in the ninth grade.
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>> we talk about no means no a lot. yes means yes. people should be looking for affirmative consent around sexual activity >> reporter: the conversation around consent must be initiated by mom and pop. today parents also believe the adage boys will be boys should no longer be accepted in society. >> boys are responsible and need to be respectful, as girls need to be too. so, no, i think boys have a lot of responsibility in changing that mentality. >> reporter: peter is a parent of two college students. he said the kavanaugh hearings has shed light on excessive drinking among young adults. >> i know what goes on. my kids are no different than anybody else's kids. all you can do is tell them you will pay the consequences if you go down the wrong path. >> for complete coverage of the testimony, head to we he posted this article with
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the highlights from yesterday's hearing on the home page >> president trump postponed his meeting with rod rosenstein to avoid interfering with the judiciary hearing yesterday. the meeting is now planned for next week. his job is in question following reports he suggested secretly recording the president and using the constitution's 25th amendment to remove him from office. he has denied those reports. a legal team in san francisco is helping undocumented youth replay for daca, the program that shields them from deportation and gives them the ability to work legally in the u.s. daca protected 700,000 immigrants that came to the united states as children. the program has been in limbo since last year when president trump announced that he would phase it out. >> the problem with daca is it has never been written into law. it came about through action by president obama, which is why it
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has always been vulnerable. >> i hope when people are making decisions that affect my life, that they think of me as a human being. >> while the courts determine the legality of daca, those caught in the middle are waiting a permanent political solution. ♪ >> in san jose, dancers perform hundreds of feet in the air on the side of one of downtown's most iconic buildings. they practiced in public last night. more free performances at 7:00 tonight and tomorrow night at the hammer theater center. it is holding a celebration to kick off its fall schedule. isn't that amazing? >> wow. >> i love that. i could watch that the rest of the morning. >> i know. that is so >> that's my worst nightmare. on a building 100 feet up. no. i can appreciate the beauty of someone dancing on the side of the building.
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>> as long as you're on the ground. >> let's talk about what's happening on the weather forecast. a lot of cloud cover. live doppler 7, overcast skies across the majority of the region. we'll get afternoon sunshine in. it will take its time. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you we had overcast skies from this vantage point early on. we're dealing with temperatures in the 50s from the coast to the bay, inland. 59, san jose. 55 in san francisco. brent wood, 59 degrees. highs today, we'll see the gradual clearing to the coast. i think the cloud cover will still be across the the coast for much of the day. half moon bay, 61. 69 in oakland. afternoon sunshine. 76 in san jose. inland, you'll be be comfortable today. upper 70s to near 80. a dramatic drop in temperatures compared to yesterday. as we head into saturday, though, there is a chance of a couple of showers in the north bay as that cooler weather
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continues to sit overhead. 3:00 in the afternoon, it would be extreme northern portions of sonoma and napa county. any rainfall we do see would be less than a tenth of an inch. the chances there for sprinkles in the north bay. accuweather seven-day forecast. a sprinkle saturday. the best bet is tuesday with chance of showers. overall, we are doing great, drew. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. that will be closer to 5:30, since it is friday. we have a stack up in the cash lanes. fast track not seeing any delays. carpool lanes not open yet. quick reminder, salesforce transit center remains closed. fremont street closed from howard to mission. transit is using temporary transbay terminal until next week. casual carpool may be affected
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today. alexis, thank you. the federal government is suing tesla ceo aoe were lesselon mus. in today's "tech bites", tesla's elon musk has tweeted his way into fraud charges. >> the sec wants musk removed as tesla and chairman ceo. he is accused of making false statements when he tweeted he might take the company private. he calls the move unjustified. amazon is making a new move into brick and mortar retail. >> it is opening a general store called amazon four star. it will be stocked with amazon's best-selling items. prime members will always pay online price. lg is offering a sneak peek at its new five-camera cell phone. >> the company plans to reveal new details next week. >> those are your "tech bites".
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>> have a great day. a former apple employee is suing the company. however he says changed after steve jobs's death. clearing up by living off the grid.
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and eekend event sun. we have the fulsom street fair.
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temperatures by 3:00 only topping out at 64 degrees. jessica. the first dui conviction involving an electric scooter in los angeles. a man pleaded no contest to driving a bird scooter while drunk and hitting a pedestrian last month. when they caught him, his blood alcohol was three times over the legal limit. he faces three years probation and a $550 fine >> passengers flying out of l.a.x. may want to think twice about carrying marijuana on the plane. a written policy post indeed january say small amounts can be carried through l.a.x. police worn pot possession remains a federal crime and tsa may catch you before you get on the plane. tsa would turn people over to police. l.a.x. police say people carrying no more than one ounce would be let go because there's no crime. however, police warn laws vary state to state.
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so they encourage you to do your research before you travel. a former apple engineer has filed a lawsuit against the cupertino tech giant seeking damages for being wrongfully dismissed. he wants to be acknowledged for inventing the find my iphone function. the mercury news reports darren eastman claimed apple turned against customers after steve jobs passed away in 2011. he said employees were expected to notify jobs of any unresolved problems with company products. attempts to do the right thing under tim cook are met with swift retaliation. apple declimbed to comment on claims made in the lawsuit. and 4:55 on this friday morning. the cloud cover we have overhead is going to be slow to clear. by 11:00 later today, you can still see in the morning we're dealing with fog not only in the east bay but along the coast. it leads to a comfortable afternoon. so much cooler today compared to
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yesterday. our warmest spots only in the upper 70s to near 80 inland. around the bay shoreline, cool this time of year. mid to upper 60s from san francisco. san jose, 76 later today. now the roads with alexis. good morning. good morning, drew. we have not had any major incidents so far. however, we have road work slowing us down in oakland. a full closure at 23rd. they should be done with this very quickly at about 5:00. they are scheduled to pick up the cones. for now, looking at a 15, 20-minute delay. take 580 or surface streets as well. you will be rounded off the next few minutes at 23rd. bay bridge okay into san francisco. we have the partial closure at fremont due to the transit center closure. right now that is looking fine, along with harrison off-ramp. thanks, alexis. chp has issued safety guidelines on lane splitting that applies not only to motorcyclists but
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also to driver. it is when motorcyclists pass other vehicles by riding between them. our state law has allowed that for nearly two years. for the first time, chp says interfering with lane splitting is illegal, including opening your car door or intentionally blocking a motorcyclist. motorcyclists are warned not to lane split next to large vehicles like big rigs and buses. there's a good chance you're about to see a lot more events featuring cannabis in the bay area. new at 5:00, we'll explain why. also, a local college classmate of brett kavanaugh kept why he et until now. she said she's had enough. a safety mee
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what a day yesterdayment quite emotional for people across the country. the palo alto woman accusing him of sexual assault. there is a chance elon musk could be removed as head of tesla. a big temperature shift on the horizon. good morning to you. you've made it to friday, september 28th. it's 5:00 a.m. it really feels like fall out there. you're never more than 7 minutes away from your forecast. drew, i can feel it being cooler in the mornings. >> a lot of folks are wanting to rid themselves of heat. outside, exploratorium camera showing cloud cover. a misty picture from the skyline in san francisco. 12-hour day planner today. a lot of cloud cover early on. gradual clearing to the coast. the coast will stay


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