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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 8, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news tropical threat. michael barrelling towards florida, expected to make landfall as a category 2 hurricane. a state of emergency now declared. highway horror. 20 people killed when a limo on its way to a birthday party blows past a stop sign crashing into a parked suv. >> we need multiple ambulances. >> the accident now the deadliest crash in the u.s. in nearly a decade. what we're now learning about the victims. four of the victims sisters, one recently married and another newlywed couple on board. now one of the victim's family members joins us this morning. kavanaugh confirmed. justice brett kavanaugh now sworn into the highest court amid protests on capitol hill. what first lady melania trump is
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saying about the firestorm. medical mystery. doctors racing to find answers after a spike in a polio-like disease striking young children. the pop star getting political. taylor swift making a rare move breaking her silence, making her choice known in a heated election. how fans are reacting this morning. ♪ how you like me now the secret behind this $1.4 million prank. the shocking moment a banksy work of art shreds itself right after it's sold. what the artist is now revealing. we do say good morning, america. hope everybody had a fantastic weekend and it's great to start this monday morning with whit and cecilia by my side. %-p. >> how did you like that shredding? you spend all that money and then -- >> they say it might be worth millions more now. >> really? >> that's what they're saying.
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>> that's the word on the street, we'll see. but ginger, it looks like this could make landfall as a strong category 2? >> it does. on the current track it's just short of hurricane status but it should become a hurricane later this morning just south and west of cuba in its current point but it will move quickly through the gulf of mexico, use that warm water in the gulf and that's why we have hurricane watches up from the alabama/florida state line alabama/florida state line right through suwanee, florida. that includes panama city and looks like it would make landfall near port st. joe. remember, there's a cone for a reason, but there's still some variables in play. from mobile all the way through the bend, i'd pay attention to this one. the only good news, it's moving quickly. so by thursday it's over georgia, south carolina and north carolina by friday out of here. in the wake of it, we could see rain up to a foot locally storm surge watches including tampa
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bay. with 2 tot of surge tre i've covered storms in the area. only good news it's swampland but we'll be keeping an eye on this and ready for a raucous mid week. sy cecilia. >> thank you, ginger. new details on that stretch limo crash in upstate new york. four sisters and their family and friends out for a birthday celebration. in all, 20 people killed making it the deadliest crash in this country in nearly a decade. abc's erielle reshef has the latest. >> be advised. we got two cars off in the brush. >> reporter: this morning, the ntsb investigating the country's deadliest transportation accident in nearly a decade. >> we need multiple ambulances, put a med life on standby. >> reporter: 18 people inside a limo killed when officials say it barreled through an intersection in upstate new york plowing into a crowded restaurant parking lot slamming into an empty suv, striking and
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killing two bystanders before landing in a wooded area. in total 20 people died. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific. i've been on the board for 12 years and this is one of the biggest loss of lives that we've seen. >> reporter: barbara douglas tells abc news her four nieces, amy, abigail, mary and allison, were among the passengers riding in a 2001 stretch ford excursion similar to this one posted on the company's website when it crashed. >> i had four nieces, they're all dead. they were in there. >> reporter: one of the sisters, amy, had just gotten married earlier this summer to her husband axel steenburg. >> you have showed me what true love is. i dream of us growing old and traveling the world hand in hand. i love you always. >> reporter: amy posting this selfie of her with her husband just three days before the accident writing on facebook, i just wanted to say axel steenburg, i love you more than words can say.
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their uncle says they're the ones who rented the limo to keep the girls safe. the four sisters part of a group on the way to a surprise party for the youngest's 30th birthday, 26-year-old amanda halse and her boyfriend patrick cushing. axel's brother was also in the limo and leaves behind two kids. his wife did not come along because she was not feeling well and stayed home. abc news has also learned that newlyweds erin and shane mcgowan were among the victims. her aunt saying she was a beautiful sweet soul, he was too. they had everything going for them. and there are already two vigils scheduled to honor the victims. one of them we now know worked at a nearby school. there have been grief counselors on hand and stress debriefing for those emergency workers who responded to this unimaginable tragedy. cecelia. >> just so absolutely heartbreaking. erielle, thank you. whit.
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more now on the investigation into this accident. the deadliest in the u.s. since a plane crash in 2009. our senior transportation correspondent david kerley is also in schoharie, new york. >> reporter: this is what the go team will look at as well as the crash site. ended up in parking lot, trying to find answers to why this happened. this morning federal investigators are on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. in the moments that this limousine blasted through an intersection resulting in the death of all 18 inside the vehicle as well as two people in the parking lot. >> today is really our first full day of boots on the ground. we're looking at the human, the
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machine and the environment. >> reporter: neither the ntsb or the police are ready to say what caused the crash, they're examining whether speed, brakes or the driver may have been responsible. new york authorities say only those in the front seat are required to wear seat belts. federal documents revealing this morning that the limo company owned three vehicles. four out of five inspections of that company over the past two years put vehicles out of service. that's four times the national average. this weekend's incident follows a series of deadly limousine accidents. in 2015, four women were killed and several others injured when a truck slammed into the middle of the limo on long island. nearly splitting that vehicle in half. and two years earlier a limousine carrying nine women for a bachelorette party were trapped when it caught fire on a san francisco bridge. they actor ss ich are modified ere or
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mandated safety checks to make sure that the vehicles are roadworthy. many models also lack basic safety measures including side impact air bags, reinforced roll over protection bars, structurally sound frames and emergency exits. this has been a troublesome intersection in the past. the ntsb though will be looking at everything as we mentioned. the limo, the driver, all aspects of this investigation and it could take several months up to a year, robin, before we get a final answer from the ntsb. >> people want to know those answers, david, you know that. thank you so much. earlier i spoke with karina halse whose sister, amanda, was killed in the crash and with karina, her boyfriend ian griffen and i asked what she was being told by authorities. >> we were told that the limousine was going down the hill over 60 miles an hour, missed the stop sign and then hit another car which hit two more pedestrians and killing 20 altogether.
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>> when was the last time that you heard from your sister, amanda? >> saturday was the last time that i had texted her. however, i just saw her last saturday. me, her and my mom all went to this little plant shop in vermont and we had just a really nice day out together, and that was the last time i saw her. >> i hope that brings you some measure of comfort that you saw her so recently and you had such -- >> of course. >> -- a good time with her, karina. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> and did you know anybody else that was traveling with your sister at the time? >> yeah. my sister was in the limousine with her boyfriend patrick. and then i think the rest of the people are all friends of patrick and amanda. >> tell us what your sister -- tell us a bit about her. what were her interests? what did she like to do? >> my sister was the most
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beautiful soul i have been so grateful to know in my life. she was creative from the day that she was born. she was an artist, just drawing little cartoons when she was younger and maturing into more realistic paintings with oils and acrylics and just drawing on everything that she could. she was such a charismatic person and she just wanted to make sure everyone was happy and i -- i am so grateful that she was my sister out of everyone else on this earth and i will always have her in my heart. >> and how do you want us to remember her, your sister amanda? >> if i could have anyone remember amanda with one thing, it would just be to follow one of her characteristics of not sweating the small stuff and just be grateful that you're here on this earth and just be able to be grateful for every day and don't take things so seriously, just let loose a little bit, because that's how amanda lived her life to the fullest every single day. >> bless your heart. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts of your sister and
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i'm glad that your boyfriend, ian, is there beside you to give you the support that you and others need during this difficult time. we thank you both very, very much. you take care. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> she spoke so movingly of her sister. it's still so incredibly difficult to believe that all the passengers, all 18 and the 2 bystanders, 20 people lost their lives like that. >> really hard. >> so many questions. >> certainly thinking of them. we do want to turn to washington now. over the weekend brett kavanaugh was officially sworn in by chief justice john roberts. tonight, he heads to the white house for a swearing in with president trump and with this divided country closely watching tomorrow justice kavanaugh will begin hearing his very first cases. our senior national correspondent terry moran is at the supreme court with the very latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. so, brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh, just the 114th supreme court justice in our long history, sworn in by chief justice roberts. several other supreme court justices were in attendance.
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including ruth bader ginsburg and elena kagan. but the wounds from that ferocious confirmation battle are unlikely to heal any time soon. this morning, newly sworn in brett kavanaugh ready to take his seat on the high court as the newest supreme court justice. but his confirmation was a deeply polarizing one as protests continued before and even after the vote. this is kavanaugh's convoy driving past protesters on his way to be sworn in by chief justice john roberts. over the weekend the backlash from democrats was swift. >> he's going to be on the supreme court with a huge taint and a big asterisk after his name and the partisanship he showed was astounding. >> reporter: but white house counselor kellyanne conway offered jon karl a different take. >> justice kavanaugh should not
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be seen as tainted but somebody who went through seven fbi investigations including just in this last week. >> reporter: kavanaugh's confirmation marks a sharp rightward shift for the supreme court and a triumph for conservatives. president trump eagerly took a victory lap at his rally in topeka, kansas, this weekend. >> the biggest thing a president can do, they've always said, is supreme court justice, the biggest, and some have had none. we've had two in less than two years. >> reporter: kavanaugh's confirmation was nearly as dramatic as the weeks that led up to with a 50-48 senate vote, that's the smallest senate margin in 137 years. helping to tip the balance in kavanaugh's favor was republican senator susan collins who said on "60 minutes" sunday that she's comfortable with her decision, but admits it was a tough one. >> i would have voted no if i
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disbelieved judge kavanaugh, but given his denials and the lack of evidence that this happened, i just did not think that it was fair. >> reporter: "saturday night live" once again offering their take of the whole saga. >> the people really wanted kavanaugh. everyone's pumped from white men over 60 to white men over 70. >> reporter: well, the real mitch mcconnell has reason to celebrate after keeping barack obama's nominee merrick garland off the court, kavanaugh is the second supreme court justice his senate has managed to confirm. and the cases are coming up quick, kavanaugh will face cases on gun rights, immigration, the pipeline, religious freedom and beyond. >> thank you terry. whit. now to those comments from first lady melania trump speaking out as she wrapped up her first solo international trip in africa about the supreme court battle and how she handles disagreements with her husband over his twitter habits.
7:15 am
abc's linsey davis is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: mrs. trump traveled to four countries in seven days, malawi, ghana, kenya and egypt, all part of her be best campaign aimed at helping children who are bullied on social media. speaking of social media, she told reporters that at times she's asked her husband who is also known for occasionally an abrasive tweet or two to put his phone down. the first lady touching down at joint base andrews on sunday after a whirlwind visit to several countries in africa. her first solo trip abroad. another first, answering questions from the press. >> this is incredible. >> reporter: from egypt, she weighed in on the controversial confirmation of her husband's pick for the supreme court. >> judge kavanaugh, i think he's highly qualified for the supreme court. i'm glad that dr. ford was heard. >> did you believe christine ford? >> i will move on that, and i think that all the victims, they -- we need to help all the
7:16 am
victims no matter what kind of abuse they had. >> reporter: mrs. trump also taking this opportunity to talk about her husband's tweets. >> well, i don't always agree what he tweets and i tell him that. i give him my honest opinion and honest advice and sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. >> have you ever told him to put his phone down? >> yes. >> reporter: when it comes to her voice, she says she prefers people focus on that instead of what she chooses to wear, the white hat she wore on safari in kenya evoking criticism for its similarity to the style worn by colonists in africa. >> you know what, we just completed an amazing trip. we went to ghana. we went to malawi. we went to kenya. here we are in egypt. i want to talk about my trip and not what i wear and that's very important what i do, what we do with u.s. aid and what i do with my initiatives and i wish people
7:17 am
would focus on what i do, not what i wear. >> reporter: the first lady visited several local orphanages and met with local leaders and also handed out educational supplies. she wants the world to know she has her own voice, her own opinions, again telling people she does, not what she wears and her clothes often make quite a statement. >> that jacket, i don't really care, do you? >> and speaking in front of the mysterious sphinx as well. that backdrop. a lot of people talking about that as well. thank you. tom llamas' interview happens "being melania, the first lady" that airs this friday, 10:00 p.m. eastern time on abc. >> thank you. ginger. major storm in the central part of the state. >> yeah, as if the potential for a hurricane isn't enough, look at this. hereford, texas, that tornado damage in fairfax, oklahoma, ang
7:18 am
from the mexican border up to wisconsin already this morning, missouri, flash flood warnings. warning about some of the highways like 70 shutting. look at this. the severe storms forecast not just in texas today but a large l oe your local weather in 30 seconds. select cities sponsored by tide pods. select cities sponsored by tide pods.
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>> so, it's october. it's going to be in the 80s this week. why not bring you a little bit of this. >> oh. >> i love that. >> so pretty. >> where's that? >> vermont. that should freshen things up a little. coming up, taylor swift getting political. rare move for the star. who she's endorsing and why and the reaction this morning. and the ufc fight that devolved into chaos inside and outside the ring. to make sure that we get there safely, and that we leave that scene safely and go home at night, is train.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro. happening today, two candidates for california governor will face off in a live debate. democrat gavin newsome and republican john cox will answer questions on kqed starting at 10:00 a.m. the debate will last an hour. kqed won't take live callers during the broadcast. instead, questions from the audience are solicited ahead of time. and good morning. better news on the roadway this morning. we had an earlier accident that's been cleared out of lanes but slow traffic does remain. also, if you're heading into the san francisco area, we had an earlier accident. 101 northbound. that's been cleared. and if you're leaving dublin for the dublin grade westbound 580 after 680, that's been cleared, but the slow remains. >>
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good monday morning. let me get you updated on the wind advisory. continues until 9:00. a lot of leaf and tree debris blowing around. this is leading to a red flag warning. that goes until 9:00 this morning. now, temperatures, 67 in san francisco right now. san ramon is 53. 62 in san jose. 56 in santa rosa and napa. as far as on the roads, ferry ride, mass transit, everything is going to be good today. the seven-day forecast, cooling tomorrow through wednesday. the potential for fire danger friday. >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma," first lady melania trump back from her overseas trip and taking questions from the press about the supreme court battle and
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for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. ♪ don't stop believin' got a fist pump from whit. >> love it. love it. >> don't stop believin' and we didn't, steve perry singing that journey classic. well, this morning, that man right there is going to be here for his first live interview in the u.s. in more than two decades and he has some beautiful new music that is out and he's revealing the love who inspired it and we cannot wait to talk to him in our 8:00 hour. >> cecilia and i are from the bay area. this is like lifeblood. journey, steve perry. yes. >> hope you're okay with us creeping in the background. >> i might sneak the shot a little bit. >> of course. >> much more on that coming up. first the top headlines we're following. a state of emergency has been declared in florida as that tropical threat michael moves
7:31 am
in, expected to make landfall wednesday as a strong category 2 hurricane. secretary of state mike pompeo is overseas. he met with north korean leader kim jong-un on sunday and says they made significant progress toward an agreement for the north to give up its nuclear weapons. pompeo also says logistics for the next summit between president trump and kim jong-un is, quote, pretty close. and take a look at this. an incredible shot you have to see to believe. there it is. we all know -- boom. right in the basket. we know what steph curry can do on the court but this basket -- this was at a golden state warriors open practice, stunned even the fans. steph nailing that half-court shot over the shoulder. no look. there's like a gravitational pull between his hand and the basket, you know, always goes in. >> awesome. all right, let's turn to taylor swift. she is the latest celebrity to jump into the nation's heated political debate. the midterm race in her home state of tennessee is a major battle. swift had avoided politics in the past but abc's eva pilgrim is here with more, and, eva, probably not a surprise to many
7:32 am
she's picking the democrat in this race. >> but it is a surprise she's actually speaking about politics. this is so out of the norm for taylor swift who until now has avoided any comment about politics, even taking out a post to encourage people to vote. she made it clear to her 112 million followers on instagram and the world where she stands. taylor swift is known for belting out ballads of heartbreak. ♪ you love the game >> reporter: and girl power anthems. ♪ shake it off but this morning, she's using her voice in a whole new way, writing on an instagram post overnight, in the past i've been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world the past two years, i feel very differently about that now. swift, who stayed silent during the 2016 presidential election, now coming forward to endorse two democrats running for office in her home state of tennessee.
7:33 am
swift saying she cannot support gop senate candidate marsha blackburn because her voting record in congress appalls and terrifies me. the superstar writing, i cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for all americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love. these are not my tennessee values. >> because she hasn't come out in this way before, we don't really know what a weaponized taylor swift is going to look like or the impact that it's going to have. >> reporter: instead she says she will be supporting phil bredesen for senate and jim cooper for the house. >> some people are saying really kind of patronizingly, oh, please stay out of politics. i even saw one man saw because of your political views my daughter will not be attending your concert. >> reporter: many on twitter like debra messing supporting swift saying, thank you, taylor. others are outraged saying, you picked the wrong side. we are never ever getting back together. she ended her instagram urging everyone, no matter what side they are on, to get out and vote.
7:34 am
so many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count. and swift will open the american music awards on tuesday which will air here on abc. it's her first ama performance since 2014. just shows you how much is at stake in the midterm elections. >> it's a fine line, kanye, you never know which side you'll end up on with your fans. see how that goes. >> we will. thank you very much, eva. now to the chaos at the ufc championship fight. both in and out of the ring. the winner actually climbing over the cage attacking his opponent's team and then someone else jumping in throwing punches. the whole event ending in arrests. kayna whitworth is in l.a. has that story for us. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. unbelievable. this was touted as one of the biggest fights in mma history but nobody thought it would end like this and as of this morning, the nevada athletic commission is still withholding the winner's $2 million fight
7:35 am
purse while an investigation is under way. >> all hell has broken loose. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: massive melee breaking out after this mma fight. celebrities like chris pratt, matt damon and mel gibson in attendance and 3.5 million people watching on pay-per-view. the undefeated khabib nurmagomedov versus the fan favorite, connor mcgregor battling it out. but the nearly one-sided bout ended with conor losing to khabib. watch. moments later khabib leaps into the crowd, attacking members of connor's team. then chaos in the octagon. the man in the red shirt climbs the cage punching mcgregor in the back of the head. boxing legend mike tyson in the front row, later in a tweet calling it crazier than my fight riot. >> it's bad. there's going to be an
7:36 am
investigation by the nevada state athletic commission and big money fines and these guys are in big trouble. >> reporter: bad blood between the fighters building after connor attacked khabib's bus in april. khabib inside when conor began throwing chairs and breaking windows. tmz caught the attack on tape conor would eventually plead guilty to disorderly conduct and it's likely not the end for these two fighters. conor tweeting out that he's ready to go again, good knock, looking forward to the rematch. three members of khabib's team were detained but released because conor didn't want to press charges. khabib holds his title as lightweight champion. but could be stripped of that. he said there would be no post-fight handshake but really i don't think anybody expected anything quite like that. >> maybe not quite like that. but not too terribly surprising but unfortunate it went that far. kayna, thank you very much. >> when mike tyson calls it
7:37 am
crazy, you know you have a brawl on your hands. >> good point, whit. good point. coming up, doctors racing to find what's behind a spike in a polio-like illness striking multiple children in one state. state. 1] this... [woman 2] ..this... [man 1] ...this is my body of proof. [man 2] proof of less joint pain... [woman 3] ...and clearer skin. [man 3] proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... [woman 4] ...with humira. [woman 5] humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. [avo] humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b,
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get mentally prepared... could listening to audible bring out your best? i want you to own it. go after that goal. the most inspiring stories, fitness, wellness and more. download audible and listen for a change. back now with that race to find answers after six children were struck by a polio-like disease in minnesota in the last three weeks.
7:41 am
gio benitez has more. good morning, gio. >> robin, good morning. the illness is pretty rare, less than 400 cases in the u.s. over the past four years but this morning, these six cases have health officials scratching their heads and desperate for answers. this morning, an unfolding medical mystery in minnesota after six kids are diagnosed with a sudden polio-like illness. >> he started just complaining of just really bad neck stiffness. he couldn't move his neck and then his left arm. >> reporter: 7-year-old quinton hill is one of those children diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis or afm. >> we thought it was a dead arm like he was laying on it funny and didn't think much of it at first but a couple hours later we started getting concerned. >> reporter: the department of health in minnesota saying they see at most one case of it a year. this is six cases in the past three weeks. state health officials now working to figure out why. >> because there isn't a particular germ or pathogen that we know that causes it, and there isn't a treatment for it, it's really pretty challenging
7:42 am
for public health to address. >> reporter: and it's an incredibly serious illness. the cdc says afm presents like polio or west nile. symptoms include weakness, loss of muscle tone, facial droop, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and in severe cases paralysis. >> this is obviously a very serious illness and what we've told parents is, if you have a child who's exhibiting these symptoms it's really important that they get seen and evaluated right away. >> reporter: a similar spike in cases in seattle back in 2016 claimed the life of 6-year-old daniel ramirez. meanwhile, quinton's father in minnesota saying the boy's fighting with all he's got. >> we know he's super resilient. if anyone gets it back we firmly believe he will. >> reporter: again, health officials don't know what caused this recent uptick. now, the father of another child in the hospital tells us his 5-year-old daughter sofia is walking and is in higher spirits. they hope to move her to a rehab
7:43 am
center very soon and we hope so too. >> we're thinking of them and all the children affected. is there a cure? >> no cure right now and that's why it's so important that these health officials figure out what's causing this. >> yeah, they need to do that. gio, thanks. coming up here on "good morning america," that secret behind the $1.4 million prank, a painting shredding itself moments after it was bought. what the artist banksy is now saying. ght. what the artist banksy is now saying. t thing you can build. i'm adam, and i make robots. you never know when inspiration is going to strike. so i take my surface pro everywhere. part of an entrepreneur's job is to get stuff done. i like to do, like, four things at once. the new surface pro can handle all of my programs. i can paint, i can mold, i can code. i have it on all the time, it's fantastic. we get to build toys for kids and change the world. it's a big deal.
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and we are back now with that stunning $1.4 million prank the artist banksy shocking guests at a london auction house, one of his signature works shredded just after it was sold. abc's t.j. holmes is here with how he did it and why the painting now could be worth even more, t.j.? >> yes, cecilia, see, banksy is a world famous yet anonymous street artist. he has railed for years against people trying to make money off his art. art and the excesses of the art world. but this weekend he went mission impossible on the art world. this piece of art will self-destruct in five seconds if you dare try to sell it at auction. that's a $1.4 million piece of art self-destructing for all the world to see. "girl with balloon,," a painting
7:48 am
from street artist banksy on sale at sotheby's in london this weekend. it had just sold for that 1.4 mill. and as soon as it did, an alarm sounds. the canvas starts sliding down and shreds in front of bewildered fans and collectors alike. soon after banksy posted this photo on instagram writing, going, going, gone. then this video showing how he secretly built a shredder inside the painting's frame years ago in case it was ever put up for auction. as dramatic as this was, it's not necessarily uncharacteristic for banksy. the elusive artist who never revealed his true identity to the public, famous for creating anti-establishment, satirical and provocative works he also loves pranks like sneaking this fake cave painting into the british museum where it stayed for several days undetected. but his latest hoax pulled off so brilliantly and flawlessly, some wonder if the auction house was in on it saying the
7:49 am
unusually thick size of the frame should have raised eyebrows. also noting that paintings this size are usually placed on easels and one more thing, the timing was a bit suspicious as it was the last painting for auction at the end of the night. and it was an anonymous bidder so if you're on the phone and you just spent 1.4 million and what you just invested in goes into shreds, you might be upset or would you because they're saying now it's possibly going to be worth a whole lot more because it's now a part of art history. >> oh, my goodness. okay. >> i don't get art either. >> there's so many questions here but, one, banksy, was he in the auction room because someone had to set off the shredder, right? >> okay, speculation is he could have sent somebody in there, sure, but now there's someone in the room people point to and say that might be the guy right there. he had on glasses, looked a little suspicious. somebody had to be there because this painting was given persal to some 26. that means that's a heck of an energizer battery to stay ready
7:50 am
for 12 years. someone had to have access to it recently possibly to switch out -- the mystery -- we won't figure it out this morning. i'm the best journalist i can be. >> do you still hang it on the wall all shredded up? >> yes, you could put it back together. they got people who can piece these things back together but you want to show -- i own art history now from banksy. >> okay. >> or a big old prank. >> exactly. coming up, the new lawsuit over lacroix. the allegations about what is inside the popular drink and the interview we are all waiting for, robin's one-on-one with former journey frontman steve perry. he is here for his first live interview in more than 20 years. ♪ no erasin' iew in more than 20 years. ♪ no erasin' peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
welcome back to "gma." snow in arizona. yes, the trough that deep, that's why we've got severe storms coming because there is a giant temperature gradient across our country right now. you can see cedar city, utah, a really pretty sight but that hanging plant there. you will want to put some away where you have freeze watches from colorado to the winter weather advisories happening in south dakota and north dakota. up to 6 inches.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by blue diamond almonds. crave victoriously. crave victoriously.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> hi, everybody. we still have issues with the winds until 9:00. you can see the areas in yellow there. gusts up to 50. that means we have a high fire danger above 1500 feet until 9:00. as far as getting your accuweather highlights, it's cooler and clearer the next couple days. then it gets warm once again. another potential fire danger develops friday and a warm weekend follows. sue? >> all right. we'll look at some trouble spots coming up at 7:57. we have an accident in alamo, northbound 680 near stone valley road with a lane blocked there. a motorcycle down on north 880 blocking the left lane. slow traffic from the tion.>> suha you. coming up, a health alert on
7:57 am
"gma." the fda expanding its recommendation for the hpv vaccination. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking right now, tropical threat. michael about to become a hurricane. the massive storm barreling towards florida expected to make landfall as a category 2. ginger is tracking the latest. "gma" health alert. the fda releasing new guidelines for the hpv vaccine now approved for women and men up to 45 years old. what you need to know this morning. dr. ashton is here with the latest. the popular drink lacroix water under fire. the company facing a class action lawsuit. allegations that it contains chemicals used in insecticides. what our experts say you really need to know about the ingredients. steve perry, the voice of one of the most beloved bands ever returning to music. his first live interview in years. just ahead this morning, opening up about his life, his new songs
8:01 am
and the woman who inspired it all. ♪ and where is the nicest place in america? we'll take you to the small town community thriving in the big city. how all these families became friends. it all started with a facebook group. welcome to the neighborhood. and what happens when tiffany haddish is sent on "gma's" special assignment? >> "gma," you ready? >> this happens. >> don't miss tv. i'm doing an interview today. >> get ready because she's saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ i can make your hands clap that makes our hands clap seeing tiffany. yi yes it does. good morning, america. great to have you with us on this monday morning. i'm sandwiched between two of the biggest journey fans ever. >> you are. >> yeah. >> we are fangirling. >> i'm a massive journey fan. steve perry, as well but i got actually booed off a karaoke stage attempting to sing
8:02 am
"lights" by journey back in the day. it was rough. >> wow. >> poor song choice for the amateur. >> we're not go to ask him to sing. >> no, we're not. >> i only sing '90s rap and disney songs following that traumatic event. >> one of the first dates that i dragged my husband to was a journey concert cover band. >> really? >> i knew he would be the guy to marry if he agreed to do that, a cover band. >> don't stop believin'. >> i have so much to ask steve perry. >> so when you're interviewing him and we're in the background with our lighters -- >> i understand? exactly. first, we have headlines to get to. we'll start with a dangerous new storm, michael, barreling toward florida. the governor there issuing a state of emergen strengthens. let's go back to ginger and it could make landfall as a strong category 2. >> it would happen wednesday. looks like i'm making a trip to florida as others are ahead of the storm. east of cozumel, east-northeast by about 120 miles but impacts in key west.
8:03 am
stormy conditions. you can see from the image there, the clouds very low, and it's going to be a whole lot more than breeze when it gets to the coast wednesday. that's why we have a hurricane watch from the alabama state line to the suwanee river. right here in florida. tropical storm watches well beyond that that include tampa bay. timing, wednesday afternoon and evening for landfall. keep in mind that cone, not just the line that goes somewhere just near port st. joe but watch also as this thing flies inland. so thursday here in georgia, south carolina, north carolina, they don't need any more rain but they'll get some. up to 8 inches in some places and then storm surge, robin. we're looking for two to four feet in the tampa bay area. >> all right, ginger, thank you. let's turn to that deadly limo crash in upstate new york. on their way to the birthday celebration. abc's erielle reshef is on the scene with the latest on this investigation. good morning, again, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia.
8:04 am
this restaurant was packed at the time that limo came barreling through the parking lot. the passengers inside hiring the limo thinking they were doing the right thing by having a designated driver. >> be advised, we got two cars off in the brush. >> reporter: this morning, the ntsb investigating the country's deadliest transportation accident in nearly a decade. >> we need multiple ambulances. put a med life on stand by. >> reporter: 18 people inside a limo killed when officials say it barreled through an intersection in upstate new york plowing into a crowded restaurant parking lot, slamming into an empty suv striking and killing two bystanders before landing in a wooded area. in total, 20 people died. >> she texted a friend of hers and said, oh, my gosh, you won't believe what they just said. she said that this vehicle is a little sketchy because it made a lot of noise, it didn't look good. i don't know if we're going to survive this.
8:05 am
20 minutes later she died. >> i've been on the board for 12 years, and this is one of the biggest loss of lives that we've seen. >> reporter: barbara douglas says her four nieces were among the passengers riding in a 2001 stretch ford excursion, similar to this one posted on the company's website, when it crashed. >> i had four nieces. they're all dead. they were in there. ♪ >> reporter: one of the sisters, amy, had just gotten married earlier this summer to her husband, axel steenburg. >> you have shown me what true love is. i dream of us growing old and traveling the world hand in hand. i love you always. >> reporter: another newlywed couple erin and shane mcgowan also lost near lives. 26-year-old amanda halse and her boyfriend patrick cushing were also among the victims. axel's brother rich was also in the limo. he leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter and 14-year-old st stepson.
8:06 am
and federal records show that limo company has had vehicles taken out of service in four out of five previous inspections. cecilia. >> okay, erielle, thank you. we just cannot send enough thoughts and prayers to them in that community. >> you're right about that. coming up, the lawsuit over lacroix. what the popular beverage is accused of putting in its all natural water. and that health alert, the hpv vaccine now approved for men and women up to 45. what it could mean in the fight against certain types of cancer. dr. ashton is here. plus, we have a star-studded morning. jamie lee curtis, the scream queen of "halloween" is back and here live in times square. plus, the rock legend behind some of our favorite songs. former journey singer steve perry is here live. former journey singer steve perry is here live. that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group
8:07 am
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8:11 am
welcome back to "gma." this wonderful audience to kick off a monday morning and now it's time for "pop news" with a.b. adrienne bankert. [ applause ] a little inspiration and a story of true love. we begin with tina turner's surprise in her upcoming memoir "my love story." the living legend revealed she had a life-saving kidney transplant and the donor was none other than her husband, irwin bach. turner suffered a stroke in 2013 just three weeks after they were married. her condition deteriorated fast and faced total kidney failure, she was shocked by her husband's offer to give her a kidney. she had the life-saving operation in 2017. turner says she is still managing her complications but she's now an advocate for organ donation. [ applause ] >> wow. >> wonderful news. >> her match was right next to her. now to one scandalously powerful woman. cover ofe aire's" racing the
8:12 am
november power issue talking about her return to broadway starring in "american son."pruc teenage son disappears and kerry opens up about motherhood and says her kids are her teachers and adds the children i got came in perfect and i have to figure out how to grow and evolve so i can support the truth of them. wow. >> beautiful. >> beautifully put. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> you talk to people and they say these are my kids but then i have other friends who say this is my stewardship. i'm taking care of these kids and making sure they're the best humans possible. that power issue hits newsstands october 18th so look forward to that. and finally, i know you have a dog. do you have a pet? >> no. >> i don't have a lifestyle for a pet. >> i have a dog. nemo. >> nemo, okay. >> he's a rascal. >> we have a contender for the cutest yearbook photo ever. check this out. this is rowdy. he's ready for his close-up.
8:13 am
he is a service dog for a student at m.g. kaufman elementary school in lake charles, louisiana, and didn't want to be left out of the picture day. so he got the bowtie, he's working on that smile. >> handsome fellow. >> he might be more photogenic than i was in school. very, very sweet. that's "pop news." >> all right, adrienne. [ applause ] i couldn't get nemo to sit still for five seconds to take a picture. >> he's a well-trained puppy there in our story. turning to our "gma" cover story, that lawsuit bubbling up over lacroix sparkling water. new claims are sparking concerns it could contain an ingredient used in an insecticide. abc's eva pilgrim here with that story. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, questions about what is in lacroix, that sparkling water that people just can't get enough of. is it natural and do we really need to be all that worried about it? lacroix's sparkling water has become a cultural phenomenon. >> do what i do and bathe in
8:14 am
lacroix sparkling water. >> reporter: lacroix sales growing 47% last year making it the number one brand of flavored bottled water in the u.s. advertised as a drink that contains only natural flavors, but this morning, those claims now coming under fire. the drink's parent company, national beverage corporation, is facing a class action lawsuit alleging lacroix water is manufactured using non-natural flavors and synthetic compounds. >> if the claims are substantiated, this could have a dire effect on the company. it could again force it to remove this substance from all of its water products. >> reporter: but lacroix says the allegations are false tweeting, all ingredients in lacroix are natural. allegations that claim otherwise are false and trouble us much as they trouble you. according to the suit, the company misled consumers by using an all natural label on its drinks alleging the sparkling water also contains
8:15 am
chemicals like linalool which is used a cockroach >> consumers should not be alarmed by the lawsuit. the compounds under discussion occur naturally in citrus beverages like orange juice, lime juice. >> scientists, at least one tells us that one of the chemicals is found on the citrus fruit when you pick them off the tree so questions about whether or not that is natural, cecilia. >> a lot of questions there. eva, thank you. let's turn to that "gma" health alert about the hpv vaccine. the fda is releasing new guidelines expanding the age range, now recommending men and women up to 45 get the vaccine,
8:16 am
which is used to prevent cervical cancer and other diseases and dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is -- yes, she deserves a big round of applause. this is an important topic. this is a big change. >> this is a big change and it's big news in medicine for men and women and it's big news in the cancer world. this vaccine came out in 2006. initially, it was recommended as young as 9 going up to age 26. then, the cdc really kind of tightened that age as recommended between 11 and 12 years of age for boys and for girls. >> a lot of people thought it was just for girls. >> that's right. it takes two. so boys also and this expanded range is really for people who may be entering the dating world or who may have missed that previous window for the vaccine because they are showing some immune protection against these nine strains of human papillomavirus when given to older adults. >> a lot of misinformation about hpv. >> a ton. >> we'll put our audience on the spot here. you guys have your paddles ready question, if you don't have sex, you don't have to worry about hpv, true or false?
8:17 am
>> oh, we have a smart audience, cecilia. you are on point. this is false. hpv, yes, it can be sexually transmitted but it absolutely can and is spread by just direct skin to skin contact so, again, this is an example where we need to uncouple the medical and the social. people get very heated about this because you can see this with sex but, again, this is not just genital cancer, it's cancers of the head and neck and it can be passed with direct skin to skin contact. >> one more. let's test your luck. if you've had hpv before, you can't get it again, true or false? >> you guys are pretty much right. there are 30 high risk strains sexually associated. about 100 total strains. you can get one strain. you'll be immune protected but you can get exposed to many others. that's where this vaccine's important. it is expensive but once we see national associations recommending it, insurance companies usually will follow suit and cover the cost. >> excellent information as
8:18 am
always. thank you. ginger, back over to you. it's time for your "gma" moment, cecilia. everybody, i want to go ahead and share with you -- i don't know about you, but we got the baby, my baby one of those walkers where they run around. usually my son, adrian pushes him. the older one pushes him. watch what happens with kennedy and sailor, two sisters. >> amber. >> no. >> go. >> the baby sailor is taking kennedy for a ride. yes. it's the opposite of -- that is a really strong baby. i'm going to tell adrian about that. send your "gma" moments to my facebook page.
8:19 am
[ cheers and applause ] forgive me, i was just back there giving steve perry a kiss. that's why i was late getting out here. it is a bittersweet story decades in the making. steve perry, quickly gained fame, as you know, as the frontman for journey before launching a solo career and then after stepping away he found true love, experienced heartbreaking loss and that has led to his first album in decades. it's called "traces" and steve is here for his first live tv interview in the u.s. for more than 20 years. but first, a look back at his career and the relationship that brought him back to music. ♪ >> reporter: he's the voice behind one of the biggest rock bands ever. selling over 48 million albums. ♪ don't stop believin'
8:20 am
>> reporter: steve perry, the frontman of the super group journey. ♪ someday love will find you >> reporter: at the height of their success, the powerhouse vocalist saying he lost his love of music. perry and journey ultimately deciding to go their separate ways. ♪ faithfully >> reporter: fans faithfully waiting more than two decades for perry to make more music. >> you are the rock and roll hall of fame. you put us here. >> reporter: in 2017, journey briefly reunited on stage as they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. but fans were still hoping for more, and now he's back with a new collection of songs. ♪ erasin' >> reporter: crediting kelly nash with his return to music. the pair met in 2011 as she was they quickly fell in love. for the next year and a half the couple inseparable but sadly in 2012, kelly passed away. as steve continues to heal from
8:21 am
the loss, he's turned back to music, much of his new album "traces" inspired by his love for kelly. [ cheers and applause ] all right. [ cheers and applause ] >> i gave them all money before i came out here. 20 bucks apiece. >> do you feel the love? >> i do now, yes, i do. >> it is wonderful to see you and we've been looking forward to this opportunity and can't thank you enough. >> thank you so much. i've been looking forward to meeting you too. >> bless your heart. what was that thought process like? i mean, you're at the height of your career and to make that decision to step away as you did -- >> it seems like it was a brilliant thought process but the truth is i had no choice. i was truly burned out. my emotion and my passion that i discovered for music and singing when i was about 6, 7 years old,
8:22 am
i couldn't find it anymore. i was still singing good but i wasn't connecting with it and as a result of that, i kept getting more empty and empty in my heart and i was getting really worried. in fact, it was scaring the hell out of me to be honest with you. that coupled with the touring schedule and the fatigue and that experience i just explained was too much. i had to stop. >> i'm glad that you did that. you had -- >> but it wasn't popular back then to do this, you know. >> i know. i know. >> taking care of yourself wasn't the thing to do. >> but you did it. >> rock till you drop was the thing to do, you know. >> but you're still here. >> i'm still here, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] and still sounding as wonderful as ever. you weren't even writing during this period of time. >> no, not at all. i know it's hard to believe. but no writing, no singing in the shower, nothing. i had to literally just walk away with it and i guess turn my heart off about to half to keep walking because it was too much of a draw to fall back in. it was a dream come true to be in journey. >> sure. >> and to be in front of all
8:23 am
these fans that loved our music, it was a dream. so to walk away, i had to turn my heart down. >> okay, but then your heart got turned back up in 2011, kelly. so you have a friend who's directing a tv show. >> patty jenkins. >> oh, it was patty? i love her. >> patty jenkins. the one and only. >> i didn't know it was patty and then you saw kelly on screen. >> i saw her on screen a tv show patty was directing called "five" on the lifetime network. i love editing. so we're hanging out. i had her stop real quick, who is that? is that an actress? no she i said do you have her e-mail? and patty knows i don't do this. she asked why? i don't know. there's something about her and so we talked a built. she said i'll send an e-mail but i should tell you something first, it came back and she's fighting for her life. it's in her lungs and bones. at that moment i had an opportunity, no harm, no foul. nobody needs to know nothing. i lost my parents.
8:24 am
i'm an only child and i walked away from a big career. enough already. and i my heart saidull. saw r. so i said, send the e-mail and i waited on pins and needles and we finally talked and went to dinner and were inseparable. >> it was a friendship that blossomed. >> it was inseparable. it was more than love. it was a connection. something new for me. i never experienced the word connection before or the feeling, you know, honestly. it was new. >> well, we hear it in your new music. i want to play a little bit for you. "call on me." >> she's in this. she's in the tail of it. >> let's listen. ♪ ♪ call on me ♪ call on me >> that's her laughter. >> that's her laughter in "call on me." i found that on one of my hard drives and i was messing with it
8:25 am
one day and put on headphones and joking with her and got her laughing. my favorite thing was to get her laughing. if i could get her laughing, she would get to the point where her mouth was open and she was trying to catch her breath and nothing is coming out. i'm kind of a ham for that. so i couldn't stop, you know. >> beautiful. >> but the record, by the way, is full of all sorts of songs. it isn't just about loss. it's about rock 'n' roll and reunions, going to high school reunion, some of you are old enough soon to be in high school reunions. >> that's what we love about you. >> yeah. >> it's just a mix like that. >> yeah. >> what was the promise that kelly made you make about returning to music? >> well, she was having a hard time and my favorite time was in the evenings when we would turn off the lights and give each other a smooch and then talk each other to sleep. it depended on who fell asleep first. she says, honey, i need to ask you to make a promise and i said, what's that? she said, i want you to promise if something was to ever happen to me that you won't go back into isolation for i feel it
8:26 am
would make this all for naught. and, you know, that was the biggest statement. of course, i said i promise but i want to make clear it wasn't like we weren't living our lives and going places. and doing things. she knew i wasn't singing in the shower. i wasn't writing music. i wasn't doing any music at all. that's what she was talking about. yeah. >> we're so glad you're doing that and could you make a promise next time that you're here you'll sing for us? [ cheers and applause ] sorry to put you on the spot. >> okay, okay. for you i'd do that. >> bless your heart. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> thank you very much. >> "traces" is out now. don't walk, run to get it.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> happy monday morning to you. i'm reggie aqui. happening today, the two candidates for california governor facing off in a live debate. this is being billed as the only debate before the election. they'll answer questions at kqe derks studios at 10r:00 a.m. that debate will last an hour. the questions from the audience will be solicited ahead of time. good morning, sue. >> good morning, reggie. some recovery out there on the roads. a couple earlier problems, 101 and also 680 near stone valley. that was an injury crash. you could see 680 northbound all the way from danville up to alamo is jammed. and one is a motorcycle down in the left lane.
8:28 am
slow traffic from 17 and the 280 junction. >> at least you have a
8:29 am
let's talk about those winds. for another half hour or so we have a wind advisory. we also a high fire danger until 9:00 also. above 1500 feet. look at all that sunshine. it'll be kind of hazy, cool this morning, but warm this afternoon. cooler weather through wednesday. warm again this weekend.
8:30 am
>> thanks, mike. ♪ back here on "gma" and this morning we're starting our countdown of the nicest places in america. we have partnered with our dear friends at "reader's digest" to look for communities that embody kindness, hope and respect. i had the great pleasure of being a judge. it wasn't easy and we heard from so many incredible communities like the one, adrienne, that you were blessed to get a chance to spend some time in. >> i lived in this city in burbank, california, and i was so excited to actually see a city that was from california on the nicest places map. these neighbors are being intentional about remaining a deeply connected and dedicated >> reporter: beyond the movie
8:31 am
sets and bright lights of hollywood, just 15 miles outside of downtown los angeles you'll find a cozy community in burbank, california, that somehow maintains its small town feel. when you live in the big city or someplace like southern california here it can be really hard to connect with your neighbors but we found one of the nicest streets with some of the nicest people. let's meet them. it all starts with the people on north evergreen street who are open and friendly. people like ashley erickson. >> i have two boys, 10 and 5. >> okay. >> so when we moved in here, we saw this tree and were like, okay, it's made for the swing so. >> can i try it? >> absolutely. >> it's been here for five years. it goes really high. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: with her desire to create a welcoming environment for her kids and knack for event planning -- >> national night out, 2018. >> reporter: ashley became the neighborhood organizer. what's the best thing about burbank? >> when i moved here i had no idea what i was getting myself into. no idea and these people have become my best friends. >> let's go. >> let's swing on by.
8:32 am
>> reporter: they say the magic happened by a connection through a private facebook group. >> we started it and now we've got almost 300 people from just the surrounding streets and the families in the area. >> meeting everybody through the group was an icebreaker to see who was living near us. >> the facebook page and ashley's events bring us all together. >> where is it at? >> reporter: for years families have come here for parties in the park. >> you guys are so good. ♪ >> good job. >> reporter: sharing fresh picked produce. one couple brings homemade jam, another just baked cookies and even homemade wood fired pizza, john orr's oven is like community property. >> mm-mm. and it's all so delicious. and one family's backyard becomes everyone's playground. >> we're so fortunate in southern california. i have my orange tree. who needs a thousand oranges, right? >> you always want to feed people you didn't know and then
8:33 am
get to know them better? >> i guess so. i just like love making things. the facebook group, of course, made it really easy because i could just announce i made something. everybody come over. >> i'm hungry. i'm coming over. >> come on over. >> reporter: what kind of price tag can you put on it in terms of fulfilling you. >> it saved me. i think especially as a mom when you're raising kids it can feel really lonely, really, really lonely. when you can just go across the street, i'm having a hard day, can i let the kids play and have a glass of wine with you. >> what every human being boils down to we all want connection, a companionship, a connection to something in this life. >> there is no judgment. do you all have the same faith? do you all have the same political beliefs? >> no. >> not at all. >> do you have the same -- yeah. [ laughter ] >> i think one of our main similarities is we all really value community. if you want this in your own neighborhood, you can have it. you just have to ask for it. i think that's all that happened with us too. a couple of people were willing to ask and everybody wanted it so badly that we all jumped in. >> beautifully said.
8:34 am
beautifully said. [ cheers and applause ] >> i absolutely love that heather there at the end said if you really want community in your neighborhood, then you just have to ask for it. reach out to people. there's that old adage, give and you shall receive. as you help others find support you may find deep connections you've longed for. >> i love hearing about that and how they're intentional. how you asked are you all same politics? no and it doesn't matter. we have more in common than not and often it boils down to community and that common thread that we have. >> absolutely. >> what are you going to remember most about your time there? >> two things. one they use social media as a starting point, not the end game. so the best use of social media is to help us connect in real life, right? and then the second thing was is they weren't afraid to ask for friendships. so many times we are afraid to admit what we need. and it was nice that they were each other's solution. >> you bring up so many fascinating points because as wonderful as social media and all that is, it isolates us in many ways.
8:35 am
>> yeah and you end up staying inside. >> right, but they use that as . >> to come together in each other's backyards and the kids play together. i talked to the kids and the kids are so happy that they have friends and we really need to remember that. that's what maybes it so nice. >> you looked good on that swing. >> thank you. >> you looked really comfortable. >> it was so much fun. >> all right. >> everybody should have a yard swing. >> i love it. tomorrow we're going to be heading to baltimore and we will be revealing the nicest place somewhere in america live on thursday. i know where it is but i'm not telling you. >> it's a secret. >> we love that we're partnering with "reader's digest". >> i love doing this with you. >> thank you. coming up, take a look at what happened backstage. steve perry and jamie lee curtis. [ applause ] and jamie lee curtis is going to join us live next.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
back now on "gma" [ applause ] back now on "gma" you hear that music. it means one thing, halloween is coming and so is a fantastic guest right here. she made her film debut in the 1978 horror classic. [ cheers and applause ] "halloween." of course. speangf "hal, innt row. the screamue herself, jamile is. thank you so much. good mornin. >> great to have you here. yes, absolutely.
8:39 am
i have to ask, you mentioned something right in the break before we came here, do you really have that music, the "halloween" music as your ring tone? >> i had it as my ring tone when it first came out and interesting curio, you know who else has it? john carpenter. >> okay. >> so, you know, the music of that movie really became such a big part of its success and its lure and it's, as you said, you hear that beginning of that music and you go, oh, i'm scared. and that's the goal. >> was it weird though if you were in a restaurant and the phone goes off and people are like, is that jamie lee curtis? she really has that ring tone? >> i just turn to them and go like this. [ >> we' scle h. what does jamie lee curtis do on halloween? do you have a big ritual? >> i live in an area where nobody comes. i put candy out and it's all still there in the morning.
8:40 am
>> save it for next year. >> yes. halloween is my time of year. born in november. the late fall has always been my time and never more so than this year with the 40th anniversary of "halloween" coming up. >> absolutely. speaking of that -- you led us to my next question. it has been 40 years since that breakout role, laurie strode, iconic. what is it like to get back in that character? >> the thing profound about the movie that is coming out on october 19th is that it's a movie about what really happens to someone when they suffer some sort of huge trauma like laurie strode did when she was 17. we see these movies and see these characters. there's sort of mayhem and scream and never know what happens to them. and this is a movie that explores actually what happens. and since trauma seems to be the buzzword of the year for sure, politics, art, music.
8:41 am
it's appropriate that our movie tackles the true response to that kind of violence which is trauma and that's who we find. we find laurie strode in isolation living really only in preparation for michael meyers' return. >> i want to follow up on that point, but first i want to show people a clip. >> we're showing a clip at 8:00 in the morning? >> yes, we see laurie strode meeting two journalists trying to convince her to meet face-to-face with michael meyers. take a look. >> michael meyers murdered five people. >> and he's a human being. we need to understand. >> they're transferring him. >> tomorrow 7:00. he'll be locked away until the end of his days. >> that's the idea. >> ooh. how many times does he have to die, by the way? try one more time. one thing i want to get to, what's different about this one, we're going to skip all the
8:42 am
sequels, right? we're going back to the beginning. >> this was a direct connection between what happened to laurie strode on october 31st in 1978 and what happens to laurie strode and her family because it's not just laurie. she has a daughter who was taken from her by the state and a granddaughter who is now 17 and the whole movie takes place -- it's generational trauma and what we're learning also about trauma is that it is generational. anybody who has a service member who fought in a war, when they come home, they are not the only ones with the trauma of that experience. the family receives it and it is generational and so it's a movie that although is hella scary and intended to be so in a safe, controlled way, dark theater, a lot of people, very, very intense. >> generations of the strong women fighting back against this character. >> with some integrity. >> absolutely. >> and taking back the power.ur gentlemen. sorry we are out of time. >> i know. what's with that?
8:43 am
>> we have to tell people "halloween" in theaters, friday, october 19th. >> don't you want him to go gray, everybody. >> i'm working on it. >> ginger, over to you. >> yes, whit, i believe you have to go gray now. i'm here this morning with cecelia, chloe and ava from tennessee. are you fans of carrie underwood? >> yes. >> well, a lot of us are. you know what, we can't wait for it, the american music award, yes, we have new pictures behind the scenes showing ms. carrie underwood rehearsing. yeah, that's her baby bump. she's got that on there. can't wait to watch it all. >> cecilia, i have another >> cecilia, i have another
8:44 am
cecelia. she's tossing to you. >> cecelia. >> best name ever. to the new political comedy haddish and ike barinholtz who also wrote and directed this movie. they play a couple heading home for the holidays facing a challenge so many of us can relate to, how to talk politics when you don't agree. but the one thing we can agree on when they interview each other in real life, it is gold. >> just answer their questions and they'll probably just leave. how about that? >> no. >> tell me three things that you liked about working with me. >> i like to think of myself as the most likable person on a crew. like you guys think i'm likable, right? >> yes, you are. >> compared to you, like you are so funny and everyone loves you and they want to be your friend and then they look at me and they're like, he's fine, so like ability. you brought it every day and so much energy, you're so great in the movie. >> your character in the film loves to cook. can you cook in real life? >> have i cooked for you before?
8:45 am
>> yeah. like i said, can you cook in real life? all you made was eggs. >> it was an egg sandwich. >> that was just a sandwich. >> first of all, sandwiches are like the most important -- like the cornerstone of any meal. >> how are you so fit if you're cooking like this? >> i'm wearing a girdle. i had louis strap me into the girdle about a half hour ago and it has another ten minutes before that button takes out that lens. i'm hoping to be a correspondent on "good morning america." >> oh. >> so i wrote a couple questions. let's see how i do. ♪ what is your dream vacation? where does tiffany haddish like to go to unwind? >> my dream vacation would be to go to an island that has beautiful men on it. >> staten island. >> i've been to staten island. not that many beautiful men. no offense, though. no offense to staten island but more like greek gods where they just want to, you know, feed me and, you know, rub my feet.
8:46 am
i just want to be able to look at beautiful men on an island. i don't think that place exists but if it do, i'm gonna go there. >> can i oprah you right now? come on in, guys. i don't have a bunch of hot guys coming in right now. you are hands down the most fun person i ever worked with. >> even when i was falling asleep at the table. do you remember? >> do i remember it? i've seen actors -- she just flew in and came right to set and i've seen actors fall asleep in between takes but i never saw them fall asleep in between lines. and she would be like, in character but not on camera and in character, chris, man, that's enough. >> i dream my lines. >> so you would fall asleep and dream about your next line and then wake up. man, you go into dream state quick. >> some people think i'm woke. never woke. living the dream. >> that was amazing. >> yes. thank you so much, ike. >> thank you so much for having me on your show. i love you. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
>> they certainly had all of us laughing in here. "the oath" hits theaters this friday. coming up more halloween fun. some great snacks to make with
8:48 am
on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, during our fall sale weekend special, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free home delivery. ends monday. minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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[ applause ] countdown to halloween or should i say hallowaiian. it looks like hawaii here covered in spider webs. we're joined by actress tia carrere.ways sckwiurr e hoday. i need this, tia. i need this badly. i got two boys at home. let's talk about the legend of the hallowain. >> an animated feature that features the king's hawaiian bread prominently, saves the day. but it's set in hawaii and i
8:50 am
play the grandmother. i know i look a little young to be a grandmother but we start young in hawaii. but it's a bunch of kids on earth and an unholy evil they discover in a cave and they have to embrace their culture and their knowledge from their elders to help save the day so it's a really nice story for hawaii. >> all right, so bring us to the creations. >> okay. so this is a great way to have a fun time for halloween and make a healthy meal for your kids. so we've got -- >> should i follow your instructions over here? >> you can or can just dig into the bowls. >> that might happen as well. >> pulled pork that we're putting on these delicious yummy sweet buns. and it's got the sweet barbecue king's hawaiian sauce on top. and then we put our top on top here and then we've got all these different accoutrements here to make their little face. if you see this, these are the
8:51 am
creatures. so you've got to put their ears on. [ applause ] >> little ears. oh, my goodness. this makes it healthier for the kids. >> peppers. >> yeah. >> and olives and carrots and -- sorry, they're coming off my stick here. a little nose? i think i have my ears in place. >> boom. >> there we go. >> they're on top. >> that's about all i'm capable of. >> that's where your carrots go. your carrots go into the slit on top. >> there we go. and then you got the little eyebrows. >> is this the menehune? >> we're trying to look like you. >> from the beginning. >> be nice. >> now you have an idea. >> yeah, yeah. i forgot to put our eyes underneath. >> after you turn your hair gray, whit, like jamie lee curtis said, you can do the menehune hair. >> jamie lee, i haven't seen her
8:52 am
in a "true lies" together years ago. >> oh, that's right. >> there's another character we are making. >> the other is pineapple head, our evil villain in the film and he's going to be made of a turkey burger that you can put onto your delicious sweet king's hawaiian buns. >> throw that on there. >> the turkey burger with a little bit of the lava hot sauce, hot spicy sauce. >> that's like hot chile. >> my wife is from hawaii. >> oh really. >> when it's spicy and ott and good like that we said broke the mouth. >> exactly, broke the mouth. >> might be a little spicy. >> you're surprised i knew that, right? >> turkey burger, our sauce, we've got our onion. we've got our pineapple here. >> this is so much fun. i think my kids will love it. >> fun to do with your kids. >> now we've got our hair for pineapple head on top. >> i didn't get to meet the kids. are you having fun down there? >> yeah. >> theirs looks way better than mine. >> i know.
8:53 am
>> guys, does it make -- >> do you have a cheat sheet? >> you've made it, does it work like that, that you want to eat it more? >> yeah, kind of. >> yeah, you would eat it? >> i'm not going to eat it. >> guess what, tia, we want to thank you so much. you can get the recipes for each of these sandwiches on our website, it's time for the ross fall dress event. yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfect dress for every occasion. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less.
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we want to say one more time thank you to tia. it did go fast. you can make these, of course, with the kids. >> delicious. >> all right. >> not mine, though. >> have a great monday. >> have a great monday. introducing fresh step clean paws,
8:57 am
low tracking litter designed to stay off your floor... ...and everywhere else. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. here's mike nicco with a look at your day ahead. >> hi, everybody. i've got an update. unfortunately the national weather service extended the red flag warning until 5:00 this afternoon. the winds won't be as aggressive as they were yesterday, but they're fast enough for a high fire danger. everything else will be good for outdoor activities. very dry air and mild temperatures with near 70 at the coast and mid-70s to mid-80s elsewhere. sue? >> take a look at the bay bridge. a monday holiday here. very light coming into san francisco. however, don't let that fool you. upper deck is bumper to bumper, especially on the san francisco side of the span. we have one problem -- or several problems out there, but the one main one is leaving san francisco. south 101 at cesar chavez. >> time for "live with kelly and ryan." see you again at 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, singing superstar christina aguilera. and from the series, "the purge," william baldwin. and performing his hit, "dance to this," troye sivan. plus details about "live's" upcoming halloween costume contests all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [upbeat music] ♪ [indistinct chatter] [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning! ♪ >> ryan: why, hello.


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