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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly nor'easter. snow still falling in places. the drivers stranded. the 20-car pileup on the george washington bridge. authorities pounding on windows to wake them up. and chaos at airports. passengers still waiting and another system coming. in california, the smoke-filled air now closing schools. the bay bridge vanishing behind it. the new number doubling tonight. 600 people now unaccounted for. president trump's answers to robert mueller. what we learned tonight. the 49ers football fan, an army vet who had in the stands with his girlfriend and
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vanishing. his car still there. the colorado father who killed his wife. his girlfriend, breaking silence. black friday, the one step you can take one now online to ensure you will get the lowest price. thanksgiving almost here. the new warning about turkey salmonella. and celebrating so many from butch cassidy and the sun dance kid to the princess bride. good evening and we have a lot to get to tonight. we begin with a nightmare still playing out. the deadly and historic nor'easter slamming several states. there is still snow falling. it brought new york city to a halt. the 20-car pileup, grid lock across the city. the maddening scene with buses
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delayed. you can see the guards there there blocking the students forced to spend the night in a middle school. and now a new system we are watching tonight. meteorologist rob marciano leading it off. >> reporter: tonight, with snow still falling in parts of the northeast, the nightmare is not over. a historic november nor'easter. stranding passengers and cars, passengersing at airports and students stranded at school into the night. >> this storm hit right in the perfect hour. right as rush hour was starting. >> reporter: in manhattan, six inches of snow and of trees cra and the weight of the snow gathering on the trees. >> watch out, watch out! >> reporter: blocking roads, crushing cars. >> i just heard a crack. the whole limb, the whole branch
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just fell down. >> reporter: the stunning scene on new york's george washington bridge, a 20-car pileup. some were forced to get out of the car and walk across the bridge. nearly 2,000 crashes in 12 hours. >> even if you say it's an exceedingly unusual set of events that come together, we still can't let it happen again. >> reporter: meanwhile, a sea of frustrated commuters in new york city's bus termal. the crowd held back by armed guard. some commuters get out and push. many abandoning their cars. these students forced to spend the night. the parents could not pick them up from school. they watched the movie "frozen". >> yeah, i want fod go home. >> reporter: on interstate 78 in pennsylvania, police using sirening, banging on doors to
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wake truckers and drivers to wake drivers who had fallen asleep. one driver traveling north from florida on interstate 95 in connecticut was killed after getting out of the car to clear snow. air travel grinding to a halt. passengers stuck there too. >> we were stuck on the plane for two hours. >> travelers krark on cots from boston's logan airport to newark. >> what a chaotic scene there. you are tracking another system? >> reporter: yes, we are, david. we are not quite done with this one which outperformed our forecast. off the coast of maine, and other storm you talked about, a winter storm warning for wyoming and north dakota, a two-pronged system that will bring snow and through minneapolis, chicago, and the areas that got ice
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earlier this week. behind that, windchills will be below zero. david? >> rob, thanks as always. we will turn next to california and the new and staggering toll. the numbers now doubling, authorities say 6700 people unaccounted for. and another concern, smoke from the the wildfires closing schools, and spreading across hundreds of miles. more than 150 miles away that is san francisco's bay bridge disappearing in the haze. and the u.s. military has sent in more teams to help identify human remains with so many families waiting. will carr from california again tonight. >> three, two, one, water's away. >> reporter: tonight, exhausted fire crews attacking the camp fire from the air. the containment rising, but hazardous smoke smotheon. trid air quality, worse than major cit miio from sacramento to san fra
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closed. residents forced to wear masks. the death toll jumping again after the fire, the deadliest in california history, wiped the town of paradise off the map. for days, officials have been combing through rubble and missing persons' reports from three separate hotlines. tonight, more than 600 still unaccounted for. pam nolan looking for her ex-husband. >> we've checked every evacuation center, every shelter. >> reporter: a list of the missing posted in this walmart parking lot where many paradise residents have relocated, living in tents filled with smoke until sunday when they'll be forced to leave. and david, more than 11,000 homes and businesses have burned to the ground across california, with the president coming to see the devastation on saturday, state leaders are calling it a humanitarian crisis. >> will carr, excellent reporting all week long. >> tonight, president trump says he has written answers to robert
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mueller and he has written the answers on his own. and he says he was trying to trick him up. here is jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump said today he has at long last completed written answers to questions from special counsel robert mueller. >> i haven't submitted them yet. i just finished them. >> reporter: he insisted, he wrote the answers himself, not his lawyers. >> my lawyers aren't working on that. i'm working on that. i write the answer. my lawyers don't write answers. i write answers. i was asked a series of questions. i answered them very easily, very easily. i'm sure they're tricked you because you know they like to ask people, gee, was the weather sunny or rainy? he said it may have been a good day. it was rainy therefore he told a lie. >> reporter: this eerie surveillance video just released okay, so you have to always be careful when you answer questions for people who probably have bad intentions. >> reporter: abc news has learned the president objected to some of the questions, and over the past 24 hours, he's harshly attacked mueller and his
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investigation. "the inner workings of the mueller investigation are a total mess," he tweeted just yesterday. "they are screaming and shouting at people, horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want. they are a disgrace to our nation." >> reporter: it's unclear what the president was referring to. we asked both the white house and the justice department if he had been briefed by new acting attorney general matt whitaker. neither would answer. >> you on twitter yesterday seemed a bit agitated about what you might be perceiving what the mueller investigation will do. >> no, i'm not agitated. it's a hoax. the whole thing is a hoax. there was no collusion. >> jon karl live with us tonight from the white house. there is another headline breaking in "the washington post," they are reporting that the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the assassination on that surveillance in istanbul. breaking in "the washington post." if infirmed, it would lead to major questions. >> if true, this would ramp up the pressure on the trump
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administration to take a tougher line on saudi arabia. as you know, the president has resisted placing blame on the crown prince. he has also made it clear he does not want to see broader sanctions on the saudi kingdom. david? >> jon karl, thanks to you. next, new sur vie langs just out after the mysterious disappearance of a 49ers fan and an army vet. he disappeared and surveillance video showing him after he left his seat to go to the bathroom. he never came back. his car sitting there untouched. here is abc's kana whitworth. >> reporter: this eerie surveillance video just released by police shows 32-year-old ian powers looking down at his cell phone while apparently leaving the san francisco 49ers game on monday alone. police believe he was headed in the direction of his car. the army veteran has been missing for four days.
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and this is ian at the game. he had traveled with his girlfriend and her two kids from spokane, washington, when she says he got up to use the restroom and never came back. >> for him to just get lost, it must have been unusual circumstances. >> reporter: she says this screenshot is from their last videochat when they were trying to find each other before she says they lost contact. >> he didn't know where he was. he just kept saying by the entrance. >> reporter: police say his car was found where he parked it with no signs of foul play, and he's made no traceable financial transactions and posted nothing on social media. >> our investigation will continue into the night. however, we will be back in some capacity tomorrow. >> reporter: the police say they are baffled by his disappearance. they are ve views surveillance video from area businesses. the
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forhe return of his wife daught though authorities say he had already mistress who said he was divorcing, breaking the silence here is linsey davis. >> reporter: week after chris watts pleaded guilty to murdering his daughters and pregnant wife shannan, his girlfriend, is pulling back the curtain on a double life. >> daddy is my hero -- >> reporter: nichol kessinger telling "the denver post" watts is "a liar, he lied about everything." they met at work just weeks before his family went missing, she says he told her he was finalizing a divorce. and described him as "soft spoken" and a "good listener." but his story unraveled when his family went missing and he begged on tv for their return. >> i just want them back. >> reporter: kessinger telling the post, "i thought, 'if he was able to lie to me and hide something that big, what else was he lying about?" when she pressed him for answers his lack of emotion only made her more suspicious and she feared for his wife and children.
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police recovering their remains at a colorado oil site. his daughters hidden in inside storage tanks. >> reporter: she says she wanted to help and went to investigators while police were still searching. watts is expected to get life in prison. david? >> thank you. a stunning revelation tonight. the u.s. has filed charges against julian assange, and a federal indictment for an unknown crime was reported by mistake. we do know that wikileaks is on radar. and they used the sites to spread the e-mails to damage hillary clinton. assange says they did not come from the russians. and a go fund me cram, a couple and a homeless vet charged after raising $400,000 in donations.
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a lawyer speaking out and now defending her. here is whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the woman accused of an epic lie to scam thousands of american now wants everyone to believe she too was duped. >> kate is being used and being set up to continue to be the face of this and to continue to do what she was trying to do, which is help a homeless veteran. >> reporter: the attorney representing kate mcclure says it was her boyfriend at the time, mark d'amico, and johnny bobbitt who pushed the alleged scheme, telling a viral tale about bobbit, a homeless veteran, offering kate his last $20 when she ran out of gas. but less than an hour after their go fund me page went live, prosecutors say mcclure texted a friend admitting it was fake. writing, "okay, so wait, the gas part is completely made up. but the guy isn't. i had to make something up to make people feel bad." >> on kate's part it was puffing. it was exaggeration, trying to help this veteran.
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>> reporter: david, mcclure's attorney says she and d'amico are no longer together. lawyers representing her alleged co-conspirators declined to comment. david? >>. >> a breaking headline. stacy abrams has said there is no way for her to win. but has not called it a con vegs. she will file a lawsuit claiming gross mismanagement. president trump awarding the medal of freedom to seven americans, babe ruth, elvis presley and supreme court justice antonin scalia, and in the front, ruth baden ginsberg, the president today welcoming her back. there is more ahead on friday. the suspected serial killer and admitting to 90 murders nationwide. and a thanksgiving feast almost
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to the index of other news. a convicted killer in california is now responsible for 90 murders nationwide. samuel little says he was involved in dozens of killings spanning four decades. he is already linked to one third of those murders. jennie-o turkey recalling 91,000 pounz of ground turkey. the first recall linked previously to raw turkey blamed for one death and illnesses across 35 states. legendary oscar winner william goldman has died. his list of movies includes butch cassidy and the sun dance kid, all the president's men and the princess bride. he was 87. when we come back, what one mother did for another, it's extraordinary. so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright
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it is bad out there. heavy smoke and haldsous air quality. when you can expect a change. the air has led to finally tonight here, one mother's unimaginable grief and what she does to help another mother save her son. my "20/20" co-anchor amy robach with two families. >> reporter: tonight, a seconds chance for cameron underwood who suffered damage to his face from a self-inflicted gunshot wound two years ago. and the selfless gift of another mother who tragically lost her son, will, will make it fossible for cameron to have surgery, facial transplant surgery. >> but a face? >> and cameron suffered his
3:57 pm
injury at the age of 23, which is the age that willie was when he died. and i just thought, you know, he can get this kid a face. >> reporter: with will identified as the donner, two mour v mothers coming together in love and hope to give another son a chance at life. >> thank you for letting my son live on. you have no idea what it means, what it means to us. >> reporter: the rufrly 25 hour surgery a success. >> when you look in the mirror, what do you see? >> me? i see me. >> reporter: one life reborn and mother seeing her lost son's face again. >> i'm so glad you're here. so glad. you look sofantastic. >> i know, you look beautiful. >> i guess i'm a little biassed. i think you're drop dead gorgeous. >> i think he is too. thank you. >> those two moms looking at the new mom and the new face.
3:58 pm
amy, i know you will reveal it tonight on "20/20." this is an extraordinary journey. >> we have been following them for the past six months. the one mother gave another mother at the reunion at the reunion, a gold locket and a picture of both boys inside. >> and amy and i will see you a couple hours from now, 10:00 p.m. eastern. incredible story. we will see you then. good night.
3:59 pm
air quality in the bay area is among some of the worst in the world. no matter where you go it's bad. so bad it's breaking records. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. >> you know, it's brutal. you can see the bridge obscured partially behind us. look at the shots of smoke we have in san francisco which should be a clear, crystal day. the building is surrounded by smoke. front street and broadway. >> many had to be out of city were wearing masks. we saw more people wearing masks today than any day since the fire began. let's head to spencer christian for a look ooat the bad air. >> we show the path of the smoke moving from the campfire down into the bay area.
4:00 pm
this is why we have had this build up of smoke and decline in our air quality. san francisco with a measure. of 271 is the highest ever recorded. most of the bay area is in that purple zone which means very unhelpful air. here is a look at our air quality forecast. the spare the air alert has been extended through tuesday along with an air quality advisory. all the bay area over the next four days is expected to experience poor air quality. this smoke forecast animation shows the darker colors representing the highest concentrations of smoke. over the weekend notice lighter colors moving through the


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