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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 18, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, surveying the damage. donald trump's firsthand look at the wildfire's devastation. >> this is very sad to see. >> the death toll rising, the number missing nearly 1,300 as the 11th hour approaches for residents of a tent city told to pack up. recount chaos. the deadline hours away for the high stakes recount in florida as officials reveal their hunt for missing ballots. >> the ballots are in this building. >> a new concession brings the heated governor's race in the sunshine state to an end. y ship. our first look inside the ship turned crime scene after a woman plunges to her death. >> i would never expect that would happen to know a cruise. >> passengers speaking out as the fbi investigates this case
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as a possible murder. midair explosion. a hot air balloon packed with fireworks explodes over a crowd. the frhtening e. pe and dropping the ball. a ball boy's error stopping play as roger federer goes for a historic win. his opponent winding up the victor, then offering the apology. >> i'm very sorry this happened. i didn't mean to upset anybody. >> how the greatest of all time is responding this morning. good morning. and let's get right to our top story. the deadliest american wildfire in a century has just claimed more lives. overnight officials saying 76 people are confirmed dead from the camp fire. skockeng againstanding at nearly 1,300. >> president trump traveling to
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california to take a firsthand look at the situation, remarking on the utter destruction and applauding the firefighters who he says, quote, are fighting like hell. however, while on the ground there, he also doubled down there on his comment that forest management is to blame for the historic and deadly wildfires. >> thousands of homes destroyed leaving some to seek shelter in a tent city smothered in smoke. they're now being told to leave by this afternoon. marcus moore covering it for us. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. >> we're in the one of the neighborhoods president trump visited on his tour of the devastation. when you look around, you are reminded of how relentless these flames were when they came through here. they seemingly very quickly destroyed everything in the path of those flames as they marched down hills and hopped over roadways and destroyed homes and properties across the state. president trump touring the fire zone this weekend, seeing firsthand the devastation left behind.
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overnight the death toll of northern california's camp fire rising to 76. the number of missing potentially as high as 1200. the president arriving in northern california first. smoke hanging in the air as he disembarked, flanked by governor elect gavin newsome and governor jerry brown. his motorcade passing supporters along the roadside to welcome him to paradise, the town of 28,000 wiped out by the camp fire. >> it's very sad to see it. >> reporter: the president standing by his controversial comments of the state's forest and fire management. >> i was with the president of finland. he said they're a forest nation. they spend a lot of time raking and cleaning and doing things and they don't have any problem. >> reporter: at a command post in nearby chico, the president taking in the gravity of the damage. >> in california we've never seen anything like this, jerry. it's total devastation. >> reporter: outside trump protestors and trump supporters gathering. >> the whole town is trying to mobilize to help people who had to evacuate.
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now all these resources are sent here to try to protect him. >> reporter: the groups clashing. >> i will knock you out! say something stupid! >> reporter: nearby, it's almost the 11th hour for a tent city outside a nearby walmart where residents who lost their homes are told they can't stay and will have to leave by the afternoon. with thick smoke blanketing the region, air quality a major public health concern and smoke masks in short supply. >> it's serious. it's gone on for days. i want to guard my family's health. >> reporter: the president traveled to southern california to the woolsey fire where levelled homes and buildings in the malibu area. trump telling the reporters seeing the devastation is unbelievable. >> reporter: back here in malibu, you're seeing this pick-up and underneath you're
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seeing the melted steel. the camp fire that is burning further to the north, guys this morning, it is only 55% contained. >> you see a lot of those stranded vehicles as people are trying to get out. marcus moore, we appreciate it. also while traveling president trump also weighed in on the murder of jamal khashoggi. >> there are reports the cia has high confidence the murder was ordered by the saudi crown prince, a key ally of the white house. the president calls those reports premature. abc's julia macfarland is on the story from our london bureau. julia, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. president trump initially responded to reports on that cia assessment by defending the u.s./saudi partnership, reiterating the importance of relations for jobs and the economy. the cia itself has yet to comment on those reports of its assessment. >> reporter: this morning president trump pushing back on bombshell reports into the murder of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi.
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>> they haven't assessed anything yet. it's too early. that was a premature report. we'll have a report on tuesday. it will be very complete. >> reporter: the "washington post" reporting a cia assessment found the crown prince, mohammed bin salman, ordered khashoggi's killing, the journalist murdered last month after entering the saudi consulate in turkey seeking papers to marry his turkish fiance. the state department also pushing back, denying that the administration had made a final conclusion on who is responsible for khashoggi's death, saying there are numerous unanswered questions still, adding the u.s. will maintain its important strategic relationship with the saudis. the president briefed saturday by cia director gina haspel and secretary of state mike pompeo aboard air force one as he travelled to california. the cia assessment is reported to have included intelligence involving communications from the royal family. the 33-year-old crown prince a close ally of president trump
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and son-in-law jared kushner. earlier saturday president trump calling the saudis an ally. >> they've been a spectacular ally in terms of jobs and economic development. >> reporter: reports the cia find him guilty are the most damaging blow yet to that key relationship. that cia assessment first reported in "the washington post" is described as finding with high confidence the saudi crown prince is culpable. the saudi response to the killing first began with denials, then conflicting stories. president trump says he expects the u.s. government's full conclusion next week. dan. >> thank you, julia. let's bring in abc's martha raddatz who's in washington where she'll be co-hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. let's start with the khashoggi murder. the president seems to be reluctant to blame and punish the saudi crown prince. what do you think is going on? >> it was within hours after the "washington post" had the report that the cia concluded with high confidence that the prince was
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involved, that the state department pushed back, as julia said. i think what's going on is they want to do this very slowly. i don't think there's probably a smoking gun pointing to the crown prince. so president trump, no matter how much intelligence he gets, can interpret it really any way he wants to do this. he has made a point over and over and over that we have this strategic relationship with saudi arabia, that they're important to push back iran, obviously important for oil as well. so tuesday will be a big day, but i wouldn't expect necessarily for president trump to say things point to the crown prince. >> let's move on to domestic politics. on your show this morning, on "this week" this morning you'll be interviewing a group of newly elected female democratic house members. you'll be speaking to them at a time where celebrities from barbara streisand and martina navratilova are hitting social
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media to support nancy pelosi as house speaker. what are the democrats saying about speaker pelosi? does it look like she's going to get the speaker's gavel yet again? >> i don't think we know. they had varying opinions of nancy pelosi. they all praise nancy pelosi as a great former speaker. there were many who would not commit to her. there are many on capitol hill who will not commit to her at this point. i think it's unclear. what i would say is talking to these women, it's a fascinating conversation and a fun conversation, is that they haven't decided because they don't know who else might run for speaker. so i think that's why some of them are holding off, but still, nothing positive yet, even though president trump offered to help her out. >> yes, he tweeted in her support yesterday morning. such an interesting and diverse group of incoming members of congress. martha, i look forward to seeing that conversation. thank you. martha has a big show this morning. she has more on the
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investigation of jamal khashoggi when she goes one-on-one with house senate intelligence committee members congressman adam schiff and roy blunt. she also sits down with those five congresswomen. it's all coming up on "this week" on abc. now to the georgia's governor race and it's officially over with georgia certifying the election results, confirming republican brian kemp as the victor. this comes a day after democrat stacey abrams ended her campaign saying she couldn't win. governor-elect kemp calling for unity. in florida, democrat andrew gillum conceding for a second time in the heated governor's race while they finish their manual recount in the senate contest. >> the deadline hours away as one troubled county is admitting 2,000 ballots are missing. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is in our washington bureau with the very latest. tara, good morning. >> good morning.
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it's been 12 days since the midterm elections and still some of florida's races are too close to call including a key senate race. now at the 11th hour a new setback. >> reporter: this morning time running out in the hotly contested florida senate race as election officials reveal more than 2,000 ballots are missing. broward county officials announcing saturday they believe an employee may have misplaced them. >> the ballots are in this building. there would be nowhere else for them to be. but they are misfiled in this building. >> reporter: some calling for the removal of the county's beleaguered election supervisor, brenda snipes. after the first round of recounts in the senate race, democratic incumbent bill nelson trails republican governor rick scott by just 12,603 votes. the deadline for manual recount, noon today. meanwhile a concession in the other hotly contested race in florida.
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democratic candidate for governor andrew gillum stepping aside and congratulating opponent, republican ron desantis. >> r.j. and i wanted to take a moment to congratulate mr. desantis. >> reporter: this is gillum's second concession since he admitted defeat on election night. >> we didn't win it tonight. >> reporter: when results narrowed to just a difference of a half percentage point, an automatic recount was triggered. >> i was never really in danger of losing because my margin was big enough. now i can go forward without having to worry about this. >> reporter: the florida elections like in years past have been plagued by technical glitches, missed deadlines and even power outages. republicans invested heavily in the florida senate race, targeting a seat they could flip to expand their slim majority. dan. >> we keep talking about florida. i suspect that will not change for many years to come. tara, thank you. we have new developments in a story that played an outsized role in the most recent campaign, the so-called caravan. some 3,000 migrants from central
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america have now reached the mexican side of the border with california with many more expected to arrive. the migrants who are seeking asylum in the u.s. are setting up camp in the city of tijuana. some say they've been viciously attacked by the locals there. the situation could get more tense as the number of migrants taking refuge in that city could reach 10,000. now to the mysterious death on a cruise ship, a woman falling off the upper deck. >> as the royal princess returns from its voyage and we're hearing from one of the passengers. erielle reshef is here with us in studio with more. good morning. >> good morning. for the first time passengers are speaking out about how people on board learned of that tragedy. this morning new questions about what led up to that woman's death.>> reporter: this morning first look inside the princess cruise ship turned crime scene as the mystery deepens in the death of a woman on board. room doors sealed and the life boat where witnesses say the victim was found. the ship finally back in florida
7:14 am
this weekend. passengers are speaking out for the first time. >> i would never expect that would happen on a cruise. >> reporter: logan tignor recalling the early morning announcement that sounded over the p.a. system. >> they did a p.a. announcement at 4:30 in the morning, security, security to life boat number two. >> reporter: word of the tragedy soon spreading. >> i was in the elevator. another passenger told me what happened. i was like oh, my gosh, holy cow. i was kind of terrified for my safety afterwards. >> reporter: according to reports in "the aruban press," the 52-year-old woman plummeted from the upper deck of the 3,600-passenger vessel landing on a life boat after allegedly struggling with a man. >> they told us some 52-year-old woman was being choked to death. >> reporter: the fbi investigating the case as a possible murder. >> at the time she fell, who else was out there? what did they see? what did they witness
7:15 am
what did they witness previously hours or days before aboard this ship? >> reporter: the ship sailing between the islands of curacao and aruba at the time. princess cruises saying we are deeply saddened by this incident and offer our sincere condolences to the family and those affected. the fbi is working with aruba's public prosecutor who says they're looking at every angle. while a forensic investigation and autopsy have been conducted, authorities are saying she died of unnatural causes. the victim reportedly traveling with her husband who officials say is not a suspect. >> not a suspect? >> he's not a suspect. he stayed on the island voluntarily but is not a suspect. >> a lot of questions. >> a mystery. >> erielle, thank you. another story we're following in south eastern asia, frightening moments when a hot air balloon carrying fireworks exploded during a festival in myanmar. the video showing the balloon slowly going up while the fireworks shoot out its side.
7:16 am
then the whole balloon explodes into a ball of fire and then comes crashing down. at least nine people were injured. looking at the video it could have been a lot worse. >> not the best combination. >> hot air balloon and fireworks, but apparently they do it all the time. this one had a pretty bad conclusion. could have been worse though. let's get a check of the forecast. rob marciano following it all. are we finally getting a break from some of the extremes we've had so far, rob? >> yes, for a few days at least, whit, and california will get a break from the dry weather and the santa anas. they were looking for a little bit of rain coming in. we have at least for the moment obviously we have the poor air quality that you heard in marcus' piece. some of these towns it's rivalled that of india as far as how bad it is for you. we have a red flag warning posted for the fire zone of camptyhests up mes an howe see r rain as early as wednesday. a couple patterns in the pacific li
7:17 am
the first system comes in wednesday afternoon mostly for northern california. the second comes in thursday. this may drift down to the south as well. there's a third one coming in after that. total, five to seven days' worth of rainfall. they could see 3 or 4 or 5 inches of rain. this is a catch 22, you want some rain, but you don't want it all at the same time. good sunday morning. i'm checking out the view from mt. tam. an on-shore push bringing dense fog with haze again and smoke throughout the afternoon. rain arrives on wednesday though. we're looking at a dryen weekd. highs today in the low 60s. maybe mid-60s inland. air quality once again very unhealthy all around the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast and another day like it tomorrow. then rain late tuesday. weather and sports together, here you go. check out this video out of
7:18 am
boulder, colorado where utah was playing the buffalos. it was snowing out. utah was taking it to them at some point. even before that happened, the referee had to stop the game and say hey guys in the stands, stop throwing snowballs on the field. >> the fun police. >> exactly. >> call the game, oh my goodness. >> most of the players are wearing helmets. the coaches and the referees were in danger there. utah went on to win so i'm sure fans weren't happy about that. >> those people are used to that kind of weather though. >> true. >> by the way, you are looking sharp. >> i was going to say. >> you were teasing me about my brown suit yesterday. i thought i would one up it. >> can you show us the patches on the elbow? >> when you're really thinking, you have those patches. >> dr. autumn. >> i love it. >> that sounds like a super villain. >> professor marciano. >> i put those patches on, but usually because the suit is old. thank you, robert. we're going to talk about the unforced error on the tennis court. it wasn't from one of the
7:19 am
players. >> roger federer going at a shot at his 100th career title, playing out a tiebreak with a young and talented opponent when someone dropped the ball. adrienne is here to explain. >> everybody is reeling about this, especially federer fans, over that crazy on the court moment no one could have predicted. >> reporter: roger federer aiming for his 100th title. in the intense second set tiebreak suddenly his opponent up-and-comer alexander zverev stops play. the 21-year-old calls attention to a dropped ball, the ball boy scrambling onto the court. zverev speaks to the umpire in front of the already disturbed crowd about the interruption. he points out the ball that rolled oo e court and a rulee a. >> it was something that happened on court. >> reporter: it's a legitimate call. the replay shifts momentum and zverev is able to pull off a major upset.
7:20 am
the crowd continues booing zverev as he apologizes to federer. >> first of all, i want to apologize for the situation in tiebreak. the ball boy dropped the ball. it's in the rules that we have to replay the point. >> reporter: but the 20-time grand slam winner remained gracious after losing one of the biggest matches in tennis. >> buddy, shut up. you don't need to apologize to me here. congratulations on a great match. >> rob is already talking smack. this is a controversy. the audience, many of them booing him because they considered it gamesmanship versus it being a legitimate rule. it's a legitimate rule. and federer is out. >> i get that. it was on the other end of the court. it didn't get into field of play. this kid is playing probably his legend. >> true. >> a little respect i think. >> that poor ball boy.heiter de. come on.
7:21 am
>> he's right in the middle, neutral territory. we all feel bad for the ball boy. again, a lot of people say that zverev played better tennis. >> he's good. that kid is going to be a top star. >> i love that rob is feeling his oats. he's feeling the power from the elbow patches. >> i am. i'll give you an opinion on just about anything today. >> we love it. >> keep it coming. >> thank you, adrienne. >> no problem. coming up on "gma", our exclusive first look as monica lewinsky shares her story in a way she never has before. what she says about the confidante she thought would keep her affair with president clinton a secret. plus, gearing up for black friday. what you can do to get the best deals. also, why one high school is banning expensive coats like these. it's a controversial decision. we'll talk about it in the weekend download. keep it here. much more "gma" coming up.
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7:28 am
rise again. we got an update from cal fire and they say the fire is 149,000 acres and 60% contained. it's time to check in with lisa argen with a look at your forecast. >> good morning, matt. check being out the view from sutro. looking a little more familiar. better air quality reports. it's cold in morgan hill. we have an air quality alert and spare the air alert. that advisory will go through tomorrow. highs today hazy into the low mid-60s. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma" on a busy sunday morning. happening right now, the devastation and destruction in california. the camp fire in the northern part of the state claiming more lives. 76 people now confirmed dead. that's just from the camp fire. the number of missing skyrocketing to nearly 1,300. president trump surveying the damage firsthand on the ground on saturday, applauding the firefighters, but also repeating his claim that forest management is to blame for these historic and deadly wildfires. also right now, lack of technology. hours after announcing the discovery of the wreckage of a submarine that had been missing for a year, government officials in argentina say they don't have the technology needed to recover that vessel. the families of 44 crew members who were on board are demanding that sub be raised.
7:31 am
and biden's new buddy. former vice president joe biden sharing some photos of his newest family member here, a german shepherd named major. the bidens fell in love with the dog while fostering after the delaware human association asked for volunteers to help some sick puppies. now major is doing great and has a new forever home. congrats to him and the bidens. he has another dog as well. my shelter dog nemo peed on my foot last night while i was washing dishes. >> did you really say that on national tv? >> we love nemo. >> your rescue dog update. >> i'm always trying to promote animal rescue on the show. whit comes along and destroys all my work. >> we have only rescued animals. it's a deep love. it's a strange love. >> selective love. >> yes. coming up on the show, how to score the best black friday deals. becky worley has your expert advice. rob, if you're looking to buy me my own jacket with elbow patches, i'm a 36 short. >> they don't make them in 36 short.
7:32 am
i'll special order it. >> we're going to have no comment about that. let's take a look at our exclusive on monica lewinsky, speaking out about her affair with president bill clinton ahead of the 20th anniversary of his impeachment. a new docu-series premieres tonight. we're getting a sense of lewinsky's thoughts as she found herself in the nation's spotlight. >> there were also narratives of secrecy in this relationship. >> reporter: monica lewinsky providing new details in a new documentary "the clinton affair" airing on a&e. she describes how the famous talking points came to be, saying she coached linda tripp on how not to testify in the paula jones sexual harassment case against the president. >> the day after the meeting at the ritz carlton hotel she told me she decided she would not tell and do what i did and try to sign an affidavit to get out of having to testify. i was excited by this.
7:33 am
i thought, hurray, okay, she's coming around to my side of thinking about things. i sat and wrote up a document based on my own affidavit to help her possibly not testify. >> reporter: what lewinsky didn't know is tripp, her co-worker at the time, was recording their conversation. >> they're going to try to trick you. did she ever tell you about her affair with that one? >> hm-mm. >> you could say i think that's something i'd remember and i don't recall, i don't recall that. >> reporter: lewinsky speaking to tripp about her fear of betrayal. >> you want the honest truth? do you want me to tell you the honest truth? >> yes. >> i have fear about one thing and that's you saying something. >> i'm on the precipice of this legal nightmare and there's one person who, if she just agrees to do what she said she would always do which is protect my secret, it would maybe all be okay. >> the investigative reporter who wrote a book highlighting
7:34 am
that infamous scandal was tipped off to the president's affair. you'll hear from him in the upcoming docu-series which premieres tonight and airs over three consecutive nights on a&e which is part owned by our parent company, disney. >> fascinating story. as it comes up in the era of me too it's such a loaded story. >> we keep learning new details. >> how it all unfolded, who knew what when. rob with the patches. >> a bit of a tough transition to the weather. robert, what's cooking? >> let's go to one of my favorite cities, chicago. last night they had their annual parade to usher in the holiday season. >> yay. >> speaking of our parent company, there are our bosses, mickey and minnie mouse. the magnificent mile light festival parade happening on michigan avenue. they had a little snow last night. great weather to usher in the holiday season. our abc station there is a big part of that. a little bit of snow this morning in chicago toward south bend and to detroit. it's a pretty weak system thankfully but it does have a little rain and snow with it.
7:35 am
it will be traversing through erie, pennsylvania. monday morning into monday night. the bigger cities should be okay. some chilly windchills wednesday morning. even chillier than that on thanksgiving. it's g good sunday morning. lots of haze and temperatures on the cool side again today. widespread smoke, unhealthy air through this weather report this weather report this weather report is sponsored by neutrogena. >> do you use neutrogena? >> i do. it's an spf after shave. >> it's a make-up remover too. >> news you can use sunday morning. glad we got that in. >> if the sponsor sent me more for free, i wouldn't mind that either.
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welcome back to "gma." >> sorry. >> sorry. i don't know why i'm saying that. i thought it was me talking. it's whit. >> w-h-i-t it says in the teleprompter. take two. here we go. >> you guys did it together. >> it was harmonious. it is a thanksgiving tradition back on the rails, turkey, football and now deal hunting. >> dan is struggling today. >> i'm having a rough morning, whit. sorry about that. love ya. >> love you back. >> this has become america's shopping holiday. if you want to get involved you need a strategy. let's bring in our ace shopping expert, becky worley. this is your busy time of year, becky, so, you got a plan for us? >> i have a plan for you cumulative in stereo people back there. it starts with a list. you want to do it just like santa. make a list and check it twice. this is my first tipd making yog list in the amazon app or on
7:41 am
their website. you want to search the item you want. choose the dropdown menu and add it to the wish list. that way you can use this list as a reference to shop all the ads from other competitors, but you can see realtime price updates from amazon. here's a secret. they don't always advertise their prices, but they aggressively discount all week long, guys. >> i get a little shopping anxiety because there's so many deals. how do you know you're actually getting a real deal? >> that's the biggest question. here's is tip, try searching deal aggregator sites. my favorite is they create a searchable list of all the deals offered. let's say you want to find the best deal on apple air pods. they'll show you the ad, tell you when it goes live and they'll tell you what the best deal is. and they'll tell you whether it's available online or in the store. >> it's about timing. when should we look for the steepest savings?
7:42 am
>> the rock bottom prices seem to be rolling out on thanksgiving day. here's the secret too, good deals will continue all through the weekend and especially on tvs. the higher end tvs get cheaper on cyber monday. one caveat, don't wait longer than that. we're not expecting big deals after the monday after thanksgiving, cyber monday. so shop now. >> the retail marathon begins. becky, we know you'll be walking us through it every step of the way. we appreciate it. we look forward to more. thank you. coming up on "gma," why one school is banning students from wearing expensive coats like this one. should your child's school consider doing the same thing? should your child's school consider doing the same thing? one. should your child's school consider doing the same thing? i, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get,
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7:46 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." today's weekend download, when is dressing to impress too much? a high school in england has banned students from wearing designer winter coats like canada goose and montclair which can run over $1,000, in an attempt to stop what's called poverty shaming. joining us to talk about this phenomenon and how your kids can deal with it, how you can deal with it as a parent, ericka souter, our parenting expert. thank you for joining us. we always appreciate it. this story getting some controversy. people on both sides weighing in. at what point -- what does it take to make a policy like this successful? >> any time a school bans clothing or enacts a strict dress code students always give pushback and sometimes so do parents. in this community there were parents who wanted it and asked for it and kids said they wanted it. it has a bigger chance of success because of that. >> let's talk about poverty shaming in general. is there a risk that we are
7:47 am
sheltering our kids too much? >> a lot of schools have moved more towards inclusivity. there's more focus on social and emotional in combatting bullying and kids feeling left out. there are positives in terms of policies like this. but it does run the risk of being a little too protective. we're shielding them from every heartache, every feeling of inadequacy. does that prepare them for the real world? >> every parent knows the conversation where the kid says i want that. they see a commercial. i want that, mom and dad. how do we have a conversation with our children when there's something they want that they simply can't afford, that's out of our budget? >> you can start as early as age 4 to teach kids about earning things. do you give them allowance or do they have to earn it by doing chores or helping with their baby brother or getting good grades? do you buy them everything they want or do they have to use their own money when they want something and it's not a holiday or when it's not for a special occasion? when they get older, you can
7:48 am
have more mature conversations about the inequities of the world. some people have lots of money and things come a lot easier, and other people have to work hard to put a roof over their head. those are the realities of the world and we need to start talking to our kids about it. >> it is interesting though. it's difficult when you have kids who have the nice stuff and kids who don't and they feel like they're excluded from certain groups in school. >> they do. >> schools are talking about this here in the united states as well. ericka souter, thank you for joining us. we'll be right back with "pop news" after this. . we'll be right back with "pop news" after this. for joining us. we'll be right back with "pop news" after this. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. lactaid. the real milk that doesn't mess with you. and try calcium enriched lactaid. 100% real milk with 20% more calcium. still no lactose. save on hundreds of deals.get.
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7:53 am
>> like d.j. khalid. >> yes. >> i don't know where you were going with that. shoutout to kirk franklin. we start with -- let's get to "pop news." chris pratt's next project he's actually in talks with paramount to star in "the saint" reboot. let me remind you of "the saint." it starred val kilmer. he had long hair. he had a short haircut and then a longer haircut. it was in the '90s. >> is that part of the plot twist? >> no. >> i just wanted to show you the imagery. it was back in the day. it was a series in the 1940s. then roger moore played the role in a '60s tv show. he was like a tech crook. he uses like roman -- i'm going to stop talking now. it's going to be awesome.
7:54 am
amy schumer is up and at 'em again. the comedian making good on her promise to return to work. she performed in newark, jersey overnight. just days earlier schumer posted this picture on instagram showing her hospitalized with severe morning sickness, the same thing that put kate middleton in the hospital. she wrote the baby is fine. everybody who says the second trimester is better is not telling the full story. schumer has another concert -- not a concert. i don't think she does concerts, more of an appearance. she does comedy. >> great to see her back on her feet doing better. >> everyone's pregnancy is different. >> everyone's pregnancy is different. aen to their bodies. >> thank goodness men don't go through it. we would never be able to handle ill. >> that is a fact. we would fair miserably. it'sight around the corner. thanksgiving is next week. if you dread the thought of christmas shopping, maybe you don't have to launch into a buying frenzy. a new poll found that 70% of us
7:55 am
would rather skip the holiday gift exchange if their family members agreed to it. what do you guys think? >> i would be cool with just getting gifts. >> just receiving? >> that's my son's policy. >> you should buy the children gifts. it's fun to watch them. >> that's true. >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> like, the grown-ups -- >> i agree with that. >> i'm a gift person. you can give me all the gifts. finally -- i'm one of seven kids. you have to fight over everything. give me all the gifts. shoutout to all my siblings. a thanksgiving prank is taking social media by storm. it starts with millennials asking their moms how long it takes to microwave a 25-pound turkey and posting the hilarious responses as if they're serious. >> you can't do that? >> apparently no. elena's exchange, it's a big no. you need to call me. the life of charles got this question from their parent, are
7:56 am
you using a baking bag? followed by a horrified, it looks raw. then jamie says, knock it off and take that turkey out of the microwave. i'm not kidding. >> you do such a good mom voice. >> thanks for joining us, martha is coming up soon. is coming up soon. good morning am i'm matt keller. friends, family and the community will come together in napa today to remember a young woman killed in the thousand oaks bar shooting. it will take place where the 18-year-old graduated from. she was aersity. she's one of a dozen people killed at the borderline bar and
7:57 am
grill. services start at noon in the vintage high school gym. they're asked to wear brightly colored clothing in her honor. the winter shelter program for the homeless opens today. spaces are available for single men. tickets reserved on a first come first serve basis. those interested in a space go to st. bone a fiscal church to reeve a ticket. others roll out space in the coming weeks. program ends march 30th. it's time to check in with lisa argen for a look at the forecast. >> a lot of you have said the air quality feels better and less smoky. this is from our sutro tower camera. some is due to the stronger push. 41 at half moon bay. socked in at the golden gate bridge. a spare the air alert today. overall, the big picture has not changed. visibility is less than a mile in petaluma.
7:58 am
2.5 miles at sfo. delays of 37 minutes. as we look at the air quality, the oranges, that means slightly better in spots. overall, we're waiting for this pattern to shift. bringing the ridge of high pressure out of here. taking it out of here and bringing in the rain. that is going to happen in about two days. 61 in oakland. 62 in palo alto in the forecast. a couple more days of hazy smoky air. thanks, lisa. this week with george stephanopoulos is next. we'll see you back here at 9:00.
7:59 am
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comcast business. beyond fast. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. saudi cover up. >> we're talking about a killing. so who did it? >> after saudi arabia's shifting explanations about the death of journalist jamal khashoggi, the cia now reportedly concluding the crown prince himself ordered the killing according to an explosive new report in the "washington post." >> they haven't assessed anything yet. that was a very premature report. that's possible. we'll see. >> president trump pushing back promising a full report on tuesday. who's really responsible and how far will the u.s. go t >> and - >> it's a hoax. there was no collusion. >> trump answering robert mueller's written questions. >> i'm sure they're tricked up.


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