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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 29, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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lots to focus on. heavy downpour fairfield and newark. south bay, on and off showers all night long. boulder creek, saratoga. san francisco, light showers. we have wind to go with this. the downpour along highway 1. vallejo, san ramon, 680, wet weather and scattered downpours. upper 50s to near 60. as the front has moved through, the conditions will allow for more wind and colder temperatures. the wind tkpwuftds up to 36 miles per hour. we're looking at upper 50s today, near 60. downpours will stay with us through late morning. alexis. thank you, lisa. wd advisord bot spein perienceng acros windy there.
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gusts jerked your vehicle from side to side. be prepared for that this morning. several spinout collisions. overall, very light volumes. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 31 minutes for you. antioch to concord in the green at 14 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 16 minutes. thanks, alexis. this happened in oakland. crews were called to a warehouse 12:30 this morning to the report of a roof collapse at a commercial building on peralta street. one of the walls appears to be bulging out as well in this video. well, let's check out the conditions on the roadways right now. >> yeah. iscica.ewsorrlerle kel ind
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he pos, interesting weather. saw that the on-ramp to 380 from 280 was flooded as we are heading to pacifica. i want t s you something that my photographer ian caught. you can see a lightning strike, which is quite interesting this morning. this this morning. we drove into a downpour after that because we are traveling through palo alto. a lot of issues is because of clogged drains. public works are working to clear the drains of debris. this is northbound 17 on campbell. any road that sees a dip, you might see some flooding. the beautiful fall leaves are coming down and clogging the drains.
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the we did see lightning and heavy downpours, which made it quite interesting. back to you n studio. okay, matt. we will check with you throughout the morning. we just got an update about power outages from pg&e. they are scattered. 1600 in total without lights on. 221 people in the north bay. the south bay has the biggest area of outages, nearly 800. 165 with no power on the peninsula. less than 100 in san francisco without power. 390 people starting the morning with no power in the east bay. as lisa has been telling us, we're in a bit of a lull right now. buff a new wave of wet weather will move in soon. the north bay will be getting that hit. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in marin wit
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on a typical travel spot, in corte ma -- it is a smooth ride through here this morning. if a early commuter, we haven't seen any issues. the issue we are dealing with is wind. it is windy here. it comes in bursts, gusts. we drove here from the east bay. we went across the east we made a big circle. we experienced a lot of wind crossing the bay bridge. keep that in mind. you might get jostled a bit during your drive. it is helping to drain, so we don't see standing water in this typical trouble spot. news.
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that is good news. amy, thank you. the rain comes back a little bit later in our day. air traffic controllers may limit the number of planes that can take off and land due to poor visibility and high winds as the storm returns. in the east bay, wind gusts from people worried. >> pg&e cut down three 100-foot trees in orinda. they were concerned it could cause branches to knock down power lines. others prepared months earlier. >> i had a redwood that was right up against your house. we had that taken down this summer because we were concerned not only about the rain but also the wind. >> high winds are often the larger concern. for this storm we will see a wet, windsy storm. >> the city of orinda spent the past few days sweeping streets
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and clearing storm drains to prevent flooding. a live look at lake tahoe. ski season kicking off. if you plan to visiting the sierras, remember to put chains on your tires. lisa. hey, jessica. good morning to you. another nine or ten inches in the machines. we are looking at storm concerns. certainly the hydroplaning. all the wet pavement . the possibility is moderate to low with small stream flooding. it's a 2 on our storm impact scale. palo alto, pretty good showers. down around 280, sand hill road, a heavy downpour. sunol grade, 680, more showers.
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up to the north, rio visto, a thunderstorm there. raining in the north bay from lake port to clover dale. the area of low pressure still to come. check out the next hour. as we go through the 5:00, 6:00 hour. look at what is on the coast. see, this is what i'm talking about. we have heavy downpours through 7:00. they will be isolated. the rest of the afternoon and evening looks much quieter. the morning unfortunately is the dicey part. a third of an inch temperatures are mild. 50s to near 60. it will be getting cooler. high surf advisory until later on tomorrow. the temperatures with the scattered showers. a break tomorrow. saturday, waking up rainy. dry on sunday and monday. more light showers tuesday and
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wednesday. so key to be the breaks. not so great for the morning commute. no. it definitely isn't. we had rollover collisions, spinouts. today not quite as busy of a start. but we have two new issues to talk about. one on the peninsula. northbound 101, still awaiting all the details from chp. but we have a crash before marsh road. it sounds like at least one lane is blocked. emergency crews are heading to the scene right now. we are seeing a little bit of a delay on northbound 101 preachipreac preach -- approaching. we had moderate showers move through that stretch of roadway. emeryville. you can see it bouncing around in the wind. as soon as i said last time we only had a high wind for richmond-san rafael, chp also issued one for the bay bridge. definitely needs it. incident was very gusty on my commute in.
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the berkeley curve, eastbound 80, off 580 interchange. we will flip this camera around and see if we can get an eye on that. people displaced from the butte county fire may soon get to go home. >> what new documents reveal on facebook. i can't get over the name of this pig that is now up for take it in. >> it's such a great name. a great look outside as we go to commercial break. it is 4:39. we have rain in our forecast for the entire
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good morning to you. we have got a 2 on our storm impact scale. a moderate storm. looking at down you powers throughout your morning commute. thunderstorms and dangerous surf. thunderstorms firing north to south. closer inspection from fort ross, sea ranch, heavy rain moving in. and over to american canyon and fairfield looking at scattered showers. redwood cialto. grab the umbrella. it is soggy, slick.
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winds are kicking up. it will taper throughout the afternoon. we're not done with this yet. cooler conditions with the heavy downpours within the next several hours. lisa, thank you. the danger of mudslides because of the storm is forcing caltrans to shut down highway 1. it stretches 12 miles from mud creek to paul's slide. it will reopen only when conditions are safe. that area experienced the biggest mudslide in caltrans history last year. highway 1 just reopened in july. caltrans plans to close the road whenever there is a major storm. rain is forcing caltrans to close the main road in yosemite. about 17 miles of highway 14 in mariposa county will be closed until later today. it is to protect drivers there.
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july. it could extend into tomorrow. it depends on the weather. this is one of several features you can use on our abc 7 news app. you can get the forecast where you live. the latest storms may delay the lifting of evacuation orders in the area ravaged by the camp fire. neighbors might be able to ut ck if conditions are safe. the county sheriffs warns neighbors they should be prepared to find bones or fragments in the rubble. 88 people died in the fire. another 158 are still missing. wildfire survivors attended an evacuee meeting yesterday to try to learn when they can return to homes that are mostly rubble. >> we are grateful to be alive with our pets. so we try to be patient as much as we can be and to understand the process, which is extremely daunting for people right now. >>l weather service says up to an inch of rain could
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fall in the burn zone and raise the concern of flash floods. republicans have lost a house seat in california. t.j. cox claimed victory over republican incumbent david valadao. the republicans's lead slowly eroded as provisional and mail-in ballots came in. >> it was so inspiring to hear my colleagues place my name in nomination once again for speaker of the house. >> nancy pelosi is one step closer to being speaker of the house again. she won the nomination of the democratic is caucus yesterday. the vote was blank ballots and one absent. opponents plan to challenge her when it goes to the house floor in january. pelosi was speaker from 2007 to
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2011. do you have extra love to give to a new family pet? >> what if it is a 45-pound orphaned pig named piggy smalls. she was found wandering the streets of east palo alto earlier this month. they are lookingmily to adopt p. she is gentle, possibly house trained. and loves apples. >> so we believe she was probably someone's pet at some point, but they have not come forward to claim her. in terms of feeding them, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. and there's stuff that you can buy atrophied stores, pig pellets, which are nutritious. >> there is no way to tell how big piggy might get. a family with a big yard or small farm would be a good fit.
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p-i-g >> did you see the rain last yeah.? >> we are already seeing some thunderstorms. as we look at this advisory here, this is for the burn-scarred area from the northern california fires. it is still into effect until . the wind advisory with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. it is breezy out there. it is breezy out there. oakland is at 26. we get towards napa. by the delta, 80. wet weather down through antioch.
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livermore, to pleasanton, certainly you need your wipers and patience throughout. scattered showers in san francisco. the winds are not going to let up. 25 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. we are looking at this in combination with scattered showers. certainly difficult. perhaps complicated out there to drive. gusty winds behind the front. this is the way it will play out the next couple of hours. 5:30, the line of showers from the north bay to the south bay, some of these may intensify. they push east at 7:30. wet weather all around the bay. through the 11:00 hour, focusing on the south bay, the peninsula. highs today cooler. we will be behind the system. upper 50s. with the downpours right on through the afternoon.
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becoming more widely scattered. good morning, alexis. good morning, lisa. looking at the emeryville camera, i did swing that around for you. trying to spot a crash on the 580 curve and berkeley curve. we are not been able to spot anything. a lot more drops on our lens. a shower pushing through that area. notice the camera bouncing around. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and richmond san rafael bridge. it is gusty everywhere. two bart notes to pass along. we are getting word that the 19th street station, 20th street entrance is flooded. and a 10-minute delay in downtown oakland due to an equipment problem on the track. and breaking news out of arizona. live pictures coming from chandler, a suburb outside phoenix. you are looking at a huge mansion fire. fire crews are on the scene trying to get this extinguished.
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we are told this fire started 3:00 in the morning in a second story bedroom. three people were inside at the time. they were able to get out safely. we will keep you updated as we get new information as it comes in throughout the newscast. facebook considered charging companies access to user data. a new study reveals more of us are sleep texting. here's's "techbytes". >> in today's's "techbytes", was your facebook information nearly for sale? >> "the wall street journal" said court documents of e-mails show facebook executives possibly charging companies for user data. they decided against it. it would have been a shift in the policy of not selling that information. so you heard of sleep walking. well, now a researcher is warning of sleep texting. >> more young people are sending
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messages to their friends while they're still asleep and don't even remember doing it. a study found women are more likely to sleep text. taylor swift has been named this year's most influential person on twitter. >> the strength of her few tweets gave her the top spot. >> those are your "techbytes". >> please don't ever sleep text me. >> don't worry. ground is broken on a first of its kind center in san
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good morning to you. check it out here in the north bay. we have thunderstorms just around guernville, sea ranch. another area is over into the east bay. emeryville, berkeley, highway 80, rough going heading out right now. we will have the showers throughout your morning commute with heavy downpours and gusty winds. reggie. san francisco getting an plan deployment center. it will be a one-stop center where fire department ambulances can we policemen issue supplies. fire officials say it will improve response times. >> it will bring all the units into one place so they can be r
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back out paramedic units, these ambulances are deployed throughout the city so they can respond to emergencies quicker. it will be operational in two years. raiders star marshawn lynch wants to pay your cell phone bill. the raiders running back is the face of beast mobile. the 32-year-old oakland native said he will pay the cell phone bill for a full year for 500 new customers. it is good with the purchase of a new beast mobile phone. he wants to provide the homeless population with smartphones in oakland and seattle.
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after 20 years doing without
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stor acros the pond.rng the food will taste exactly the same as it does here. but there is a difference. it will not be wrapped. instead, it will be served on open plates. customers will be able to order beer. the general manager for europe says mexican food is on the rage there right now. >> do they have the crunch wrap supreme? >> i don't know what's on that menu. i haven't been in a minute. we are covering another band of rain moving through the bay area. we have seen very extra christmas lights displays. one city not a fan of this one, though. they are charging the homeowner thousands of dollars per day for being extra. first, the fda. now san francisco is going after a local vaping company to make sure it is following all the
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rules. a live look outside. you can see rain is coming
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fly emirates. fly better. here's a look at conditions on several bay area bridges. rain coming down on the bay bridge toll plaza right now. another band is moving in, and a lot of roads are flooded. >> we are seeing some damage. look at this transformer sparking after a branch fell on a power line. if you're heading out the door and you don't have a rain jacket, it's time to turn around and get it. >> let's check in with
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meteorologist lisa


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