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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a greyhound bus goes up in flames on 580 in oakland. those flames shooting through the roof. all b lanes forced to close for hours. >> that bus left completely charred. a passengerer r-by helping them safety. >> all lanes reopened about 90 minutes ago near the macarthur ma maze. highway patrol is still investigating the fire. >> katie udis spoke with passengers who say the bus lunched in the air. >> reporter: intense flames climbed and black smoke billowed on this greyhound bus on interstate 580. abc 7 tower cameras showed just
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how far the fire could be seen in the darkness. chp shut down all eastbound lanes of 580 west of highway 24 as oakland firefighters tried to extinguish the flames. we caught up with passengers who were taken to the west oakland greyhound bus station. some are still inside filling out paperwork. alex combs rode the bus that left san francisco shortly after 5:00. >> all of a sudden there was a loud bang. four people kind of hit the roof of the bus and was like whoa, what happened. >> reporter: chp is investigating but says the cause is likely mechanical. alex thinks a popped tire or broken axle. >> we sprung in the air about three feet and landed on the side of the freeway in enough time for him to pull over. >> reporter: a greyhound spokesperson says seven passengers and the bus driver got off without injury. >> i mean, it's crazy. >> reporter: lyft driver santos key area row pulled up to the scene and drove people to the bus station. >> and then the police come to
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me and say, okay, you want to help the people. >> alex also took a greyhound from new york to get to the bay area and said that bus had problems, too. >> honestly planes and trains. that's the only thing i can say. >> reporter: or in this case a ride share to the rescue. today the schedule of memorial services for president george h.w. bush was announced. >> bush passed away yesterday at the age of 94. bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda from monday evening until wednesday morning. the public will be able to pay their respects. >> on wednesday a memorial service will be held at the national cathedral in washington. president trump has declared that day a national day of mourning. >> wednesday night until thursday morning, bush will lie in repose at a church in houston where he lived. a second memorial service will then be held at the church thursday. >> tributes to the former president have been pouring in from around the world.
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here's abc news reporter marcus moore. >> an outpouring of condolences and tributes following the death of america's 41st president, george h.w. bush. his son president george w. bush posting this photo of his parents on instagram calling his father a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. his granddaughter, jenna bush hager also paying tribute writing he taught me and my family about service, family, e decen decency, the power of gentle words and a beautiful heart. the flag at the white house lowered to half-staff. visitors there remembering president bush. >> you didn't hear like the great divide you do now between the parties. it was a president, he seemed like he was just for the country and the betterment of the country. >> during his presidency, the berlin wall came down. the german chancellor angela merkel remembering the man who helped reunite her country. >> he's the father or one of the fathers of the unification, and we will never forget that. >> kuwait is honoring the man who helped liberate their
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country. former presidents also paying tribute. president obama saying america has lost a patriot and a humble servant and president clinton with whom president bush joined forces to raise money for asian tsunami and hurricane katrina victims read the letter his predecessor left him when he entered the oval office in 1993. >> i wish you well. i wish your family well. your success is our country's success. i'm rooting hard for you. >> calling the letter vintage george bush. >> i thought he meant it, but i also thought he was trying to be a citizen in the highest sense of the word. >> president george h.w. bush will be laid to rest at had iz presidential library and museum in college station, texas, alongside his wife barbara and their daughter ron. marcus moore, abc news houston. >> the bay area is also remembering former president bush today, especially those who considered george h.w. bush not only a colleague but a friend.
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>> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has that story. >> >> reporter: former secretary of state george schulz enjoys the view if his san francisco home where pictures reflect his public service during the reagan administration and friendship with former president george h.w. bush. >> what do we learn from him? we learn something about patrioti patriotism. we learn about the importance of finding a way to solve problems. >> schulz says bush reached across party lines to try and build coalitions with political foes in a civil manner. >> we badly miss right now this ability to sit down with somebody you don't agree with and try to work a problem out. >> i'm deethis, deeply moved by it. >> reporter: president bush came to the bay area in 1989, days after the destructive loma prieta earthquake. then mayor mark agnos shrecalls
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bush showed real come paegs. >> he asked the kind of questions that he was informed about what he needed to do, what we needed to get from him, and he was very responsive. >> san jose state political science professor melinda jackson says bush's legacy will be more than his one-term policy. >> the americans with disabilities act was passed during his presidency. >> he was a happy warrior. he played a good game. >> secretary schulz remembers a good will tennis match when he was secretary of the treasury and bush was a congressman on the ways and means committee. >> who won that match? >> i don't want to say. i don't remember. >> cornell bernard abc 7 news. the love story of the longest married couple in presidential history is continuing on in a heartfelt illustration reuniting the couple after seven months apart.
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take a look, mississippi clarion ledger cartoonist created a moving image of george h.w. bush and first lady barbara bush in heaven with their 3-year-old daughter robin who died of l leukemia. if you want to see more of the tributes pouring in for president bush, we've compiled them on our website. now to a story you'll see only on abc 7. a woman today reunited with a treasured possession her father and grandmother's ashes. >> they were stolen from her san lee and row storage unit. police got those ashes returned. >> abc 7 reporter joins us. >> joyce robertson says san leandro police told her the odds weren't good and most likely those ashes were dumped somewhere, so she couldn't believe what a hayward detective told her on the phone.
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>> leonard made an odd discovery under a small tree in his front yard last week. >> like a box in a plastic bag. >> there was a plastic bag full of ashes and the nametag in there. >> the neighbors called hayward police, but the investigation seemed to be going nowhere. >> we were kind of striking out until we kept looking on the internet, and we found a news story from abc 7 that it was a woman who was talking about a burglary to her storage shed. >> this is where we start to connect the dots. we introduce you to a devastated joyce robertson in september. her father and grandmother's ashes were stolen from her san leandro storage unit. >> what channel 7 reported was that there were these musical notes engraved on the box along with the name, so those things matched up. >> sergeant tasha decosta tracked robertson down saturday morning. >> i told her just please text
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me the address of the police station. >> robertson had to see it for herself. she'd been calling san leandro police once a week to see if they had anything. >> i'm just happy. i've been praying every night. >> the only thing robertson can say now is thank you to everyone who helped. >> i would like to thank them so much. i've really been stressing over this. >> such an incredible story. robertson tells me she plans to bury those ashes now because of all the stress she's gone through with this. police don't know how those ashes ended up under the tree. >> tremendous efforts all around, jobina, thank you. today is the 30th annual world aids day and events are taking place all over the place. >>. ♪ don't be afraid to let them show ♪ >> abc 7 news was in san francisco where hundreds of people gathered in golden gate
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park for a ceremony. the san francisco gay men's chorus performed at the national aids memorial. it's located in an area known as the grove and remembers the liefs of people who died from aids. organizers say they've seen progress and more needs to be done in the fight against the deadly virus. >> we're the closest city in the world to getting to zero new infections but we need to make sure that benefits all the people at risk for hiv including trans women, people of color. >> it is estimated about 37 million people worldwide are living with hiv/aids. through 2017, about 1.1 million people in the u.s. were infected. we are done with the wet weather for now, but it didn't move out without one last dousing. abc 7 news reporter matt keller captured the downpour late this morning in san jose as our storm cell moved south out of the bay area. >> a few hours earlier, the north bay was getting a good
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soaking. abc 7 news was on highway 101 in sausalito. most areas north of the golden gate bridge saw a little bit of sun by mid afternoon. >> saturated soil couldn't hold under the weight. it fell on castro street and missed a home by inches. it landed right on power lines. the tree didn't break any lines and pg&e came out to help remove the tree. the road was shut down for several hours. it reopened around noon. with that let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> we started out our saturday with showers, some downpours moving through the region all associated with a cold front that brought in chilly air this afternoon. live doppler 7 showing you the active sweep across the region. we are rain-free for the moment, but certainly seeing some snow showers around tahoe. live doppler 7, you can see that white on your screen. that's the snow, a winter storm warning in effect for the next hour or so.
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fresh powder headed to a lot of the resorts out there. take a look at satellite and of the coast, this is our next storm system that will move onshore and bring us our next chance of rainfall across the region. we'll detail when that wet weather moves in, and that's not the only storm we're tracking. we'll have the details and that full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. thank you very much. steph curry is back. he took the court don't as the golden state warriors played the pistons in detroit. curry has been out of action with a groin injury since november 8th. during his down time he also had a scare when he was involved in a crash in the east bay. we'll have all the highlights of how he did tonight coming up in sports. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, caught on camera. a nurse shark attacking a boy. the vacation excursion that went terribly wrong. and the nypd helps to fix a bungled proposal.
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a family's dream vacation to the bahamas took a terrifying turn when a seemingly docile nurse shark went on the attack. the jones family from sandy, utah, was told swimming with the sharks was completely safe because of their small size and non-threatening behavior. 8-year-old asher walked into the water, and that's when you one of the nurse sharks sunk its teeth into the boy's back. his father jeremy immediately reacted. >> i was able to grab on onto the shark, and my l , nt fis into his my right hand touched on one of the fins. as soon as i did, thaark let him go. >> an emt and pediatrician happened to be nearby and immediately helped the boy. the injuries were not serious, and asher didn't even require stitches. >> so scary. a trip to the north pole to meet santa is just a short
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flight away. some bay area children who are currently in the hospital got the ultimate holiday experience today. united airlines transformed a gate at san francisco international airport into a winter wonderland. the plane was also decked out for the fantasy flight complete with elf flight attendants. after they landed, the children enjoyed games, treats, and special visits from special friends. >> you think the elf actually flew the plane, too? >> i don't know if that's part of h description. speaking of job description, you're a meteorologist, you're going to tell us when it rains next. >> oh, good one. >> yeah, guys, you know what? we're going to get a break in the wet weather for the second half of the week, and the showers have moved out, and the chill is setting in tonight. cool air overhead. live doppler 7 showing you across the region any downpours, any rain we had earlier today, it has pushed off to the east, so our skies are drying out tonight. the picture, it's a beautiful one, a live look, great
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visibility right now. the rain will have helped wash away any pollen or smoke in our atmosphere, so we have a nice night on the way air quality wise, but it is a bit breezy out there. the wind have been gusting throughout the day, close to 30 miles per hour. certainly tonight they have been weakening a bit. you can see the most active spot we have in novato. the wind direction is key. it is coming out of the north dragging in cooler air. temperature wise, it is cold as you step outside in the north bay. 37 in napa, down to 42 in cloverdale, 44 in san ramon. san francisco currently checking in with a temperature of 51 degrees. the call from accuweather overnight tonight, it will be a rather clear and chilly night across the region, a bit of a breeze out there out of the north, so we'll drop close to the freezing mark in a lot of spots in the north bay. cool inland as well, upper 30s to low 40s. san jose, oakland, san francisco, we'll bottom out in
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the low 40s over the next 12 hours. so out the door tomorrow morning certainly you'll want the winter coat with you. live doppler 7 along with satellite. there's the cold front that moved through here earlier today. brought the downpours, the showers, brought the cooler air as well. a break from the rain tomorrow. here's our next storm system on the way. it will take its time moving into california, so the rain won't even make it into california until early tuesday morning. so the 12-hour day planner on your sunday, you do not need the rain gear at all. it's a completely dry day. could have a little bit of early morning patchy fog, especially in our north bay valleys. otherwise it's a blend of sunshine and clouds out there by the afternoon, and 4:00, it will be rather cool with temperatures below average for this time of the year in the mid-50s across the board. so 55 in oakland tomorrow afternoon, 56 in san jose, the same in santa rosa and san francisco about 54 degrees. as the sun goes down tomorrow evening, we say happy hanukkah
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to all our friends celebrating. partly cloudy skies around that time. it will be cool with a temperature right around 54 degrees. fast forward into tuesday as our next chance of rain moves into the picture. level one system out there on tuesday, light scattered showers, rainfall in most areas likely less than a quarter of an inch of rain. the winds will pick up once again. so future weather as we get into early tuesday morning, here comes that rain moving onshore first. then it looks like the tuesday morning commute, a little heads-up. it will feature showers moving through the region. a slower commute on tuesday. the showers likely continue into wednesday as well. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow it is a chilly morning leading to afternoon sunshine. partly cloudy on monday. we'll have some scattered showers on tuesday. i think the wettest day will probably be wednesday, guys, with light rain. some morning rain on thursday. we're dry on friday and another chance coming our way to start out next weekend. >> looking good, thanks. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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a couple lost an engagement ring in new york's times square. buddy are you in trouble now. >> the woman said yes, but he dropped the ring and it fell down a utility grate. look at this, video shows them looking for it on friday night just moments after the proposal. the pair asked for help, but officers couldn't find it, so they left without giving any contact information. >> and the police came back this morning. they recovered and cleaned the ring. now they just need to find the couple to reunite it with them. >> that is a good point that they cleaned it. i'm glad. >> it dwoiwent down a grate, yo want it clean. >> speaking of reuniting.
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>> yes. >> stephen curry reuniting with therient 5 and 6 in the 11 games stephen curry
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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n stephen curry returned to the court tonight in detroit following an 11-game absence due to a groin injury. still the warriors dropped their sixth straight game on theadatn than six years. you think curry is excited to be back playing again? i have no idea what he's doing, but the little kid in him came out. in the first quarter, the behind the back pass to klay thompson who laid it in nicely.
11:29 pm
warriors up six and kevin durant added two more with that two-handed slam. he had a game high 28. the fun didn't last, bruce brown passed off the glass to andre drummond. he threw it down. 24 all in the second, curry drove, laid it in and got the foul. those are his first points of the game. pistons in the third, they led when curry hit his first three in the night. a scary moment in the fourth, look at curry driving and goes down hard. he was also called for a charging f and bkegrifn taking 26 points. the pistons took down the warriors and 0 miper ur, just didn't have the right timing, wasn't seeing the floor very well or seeing the rim very well for that matter. the second half was better, a little more aggressive,
11:30 pm
decisive, and just gaining confidence and feeling good. the ax will stay on the farm as the cardinal won the 121st big game on the bears home turf. david shaw is a perfect 8-0 in the cross bay rivalry. the ax made the trip across the bay for a short visit. costello 18 of 29, 237 yards and one touchdown that came in the first quarter, the little dump to cameron scarlet. the running back will do the rest of the work. 46 yards, that is his first career receiving touchdown. yardsish16pretty good running bo longesrd dn tdenelouldp a fldiv. look at paulson adebo's one handed interception, incredible. scarlet will get one more
11:31 pm
touchdown to put this game out of reach for cal, even though the bears got into the end zone in garbage time, stanford pulled the win out 23-13. >> it's big, especially my senior year going on the fourth year in a row making sure we send out all the seniors and fifth years on the right foot, and it's just a great feeling to keep that up. >> momentum is not important for us right now. it's rest. i need our guys to sleep and about half the team needs to live in the training room for the next couple of weeks to see who can be healthy, how many guys are healthy. it's been a long, difficult injury-plagued season for us. >> it certainly has. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. we know that cal may be in the cheez-it bowl in arizona. we're waiting it hear where the cardinal will end up. >> told you, there really is a cheez-it bowl. >> i didn't believe it either. >> he came running into the newsroom saying it's a cheez-it.
11:32 pm
much more to come on abc 7 news at 11 including a massive cleanup underway in alaska after a magnitude 7 earthquake, the progress made today to get things back to normal rng. and country's first
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, greyhound bus traveling from los angeles to san francisco caught fire on 580 in oakland tonight. flames engulfed the commuter bus
11:36 pm
along the westbound lanes of the freeway near the highway 24 junction. the driver and all seven passengers on board escaped injury. funeral plans were announced today to honor america's 41st president, george herbert walker bush. he'll be flown from houston to washington where he'll lie in state under the capitol rotunda. a memorial service will be held at the national cathedral. bush will be buried at his presidential library in college station, texas, beside his late wife barbara and their daughter robin. >> hundreds commemorated the 30th world aids dale in san francisco's golden gate park. friends and family of those who lost their lives to those of aids joined leaders. they highlighted the significant progress that's been minfecti w renewed a call to focus on high risk groups who continue to be affected. in anchorage, alaska, tonight there's extensive damage to roads, highways and infrastructure following yesterday's powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake. >> it was followed by a 5.7
11:37 pm
magnitude quake. miraculously no deaths or injuries are reported. abc news reporter mark has the latest. >> a massive 7.0 earthquake rocked anchorage, alaska on friday sending debreet cragree to the ground. the quake briefly triggered tsunami warnings. students terrified as the quake rocked their school. >> we're going to die. >> the ceiling of a local television station collapsing and the control tower at the airport evacuated. flights halted for several hours. on saturday, officials announced power had been restored to almost all customers. hospitals are open, and the airport is operational. >> had a system in place to deal with this level of emergency, and the system is working. >> but with wind and snow in the forecast, residents are being urged to stay off roads. >> stay home and stream netflix. >> abc's will carr is in
11:38 pm
anchorage. >> this used to be an offramp. this morning it looks more like a construction site. check out this twisted pipe. this is underneath the road. there is damage across this area. >> alaska's governor says he has spoken to the president. >> we're going to help you, we're going to help alaska. we're going to help you. we build what you've lost. >> the president tweeting to the people of alaska, you have been hit hard by a big one adding your federal government will spare no expense. abc news, new york. the number of missing in the camp fire in butte county has dropped. they've managed to locate 3,000 people who were originally reported missing in the aftermath of the disaster. tonight the sheriff says no human remains were located today despite ongoing efforts tozo the death toll stands at 88. 41 victims have been positively identified. many first responders who responded to the camp fire were treated to a seat at berkeley's memorial stadium to watch cal
11:39 pm
take on stand ford in thford in big game. hundreds of tickets were distributed to those those thost impacted by the deadly fire. many first responders appreciated the gesture, but say their work in butte county was just part of the job. >> i'm grateful about being here. i'm here with my son watching football, but all the firemen that were part of that wildfire, you know, they were just doing their job, ask thatnd that's wh do. >> it was the 121st big game between bay area rivals cal and stanford. president trump and chinese president xi jinping have reached a 90-day agreement on economic tariffs. the two countries can now continue trade negotiations. the white house said president trump has agreed not to hike tariffs on chinese imports from 10% to 25% on january 1st.
11:40 pm
the president was considering even more u.s. tariffs on chinese goods. both presidents attended a meeting during the g20 summit in buenos aires. if no trade deal is reached after the 90-day period president trump will impose those tariffs. a bay area group has made the trip to the u.s./mexico border to deliver hundreds of gift bags. they shared this video of volunteers putting the bags together. they plan to walk seven miles to the old walmart that's been converted to a migrant children's center. delta airlines now has the first airportseiaec t from the to the gate. delta says terminal f at atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport is now fully equipped with bio metrics readers. travelers will be able to get boarding passes, check bags, go through security and board international flights by just posing for a photo.
11:41 pm
the tsa and u.s. customs and border protection compares that photo with passport photos to verify identities. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> uber could be getting more invested in electric scooters. the companies they're eyeing to possibly by buy. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. skies are drying out overnight tonight, but we're tracking more rain on the way in the days to come. timing and the accuweather forecast ahead. abc new brand sharing its firing stories in a weekly digital series called more in common. >> meet the woman who saved the day when a bride's mom declined to attend her same-sex wedding. >> this is our marriage license we picked up on october 13th.
11:42 pm
>> your mom, is she coming to the wedding? >> if your mom attendance your same-sex wedding, then call me. i'll be there, i'll even bring the bubbles. to not be accepted by your family is just devastating. everyone needs cceptance from their mother. for me the day is bittersweet because i know the journey that i took and the regret that i would have had had i not accepted my son, and i was able to see him visible living authentically, and i've
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♪ to let our great state shine. energy upgrade california, will let us shine. ♪ uber may have big plans for motorized scooters. sources speaking to tech news site the information say uber is considering buying scooter company bird or possibly its competitor lime.
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the report says uber has met with both companies and could make a decision by the end of the year. uber already bought bike sharing company jump earlier this year. this holiday season people had the opportunity to make the gifts ghathey give ecofriendly. abc 7 was at the first annual zero waste and plastic free holiday market. it featured 20 vendors selling ecogifts. the event didn't even have a garbage can. the goal was to have no waste created during the holiday market. they plan on expanding their holiday market next year. our vy own abc 7 news anchor kristen sze helped an organization bringing art to kids building illnesses. the gala raise ed money to
11:47 pm
art workshops at various ho hospita hospitals. if you want information on how you can get involved, we have that on our website, >> the rain is on the way once again, drew? >> we're going to manage to finish out the weekend on a dra note. the showers have moved out. it's cool out there tonight. the bay shoreline, upper 40s to lower 50s at this hour. so tonight we'll bottom out in the low 30s, and our coldest spots. it's chilly out there. a little breeze out of the north. 43 in san francisco overnight, 42 in oakland, about 43 the low in san jose. it's a cool start to the day. could have some patchy fog in our north bay valleys. highs on our sunday under a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures topping out in the mid-50s. that's a little bit below average for this time of the year. we'll week is out another dry day on monday, but the rain returns on tuesday. the storm impact scale a level 1 system on tuesday. light scattered showers, rainfall most areas less than a quarter of an inch, but the
11:48 pm
winds will pick up once again. could see gusts close to 30 miles per hour. we'll hop ahead on future weather into early tuesday morning. the rain begins to move onshore first in the north bay. it does look like the tuesday morning commute will feature some light showers across the region. so we'll keep our eye on that system as it moves closer. accuweather seven-day, dry the next two days. rain arrives on tuesday. it sticks with us through thursday of the upcoming weekend. >> can you tweak this a little? it always rains on my days off. >> we've got to push it away. >> work on that for me. >> i'll try. >> personalized weather. >> mindy's here with a look at sports. it was the final day of the college season, a lot of conference champions are celebrating at no time. which teams will still be celebrating tomorrow? only four get into the playoff for the na
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abc 7 sports sponsored by
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river rock casino. levi stadium hosts this year's college football championship. the top four teams in the nation make the playoffs for a shot at the national title. nick saban's crimson tide would like to remain the top seed with a win over georgia. bulldogs fans want an early christmas. early third quarter georgia in control with a perfect throw and catch. look at that. puts the dogs up 28-14. alabama, they've looked down and out so many times, and it's never a problem. jalen battle turns on the speed. 51-yard vie low wa got hurt, so jalen hurt throws a touchdown, and that ties it up at 28. with a minute to go, hurts is going to take it in himself. this is the go ahead score. alabama wins 35-28 and will keep its number one ranking. big 12 championship game,
11:53 pm
number 5 oklahoma taking on the 14th ranked texas longhorns. hook them horns, they trailed by 13 in the third quarter. look how much time sam ellinger has, he threw for 349 yards. this one 27 yards to collin johnson. great efforts to stay inbounds. then they got the ball back, ellinger will sling it five yards, lil jordan humphrey ties the game. ellinger didn't see the cornerback and gets dropped for a safety. this is future oakland c kyler murray. one handed grab was just beautiful, oklahoma wins a big 12 title 39-27 the final. urban meyer and ohio state need to convince the committee they're worthy of a spot. facing northwestern in the big ten title game, first kins neki he scrambles everywhere.
11:54 pm
buckeyes up 7-0. northwestern's clayton thorson bounced a pass off a lineman's helmet, and that got picked off. it wasn't the wildcat's night. ohio state ends the game on a 24-3 run. haskins scrambling again and he fiends johnny dixon in the back of the end zone. buckeyes win 45-24. it's their third big ten title in the last five years. fans supporting injured quarterback mackenzie melton as ucf goes for its 25th straight win. memphis jumped out to a big lead. darrell henderson had three first half touchdowns including that 62 yarder. memphis led 30-14 at one point. ucf comes all the way back. this two-yard keeper by -- mac had three rushing touchdowns in a row. ucf storms back to win 56-41. it remains undefeated.
11:55 pm
mountain west championship, look at the snow, fresno state and boise state. this game went to overtime. the broncos got a field goal. bulldogs can win it with a touchdown, and they got it. the squad finished the year 11-2. the bulldogs are the mountain west champions 19-16 the final there. how about some college basketball, stanford and head coach jared has visiting number two kansas. the cardinal played really well, stanford led by as many as 12, and the coach's wife loves it. ten seconds to go, ku down three, gerald vick for three, he got it. ties this game up, and yeah, his wife can't believe it. in ot it was all kansas, vick scored 25 of his 27 after halftime. kansas wins this one, but it was a great one for the cardinal. 90-84. cal making the rare visit to st. mary's and moraga.
11:56 pm
tanner provided 11 points off the bench in the first half. st. mary's wasn't ready get back on defense, and that led to this alley oop. beautiful, second half ford is going to find jordan hunter, oh, that was great. st. mary's wins 84-71. erik karlsson returned to ottawa for the first time since he was traded to the sharks as they take on the senators. martin jones with the save of h the ar, wide open net. paddle of his stick. jones had 21 saves on the day. this was not one of them. ben harper puts the senators up by a goal, less than a minute later, mikel bad ka -- they hav lost four straight games. this abc 7 sports report is
11:57 pm
sponsored by river rock casino. a lot of college football going on there. >> we can breathe now. >> a little bit of sound in there. >> yeah, go, go, go. it was fun. it was that kind of day. the last day of the college season, the bowl games are going to be fun. >> that's it for tonight. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for the entire abc 7 news team,
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