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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> two years ago, a fire claimed 36 lives and left a permanent hole in a community. >> today, a reminder of the loss and a symptom of our area's housing crisis. thank you for joining us. >> the cause of that deadly fire remains a mystery. >> cornell bernard is live tonight in oakland and cornell, just a short time ago, people quath gathered to remember the victims. >> reporter: that's right. and some friends and family are still at the scene of what is left of the ghostship warehouse. just a burned out rubble right now. such a painful anniversary for these people. they say they'll never forget the victims. the tragedy of the fire highlighted the need for affordable, safe spaces for bay area artists. these people want to make sure such a tragedy never happens
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again. they called it a book box procession. several dozen making their way up international boulevard in memory of friends and family lost in the fire. >> after two years, it just doesn't go away. it's still there. >> reporter: keith and sue are making a painful return to the ghost ship on this two-year anniversary, to remember their daughter, donna kellogg, who died here. >> she had bright red hair and she really liked her and people really liked her. >> reporter: she managed the courage to come back to this spot. >> it felt like it's really important to be here, to be there for anybody else who wanted to talk. >> reporter: 36 partygoers gathered in 2016 and were trapped when a fire became a raging inferno inside. >> it's where i lost my best friend, and mott just my best friend, a whole community of
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really talented people. >> reporter: the oakland mayor tweeted, today our community mourns the second anniversary of the ghost ship fire. oakland grieves together, we remember together, and we heal together. the defendants were both involved in running the artist collective. they had struck a plea deal, but that was rejected by a judge. both are now headed for trial. >> as long as it doesn't happen again. and the people responsible get the justice, and not just the people currently waiting trial. >> reporter: the memorial continues to grow here with flowers and candles. many would like to see a permanent memorial installed here. a trial in the case is set to begin april 2nd, 2019. in oakland, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." >> cornell, thank you. in the south bay, people protested against how the u.s. government is treating migrants from central america along the mexican border.
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"abc7 news" was in san jose when activists and religious leaders rallied outside city hall. they are outraged at the way federal agents used tear gas on some people trying to cross the border last week. >> people have a right to petition for asylum. as americans, it's our tax dollars paying for the rubber bullets and tear gas. >> the group also held a sit-in. one organizer says he hopes the treatment of immigrants will change when democrats take over the house of representatives next month. former president george h.w. bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol from tomorrow evening through wednesday morning. the family finalized details for the memorial and funeral. air force one arrived in houston to transport the casket. here's the latest now from houston. >> reporter: in houston, the funeral for america's 41st president will be held here, st.
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martin's episcopal church where the bush family attended for more than 50 years. >> he's a very special man, gave a lot to the country and to the community, and we are proud to have him as a member. >> reporter: in washington, president george h.w. bush will lie in state beginning monday, ahead of a memorial service on wednesday at the national cathedral. the flag at the white house is flying at half staff. president trump has declared wednesday a national day of mourning, and ordered the federal government closed. >> he was a patriot. he demonstrated that in war and peace. >> reporter: retired general colin powell called his former boss a perfect american and a perfect president. former chief of staff and friend james baker was with bush hours before he died. >> he perked up, he opened his sees and said hey, bake, where we going? >> reporter: baker said he responded, we're going to heaven, to which bush answered,
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that's where i want to go. baker returned later and was with his friend as he died. >> the president had a very gentle and peaceful passing. >> reporter: family and friends say he was t say president bush george bush was the last one to speak to him. thursday, president bush will be buried at his presidential lie wrar next to first lady barbara bush who died with seven months ago. a woman in a wheelchair suffered critical injuries in a hit and run crash in itappenehi morng near a strip mall on lone tree way. a 65-year-old woman was crossing the street in her wheelchair when she was hit. we were provided with these pictures. police are now looking at evidence left at the scene.
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"abc7 news" was also in san jose after a war plowed into the panda express. one witness said it sounded like a gunshot when the lux us smashed through the plate glass window. the crash injured an suv and the man arriving with her. police are trying to find out if the driver mistook the gas medal for the brake. two new developments in the camp wildfire in the fire consumed more than 153,000 acres. the fire killed 85 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. the number of people missing is now at 25. > the san jose earthquakes are increasing their efforts to help victims oh of that wildfire.
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"abc7 news" was there for the winter fest, hosted by the quakes. the team says the event was dedicated to fire victims, with a portion of the proceeds going to the north valley community foundation. the quake foundation already pledged $10,000 to wildfire victims. >> we wanted to have an event in the off-season for fans to enjoy the stadium, but also to be able to give back to local organizations. so we have a can food drive out front, and we have local vendors who are selling holiday goods. >> winter fest features 20 tons of snow and holiday themed activities. changes could be coming to a work visa commonly used by test firms. we'll explain, coming up. and a rare glimpse, a tornado tears up a midwest city. how this proposal almost ended up a
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a series of tornadoes unleashed violent winds on central illinois. could have been as many as 20 tornadoes. officials say at least 20 people were hurt in illinois. but there are no reports of any deaths. peak winds up to 125 miles an hour damaged hundreds of homes and vehicles. many people ran for cover after getting tornado warnings. >> i got my kids and we went down to the basement. about ten seconds later, it was just like a train running through. >> walking out and just total
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chaos, trash, debris, houses smashed. >> experts say it's rare for tornadoes to hit during this time of year. april and june are peak months for tornado activity across the midwest. president trump and china's leader have reached a temporary agreement on tariffs. the white house says president trump and president xi jinping have agreed making the maintain the current 10% on care tiffs. china will now buy farm goods and energy related items from the u.s. both country also also start talks on cyber theft. a worker visa program used by many silicone valley companies faces a change. the department of homeland security wants to update the registration process for the h-1 visa. the first 20,000 spots are for people with masters degrees. under the proposal, dhs would
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select from remaining candidates to fill the cap. the government says it would increase the number of visa recipients with advanced degrees by 16%. new york city police will investigate a case of love and loss with a happy ending ahead. listeners won't hear a popular holiday tune. the story behind a ban on a christmas classic. wrapping up a cool day today, but we have a chilly night today. freeze warnings are posted.
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former kansas city chiefs running back kareem hunt admits he lied about an incident that cost him his job with the team. surveillance video on taped by tmz shows him shoving and kicking a woman in a confrontation in february. the chiefs claimed they did not see the video until last friday when they cut him from the team. the team says hunt was not
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truthful about what happened when they investigated. hunt's requested an interview with our sister network espn to apologize. >> it was just a long night, and to be exact, it don't really matter what happened. i was in the wrong. i could have, you know, took responsibility and made the right decision. >> hunt says he hopes to get another chance in the nfl. many radio stations across the station are playing christmas music 24/7, but there's one song you won't hear on a station in cleveland. ♪ i simply must go baby, it's cold outside ♪ ♪ the answer is no >> listeners convinced the station to stop playing "baby, it's cold outside." many felt the lyrics were predatory. >> if you really put that aside and read the lyrics, it's yeah,
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not somebody i would want my daughter to be in that situation. the character is saying no. and they're saying, does no really mean yes? and i think in 2018, what we know is consent is yes. >> "baby it's cold outside" debuted in 1943. details on a mysterious couple that made headlines after a proposal gone wrong. they have been found. the man dropped an engagement ring while proposing in times square. police couldn't find it that night, but managed to retrieve it the next day after searching on social media, police tracked down the couple who was visiting from overseas. >> it feels good being able to return an item like that, to somebody, with the type of work we do, it might seem like something small, but to them it's a big deal. >> you're looking at a photo of the couple posted on the nypd's twitter page. in case you were wondering, she said yes.
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>> now your accuweather forecast. >> wrapping up a dry finish to the weekend, but tonight it's going to get rather chilly across the region. freeze warnings will go into effect at midnight tonight for some. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you any rain we had yesterday, was out of here today. dry skies prepailed. the cloud cover moved back in this evening. so power from a roof top camera. you can see the backdrop of cloud cover out there. but still along the cool site. 40s out there. the numbers will continue to drop, so overnight tonight, chilly across the board. low 40s, but once you move inland, especially into the north bay, much colder air. into the 30s we go, some spots dipping into the upper 20s.
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it's a freeze warning that will go into effect for much of the north bay, and parts of the inland east bay, including walnut creek, parts of the north bay like napa, so bring in the pet, bring in the plants. tomorrow afternoon, pretty similar temperature wise to where we were today after that chilly start in the morning, have that winter jacket. the afternoon is chilly. temperatures barely topping out in the mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. those clouds are in advance of the next storm system i living tuesday. so the storm impact scale, a level one system. tracking light showers, pretty low in terms of total rainfall. we expect the winds to pick up again, gusting close to 30 miles an hour. tuesday morning, we could see spotty sprinkles, especially in the north bay. looks like the showers will move on shore into the afternoon. so 1:00 tuesday, we're tracking
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that light rain. looks like that rain will continue into tuesday evening, as well. so have the up prmbrella handy. certainly a cold start to the day tomorrow with freeze warnings in effect. we'll track the light showers returning on tuesday. it looks like the showers will linger into much of wednesday, as well. that level one system continues. perhaps a sprinkle on thursday. right now the best chance would be in the south bay and dry skies prevail for friday and the start of next weekend. >> we are in that pattern. >> nice. our local nfl teams are in a pattern, too. >> it's really difficult to be raiders or 49ers fans. right now, they're battling for
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now abc 7 sports. the raiders' 34 points are the most they've scored since they beat the browns, but it was not enough. this fan is ready to come off the bench, if need. third quarter, oakland down 16. derek carr with 285 yards and three scores. now raiders down ten. all three running backs fumbled the ball away, and the chiefs scored points off each turnover. patrick mahones, four touchdowns in this game, 13 yards here to
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harris. 33-16 after three quarters. carr bobbled the snap in the fourth. he targeted lee smith only once. smith, that's his first touchdown since 2015. oakland down just three now. but the defense could not get a stop. chiefs win 40-33. the raiders drop to 2-10. >> you got to credit that young quarterback. this is just his first year starting in the nfl. and he ticked me off today. >> he's a heck of a player. nothing but respect for him. he's a very good guy, nice to talk to. very respectful. so i wish him the best, except when we play him. >> there's a time in the not so distant past that a 49ers/seahawks matchup was a battle. but the 49ers were never
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competitive today. friends and former seattle teammate doug baldwin and richard sherman warming up together. niners down six. russell wilson had just four completions in the first half. three of them were for touchdowns. ouch. 52 yards to tyler locket made it 13-0. two minutes left in the half, seattle punches from their own goal line. three time-outs, plenty of time to get a touchdown. instead, the punt is muffed. sa seahawks recover and another touchdown. seattle in the second half, an 80-yard punt return. 27-3, seattle. 49ers could not go empty handed. but it was too little too late. the niners lose 43-16. and like the raiders, they are now 2-10. alabama, clemson, notre dame, and oklahoma will play for the
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national championship. georgia and ohio state did not make the cup. the game will be played january 7th at levi stadium. and cal will play tcu in the cheese it bowl in phoenix on december 26th. and stanford is heading to el paso, texas, for the sun bowl. cardinal and pitt face off december 31st. the cheese it bowl used to be the cactus bowl. i prefer the cactus bowl sponsored by cheese it. >> a lot of people like cheese it. no shamed. >> if you say cheese it bowl, i think of the bowl on my table. >> and the packers did fire their head coach after their loss today to the arizona cardinals. he had been there 13 years. >> thanks a lot, mindy. feeling stressed out? there is a llama for that. ises that story is next.
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new on "abc7 news" at 6:00, developing news on this apartment fire in san francisco. we just got an update moments ago from fire crews. >> just in time for upcoming finals, the llamas are returning to -- you heard me right -- are returning to uc berkeley. >> the school announced the return of llama to help students deal with stress. >> llamas are used in animal therapy to benefit human's
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mental health. >> we should lobby for this at tonight, president trump t declaring a national day of mourning, as we honor former president george h.w. bush and celebrate the 41st president of the united states. air force one set to transport his casket to washington, where he will lie in state on capitol hill. as we learn more about his final wishes. also breaking tonight, the tornado outbreak in the midwest. more than 20 reported in 1 state alone. roughly two dozen hurt, homes damaged. rob marciano standing by. plus, the nfl star now apologizing. the exclusive interview. what he says about the disturbing video of him fighting with a young woman, and the serious allegations now facing the nfl over how they handled it. fire and protests. anti-government demonstrations turning violent this weekend. cars in flames. the world famous landmar


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