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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> today, on behalf of the family, and my family, and the american people, we offer our deepest sympathies. >> reporter: special air mission 41 touched down at joint base andrews to a military salute. earlier in houston, thene during his presidency, and designated air force one when the sitting president is aboard, served as the backdrop of a military ceremony. the former president will lie in state inside the capitol rotunda, giving americans a chance to say goodbye. >> could not have had a better influence. he taught me, you know, family always comes first, and you do what you can to help the world. >> reporter: despite a feud with the bush family, president trump is taking part in the tributes this week, tweeting looking forward to being with the bush
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family to pay my respects. the bush foundation releasing excerpts, including messages to his family. >> you need me, i'm here. devotedly, dad. >> reporter: here in washington, president bush will lie in state until his funeral at the national cathedral wednesday morning. congress has canceled votes and delayed sessions. president bush's signature legislation was the americans with disabilities act, as you may recall. a civil rights law that has roots here in the bay area. ka katie utehs is live with this story. >> reporter: many of those accommodations you can see, like wheelchair ramps and much of advocacy work started with ed roberts, a polio survivor who worked for accommodations at schools so he could attend. now, that eventually led to the ada, a life-changing law that
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helps many americans. >> i can't even imagine what our life would be like. >> reporter: julia's son, benjamin, has a severe seizure disorder. >> every door is open to him, because of the ada. i get kind of emotional thinking about it. >> reporter: that door openinged a slow -- started in the bay area. >> prior to the ada, there wasn't a far reaching law that said people with disabilities had a right to access to public accommodations, to the workplace. >> reporter: arlene mayerson, co-founded the disability rights education and defense fund. the organization then worked with president bush's administration. >> so it was because of president bush's leadership that his administration spent the time and had the commitment, and worked directly with people with disabilities. >> reporter: she and thousands of people with disabilities
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joined president bush in the signing of the americans with disabilities act in 1990. it prohibits discrimination based on disability. >> and it was, you know, like the declaration of independence for people with disabilities. days many people thought they would never see. >> reporter: in this 1999 interview, president bush talks about why he supported it. >> it was the fair and right thing to do. i think there are a lot of people who, if given access to the workplace, for example, can achieve things, that if they're denied that, they won't have a shot at the american dream. >> reporter: president bush said on multiple occasions that the ada was his proudest achievement. it should also be noted that the americans with disabilities act was a bipartisan effort. katie utehs, "abc7 news." >> katie, thank you. more on the life and legacy of george h.w. bush on our website, all there at and we'll have live komplg cove
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the funeral on wednesday. it starts at 7:00 a.m. our time. alameda county reaffirmed today that a retired judge will preside over the ghost ship trial in april. the announcement involved the defendants comes a day after the two-year anniversary of the fire. the two are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the retired judge preside over the trial. >> we're delighted. he's a fair judge and he will look at the filings, look at our briefs and make an honest decision. >> we believe that a fair judge, which the judge has a reputation of being, and a alameda county jury will hear the facts and see
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them innocent of all charges. >> the judge retired last year after serving for nearly 30 years. marion hotel workers in san francisco are voting on a tentative four-year contract. workers hugged and cheered the news of this tedeal. more than 2,000 workers at seven properties had been on strike since early october, demanding higher wa higher wages. the workers were the last of 8,000 marriott union employees still on the picket line. voting wraps up if about 55 minutes. if a deal is ratified, workers would return to work on wednesday. it's dry right now, but the rain returns tomorrow. >> here's a live look outside. spencer christian is here with more on what we can expect from this round of storms. >> it's going to be a wet storm. we've got increasing clouds over the bay area, pockets of moisture offshore, that's where the storm is centered. and this is going to sweep rain
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in from the southwest through the bay area tomorrow. the storm will rank two on the storm impact scale. it will start with showers, periods of rain. rainfall totals, from a quarter inch to three quarters and gusty winds. and here's some animation to take you overnight as clouds increase. temperatures in the low 40s. and then early tomorrow, we see the first pockets of light showers coming in, again, in the south bay first, moving from the southwest, but later tomorrow, into the evening and nighttime, steadier, more widespread showers, and the heavier showers move in tomorrow night, as well. i'll give you a look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you, spencer. some 30,000 kids from butte county returned to school today since the camp fire broke out almost a month ago. the county office of education tweeted this photo greeting students as they got off of the bus. classes are being held at
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schools in oroville and high school kids are going to class at chico mall. >> like, it's been a while till i came here for my first day of school again. now i'm so nervous. >> what are you excited about? >> i'm excited to see all my new friends. >> yeah, it will be good. the sheriff's office announced the number of missing has dropped to 25. at one point, more than a thousand were unaccounted for. classes are not in session in anchorage, alaska followed friday's 7.2 earthquake. school also be closed for at least one bakill all time to inspect schools for damage and make repairs. the safety level of each school will be tagged green, amber, or red. >> before we can declare a school safe or green, if you
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will, for reentry, the building is cleared of any debris or potential falling hazard by our operation staff. we don't want folks going into buildings where items are dangling from the ceiling. >> the quake hit 9:30 friday morning and triggered more than a thousand after shocks, including a dozen larger than 4.5. no one was killed and most buildings escaped major damage. the san jose city council will vote tomorrow on whether to sell several properties to google. the protest happening now against the proposal that could bring thousands of jobs. next month, the top two football teams will play for the national championship here in the bay area. up next, the fun events that you can take part in even if you don't have a ticket to the game. hunter and
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and let's take a look at traffic. this is highway 101. look at the taillights going away from you are heading south above the top, you're looking at 880, and it's moving well, head
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no arrests have been made after an overnight shooting in san francisco's mission sta manu nd 1:00 tet.ay no information i available about a suspect. anyone with information is asked
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to call san francisco police. >> >> in the south bay, san jose state council will vote on whether to approve selling several properties to google. the proposed development could bring 20,000 jobs. but there's a protest taking place right now. matt keller is live at city hall with more. matt? >> reporter: many members of silicon valley rising are taking part in a three-day fast, and it ends tomorrow. they're hoping to stop the momentum of this google development in downtown san jose. the anti-google development protest in front of san jose city hall may look strange. the sent is not touching the ground. it's resting on feet. a loophole after police confronted the group and threatened citations for having a structure with no permit. >> this is coming from the city manager's office and the may zblor >> y -- mayor? >> yes. >> reporter: they focused on why they're against the development
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that could bring 20,000 jobs to the downtown area. >> we want housing, not google. we believe if google comes in, it will end up in massive displacement in san jose. >> reporter: the mayor has been very active in the past week on social media, with the message what google means for san jose. he even took questions during a facebook live. >> there's a lot of benefits. >> reporter: tomorrow, the members will consider approval to sell several city to google and a men ran dumb mo understanding what the area will look like. the mayor believes it will provide a vibe rant downtown, jobs, and tax revenue. >> we're a bedroom community, that means we're revenue poor. so we need jobs in the city of san jose to provide those critical services. mayor says hs proposing 25% of all housing built in the area be affordable, rent restricted housing.
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coming up at 5:00, we speak with a planning expert on what happens next if and when the land is sold. matt keller, "abc7 news." >> matt, thank you. a group of uber drivers protested today after they say uber cut their rate. abc 7 was in san francisco where drivers blasted their horns on market street. they say uber slashed their per mile rate to drivers in san francisco. >> we used to get paid 99 cents a mile. now it's down to 68 cents a mile. that's a 32% cut. one morning you wake up, your pate is slashed 32%. >> uber says it's not a rate cut, that the company is decreasing the rile mile, and t said, we are consistently working to make earnings more consistent and dependable for drivers. in just about a month, levi
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stadium will host a college football national championship. it's a big deal. the playoff is set. alabama and oklahoma will face off in the orange bowl. and clemson and notre dame will play in the cotton bowl. those games are december 29th on our sister network espn. the winners of those games will meet at levi stadium on january 7th to play for the national championship and you can also watch that game on espn. really delighted to have with us ryan allen hall and cheryl from the college football playoff organization. with me here to talk about the game and all the fun events surrounding it. this is a great deal. we're excited to have this national championship here in the bay area. it's a relatively new thing, the national championship. we didn't used to decide who was the top college football program in the country this way. but fams demans demanded it. >> that's right. they have a playoff now. >> are fans happy with this?
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>> i would say so. >> and you guys are from dallas. >> yes. >> and sharon, there's a lot of work that goes into this. tell me a little bit about what has to happen to pull this game off on january 7th. >> i work for the foundation inside the college football playoff foundation side on the community outreach events. we've been planning this now for going on two years just for the bay area. >> really. okay. what does that planning involve, what do you have to get done? >> we really like getting to know the local community to make sure we're building programs and creating opportunities for teachers that are responsive to the needs of the local community. >> okay. >> so lots of getting to know local organizations. >> do you like it here so far? >> love it. >> let me ask you this, ryan. tell me about some of the events before the game that are planned to obviously hype it and build it up and get everybody excited.
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we'll have fans in town for close to a week. >> absolutely. you don't need a ticket to go to the game to go to these events. one is the 5-k run. so we'll have a run in downtown san jose. and then we have a culinary event called taste of the championship where you can come out, get a taste of the bay area. it's at the tech museum of innovation. so come out and support your local chefs and teachers, as well. >> all of this obviously is to give fans a full experience while here. people come from all of the place to the bay area. this is great news for tourism, but great news for college football in a lot of ways. tell me about the impact this national championship has had on college football. >> it's obviously brought the eyes on the game again. it's the most popular game right behind the nfl. but we put on the best college game in the country. and to shine that light on this game here in the bay area, it's awesome. but it's also awesome for the
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local residents, especially the teachers, who otherwise would never be part of the event. it's the teachers involved in this game, as well. >> i wanted to ask you, sharon, talk a little bit about what the teachers are going to be doing and how they'll benefit from this event. >> absolutely. the weekend leading up to the championship game, we have a two-day free activation space in the san jose convention center. that's for any bay area teacher, to come down, check it out. we have great partners like ascd, google, microsoft, who come together to build out a free space for teachers to get resources. we've got over $10,000 of money to give away. so we just want to create a hug for teachers to come and be a part of the weekend and be celebrated. >> do you always focus on teachers? > we do. >> always teachers. >> which makes sense. we're talking about college. >> that's right. >> let me ask you guys quickly,
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we have held big events here before. super bowl just a couple of years before at levi stadium. how big a deal is this game, in terms of viewership and people? >> big. espn, it's their biggest event, and we'll have 100,000 people in the bay area this week. >> guys, glad to have you here. thank you so much for coming in. tickets are available now. it's monday, january 7th. you can watch it on our sister network, espn. thank you so much for coming in. glad to have you here. we'll see you at the game. ama, back to you. actually, on to weather. >> spencer. >> here's how it is starting, looking at live doppler 7, pockets of moisture just offshore. we've had no measurable rainfall yet. this is a view of the cloudy skies looking northward. temperature readings are in the mid 50s in san francisco, oakland, morgan hill, and half moon bay. as we move along to the south
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beach camera, skies get cloudier, as well. mid 50s in napa. low 50s in concord and livermore. one more live view looking down onto the bay. the sky looks brighter, but trust me, clouds are thickening there, as well. we'll see increasing clouds overnight. thunderstorm, heaviest rain comes tomorrow night, and unsettled conditions wednesday and thursday. overnight, low temperatures drop into the chilly range in the north bay valleys. we'll see some low forts in the inland east bay. around the bayshoreline and closer to the coast, lows in the mid 40s. then in come tls storm, ranking two on the storm impact scale. during the day, we'll have enough wet weather that it could be a challenging commute. rainfall totals, a quarter to three quarters of an inch.
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wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour and higher gusts in the higher terrain. here's our forecast animation. pockets of light showers moving in. then in the afternoon,'veing hours, we'll see steadier rain moving into the south bay. finally in the nighttime hours, we'll see a large area of steadier, heavier rain moving in. the yellows, oranges and reds indicate the heaviest downpours. the storm will start to break up wednesday morning, but showers linger into the morning commute on wednesday. so a wet one and probably a slow one wednesday morning, as well. rainfall totals we project by 11:00 tomorrow night, will range from just over half an inch. ngfter that.ll be more rain the wind gusts, noon tomorrow, 15 to 25 miles per hour. later in the day, 25 to
4:22 pm
35-mile-per-hour gusts. and overnight lows -- actually, these are the highs. mainly mid 50s across the entire region. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. highs will remain right in the mid 50s. so a steady range, heaviest rain is tomorrow night with a two on the storm impact scale. and lighter showers on wednesday, the storm will then rank one on the storm impact scale. and then dry weather friday and saturday. but sunday and monday, two more systems come in, producing more wet weather for us. >> thanks, spencer. new york police recover a diamond ring that fell down a utility grate in times square. >> the international search to find the couple who lost it. plus -- december means christmas music. but here in the bay area, there's one song not making the pl
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surveillance video of a newly engaged couple who lost their diamond ring in new york city went viral. >> the ring well through a utility grate. the nypd found it but then needed to find the couple. >> reporter: the proposal was supposed to be basic stuff. you get down on a knee and ask the question. well, umm, that's what happened to one guy. he got in the correct position, but he ended up on his hands and knees right here in times square after proposing, because the ring that he used to propose to his now fiance with, fell into one of these grates here in times square. we're talking about eight feet. he proposed in central park, so he didn't drop the ring during the proposal. what happened is he got a ring that was too large for his fiance's finger.
4:26 pm
it was so large, it just fell right off and went down this grate as they were walking through. they tried to get, but they couldn't. and they had to go back to england without the ring. police came back and they were able to retrieve the ring. the guy had already bought a second ring. the ring is actually going to be going back to them in the uk. so the nypd stayed on the case and made sure this man's -- well, their marriage, it wasn't over before it started. i'm t.j. holmes, abc news. tech entrepreneurs are trying to solve the problem of bias in the workplace. >> a new idea that's being presented. new developments in the case of a florida woman missing in costa rica. the diskov covery just made. >> and the episodes of "general
4:27 pm
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. washington dignitaries attended a memorial service at the u.s. capitol today for former president george h.w. bush, who
4:30 pm
is lying in state. a state funeral will be held wednesday at the washington national cathedral. he died friday at the age of 94. 28,000 butte county students returned to school today for the first time since the camp wildfire. paradise unified is not defined by our buildings, but the love of our teachers, principals, students and families. and san francisco marriott workers are voting on a new contract following a strike. lyanne melendez is on the story and will have updates at 5:00 and 6:00. ten start-ups attended a unique pitch session, focusing on removing bias and creating an inclusive workplace. >> reporter: this is like the abc show "shark tank." investors and inclusion experts heard pitches from entrepreneurs
4:31 pm
hoping to get cash to fix diversity problems in the tech industry. they give it a go this amp at berkeley's david broward center. >> whether it's sourcing or hiring, whether it's interviewing, promoting, evaluating, every step along the way bias gets in there. and distorts the outcome. this is our fourth year doing our people ops pitch competition, looking at ways to use tech to fix companies, especially tech companies. >> reporter: one start-up recruit believes they can help companies uncover bias in the hiring process. >> we want to live in a world where they can understand their biases, diagnose them and still get the top candidates. >> companies already have a diversity and inclusion department. >> reporter: in the end, out of
4:32 pm
150 entries, a company called 5:00 to 9:00 took first place. they get $40,000. there were three other winners. a total of $100,000 in prizes for these start-ups to use in any way they see fit to improve inclusivity in the workplace. leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." authorities in contra costa county are refusing to say whether a body found today is that of a missing florida woman. 36-year-old carla stefania disappeared last wednesday. officials say a specialized team diskoverred a badly decomposed body in an area behind her vacation rental. and found what's believed to be blood inside that unit. officials say an autopsy will be conducted to identify the remains. crews are surveying damage in illinois today following more than a dozen tornados this weekend. it's unusual, because peak months for tornadoes in much of the midwest are april and june
4:33 pm
in the summer. here's alex perez from abc news. >> reporter: a rare december tornado outbreak swept across illinois. neighborhoods like this one in taylorville ripped apart, more than 20 people injured in the wake of the storm. >> this is one of my storage buildings here. all three had some damage, but as you can see, this one is completely wiped out. >> reporter: there before 24 reported tornadoes in illinois on saturday. 15 of them confirmed. that's the most tornados to hit the state in over 60 years. >> i seen a tornado hit. it hit the house over there and tore up a pickup truck, and i was right behind it. i felt the wind force on my car. >> reporter: the severe weather was part of a line of thunderstorms that tore through areas of the central u.s. over the weekend. and then oklahoma, an ef-2 tornado mangled buildings and ripped apart trees. in missouri, one man was killed
4:34 pm
when a tornado with winds of more than 100 miles per hour struck this hotel. a top french official is issuing a warning about the violent protests that rocked paris over the weekend. the country's finance minister says the protests and roadoadoad blockades are having a negative effect on the economy. officials spent the day assessing the damage on protests that led to the arrest of more than 400 people. the movement partly stoked by a fuel tax hike, is the worst rioting paris has seen in decades. the nation of qatar is withdrawing from opec in january. qatar's energy minister made that surprising announcement today. it's the first time any member nation has left the cartel since its founding in 1960. qatar is the world's largest exporter of liquid natural gas, which opec does not control.
4:35 pm
the country has been under a diplomatic and economic embargo by arab neighbors, including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for 18 months. a major energy company is giving its executives a powerful new reason to care about the environment. today, royal dutch shell announced plans to link executive pay and cuts in carbon emissions. the energy firm says it will establish short term emission targets in 2020 after coming under pressure from investors. if approved by share holders, it will become the first energy company to make this kind of a change. lawyers for stormy daniels and president trump are squaring off in federal court right now in los angeles. attorneys for the president want daniels to pay $340,000 in legal fees after a judge threw out her defamation lawsuit against the president in october. the porn star sued president trump after he dismissed her claims about being threatened to
4:36 pm
keep quiet about their alleged affair in 2006. it can be hard if you're trying to eat healthy during the holidays. >> up next, tips on how to enjoy the season without overindulging. >> i'm spencer christian. no matter which way you look, clouds are getting thicker and rain is on the way. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and inspiring stories in a weekly digital series called "more in common." >> meet the woman who saved the day when a bride's mom declined to attend her same-sex marriage. ♪ this is our marriage license we picked up on october 13th. >> your mom, is she coming to the wedding?
4:37 pm
>> if your mom won't attend your same-sex wedding, call me, i'll be there. i'll even bring the bubbles. to not be accepted by your family is just devastating. everyone needs acceptance from their mother. for me, the day is bittersweet. because i know the journey that i took, and the regret that i would have had, had i not accepted my son. and i was able to see him, visible, living, and i've seen that she has gone throughout
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holiday season is upon us, with all the parties and family gathering, it can be healthy to eat healthy. >> it is stuff, but michael finney has some tips. >> reporter: we're in the middle of the holidays. that means a good meal with friends and family, and a whole bunch of calories. if a season to celebrate, for overindulging, can you do to eat well but healthy? eat plenty without having to loosen your belt? consumer reports has some ideas. fo register dietitian amy keating joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: the first tip for eating healthier is counterintuitive. you say stock your fridge? >> yeah. well, during the holiday season, you're going to run into a lot of parties and extra treats, but you won't be faced with them
4:41 pm
every day. so have an arsenal of healthy foods to pump up the nutrition for those meals. whole fruiting and vegetables, precooked grapes, nuts, seeds, all of these things will help keep that healthy dietary pattern going. >> so rather than reach for a cookie, you reach for a carrot, i guess? >> sure. not at the holiday party. at the holiday party, you should enjoy. enjoy an extra special treat with friends. it's just when you're home, keep that nutritional focus in check. >> that makes sense. your second piece of advice is to start with the drink. now, i love the concept that i assume it's not exactly what i'm thinking. >> no, it's not. we're thinking about water and nonsugary beverages. it's key to stay hydrated during the holidays. sometimes thirst and hunger get
4:42 pm
tripped up. so when you get to a party, reach for a water. and if you drink alcohol, alternate to keep the alcohol in check. >> many holiday meals are served buffet style. my family, we pass things around. but it's really like passing a buffet table around. so the typical advice is to try a little bit of everything. good advice? >> sometimes all that variety can cause you to overconsume and not feel satisfied. so rethink the buffet table and be a little mindful of what you're eating. take a look at the buffet table and think of the two or three item there is that you don't have every day of the year. skip the buttered roll. you can have that any time. so focus in on two or three and be mindful of what you're choosing. >> let's talk about the urge
4:43 pm
there. >> i don't want you to feel guilty about that. if your aunt made a pumpkin pie, enjoy it with family and friends. but take a little break between dinner and dessert. there are hormonal signals that lag. so when you sit down for dessert, you can sense that you're somewhat full. if you quickly race from dinner to dessert, you might tend to overeat. any little bit of you can get is great. a family tradition i share with my famt ily, it's a good idea. so what do i want to eat, how am i feeling? am i full? >> amy, great advice. thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> did she say skip the buttered rolls? >> i think she did.
4:44 pm
>> i heard a great fitness expert say it doesn't matter what you eat between thanksgiving and christmas, but and thanksgiving that makes the big difference. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> one of my favorite baseball players is in the studio today, hunter pence. and i get to use his bat as a pointer. rain is on the way, and a storm that will rank two on the storm impact scale. it's coming innerry tomorrow morning, light showers, and the main body comes in late tomorrow into the evening hours. most areas see a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. so here's your planner for tomorrow. in the morning, clouds thickening, a few showers develop by noon. some breaks of sunshine turning breezy, and the heavy downpours
4:45 pm
in the nighttime. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. showery through thursday morning. finally, more showers coming in on sunday and monday. so we're in this period of unsettled weather, and we need it. >> i don't want to be too close to you with the bat, spencer. >> i'm on deck. >> thanks, spencer. coming up next, we'll be hearing from hunter and lexi. >> they're being honored at the
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hunter pence has always been a favorite of giants fans and many are sad to see his era come to an end. >> he'll be back at at&t park for a party that you can attend. he and his wife are here with chri kristen sze. >> let's give a giant welcome to hunter and lexi pence. i'm a total fan girl. and lexi, your youtube channel
4:49 pm
is so much fun. so it's great you stopped by. for fans, i know you guys are going to say hunter's giants' career is over. there could be more in the future. >> i'm a free agent right now. i'm open. >> but you can't stay away, because tomorrow night you'll with at at&t park for the annual holiday party. tell me about that event. i know you're receiving the inspiration award for all the work you do, but tell us about the party. >> holiday heros is like a magical christmas party to raise money for a foundation that supports underprivileged children. they add to a bunch of different charities throughout the community to help kids throughout san francisco. and we're happy to be a part. >> it's going to be a really fun evening, day. that's going to be a build a bear, arcade game, video games. they're bringing everything. >> they'll be taking pictures and autographs. >> just a magical holiday party.
4:50 pm
>> and you two are receiving the inspiration award for all you do. no kids hungry, did i get that right? that's such an important charity to you. tell us about the mission of the group and how you support it. >> i think alexis has spearheaded a lot of this, and i owe her so much for organizing and help me charge into it a little bit. >> what a guy. >> i should consider keeping her, because she makes this difference. no kid hungry is just a great organization that we've been to some of the schools where they just provide meals for kids that don't necessarily have meals, breakfast and lunch. so when you're hungry, it's tough to focus on schools. this gives kids an opportunity to make a difference, to learn in school. and in america, we have so much opportunity here. >> this year we're trying to
4:51 pm
raise $100,000, that's over a million meals for the kids in the bay area. so we're so excited about about holiday hero also es will be th also. >> so many fond memories. as a fan, i have so many great memories that involve you. but you talk about what yo found so special about the fans. >> at&t park is just so beautiful. it's such a -- just an electric atmosphere, and we really have had so many great memories of great teams, and just a great group of guys that i've been privileged to play with it, buster posey, brandon belt, on and on. >> who? >> vogelsong, javy lopez. we east just had such a good community and fan base that have supported us. it's just been a lot of love and
4:52 pm
fun. >> you know, that love is so there between the team, the players, and the fans. so you want more of that. i know you're training hard to get back in the game. can you tell us what you're doing this week? you're headed to the dominican republic, right? >> yes. alexa will be coming with me. we'll be going to the dominican republic. right after the season, i'll work with the world famous hitting instructor, and he's training this whole new swing. one of his biggest people is justin turner, who has been kind of involved in his whole swing path thing. so put two months of work into that and we'll try to implement it into games. i'm very lucky to visit that country. >> you'll make sure he's working hard? >> always. i was just looking at his open blister here. >> don't show that. >> hopefully you'll find your
4:53 pm
way back here, but if not, we'll be rooting for you no matter which team you end up on. they'll be at at&t park tomorrow. good food, good entertainment. >> it will be a good time for a great cause. >> go to for more information. and good luck with all that you do. >> thank you guys, thank you, san francisco. everybody. >> dan and ama? >> i think that's terrific. congratulations and thank you for what they're doing. it is considered a classic christmas song. up next, why some stations are avoiding playing "baby it's coldout side." >> and the lawsuit that has both sides claiming victory. >> and why local dancers say it says a lot about the times we
4:54 pm
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but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex
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to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move. coming up tonight on "abc7 news" at 8:00, catch "the great christmas light fight," followed by "the good doctor" and then n"abc7 news" at 11:00. judging by the music being played on the radio, it's feeling a lot like christmas. but one song has been banned in many parts of the country, including the bay area. we explore the decision to stop playing "baby, it's cold outside."
4:57 pm
>> 96.05, the official christmas music station at work. >> reporter: the christmas tunes at 96.5 have been in rotation 24/7. >> coming up next -- >> reporter: but one song being left off the play list this year, one that's instead making many women feel uncomfortable. ♪ baby, it's cold outside >> we started to receive complaints after that story went national. >> reporter: the story, a station in cleveland, ohio, making headlines for banning the tune. some likening the lyrics to date rape, where a woman is forced to do something she doesn't want to do. >> the me too movement has really opened our eyes and made us look at content and lyrics. >> reporter: the decision not to play "baby, it's cold outside" has opened a door of discussion on what really is offensive.
4:58 pm
>> we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. >> reporter: other women agreed saying americans are just too sensitive. >> i think it can go to a great extreme at times. >> reporter: until they read the lyrics a little more >> that seems inappropriate. >> reporter: back at the station, the non-stop holiday tunes will continue through december 26th at 2:00 a.m., with one goal in mind. >> our whole mission is to make everybody feel good, and not to have anybody excluded. >> reporter: happy holidays. >> we're posting the lyrics to "baby, it's cold outside" on so you can decide if you agree. get the latest news any time with the "abc7 news" app. to get more of the news you want
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delivered to your phone. thank you for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. "abc7 news" at 5:00 starts now. >> the possibility that it was just a scam. >> a son raises questions about the death of his father. what happened to a local radio host? happening now in san francisco. what could be the end of a coast-to-coast strike. we're live as marriott workers count the votes on a new contract. plus -- >> i am a different person. >> tears, hugs, and a few anxious moments as students return to school for the first time since california's wildfires. for one teenager, her future may have changed dramatically. as the casket carrying president george h.w. bush arrives at the capitol, emotions spill of for his family. >> live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> we are learning new details this evening about the death of legendary bay area talkradio host and community activist ray
5:00 pm
telafario. two teenagers found his body in kentucky yesterday. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. ray was reported mising a little over three weeks ago. those who knew him are both devastated and skeptical of the circumstances surrounding his 't disappearance. >> our reporter talked with police today. she's in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the fbi is involved because this case crossed the state lines. police say his body did not have any obvious signs of trauma, but to family and friends, they have questions about his new wife and where she is right now. >> it is not enough, and he would just go doing that, and i would be doing a bit and say come on, ray. >> reporter: ron owens is recalling a memory about long-timeco s, they raised millions for the leukemia society on "abc7 news." >> he was a professional quality guy from a to


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