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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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uc berkeley agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing administrators of silencing conservative speakers on campus. >> the school said protests like this one made them worry about security, but some say it was discrimination. thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. conservative groups call it a landmark victory for free speech. office a group called the young americans and republicans. they will pay a $70,000 fine and implement changes. >> it could set precedent for similar cases. live at uc berkeley with reaction. >> good evening. conservative groups are calling
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it a big win and said they beat the home of the free speech movement, saying it sends a strong message over the issue of free speech. >> i definitely think it's a big important win. we beat berkeley. >> the pedestrian of the berkeley college republicans, the largest conservative group on campus with perhaps the largest stake in the lawsuit. it means cal will change policies around campus events and make public fees for security costs. the campus is accuse offed of imposing triple fees for conservative speakers and putting curfews on the events. >> we're can't have them at 3:00 on saturday. we can have them when we want. >> after ann coulter's speaking event was rescheduled, leading her decision to cancel. they cited security concerns. their violent clashes and the lawsuit claims uc berkeley was quashing viewpoints.
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>> they're can't pick and choose speech you disagree with. >> they're represented the conservative groups and represents the challenges for universities. that can lead to chaos and violence and adds that can't be the basis for tomorrowing who gets to speak. >> students who are vocal and antifa cause af ok like at berkeley and they have chosen the path of least resistance. >> uc berkeley insists it was about avoiding hefty legal fees, saying most policies remain unchanged. >> we're had unconstitutional policy thrown out of court. they allege we had a secret policy and that claim was abandoned. >> abc 7 news. >> thank you so much.
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>> we have more rain on the way as we get ready for another series of storms. >> we have what's coming our way. >> let's look at live doppler 7. the clouds are stacked up across the bay area. the moisture that you are seeing is not reaching the ground locally, but up to the north we are seeing the first signs of this moisture in the form of a rain-snow mix and moisture off the coast. this storm slowed down and the brunt of the energy is not getting here until late afternoon and evening. looking at the wider picture, the storm is heading towards southern california, but as it does we will see the moisture wrapping around the area of low pressure and that's why we are going to see an area of heavy rain. it's level two. a quarter to three quarters of an inch. one inch for the wettest areas. winds will be 20 miles an hour or higher. when i come back, i will take
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you through hour by hour to show you when exactly you will need the umbrellas and it's not just for the afternoon and evening tomorrow. i will be back with the details. >> thank you. >> happening now, thousands of people making their way through the rotunda of the u.s. capitol where george h. w. bush is lying in state. >> kenneth has been at our nation's capitol all day and has the latest. >> the flag-draped casket of george herbert walker bush in the center of the capitol rotunda. the 45th president saluted the 41st. president trump and the first lady joined thousands of other americans for the public viewing that will last until the state funeral wednesday. it was a powerful and somber arrival ceremony. bush's family including his emotional son, former president george w. bush on the capitol steps. his father carried in as the sunset. laura bush can be seen saying what a beautiful night.
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after that 21 gun salute, stirring tributes to the longest living president and his life of service. >> his example will always inspire. his lifetime of service will be enshrined in the hearts of the american people forever. >> his legacy is grace perfected. his memory will belong to glory. >> it will be a week of commemorations and special air mission 41 set off from houston carrying bush 41 for his final journey to washington. current and former world leaders including president trump and the remaining former u.s. president says will be among the guests at the state funeral at the national cathedral. after the state funeral, bush 41 will be flown back to houston for a second service and laid to rest next to his wife, former first lady barbara bush. the doors of the capitol will
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remain open for more than 30 hours to give the public a chance to pay respects. abc 7 news. >> very good. thanks so much. the funeral for president bush at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. will be on wednesday. you can watch it live here on abc 7. we will have live coverage at 7:00 a.m. on abc 7 mornings. >> president trump has declared wednesday a national day of mourning. the u.s. postal service is suspending mail delivery for the day. the stock exchange will be suspended and we will post about any other closures on our pwebsite. >> a man died after being shot in san raphael this evening. another man was running from the victim's park on canal street. that triggered a search. police are asking people to avoid the area after living a shelter in place order. the shooting happened outside a community center. they want to see if it was
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related to an event happening >> the san jose city council trying to decide whether to it will properties to google. they had approval of a memorandum of an understanding that puts a framework on what the area around the station will look like. >> the san jose mayor t it will provide a more vibrant downtown. they are concerned the plan will displace current residents and rather it be used for more housing. >> an iconic neon sign could get a new owner. >> for comes as efforts have brightened recently. carlos gives you a look at the back and also ahead. >> this was the dancing big in the glory days. the sausage factory once stood
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here. >> driving past it. >> part of our history. >> efforts to save the neglected pig have ramped up moving to get the fund-raising goal. >> the first choice is to keep it where it is or close to where it is. we understand that given the potential plans for the area and that may not be possible. >> that's because google can have its hands on the sausage if they approve the properties for the area. >> we have been talking with them and they are interested in the sign and understand the importance of it. they think it's a cool sign and restoration. >> not far from the dancing pig, they find the only sign that designated as a landmark here in san jose. >> what i know is that people really like babe. they like the sign and they are fascinated with him. >> now in poor condition, babe can use a pay job. they make san jose unique.
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>> they end upbringing new stuff in and leave old stuff that is kind of like calling it like the sign here. >> whether or not google moves in, preservation wants to know that the vintage signs should stay. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> congresswoman jackie spear wrapped up an event in san francisco not long ago. the new details she reveals about her childhood that reveal her policy work. >> the dna of babies is now missing. what we know about the search. >> those stories ahead, but first a look at jimmy kimmel live at 11:00. >> thanks. what you are about to see may change you forever. >> i had blond hair down my back. i was a queen in italy. 18 years old.
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>> stories of tragedy and triumph for jackie spear. >> kate larson has the story. >>. >> the congressman had been shot and he was shot a second time. >> moments later while hiding behind the wheel of a plane, jackie spear was shot while trying to help the infamous cult leader, jim jones. >> i had a bone in my right arm coming up through the skin. my right leg was blown i thought i was dying. >> they launched a political career and serves as a
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congresswoman to san francisco in the peninsula. she sat down with news anchor cheryl jennings to talk about her new book, undaunted. >> i feel so lucky to be alive. >> it's not just about jonestown, but the love, loss, and pain she experienced. >> the toughest time was when my husband was killed in an automobile accident with a young driver who had no brakes. i was pregnant with our second child. >> in her book spear writes about being sexually abused by her grandfather as a young girl. >> we are much more resilient than we think we are. it's inspiring in our tough times. and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. >> family and faith helped her overcome tragedies in her life. abc 7 news. >> a researcher in china who said he made the world's first
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genetically edited babies is missing tonight. he was under house arrest where he disappeared. he denies he was detained. they ordered a halt after he claimed to have altered the dna of twins to make them resistant to the aids virus. the claim outrageousnessed scientists. >> i had an investigator who did this in secret whose disregard for ethical principals is breathtaking. >> he claimed a second gene edited pregnancy in the early sta stages. >> time to turn to weather. >> and we are going to check out live doppler 7 and talk about when the storm is going to arrive. on our live doppler 7, you are
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seeing moisture. don't be alarmed. this is moisture not hitting the ground, but as you know in recent days, we have seen good storms blowing through the bay area and dumping much needed rain. has it made a huge dent in our drought? no, it helped. as you noticed much of the bay area falls under the moderate category falls under months of dry weather. it will take time before we see changes. we are seeing improvement in the dry and exextreme drought in southern california. hopefully we can change the temperatures from the 40s and 50s and not nearly as cold as it was last night at this time. there is a lot more cloud cover.
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we are looking across the bay and visibility is good. cloudy and not as chilly. a few light showers tomorrow morning. we are looking at heavy rain and gustier wind tomorrow night. let me show you the storm impact scale. level two for tomorrow afternoon and evening. brief heavy rain at times and most of you will be a quarter to three quarters of an inch. wind gusts are 20 to 30 miles an hour and gustier than that. 5:00 to 8:00 the commute is fine. you don't have to worry about rain. as we head into 11:00 or 11:30, we see light showers developing. the storm slowed down skp rainfall picks up, you see downpours here across the bay area. this continues into the night
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time hours. switching over to scattered showers, still light to moderate and very much in pockets for your wednesday morning commute. continuing into wednesday afternoon and early evening hours. that could pick up over an inch of rain. picking up over an inch of rain and wind is coming with it. breezy in spots and the winds will pick up towards 3:00 p.m. to 5:00. 30 to 35 mile an hour winds not out of the question. that will make it tough and keep that in mind. tomorrow morning when you get going, a lot of clouds not as cold. most areas in the 40s and 50s except around ukiah. tomorrow afternoon you need your rain gear. it is going to be windy as well. temperatures in the 40s to 60s. make sure before you leave home to take your umbrellas with you for the afternoon and evening.
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level two on the seven-day forecast. a moderate storm for tomorrow afternoon and evening. a slight chance in the south bay and dry for friday and saturday before we get a level one storm sunday into monday. download the app and track live doppler 7 any time you want. >> thank you. >> a new uc berkeley study said the best way to deal with a tough marriage may be sticking it out. how aging changes a couple's temperament. >> is the so-called triple dip the tip to changing? combining ways to save. coupons, rebate clubs and cash back cre
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it seems making a marriage
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last can make you mental. >> according to researchers studied 87 long-term couples. >> i don't think you should just tolerate your marriage. i think you should appreciate your marriage and look at the positive parts. >> if you work together, you can generally get through most situations. >> researchers say couples married for 15 to 35 years use humor in place of bickering and are more tender with each other. >> the study claims wives tend towards more domineering behavior, but negative behaviors decreased with age. >> let's talk sports. >> they are off and the warriors were not used to them. on the road, their road losing streak was over. they were
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things returned to normal in atlanta the stephan curry. the warriors are back in the win column. steve kerr may be relieved with the six-game road skit. he's a realist. he only had five wins. curry had the hot hand from the get go. he made the first 4-3. he had a couple of nice drives to the hoop. 18-17 in the first period just by himself. klay thompson, is that a shot or a pass. either way is resulted in two points. this was it.
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the warriors led by 15 at the half. the third quarter and loony to durant bk to loony for the slam. 14 points for loony in this one. this is the ninth straight game of 20 or more points for thompson. that's a career bet. curry ended 6-10 from a distance. the warriors rolled 128-111 the final. remember after the loss to detroit when kerr coached poorly? >> i did such a great job today. i went in and looked in the mirror and just winked. we lost in a row on the road. that's not a good feeling. >> for a third straight year, a quarterback will win the heisman trophy. we will have to
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finalists. they are considered cofavorites. should murray win, he would become the first heisman winner in 25 years to not play in the nfl. remember he was signed by the oakland a's and agreed to give up football and baseball after this season. yahoo sports report with irvin johnson in the hometown of las vegas with the hopes of getting magic on behalf of the dodgers. l.a. got a dozen teams. magic led the lakers bringing lebron james to town. he owns a small percentage of the dodgers and estimated that he is going cost a team only $400 million range. >> 12 years, 400. >> abc 7 news continues on line
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and on twitter, facebook, and mobile devices with the news app. >> our
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>> per that's our report. hope your week got off to a good start. >> from all of us, thanks for being here. modern family is next. >> very a good evening.
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>> from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live! tonight julie bowen. rupaul. kim kardashian west. and music from phosphorescent. and now, stay right where you are. it's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks. thank you. thank you very much. how are you? i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the program. thank you very much. thank you for watching at home. thank you for coming. i'm happy to be -- we are back to work after -- we had a week off. all of a sudde


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