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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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hi, good morning. it's tuesday, december 4th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's not raining now but it will be. >> that's the key exactly when. i think this afternoon through tonight is when we have the chance of showers, heavy at times. good morning. our storm impact scale is a 2, moderate, as we could get up to an inch. and some gusty breezes also. let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. overlay the cloud area. that's the shades of gray.
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no green. enjoy the dry commute. it will be gray through this afternoon with a random shower. steadier showers coming in at 4:00, especially closer to the coast. we're in 40s to near 50s. we'll be in the mid-50s all afternoon, a lot like yesterday. let's see the what's going on on the roads. >> we have been off to a busy start. i wanted to take you into the bay bridge commute. we're looking at a few residual delays. we had a disabled pickup truck so the upper deck of the bay bridge between treasure island and the san francisco exits. we were able to see that about 15 minutes ago. actually got a little push from chp to the harrison off-ramp. that did clear from the boards. the break is over. as you can see, we have red ng if that will turn ck to the metering lights on early today. i'll have an update coming up next. we're also looking at the north bay, state route 29 at airport
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boulevard in napa area. we had a three-car collision with injuries. they did just clear the roadway, so all lanes are back open there. ne trafficpdate comi5:10. happening today, a big test to see if google's controversial plans to expand in san jose will become reality. >> the city council expected to vote on a property sale that could redefine the city's core. the new google campus will be developed near dirdidon station and s.a.p. center. >> reporter: depending on how you view the potential google development, there is either much to gain or much to lose. reality is, the only thing up for decision is today's land use vote. the city will decide whether to sell google a number of properties considered central for development. people against the development are concerned housing prices will skyrocket. those for it say there are many
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benefits like jobs and tax revenue. the office of economic development said whilespecas b , today's vote will markey pottia the massive project by google. >> if we all hold back and don't start the process, we'll never know. i'm all for put one foot in front of the other. if we see we need a course correction, do it at that time. >> reporter: this afternoon's land use vote will be the first step in a long process. it could be ten years before we see changes to downtown san jose. today's meeting begins at 10:30. we spoke with commuters this morning. we'll tell you what they have to say. for now reporting live at diridon station. the nonprofit pac says officials have called in duc
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nguyen and he's feared i.c.e. will deport him. he came to u.s. from vietnam through a pac program. he did not know the potential e repercussions when he was convicted of a crime at age 16. yesterday' involving the trial for suspects in the ghost warehouse fire. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. retired judge nakahara will preside over the trial. the new trial set to begin in april. in the east bay, uc-berkeley has reached a settlement in free speech case. >> the young americas foundation
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and berkeley college republicans filed the suit after cal rescheduled an event involving a republican speaker. >> they say this could be precedent for similar cases. >> i definitely think it's a very important big win. we beat berkeley. >> reporter: matt is college of berkeley college republicans, the largest group on campus with perhaps the largest stake in the lawsuit. it means berkeley will change regulations around campus. they are accused of putting curfews on their events. >> we can't have them at 3:00 on a saturday. we can have them when we want. >> reporter: they were started last year when anne coulter was rescheduled. cal cited security concerns. two months earlier there were
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violence clashes. the lawsuit claims berkeley was squashing conservative view points. >> understanding they can't pick and choose. >> reporter: their lawyer represented the conservative groups in the lawsuit. she says she recognizes the challenges for universities. political events can lead to chaos, even violence, but she adds that can't be the basis for determining who gets to speak. >> students who are very vocal and off-campus groups. and off-campus groups. they have chosen the path of least resistance. >> reporter: initially alleged we had an unconstitutional policy. that was thrown out of court. they alleged we had a secret policy. that claim was abandoned. >> reporter: she says she's received calls from lawyers across the country asking if they can use this model to try similar cases. at uc berkeley, abc7 news.
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an autopsy for long-time bay area talk show host ray, who was found dead in kentucky on sunday. his wife reported him missing after he left a church in paducah, kentucky, last month. they found his body in a wooded area. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look at north bay temperatures. an area where the temperatures are running about 10 to 15 degrees warmer. a lot of upper 40s to lower there that's going to be the case throughout the entire morning commute. it's pretty comfortable conditions. let's move on and talk about what's going on in other places. you'll see it's mild from 47 in san ramone to 50s around the bay shore until cupertino, upper 40s.
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if you're running errands, be ready for showers during the afternoon hours and evening hours. heading to the mountains, we have snow showers. if you're on the bay-b, small craft advisories. temperatures starting at 52, 56 at noon. hanging up in mid to upper 50s from 2:00 through 8:00. peninsula, 49 and cloudy at 8:00. dry at noon and 53. you can see from 2:00 through 8:00, that's our best chance of getting wet also. let's go to the east bay valleys where we have 46 at 8:00. still in the 40s at 10:00. we'll hang out in the mid-50s at noon and then the rain comes in and temperature drops down to 49 degrees by 8:00. there's going to be more rain in tonight's forecast. an hour by hour looking at that. coming up in less than seven minutes. >> good morning, mike. we're enjoying that while it lasts. i know it's going to be a different story for the evening commute here today but for now, yes, we have some pretty ideal
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driving conditions. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're busy early because we had a disabled truck on the bay bridge. chp was able to push that offto the harrison off-ramp. so far they have not told us those metering lights are on. it's pretty heavy. carpool lanes are open. if you use cash and fast track, you'll have a wait. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 17 minutes. it's coming down. westbound 80 to the bay bridge, 20 minutes. 101 southbound, san francisco to sfo, still in the green, eight minutes. today the municipal transportation agency will consider protecting bike paths. the agency says the project would improve safety by putting a barrier between bikes and vehicles. pedestrians will also have a safe path between the bike lane and parking spaces. if approved, construction is expected to begin this month and
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completed by early next year. also on the agenda today, muni will update the mta the transit agency did not reach its on-time targets after 90 days. sfmta data shows buses on low frequency routes were still at least five minutes late more than half the time. however, muni did keep its promise to continue training drivers on new light rail vehicles. from the front lines of the camp fire to inside a brewery, how bay area firefighters are helping wildfire survivors today. there's a new twist in the case of a chinese researcher who claims he made the world's first genetically edited babies. and uber drivers outraged. they say the company cut their rate and we have uber's response. it's 5:10 with a live look outside. it's dry this
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the feature of the storm will be the breezes. they'll be blowing across our bridges and gustst gusting up to
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30, 35 miles and coming out of the east meaning they'll be blowing across the bay bridge. starting at 2:00 this afternoon through 9:00 this evening. we'll take an hour by hour look coming up. the death toll in the camp fire dropped there 88 to 85 people. butte county officials revised the number saying they got an update from the county coroner's office. santa clara firefighters will help brew some beer today. they're making a beer of resilience butte county proud ipa at rock bottom brewery in campbell. hundreds of breweries are making the same brew to benefit the camp fire. california wildfires are among topics being discussed at u.n. climate meeting in poland.
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president trump has said the u.s. will withdrawal from agreement. arnold schwarzenegger spoke yesterday saying there is still widespread support for the agreement at the state and local level. investigators are looking into whether fatigue may have played a role during a crash near benton 3:00 yesterday morning. a 9-year-old died in the crash. the tennessee youth football team on board had just played a championship game in dallas. the driver says she lost control as the bus slid and tumbled off the interstate. >> everybody was screaming, crying. i was scared because everybody was bleeding. i had blood all over my t-shirt. >> it's an eye-opener. it's probably going to hurt the traveling experience for the
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rest of these kids' lives. >> the injured children range from 8 to 13 years old. coaches and chaperones were also hurt. the researcher in china who said he's made the world's first genetically edited babies is now missing. chinese media reports he was under house arrest when he disappeared but the university where he works denies that he was detained. china's government ordered him to stop his research after he claimed he altered the dna of twins to make them resistant to the aids virus. the aids virus. he claims a second progress. abc7 news was on market street in san francisco yesterday where uber drivers blasted their horns outside the
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company's headquarters. they say uber reduced their per mile rate. >> we used to get paid 99 cents a mile and down to 68 cents a mile. that's a 32% cut. one day you wake up and your earnings are slashed. we are not happy. >> uber says it's not a rate cut. the company is decreasing the per mile rate but increasing the per minute rate. uber says drivers can expect trip earnings to remain the same. the company released a statement saying, we are consistently working to make earnings more consistent and dependable for drivers. new this morning, it appears drake is the king of spotify, having 8.2 billion streams in 2018. >> drake is not only spotify's most streamed artist of the year, he's also the platform's most streamed of all other top artists include post
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malone, xxxtentacion, who died in june, j.balvin and ed sheeran, who was the most streamed last year. ariana grande ranks first amongst women. >> i can't women didn't make the top five. >> nope. >> it's interesting to see ed sheeran compared to the other top four. >> he had last year to build upon. >> i see. we'll ponder that and move on and talk about what's going on weath weather wise. >> san rafael, it's cloudy and about 50. we've got showers coming in, breezy conditions, thunderstorms near the coast. the chance will extend through tomorrow. our next chance of rain will be sunday and monday. let's jump into temperatures
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today. a lot like yesterday. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. 60 at santa cruz. antioch, 52. tonight, mid to upper 40s to 50 in san francisco and santa cruz. let's jump right in. 7:00 this morning, you can see increasing clouds through 9:00. a random light shower possible. 99.9% are going to miss it. the showers will stay over the ocean until noon but you can see moran dom or isolated starting to move in at noon. heads up at 4:00 into the evening commute. you can see the red over the ocean. some orange there. every once in a while those will swing in during the overnight hours. tomorrow's morning commute will be tougher than this evening's commute. once we get past 9:00 tomorrow morning, the chance becomes random. hydroplane will be high. standing water on the roads possible. trees topple and power lines,
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low. the winds are quiet at 3:00 this afternoon but we'll get a burst from 7:00 eningntil 11:00 in the evening. that's when we could hit 30 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts. it will be quiet 5:00 in the morning until 00. that's when we'll get another gust pushing them up to 30 to 35 and then the showers will taper to scattered nature. friday and saturday we'll push 60s with more sunshine. sunday and monday, light on our storm impact scale. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on quite early due to the earlier disabled pickup truck that has cleared from the midspan. that was before 5:00 a.m. the ripple effects made it back here to the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on at 5:11. a very early start for that
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commute here this morning. also want to take you up to the napa area where we have a three-car crash. state route 28 -- excuse me, 29 at airport boulevard. we are hearing from chp. that cleared to the shoulder. we have a little delay on the southbound side and heavy throughout the tracy area. westbound 205, 15 miles an hour. 11 miles an hour on 580 because there is roadwork going until 9:00 this morning. a wild story. an alligator that attacks an 85-year-old man is now trapped in florida. officials caught the large reptile with the victim's shoe still in its mouth. abc has details. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, these trappers are about to pull tha thrashing nine-foot alligator out of this central florida lake. look closely as it gets closer to shore. inside its mouth, the gator releases what it took from its victim, a white sneaker left
5:22 am
bobbing in the water. it took three men to pin down the gator. florida fish and wildlife says an 85-year-old man on his foot. that man taken to the hospital in stable condition. experts say encounters like these are on the rise. in the last few months, alarming alligator sightings and deadly attacks. this summer a florida woman walking her dogs was dragged into a we'll tell you how that 85-year-old victim is doing since his close call coming up on "gma." back at home, the largest gender wage gap in the bay area and the third largest in california is in santa clara. >> the mercury news reports women who work there are paid 62 cents for every dollar their male peers are paid. in san francisco county, it's 83 cents on the tldollar.
5:23 am
one labor expert said the disparity could be in part because of the different industries in which men and women work and santa clara county is more diverse. next, the seven things you next, the seven things you need to know starting your day.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. there are seven things to know before you go. let's talk about weather. i just checked the relative humidity at 5,000 feet, it's 19%. it's bone dry. that means no rain until 4:00 this afternoon will reach the ground. you can see it spreads throughout the evening commute and into the overnight hours. number two, thousands of people are paying their respects to the late former president george h.w. bush. this is a live picture inside the capitol rotunda where he lies in state. condo owners inside
5:26 am
millennium tower will submit an application for fix, including drilling piles into the foundation. it's sunk a foot and a half since 2009. the city council will vote today on whether to approve selling several people to google. number five, it's back to work for striking marriott employees in san francisco. they'll be back on the job tomorrow after approving a new contract yesterday, ending a 61-day strike. number six, we're looking at an early start here for the bay bridge commute. those metering lights on at 5:11. ouch. that was due to an earlier disabled vehicle. the good news is, the backup has cleared once you make it through the toll plaza. just 11 minutes into san francisco. number seven, broadway and smartphones don't mix. kanye west is apologizing after he was caught on his phone during the opening night of the cher show.
5:27 am
we'll have much more coming up. >> he got called up. we're coming up with 90 minutes of news, including thef e ca fire face. the push to push bikes out of the red (toni vo) 'twas the night before christma, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee. this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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a new plan to fix millennium tower in san francisco. a memorial happening now for president george h.w. bush. here's a live look at the capitol rotunda where mr. bush lies in state. thousands of people are expected to pay their respects. a live look at the embarcadero roof -- i'msorry. the embarcadero from our roof camera. it's what you don't see is the
5:30 am
story. there's no rain whatsoever. i i dry. that is going to change totally later today. g tuesday, december 4th. >> we do have rain in our forecast but a little later, right? >> we saw where the flags were pointing toward the ocean and that's a dry offshore breeze. one of the reasons we're not having rain. storm impact scale 2 with some areas getting up to an inch of rain. winds will gust up to 30 miles an hour. here's a live look at the clouds, that's the daetns toughout the morning and early afternoon hours. that dry layer will zap it until we get to 7:00 and then you can see the storm ramp up. we're in the 40s and 50s this
5:31 am
morning. low to mid-50s at 7:00. hi, alexis. >> checking out the roads, i want to start with our traffic maps and show you what the bay bridge commute looks like. once you make it over -- basically onto the bridge, you're looking fine into san francisco. we have green traveling conditions. we are heavy on the approach, especially from the berkeley area to the bay bridge toll plaza. not too bad from oakland yet. those metering lights on very early, 5:11 due to an earlier incident that cleared a long time ago, about 40 minutes so still dealing with those impacts. quick check of the south bay, you've been quiet.>apning now, 41st president. >> let's show you a live look inside the capitol rotunda where right now george h.w. bush lies in state. thousands of people are expected to pay their respects. last night president trump and the first lady visited his
5:32 am
traffic. abc news reporter emily row is live with more. >> reporter: the rotunda stayed open to visitors all through the night. even at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning in washington there were people making their way around the capitol grounds and standing in lines to pay their respects to bush 41. with the sunset befitting the colorful life he lived, the body of former president george h.w. bush arrived at the u.s. capitol. members of his cabinet waiting alongside his family. former first lady laura bush saying, what a beautiful night, to her husband. then a 21-gun salute before the remains of the 41st president took their place in the capitol rotunda. president trump and first lady melania making their way to the capitol monday night, standing in silence in front of the flag-draped casket. the president then saluting as the first lady placed her hand over her heart.
5:33 am
tens of thousands of people are expected to wait in line to pay their respects to the 94-year-old elected president in 1988 and serving one term. >> i want a kinder and gentler nation. >> reporter: the americans and lawmakers from both parties put a pause on their differences to celebrate the last president from the greatest generation. the former president's remains will stay in the rotunda until his state funeral on wednesday, which every living president will be attending. he'll go back to houston for one more service before he is laid to rest alongside his wife and daughter. on capitol hill, emily rao, abc news. president trump has declared tomorrow a nashtional day of mourning meaning there will be no mail delivery, the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will
5:34 am
be closed. abc news will have live coverage of the funeral for mr. bush at national cathedral beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., right after abc7 news mornings. we'll be streaming it on our website, and the abc7 news app. happening today, a new move by some san francisco residents to fix the sinking millennium tower. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the building to tell us what's happening and how much this is all going to cost. >> reporter: a lot, reggie. this is an expensive fix. about $100 million. they're doing it to put people at ease about this building. according to "the san francisco chronicle," the homeowners association of the millennium tower will be filing an application today with the city's department of building inspection. the plan calls for drilling more than 50 new piles down into the bedrock. there will be 22 piles on mission street and 30 along fremont stng's stability. the millennium tower opened in
5:35 am
2009. it's located at mission and fremont. for the past two years it's been known it's leaning and sinking. there are still arguments and lawsuits over who is to blame and why this happened. but now there is a plan for a fix and they say it's expected to take about a year and a half to put it all into place. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. one san francisco supervisor is reportedly trying to kickshu. sandra fuhrer wants to ensure the use of the lanes for muni buses, sfmta regulated taxes and paratransit for people with disabilities and she says the a transit is the main mode of transportation. in the north bay, san rafael police are searching for a man
5:36 am
seen running from the scene of a deadly shooting. officers found the victim inside a car at pickleweed park and canal street last night. witnesses say they saw someone running from the vehicle. police ordered neighbors to stay indoors. investigators are trying to see if it's related to an event hppening inside that building. this is the first homicide in san rafael since 2011. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we have temperatures in the 40s. good morning, daly city and pacifica, you're both in 48. half moon bay, the warm spot, 54. east bay down into san jose, 50. cooler in antioch and livermore at 46. gusting up to 29 miles up on mt. tam at 2600 feet. that gives you an idea of what you can expect later this level.oon ashebrghoweo our
5:37 am
th you're running errands this gear handy. heading to the mountains, snow showers and out on the bay, small craft advisory. the south bay, dry, 52 at 8:00. once the rain rolls in at 3:00 to 4:00, we'll drop into the mid-50s for the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours. san francisco, 51. it's still dry from 8:00 until noon. 52 when the rain rolls in at 2:00. for the north bay, look at that, pretty cloudy. we're in the 40s this morning. 52 at 10:00. 53 at 12:00. still dry at 2:00. after 3:00, all bets are off. look how the temperature drops when that rain rolls into the upper 40s. it's going to be a cool day. when the rain starts to hit your neighborhood, it will get cooler. an hour by hour look at this category. if you had to say what the roads were this morning, light,
5:38 am
moderate, heavy? >> we're pretty moderate right now. light to moderate. weinf main havhinn up of slow s. i've been talking about the bay bridge poll plaza, metering lights on early due to an other issue. the other slow spot is the central valley. westbound 205 to 580, 10 miles an hour. 16 miles an hour on the countercommute side of the roadway. unfortunately, we're quite heavy there. we drop down to about 6 miles an hour on eastbound 580. we have various lanes closed between grenville road and the 205 split. that's a pretty tough drive right now. quick check of some drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 20 minutes. westbound 80 to bay bridge, 12 minutes. next traffic update we'll take a closer look at mass transit. contra costa county police
5:39 am
are investigating a car accident that left a 3-year-old girl dead. happened at 7:30 last night in antioch. police say that driver hit the girl in the parking lot of a sears on somersville road. that young girl was taken to the hospital where she later died. officials say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be involved and the driver is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. the state is once again stepping in to help fire victims. this time it's with their insurance claims. the california insurance commissioner will take over a small insurance company to protect the claims from property owners affected by the camp fire. merced property and casualty company was looking at nearly $64 million in liabilities from the fire. but the company's assets were only about $23 million. now those claims will go to the state insurance guarantee association which pays claims when insurance companies go under. it is unclear how many claims have been filed with merced since the camp fire.
5:40 am
san jose neighbors fight to save city history, including a neon dancing pig. the challenge they face from google's planned downtown redevelopment project. check out who's on the nice list in san francisco. how you can play santa and also make a child's holiday wish come true. a live look outside at
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
take a look at where thunderstorms are most likely. you can see along the peninsula coast, monterrey s santa barbara. rotation is huge up to eureka. it will reach the inland and central valleys by this evening. here's a look at tahoe right now. looks pretty quiet on heavenly, but snow showers are possible. light to moderate. a little heavier snow for wednesday. then we get a break if you're traveling this weekend. the next chance of snow will be monday. in the east bay, ac transit rolling out double-decker buses. a passenger tweeted these photos from the top deck. the new businesses can carry 80 passengers compared to 57 for standard buses. on the upper deck the seats
5:44 am
recline and even have foot rests. the double deckers are now in use on the fs and j lines. more trouts come. the last marriott strikers will be back on the job starting tomorrow. as you can see those workers celebrating yesterday when they learned their union came up with a tentative agreement with the hotel company. this is san francisco's largest hotel strike in decades. the union hasn't said yet the details of this contract. workers went on strike against marriott in eight cities in october. san francisco, the last to stri strike a deal. the dancing pig sign in san jose marked where stephen's meat products sausage factory once stood. a group working towards the sign's preservation recently met
5:45 am
their fund-raising goal but google could soon have control of the sign. >> our first choice would be to keep it where it is or close to where it is. we also understand given the potential plans for this area, that may not be possible. >> whether or not google moves in, preservationists say the vintage sign should stay. kanye west responding after being called out for using his cell phone during a broadway show. this happened during the opening night of the cher show. >> kanye was with his wife kim kardashian and the actor took to kardashian and the actor took to twitter, jarrod twitter. so cool that you're here at the show. we're doing a show up.
5:46 am
. kanye tweeted back, dynamics of cher and sonny's relationship made kim and i grab each other's hand and sing, i got you babe. please pardon my lack of etiquette. we have so much appreciation for the energy you put into making this masterpiece. >> masterpiece is one word. but that's okay. >> i'm surprisesurprised. >> i'm surprised he apologized. >> yes. >> that's what a good wife does for you. >> yeah? >> yeah. the spouse in this case. >> and kim is a huge cher fan, right? didn't she dress up as her for hall sfwheen. >> i didn't realize that. >> yeah. >> coming through with the knowledge. >> i have a lot of knowledge in all sorts of fields, reggie. >> especially kanye. let me do this for you. >> how can you not like sonny and cher. have you to look up. >> they do. i think he wasn't giving them the proper respect that every broadway actor deserves. >> they should know. they're performers.
5:47 am
they should know. >> they should confiscate phones at events like that. today you'll want to watch live doppler 7 and keep an eye on our radar there in our app because it's going to get pretty dicey during the afternoon and evening commute. right now it's quiet. we got some showers this afternoon, even some thunderstorms. waves of showers and thunderstorms tonight. and then more tomorrow, sxun monday. here's a look at your temperatures. we have 54 to 58 degrees in most neighborhoods. cooler in antioch. warmer in santa cruz at 60. low to mid-40s in the north bay valleys and mid to upper 40s for the rest of the bay. even 50 in san francisco. here's a look at our storm. looks impressive. it's going to take a jog to the southeast. that's why we're getting the initial push of the storm and it will taper as we head through tomorrow. here we are through the morning commute, a random shower that
5:48 am
won't reach the ground because it's so dry at about 6500 feet. at noon, we have a chance of a light shower. you can see some green there. the yellow and orange is still over the ocean until 4:00. that's the moderate to heavy downpours that will roll in during the evening commute. notice they keep marching from southeast to northwest during the overnight hours. really, a lot of rain tomorrow during the morning commute. my highest concern initially is going to be hydroplaning. not only during the evening commute but also tomorrow morning when we could have standing water on the roads. trees toppling, power lines, there's a slight chance of that happening. in less than seven minutes, i'll show you when the fastest breezes are going to blow. i want to focus on my accuweather seven-day forecast. the storm tapers to a one, light tomorrow. thursday, friday and saturday, more sunshine as we break into the 60s. sunday night into monday, be a light storm rolls in. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. did not have time to put a map together but i'm hearing about a
5:49 am
three-car collision in the hayward area, southbound 880 around industrial. that's a tough spot to have an incident like that. i'll get more information from chp and i'll have an update coming up shortly. right now we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on at 5:11 today. lights on at 5:11 today. very early start for you. everybody slowing down with the exception of carpool lanes. mass transit, we're looking good with these agencies. b.a.r.t., 47 trains in service, no delays. ace, no delays. the u.s. post office in san francisco is calling on secret santas to helpful fill the wishes of local children. >> kids have been dropping letters to santa for the last 106 years. every tuesday through thursday through december 20th, people can go through the letters and adopt any that touch their hearts to fulfill the young sender's holiday requests.
5:50 am
hunter pence and his wife will be honored for their work with underserved children. they visited abc 7 yesterday and talked about accepting the inspiration award at the holiday heroes party tonight. they plan to greet underprivileged kids at at&t park where pence created amazing memories as a giant. his contract ended this year and he hopes to land with a new team next season. >> i'm headed to play -- alexis is coming with me, and we're going to the dominican repub wor working on -- right after this season i worked with a famous hitting instructor. >> you'll make sure he's working hard. >> always. i was looking at this open blister right here. >> a few tickets are still available for tonight's event and you can find details on new at 6:00. numbers just released give us a better idea of how many people are bailing on the golden state. first, captain marvel takes
5:51 am
first, captain marvel takes flight
5:52 am
michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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jump ahead to 4:00 this afternoon, look at the rain starting to develop around the bay, into the north bay. not quite the east bay or south bay valleys yet, but during the commute, that will definitely happen. we wake up tomorrow morning, everybody's on slick streets. the rain will continue through the morning commute. taper after that. we're looking at rainfall amounts of a quarter of an inch in the south bay to three-quarters of an inch elsewhere. even an inch in the mountains. medical marijuana could
5:54 am
eventually help treat chronic diseases like diabetes. the marin independent journal arceoaou toincrease production compnding called there have been some studies on the impact of people with diabetes and other diseases. the fda would still need to approve a drug containing this particular compound but research is under way. first cleveland, now san francisco. a popular radio station in the city is banning a classic christmas tune. ♪ baby it's cold outside >> we started to receive complaints after that story went national. ♪ the answer is no >> the me too movement has really opened our eyes and really made us look at content and lyrics. >> program director says he started receiving complaints after the story of a station in cleveland, ohio, decided to pull "baby it's cold outside."
5:55 am
the song is about a man trying to keep a woman from leaving a party despite her repeated protests. he says the mission behind the holiday tunes is to make everybody feel good and not excluded. seems like a trend going on. >> for sure. taking a look at the roads, we just mentioned ten minutes ago w had a new crash in the east bay. in is in hayward, southbound 880 before industrial parkway. sounds like a u.p.s. truck and smaller sedan involved in a crash. that's blocking the two middle lanes. tough spot to have any lanes down. that's going to merge with our typical delays that are already stop and go through that stretch to about 238. a quick check of san mateo bridge. pretty heavy at toll plaza but no issues over to foster city. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we're going to take a look at the winds and we'll start at 4:00 this evening. notice we're still around 10 to 15 miles per hour, 25 at the coast. during the evening commute we ramp up to around 25 miles per
5:56 am
hour. then as we head during the overnight hours we're back down to 10 to 20. tomorrow morning, 4:00, starting the commute we ramp up around 20 miles an hour. as we end the commute the winds start to back off a little bit. as far as 8:00 wednesday evening, you can see rain around monterey that sneaks up into the south bay during the overnight hours. thursday it heads back down to the south. i have to admit, i'm not the biggest super hero movie fan. >> that's okay. >> so, captain marvel, the trailer came out yesterday. i saw it and i was a little confused. >> yeah? >> it looks like captain marvel is beating up an old lady. >> it's jarring and catches your attention. the second trailer debuted last night, as reggie mentioned. it's for marvel's first
5:57 am
female-led solo super hero. take a look. >> it's just the beginning. >> i'm not going to fight your war. i'm going to end it. >> brae larson plays car t marvel. features samuel l. jackson. it's set to hit theaters march 8th. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. big fans can correct me, but i believe it's not really an old lady. >> it's like a scooby-doo moment? >> yes. it's a crucial day for google and its planned expansion in the south bay. that's coming up at 6:00. uc-berkeley just agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
happening today, san jose preparing for a controversial vote over google's massive proposed expansion. we are preparing for rain. mike says you're in the clear this morning but you better pack appropriately for your drive home from work. make sure you have an umbrella in the car. >> unless you like getting wet all day. welcome to tuesday, december 4th. it's 6:00 a.m. >> you never more than six minutes away from that accuweather. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's get the storm impact scale. showers heavy at times, even thunderstorms possible, up to an inch in our wettest areas and gusts up to 30 miles an hour coming out of the southeast. right now they're out of the northeast, that's why it's so dry. plenty of clouds, just no rain. it will take for the afternoon hours to move in. when it does, it will increase


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