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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> let's get a live look outside at the current conditions. the south bay, the north bay and the east bay, all of these places are going to get rained on tonight. some have already. >> that's right. sky 7 captured the storm a few hours ago as it approached the coastline. this was the view while flying over half moon bay. you see some heavy clouds there in the distance. >> from the surf to the sierra, the storm is going to bring snow. here is a live look at heavenly mountain resort thanks to lay tahoe tv. plenty of powder on the ground and more coming. >> now "abc 7 news" meteorologist drew too many au will give you a closer look at how much snow to expect. >> let's check in with "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian who is tracking the storm. >> as you know, we have rainy spots around the bay area already but the heaviest activity is offshore as you see here. this has been the pattern over the last several hours. rain is surging from the southwest and we've had light showers, maybe even light to moderate showers in some spot, but look at the oranges and yellows offshore. that represents the heaviest rainfall, and it is still
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approaching us. it will reach us. now, the storm has been downgraded. it was earlier ranked a two on the storm impact scale. it is now a level one. so for tonight and tomorrow we can expect light to moderate showers, about a tenth of an inch to half an inch in most locations and it will get breezy to gusty at times. here is forecast animation starting at 7:00. notice by 9:00 or 10:00 we will see the heavier downpours moving on shore and by midnight widespread and light to moderate and in some cases heavy rainfall. to drew for a look athat is happening in the sierra. drew. >> spencer, we are getting snow already. but already the snow season is off to a wonderful start. look at the percent of normal total since october 1st when the recording year begins. from truckee, squu valley, heavenly, blue canyon, all above normal. great news there. snow levels go down to about 5,000 feet, and that means areas like blue canyon, lake tahoe,
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even donner summit will see some additional snowfall. but the snowfall, it will be minimal but we still will see a little bit in the terms of the sierra snowfall for the next 48 hours. you take a look. this is going into thursday evening. tahoe city about three inches. similar around kirk wood, two inches. around south lake tahoe, so it is nice to see the snow season off to a wonderful start. we will be back to look at more rainfall on the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, drew. download the "abc 7 news" app to track the storm. you can customize the app to get the forecast where you live including live doppler 7 radar. only on "abc 7 news", video of pg&e power lines coming into contact with trees in a sonoma neighborhood, sparking fires and new worries about safety. these neighbors are worried about how easily they could evacuate after seeing what happened to the town of paradise with the butte county wildfire. they live outside of downtown sonoma in a neighborhood known as diamond a.
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"abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs explains what is being done to clear the fire hazard in high-risk areas. >> reporter: finicky power foreshadowed an unsettling discovery. >> it all went out and came back on. >> reporter: sonoma resident bart hanson found the power lines across the street sparking trees early monday morning. he shot this video. >> i walked out, stood here for a minute and saw the multiple smoking trees. i dialled 911. the interesting thing was there was no wind. it was still like it is now. obviously it just, you know, tired wires i guess. >> reporter: the neighborhood lost power for several hours before pg&e finished repairs. neighbors say the water pumps here are electric, so if the power goes out so do the hydrants. the incident is sparking fresh debate about tree clearing. overhead power lines and evacuations. as images of cars stranded in
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the campfire still feel fresh. >> when you get fires like we've had, i don't know where a safe place would be. >> reporter: cal fire says don't drive down the hill via grove street. the only access road to diamond a. instead, residents should evacuate to the diamond a community center where a large open space provides protection. some say burying the power lines would mitigate the risk. >> it seems to me again going back to common sense is underground is the way to do it. you can't do it everywhere obviously, but in places where it is a hazard. >> reporter: pg&e is working on clear treeing in extreme fire risk areas of the county first, then will work in elevated risk areas like diamond a. in sonoma, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." a new tool is being sent into space tomorrow to help firefighters better prepare for wildfires. the jedi module for the international space station will us a powerful laser to help scientists measure dry vegetation in our forest.
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>> it is very exciting to really be able to measure forest fuel accurately and then forest moisture. >> that was one of the revelations at today's commonwealth club event, which looked at the growing rate of massive wildfires. seven of the 20 most destructive wildfires in california occurred in the past year. new details this evening on the death of former kgo radio host ray taliaferro. it was announced a preliminary autopsy report does not indicate foul play was a factor. his body was found sunday in a wooded area of paducah, kentucky. he had been missing since november 10th. his wife of six months says he disappeared with the rental car in illinois. he was 79 and may have been suffering from a memory issue. tonight at 6:00, a little boy is fighting for his life and his mother's boyfriend faces accusations of abusing him. san leandro police say 23-year-old jonathan davis first told them the six-year-old
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victim hurt himself by falling down the stairs last week. doctors at kaiser hospital got suspicious when they discovered the boy suffered a traumatic brain injury and detectives arrested davis after they doubted his story, too. >> these cases tend to pull the heart strings of our detectives and especially in this case where we have a child that's clinging to life, that can't answer any questions or describe what took place. >> now, police also told us the boy's mother has been uncooperative with investigators, but they do not consider her to be a suspect, at least not at this time. in the south bay, today marks a pivotal moment for san jose as city leaders decide whether to approve a major deal with google. it could ultimately lead to a massive transformation downtown. this map shows where google wants to build what it calls a village. "abc 7 news"reporter chris wynn is live at city hall with the latest. chris. >> reporter: public testimony continues here at san jose city hall. the speaker list is now up to a
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total of 140 people. city officials are telling us it could be another two hours for all comments to be heard. at san jose city hall, a public debate months in the making. >> please reconsider your plan to sell to google. >> reporter: residents await the council's decision on the first phase of the proposed google transit village. the vote would allow the city to sell several parcels of land near the station west of highway 87 to the company. some say it will push more residents out of the city. >> they might end up in the streets or they will be forced out into the central valley or surrounding areas, away from their families and their support. it makes it difficult. >> reporter: critics believe san jose hasn't done its due diligence. >> there is back-room deals going on and that's not right. we have a right to know what is going on in our city, and i think that's why there are so many people gathered here right now. >> reporter: city officials call it one of the most transparent land deals the city has ever done. google would spend more than $100 million just on the land
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itself, with the goal of developing nearly 50 acres into a mixed-use community with commercial, retail, restaurants and open space. up to 25,000 jobs would be added downtown. >> google coming to san jose is a great thing because when businesses succeed our communities thrive, and when our comments thrive all of our residents win. >> my eldest is looking at college. well, once she is done at college, will there be a job here in san jose or does she have to commute if she wants to stay local? >> reporter: a community at a crossroads, hoping better days are yet to come. downtown san jose right now is very event-driven and we want it more robust. we want more consistency. we would like to have people here every day of the week, every hour of the day. >> reporter: the design phase would begin next year, and if all goes according to plan construction would start some time in 2022. again, tonight is the first step in a very long process. we're live in san jose, i'm
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chris wynn, "abc 7 news." >> sounds like it. thank you. a plan that's in the works to fix san francisco's infamous sinking and tilting millennium tower, a high rise in the sonoma neighborhood, today the association filed an application to retrofit the building. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow is live from millennium tower live with the story. melanie. >> reporter: dan, if you don't live in millennium tower, here is why you should care about this proposed fix. the structural engineer who designed it says it will likely mean lane closures on mission street and fremont street and possibly for a long time. construction is expected to last a year and a half. come spring, the leaning and sinking millennium tower will have a rebirth of sorts. >> i feel a great deal of pressure to get it right. >> reporter: understandably. ronald ham berger is the structural engineer who came up with the proposed fix. >> we are calling the perimeter
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pileup grade. >> reporter: 52 concrete piles along the north and west side of the building transferring 20% of the building's weight from the existing system to bed rock 250 feet below. >> we will actually jack the building against those piles, much like you would do of a bumper jack on a car when you have a flat tire. >> reporter: each pile is designed the resist 1,500,000 pounds of load. despite the pressure, he is confident in his design. >> really, nothing is keeping me up at night with this design. >> reporter: no word on who will pick up the $100 million bill. >> it is a matter of litigation and i don't know. >> reporter: doug elmitz is the spokesperson for the homeowners association. >> we hope that the fix we announced today will help resolve the outstanding lawsuits related to the building. >> reporter: a top ranking realtor in san francisco tells "abc 7 news" millennium tower units are selling at a discount
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of 20% to 33%, but also that many owners love the building and don't want to sell. there will be an independent peer review of the proposed retrofit. the department of building inspection also will do a rigorous review with its own engineers. the structural engineer says he estimates it will take about three months to get a building permit. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." >> melanie, thank you. right next door to the millennium tower is the salesforce transit center, which as of today has been closed for ten weeks. the $2 billion project was only open for about six weeks before workers discovered cracked steel beams and the center was shut down. today "abc 7 news" learned that all critical testing is finished and results are being examined. once that's done, the trans bay joint powers authority will work on a plan to repair and reopen the center. up and down. it is fun on a roller coaster, scary when it is the stock market though. >> it sure is. next, find out what was behind
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today's 800 point drop in the dow. >> we are fooling ourselves to put it into the curb side bins now because it is just getting sorted out and thrown away. >> what you think you are recycling may end up going into a landfill. "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area. that means making sure you know what the new rules are and why they've changed. and get out your phone. go to to weigh in on tonight's live pole. the song "baby it's cold outside" is surrounded in controversy because some say the lyrics are offensive. should radio stations play the should radio stations play the christmas classic o should radio stations play the christmas classic o ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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millions of investors saw their stock portfolios plunge in value today. nerve wracking. wall street tumbled following a tweet by president trump which cast doubt on a recent agreement to stop a tariff dispute between u.s. and china for three months. the dow jones industrial average dropped 799 points, the nasdaq fell 283, and the s&p 500 slid 90 points. u.s. stock and bond markets close tomorrow due to the national day of mourning for former president george h.w. bush. and right now we are going to look live. you see here at washington, d.c. where mourners continue to file past the casket of president george h.w. bush. today the bush family greeted mourners at the capitol. those who came to pay tribute included members of the president's personal secret service detail and his service dog. all beneficiaries of the
6:16 pm
americans with disabilities act, signed into law by president george h.w. bush in 1990. this stirring moment as 94-year-old bob dole was helped from his wheelchair to salute bush's casket. his grandson says this is the time for national contemplation. >> take advantage of this time where we can put politics aside and focus on the greatness of our country and devotion to causes greater than ourselves. >> earlier today president trump and first lady melania shared their condolences with the bush family at the presidential guest house, the blair house, where the bush family is staying for the fate funeral tomorrow. president trump has declared tomorrow a national day of mourning so the u.s. postal service is suspending regular mail deliveries and closing office. >> we will be back in business the day after, but to honor the request of the president and honor the memory of the president, president bush, we will suspend our delivery. >> the spokesperson for usps in the bay area does say some select packages will be
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delivered tomorrow. the memorial service for mr. bush at the national cathedral in washington is set to begin at 8:00 tomorrow morning. you can watch the service here on abc 7. "abc 7 news" will have live coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m. that's right after abc 7 mornings. we will be streaming it on our website, and on the "abc 7 news" app. happening tonight, this year's class will be inducted into the california hall of fame. show you a live picture from sacramento. the red carpet is out and people are arriving now at the california museum where tonight's ceremony will be held. there are eight honorees. among them is ed lee, the former mayor of san francisco, who died a year ago from cardiac arrest. lee was the first asian american to serve as the city's mayor. his family is in sacramento tonight to receive the honor on his behalf. you can see that story tonight on "abc 7 news" at 11:00. forbes today released its list of the top women shaping german chancellor angela merkel retains the top spot in this year's class of female leaders
6:18 pm
for the eighth consecutive year. in second, british prime minister theresa may, christine lagarde who leads the international money fund takes third spot. fourth is mary barra. 20 new people made the list including shonda rhymes, the creator and executive producer of abc's hit shows "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" and serena williams who takes the ninth spot. linda gates comes in fifth while sheryl sandberg takes the 11th spot. >> that's an impressive list. it is. rain is coming in as we speak. what is ahead. >> >> spencer has the latest on that. spencer. >> the latest is rainfall that is offshore. you can see through the central part of the bay area from lower marin county through the golden gate, on to the peninsula, across the bay to east bay, we are seeing light to moderate,
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steady rainfall right now and the roadways are wet and slippery. that is segregation to keep ome mind if you are out and about. we are not getting heavy downpours, especially not here as seen from the roof top camera. it is 52 in the city. 51 in oakland. 52 at mountain view. 50 at morgan hill and 55 in hoohooalf moon bay. it doesn't look very wet right here right now, but there were showers there earlier. 54 right now in santa rosa. vacaville, 51. concord 53. here is the view looking over san francisco, and the clouds are not very low thus the clear view we have. these are the forecast features. we will see waves of rain moving through the bay area tonight, and breezy as well. scattered showers tomorrow and a dry pattern from thursday through saturday. overnight as we have scattered showers about the bay area, look
6:20 pm
for low temperatures into the mid to upper 40s. cooler, chillier if you will, in the north bay where lows drop into the upper 30s and low 40s. the current storm now ranks one on the storm impact scale. it was a bit stronger earlier, now it is downgraded to a light storm ranking one. for tonight and tomorrow, look for light to moderate showers. we probably will see rainfall totals of about one-tenth of an inch to half an inch for most of the bay area. there may be a few areas that get a bit more than that. it will be breezy to gusty at times tonight. we will start the forecast animation at 7:00 this evening. later in the evening we expect steadier, heavier showers pushing on shore from the peninsula into the north bay. that pattern will start to break up in the early morning hours going into the morning commute, which begins around 5:00 a.m. we will see pockets of showers or scattered showers. the roadway will be wet but we don't expect widespread or heavy rainfall at that point. later in the day the storm weakens and ends in the early evening hours tomorrow. highs tomorrow will range from, well, mid to upper 50s just
6:21 pm
about everywhere. not much a range at all. we may see one or two locations in the south bay topping out at 60 degrees. here is the accuweather sev seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's scattered showers we have three dry days, thursday, friday and saturday and turns wet late sunday evening into monday morning and that storm ranks one on the storm impact scale with clearing on tuesday. rain will not be quite so heavy and earlier expected because most of the energy from the current storm spent itself offshore. >> thanks, spencer. christmas and controversy, go to to weigh in on the song "baby it's cold outside." >> that's right. >> that's right. shoucalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. we learned this evening actor and comedian kevin hart will host next year's academy awards. he confirmed it with a post on instagram. jimmy chem el hosted the show for the past two years but said he would not be returning. the awards show will air here on "abc 7 news" on february 24th. a classic christmas song continues to make waves today after some radio stations banned it because of the lyrics. >> but some are defending the song "baby it's cold outside" including an iconic rock journalist from the bay area. >> we want to know your thoughts. we have a poll right now at you can see the votes that are
6:25 pm
coming in at the bottom of your screen. >> we want you to participate. "abc 7 news" anchor kristen e has more on the controversy. >> as we reported, bay area radio station koit has dropped "baby it's cold outside" from its christmas play list after an ohio station was first to do it saying the lyrics are inappropriate in the me too era. it was written in 1944. it was later used in the film "neptune's daughter." the man tries to convince the woman she should stay the evening because the weather is cold outside. she keeps saying no and he keeps pushing. ♪ baby it's bad out there ♪ say what's in this drink >> i don't think people are going to hear this song on the radio and say, oh, i can behave this way and have my way. it is a song. music should have an edge. >> oakland music journalist says there are plenty of songs in various genres that might offend or provoke. do we stop playing them all? now, many of you expressed
6:26 pm
strong opinions on this on our facebook page. megan ellis hanson says, ridiculous, things have gone way too far. francia said, i hated it when i first heard it and thought, wow, this guy wants to get her drunk to have his way with her. what do you think? kristen sze, "abc 7 news." >> we would like to see what you think here by taking a look at our poll right now. play the song. 91% of the people who called insofar, that's their judgment. >> the radio station kyot is holding its own poll to decide whether to bring it back on to the air. their poll runs until monday, and that's when they will announce whether the song is coming back. >> stay tuned. up next, sorting out the recycling rules. >> they've changed and a lot of people don't even know it. it is part of our commitment to building a better bay area. >> this is the reality for many people in san francisco. no front porch, leaving yourself vulnerable to porch
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news". what you put in your
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recycling bin may end up in the landfill. "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area, so all week long we are focused on fixing this recycling crisis and making sure you know why the rules changed and what they are now. "7 on your side's" michael finney reported on how a looming crisis for recycling hit home in the bay area. >> residents much contra costa county are getting a $26 fine for recycling incorrectly, which, of course, outraged residents and now there's a different crack down in marin county. >> michael is here with the story tonight. interesting. >> it used to be so easy, right? you were going to recycle it, not so much anymore. recycling companies find it harder and harder to sell recycling materials. many trash companies say they used to make money selling the stuff, now some are paying to have it taken away. now, in marin, customers are asked to take on this challenge to make recyclables clean. but is that realistic?
6:31 pm
>> this is what i'm looking at here. >> it is garbage day here. >> both of these are goods. >> homeowner is inspecting everybody's recycle bin. >> these are the plastic bags we see a lot. >> if it is full of stuff that can't be recycled like this -- >> yes, he's going to see this sticker. >> he tags the cart with a contamination notice. >> that tells the person that, sorry, we can't pick it up today but it can create a lot of anger and people start saying, why did you leave my can. >> he hopes tagging offenders will change habits. only certain items can go in the recycle bin or it can ruin entire loads. >> it is not even clear what some things are really made of. we're fooling ourselves to put it into the curb side bins now because it is just getting sorted out and thrown away into the landfill. this is plastic. >> he admits it is confusing.
6:32 pm
the rules all changed last year when china stopped buying our recycled materials unless the materials met strict new standards of purity. fewer kinds of plastic, no soiled materials like half-full mayo jars and no trash mixed in. he says folks want to believe the stuff is recyclable when it isn't. >> hi. >> tony comes out of his house to find out what he did wrong. >> it is not recyclable? >> no. >> this wooden box can't be recycled nor can this plastic case. >> it is a kind of plastic that is not accepted. >> how does the homeowner know that? >> yeah, it is real tough. >> tony is just trying to avoid dumping stuff in the landfill. >> i thought i was doing something good by putting things in recycling so it could be recycled. >> he sayshe china policy had a ripple effect for all of us. china wouldn't buy our contaminated material, so processors were stuck with it. many processors stopped buying
6:33 pm
it so garbage companies got stuck. >> now we have to turn to the consumer or the resident at the street level and say, we can't take this stuff anymore either so now you have to do more sorting at home. it starts at home. >> he shows a customer why this amazon package cannot go into the recycle cart even though it has the recycle symbol right on it. >> they need to be brought to either a supermarket or a retail store. >> the fine print notes you have to take it to a drop-off site for plastic bags. >> it is slow, can-by-can process. you know, eventually the word will circulate around. these things can't be in the can anymore. >> the rules keep changing and the public needs to know what is changing and what is recyclable and what is not recyclable. >> folks are reluctant to commit stuff to the landfill. >> wishful recycling. people wish something was
6:34 pm
recyclable so they put it in the bin in the hopes it is getting recycled down the line. you know, no way, that's not going to happen. it is just getting thrown away. it is garbage then. >> so what is recyclable and what isn't? well, it depends on where you live. each city and county has its own list of dos and don'ts. the mill valley refuse service has a cool website where you can type in an item and find out what bin you're supposed to put it in. i posted the link on our recycling resource page at you also will find recycling information for each community in the bay area. >> sounds like a good resource. >> yeah. you've posted questions on that website and you already have some answers about what this is about. >> right, we are asking people if you have any questions at all about recycling let us know about it. suzanne here writes, to rinse out containers for recycling is a very poor use of water in this state. if they can come up with a solution to this problem, i'm
6:35 pm
willing to try. well, you will have to try because i've got good news for you. you don't need to use water to wash plastics. just wiping them down is fine. now, the main thing is not to have plastics dripping with food because that food gets on paper products, making them harder to recycle. now, david r. wrote and said, styrofoam, nobody will take it, at least not for free. the main question is, why won't they pick it up. well, look, that's a great question. styrofoam is recyclable, just not profitable. it is so lightweight and takes up so much space you can't make money if you are hauling this stuff around the neighborhoods. however, if you are willing to take it in and then you also have to pay for the processing, bay area recyclers will actually take your styrofoam. >> well, interesting. good questions. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. you can submit questions on our website. perhaps you had some because of this report. look for our recycling resources page. that's where you will find the current rules for your city and
6:36 pm
county. just search the word "recycling" on you can also share your thoughts, comments and ideas online. just add the #betterbayarea to your posts on social media. >> stay here with us. the holiday season is all about tradition, of course. the post office has kept one going for 106 years. tonight find out how you can keep kids getting those notes to santa claus. . next, the closer look at the latest ground beef recall. are there more food-borne illnesses or just are we more aware of them? sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available,
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what does help for heart fait looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! 12 million pounds of beef are under recall because of possible salmonella contamination. >> on the heels of a massive romaine lettuce recall. leslie brinkley talked to an expert about the implications for the food supply. >> reporter: another day, another food recall. a sign of the times up at local restaurants. >> what is your antidote? >> i don't eat meat and try to
6:40 pm
grow my own vegetables "s" possible. >> reporter: the rest of us are left guessing. >> do you assume everything is safe and, you know, it has been inspected. >> reporter: are we seeing more outbres or are we just better at detecting them? it is a question i posed to patrick bauer at uk burkely's food institute. he is an expert in managing the ways in which we can prevent food-borne human pathogens from getting into the food supply. >> we have food that comes from all over the country and all over the world, goes through distribution channels. our testing methods have gotten better but it makes it difficult to compare what we knew ten years ago with what we know from today. >> reporter: so as we get better at detecting the food-borne illnesses, we can expect to have as consumers more recalls? >> yeah. so the response from the cdc, from frkts da, from public health agencies is to get the
6:41 pm
word out. that's the way to prevent people getting sick. >> reporter: and we will see more of that? >> we will see more of that. >> reporter: going forward, the wild cards are new, emerging pathogens, the global food supply, climate change and our changing food preferences. so the recalls do not mean the food supply is getting more dangerous, but that our system is getting better at warning people ahead of time. in berkley, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." a storm ranking one on the "abc 7 news" storm impact scale is sweeping through the bay area tonight. >> yes. spencer is busy tracking the rain. he will join us next. when it comes to buying toilet papers there are a lot of options. which is more zero waste, the one wrapped in paper or in plastic? >> you can buy toilet paper where it is wrapped in paper, and paper like this is very easy to recycle.
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happening now, at at&t park former giants star hunter pence and his wife alexis are receiving a special award for their charity work. the pences have been active volunteers in fundraisers for the winter white foundation.
6:45 pm
that group is holding its ninth annual holiday heroes event right now. kids on santa's nice list this year should get their wish lists finalized. today the u.s. postal service launched the annual letters from santa's program. today kids got to deliver letters directly to santa at the west oakland post office. until christmas kids can send a letter addressed to santa at the north pole with a return address. you can volunteer to come to the post office and help respond to the letters. a usps spokesperson says many of the letters are about something other than toys. >> a lot of them, believe it or not, are asking for personal things for their family or family member. like they want a coat, they want shelter, they want some clothing, they want a blanket. >> every year some of the letters the kids write are so touching. if you are a parent you can help santa reply to your child's letter. there are full instructions on the usps website. santa can't wait to hear from the kids. >> absolutely. all right.
6:46 pm
we have santa and there's always a grinch during the holidays. these days they take the form of package pirates. >> seems like a bigger problem every year. abc 7 reporter jobina fortson has new ways to protect your stuff. >> reporter: usps, the postal service packages up for grabs. looks like the holidays. porch pirates are a big problem in san francisco, mainly because lots of people don't have porches. taking gets worse during the season of giving. nationwide, 26 million people expect to have packages stolen during the holidays. unfortunately, sharon has already been checked off the list. >> i felt really upset this person came, took this item and then used my handrail to securery off down the steps. >> reporter: the package was a toy for a child. she showed us how it was tucked away from the street, but you could still see it. >> and he kicks it at first. like what was he thinking this was? takeout food? >> reporter: mail carriers are stepping up protection resources for customers.
6:47 pm
ups allows you to reroute delivery by sending it to stores or what they call access points. >> like the corner liquor stores, laundromats, bakeries, any place that is a customer-facing business. >> reporter: it is free. the postal service has something like it called "informed delivery." >> they can actually customize the delivery of it and tell the letter carrier, by the way, if you do deliver this can you hide it behind the fence. >> reporter: fedex has protection options as well. security cameras and ring video doorbells have been catching thieves in the act, but clearly it doesn't always stop them. reporting in san francisco, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news." >> the videos we see every year of those people stealing, unbelievable. >> it is awful. >> brazen. no good time to steal, but you don't want to do it in the rain particularly. >> spencer has the forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. we have light to moderate rainfall right now across much of the bay area. you see heavy downpours offshore there. that's been the pattern throughout the day and into the
6:48 pm
evening now, but there's an area of steadier, more modere rainfall pushing on shore through the central part of the bay area from lower marin county, i should say, down through the golden gate into san francisco. looks like we just had a couple of downpours near san rafael there, but the yellow indicating the heavier rainfall disappeared. here is a look at the storm impact scale. the storm for tonight and tomorrow ranks one, a storm of light intensity. light to moderate showers for most of the bay area. tenth of an inch to about half an inch of rainfall total and breezy to gusty at time. overnight lows in the low to upper 40s. chillier in the north bay with lowers in the low 40s. down in the south bay we may see 60 in san jose tomorrow and possibly 61 in santa cruz. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's scattered showers, look for partial clearing on thursday, dry days on friday and saturday as well, but another storm moves in on
6:49 pm
sunday night, ranking one on the storm impact scale and continuing into monday as the rain gives way to showers. so a little break from the rain into the weekend and then the rain begins again. >> all right. thanks, spencer. all right. let's talk sports and quarterbacks. >> mindi bach is here. >> washington needs quarterbacks, so, yeah, badly. they've been signing all of them. why haven't they called colin kaepernick? today the head coach gave his reason. did you by chance happen to miss that fierce hawks chant against the warriors last night? if not, we have the audio and the warriors' perfect response in sports. the average american produces 4.5 pounds of rubbish each and every day just by using a reusable container to get laundry detergent or shampoo you cut it down by a pound or more. >> this is zero waste experience. so in 20 years, i've had one laundry detergent jar.
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now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. washington signed oakland native josh johnson to back up mark sanchez who the teamed signed two weeks ago. johnson last through a pass in an nfl game in 2011. sanchez hadn't appeared in a game since 2016, so the situation begs the question, what about free agent colin kaepernick? coach jaye gruden told the media today the team considered him but said his skill set does not match washington's offensive
6:53 pm
style. johnson last worked with gruden in 2013 in cincinnati. washington signed sanchez to back up colt mccoy when starter alex smith broke his leg. mccoy broke his leg in monday's loss to the eagles. like sanchez, kaepernick has not played since 2016. he is suing the nfl arguing owners are colluding to keep him out of the league. kevin durant wants to see kaepernick in a washington uniform. he posted this and directed it at his hometown team. c.j. anderson is coming home to the raiders. anderson attended cal. the panthers released anderson in november. he averages 4.4 yards a carry over his six-year career. he was broncos' starting running back in levi stadium and won the only touchdown when denver won the title over the panthers. after searchen years as ohio's head coach, urban meyer will retire after the rose bowl. the 54-year-old gets debilitating headaches as a
6:54 pm
result of a cyst in his brain. he had a chaotic season this year. he was suspended for the first three years for mishandling domestic abuse allegations against one of his assistant coaches. he leaves the program having won a national title and 90% of his games. >> as i'm reflecting now, it has been a fast 48 hours since the last game, that this would be a really tough day if we were a mess. this would be a really, really tough day. personally this would be awful to be able to know that this -- we did right, or at least we feel we did right. it makes it easier. >> the nfl suspended the 49ers' kyle nelson for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances. it starts immediately. this is the long-snappers second such violation. he missed four games for the same offense before he was with the 49ers. now, in a statement released by san francisco, nelson blamed a new triggsal supplements and said he intends to seek legal action against the manufacturer
6:55 pm
once a cause for the positive test is found. stephan occur is back and draining threes. klay thompson scored 20 plus in a career best nine straight, so things are getting back to normal for the warriors. last night in atlanta hawks fans would not let the warriors forget some of their not-so-good moments. take a listen. [ chanting ] >> ruthless! the fans are referring, of course, to a recent spat between durant and draymond green that lead to green's one-game suspension. but durant had the perfect response. he made the free throw and kept his school, and so did the warriors. they won, 128-111. the nhl soon will have a new franchise and the players will be in seattle. the league's 32nd team begins play in 2021-22 season and will compete in the pacific division with the san jose sharks. now, the league hasn't yet
6:56 pm
selected a team name and they will select players in an expansion draft. this is the best holiday you never knew existed. it is happy world trick shot day. the harlem globe trotters are leading the effort with a lot of viral videos being posted online. today they upped the ante, like way upped. >> oh, my goodness. all right. all right. here we go. oh! oh, my goodness! oh. oh, going down! >> that is globe hammer jumping 855 feet, and he eventually slam dunked the ball off the las vegas stratosphere. it was unbelievable. the harlem globe trotters encourage fans to post videos using the #worldtricks. hot day. it was just incredible. >> my heart is racing watching them. >> i know. >> crazy. >> got the dunk in. >> thanks, mindi. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20.
6:57 pm
the late night filing in the mueller investigation. what was revealed about michael flynn, that's at 9:00. at 11:00, the hardest rain is yet to come tonight. people will tell us how they're dealing with back-to-back storms. >> that's this edition of "abc 7 news". look for blaking news whenever you wish on the "abc 7 news" app. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer, mindi, all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. >> have a good night. ♪ sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you.
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