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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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it's teetering and looks dangerous. why isn't pg & fixing this power i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. now from abc7, live breaking in news. >> tonight san jose city council meeting erupts into chaos. protests are chaining themselves tols chairs. police using bolt cutters to get them loose. >> several dozen more protesting outside over a proposed plan to sell land to google. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. that meeting started more than nine hours ago just at 10:00 p.m., council members returned to chambers to work toward a vote. >> kate larsson has been at city hall all night. what's happening now? >> reporter: >> no vote.
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no sale. >> reporter: so there's still discussion going on right now. we do not have kate for you at this moment. but they're having discussion on this because they said they would continue with the meeting once all the protests were taken care of. >> this involves land being sold to google and the debate over 50 acres of land. a lot of people want it used for affordable housing. so anyway, this was really unexpected that it turned into such a raucous event. again, that meeting is still going on right now. if we get update appearance a vote, we'll bring it to you. >> let's turn our attention to the weather. rain is coming back in. >> nice pattern we've been in. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yeah, dan and ama. live doppler 7 is lit up as the rain intensified. we'll head you into the peninsula in the south bay where
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most of the focus is of some of the moderate rainfall around half moon bay on the peninsula into woodside 280 across burlingame, san mateo. some moderate pockets of showers, foster city. we will go towards san francisco. you will notice steady rain from san francisco to south city. castro valley, around hess pairon boulevard seeing is brief downpours. it is light to moderate around san jose, santa clara and willow glen. it's not going to be very long, steady light rain in the north bay. wider perspective soing you the system is continuing to send bands of moisture into our area. i'll be back to let you know how long this is going to last and if it will impact your morning commute. >> thank you. >> a cracked and leaning pg&e power pole is still standing months after marked for
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replacement. >> neighbors are worried it's one storm away from coming down. unser hassan is live in pacifica with more. >> reporter: if you look up there, this pole is crack and tilteding about two feet. if you look down here, you can see where pg&e tag this had pole back in august for replacement. now the concern for the families on the street that a strong windstorm could knock this pole down. >> these photos clearly show where this power pole in his front yard is cracked. >> yesterday i noticed the lean is much more pronounced and looks like it's going to come over. >> reporter: he says pg&e tagged the pole for replacement in august. frustrated nothing has been done since, he called the city. he says that promised this em to send out crews today. >> they said they were going to try to get to it early next year. >> reporter: he was told is because there are other power poles in two worse condition. that added to his fears.
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>> they said you can tell there's not a lot of slack on this line. >> il said this one's below where it's leaning. it's this one over here seems to have a little bit of slack on it. >> reporter: phil harris and his wife lives next door. he says the slack problems the pole is tilting. he contacted pg&e back in may. his fear now is the weather. >> we've will storms up here with winds clocked at 100 miles an hour in the canyon behind the house hitting our house. it hits on this side too. >> reporter: now, where their power pole is placed families who live in this house are concerned it could fall on the home. four young kids live in that house. we did reach out to pg&e for comment but did not hear back. live in pacifica, unser hassan, abc news. >> lake tahoe is getting more snow. drivers must use chains unless they have four-weal drive with know tires.
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this did not stop crews from making snow at ta hope tonight. our camera captured this scene at heavenly mountain resort making snow. >> you can track the rain with our news app. install it to check out live doppler 7 anytime it rains to track the storm. customize the app so you just get the forecast where you live. >> tomorrow the nation will pause to honor george h wenjian liu bush with a state funeral. >> today president trump met with the bush family. people have a few more hours to pay respects to our 41st president in the capitol rotunda. >> kenneth moulton has the latest from the capitol hill. >> reporter: it was a solemn moment tonight as several members of the bush family including former president george w. bush made their way back into the capitol so see their patriarch lying in state. as the nation remembers former president george h.w. bush, another moment of unity, putting
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feuds aside, president trump and the first lady made the short triptom blair house to offer condolences to bush family. later in the evening former president george w. bush, his wife laura and brother jeb visited their father's casket in the rotunda surrounded by everyday americans. bushes took time to thank them. thousands filed in since monday. >> it's important that we will show honor towards the people that will have stepped up in our country in leadership. it's not an easy job. >> reporter: colin powell and military officials from the first gulf war paid their respects. cia directors honored their predecessor and 95-year-old former senator bob dole lifted to his feet giving one final salute. so many lives are different because of the americans with disabilities act signed into law by president george h.w. bush. >> if there's any president that i want to pay my respects to, it's the man who helped pass the law that ensures that i have the
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same freedoms as everyone else. >> reporter: the list of those attending the state funeral includes the trumps. the remaining former u.s. presidents world leaders and a host of dignitaries. kenneth moton, abc news. >> president trump declared tomorrow a national day of mourning. that means there will be no mail delivery and the new york stock exchange and knack will be closed. a memorial service for mr. bush at the national cathedral is set to begin at 8:00 tomorrow morning. abc news will have live coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m. and streaming it to our website and on the abc news app. >> tonight we're learning new details about the investigation into russian election meddling. special counsel robert mueller has told a federal court former trump national security adviser michael flynn has provided substantial assistanceton prosecutors. mueller says flynn provided firsthand information billions content and context of interactions between trump
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transition team members and the russian government officials involved. but exactly how he helped was redacted from the court filing. you can see the text there will just blacked out not revealed. flynn pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators in december of last year. the special counsel told the court he should not get jail time because of had his cooperation. >> santa claire rare county supervisors voted to take the first step to closing read hill airport. people packed the supervisor's chamber before today's vote. several groups want affordable housing to replace the airport. one activist calls the airport a playground for the rich. local pilots disagree. >> it's a shame. it really is a valuable transportation piece of the infrastructuring for this valley. >> it doesn't make any sense for that airport to exist in the middle of a neighborhood. it's not a good fit. and only benefits the small number of pilots. >> read hill view can't close
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for the an least 12 years because of future funding commitments already in place. >> the red carpet rolled out in sacramento this evening. the special honor governor brown is giving to san francisco's late pair. >> the oscars look to appeal to a bigger crowd. the actor comedian tapped to host this awards. >> why tens of thousands from teddy bears were thrown on the ice during a game. >> here's a look what's coming up tonight right after abc news at 11:00. >> this is why albert edison discovered electricity. all right.
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some of the biggest names in the state gathered tonight in sacramento for the california hall of fame induction ceremony. >> the awards recognize innovators ground breakers and entrepreneurs. carlos salcedo attended and has a look. >> reporter: eight legendary californians were inducted into the hall of fame including the late san francisco mayor ed lee. >> in what's been a very emotional and difficult year for my family, this is such al amazing time and place. >> reporter: lee's daughter breanna accepting the recognition almost a year after his unsuspected passing. before the ceremony, his widow and two daughters walked the red carpet. lee's successor and predecessor spoke about his legacy. >> i was heart broken when he passed away we were so close over two daks. >> i appreciate a lot of the great work he did especially with public housing and
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rehabilitating public housing. >> reporter: others included fernando valenzuela, actor and environmentalist robert red forward and musician joe baenz. >> it's about the forward thinking state, california. it really is. that's probably why i'm hear too. >> reporter: the ceremony marking governor brown and first lady anne brown's final class of inductees. >> this is not a minimal kind of event. this is a maximum event because we're honoring people hole did their utmost and exceeded beyond the ordinary expectations. >> and that's a wrap for this year's california hall of fame awards. the governor elect saying he will continue this tradition into his administration. carlos salcedo, abc7 news. >> see the red carpet behind carlos? another kind of red carpet to talk about. oscar is teaming up with a newman for the awards. kevin hart confirmed today that he will host the 2019 academy awards. he'll take over for jimmy kimmel who hosted for the past two
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years. hart says it's the opportunity of a lifetime for him and he'll be sure to make it a special one. the oscars live here on february 4th. >> a giants fan favorite and his wife received a award for helping children in the bay area. hunter pence and his wife lex i accepted an award from the wonder wise foundation and hosted the holiday heroes event. they volunteered and raised money for the group. tonight's festivities included an action with all the money raised going to underserved children. >> fabulous night there. onto the weather forecast. more rain moving into the bay area. >> sandhya patel has the timing. > we'll have more showers towards tomorrow morning. the steadiest confident rain right now. take a look at live doppler 7. you will see where it is coming down. we're seeing moderate pockets to even heavy pocks of rain from alameda to oakland around harbor
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way, parkway. about a inch and a quarter per hour is the rate. be careful. it's not going to last long. redwood city, belmont, rolston avenue effective into menlo park, atherton, moderate pockets of rain, as well. san francisco down the peninsula. steady and light. that's how it is around clara and san jose. santa cruz mountains pockets of heavier rain right now. this is probably as wet as it's going to get. in the north bay, scattered light showers. this storm has its eye set on southern california. they are seeing some rain heading towards los angeles. the mountains are seeing snow. but beak, the reason why this hasn't done a lot for us except for a few hundredths of an inch, it's disconnected from the area of low pressure. energy will head into southern california. for an hour or so, expect the brief heavy rain.
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gusting winds. mt. tam gusting to 30. here's what you meed to know. tomorrow morning for the commute, if you are driving definitely watch out. slick spots out there because of the showers. choppy waters if you're taking the ferry. if your commute takes you across an area where you're walking, watch out for slippery spots. in the mountais, chains required on all roads leading to tahoe except 50 right now. it is snowing. they'll get a few inches of snow. the snow level dropped down tonight to about 5,000 feet. around blue canyon. 40s and 50s, a beautiful live picture from santa cruz from the boardwalk where you see the rain just decorating the lens. it's feeling like the holidays. dry pattern thursday through saturday and more rain coming in late sunday night into monday. this is a light level 1. tonight through tomorrow, light moderate showers. breezy to gusty in spots.
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between 11:00 and 1:00 tonight, pockets of moderate rain. towards your morning commute, notice how less widespread and how light the showers are. they're going to be very scattered in nature. by 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. around 8 a.m., if you have kids,al see damp roadways. sliply spots means allow extra time for your commute. 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, very few showers are left. you'll probably need your shades in some areas. 5:00 p.m. becoming isolated in nature. this storm system will be a quick mover once we get through this time period for the next hour or two. a few hundredths of an inch to .4 in san mateo. first thing in the morning, 40s, 50s. make sure to have your rain gear. for the afternoon, 50s, 60s. queth accuweather seven-day forecast, a level 1 for tomorrow. dry thursday, friday, saturday. sunday night a chance of rain.
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a better opportunity on monday when we have light level one system coming our way. we're on a roll and we'll keep it going. >> thank you vex. >> coming up, why fans threw tens of thousands of bears onto the ice during a hockey game. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," dolly parton and jennifer aniston interview each other as aniston featuring one of parton's songs.
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check out this barrage of bears being thrown onto the ice during a minor league hockey game. the teddy bear toss is a holiday tradition in the league. but this set a record. >> almost 38,800 bearses were collected from the ice to be donated to charity. it came during a hershey bears game in pennsylvania. they went on to win. >> that's adorable. what's better than the octopus toss. is that detroit? that's a little creepy. this is fun. >> also in pennsylvania tonight they threw something else at the nhl game. not teddy bears. >> it was pretty cool. >> good news for local nfl players. they're coming home. the raiders bring a super bowl champion back to oakland.
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> washington needs quarterbacks. and signed oakland native josh johnson today to back up mark sanchez who the team signed just two weeks ago. what about colin kaepernicking? coach jay gruden told the media today the team considered him but says his skill set does not match washington's offense. johnson hasn't thrown a pass in an nfl game since 2011. sanchez hadn't played in a game since 2016 when washington signed up him to back up colt mccoy when starter alex smith broke his leg. like sanchez, kaepernick hasn't played since 2016 but he's suing
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the nfl on the premise owners are col including to keep him out of the league because of his social protest. >> c.j. anderson signing his contract with the raiders today. he also attended cal. the panthers released anderson in november. he's averaging 4.48 yards over his career. he was a broncos starring running backing in super bowl 50e8 at levi's stadium and scored the only offensive touchdown. kevin durant has scored 20 or more points in 20 straight games, so things are get back to normal for warriors. last night in atlanta, hawks fans would not let the warriors forget some of their recent challenges. take a listen. >> ouch. the fans are referring to recent spat between dur rapt andre monday green than led to green's one-game suspension.
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durant kept his cool. the warriors blew out the hawks, 128-111. the sharks will soon have a new division rival, the nhl is expand together emerald city. seattle franchise is expected to make its debut in the '21-'22 division. the arizona. >> kurt:s will move to the central division. players will be selected in an expansion draft. the penguins are going to hold free hat night every night. patric hornqvist scored three goals in under three minutes. that prompted everyone to toss the free hats on to the ice in celebration. they're the fastest three goals scored in penguins history. this is why it will be the longest hat clean-up in penguins history, as well this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. would you rather have the bears or hats on ice? >> seattle sound.
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like puget sound. >> close. >> getting there. >> we're still working. >> thanks very much. >> abc7 news continues on line, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices. >> our next newscast is a (music throughout)
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the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecasts plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. certainly accuweather in your app store and download now. >> we're still trying to come up with seattle hockey. we're going to do it.
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>> to be continued. >> that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> "jimmy kimmel live" and justin theroux. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, justin theroux, from "the party's just beginning," karen gillan, and music from gucci mane featuring kevin gates. and now, no sudden movements, jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much! thank you! welcome, welcome. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. we have so mu


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