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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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embarcadero headed to the bridge. now, this is all because of this. about noon today a big rig jackknifed on the bay bridge. chp tweeted this picture. the driver had only minor injuries but the crash shut down three of the eastbound lanes for hours. the road reopened before 3:00 p.m. but the damage was done. >> "abc 7 news" reporter jobina fortson has been stuck in the traffic. i'm scared to ask, but how is it now? >> reporter: yes, you can see right behind me the standstill we have going on. this is at the intersection of post and kearny. muni is not moving quickly, nor are the vehicles and the bicyclists are having a tough time getting through as well. always we have been talking about, this all started because of a backup that happened at 11:30 today. that's according to chp. you could just see the ripple effects that it created. a jackknifed big rig forced three lanes to shut down on the bay bridge. the lanes reopened just in time
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for the afternoon rush at 3:00, and sky 7 flew over that area. such a mess. all of the backups that you can see there on your screen, that's been such a chaotic and frustrating day for drivers. we were stuck in it ourselves. we were leaving the bay view area around 2:00 this afternoon, tried to get down to post street, but it did not happen. we just made it here. this is what it looks like now. you know, moving a lot better than it has been, but still now that we're in rush hour it will be tough a little while for some people. we talked with some drivers and heard about their frustrations, too. >> has the traffic been bad for you trying to get through? >> san francisco, you got to love it. got to embrace it. >> i was just trying to wiggle through traffic. it just takes entirely too long, then you got pedestrians don't want to let the person have the right-of-way get on about their business. >> 20 minutes from the corner of grant and ferrell. >> reporter: that's not even a
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mile. >> no, no, it is like maybe 0.3. >> reporter: 0.3 miles? >> yes. >> reporter: took you 20 minutes? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you do this? and you are doing uber. >> every night i have to drink a little bit to make myself relax. >> reporter: bock out here live, here is a look at post street. still pretty slow as you can see. the light is green, so hopefully this can start moving a little faster so people can get home. i guess advice for anyone right now, if you have the option to take b.a.r.t, try that. reporting live in san francisco, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. we used the "abc 7 news" app to send out the push alert hours ago to drivers were warned about the delays. you can kuss mize the map for specific geographic areas to get the news that matters where you live. two hours ago a cal train struck a person in redwood city. the person who was reportedly on the tracks did not survive. it is the 11th fatality for cal train this year. the train involved was a
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southbound train. trains are moving again but are delayed in both directions. new at 6:00, a man who called police in alameda ended up in a struggle with officers who say he tried to take one of their weapons. four officers were hurt. they say the man got into a patrol car and tried to remove a locked rifle. they used what they call a conducted energy device on him. minutes later he went into cardiac arrest. he was revived and went to the hospital. in the south bay after nearly ten hours of heated debate, the san jose city council voted to unanimously approve a major land sale to google. this decision came down just after midnight during a contentious meeting marked by protests and arrests. so where does the city go from here? "abc 7 news" reporter chris wynn is in san jose. >> reporter: at san jose city hall last night -- daniel gonzalez was one of eight people arrested for disrupting the city council meeting after they chained themselves to chairs inside the council chambers.
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police officers had to use bolt cutters to remove the group. the commotion, over a landmark vote that will undoubtedly shape the future of san jose. >> we don't want public lands sold to google for private profit. we want those lands to be used to house our people, to take care of the homeless. >> reporter: the city council unanimously approving a massive deal in which the city will sell several parcels of land downtown to google for just over $100 million. >> i oppose the google -- the sale to google. >> reporter: community activists were alarmed by the heavy police presence and what they referred to as intimidation practices. >> we need to come together to make sure anything else that goes forward reflects what is best for the people, not what is best for google shareholders. >> reporter: google plans to develop nearly 50 acres of land west of highway 87, converting an area known for its parking lots and vacant industrial lots into a mixed use transit village that would eventually transform downtown as we know it. >> they're not asking for any subsidies. they're not asking for any tax abatements. they're simply locating here,
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paying full market value for the land. >> reporter: just hours after the vote, council member lund dib awoke to find one of his car windows smashed outside of his home. he's unsure if there's a connection to his yes vote but homes it doesn't become a trend. >> it might inspire or encourge folks to take a physical action against somebody they disagree with, and i think it would be very unfortunate. >> reporter: the design and development phase will begin in 2019 with construction set to start in 2022, lasting through 2035 if all goes according to plan. google must first get city approval before any type of groundbreaking can begin. in san jose, chris wynn, "abc 7 news". a lot of us woke up with the rain but the storm cleared up as the day went on and we will get a little break before the next one. >> let's get to "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian to see how much rain we've had lately. spencer. >> ama, we're still a little below average for this time of year but getting caught up. here is a look at rainfall totals from the recent storm. as we forecast, you can see most locations in the bay area
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received between a tenth of an inch and half an inch. it is nice to get these model rainfalls, moderate rainfalls from time to time as opposed to having it all dumped on us at once. you see on live doppler 7 there's little left of the storm but still a few showers in the south bay, mainly over the santa cruz mountains with the bulk of the rain moving the south ear, as you see on the forecast animation taking us into the late night and overnight hours, the showers taper off overnight and starting the day with mainly dry conditions tomorrow, but there may be a spotty shower or two during the overnight hours. bear that in mind if you are driving, especially down in the south bay. complete forecast coming up later. ama. >> thank you, spencer. parents, pet owners and anyone who spends time in the east bay hills should be on the lookout following the recent rain. regional park experts say poisonous mushrooms will sprout in the next week. "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs has more on the warning. >> i am always on the lookout as soon as it starts raining. >> reporter: pete mueller walks dogs in oakland's regional recreational area.
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>> some of them eat anything, some of them couldn't care less. >> reporter: you don't want your dog, kid or anyone to eat the mushrooms pictured here, the aptly named death cap and western destroying angel have toxins that attack your liver and kidney. >> with the first rain, dangerous mushrooms come out. >> reporter: it may be fabulous to nature lovers but it comes with a warning. >> they're deadly is what the public should know. >> reporter: mushrooms grow along trails and at the base of trees, making them easy for dog goes and children to get hold of. >> but leave them in place. >> reporter: people may be tempted to forage mushrooms for more than just food. >> yellows right here. >> reporter: they can make beautiful, natural dyes. >> this is all wool. >> reporter: regional park supervisor naturalist sarah federly collected these for educational purposes. the general public cannot pick them. >> we have a rule basically no collecting of mushrooms allowed in east bay regional parks and we advise pet owners to keep a
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close eye on their dogs. >> reporter: if you feel like fungi, berkley bowl has 15 to 20 different varieties as do other grocery stores. >> you have to remember most mesh rooms are poisonous and there are a lot of look-alike mushrooms out there. >> reporter: we have posted additional resources regarding mushrooms on in the east bay, katie utehs, "abc 7 news". >> great information to keep us all safe. happening now, take a close look at the top of the salesforce tower in san francisco. it is showing a movie. the 13-minute film called "a trip down market street" features rare footage taken from a cable car before the great earthquake of 1906. it sort of one long shot down market street. if you missed this showing, it will be shown again at 9:00 p.m. . robots are becoming a bigger part of our lives daily. as they become more like us, they are piquing the interest of students. today the san francisco unified school district received ten
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pepper robots. "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez went to galileo high school to have the girls' coding club show off what they can do. >> reporter: this girls coding club has an extra tool to develop more applications to work with robots like pepper. call it a girl, a guy or and it. >> i feel like i'm doing something more, like it is not just on the computer. it is like you are seeing the result. >> reporter: soft bank group is donating 100 of these robots to schools in the u.s.. san francisco unified will get ten. the price businesses typically pay is $25,000 for each robot. soft bank says it is a fast-growing industry. >> although some jobs may be replaced, there's going to be a need to fill 133 million jobs that are tied to computer science. >> hi. welcome to galileo. >> reporter: let's make it clear. without a human, pepper could not operate. but let's look into our crystal ball. what if pepper could program another artificial intelligence
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to then have the ability to feel love or pain? would they have now rights just like human beings or animals? what do you think? >> what we have to do in developing artificial intelligence is developing it in a way that's responsible. so it is not about giving them rights. it is about what are they actually programmed to do and what are they capable of doing. >> reporter: so maybe some day you will either destroy us or find the cure for cancer. i like you just the way you are. say good night. >> good night, lyanne and abc viewers. >> wow. >> yeah. today is a national day of mourning as you know in honor of presidentus>> nt, mle moments from today's service at the national cathedral and personal reflections from "abc 7 news" weather anchor christian spencer on his interaction with the
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former president. plus, see what is being used to help heel four-legged survivors of the wildfire in
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today the nation bid farewell to america's 41st president. >> hundreds of dignitaries, the heads of state and family gathered at the washington national cathedral to honor president george h.w. bush. >> now he is lying in repose at his home church in texas ahead of his burial tomorrow. >> abc's >> reporter: president george
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herbert walker bush taking his final flight home. the bush family returning to houston with their patriarch following a state funeral in washington. >> he left us a more perfect union. >> reporter: and touching eulogies from friends answering the one question that haunted bush 41 his entire life after surviving being shot down during world war ii. >> made our lives and the lives of nations freer, better, warmer and nobler. that's why him. that's why he was spared. >> reporter: the cathedral packed with political leaders from across the country and around the world, including all living u.s. presidents coming together to honor bush for his decency, his humor -- >> he loved a good joke, but he never, ever could remember a punch line. >> reporter: his commitment to his service and devotion to his family. >> and the last words he would
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ever say on earth were, "i love you too." >> reporter: former president and son george w. bush delivering the final eulogy, breaking down, calling his late father a great and noble man and the best father. >> and in our grief, i just smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> reporter: the bush family is extremely popular here in texas, their adopted home state, and so public viewing hours here at the family's church behind me have been set to run for about 12 hours until 6:00 tomorrow morning. abc news, houston. tomorrow abc news will have live coverage of the funeral service in houston beginning at 8:00 a.m. at 10:30 the casket will be transported to the george bush presidential library and museum. at 1:45, mr. bush will be laid to rest in a burial ceremony. hope you can join us for that coverage. "abc 7 news" weather anchor
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spencer christian met george h.w. bush. >> he was having a first lady at the time and then he just walked in. >> he did. it was what i called the accidental interview. it was back in 1992. you may recall that first lady barbara bush was passionate advocate for children's literacy. so she often did readings to children at the white house, so i was with good morning america in those days. you see her -- well, you could see her. so i was sent by "gma" to do a remote at the white house with the first lady reading to children, and at the end of our segments i was standing up. i still had my microphone on, the camera person was still rolling and the president walked in. >> wow. >> first thing he did was he reached for her hand, and you heard so many stories today, right, about how loving they were. it was a very tender moment, and i think he was still holding her hand as he shook my hand. >> really? >> as a matter of fact. so he seemed so warm and gracious and down-to-earth. that was a very lasting and special impression. >> you said he was very friendly and engaging, easy to talk with? >> very easy to talk with. you know, you would think you
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would be in awe of a president, any president. >> sure. >> but he -- i guess he made everyone feel that way from the speeches i heard today, but he just had a warm, approachable quality about him, which was very apparent in my brief meeting with him. the accidental interview is one i will remember forever. >> thank you for sharing those memories. i know we have been thinking about that a lot today. >> yes, i have. >> yes. >> i was very moved by all of the speeches today, especially by president bush 43's speech. >> yes, emotional. >> it just brought tears to my eyes. >> me too. i think we all had the same reaction. you see a president in a certain light, and then when you see his son up there, just a son, an ordinary person in that moment. >> that's true. >> touching. >> so i guess we will move on to weather. can we do that? here is a look at live doppler 7 as i stroll over to the weather area. you can see there's not a lot left from the most recent storm, but we do have some light showers down over the santa cruz mountains and some heavier showers just offshore. let's move along and take a live look from the sutro tower camera
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looking over san francisco on - evening. current temperature readings are 54 degrees here in san francisco. across the bay in oakland, 53. mid 50s also at mountain view and san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. one more live view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera, pier 15 here in san francisco looking back at embarcadero center. 50 in santa rosa. low 50s in napa, san rafael, vacaville, 54 in concord. this is the view in emeryville where it is congested. we will see clouds and patchy fog overnight. dry pattern with us thursday through saturday, but the next storm arrives saturday night and continues into monday. here is our forecast animation for this evening as our departing storm moves south ward along the coast. it will kick up some showers and maybe heavy downpours in southern california tomorrow, and then it continues moving farther south ward and weakening over night into friday morning.
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coming into the bay area, i mentioned partly cloudy skies and patches of fogs mainly in the inland valleys and along the coastline. overnight lows generally in the mid to upper 40s but a bit cooler in inland valleys, as is often the case. in the inland east bay we will see lows in the low to mid 40s. north bay, quite chilly with upper 30s and low 40s and overnight low temperatures. tomorrow, as skies become sunnier, high temperatures still in a relatively narrow range, mainly upper 50s to about 60, maybe 61, 62 degrees in south bay locations and cooler in the far north where we will see only mid 50s at lakeport and yu kei au. looking at the rain chances over the next seven days, it looks like this. not of much a chance thursday, friday and saturday but about 60% chance on sunday in the afternoon and evening hours and continuing into monday with an 80% chance. the chances diminish on tuesday and wednesday. i will give you a look at the storm impact scale for the approaching storm coming in sunday night. it ranks one, a storm of light
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intensity expected to produce rain from north to south. most areas receive less than a half inch of rain from the storm, but wet weather out of it and breezy as well. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. dry pattern thursday through saturday, bright sunshine going into the weekend. on sunday we will see clouds increase and rain arrives in the afternoon and evening, continuing overnight into monday and tapering off to showers by monday afternoon, and more dry weather on tuesday and wednesday. thanks for sharing your story of the president. >> happy to share it. it is just a warm and treasured memory. >> i bet. >> all right. thank you, spencer. well, the end of the year is a critical season for charities that depend on donations. so far they're hopeful but they need you to help out. we should mention this morning's episode of "the view" was interrupted to bring you the coverage of the funeral for president george h.w. bush. you can catch today's episode in its entirety overnight at 2:08 a.m. and we want to leave you for
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a moment before we come back with a live look at the omni hotel in dallas, texas. it is illuminated in honor of president bush. you see the flag there, but a moment ago you saw "41." we're back in a moment.
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new developments in butte county to tell you about. most paradise residents will be allowed to return to their properties nearly a month after
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the camp fire destroyed 14,000 homes. some were able to come back today. three more zones will open to the public tw. 85 people wkied a this afternoon we learned three more victims have been identified. ten people are still unaccounted for. officials warn that conditions are still hazardous while crews work on power lines and clearing roads. many animals hurt during the camp fire are recovering with the help of fish skin. uc davis sent us this video showing the process. essentially the sterilized tilapia skin acts as a bandage. it can transfer collagen, preteen and reduce the need for frequent change of bandages. first time it has been used on cats and dogs. petsmart charities is donating a million dollars in grant funding to help animals burned in california wildfires. the nonprofit said the need for medical care for food, medicine and uniting animals will grow.
6:25 pm
so far $50,000 has been distributed to animal welfare agencies. $1.1 million is how much second harvest food charity is down this year. >> "abc 7 news" matt keller has a look at why it might be happening. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: donations are the fuel that keeps sacred heart community service in san jose running. >> the reason why i give to sacred heart is because they give back to the community. >> reporter: but the charity says they fell short of forecasts for individual donations in november. they were hoping for $350,000. instead, they received about $300,000, a 12% shortfall. >> you know, we had a lot of natural disasters. there's just a lot of noise, too. there's a lot of nonprofits out there. >> reporter: charities believe the increase in the tax code's standard deduction could be having an impact by taking away a big incentive for contributions. sacred heart is hoping december brings big donations because
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people are relying on them for food, clothing, housing and other services. >> people are waiting in line to get teslas, people are waiting in line every day to get food here. >> reporter: 13-year-old joey childs notices a difference in donations. for seven years he has collected for toys for tots, and this is the first year he has seen a decline. >> so far i have 259 toys donated and by this time last year i really had maybe around 300, 400. >> reporter: last year joey collected 1,045 toys. he is hopeful he can break the record this year. his incentive, putting smiles on people's faces. >> there are 1,045 kids that had a nice christmas. >> reporter: joey is collecting toys in several different ways. he has boxes here at bass pro in san jose. if you would like more information on how to help joey's toy drive, go to our website, in san jose, matt keller, "abc 7 news." now, "abc 7 news" is committed to building a better bay area and all week long we are tackling the recycling crisis that hit california.
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>> changes in china are a big reason why our recyclables are stacking up. next, see h (music throughout)
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"abc 7 news" is invested in building a better bay area, which means we are spending extra time looking at issues that affect our quality of life and trying to find solutions. >> that's the key. there is a recycling crisis across the country and it is hitting california particularly hard. recyclers are scrambling to find places to send all of our sorted waste since china tightened ules earlier this year. >> could a solution be right here in the bay area? "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim sorts through the messy matter and looks at what might be done to fix the problem. >> reporter: when most of us put out our recycling on trash day, we dump all of our glass, plastic and paper in the same bin. recyclers sort through it, bundle it up and ship it overseas to be recycled. for decades much of the waste was sold to china. the world's single largest importer and recycler of scrap metals, plastic and paper. >> we have taken for granted the fact that a lot of material that we were putting in our curb side bin was getting shipped to
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china, being processed. some of it was being recycled there. a lot was being thrown away. >> reporter: mark murray is with californians against waste. he says for years we've been passing our recycling problem to china. >> it is a wake-up call for california. >> reporter: by 2012 china was receiving nearly half of all of the recycling that americans shipped out of the country. add in one-third of europe's waste and china had more recycling than it could ever use. a lot of the materials couldn't be recycled. they ended up in landfills, the environment or, worse, taken a human toll. a documentary released in 2016 called "plastic china" gave the world a look inside china's plastic underworld. it focused on an unschooled 11-year-old girl who lives and works with her family in a plastic recycling workshop. the film went viral in china and was quickly deleted from the country's internet. now the country is trying to clean up its image. in january china stopped taking most of the dirty recycling it
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called foreign garbage. >> china is doing the right thing. they're sending a message to us saying, let's stop putting this garbage in our recycling bin. let's only put in the recycling bin the products and packaging that are truly recyclable. >> reporter: the move created a crisis for recyclers here, now facing mountains of materials they can't get rid of. >> china has basically said no mixed paper, no mixed plastic. temporarily no card board. >> reporter: this was the scene in marin in last august. check out bails of paper ten feet high stretching as long as a football field. >> nope, we can't go one more bail high. >> reporter: it is still struggling to find buyers as more recyclables arrive. at the port of oakland, they say other countries are filling some of the need. >> exports of recyclables to china are down due to tighter restrictions, but exports to neighboring countries soaring. >> reporter: smaller southeast
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asian countries are trying to take more. >> scrap paper exports to taiwan, up more than 500%. to vietnam, up more than 300%. we are seeing the same thing in scrap metal. >> reporter: one of the reasons recyclers are having a hard time selling materials is because the stuff is dirty. that's because in most places you are able to dump things all together. mixing all of these items in the same can makes it easy but also seriously lowers orminatethe var because they're contaminated. martin bourque is with the ecology center. berkley is one of a handful of cities in california that use split recycling bins to avoid contaminated waste. but the city was still worried about where its recycling waste ultimately ends up. >> once that shipping container is opened, maybe it is going on to small pickup trucks into backyard recycling or maybe it is opened into a big, you know, industrial facility. we can't tell the difference. >> reporter: so berkley did a test, going as far as putting
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gps tracking devices on some of its trash. some of the trackers were destroyed in the recycling process. others pinged where they were supposed to go. one showed up in an industrial park in malaysia. >> we want to make sure that first we're causing no harm. you know, if it is going dumped into a ravine and when the monsoons come it is going into the ocean, it is being part of the problem, not of the solution. i would much rather have that stuff in a landfill where it is contained than going into the ocean and having it affect turtles and whales. >> reporter: berkley is doing better than most cities because much of the trash that ends up here is clean. >> you can just imagine if there's glass in your paper, it is like putting sand in your blending. it has a split body with a divider down the middle of it to keep the material separate. >> reporter: that simple divider keeping plastic and glass from mixing with paper and cord board, making it easier to sort and sell. >> you have to make a decision, which side is my stuff going in. if you have to ask yourself,
6:35 pm
this side or that side, maybe it shouldn't go in there at all. >> reporter: the split bin is now gaining attention. milpitas in the south bay and windsor in the north bay recently switched. but the bigger problem still remains. we produce too much trash and we're running out of places to put it. dion lim, "abc 7 news". >> so we are taking your questions about recycling and providing you answers. >> yes. typically milk cartons can be recycled in the green bin, but what if they have a plastic pour spout? i can't find an answer on the republic services website for fremont. now, the city of fremont tells us you can recycle a milk carton even with a plastic spout. however, in some cities milk cartons are no longer accepted for recycling because they are now made with many layers of material. so rules are changing because of changing packaging. pam asks, is there any way to recycle plastic bags? they used to take them but not
6:36 pm
anymore, and i hate the idea of them going into a landfill. good question, pam. most garbage collectors will not take plastic bags although san francisco and west contra costa county do. however, they must be clean, dry and bundled together in a clear plastic bag about the size of a basketball. many grocery stores take them, but you want to be sure to check first. >> you can submit your questions online and help build a better bay area by following your recycler's rules. check out our taking action page at where we listed links to every bay area recycling agency. research the word recycling on >> you can share your thoughts and ideas online. add the #betterbayarea to your post on social media so we can find them and identify them quickly. a summer camp is adding something new for campers next year. >> we will explain why this ten year old is so excited about it. a san jose neighborhood may
6:37 pm
be targeted by mail thieves. i'm michael finney.
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sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. a camp outside yosemite national park is piloting a program to be more inclusive. >> "abc 7 news" reporter melanie
6:40 pm
woodrow has the story. >> reporter: this summer jonathan brunn and his big sister sobina. >> ten and two and my twin. >> reporter: will attend a outside yosemite national park. it won't be their first summer at camp but first summer they have the option of camping in an all-gender bunk as opposed to a girls' bunk or boys' bunk. jonathan says he is transgender and non-buy nary. >> i identify as both. >> reporter: jonathan uses the pro nouns he, she and they. the camp director says it came from campers. >> we had a cabin called g-11. the children themselves came up to change the name to all gender 11 to make everyone in the cabin feel included and welcome. >> reporter: the all-gender bunk will have a no nudity rule with curtained areas for changing. >> this ensures everyone feels safe.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: before attending his current school he was often bullied. >> it is very, very annoying, and it also hurt, physically and non-physically. >> reporter: but his mom says he was never bullied at the camp. >> tawonga being an accepting place was really so powerful and healing. >> reporter: the camp plans to have two all-gender bunks this summer as part of the pilot program. meyers says so far she has >> it will allow more children to feel like they get to be their best selves at camp and a part of our community. >> reporter: the pilot program could expand or go away in the future. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." stay with us. we have a few days of dry weather before the next storm arrives. >> see the timing laid out in the seven-day forecast next. in asia and china they
6:42 pm
recycle 30% of the plastic water bottles. in europe, 20%. in the united states, only 10% of plastic water bottles get recycled.
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oh, goodness.
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>> i know. >> that slow san francisco traffic we talked about at the top of the hour, it is still slow! look at all of the lights out there. lines of headlights and taillights leading to and from the bay bridge. >> east bay traffic is not looking good either. this is a live look at i-80 from our emeryville camera. it has been so bad. >> and traffic on surface streets in the city, well, it is getting a little better actually. less congestion along the embarcadero than at 6:00. >> a big wreck on the bay bridge at 11:30 this morning and this is the result. the post office is working over time to get your holiday mail and packages delivered on time, but keep in mind thieves are working over time too. >> unfortunately they always do. "7 on your side" michael finney says when one neighborhood fears they may be targeted. >> investigators with the u.s. postal service hope to make an arrest in this case. their investigation got a boost with the help of some home surveillance video. a heavily tattooed man can be seen calmly walking to a
6:46 pm
doorstep in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. in just seconds he appears to peek into the mailbox, grab some mail and run away. a neighbor's camera catches the man running back to his car and driving off. the homeowner asked that we not show her face because she fears for her safety. >> i felt violated. i mean like somebody is stealing your personal property, you know. it is mail. >> reporter: two days later, a suspected mail thief struck in broad daylight at a neighbor's. this time the man grabs not only the mail but a package at the doorstep. the homeowner also asked that we not show her face. both victims believe the same suspect has hit both homes. >> because the face, the car, his tat on his face, his body. >> both victims filed police reports with the san jose police department. they also reached out to the post office. an investigator there told them this was likely a state case unless identity theft could be proven.
6:47 pm
police informed them this was a federal case. >> i contacted you guys because i felt like, you know, at that point there was no resolution in our complaints to these agencies. >> postal inspector jeff finch said he understands her frustration. >> this is not something that's been pushed aside. it is something that's being worked. >> he says having the video is only the beginning. >> it is a good start, but for putting these cases together we usually put together a lot more evidence. >> he won't confirm if the suspect is the same in both cases, but this may help. >> can you see that? >> yeah. >> the suspect has a prominent tattoo of the number "2" on his face and other marks on his neck and arm. >> distinctive tattoos. >> right now the u.s. postal service plans to lead this investigation but said it is likely the district attorney would handle the prosecution if any arrest is made. now, if you have some video like this or have a consumer problem you want me to know about, my "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00
6:48 pm
a.m. till 2:00 p.m. the telephone number is 415-954-8151, and of course you can reach me through my facebook page and on as well. >> that guy with the tattoo should be easy to find. >> you would hope. >> thanks, michael. all right. one last time i want to update the forecast. we are getting a break for a while. >> spencer is here with that. >> let's get to overnight conditions. as the storm departs we are left with a few lingering clouds overnight. overnight lows in the mid to upper 40s but chillier in the north bay valleys. tomorrow as we get sunnier skies with lingering clouds, highs ranging from upper 50s to about 60, 61 degrees. cooler way up north in ukiah and lake poured with highs only in the upper 50s. we have three dry days coming our way thursday through friday. rain returns -- not the same rain, new one comes in sunday night continuing into monday morning. a light storm ranking one on the storm impact scale, and then two more dry days on tuesday and wednesday. >> nice to have the sun for a little bit after the rain. >> i'm looking forward to that.
6:49 pm
>> thanks, spencer. all right. on to sports. a lot going on. >> mindi bach is here. >> we have a little baseball news. >> okay. >> which is surprising this time of the year. a big trade in the nl west. it benefits the giants. no champagne needed, but we will show you why the warriors had reason to celebrate in their first return to cleveland since sweeping the cavs in the fienlts finals. sports is coming up. glass gets recycled in the bay area and never leaves the bay area. this type of plastic we have to ship further and further to find a place that will take it.
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now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. the warriors' last game in cleveland was a memorable one, the night ended with a larry o'brian trophy and a lot of champagne. the defending champion's visit to cleveland tonight didn't hold the same excitement. lebron james is long gone and the warriors are still looking for consistency away from oracle. the warriors have not won two in a row on the road since october, and they were sluggish coming out the first half. curry gets things going with a deep three. that gave the warriors a two-point lead but the cavs battled on the offensive board. look at the great tippout that ended with a burke three. 11 straits points for cleveland. warriors led by three in the second. look at curry in the inbound pass. no one else is making that. he had six threes in the first
6:53 pm
that, but the cavaliers hanging in. they ended the half on a run. rodney hood with an unreal shot at the buzzer, and the warriors trailed by six at the half. all warriors though in the third quarter. we've seen that durant dagger before. that put the warriors up nine. k.d. had 25 tonight. to klay thompson, splash. that put warriors up 12. then curry went loose. he could not be contained. from the top of the key, drains it and draws a foul. curry hit nine three-pointers. he finished with 42 points. the warriors win it 129-105. steph is back. draymond green is with the team though he won't play on this trip. he hopes to return during the warriors' two-game home standard next week. his team maids probably would like that. based on his instagram feed, draymond may be bored. >> people done changed the locker room in cleveland. they must couldn't get their champagne smell out, huh? >> yeah, draymond had some fun
6:54 pm
this morning at the cavaliers' expense. he pointed out to stephan curry the visitor's locker room in cleveland no longer smells like champagne. he shared a close-up of kevin durant's feet. maybe he appreciates the beating his toes take as green himself missed the last nine games due to a toe sprain. yeah, get him back on the court. several times have been mentioned as suiters for bumgarner. this morning on a radio interview, it was said that most of the reports are inaccurate. the giants new head of baseball operation expects trade interest to pick up after next week's winter meeting. no giants player sad to see paul goldschmidt leave the nl west. arizona received three young players in return. goldschmidt hit 33 home runs last season and had .35 average against san francisco. the 31-year-old first baseman is due $14.5 million in salary next year, the final year of his contract. donald penn returned to the
6:55 pm
raiders' practice field today. the veteran offensive tackle dealt with a groin injury since the fourth week of the season. he is eligible to play this week against the steelers but doesn't mean he will. the team has 21 days to decide if he is healthy enough. since teams can designate only two to return from i.r., penn is second and that means marshawn lynch cannot. beast mode season is definitely over. doug martin did practice today but is considered questionable with a knee issue for saturday, so expect to see newly-signed c.j. anderson against pittsburgh. the richmond native is already well-known in the raiders locker room. >> c.j. is a great guy, obviously competed against him. i know his mom is a raider fan, so a shoutout to mama for her son coming to play for the good guys, but, no, he is a great guy. i saw him earlier this morning. i love him and i'm glad that we have him. he's a good football player. well, the steelers won't have the services of james connor when they come to oakland. the running back is expected to miss the next two games with an ankle sprain. connor leads the afc with 12
6:56 pm
rushing touchdowns and his 909 rushing yards are second most in the conference. did you know that roethlisberger is winless in oakland? 0 and 3 on his career at the coliseum. yeah, the denver broncos will be without emmanuel sanders when they visit the 49ers this sunday. sanders tore his achilles today in practice running extra routes. it was a non-contact injury so it is a very tough blow for sanders and the broncos who have won three straight games. two big players for the raiders and 49ers opponents won't be on the field this weekend. >> maybe that will help. >> yeah. i think -- you hate to see it because of injury. >> of course. >> but i think the raiders and 49ers will take whatever help they can get these days. >> thanks, mindi j sure. >> join us tonight on coffee tv cable 20, cable 713. a cheesecake factory celebration turns kay yoting, how it ended up in arrest for one. local students recognized by congress for inventions.
6:57 pm
we will introduce you to an east bay teen that created an app to make your travels safer. tonight on abc 7 at 8 it is the goldbergs, american housewife and modern family. stay with us for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> that will do it for us for now. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. for mindi bach, spencer christian, have a good evening. we will see you at 9:00 a
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