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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 6, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> tv's number one daily viral video show, right this minute. she breaks up with me. >> she swiped right and he gave her a kidney. how a dating app lead to one remarkable bond. >> right before you went into surgery, what do you say to each other? coming around these corners, it's hard to tell. >> there's a slow down on the road up ahead. >> but see why the real trouble came from behind. kelly knows.
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>> and everybody else is going to learn today. >> the 3-year-old wise beyond her we're breaking down the west on the web, including bieber fever in new york. the pandemonium as pranksters schooled a whole bunch of fans. >> when you sign up for a dating app, you hope to capture someone's heart. she not only took her boyfriend gavin's heart she also got his kidney. >> i can barely get people to show up. >> some months after she started dating, turns out she had kidney failure. everyig ahe connects to this forours on end, but at some
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point throughout this process they also realized that gavin was a match, and he decided he was going to donate one of his kidneys to his love. >> if she breaks up to me after, i'd still be fine. it's not about the relationship. it's about her having a good life and being healthy and being happy. >> you can find love and organs on tinder. >> this is more than a cinderella story. >> some people wouldn't do that. this guy is like no. >> to tell us how they're both doing, we have gavin and cheyen cheyenne. welcome to the show. how are you guys doing? >> well, the healing process had it's ups and downs. for gavin it was more hard than it was for me,me,me, well now. >> talk about what it's like donating a kidney. there may be people willing to
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do it. >> there's a healing process, but if you're really the type of person that wants to do this, you shouldn't be thinking about the pain. >> let's talk about this process. you meet somebody online and then a big deal like this comes into play. what was that like for you guys? >> i was already in kidney failure, but my grandpa was on dialysis and he passed away. so i stopped seeing my doctor, which was a mistake on my part. i was sick but still in denial. when i got to 2% kidney function i couldn't walk anymore and i stopped eating and all i did was sleep. >> one day we went to passadena and then we had to leave within ten minutes of getting there because she was so tired and the next morning the doctor called us and told us you have to go to the emergency room right now. that's the first time that i realized it was a very serious thing. >> right before you went in for
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surgery, what do you say to each other? >> see i can't. >> we just said i love you. >> reassuring each other. >> i actually started crying, which i didn't think i would. right when they were wheeling him in, it just exploded pretty much. >> all of that aside, we're trying to figure out how to get like you because you >> just be true to your intentions and hold yourself at a high standard, no matter what outlet you choose to date. >> thank you for skyping with us and good luck in your continued recovery. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> this is really good. do you see this truck?
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it's got it's flashers on. about a minute later there's a slow down on the road up ahead. >> i'm already nervous >> remember that truck? he's in front of it. >> no. >> the driver with the dash cam believes that the truck that crashed was experiencing some brake issues. the california highway patrol tell us there were no injuries involved in this incident. big mess that closed the right lane for about two hours. california highway patrol tells us this incident is still under investigation. this next incident defies any kind of common sense. what's going on? >> somebody is attempting to weld on the back of that fully ad tck next to gas pumps. the guy behind the camera cannot
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believe his eyes. >> look at this [ bleep ]. >> thankfully this video ends without incident. >> 1-800-how's my driving?ing? terrible. i'm beautiful, >> okay, girl. >> she didn't even need to say anything. just watch her body language, she is owning that >> and then i'm smart. >> she's wise beyond her years. >> kelly knows what is up. >> that's right, girl. everybody else is going to learn today. >> she's the kind of friend that
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r f adve wn to trh.ut don't ask >> h to be part of the duo on instagram. they're a fan of the show, and i'm a fan of should i grab it's legs? >> that poor little guy is stuck in the iron fence, and this is not the first time it was stuck. >> got him out of the fence and opened the gate. he went through the fence. >> craig hansen hosted this to youtube and the mom noticed this fawn in the sense called him and then utah wildlife services were called to get it. >> so sad.sad.sad. >> they talk about using heavy equipment to get him out. >> once it's out, they take it a h yards away and ylegt's hind
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legs. >> after tapping it a little bit, it scampers away. they named it vince fawn. do you see what's behind this table here? he messed up. >> is that a baby elephant? >> yes. that is an >> but it's so cute. >> but watch. looks off there in the
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>> he totally ran off. just laying around the san francisco airport. >> nothing else to do. >> why it turns out he's actually running late for a very important date. >> he's going to have bags under his eyes. just that good concealer. and a snowboarder heads up the mountainside. >> if you can call that mountainous slope. >> the effortless way he glides back down. >> right. brought to you by progressive. making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo.
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closed captioning provided by -- i went to social media and found out he was just laying
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around the san francisco airport. >> you're probably wondering what i'm doing lying on a >> poor ollie. >> we have all been there. we've all experienced flight delays. it could be a real drag. >> at the moment, it could be going >> it's very frustrating and his on his way to singapore. he knows a thing or two about televisi television. >> i'm creating content for right this minute. >> how did he know that? >> i told you, he knows television. it's a 17 hour flight. he has about 25 hours to get to singapore before he's late to be the host of this huge awards show. >> he's going to have bags under his eyes. that's all right. get that good
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i'll be aliving 30 minutes after the awards i am supposed to be hosting start. >> that's too bad. first thing in the morning i'll fly to singapore. >> he is going to have to fill in. apparently there were two nights of this award show. the last thing he posted was a picture of him on board an airplane. he will get to host the main event. best of luck to our international flying buddy, ollie. hopefully you make it back safely. >> in case you're wondering how international stars travel, on the floor of airports. >> we'll keep track of his progress and of course you can follow any one of us at this minute. >> what would you do if you
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could hit the slopes and do anything? he is a snowboarder in finland that's been doing this for more than 50 years. none of it included ice claiming in my fantasy. it was just doing some narly trick. >> he can give to a pretty awesome slope. if you can call that mountain a slope. it's pretty steep. >> don't you like how they can look at the trees. >> after 15 years of doing this sport, it looks like second nature. >> if you want to take a break, just doing a sled. and not harder. working ser >> the list. >> it's like a forest full of snow men. >> i've never seen trees covered in snow quite like that. >> it's funny that you say that because we do get a glimpse they
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might be on their way to deliver some food. now from finland to jackson hole wyoming wyoming. >> he was born to do this. >> he knows what he is doing. >> it's a destination where a lot of more experienced skiers love to go. at the football fans gender reveal. >> what are they going to have? >> next right this minute. >> still to come, please report to the dance floor. see why these make for the ultimate wedding party. >> oh, this is really fun. >> plus everything set up to
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no detail is too small when it comes to weddings. they personalized this one. ♪ >> flash mob, baby. they're dancing to classic. better get up and dance. >> most of the time your guests do, but their guests participated in a flash mob. >> nice. >> so that means these people have been practicing, they have been doing rehearsals, because this doesn't just happen. >> yeah. >> it happens just in the movies where everybody skppontaneously knows all the choreography. >> well, they make it look easy. check it out. now we gotbridesmaids and
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vid vid videographers in place. they're having a good ole time. >> this is really >> look at the bride. he's like, 1, and 2, 3 and 4. >> everybody gets to it. even the little ones. >> i don't think they were apart of it. they were just like, hold on, i can make this cuter. >> it's going to be a really cool, fun memory for >> how long does it take to topple 600,000 dominos? over 10 minutes. domino entertainment is0ea with. they're going to knockdown 600,000 dominos as well as set
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three world records. it's quite the production. this wall is 166 feet long. they also have giant cubes. one looks like a mini condo community, and it all starts when this giant silver ball rolls into >> this spiral is a world record. it has 999,000 dominos in it. >> shouldn't they have gone for the 100,000. >> they were too busy using those others for other stuff. look at this. there are 21,003 of these dominos in this one. the largest domino cube to topple. >> the wall is over 166 feet long, and things are slowly revealed behind it.
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i believe these are photos of other domino shows and domino stunts that they have performed. >> a celeb citisighting got the crowd going wild. >> it's justin
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>> it's a great little treat. if you want the recipe, head over to right this or
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check it out on our mobile period a. justin bieber has quite the following, so when he showed up in new york city, they were like justin. even in new york it's justin bieber. they have security, paparazzi, fans. >> something tells me there's one thing they don't have. >> and what would that be, nick? >> i'm guessing that they don't have justin bieber in their care. >> but let's rewind here. >> number one justin bieber look alike in the world. >> yeah. they have security. they have a fake tmz reporter. they've got it all. >> the naked cowboy of course. >> you see the big dude in the middle, he's like all right. everybody knock it off. fans are pressed up against the window at this store. the manager closed down the store and then they had to take
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him through a secret room through the basement. >> they had the close the door and then none of them of them om what the heck they're looking at. >> it also goes to show why celebrities duck in and out of places. they have to because it's nuts. >> a police escort shows up and finally they make their way out but not before our justin bieber lookalike creates mad hysteria waving at the crowd. there hasn't been any fall out, but they pranked 1,000 people and they got them good. >> that's
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tonight, the terrifying jet landing, as a major storm sweeps across the country. the jet skidding off the runway as it lands in a downpour, appearing to hydroplane. what stopped the plane, and the evacuation that followed. that same storm dumping snow, freezing rain. it's now moving east. airlines already offering waivers tonight. ginger zee is standing by with the new track. the desperate search at this hour in the air and in the water for five missing u.s. marines after a collision in the air. martha raddatz has the latest for us. gm's ceo facing outrage on capitol hill after taxpayers bailed out the auto giant, and the corporate tax cuts pushed by president trump, is there any way now to save those u.s. jobs?


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