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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the plane came to rest in some soft terrible, kind of acts as quick sand to stop planes. 122 passengers and five crew members were on board. some flits were canceled or delayed because of that incident. check this out, this was also in southern california, believe it or not, both directions over interstate 5 are back open at this hour but they were shut down earlier today because of all of this snow. the chp helped move vehicles that were stuck so snowplows could get through. north bound lanes reopened about an hour ago. here in the bay area it is dry and nice and sunny after a couple days of rain. >> yes, looking live outside of our camera. that is a beautiful view right
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there. abc7 has your accu weather forecast. no snow here. >> no, no snow here. something we have not seen a lot of in a long time. but we will move along and look at the beach houses. rough surf with elevated wave heights under 10 feet and it could go higher. there's a concern about possible sneaker waves and that's in effect until tomorrow morning. here's a look at the bay, 76 in san francisco, san jose 53, 59 in morgan hill and half moon bay and this is a view looking eastward to emeryville and a few clouds off in the distance. 46 in center rose, napa and san rafael 59, and 58 at livermore. the 24-hour temperature change tells a pretty interesting story. most locations are about four to eight degree warmer or maybe i should say less cool than they
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were this time yesterday. i will give you a look at the seven half day forecast in a few minutes. >> spencer, thank you so much. leaders from several tech companies me at the white house besides strained relations with the trump administration. the president's daughter hosted what was described as a listening session. and they included artificial intelligence, quantum computing and laser wireless technology known as 5g. top executives from googles and qualcomm attended. a federal lawsuit and claims made by a former investigator who said he was wrongfully fired. plus -- >> he took one of my phones and he slapped me and pushed me. >> reuben foster's ex-girlfriend speaks exclusively to abc news. how she says the 49ers tried to discredit her domestic violation
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allegations. there's a homeless crisis at san diego state. three things the students want the university to do to help. on this thursday skyway not looking good. really slow going in both directions on the right-hand side. traffic trying to get down towards the peninsula. 101 southbound on the left side and traffic trying to get to the - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit a federal lawsuit filed for whistle blowing. >> several employees wererminat
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they committed felonies. kristin? >> this is the 22 page lawsuit filed by a former senior investigators henry mckenzie. he claims he was wrongfully terminated in october 2017 after taking part in a union meeting to discuss concerns about their boss. his suit said the district attorney had traveled on many occasions by plane while carrying a firearm in violation of federal law. the peace officers who fly while armed are required to state their reason for doing so. the suit alleged he is not an active peace officer and did not need to be armed nor did he fill out the proper paperwork. a few months after they met to discuss this and after whistle blowers sent a letter, mckenzie was fired. the defendants went further, sulleying his reputation for accusing him of having brady issues in an effort to destroy his career. that means he would be labeled a
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liar in cases he is involved in. his term expires at the end of next year and his office did not want to comment. the tsa is not investigating him as the suit alleges. kuenzie is seeking on to have his job back with damages and medical expense for emotional distre distress. >> we are hearing from the former girlfriend of linebacker ruben foftner an interview with abc news and she said the 49ers tried to discredit her and she is outraged another team signed foster. the redskins picked him up on wagers. >> here invited me to come see him in florida. he took one of my phones and he slapped me and pushed me. i told him i was going to tell his new girlfriend that he paid for my flight.
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>> elisa claims her ex-boyfriend, ruben foster left her with bruises on her neck and face. >> he called me out so we could work on our relationship. i said i can't believe you are back doing this. we were seeing a therapist trying to work on our relationship. i said i can't believe you are back to doing this. >> she said she called 911 and when police responded, a accept centative tried to discredit her story. >> i feel like they didn't believe me. the 49ers came up there. i had pictures of them coming up and trying to talk to the police saying i'm the same ex-girlfriend that sat up there and lied. >> sheer admits she did lie about a different incident. she accused him of battery and dropped the allegations. something she now regrets. why didn't she follow-through with the charges? >> i loved him and love will you
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have doing things not in your best interest. >> ruben foster was released by the 49ers and quickly picked up by the washington redskins. foster can't play until his legal troubles are resolved. he can get paid a $9 million contract. abc 7 news. >> college students are not immune from homelessness. thousands are forced to deal with it at san jose state. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is explaining what to do about the problem. chris? >> there is a homeless crisis here in san jose. that's not a secret, but that issue extended here to san jose state university where many students are struggling to get by and we were there as they demanded answers from the administration. at san jose state university, a
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gathering to bring attention to the issue of homelessness on campus. >> we are asking them to take action and meet demands. >> according to a report, officials believe nearly 11% of students are homeless or experienced a form of homelessness in their career. sju tops the list at 13.2% that equates to more than 4300 students. >> one day you have money for rent and the next you don't. >> this senior lost her housing earlier this fall and spent a month living in her car at a rest stop. >> i was waking up every 30 minutes or hour to make sure i was safe. i would hear noises and i was scared. >> the student housing alliance is calling on the university to better communicate better resources. they also want 12 to 15 parking spaces set aside as well as additional emergency bed space in the dorms. school administrators are working with partners to address
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off campus housing solutions and plan to open a permanent food pantry next semester. >> we have to figure out what moving forward looks like in viable kinds of ways. that may include some of the thing that is the students have recommended. >> the help can't come soon enough for students like angel who said they have come too far to fail. >> even if i have to sleep in the library or in a garage or the car. i am going to graduate. >> alliance members will be camping out overnight here on campus for the annual poverty under the stars event set to begin at 7:00 p.m. live in san jose tonight, i'm chris nguyen. >> thank you, chris. there is breaking news in the east bay. east oakland. police and city workers moved in to clear a homeless encampment. homeless women formed the camp
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on city land saying they felt unsafe at shelters. public works employees are ev t evicting the space. police officers are monitoring things. a judge ruled he cannot prevent the city from clearing the camp. >> soggy shoes in san francisco on the embarcadero. water splashing up as high tide was after 10:00. wet sidewalks were a mess for nearby construction crews and people trying to reach pier 14. the bay area are expected to see king tides between now and late january. >> it's nice to get a break from the rain today. >> it is. lots of beautiful blue sky and crisp clean air. a live look at doppler 7. it beings like we will have another day or day and a half. 2.5 days before the next storm comes in. let's look at the current
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temperature readings. 57 degrees at half moon bay. look at readings around the bayshore line. low 60s and up north, a reading of 64 at santa rosa. a lot milder and sunnier. this is the view over the golden gate and the forecasts. chilly with patchy fog here and there. dry pattern through sunday and the next storm sunday night into monday morning. overnight lows will drop into the mid- to upper 30s and upper 30s in inland locations in the east and south bay. mainly in the mid 40s. tomorrow's highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to around 60 around the bay. mid- to upper 50s there. it ranks one of the impact scales and expected to produce light showers and most locations will receive less than a quarter inch of rain. here's the forecast at noon
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sunday. at that point most of the rain will be north of ukiah. notice into the afternoon and evening hours, the area of rain will drop southward. only in the north bay, early monday morning as the commute gets under way. a few showers moving just south and east of the golden gate. it winds down monday afternoon. the accumulation is most locations between about a tenth of an inch and a quarter of an inch. we expect light showers sunday night and monday morning. partial clearing on tuesday. brighter skies next wednesday and thursday. not a lot of rain coming, but enough to give you a little bit
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of notice. i don't want to say warning. >> thank you. >> there could be a new election and voter fraud investigators say could have been an organized effort. >> the films and tv shows and bay area stars nominated for golden globe. >> at 4:22, a check of traffic and another traffic jam. 101 in san jose southbound, but it's all backed up. even the carpool lanes. northbound is
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>>. >> >> hollywood award season kicked off with the golden globe nominations. >> natalie brunell has the story from los angeles. >> george -- >> the 2019 golden globe
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nominations are in. starring christian bail who gained 40 pounds to play dick cheney and up for a globe with amy adams and sam rockwell. blockbuster romance picture a star is born clinched five nominations recognizing lady gaga and bradley cooper who also directed the film. >> four of the 10 films up for awards have a mega hit black panther. >> i'm glad we got the nomination. >> female directors were shutout again prompting this on stage jab. >> here are the all male nominees. >> for her role in crazy rich asians would be the first to win her category. she responded saying i am beside
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myself with excitement. i never imagined something like this would happen for me because i have never seen it happen to another asian-american actress before. the ceremony will have an asian host. >> bay area talent is well represented. best supporting actor and competing for rockwell with this is vice. dare know chris is nominated as best actress. "incredibles 2" is nominated for best animated feature. >> could you believe the make up on christian bail? >> unbelievable. >> a top chinese telecommunication executive arrested in canada. tat caused volatility on wall
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. more than 1,000 people packed st. martin's episcopal church for george h. w. bush. james baker and his grandson
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george p. bush delivered eulogies. a special train carried the casket of the former president to texas a&m university. he will be buried beside his wife barbara and were young daughter. from alameda, the coast guard paid tribute with a one gun salute. >> the stock market tumbled with a telecorn giant that triggered concerns over trait with the u.s. and china. more from washington, d.c. >> it was a wild roller coaster ride for the market, but the dow recover and at one point plunged over 700 points with trade worries with the u.s. and china.
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u.s. and global stock markets rattled over an arrest. the chief financial officer, the daughter of the company's founder was taken into custody in canada at the request of the u.s. government. they are not aware of wrong-doing, but u.s. authorities arrested the top executive from one of the largest smart phone maker into whether they violated sanctions laws. they are concerned about using the tech company for spying that they denied. the arrest happened the same day president trump and president xi struck a trait war. >> i think we will make great progress. this is a bigger discussion deal, commitment than anything we had before. >> china is now demanding the release, raising more doubts about a larger trade deal in
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u.s.-chinese relations. following an 800 point drop in the dow dead, the market was down much of thursday because of trade tensions and concerns about economic growth. >> the department of justice is not commenting on the arrest of that top tech executive and she is set to be extradited to face unspecified charges in new york. live here in washington, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a rescue operation is under way off the coast of japan with two military planes. it happened during a training mission with an f-18 fighter jet and a kc 130 tanker. two marines were rescued by the military and one has died. rescue crews are still looking for five more members. >> sometimes they pay the
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greatest cost. >> the mission may have happened in a refueling mission. two marines were on the fighter jet and five were on the tanker. >> an american priest is in custody accused of molesting altar boys, one as young as 7 years old. they arrested 77-year-old kenneth hendrix in a cathedral. the court of ohio issued the warrants for the priest's reafs in charges of elicit foreign conduct. he was living in the philippines for 37 years. authors say he might have sexually abused up to 50 boys. voters in a north carolina congressional district could be headed back to the ballot box because of possible voter fraud. republicans in north carolina said they would support a for t house district if there is enough district that voter fraud determined the winner. investigators are looking into an organizedest to suppress
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voters by collecting ballots and not turning them in. republican mark harris leads dan mccreedy by 900 votes. >> we're need to drive voter fraud out of the state. if republicans committed fraught fraud, they need to be held accountable. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi said they could refuse to seat the winner and call for a new election. >> dozens of college campuses are closed after the parent company lost a freditication and funding. the schools are owned by alabama corporation of america which runs more than 75 campuses across the ud o u.s. including 3 n central california. they operate under a variety of names like virginia college and brightwood. they leave nearly 20,000 students looking for answers. they were enrolled in fields like cosmetology and culinary arts. >> the raiders are moving out of
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oakland and there is a chance you could catch new football. a new lead was announced by nfl stars including terrell owens. >> a dose of nostalgia. we go inside the hello kitty cafe. >> what's this over the skyline? blue sky. you recognize that. i will have the forecast with more of this coming up. >> taking a live look over our traffic on the golden gate bridge. it's moving nicely in both directions at 4:35
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weather here in the negative 20s in china's most northern cities. people are chloeing hot water into the air and it instantly turns into ice crystals. ice fog covered most of the city. the cold snap is supposed to end tomorrow. that's fun. >> abc has a brand called localish. we are sharing places that you may not know about. >> today we go to the wildly popular hello kiddie cafe in san jose. >> there is a lot of nostalgia connectioned to this.
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the no stalg why is probably part of the wow factor. >> the hello kiddie cafe offers yummy treats and hello kitty merchandise. every time we open up, there are so many fans had to that show up. >> hello kiddie fans since forever. >> i'm a big fan since when i was little. >> you are taken away from the world outside and you can stop and just forget all of of this and be happy for that five minutes in here. >> this is exciting. >> these are kind of the signature products at the hello kiddie cafe. this is the birthday cake that is vanilla cake filled with sprinkles and covered with rainbow sprinkles and filled with butter cream as well. one of the more popular items is
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the macaroon set. the rest of them have chocolate bows. >> it's cute and a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> brings joy and happiness. >> totally worth it. ridiculously so. >> i'm in heaven right now. >> this is a birthday cake. >> who is it for? >> me. >> it was fun as little girls. it's that moment when you are young. it makes you feel that way. >> how cute. anybody hungry now? >> yeah. sugar. you can check out the new brand at and also on facebook and instagram. >> sunny skies and overnight lows dip into the 30s. most locations will see highs from upper 50s and just about 60 or 61 around the bay and down into the south bay. looking ahead in the rain
4:41 pm
chances over the next seven days, a lot of 40% chances. 60% on monday. a storm coming in and ranks one on the storm impact scale. here's the seven-day forecast. bright beautiful skies tomorrow and saturday. clouds come on sunday with light showers. partly cloudy on tuesday. mostly sunny on wednesday and thursday. nice weather ahead, i think. >> i agree. >> a long running tv talk show. montel williams is branching out with a different business. montel joins us next with details on what has done for his health. >> 7 on your side, bankrupt
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literally this man needs no introduction. we have all been watching montel williams on tv for many, many years. he has a show to talk about, but i want to start with your health. people don't realize you had a stroke years ago and battled ms for almost 20 years? >> i had a stroke less than six months ago on may 30th of this
4:45 pm
year. i spent almost the entire month of june in the hospital recovering from the stroke. it kills 50% of the people who have it. i am blessed to be sitting here, but a lot of why i am sitting here is i paid close attention to my health. especially when i got diagnosed with ms. now that i had a stroke, i changed it again. >> what are did you change? >> way back when i got diagnosed, i made sure that i exercised and changed my diet. my stroke had my change yet again. i'm on a i was consuming more garbage than i should have been. >> you look lean. you couldn't be losing much more at this point. >> i had a stroke may 30th. i spent the entire month of june in the hospital and went through six months of rehab.
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during that heperiod of time, i lost 20 pounds and i put it back on, but i have to tell you, part of my recovery and the reason why i believe i'm here and this is me, i have been on cbs and thc and marijuana products for 17 years. people don't know that they provide neuroprotection. especially because we have what's are receptors in our brain and organs in our body that are really antagonized. i have been on them every day of my life for the last 17 years. that's part of the reason why my recovery is so profound and miraculous. there not many people who can recover from a stroke the way i have. i'm happy i'm doing multiple programs. >> let's talk about it. a lot of people get confusied n
4:47 pm
with cannabis and medical marijuana. >> my product line was put in the marketplace and everyone was saying can i get some more of that montel. >> now because you had a long history with the products before they came more mainstream. >> absolutely. i have been involved with the marijuana process for the last 17 years, long before it was a green rush or a gold rush, i was involved with the legislation in connecticut, new york, and new jersey and pennsylvania, ohio, california. i went around this country trying to make sure that people understood that there is zero reason why anyone should come between the conversation between a doctor and a patient. i had doctors literally addict me to opioids until another doctor said i'm not writing you more prescriptions. i heard this marijuana stuff
4:48 pm
helps. you ought to dig into it and figure it out. i will never tell anyone i said that to you. that was in 2000. we act like cannabis is something everyone is anticipating being the next gold rush. this has always been about patience. i'm not a face or a box. i am the formulator for the products. i think i know as much as anybody trying to formulate products. we are different. >> i want to touch on your tv show on lifetime. the cause is great. it's called military makeover with montel on lifetime. you are making an impact. >> what are better thing could i do in life, especially at this point than to give back. we have soldiers, air men, marines and coast guardsmen who gave so much to us. people have turned thank you for
4:49 pm
your service into a slogan. i was disgust and angry when i saw a person walk past a troop in uniform and said thanks for your service and they didn't even wait to listen to the answer. it's become a saying. the show is we take deserving veterans and families and we don't give them a handout, but give them a hand up. we give them a place we want to come home to. a spin off show is called military makeover, operation career. we feature companies that hire veterans and the veterans have gotten new jobs. it's great. >> you are doing great work in all lines of work. you look fantastic. >> i can let people know they can go to harvest or bassa or a place called blunts and more and pick up our product in stores now. >> thank you, montel. >> thank you so much.
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>> california will soon become the first state in the nation to require new homes to be solar powered. they voted unanimously to require solar panels on all homes in 2020 and beyond. they estimate the cost of building a single family home will go up around $10,000 and those would be offset by lower utility bills. the final step is 35 meetings and hearings over a 15-month period. >> sears is looking for a holiday mile an hour -- miracle. >> it's really an unexpected offer and why you shouldn't always fill stockings with lottery scratchers. >> sears has nine days left. >> maybe. >> sears may have found a buyer and it's someone very familiar.
4:51 pm
remember this name? he was ceo of seers and offered to buy the retailer in bankruptcy for just over $4.5 billion. creditors may not be keen in selling. some blame him for sears's financial problems. they sold off the store's craftsman brands. his bid is all 500 stores and allows 75% of the current employees to keep their jobs. sears filed for bankruptcy in october. as you just heard, they have until december 15th to find a buyer. have you started your holiday shopping? if your answer is no, don't feel like you are the only one. a survey found that one in four people still have all of their gift shopping to do. nearly half of those had 75% of their gift shopping ahead of them. credit cards are the preferred method of payment, but surprisingly, 2% of consumers
4:52 pm
plan to pay with cryptocurrency. if you are thinking of giving lottery scratchers as stocking stuffers to kids, maybe it's not such a good idea. lottery officials are reminding you that scratchers are not toys. it is illegal for scratchers to be purchased and played by anyone under 18. lottery officials warn the kid who is play with lottery tickets could develop a gambling addiction. they have been criticized for trying to lure young players for putting colorful logos on scratchers. >> we never win. >> that's the sad bottom line. >> thank you, michael. the ridders may be leaving for las vegas, but pro football may not be leaving oakland. a group of stars, terrell o pens and jeff garcia and no word on
4:53 pm
this when this league will begin plague. it will be 10 teams including the oakland panthers. teams will begin in the spring and each will be owned by an alliance of former stars and players on the teams. fans would be able to purchase an ownership stake in teams. the start up leagues have a lot of problems traditionally. >> the debate over a 1940s christmas song keeps going. why a bay area radio station might be bringing back baby it's cold outside over controversy over the lyrics. >> baby, it's dangerous outside. new at 5:00. >> this is very serious and dangerous. >> it crashed the windshield. >> she is talking about a rock thrown at her windshield and she's not the only driver targeted. >> pillows relieving snoring and
4:54 pm
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♪ the beat goes on. yeah! >> you could call it a christmas >>owhe song could now be 's coln making a come back. >> throw that in another set of
4:57 pm
feel good christmas songs, next. >> since our last visit earlier this week, boy has it been busy. >> you came ba y and did an interview and it went viral. >> the station decided during the season of nonstop christmas music to follow in the footsteps of a station in cleveland. >> we're received more complaints than ever. >> in this time of me, too, they liken it to date rain. >> what's in this drink? >> the station was bombarded by national and international attention along with thousands of listeners chiming in. they want the song back. >> we didn't have any idea it would turn into this chaos. >> the argument can be made lots of songs can be banned from the radio. what is it that gets people fired up?
4:58 pm
>> especially with christmas, people like to feel that christmas is timeless. a big part of what makes it so meaningful is that connection to the past, but a lot of people separate the two. snag is traditional does not have to be what we want to do today. >> it sounds like a holiday tradition for you. >> it was, but it's not anymore. >> shortly after it aired, they posted a poll asking listeners to vote on the song. thousands have responded and a whopping 91% of you said bring the song back. >> if the listeners decide they want to hear that song on 96.5, you will hear the song monday morning at 7:30. >> in san francisco -- >> welcome to the best of the holidays. >> abc 7 news. >> all right. live on our facebook page, we want ton what you think. should the song baby it's cold outside be put back on the airwaves here in the bay area.
4:59 pm
>> deion is tooking about it right now. listeners find some songs offensive or annoying on our facebook page. >> angry people everywhere. >> i'm larry beal. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> he died and what the family wants and what police are saying. >> dash cam video captures a rock thrown at the driver's window and what they are asking for everyone who drives on 380. >> we were not even covered 50%. >> out rage in the north bay. it's a cautionary tale for anyone who has to deal with wildfire recovery. >> mud started hitting the windows and you could see smoke. >> there was the sliding. a southwest airlines flight from oakland rolls off the runway in burbank.
5:00 pm
>> the family of a young man in a shootout announced they are suing the department. the day it happened was chaos. >> thank you for joining us. >> the family said they used excessive force. >> abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest on the story. melanie? >> the body-corn camera is disturbing. they don't believe it tells the whole story. police cameras captured the beginning of the march 21st shootout. police were responding to a barbershop on geneva avenue. his relatives said he had


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