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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the family of a young man in a shootout announced they are suing the department. the day it happened was chaos. >> thank you for joining us. >> the family said they used excessive force. >> abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest on the story. melanie? >> the body-corn camera is disturbing. they don't believe it tells the whole story. police cameras captured the beginning of the march 21st shootout. police were responding to a barbershop on geneva avenue. his relatives said he had a gun.
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he fired first and one officer was shot in the leg. well you can see him crawling out of the barbershop. two officers returned 26 rounds. he was shot 18 times. today attorney dan segal filed i lawsuit on behalf of the family. >> the amount of force that was used in the situation was disproportionate to any threat or danger that jihad posed. >> four more people were struck or grazed by gunfire. >> that was somebody who was caring and loving and there was not anybody that didn't love him. >> we feel sorry for the cops and feel sorry for us, too. what happened to our son. >> another relative read a family statement at a town hall, apologizing to police. >> we understand the resulting
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consequences of their actions and stand by the officers who made the decision to use lethal force. >> what an individual chose to do or say are his own initiative is really not relevant to the case. >> the san francisco city attorney's office said the suspect had a gun and shot and injured a police officer and bystanders. the trial will prove the police officers acted lawfully to prevent injury or death to the bystanders in imminent danger. sfpd and the da's office said the investigation is active is ongoing. the lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages the family is seeking. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> we have new details that led to the death of a man in martinez when the deputies tried to detain a man with an outstanding warrant.
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the man shot at the deputy's head and the police shot back and killed the man. an autopsy support states a loaded gun was found along with an expended bullet casing. he reportedly had his finger on the trigger. >>. >> the search continues for whoever is throwing rocks at vehicles in san jose. the latest happened this past weekend on 680. new cases being reported to the chop don't. matt? >> today was not the only time they were driving on 680 in san jose. several reports of rocks being found with the chop. they are hoping to catch the guy before he does it again. the driver has become more dangerous. rocks sit in the center divide, perhaps more evidence that people are threatening the lives
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of people driving through the area. her mom was in the passenger seat of her audi suv as they approached the berriessa road exit. rocks fly out and hit her windshield and hood. >> we didn't know what happened. >> lee thought something had fallen from an airplane until she went home and saw the dash cam video. >> like a white guy in a white shirt throwing two rocks and that's how we got. >> c hrhoch didn't find a suspe. since they posted this video, they received three calls of people reporting they had similar incidents over the past two weeks or so in the same area on 680. >> we need for people to call us
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immediately when this happens. even if you are not sure this is them throwing something. >> we want that person to be arrested. the chop said they were forwarded about similar incidents. they wanted to pick up the phone and want them to give them a call. matt keller, a about, c 7 news. >> 14,000 homes were lost and many will be hit with another dose of bad news, finding out they are underinsured. many lost everything in the north bay wildfires are still dealing with 14 months after the fact. we have the story from napa. >> the problem is we were dramatically underinsured. >> his family lost a home last october, a complete loss he thought was covered by insurance. 14 months later, he is still
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battling with farmer's insurance over how much it will cost to rebuild the 3200 square foot house. >> we are in the hole over $700,000. we were not even covered 50% with the insurance. >> in late 2015, he used farmer's own estimator to come up with a replacement value of $661,000. they sent an appraiser who determined the rebuild would cost $1.3 million. according to those who advocate for policy holders, they are not alone when it am cans to dealing with the insurance companies after a total loss. >> this is a huge problem. >> amy is the executive director of an organization called united policy holders. >> for happens when there is a total loss. that's when people find out that the insurance company did not fully insure them and they
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basically were deceived. >> bedrooms were on this side and living room over here. >> farmer's agreed to kick in another 25%, but well short of the actual rebuild. >> farmer's motto is we prepare people for the unexpected. we got hit by the unexpect and we were totally unprepared for that. >> abc 7 news contacted a spokesman for farmers saying that the company is working with him to resolve his claim n. napa, a brks krrbc 7 news. >> passengers endured a fligh d frightening end to a flight. a system designed to stop run away character possibly prevented a tragedy. miriam hernandez with our sister station in los angeles has more. >> i saw the fire trucks and
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then i saw what looked like the front end breaking on a plane and pavement peeled up in front. >> passengers on flight 278 snapping pictures along the way, getting a first look at where their plane ended up, off the runway. unaware that minutes before, the pilot and tower were making plans for a potential crash. this audio by >> exiting from them. >> en route from oakland to burbank, the rain was heavy. they warned the persons on board a short runway, wet conditions. >> mutt started hitting the windows and you could see smoke and water and i noticed the plane going sideways. then we came to a stop and i noticed we were up against the retaining wall. >> there was the street 10 feet away. >> skid marks are visible on the
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pavement. it was installed in commercial runways for just this scenario. they are operating with one runway. that plane is still entrenched at won way 826 until it is pulled out and the debris cleared off the runway. it will remain closed. abc 7 news. >> treacherous driving conditions let to the closure of i-5 over the grapevine this morning. it left the freeway impassible. traffic was backed up for miles. all leans reopened an hour ago. >> weeks of fires and black raves are hitting beaches in malibu. this is how the color of the specific has literally changed. recent rains washed tons it of ash, auto and debris that flow into the ocean and this is the very strange result. >> okay, you don't hear this
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every day. >> fire. >> what prompted today's 21 cannon salute in alameda. >> who took the goats. a small business takes a big hit in the south bay. >> a teacher cuts a opportunity's hair. what her family is saying about her arrest. >> beautiful, bright skies from our santa cruz cameras. how long the sunny screak is going to last before showers show up. the weekend preview is coming up. >> and do specialty pillows
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former president george h. w. bush is at risk alongside his wife in had the presidential library in texas. it began with the funeral. a 21-cannon salute honored the
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late president. live in the newsroom with more on today's events. >> i have to say it was a very moving ceremony in houston attended by close friends and relatives. even here in the bay area, we had a military moment in alameda in honor of the late president. ♪ for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory ♪ >> country singer reba mcintyre delivered a musical tribute to former president george bush while hundreds attended his services at st. martin's episcopal church. james baker talked about mr. bush, the world leader. >> for millions and millions across the globe, the world became a better place because george bush occupied the white house. >> his oldest grandson said the
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former president was a family man. he read part of a letter that was written by his grandfather. >> i think of you all an awful lot. i wonder how each of you is doing in school and in life. if you need me, i'm here for you because i love you very much. >> his coffin was put on a train that traveled 70 miles where he was buried next to the presidential library. here in the bay area, a 21 cannon salute was performed at coast guard island in alameda. like the former president of oakland served in the military. >> i have been around salutes like this before, but nothing to honor a person such as george bush. >> a 21-gun salute is always fired at noon on the day of a funeral of a president. >> a lovely tradition. all of the shots were in blank rounds fired in one-minute
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intervals. residents were alerted in advance. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> very powerful. thanks very much. >> a central california high school chemistry teacher forcibly gave her students haircuts. the teacher suffered a mental break down in class. from our sister station in fresno, weer the story. >> for became no laughing matter inside margaret's chemistry class at university preparatory high school. she had declared it haircut day. ♪ what so proudly we hail! >> she starts to loudly sing the star spangled banner and chop off pieces of one student's hair. he looks uncomfortable and breaks away in which she grabs a
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female student and grabs her hair. students scrambled to get out of the classroom. after speaking with students, police arrested her at her home. >> trying to figure out myself. >> her husband said what happened was shocking. oust character for his wife. >> it's not her. not who she is. i don't know what's going on with her. i don't have any clues. >> the tulare county officers said we move decisivelyyy questions of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct are brought to the attention of the department. she has been here since august and will not return to her classroom. abc 7 news. >> ibuprofen made for babies is under recall.
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ibuprofen concentrated under suspension. the higher concentration could cause nausea and it was sold at cvs and wal-mart. >> now to consumer news about pillows. they thinks have change and there are a lot of specialty ones out there. >> michael is here to help sort us through all of that. >> a pillow has one basic job. just one. that's to keep your head and neck aligned while you sleep. so much choices with memory foam are filling store shelves. how do you know which is right for you in i have tips. >> these are consumer report staffers that cla time support your head, neck, shoulders and upper shefchest.chest.
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including anti-snore, cervical and wedge shaped. the results from what they found, you need to almost sleep on it. >> so many people look for a pillow that feels right, but a squeeze can only tell you so much. you need to lay on it before your neck tinks into the pillow. >> everyone's body is different and there is no one size fits all. cervical pillows claim to alleviate neck pain. >> a cervical pillow can alleviate pain, but if it's too high or too low, it can affect the way your neck is laying on it. >> another mistake is overcorrecting what's wrong with her current pillow. >> they might look for one that is a lot fuller and firmer. they will sleep on too many pillows that can upset the natural curve of your neck. we recommend you find a pillow
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that fits your sleep position. >> if you are a back sleeper, a wedge may be an option. >> if you have snoring or sinus issues, it might relieve that pressure. >> side sleepes have more options, but make sure your pillow is properly supporting you. >> four inches is the best way to maintain. >> to keep your head at the proper angle. >> i have changed so many times. >> i never have. >> when i hit the pillow, i'm out. take a look at live doppler 7.
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we have clouds along the coast and it is absolutely beautiful. remember the storm that brought us the rain. look at what it's doing in southern california. they have seen high elevation snow and the grapevine with some parts closed down. rainfall totals in the area. los angeles downtown almost two inches of rain. parts of two to three inches of rain. they have been seeing problems with the mud lieds in the area. they are pounding southern california. if you are wondering about the next rain chances, when might you see them? we have a level one system coming your way. don't expect much out of it. at least it's a possibility of seeing wet weather. take a look at the temperature change. it's milder and most of you in the low to mid 60s, up 5 degrees in san francisco.
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it is a beautiful view with a serene scene. and san francisco is 54 right now. look at the picture. you are looking out towards the islands and it's in napa. you have 56 degrees and in livermore. if you went outside and saw the sun, you may have been wondering what is this blue sky. you haven't seen much of it. i want to show you a calendar. the blues are indicating blue sky. the grays are smokey or cloudy days and we were impacted by the fires. many days with smokey conditions and the greens indicating the rainy conditions. we need the rain and we can take anything we can get. we have only seen four bright blue sky days am we will see more of that tomorrow. a live look from the camera looking forwards ocean beach. here's a look at the beach
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hazard statement. in case you are head together beach, watch out. wave heights are to nine feet. through tomorrow morning, best northwesterly swell with breakers up to 17 to 20 feet. they are certainly possible. here's a lovely view as we look at the mix of sun and clouds. patchy fog through sunday morning. the next storm gets here sunday night. the chill in the area 30s and 40s. highs in the 50s and 60s and a mix of sun and clouds and a level one system comes in. less than a quarter of an inch. not expecting much out of this. it's going to be well to the north at 4:00 to 5:00. sunday night to monday morning, showers and not a widespread rain event, but showers here and snow in the mountains. we will take it at this point. a quarter of an inch or less for the rainfall totals and a look at the accu-weather seven-day
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forecast. sunday night into monday and we are going back to dry and near average temperatures tuesday through thursday of next week. dan and kristin? >> thanks. we know they can climb. now connectionos's new super power.
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a morgan hill landscaper is searching for up to 60 goats. someone broke into the farm near richmond avenue near the 21st and 23rd. they loaded up the trailer and drove away with them. a watering system was also damaged. the goats are used to munch through vegetation that needs to be clear. geckos are fascinating creatures and scientists are starting to pull in the super hero abilities. researchers dove into the feats of the gecko, specifically how
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the creatures appear to walk on water. geckos use surface tension to generate enough force to hold itself on top. cal researchers say this allows geckos to skitter through the surface of the water and walk up walls, hang from ceilings and move faster than most recorded surface swimmers. i see a marvel super hero movie with your friendly gecko. >> it is out with the old and in with the new. ultraviolet was the official color of the year. now the color institute announced the next trendy shade ahead of 2019. ready? living coral. you can see it in sea reeves and suns sunsets. they describe living coral as orange with gold under tones and the warm welcome. they specifically looked for a color with what they called humanizing qualities because so much of what is online is
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dehumanizing. >> i feel more human already looking at that color. call it the healing power of a pack back. >> we want to thank vicki for this picture from the bay. share your pictures using a
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get covered today. coming up on the news at 6:00, the resignation of the senior 88 fro him to leave last night. >> this can happen to anyone. day you have money for rent and the next you don't. >> a new report on the surprising number of homeless students at san jose state. no c srsu campus has more. we are working on building a better bay area. finding out what we all can do to make commuting better for everyone. all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> finally tonight, plenty of kids head off to school with
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stuffed backpacks and rarely do they make the difference these 2. >> a marin county nonprofit launched a program to provide foster children with packs filled with essentials like toys, toothpaste s >> they keep it for central emergency packs. organizers say kids often arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. >> in case they need to run out to target to get something. the teddy bears and the teenage bags which i'm sure they don't appreciate. it's our gesture to say they can have something to smuggle. >> they are runned by votears. >> we have links at abc 7 >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in a half hour.
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tonight, the terrifying jet landing, as a major storm sweeps across the country. the jet skidding off the runway as it lands in a downpour, appearing to hydroplane. what stopped the plane, and the evacuation that followed. that same storm system dumping snow, freezing rain. roads and highways at a standstill. it's now moving east. airlines already offering waivers tonight. ginger zee is standing by with the new track. the desperate search at this hour in the air and in the water for five missing u.s. marines after a collision in the air. martha raddatz has the latest for us. gm's ceo facing outrage on capitol hill after taxpayers bailed out the auto giant, and the corporate tax cuts pushed by president trump. is there any way now to save those u.s. jobs? we ask her. the rescue on the highway. the driver who collided with a big rig.


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