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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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but we're going to narrow it down 250789. >> here is a live look at cars approaching the bay bridge in san francisco. and it is slow going. yesterday, traffic here was a nightmare because of a crash on the bridge. >> that crash happened around noon and blocked three east bound lanes for hours, which turned into gridlock throughout the evening. tonight we wanted to find out how one single incident could trigger such a mess for so many people. >> we sent leslie brinkley to get some answers, and she's live. what have you found out? >> reporter: well, first of all, traffic is at least moving here when the light changes behind me at 1st and harrison, a far cry of what it was like last night. last night, i was told that they did convert 25 parking officers into traffic flow officers to
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manually run the stop lights at various intersections around the city. but ask anyone caught in that mess last night, and they'll tell you it didn't seem to help. it was a commute of epic proportions. and it all started when a jackknifed truck blocked three lanes on the east bay bridge for three hours. drivers said it was taking two hours to get on the bridge. 60% of the congestion in the bay area is due to accidents like this one. we consulted with this cal professor who heads up transportation stud yis. so to avoid a nightmare scenario like yesterday, what could the city do, change the light flows, add more officers? >> so this is not a city problem, it's not a freeway problem. it's really a problem of the network, and so each component can do a little better. you could have improved traffic
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flow by changing signal light timing. but before you hit the road, look at traffic, and if it's too bad, try another mode. >> reporter: they acknowledge that's easier said than done. the timing of that accident made it especially bad in the afternoon. why? >> there's a collision that occurred during the morning, people can make a decision whether or not they should leave their cars at home, take b.a.r.t. or some other form of communication, but in the afternoon, people have already driven in, so what do you do with your scar? >> reporter: and the traffic could get worse as they add up to 24,000 new commuters over the next 17 years. there's new technology in the works. if you are in a self-driving car, that technology could take over your ride and make you stop and go at different intervals to improve the traffic flow.
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that's part of a master plan. in the meantime, what can you do to help? basically, don't leave where you are and drive into it. stay late at work, grab dinner, whatever you can do, unless you have a plane to catch. in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." >> okay. thanks, leslie. here's a live look at traffic around the bay area right now. a lot of folks didn't take leslie's advice. we used the "abc7 news" app to send out alerts when there are major backups. we sent out several yesterday. you can customize the app so that you can get notified when something happens that will affect you where you live. now let's get to the second topic, homelessness. for this, we're going to focus on the south bay. san jose state reports the highest percentage of students experiencing homelessness of any school in the cfu system. this highlight where is the
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highest incidents have been reported, clustered around urban areas. chris nguyen explains what students want the school to do to help. >> reporter: he's a young man on a mission. he hopes to be the first in his family to graduate from college. >> it's hard to climb up the economic ladder when you're already at the bottom. >> reporter: he's homeless, and for a while, he was sleeping at the school library. >> i would try to keep a brave face for my mom and friends around me. but i couldn't focus on anything. >> reporter: according to a report issued by the csu, officials believe nearly 11% of students here are homeless or have experienced some form of homelessness during their college careers. but sjs has more than 4300 homeless students. the student housing alliance is calling on the university to better communicate student
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resources when it comes to food and housing security. and they want 12 to 15 parking spaces for students to use overnight. school administrators say they're working to address off campus housing solutions, and plan to open a permanent food pantry. >> we have to sit down together and figure out what moving forward looks like in a viable and sustainable way. that may include some of the things that the students have recommended. >> reporter: the help can't come soon enough for students like bahadi. a temporary solution as he seeks a little more stability. >> there is no quitting. it's either this or we fall through the cracks. and nobody here who comes from my background is going to settle for that. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." there are a lot of ways we can mke things better. so what are your ideas? we want to see and hear them.
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add the #betterbayarea. stay with us. at 6:30, we'll dig deeply into california's recycling crisis and make sure you know your local rules so you can help build a better bay area. a senior aide to senator kamala harris resigned last night. >> here are new details after contacting the woman and her attorney. >> reporter: the case did settle last year. and today, i contacted the plaintiff, danielle hartley, in southern california, where she's starting a new life. she didn't want to speak on camera, but she's glad to get this mind her. >> these agents were specialized in what they do. >> reporter: larry wallace spent 14 years working for kamala harris. as her director of law enforcement when she was attorney general, and as her senior adviser when she became a u.s. senator. i went to sacramento today to
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speak with the attorney who filed a lawsuit against wallace on behalf of danielle hartley. >> ms. harris was the attorney general when a lot of the actions taken against my client. >> reporter: the lawsuit says hartley asked wallace to move his printer from the floor so she would not have to bend down on her knees under the desk in her dresses and skirts, but wallace refused. he asked her to chase the paper or ink daily, many tiles while he was sitting at the desk. she said that was just the beginning. >> after she complained, she was subjected to an internal affairs investigation that, in my minds was frivolous, as well as being demoted in other things like at. >> reporter: the lawsuit says wallace made her book flights for his children, wash his car and perform maintenance. when she returned to the office, co-workers would make hostile comments to her, including are you walking the walk of shame? the california department of justice denied each allegation
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in response to the lawsuit, and paid hartley $400,000 as part of a may 14 settlement. it only came to light after the first amendment coalition filed a public records request. >> we were able to access an important public document. >> reporter: glenn smith tells me the justice department demanded a nondisclosure clause. hartley would not be able to discuss the amount of the settlement or contact the media. >> especially in the me too environment, sweeping these things under the rug, so to speak, i think allows the problem to fester. >> reporter: senator harris declined to be interviewed for this report, but her spokesperson e-mailed me that she was never made aware of ms. hartley's complaints. he offered his resignation and she accepted it. the case settled aftricter kamaa
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harris became a senator. by the way, i called larry wallace for comment and didn't hear back. >> maybe you will. we'll see. a man's family filed a civil lawsuit against san francisco police, alleging excessive for the. police shot and killed 21-year-old in march during an incident at a barbershop. the department says he was armed and fired at officers. melanie woodrow is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: we want to warn viewers that body camera video of the shootout is disturbing. still, eads' family says they do not believe it tells the story. >> believed in me. >> he was taken too soon. >> reporter: a much different image than this one.
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[ gunfire ] police cameras captured the beginning of the march 21st shootout. police were responding to a barbershop on geneva avenue looking for a man whose relatives said he had a gun. police say he fired first. one officer was shot in the leg. you can see him crawling out of the barbershop. police say ead fired nine rounds. he was shot 18 times. today, attorney dan siegel filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of the family. >> amount of force that was used in this situation was completely disproportionate to any threat or danger that he posed. >> reporter: four more people in the barbershop were grazed by gunfire. the san francisco city's attorney said the suspect shot a
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police officer. the trial will prove that the san francisco police officers who entered the scene acted lawfully to prevent further injury or death to the bystanders. they say the investigation is active and ongoing. the lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages that the family is seeking. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." a roller coaster ride on the stock market. it continues. >> what should you do with your money? next, expert advice in a live interview with a morgan stanley adviser. skunny skies (music throughout)
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the market managed to recover from an early plunge during the trading day. about 800 points at one point, which threatened to wipe out all of the gains made this year. the dow closed under 25,000. the nasdaq added 30 points today and the s&p was down four. but it looked a little scary first thing this morning. to add some perspective, let's bring in a financial adviser, senior portfolio adviser with wh morgan stanley. a little unserv worried about their 401(k)s watching this market. the last time it did this was 2008 when it plugged. before that hand, i remember it
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going up and down like this. what do you think is going on? >> i think it's good to keep some perspective, dan, because if we look at the last several decades, volatility is part of -- it's normal. on average, the market goes down about 13.8% per year from the high. so it's happening every year, and it's consistently happening. however, most of the time the market ends up positive. what we tell our clients is to think about how much of a time frame do you have? are you investing for the long-term, or if you need the money in the next year or two, you should not be in the market. >> if you're investing for the long-term, you just ride it out. but what if i'm retiring next year, this is a problem. so you're saying those people may not want to be in the market at this moment? >> if you're retiring next year, retirement people are living longer these days, so they'll have 30 years or perhaps 40, 50 years ahead of them.
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so they don't necessarily need to be out of the stock market, because they need their money to grow. however, if you need the money for -- because you're going to buy a house, and you need to have cash, you have no business being in the market. >> at this time. >> at this time. >> that's not easy to say, to not be in the market. >> if you have a short-term horizon, it's easy to advise to be in cash. if you need the money in the yex year or two. but if you need it for retirement, you need to go through the volatility. >> the average investor, is there anything we should be doing now before the end of the year or into the new year, what decisions o moves should we be making? >> i think it's always great to talk to your financial adviser and really make sure that you have a financial plan, because i think your financial plan will keep you focused. so that you don't make any kind of decisions that can have an
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effect -- >> but there's no move that you would recommend at this moment for most people to look at other than consult your adviser. anything that you should be doing? >> in december, if there are some losses and you had some gains and you want to offset them, you can do that. but look at your financial plan and stay focused on the long run. >> the economy is healthy, but is the market overheated in are we in for a serious correction? >> that's a good question. if we look at the valuations of companies, the forward ratio of the s&p 500, it's currently around 15.7. the average is around 16.1 times forward pe ratio for the s&p 500. so we're a little bit -- slightly below average. and then in 2000, where companies were overvalued, that number was at 24. >> so five seconds, do you think we're in for a big correction or not? >> we're in for volatility but
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not a recession. >> thanks so much. good advice. ama? >> thank you. let's get a check on the weather, because we have some really nice sunshine today. spencer, let's find out how long it will stick around. >> it was a blue sky day. the weather department put together a calendar to show how many blue skies we've had over the last 31 days. we've had only 4 blue sky days in the last 31 days, but we have a couple more coming our way. right now, live doppler 7. clear skies across the bay area, with just a few thin, high clouds passing over. a nice clear view here looking towards san francisco right now. 58 degrees here in the city. 55 in oakland. we've got mid to upper 50s at mountain view. 53 in morgan hill. here's a view from our abc 7 ex-moratorium camera.
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it is 53 in santa rosa. 49 at napa. 46 in vacaville. and one more live view at the sky over san jose, we see some thin clouds there, but generally a right sky. we'll see chilly conditions, with some patchy fog, dry pattern through sunday morning, but we have rain coming in sunday night into monday morning. a ho wave heights are elevated, and there's a possibility of dangerous sneaker waves in effect through tomorrow morning. overnight conditions, mainly clear skies, chilly in the north bay will lows drop to the mid 30s. and tomorrow, look for highs of 58 at half moon bay. 60 in oakland, and fremont, down south 61. san jose, 62 and morgan hill. and on we go to rain chances over the next seven days. about a 40% chance on sunday, 60% chance on monday.
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so let's take a look at our storm impact scale. the approaching system ranks one. expected to produce scattered light showers. here's our forecast animation, starting noon on sunday. we'll see rain developing up north of ukiah, later in the day, we'll see the rain sweeping southward. still mainly a north bay event. even going into the commute monday morning, we'll see rain mainly in the north bay. some light showers will push south and just east of the golden gate. and then we'll see the storm winding down to just nothing by early monday'veing. as i said, rainfall totals rather light. here's if accuweather seven-day forecast. we have some sunny and relatively mild days coming our way tomorrow, saturday, and early sunday. sunny skies with highs in the low 60s inland. and near the bay. upper 50s around the coast. light storm sunday night and
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monday. and then we can see clear skies again by midweek next week. i want to thank the contra costa christian school for inviting me to talk to the students today and weather. in fact, i learned a lot there them. >> thank you, spencer. a whistle blow herb accuses san francisco's
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a federal lawsuit has been filed against san francisco district attorney claiming retaliation for whistle blowing. the plaintiff says several were terminated because they believe he committed felonies. >> reporter: this is a lawsuit filed by henry mckenzie. he claims he was wrongfully terminated by the d.a.'s office in october 2017 after taking part in a union meeting to discuss concerns about their boss. the suit says, defendant george gascone had traveled by plane while carrying a firearm, in violation of federal law. pea the suit alleges he's not a peace as d.a. and did not need to be armed. after the union met to discuss this, and after whistleblower sent a letter to the tsa,
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mckenlzy was fired. the suit claims the defendants went further, sullying plaintiff's reputation by accusing him of having brady issues to destroy his career, meaning mckenzie would be labeled a liar. the d.a.'s term expires next year. he has chosen not to run again. the tsa is also not commenting whether it is investigating him. mckenlz ckenzie wants his job bh dans for emotional distress. target is going to pay $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit for disposing of items that violate rules. target dumped electronics, batteries, cfl bulbs and medical wastes into land fills. this is the second settlement in ten years for target over this same issue. the port of oakland
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announced it's seen a year over year increase in recyclable paper exports this year. most of the exports went to asia where the paper turned into packaging. shipments to china dropped by more than a third but have risen substantially this other countries. all this week we're focused on california's recycling crisis. >> next, find out why plastic items you toss in the recycling
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>> >> live where you live, this is "abc7 news." "abc7 news" is committed to building a better bay area. so we're looking at issues that effect our quality of life. >> for years, we've been praying -- trying to recycle, but plastic pollution is getting worse and the recycling market is in crisis. so what do we do? recycling plastic can be confusing. a lot is marked with the chasing arrow, so it looks like you can dump it in the bin. but that's not always true. sometimes even the pros are
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stumped. >> got a chasing arrow number seven. so you might think it's recyclable. it's got a chasing arrow. but number seven is other plastic. i couldn't tell you what this is or what to do with it. >> reporter: martin bourque runs a bay area business that picks up your recycling and sort it out and try to find people who will buy the material to make it into something else. finding buyers for some types is especially tough. a lot of it used to go to china. earlier this year, china cut off the market. at the same time, the production of plastic is soaring. this shows the massive increase over the past six decades. that's spending $14 million to upgrade to a new state of the art sorter. and it still won't be enough. >> there's more that be a thousand types of plastic that have been manufactured in the last 50 years. it's too much. no one can recycle all that.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: some plastics do have ready markets, especially water and juice bottles labeled number one. >> it's typically made into tiber fill, clothing, fleece, carpet. >> reporter: number two bottles, like the ones for milk and deter jenlts, have a solid market, but the rest, not so much. >> the takeout food containers, the disposable cup, that we're having much more difficulty processing and selling. >> reporter: even though it's hard to find buyers, most still do accept those items because their contracts require it. they're bundled into massive bails of mixed plastic. right now the e kcology center paying 75 cements a ton t proce california. >> about 60% is being recycled, 40% is going to land fill right now. >> we're in a crisis here in california. >> reporter: mark murray is with
6:32 pm
californiaenins against waste. >> by perceiving that we could put all of this stuff into the curb side recycling bin, we're continuing to go and buy all of this stuff. and we are giving the manufacturers a treat ride. they have no responsibility for the environmental impacts of the products and packages. >> reporter: we reached out to the american chemistry council. the council would not do an interview but referred us to the recycling partnership that's a nonprofit funded by some of the world's largest manufacturers and brands that use plastic. the partnership spent millions working to improve recycling around the country. >> what we are as a voluntary producer, we don't have laws, but these companies recognize the responsibility of the materials they're producing. >> reporter: that's a start. but manufacturers need to do a
6:33 pm
lot more to make products that are biodegradable and to pay for problems created by so much plastic in the environment. the council urges all of us to think before we buy. >> vote with your dollars. buy from companies that don't use plastic, if you can avoid it. and that reduce their packaging. >> reporter: heidi is talking about things like this. a wool blanket shipped in a box so large, that it has to be packed with plastic packing material. >> get online, tell that company, i don't want this overpackaged. i will not buy from you again if you continue to overpackage. >> you can help build a better baby following your recyclers rules. go to share your thoughts, comments and why woulds on line. just add the #better bay area to
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your posts on social media. the chp is looking for a person wanted for throwing rocks on 680 in san jose. dash cam video shows the moments when two rocks crashed down on an suv with a woman and her mother inside. matt keller tells us how the video prompted more people to come forward to investigators. >> reporter: san jose resident lee dang showed us the damage to her vehicle. this is dash cam video from sunday afternoon. watch as two rocks crash on to her car as she was close exiting northound 680. she didn't know what happened, until she went home and looked at the video. >> there's a very quick portion of the video where you can see an individual down on that embankment, just creek. >> we want that person to be arrested. >> reporter: lee's woman was in the passenger state. lee posted the video on social
6:35 pm
media to warn others about what happened to her. >> what do you think about someone doing something like that? >> that's crazy. that's unforgivable. that could kill something. >> reporter: the chp has received three calls from people s several people reporting similar ijs dent inciden incidents. holes have been cut into a fence, creating easy access to the side of 680. caltrans was out there today, cutting back overgrown brush and trees. >> so it's very serious, it's very dangerous. >> reporter: the chp says if something like this happens to you, don't wait to call them. they want to start their investigation as soon as possible. matt keller, "abc7 news." survivors of last year's north bay wildfires are fighting another battle against insurance companies. >> next, we'll introduce you to
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as of today, all evacuation orders from paradise have been lifted nearly a month after the start of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. the wildfire killed 85 people, ten others are still considered missing. and with about 14,000 homes lost to the camp fire, there's an issue many more people will be dealing with, talking about being underinsured when it comes to trying to rebuild the home they lost. >> it's a problem many who lost everything in last month's fires are still dealing with 14 months later. laura anthony has more now from napa. >> reporter: the coverage was based on using their tools, the farmer tools. >> like thousands of others, bob and his family lost a home in the north bay fires last october, a complete loss he thought was covered by his insurance. but 14 months later, he's still battling with farmers insurance over how much it will cost to rebuild the 3200 square foot
6:40 pm
house. >> we're in the hole of $700,000. we're not even covered 50%. >> reporter: he used farmer's own estimator tool to come up with a replacement value of $661,000. after the fire, he sent an appraiser to the property who determined the rebuild would cost more than $1.3 million. according to those who advocate for policy holders, bob and his family are not alone when it comes to dealing with their insurance companies after a total loss. >> don't deceive us, don't let us think we are insured to value and we find out in our darkest time that we'rete>> amy is the executive director of a san francisco organization called united policy holders. >> it sounds like this homeowner has some very good evidence on his side that he did everything right, and that farmers needs to make good on their promises to him. >> bedrooms were on this side. living room was over here.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: he says farmers has agreed to kick in another 25% above the policy limit. but still well short of the actual rebuild cost. >> farmers' motto is that we prepare people for the unexpected. well, we got hit by the unexpected and totally unprepared for that. >> reporter: "abc7 news" contacted a spokesman who said the company is working with him to resolve his claim. laura anthony, "abc7 news." we have a few days of dry weather ahead of us, and then another storm arrives. >> see the timing in spencer's seven-day forecast, next.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. just an hour ago, jerry brown took part in his last capitol christmas tree highing as governor. this year's tree is a 65-foot tall white fir.
6:45 pm
the tree has 10,000 l.e.d. lights and 900 ornaments made by people with developmental disabilities. festive indeed. and gavin newsom's wife is taking a more inclusive approach to her title. instead of being the first lady, she has taken the title first partner. it's a political first. she runs a nonprofit group whose mission is to fight gender stereotypes. this title is gender neutral and more inclusive she believes. call it a christmas conundrum, to play "baby it's cold outside." >> since our story monday, a local station that took it off the air, the feedback has been fast and furious. >> dion lim tells us how the song could be making a comeback. >> reporter: earlier this week, i reached out to 96.5 asking if they were still playing "baby it's cold outside." >> if we would have never told
6:46 pm
everyone at abc 7 that this -- that we had removed the song from the play list, we would not be sitting here talking again today. >> reporter: ever since it's been a firestorm of comments and discussion, some likening the lyrics to date rape. ♪ say, what's in this drink ♪ >> we didn't have any idea it would turn into this chaos. >> reporter: the station was bombarded by attention. along with thousands chiming in, they want it back. what is it about holiday music that gets people so fired up? >> especially with christmas, people like to feel that christmas is timeless. a big part of what makes tradition so meaningful to people is that connection to the past. but a lot of people separate those two. something that's traditional does not have to be what we want to do today. >> reporter: but it sounds like
6:47 pm
a holiday tradition for you. >> not anymore. >> reporter: shortly after our story aired, 96.5 posted a poll asking listeners to vote on the song. so far, thousands have responded, and a whopping 91% of you say bring the song back. >> if the listeners decide they want to hear that song on our station, you're going to hear the song monday morgue at 7:30. >> reporter: in san francisco -- >> welcome here in the best of the holidays. >> reporter: dion lim, "abc7 news." and we have linked that poll to our website, so just look for the story on >> one last time, we want to update the weather forecast. >> spencer in >> please, let's not do a viewer poll on the forecast. here's a live look, clear skies following a sunny day. chilly conditions overnight, especially in the north bay valleys, where lows drop into the mid 30s. 40s closer to the bay and the coast. and then tomorrow, another sunny day, much like today, lots of
6:48 pm
blue sky, in the upper 50s to just over 60 degrees. but on sunday night, we have our next storm coming in. it will rank one on the storm impact scale. so a storm of light intensity, producing scattered light showers into monday. we expect less than a quarter of an inch for most location, and breezy at times. here's a forecast animation starting at noon sunday. you'll see the rain enveloping in northern mendocino county. we'll see rain covering much of the north bay, until about midday or mid morning on monday. then showers pushing into the east bay and the south bay before they dissipate. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies tomorrow, pleasant weather for a couple of days. you may find the rain pleasant, as well. light rain sunday and monday, and more dry days tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> thanks, spencer. >> a reminder tonight that the college sports is big business.
6:49 pm
>> larry beil is here. >> this is a nice raise. the price of success just went up in berkeley. a new deal for cal coach justin wilcox. he just became the highest paid coach in school history.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
now sports with larry beil. good evening. this will be the fourth straight year the 49ers will have lost at least ten games. the 2-10 niners host the broncos on sunday. with four games left, you could argue losing is better than winning, because more losses means a higher draft pick. that's what we're going for at this point. but the players are fighting for jobs and contracts. they want to win. niners will get marquis goodwin back this sunday. he's been out dealing with personal issues. you saw pettis there on the touchdown. ninis crushed in seattle, 43-16 last week, lost in that demolition was the fact that nick mullins threw for 414 yards. >> i don't know, i guess i didn't realize it. and then at that point, it's not what matters. we lost, we didn't score touchdowns. and so there's a lot of things running through your head.
6:53 pm
that was the biggest thing that was on my heart at that point. i wish we could have scored more points. obviously get the fumble call, which we know how we feel about that. and i think we had the ball twice in the red zone and didn't come up, interception, which sucks. so there's some different things where you wish you could have capitalized. scary situation for quarterback alex smith, now dealing with a serious infection following surgery on his leg for a compound fracture last month. the 34-year-old quarterback was the niners first pick in the 2005 draft. he's been hospitalized since november 19th. there is a fear that that leg infect00 could put his nfl career in jeopardy. in two years, justin wilcox has shown he's one of the best young coaches in the country. cal recognizes that, and to ensure he stays in berkeley, they gave him a contract extension and a very nice raise. he was the lowest paid coach
6:54 pm
this the pac 12 when he arrived, at just under $2 million a year. this averages out to $3.25 million a year, making him the highest paid coach in school history. and raises for assistants on the staff. he's brought his defensive expertise to berkeley. the bears are third in the pac 12 in total defense. cal went 7-5 this year and they'll be going to the cheese it bowl in arizona. that is a real game. kyler murray one of the finalest for the heisman, beating out alabama's tua. murray is an electrifying friend of speed and passing accuracy. and he's a baseball player, as well. he was drafted in the first round to play outfield for the a's. and despite comments that he might be interested in a pro football career, he will honor his commitment and will play for the a's. oregon head coach and
6:55 pm
michigan state's marc dak in town. new year's eve at noon, this game a matchup between the big 10 and pac 12. both teams appreciate the opportunity to play in a big-time venue. >> our guys are super excited about it. i can't emphasize that enough. any time you walk into a venue of that magnitude, it hits you and hits you hard and brings out the best in you and we expect that to happen. >> being part of san francisco bay area and playing in the stadium, you know, it lines up for us. so we're very excited about it. a quality opponent, national brand. a lot of spartans out here. you can bet the mace place is g to be green. >> as vince mcmahon said years ago, this is the sfl.
6:56 pm
eight teams have been announced for the reboot. the new xfl hopes to expand in following years. the first season will take place after the super bowl in 2020. they promise faster games, and harder hitting. because everybody knows the nfl is pretty soft at this point, right? those guys are killing each other every week. harding hitting, dan, we need it harding hitting. later tonight, the longest run in nfl history. 99 yards, happened in a game tonight. join us tonight at 9:00, cable channel 713. coming up, thousands are evacuated in southern california as heavy debris flows wash through burn areas. and at 11:00, women and children are getting kicked out of their homes rig now s right bay area. how this highlights a growing crisis. coming up at k, "a charlie brown christmas," and stay with
6:57 pm
us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> 11:35, it's "jimmy kimmel live." >> that is this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on the "abc7 news" app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. tanks for joining us. so we don't want you to pay yone cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a retired technical editor from houston, texas... an anesthesiologist from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion-- a retired police officer from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... whose 3-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, folks, if you've been with us all of this week, you have come to appreciate,
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as we all have here at "jeopardy!", the performance of our champion, dave. $80,000-plus in 3 days. samir, pat, you've got your work cut out for you if you want to replace him as champion, but good luck. here we go. ♪ now the categories. first off... what do i need? dave, start us. word & phrase histories, $400, please. samir. - what is the mouth? - mouth is right. i'll take word & phrase histories for $600. answer there--the... all right. [ applause ] [ clears throat ] you've just earned $400, but you can risk $1,000.


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