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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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where you want to spend your free time. >> it is every and that's why we're focused on finding solutions as part of our commitment to building a better bay area, and tonight we will look at the strategies this region's biggest three cities are using. >> look at the sense lus homeless number from san francisco, oakland and san jose. san francisco has the tiest total, the city with the biggest percentage of unsheltered people is in san jose. >> the solution may be tiny, as in tiny homes. the city unveiled a prototype just hours ago. >> "abc 7 news" reporter amanda del castillo takes us inside. >> reporter: san jose's huge homelessness problem is being met with a tiny solution. the city unveiled this 80-square-foot-home, a prototype for the tiny homes that would make up a bridge. unlike the shed village, each bhc cabin would come equipped with a privacy lock, electrical heater, a light and other
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amenities. >> they're insulated. they're suitable for people to actually live in. >> reporter: living in at least temporarily. communities across the country are building unconventional housing for the homeless and have for years. of course, the goal of these tiny homes is to get people out of homelessness and into permanent housing. 2017 homeless census and survey found more than 3,200 homeless people in san jose do not have shelter. if everything goes as planned, there should be 80 tiny homes built between two sites by summer. >> what happens is people go into these types of facilities and then they cycle back out into homelessness. for us, that would not be considered success. >> reporter: instead, the housing department hopes to serve 320 people with 240 moving into permanent housing by 2022. habitat for humanity will develop the bridge housing communities and once complete home first will operate it. >> i think we will show everyone rle can do it right. ghout the >> reporter: city council will vote on the proposed bhc pilot
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on tuesday, december 18th. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, "abc 7 news." all right. i want to spend a few moments talking about how some of the other cities in the bay area are tackling this issue of homelessness. in the past year oakland has built three tough-shed villages designed to help homeless people get off the streets within six months. each 10 x 12 shed houses two people and there are 20 sheds in a village. oakland said 63% of participants who left the program moved on to transitional or permanent housing. oakland plans to spend more than $8 million to double the number of villages. the existing ones are located at peralta park, on 27th street and on 6th street. the new ones will be on 5th street under 880, on mandela parkway under the mccarthy maze and on international boulevard near fruitvale avenue. in san francisco, voters in the last election app tax to
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raise $300 million a year from the city's largest companies to fund homeless services. the city today told "abc 7 news" the funds will likely be collected starting in january but they won't be distributed until legal matters are resolved. needed a simple majority to pass or two-thirds vote. 61% of san francisco voted in favor of it. building a better bay area is all about improving where we live. the mayor of san francisco wants to do something about the vacant store fronts in neighborhoods across the city. london breed supports relaxing some of the rules and regulations that have kept small businesses from expanding or moving in. "abc 7 news" reporter lyanne melendez is live from the excelsior district to explain what it might look like. lyanne. >> reporter: well, you know, there are so many other things that businesses can do, but, of course, they are limited based on, of course, their permits. now, what city hall is saying, they're saying, let's be a little bit more flexible.
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when the city found out that the owner of heartfelt in san francisco's bernel heights neighborhood had a table with marked down items outside the store, they asked her to take out another permit. the cost, $300. >> i felt like, wow, how could you make something so simple and sweet for people not in the way, plenty of room to pass if you were in a handicapped situation, why would you make it difficult for us? >> reporter: the permitting process, the city bureaucracy, you know, the layers of taxes, the complicated, mixed messages between departments has to stop. that's why the mayor and supervisor vally brown will soon intro dukes legislation with the purpose of speeding up the permit process to get more businesses to open their doors. they also want to allow some stores to expand without all business commission after r public hearings.
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the city may also ease the rules for pop-up stores. the president of the commission is in favor theyirero the neighborhoods. the people who are in the neighborhoods tend to spend their money in the neighborhood. >> reporter: in the meantime, the office of economic and workforce development is now working with business owners to assist them with the permitting process. >> we add so much to a neighborhood, with community and kindness. it is really important to have small business in a walking block in san francisco, where people live. >> reporter: well, the small business commission will have public hearings two weeks from today. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> all right, lyanne, thank you so much. >>. do you have ideas about building a better bay area? we want to hear them. use the #betterbayarea to get involved in the conversation online. developing news. streets are now reopening in san francisco's financial district. a suspicious package forced
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police to close samson street between california and sacramento. that delayed drivers, of course. it also forced several muni and golden gate transit bus lines to detour around the area. police have not said what the object was. now, you are looking at a live map showing traffic conditions in the financial district. you can see the slow traffic in red around the intersection of sansome and california streets. it should start improving now that the streets are being reopened. we are following developing news in san rafael bay. a worker has been killed during construction of a building on east maran island. sky 7 was over the structure being made of stone and concrete. you see it there. the san rafael fire department said a retaining wall fell over and crushed a worker. the island is part of the national wildlife refuge. a sonoma county man accused of running a student loan debt relief school that collected $28 million over four years
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appeared in kors for the first time today. he will be released on an ankle monitor bracelet tomorrow. "abc 7 news" reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: dan, brandon freyer will be on house arrest. his family says it is a misunderstanding. but government officials say form former employees have implicated him. the government says he bill canned clients out of $28 million over four years as part of a fraudulent student loan debt relief scheme. between 2014 and 2018 he collected fees from clients in exchange for submitting documents to loan repayment plans. in february, the federal trade commission filed a civil complaint against him for falsely promising consumers the monthly payments to ncial would paying off student loans. this past wednesday authorities arrested him on a wire fraud
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charge at sfo as he boarded a flight to mexico. according to the complaint, the sales reps encouraged clients to inflate the number of members of their family to qualify for the loan repayment plans. swanson is the attorney representing him in the criminal case. >> he has been running a business that's been in an ongoing struggle with the fdc now for over a year and a half. >> reporter: today in court, government prosecutors spelled out why they believe he is a flight risk. they say he transferred millions of dollars to offshore and personal accounts, often before material developments in the ftc civil litigation. prosecutors said it appeared he was creating an asset protection program and that soon he would follow his money overseas. >> there are a lot of issues in this case that will come out as the case goes forward. >> reporter: his attorney says freyer went to the ftc in december of 2016 about the student loan business to make sure what he was doing was legit and got no response. he will be released on house arrest with the ankle monitor
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device tomorrow. as part of his release, the judge said that he must surrender 25 weapons that he owns. he also can't open any new bank accounts. he will be back in court in two weeks for a status hearing. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, "abc 7 news." >> thank you, melanie. dozens of oakland teachers could face disciplinary action for walking off the job today. the teachers and a group of students marched from oakland high school to city hall to try to meet with mary libby schaaf. the school district calls the teacher walkout an illegal labor action and threatened to dock their pay. they have been without a contract since july of last year. >> we certainly do not want to strike, but our school is very prepared. we wanted to show that we are ready and we are serious. >> the teachers union is organizing several demonstrations tomorrow after tainalary an >en health a %. is 6,000 a 5
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kaiser permanente facilities across california started a five-day strike today, protesting staffing levels and benefits. the strike involves psychiatric nurses statewide. union members say patients are forced to wait four to six weeks to see a therapist. they want kaiser to hire hundreds more mental health workers. kaiser is rescheduling some appointments and says it offices remain open. it released a statement saying in part, we value our therapists and are calling on them to talk to their union leadership and urge them to bargain constructively and stop putting our patients in the middle of their contract demands. it has been a little more than a month since the camp fire started in butte county and it turned into the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. >> yes. among the devastation, a dog that waited patiently for its owner's return. tonight, find out why. . i'm meteorologist drew tuma. clouds are clearing out leading to a chilly night on the way tonight but i'm tracking two storms on the horizon.
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emotional locker room video. >> reporter: it was friday when they reported the death of 35-year-old tony york to the marin county sheriff's office. the struggling team pulled off a victory over the denver broncos and afterward head coach kyle shanahan gave an emotional locker room talk. >> the biggest 49ers fan i have been around is tony york. obviously as an owner and everything, but he loves the 49ers more than anyone i have been around. i don't want to say it but there's no doubt who we were playing for today. >> the youngest york attended just about every game. 49ers ceo jed york was choked h a ring for his brother, tony. >> my brother was a great kid. he loved everything about this, he loved everything about you guys. you know, it was hard for him sometimes, and i think he is at peace now. >> jed york also tweeted this tribute to his brother. the team would not comment on the causeeath. the sheriff's office will only
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say it is investigating. now, we put together a resource page called find your ally. if you or someone you know is battling depression, mental health issues or having thoughts of hurting themselves, you can find ways to get help on dan. kristen, thank you. cal fire announced today that peek wildfire season is now over in butte county. this comes a little more than a month after california's deadliest wildfire ever. the camp fire broke out near the town of paradise as you well-known. the fire killed 85 people and destroyed near 14,000 homes. millions of californians inhaled unhealthy air for several days when smoke and ash from the fire smothered the bay area and the central valley and just lingere dogho faith faithfully waited at its burned-out home in paradise
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until owners returned. it has astonished and touched so many people. wayne freedman talk to a dog expert to find out where the loyalty comes from. >> you are the best dog. >> reporter: by now many of us have heard the viral story of madison, the shepherd who lost his home in the camp fire and yet guarded the property for weeks awaiting the return of owner andrea gaylord. >> imagine the loyalty of hanging in through the worst of circumstances. >> reporter: have you wondered about the how and the why? >> dogs are family animals, which means that we think of them as being pack animals but it is better to think of it as being family animals because that's what they want. >> reporter: we caught up with trish king today. trish is a canine behavior consultant, making a house call on buddy huffman's terrier named rocket. >> we are trying to teach him manners. >> reporter: he heard story about how the brother turned up
6:17 pm
a mile away while addison kept returning. that behavior fits the breed, trish told us. >> this particular breed is about making sure that what is theirs stays theirs and they're there to protect it. >> reporter: only it is more complex, for both humans and dogs losing a house in a fire is a traumatic event but we process them differently. humans tend to analyze their emotions, dogs live in the moment. >> in this case the dog is going to his home, recognize some of the stuff around the home, and because the people were obviously wonderful people who orte'sen orit d l no fe put >> weav bn tet lon time.oximately years. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc 7 news". >> man's best friend. >> absolutely. all right. time to turn to our weather. we didn't get a lot of rain
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yesterday, so maybe later this week? >> yeah, meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the next round of rain for us. drew. >> yes, guys. i think the next round will be more widespread. not everybody saw the showers earlier today, and those that did, it was very light in nature. live doppler 7 giving the sweep across the region. any showers we did have earlier, they are now out of here, and the skies are clearing out. it is a beautiful shot right now. we are taking you outside, a waxing crescent moon out there in the night sky with a fuller d winter solstice gets unway. we are tracking the snowfall in the sierra. i want to look at where we were this time last year in terms of total snowfall, only at 42% of normal one year ago to this date. fast forward to today. doing a lot better. the snow pack right now at 95% of normal. not only do we have a healthy start to the winter snow pack, we are doing much better than we
6:19 pm
were this time last year. rainfall back here at home today, very light, very minimal. basically, the northern half of the viewing area saw some light sprinkles out there. you can see from redwood city over to livermore and points to the south, you ended up with nothing, just cloud cover and the clouds are moving out right now. temperature wise, we have already dropped into the 40s in the north bay where we have clear skies. 48 right now in san rafael. we are at 53 for both oakland, san francisco, concord. 52 right now in san jose. hayward coming in with a temperature of 54 degree a clou the region, that will allow us to cool off pretty quickly. much cooler tonight than last night, going to the 30s for the north bay. similar setup as we move inland as well. around the bay shoreline, under plenty of stars, we'll drop to about 41 for redwood city, 40 the low in richmond. the bigger picture, live doppler along with satellite, there's the light line of swe that moved there here earlier this morning.
6:20 pm
cl are moving out and breaking down. high pressure off the coastline will set up shop over california tomorrow and essentially for the next three days, bringing about a dry stretch of weather. stow the 12-hour day planner on your tuesday, it is a chilly morning first thing. take the winter jacket with you. it is a nice-looking day by the afternoon. you will notice a little bit of haze in our atmosphere. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s. so about 58 in san francisco, the same in oakland on your tuesday. 60 for san jose. about 63, santa rosa. 62 for concord. we will talk about the next chance of some showers, and that will come friday evening. a level one system on the storm impact scale, really minimal rainfall. it is more the timing of this system than it is the amount of rain. it is coming while a lot of us want to be out and about on friday night. so future weather, the showers start in the north bay and then sink south. the good news, by friday night this storm system will quickly exit and that wi a dry start to the upcoming weekend. here is the accuweather seven
6:21 pm
day forecast. mostly sunny tomorrow. the dry pattern continues through thursday. there's a chance of an evening shower. weekend, 50/50 saturday. best bet to do the out zoor activities because sunday's storm ranks two on the impact scale bringing widespread showers to the area. >> thanks, drew. >> thanks, drew. >> california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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games and technology companies helped the market avoid a serious slump. the dow at one point was trading under 24,000, but at the closing bell it was up 34 points, ending at 24,423. the nasdaq added 51. facebook added four, rising by more than 3%. well, trouble for apple leads tonight's bay area business watch. today a chinese court banned the sale of some older iphones in that country. the ban covers phones from the iphone 6s to the iphone x. it does not cover apple's latest iphones like the hehe he he he qualcomm accused apple of violating a patent that allows users to edit and resize photos. apple says it never used it.
6:25 pm
tomorrow, there will be testimony on capitol hill on how google manages data it collects, including how it decides to display search results. the hearing had to be rescheduled from last week due to the national day of morning for president george h.w. bush's funeral. i want to update you on eave, a california bear that had a myriracle year of rescue. look at eave who was found in a trash bin in butte county suffering with severe mange and almost no fur. she cot emergency care and then went to the wildlife center in south dakota county for extensive medical treatment. check her out now, playing with her own christmas tree. eave has grown from 30 pounds to 150 pounds. however, the medical team says it is not all good news. >> we've assessed her health. her health is wonderful. she is doing very well, but she still doesn't have a full coat. >> yeah, eave's fur is growing
6:26 pm
back. as you can see, she is having a good time, but her coat is still not thick enough to keep her warm and safe in the wild. there's also concern in eave's earlier life she got too comfortable around humans, so instead of being released to the wild, next spring eave is moving to a sanctuary in texas affiliated with the humane society of the united states. if you would like to donate to her care or help rescue other wild animals, we have a link at >> so good to see eave ve on th mend. >> absolutely. coming up next on "abc 7 news" at 6:00, a program changing life and reducing crime. it is called the phoenix project. >> you will see what a difference it is making not just to individual people but to an entire community. as an example of building a better bay area. don't forget to vote. go to and let us know what you think about 96.5 bringing "baby it's cold outside" back on the air after controversy over the lyrics. >> was it the right decision or do you think it was the wrong decision?
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." at 6:30, let's get a check on the top national stories. we will begin with a video that's drawn outrage across the country. >> a shocking tug of war between new york city police officers and a mother trying to hold on
6:30 pm
to her one-year-old son. this happened in the human resources administration building in new york. witnesses say 23-year-old jasmine heedley was trying to get child care vouchers but it was so busy inside she had to sit on the floor to wait. a supervisor called over a security guard to ask her to move. when she wouldn't, police were called. she now faces a slew of charges, including resisting arrest. president trump says he did not collude with russia and says the recent filing from special counsel robert mueller proves it. the federal investigation is looking into whether the trump campaign worked with the russians to interfere in the 2016 election. president trump tweeted today that he's innocent, even though mueller outlined new allegations of early russian efforts to build ties with the trump campaign staff in 2016. another legal hurdle for the president includes cash payouts to two women for their silence over alleged affairs, which violates campaign finance law. >> this investigation is now
6:31 pm
starting to put the president in serious legal crosshairs and he should be worried and the whole country should be worried. >> it is unclear if democrats, who will control the house next year, would impeach the president, but even if they didn't democrats say the justice department may indict him when he leaves office. a stunning drop in crime in one bay area county is happening because of the vision of one woman who inspired her community. >> yeah. she pulled together a large coalition of services to create change, and that change includes law enforcement. >> abc 7 usa cheryl jennings shows us how the phoenix is building a better bay area. >> i'm one of the originals from the phoenix project, yeah. >> he had been in and out of legal system and it was no major crimes. it was just enough that he was on probation. >> they wanted me to be on the right path when i was of age, you know. so they asked, you know, do
6:32 pm
need your record expunged. yeah, i i thithink i would like. no record at all of any juvenile, anything. >> reporter: the phoenix project is located in the heart of this housing complex which means it is easy to access. it acts as a second family, wrapping them with a variety of services allowing them to move forward. >> it can be something small as i need my driver's license, i need some clothing for a job interview, i need a bus pass to go to a doctor's appointment. >> reporter: the goal is community collaboration as crime prevention. the office space is donated at no charge. the phoenix project holds workshop to teach young men everything from how to fill out an application for a job, the importance of keeping a job, how to dress for success and good manners. i was proud to participate in one of the first mentoring classes. >> the phoenix project has been a total success. felicia gadsden is a hero. she has really almost single-handedly being responsible for decreasing the
6:33 pm
amount of folks on probation in the community as well as helping people while they're on probation in the community. >> reporter: but it wasn't easy to get the phoenix project accepted. >> i recall you and i were at a meeting about nine, ten years ago when people were very pessimistic about whether any change could come at marin city. i'm glad we're here to be able to say, yes, the statistics bear out that there's been change in marin city. >> reporter: these statistics are from the marin county adult probation department. they show a steady drop in the number of people on probation, adults and juveniles, but things were drastically different in 2009. >> crime was on the rise, assaults, vandalism, robberies at the bus stop. it was just important to go pull together a team to say, what can we do to help, and law enforcement said, we want to help. >> we came together with felicia and we thought about, okay, let's put out a survey and start to see, you know, what are the needs of these young men.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: so a collaboration was formed with many community partners who are working to help phoenix project participants become successful. darryl rory was among the first key liaisons between the phoenix project, the community and law enforcement. >> darryl, two other men who had lived it -- who live in marin city, they will be in the system but had changed their life around for over ten years. >> i tried to, you know, take my experiences, the things i've gone through and then now reach back and help others who are going through some of the same things. >> and they check in with them on a regular basis, keeping them with encouragement, a lot of moral support, a lot of nurturing and mentoring. >> reporter: the work is so impressive that darryl and other outreach workers have been hired by the county probation department. it is part of a movement called restorative justice. >> some of the services that we offer are cognitive behavioral training and treatment, and that's a real staple of trying
6:35 pm
to change your behavior. we also offer drug and alcohol classes, anger management, domestic violence classes. >> reporter: the success stories are acknowledged on a wall of change in the probation department. >> we offer job training and we have a nice construction program going on down in marin city that gives people real jobs. >> reporter: shannon bynum is a father of three and is now a highly-regarded apprentice plumber at fra rules. >> no felonies, drug free, no misdemeanors or duis. i don't know too much about the program, but i can tell you if they helped shannon guide his way to where he is today, they did a very good job because he is a model employee and he's great to work with. >> reporter: you think you are a better father because of the phoenix project? >> oh, absolutely. better father, better man, better me. >> to see all of the many success stories that have come through the phoenix project, it makes me super proud.
6:36 pm
it is a benefit for the entire county and for the entire community, and it is prevention at its best. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, "abc 7 news." >> so inspirational. >> it is. >> making a huge difference. the phoenix project collaboration helps at least 150 people a month in marin city on a budget of just $250,000 a year. of incarcerating just one the person for nearly $50,000 a year. for more information about the phoenix project and building a better bay area, go to our website, >> but stay with us. coming up next, it doesn't get better than the warriors. it is not just us saying that either. the team picked u
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6:38 pm
6:39 pm
man, the golden state warriors keep on winning. ""sports illustrated"" named the whole team its spokesperson of the year. >> congresswoman pelosi tweeted congratulations today. quote, your dazzling play on the court and inspiring leadership in our communities leave us proud to count you as part of our bay area family. >> "abc 7 news" reporter jobina fortson talked with the players and the team's general manager about the big honor today. >> reporter: they're in
6:40 pm
exclusive company as back-to-back nba champions. they joined another elite group thanks to ""sports illustrated"." >> i will tell my kids one day i was a part of something so special, an amazing run. you know, it rarely comes around in sports. >> reporter: the entire team has jamd "sports illustrated" 2018 sports person of the year, a rare move. only three other teams have received the honor since the magazine's 1954 founding, the boston red sox and two u.s. olympic teams. the other honorees were individuals. >> to have our whole team, the whole organization given the award is pretty cool. i mean it is -- you know what though? it makes sense. i think it might have felt different if it was one person. >> i don't think it would be like this if it was in another part of the country. >> reporter: the organization thinks it is their connection to community that sets them apart. >> it is a special honor because we believe we're more than athletes. we are contributors to the community, active citizens and we want to be great role models.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: we see it in the dozens of stories we cover off the court, investing their time in their young fans. >> you realize the best feelings come from giving back, whether it is to the fans, to the community. >> reporter: hmm, it looks like maybe they revealed a key to their success. the golden state warriors will be honored at the "sports illustrated" person of the year awards in los angeles on december 11th. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, "abc 7 news." >> good for them. >> congratulations. well, what will the weather be likayft
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
77% of the people said -- yes, we should play "baby it's cold outside." >> baby is back. radio station 96.5 koit brought the song back this morning, more than a week after taking it off the air after some listeners complained lyrics promoted date rape. >> most listeners were not bothered by the lyrics. we know you have an opinion and we would love to hear what it is. >> yes, go to to take part in the vote. was it right or wrong decision to bring it back? >> "abc 7 news" anchor dion lim
6:45 pm
has been covering it and shares the history behind the tune. >> by now you may be tearing your hair out saying enough about the song debate. 77% of you wanted the song back, which is what 96.5 koit did. i want to know, do you really know what you are bringing back? >> so "baby it's cold outside" is back into the play list and it plays next to kick off our 7:30 a.m. commercial-free workday kickoff on 96.5 koit. >> it is probably the most debated song this holiday season. ♪ baby, it's bad out there ♪ say, what's in this drink >> the 1940s classic is back on the bay area airwaves after being taken out of rotation because of listeners likening the listeners to date rape culture. >>eeceid more comai t than any other song we have played in the history of the radio station. >> after our story of it. >> that evening of december 3rd,
6:46 pm
abc 7's dion lim ran a story mentioning we removed the song from the play list and then the massing feedback came in. people were upset. >> reporter: in the coming days, along with the firestorm of comments on social media, some argued people were just too sensitive. rumors spread that the song's just being misinterpreted. some claimed the lyrics were feminist in nature. so to clear things up, we asked ben leads carson, a music historian, who studied the song in depth. >> think ppl fl the sense of it being an endearing dialogue between a man and woman because they don't listen to lyrics. >> reporter: carson says in the 1940s there was a rise in forcing gender roles and the song sends a dangerous message. >> women are supposed to regard their sexual lives and their sexual experiences as a threat and men are supposed to regard them as an opportunity. >> reporter: but whatever you happen to think of the song, three-fourths of those who voted say bring it back, so that's what koit did. it is know up to you how to
6:47 pm
interpret it. in san francisco, die die die 7 news." >> let's look at the results from 92% say bringing it back was the right decision, only 8% say it is the wrong decision. >> which is interesting. it is almost exactly the same as though who said they should continue to play it versus those who thought it should be off the hair at the time. interesting. it is cold outside for much of the country. >> parts of the southeast, including virginia and north carolina, saw nearly two feet of snow in some spots. the frigid winter storm turned one interstate in virginia into took out power lines, plunging thousands into darkness. it is the w thata has seen for decades. >> a year's worth of snowfall or more fell in some places in little more than a day. >> the storm is supposed to move out tonight, but freezing temperatures will stick around
6:48 pm
for another day. they do not get that kind of weather there too often. >> yeah. we want to check on our forecast for the week. >> lovely today. meteorologist drew tuma is back with what to expect for the rest of the week. >> yeah, guys. we are seeing the clouds clear out so on our way to a chilly night here locally, but the snow totals to our east are very impressive across virginia and north carolina. they are not used to this much a wide swath once again where the purple colors are on your screen. that's at least a foot of snow. a lot of spots in north carolina and southern virginia saw from one to two feet of snow. now tonight they're worried about ice on roadways because some of the snow melted. with freezing temperatures on the way, some could turn into black ice. back at home tonight the clouds are exiting after a few morning sprinkles. live doppler 7 gives you the dry scan across the region. overnight tonight, it will get chilly out there. plenty of stars, clear skies. we'll drop into the mid 30s in our coldest spots, low to mid
6:49 pm
40s closer to the bay waters. highs on your tuesday, we'll get into the upper 50s if not lower 60s, pretty much where we should be for this time of the year, under mainly sunny skies. a few clouds passing from time to time. we are dry tomorrow. on the accuweather seven dray forecast, we are dry for wednesday and thursday. friday though, evening showers do pop up with a range ranking of one on the storm impact scale. we will start the weekend out dry on saturday but a stronger storm moves in on sunday and it could bring a widespread soaking to finish out the weekend. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. a big decision from the silver and black today. >> larry with the latest. >> the raiders making news here. they did what we expected them to do after the season, they fired their general manager. what roll did jon gruden h
6:50 pm
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now abcpo s 7arwirys rt beil. good evening. in a move that is odd only because of the timing, the raider fired general manager reggie mckenzie with three games left in the season. come on, it was the expectation from the moment jon gruden arrived with ten-year $100 million contract. he is calling the shots. mckenzie was n the year in 2016, but outside of the draft producing khalil mack and darryl carr, there were bad picks in his tenure. when gruden came in and tore apart what reggie built, you knew his days were numbered. gruden is making all of the
6:53 pm
decisions with them, despite his denials today. >> we won a game last night, i went home. you know, obviously there was a meeting last night and changes have been made. i'm not going to sit up here today and talk about any disconnect. we were connected. we were very good friends and very connected. i have not seen reggie yet. i have not seen him yet. i can't exactly answer why the change was made last night, but changes were made. we all work for the same man. i really didn't have a sense of it. you know, i have been in a dark shaft room, working hard, trying to get ready for the next game. there had been a lot of speculation, a lot of rumor coming out of here since early in the season. you don't know what is real, what is smoke, what is fire, you really don't. but we have made a change and we have to respond, and that we will. look, i'm not surprised when you're 3-10, i'm not surprised with anything that happens in this league. you know, i have been fired, i have been traded. it is a horrible part of this business, and i'm very sensitive to it. >> i know nothing.
6:54 pm
oh, please, come on. the 49ers upset the broncos yesterday. george kitten was amazing, 210 receiving yards at the half. needed only five more to set the all-time tight end single game record held by shannon sharp and he didn't catch one ball in the second half. kyle shanahan says they tried to get kittle the ball or they didn't or couldn't. that's on shanahan as the play caller. >> every play mattered at the end so you're trying to call plays to try to win the game, not to break a record. that's what you feel bad about. i wish he could have broke the record. he deserved to. the only people happy were probably shannon sharp and my dad. >> yeah, because his dad was coaching the broncos when sharp set the record. the warriors getting a step closer to completely healthy. draymond green will play tonight against the timberwolves at oracle. green missed 14 of the last 16 games including 11 straight with a sprained toe and had the one-game suspension. the warriors 6-5 in his 11-game
6:55 pm
absence. he was asked about the play during his stretch. >> for is circumstances we were under, fared well. we are still in the thick of things as far as the western conference goes. for everything that's gone on, you know, i think we're in a pretty good position. over the last few games, i think we're starting to get some momentum back and, you know, it is coming at a good time for us. >> and the warriors, speaking of a good time, may have five all stars on the court together. boogie cousins will continue his rehab from achilles tendon surgery with santa cruz in the g league. worked out with them today. it will be a chance to get in physical practices, test the leg. boogie said he is more worried about pulling a hamstring or something because he has not gone full speed in a while. in case you missed this yesteday, it was the miracle in miami. seconds left. dolphins, they beat the patriots with a 69-yard touchdown. tannehill to steals, to parker, to drake who sees daylight and sprints past a stumbling gronk.
6:56 pm
the dolphins win in amazing fashion, 34-33. every team practices that. it almost never works like that and there's the funniest clip on the internet of an older gentleman in new england screaming at his tv. he was saying, but he was not -- >> he was exercised. >> he was very, very demonstrative. >> goodness. thanks, larry. join us at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 713. uber customers are complaining tonight. some say they've been charged for rides they didn't take. software bug or hack? that's at 9:00. then on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, frustrated and fired up. residents in one san francisco neighborhood are fed up with rvs on their street. how the city is responding tonight. >> all of that is a little later. that's this edition of "abc 7 news" at 6:00. look for breaking news whenever you wish on the "abc 7 news" app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for drew, larry, allf o
6:57 pm
thanks for being here tonight. ♪
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