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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 11, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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the views when there's no construction may be priceless. there may be a view leaving treasure island. t this is what you will see as you're driving around.
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can you believe how thick the fog is in san jose? this is highway 87. somewhere out there, can see some brake lights. please take it okay this morning. throughout the bay area you'll face thick fog conditions. >> i live in the city. buildings next to buildings and i couldn't see the building next to me this morning, it was so thick. >> people need to slow down if you can't even see building to building, imagine what it's like trying to drive when it's dark outside and some of these highways. so we've got dense fog. tule fog in the valleys, east bay to the peninsula until at least 10:00. the visibilities are zero or eighth of a mile. here's a look at 101 and 880 in the south bay. wi a touch ofrohe t good mornin.
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the fog is going to be impacting that as well. i have the visibility layer on top of the traffic maps. we have really dense fog across much of the area. chp has issued a dense fog advisory for several locations today. i would generally assume you're going to have some tough driving conditions this morning. we have a crash, three vehicles involved 101 past silver avenue. sounds like the far left lane is open with very thick fog. chp is on the way to the scene. here's another camera in the south bay, 280 and 17. we can't even see any vehicles there. slow down and take it easy today. next traffic update coming up in ten minutes. new this morning, "time" magazine has just revealed its person of the year and it is not just one person. it's a group of many. "time" calls them the guardians for, quote, speaking up and for speaking out. these are a group of journalists
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whose work put them behind bars or even led to their deaths. four different covers will feature jamal khashoggi, maria wasse, two lives and capitol gazette of annapolis where four journalists were killed. today the board of supervisors in treasure island to vote on a plan to charge tolls to get on or off the island. opponents say it's wildly unpopular for residents and business owners. amy hollyfield live at treasure island. amy? >> reporter: there are signs of change all over treasure island here, reggie. look behind me at the detour signs, all of the construction going on here. that's w ahy ts o get this toll in place right away. the board known as the treasure
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island mobility management agency will be meeting later this morning. they could set the toll and it could be set as high as $4.50. they're doing this because this island is growing. there are homes under construction right now. they want to discourage people from driving during peak times. they want to avoid the congestion that could create getting on and off this island. they want to encourage the new ferry service that will be coming here and this toll will help pay to create that new ferry terminal on the island. they'll be adding new business lines. e ll help fund more public transportation options and they do believe if this passes, it sounds like it likely is, it will be in effect in 2021. they want to get it in effect for 2021 for all the new residents who will be locating here on this island. reporting live on treasure island, amy hollyfield, abc7
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news. >> thank you. mental health workers at kaiser permanente are returning to the picket lines including san francisco and san jose. the five-day strike involves 4,000 psychologists, therapists, social workers and psychiatric nurses. they're protesting staffing levels and benefits. kaiser says it's increased staff and invested $175 million to improve mental health care offices. kaiser is appointments and says their offices do remain open. temporary spaces for people battling homelessness. >> that's what we saw in south bay. abc7 news was at san jose city hall where the mayor joined other leaders to unveil plans of a tiny home. backers envision the 80-square-foot houses for homeless people. 80 tiny houses could be built at
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two sites next summer. san francisco leaders are trying to come up with a solution for homeles people who are living in their rvs. neigor aetedp he po th rvski on their stres. >> you're was our time, woman. you represent us. yo >> as you can see some residents got very frustrated at the meeting. they were talking to supervisor hilary ronan and she says she's having a hard time getting the city to move on a solution. one of her ideas is to create an rv park. san francisco's department of homelessness is also working on this. it just redirected four employees from homeless encampments to rvs. >> we're looking at short-term vehicle storage and also looking at how can we help people maybe with a subsidy or assistanceit dosep for people w to move into some of the rv parks. >> one resident took video of this rv being towed away.
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they say it's creating a new problem. if they can't afford to get their rvs back, they'll end up in tents again. do you have an idea for building a better bay area? join us online. a proposed hotel project on ims approval despite residents pushing back. it's to bring a five-story marriott hotel. >> build somethingelse >> reporter: strong opinions about this five acre plot on harbor island where marriott wants to build 172-room residence i in. n on water front party zoned for commercial view. >> beautiful view. >> absolutely. now they'll put a five-story hotel. >> reporter: he says the hotel would block his view of bayview and bring too much traffic to
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the bay area. >> it's a falyfor/7, it's not appropriate >> reporter: standing room only meeting. >> cars will be parked there overnight. people from out of town. criminals know this. tel will attract crime. landlice >> but it's really not about the view. it's about having a 24/7 operation right next to residential property. >> reporter: the hotel's developer says an adjacent restaurant and coffee shop will be built along with extra commuter parking for the nearby ferry terminal. >> i think we're building a very high-quality project and a beautiful restaurant facility. >> reporter: some say an upscale hotel project is something alameda needs. >> the location next to the ferry terminal is ideal for a full amenity hotel. >> we need every project of this nature we can get. >> reporter: the vote to approve the project was unanimous. the planning director says the
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project will create more than 300 new construction and hotel jobs. some neighbors say they will appeal the decision to the city council. in alameda, cornel bernard, abc7 news. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i want to open up the weather window on that's san jose. that's not south beach. let me show you what it looks like at south beach because it's pretty foggy. not as bad as it was 15 minutes ago. gives you an idea the tule fog is not stagnant. it may be clearing your neighborhood as you head out but you'll definitely run into this across most of our neighborhoods this morning. you'll need a thicker coat this morning. mid to upper 50s and a lot of dew on the cars. you m heav longer this morning to get all of the humidity o o th are to the bay. we have nirts the east bay
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valleys to 40s around the bay and out toward the coast. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. going to the beach, it's calm for now. monday, 30 to 40-foot in ocean beach, something we're watching. bay play makes it dangerous. east bay, 46 and 53 with a whole lot of fog and we'll hang out in the upper 50s the rest of the time. pp0an 5east bay valleys at 10 0s this afternoon with hazy sunshine. the commute is a bear because of the fog. let's talk to alexis about it. >> we have one significant issue to talk about right now, mike. in is in san francisco. southbound so 1 folks trying to get out of the city. they did update this location saying it's a little north of the original location, right at the 280 split. three vehicles involved and two out of three lanes blocked. just the far left lane is getting by. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a dense fog advisory for
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the bay bridge according to chp. we're in that sweet spot. t.thetering lights looking okay and carpool lanes are moving well. you want to slow down and drive for conditions. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. electric scooters being called a crisis in the east bay because of where people are leaving them, in lake marin. an airline making another change to what animals you can and cannot bring onto planes. >> we just wanted to show a puppy video. also, steph curry went viral after he said he does not believe the u.s. landed
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pretty incredible time lapse vil ount of snowdeo. falling. look how long it takes. hours to accumulate 18 inches in just a few seconds we'll show you from blowing rock, north carolina. it's up in the mountains about 3600 feet. there's a couple of ski resorts around that near boone in north carolina. it's a great place to go during the winter. this was taken saturday. no snow forecasted for today but facing sub 32-degree temperatures and that means black ice, frozen roads. we're back and looking at the sierra snowpack back here at home. we're going a couple more days without snow before we getting to a chance as we head into sunday, monday, tuesday and
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we'll talk about that coming up. new a rort releas overnight by zillow says there are tusands more homeless in the bay area than previously thought. the housing and urban development counted 14,252 homeless people in the year 2017. that covers san francisco and santa clara counties. but take a look here. zillow is reporting that number is m closeruc to 19,000. so, almost 19,000. it's at 18,976. that's 4,000 more than than previous report i just showed you. now, zillow is hosting a roundtable discussion about this at 9:00 this morning. it will be live streamed and you can find a link on our website, in the south bay, one woman is using her small business idea for a good cause. her for dogs areks soc being used to help pets injured in the
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recent wildfires. lorraine lives in san jose. she designs socks for dogs called power paws. following the devastating wildfires, lorraine wanted to help, especially since her family lost homes in paradise. so far she's donated 900 sets of socks to vets and caring for animals. >> they allow the wounds to heal and also for warmth. i think when their pet is doing better, they're doing better. een so not surprised the dem hab great. she's raising funds to ship more out to hurt in the camp fire. if you he a liwouldik have a link on our website. someone anonymously donated more than 100 bikes to those
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affected by the camp .re jose s busy putting them together. the st dozen bikes will be ready to go this af tightening e for emotional support and service animals. starting next week, they must be at least 4 months old to fly an flights more than eight hours. they say the policy change comes after a big increase in incidents look attacks and bathroom accidents. more trouble for e-scooters. a startling new number shows they are constantly being thrown in lake marin. >> crews have removed more than 60 electric scooters from the lake just in october. that's according to slate, who talked with the executive director of the lake marinut sistngin environmental concerns as well. lime says it has teams patrolling the lake daily and plans to donate to the make
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marin conservation team. no long-term plan to stop this from happening. the lake, please. in the south bay, overcrowding at valley medical center will soon be resolved. santa clara county can expand its services after buying two more hospitals for $235 million. our media partner, the mercury news shows the countyla ply dcet it bought o'connor hospital in san jose and st. louise regiona includes the depaul healthhi. you can now have your ta at d move to the november ballot. the program would make t luieat
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decade. nasa has a message for steph space center in houston the next time the warriors play the rockets and they'll show him the moonrocks. "the new york ti rs"metsorep moon landings ever happened on a recent podcast calledin it." he and theth.esri restaurants t moon six times in the late '60s and early s'7 0ssaying, we'll ga personal tour of the johnson space center. >> think about he's saying, you should send me i to can verify it. >> i don't think that's what he's saying. >> you don't think he's tryi get a fe advisory. you couldn't find anything if you're outside. many areas you see shaded in gray. visibility less than a quarterea ,xecaution. ht dnr regbeams.
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you can see off in the distance, yeah, you're going to run into that thick fog. on the other side of the bridge, there's some thick fog right now. you can see from sutro tower, the blanket overtaking. the tule fog working from central valley into the bay area. fog will return tonight. the next couple of nights we have a chance and it will be almost as cool this morning with the 30s and 40s. chance of rain friday and also another chance -- better chance sunday. starting cooler today, we have the fog blocking the early morning sunshine. the days are short, 9 1/2 hours and we'll lose some of that because of the fog. we're only going to make it to 58 to 60 degrees this afternoon. tonight not as many 30s. a lot more 40s, even some 50s in san francisco and along the coast. here we are at 7:00 friday. you can see scout showers at noon through the afternoon hours. and then at 6:00, that's when the heavier, steadier rain moves
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in. if you have plans for friday evening, it's a one, light. a slight chance of random showers sand alexis? >>akoo the thismorninmike. havenad a lot of incidents. probably our biggest problem so far has been a multicar crash on southbound 101. getting out of san francisco at the 280 split. we still have two out of three lanes blocked. the far left lane is getting by and we definitely have dense fog in that area. use some caution. sounds like we have some emergency crews stuck in that backup. we did have an earlier crash in the bay point areas. that's long gone but definitely heavy in pittsburg. 25 miles an hour. 32 miles an hour once you make that towards the interstate 80 split and the hercules stretch. a quick look at drive times. no delay. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma. 580 westbound castro valley to the maze or northbound 101, 280 to 680/highway 5.
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"gma's" first look -- >> officers hailed heroes after saving a family in a trapped building. >> in this morning's "gma first look," you're looking at body kam video. a family of four is trapped on the second floor balcony. >> we're not going back inside on the bottom floor apartment. the ceiling collapsed. >> get out here! hurry up! jump! jump! >> reporter: that's when an officer scales the condo building lowering a 6-month-old baby boy and his 4-year-old sister in blankets. another officer climbs onto the railing to help get the adult parents down. overnight the officer who first scaled that building now speaking out. >> from that point started to assist lowering the children down to my fellow officers. >> we'll have more on that incredible rescue caught on camera coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma first look," i'm
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gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> remarkable. next, the seven things you need to know, including a way to get a free bagel every day for the rest of the month. >> carbs. we fell in love with this dog after he stayed at his burnt home in paradise for weeks waiting for his owner to return. now we're learning what makes dogs so loyal. imagine seeing the imagine dragons for free. you can right here in the bay area. >> i see what you did there. here's a live look at 5:23 where you can barely see anything. it is so foggy this morning. we keep up to your body.
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and a man builds a middle finger statue in his yard and it's not illegal. the beautiful thing about care, is knowing that it's always there... ...and that it always will be. ♪
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walgreens. trusted sin 1901 a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week making wriles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pairit for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® it is 5:25. if you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things you need to know. number one is 7.6 million people possibly driving through dangerously low visibility this morning due to the tule fog. it will be around through 10:00.
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number two, that means your commute definitely will be impacted by this. we have several dense fog advisories for several bridges. including the bay bridge. we have not got official word the metering lights are on. number three, "time" magazine just revealed its person of the year and it is many people. four different covers will feature journalists or their loved ones. "time" calling them the guardians for, quote, speaking up and speaking out. google ceo getting ready for the hot seat. he'll testify before a house committee today about google's data collections. angered some when he skipped a high-profile meeting in november. a toll for drivers going to and from treasure island could be approved today. a board of supervisors committee plans to discuss the issue. tolls as high as cld start in 2021. could the oscars go without
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a host? according to "variety" the academy is considering going hostless after the abrupt departure last week of kevin hart. a meeting is scheduled for tonight. panera bread is offering a free bagel a day for the rest of the month. it only applies to new members who sign up for their rewards program. you'll have to either like butter or day a drive because spreads like cream cheese are not included. that will cost you extra, just like gauc. >> couldn't just throw that in, could they? >> couldn't do it. coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the political adversaries meeting at the white house today. the body cam
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ pg&e is increasing its
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wildfire safety efforts and we'll tell you the changes it says it is now making. a horrifying moment caught on camera as a dog jumps out of a car in the tunnel. the dog is okay but everyone is learning a lesson this morn who needs to spend years in college and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a meteorology degree to tell you it's foggy outside? millions are being impacted by the fog. i'll tell you how long it's going to last. >> you can just see the salesforce tower. >> the numbers are crazy. how many people did you say was affected? >> us in the central valley, 7.6 million. >> wow. >> most of us are going to be touched by that fog. it's really -- the visibility is incredibly low. i think santa clara should be added to this. it's not my call. you look at the various tower cams and t
5:31 am
jose international airport visibility is zero. half moon bay with decent visibility. here's a look at san jose on 87 and you can barely see the road. dress warm. we're in the mid-30s and mid-40s useron. yourself extra time >> speaking of the fog, we have the visibility layer on top of the traffic maps. it is definitely thick and it is widespread this morning. still have a crash involving three vehicles, south bound 101 to the 280 split getting out of san francisco, as far as i know, just the far left lane is getting by. looks like the speeds are starting to increase approaching the scene of that crash so they could be in the clearing stages. we started off pretty clear at golden gate. that fog has settled in. you can really only see about 100 feet in front of you. slow down and drive for
5:32 am
conditions today. next traffic ue at ue at ue at t minutes. crews were called out to a home fire. the fire chief says the fire started in a master bedroom. a woman wasn walkihetripped. two people were rescued. firefighters were also able to save pets, including a parrot and german shepherd. happening today, the head of google will face lawmakers on capitol hill. >> the ceo will be grilled with questions about how the company dealt with a data breach and its dealings with china. >> reporter: you'll remember that massive data breach could have exposed information of 500,000 people. some lawmakers want their answers. according to "the wall street journal," google did not reveal the breach at the time, claiming the tech giant didn't want to
5:33 am
damage its reputation and wanted to avoid regulator scrutiny. republicans want allegations of conservative censorship. the tech giant has denied any political bias and there's no evidence of an anti-conservative tilt. gole o's testimony comes only months after he declined an invitation to testify in september. his absence then was marked by an empty chair for google alongside facebook and twitter executives. congress could consider legislation to put stricter limits and privacy around data collected by big tech. can the google ceo make the case big tech does not need regulating? we'll get those answers once he's before congress testifying at 7:00 a.m. our time. reporting live at google headquarters, abc7 news. pg&e is stepping up wildfire
5:34 am
safety efforts. the utility company says it will clear more vegetation and install more weather stations to reduce the rifkt of wildfires. pg&e under heavy scrutiny after the camp fire in butte county. investigators are looking into whether the power lines sparked the fire. as part of pg&e's stepped-up safety efforts, the utility company says it will inspect 5500 miles of transmission lines. the official cause of the camp fire is still under investigation. a worker was killed during construction of a building on a small bay area island. the marin sheriff's department says it appears a rock wall fell and crushed the person working on the building. the structure appears to be made of stone. this happened on east marin island located in san rafael bay. the island is part of the marin island national wildlife refuge. we should know the results of tests on steel from salesforce transit center by next week. engineers were hired to figure out what caused cracks in two support beams are set to release
5:35 am
their report. this thursday the engineers will update the governing board on their investigation and a plan to repair the beams. the center closed abruptly after workers discovered the cracks in september and there's no reopening date set. in the east bay, oakland teachers plan to protest again today for a new contract. students from oakland high school joined a group of teachers yesterday as they marched to city hall. they wanted to meet with mayor libby schaaf but she wasn't available. the teachers organization is planning several organizations after school. teachers have been without a contract for a year and a half. the district is offering a 5% raise over the next five years but teachers want 12%. the starting salary for an oakland teacher is $46,000 a year. san francisco mayor london breed wants to tackle the number of growing store fronts across the bay area. she wants to speed up the permit process so new tenants can move into empty spaces more quickly.
5:36 am
another idea is to allow some stores to expand without needing a second permit. and the mayor wants it easier for pop-up stores to open uhm. one business owner tells abc7 news she got fined 300 bucks for just setting up an outside sales table. the city plans to implement $1 million for the changes. napa police have released body cam video of a deadly shooting involving an officer. it happened last wednesday. this video shows the suspect, david molina, as he ran towards an officer responding to a 911 call. in the video you can hear the officer ordering molina to put his hands up several times. police say when the officer tried to handcuff the suspect, molina grabbed the officer's rifle. investigators say molina fired eight to nine rounds before that rifle malfunctioned. the officer regained the grip on his weapon and police say molina then charged at the officer who shot him.
5:37 am
investigators found a revolver at the scene which they believe belonged to molinmolina. new developments for five missing marines off the coast of japan. the military has suspended search operations. the marines were taking part in a regularly scheduled training when the refueling aircraft they were in collided with a fighter jet. this happened last week. in addition to the five missing crew members, one other marine died in the accident. an investigation is now under way. happening today, president trump is expected to meet with senate minority leader chuck schumer and house leader-elect nancy pelosi at the white house. they're hoping to reach a budget agreement to avoid a partial government shutdown next week. the white house faces an uphill battle to replace outgoing chief of staff john ke "the washington post" reports president trump planned to replace kelly with the vice president's chief of staff, nick ayers. he announced unexpectedly, though, he would not take the job. you were nemp more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. no ferry building, no bay
5:38 am
bridge, nothing to see as far as our roof camera goes like we normally would. look at these temperatures. only san jose is w than yesterday and antioch. everybody else, 13 degrees cooler. 39 in castro valley pap the spot, berkeley, 40. we've got mid to upper 40s down to san jose. 39 in los gatos. 34 in novato and number at 42. en san rafael, all that fog, so dangerously low visibility. mass transit cool and foggy and the ferry, thick fog over the water this morning. tough travel there. north bay we'll have the fog from 10:00. we'll hang around upper 50s with hazy conditions and mostly sunny sky. the south bay we'll go 46 to 50 under the fog from 8:00 to
5:39 am
10:00. our last stop will be san francisco, 49 this morning at 8:00. 52 at 10:00. and mostly hazy and sunny conditions this afternoon. i'm tracking the chance of rain, two of them coming towards the weekend. other issues besides the fog. >> that's the main issue for sure. we're taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a dance fog advisory in many areas. it's thick, low visibility as mike and i have been telling you. heading out of the central valley out of tracy, 18 miles an hour. 15 miles an hour at westbound 280. roadwork blocking lanes on the eastbound side of 580 near greenville road and 205 until 2:00 this morning. mass transit, great so far. b.a.r.t., 46 trains, no delays.
5:40 am
ace 1 and 3 on time. here's a warning for anyone that drives with their dog in the car. that's someone's white dog sliding on the pavement in a tunnel in australia. it just jumped out of a window of the owner's car and it almost gets hit by two vehicles before they stopped. the dog is okay. they say other drivers being alert saved this incident from being much worse. i'm honestly shocked that people were paying that close of attention. >> me, too. and didn't hit the dog, didn't hit the driver who was also slamming on his brakes trying to get his puppy. everyone lucky. >> the dog got lucky. it slid right along the middle of the lanes. >> my goodness. >> he won't be doing that again. >> i hope anyway. windows will be up in that vehicle. >> put it in the carrier from now on when it's in the car.
5:41 am
that's what i have to do. i don't trust my dog at all for any reason. >> this is i good reminder. >> yes. thanks alexis. outrage is intensifying over this video showing officers pulling a baby out of his mother's arms. the new developments this morning. and we wanted to know what tc at his owner's burned down home for weeks. a ticket to semaj dragons cost you hundreds of dollars. they're about to put on a show in the bay area at no charge. we have all the free-tails, get it, because details but it's free so it's free-tails. >> iit >> we're on fire this morning. >> yeah. >> yeah. the fog is also mrs. walker. >> yeah. the fog is also michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place.
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♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. here's the graphic reggie was talking about. i wanted to show you our neighborhood and central valley, 7.6 million peeo dense fog until 10:00. here's what's going to happen in the afternoon. mid to upper 50s, fresno, sacramento, monterey with a little more sunshine. yosemite, mostly sunny and 63. here's aers a this slim chance
5:45 am
flurries sunday but more likely light snow monday. oh, my god! oh, my god! look what they're doing to her! >> pretty intense. outrage is growing over this video. it shows new york city police officers yanking a baby out of his mother's arms. this morning two officers have been placed on modified duty will the investigation continues. the 23-year-old mom was sitting on the floor during a four-hour wait for a day care voucher. when asked to get up, she apparently refused to workers called police and that's when this happened. that woman is on jail on an unrelated warrant and the bs gr there have been many stories of bravery surrounding the camp fire but one story in particular is astonishing so many people. >> it's about a dog who faithfully waited at his burned out home until his owners
5:46 am
returned. his name is madison. madison lost his home in the camp fire and yet guarded the property for weeks while waiting for the return of owner andrea gaylord. abc news caught up with a canine behavioral consultant to find particular breed is part of making sure what is theirs stays theirs and they're the be! >> therts say for human and animals it's very traumatic but the two species process events differently. while we feel the same emotions, humans tend to analyze them and dogs live in the moment, which we knew. >> that has to be one of the best stories of all time, that dog. >> such a cutie. now to something dangerous
5:47 am
and gross. there's a recall on jimmy dean sausages. >> the usda says some could have pieces of metal inside them. it's the heat and serve sausage links made with turkey and pork. they have a january 31st use by date. so far the company has received five complaints. if you have these sausages you should throw them awar retur >> in i erformfoball playoff championsh game in ♪ take a number was lightning before the thunder ♪ >> imagine dragons will headline the halftime telecast from treasure island on january 7th. their show will be broadcast to football fans at levi stadium and on tv. you can attend the concert for free if you get a pass. directions for how to get passes will be released at a later date so stay tuned. the national championship game will be played at levi stadium jnuary 7th starting at 5:00 p.m. and air on our sister
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network, espn. imagine dragons does not qualify for the next list. >> i was fooled by this. i thought it would be michael jackson. the most streamed song c daig dago sflshgs. >> queen's takes the title. sorry for those that like queen because we ruined it. nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" and guns n roses. >> is wayne's world going to take credit for that, the in-car sing-along? >> that kept it alive in the '90s. came out in the '70s. >> a whole new generation getting exposed. >> and a whole other generation
5:49 am
getting exposed from the movie. >> i thought it was a new song -- >> that garth and wayne came up with. i don't think you're the only one. >> sorry, freddie. >> it's true, every generation has its own thing. >> i just remember "rolling stone" called it a quirky ballad. they didn't like it at first, "rolling stone." we have 101 and 880 where it's we have 101 and 880 where it's dsn'tta stationary. dense fog everywhere else, turning to hazy sunshine. fog returns tonight almost as chilly as this morning and the chance of rain friday and sunday. here's a look at our temperatures. will 58 to around 61 degrees. pretty comfortable for this time of year. you can see the fog out there once again. maybe not quite as thick in the north bay. temperatures in the
5:50 am
mid-40s inland. let's jump ahead. the clock shows 7:00 friday morning. maybe a little drizzle along the north bay coast. as we head towards lunch, a few scout showers, maybe light rain. 6 sclok and through the evening hours, that's when steadier rain rolls in. we'll have a one for friday. we have a one for sunday but it will be a little stronger with heavier rain and breezier conditions. be careful out there. here's alexis tol el tit. ou y >> definitely some dangerous driving conditions here today. the good news is we have not had a lot of collisions. hopefully that means everyone is slowing down and taking it easy. we did finally get confirmation from chp, the crash at 101 at 280 split cleared to the shoulder. the residual delays cleared out quicker than i expected. we're in the green approaching the 280 split. no issues heading south out of
5:51 am
the city. we have a dense fog advisory if you're coming in from marin county. westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the red at 55 minutes. 680 dublin to mission boulevard filling in at 25 minutes. 85 northbound highway 101 to cupertino, in the green at 16 minutes. an alert for holiday how am sfwlon azonhang your personal information. what's the big deal with santa con, they sa
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
last year we were pining for snow, just waiting to hit the slopes. we were at 42%. now we're at 95% of where we should be. we're a little behind where we should be but we're so much better than last year. and we have snow in the forecast monday and tuesday of next week. here's some more news. wow.xa is is happening during santa con celebration. police are looking for two women who got in a fight with workers at shalimar restaurant. a woman threw a chair and broke the front door knocked over the cash register. an employee got hurt. seven santas were arrested for
5:55 am
public intoxication. the event was not permitted but% as you can see, that didn't stop all of the santas from showing up anyway. >> they showed up all over the city.t ready for big waves. >> next week surf line says waves could reach 40 feet high. that would be a record. we reached out to see if mavericks have any plans to take advantesu. o they say they're monitoring the situation very closely. google is shutting down plus service earlier than planned after google faced repeated challenges to protect users' mdailal ed the personal lion google plus users last month. that swayed google to close the pl rather than august. google launched plus as a social facebookto compete against cck> morning, we have dense fog across most of the bay area. we got official word the
5:56 am
metering lights are on for bay bridge toll plaza at 5:42. i think they were on quite a bit before that. definitely one of the foggier areas coming across the bay bridge into san francisco. probably the foggiest drive i've ever had on the bay bridge. state route 84 down to livermore, no incidents blocking but heavy traffic filling in. let's show you how the thick fog has moved back over. you can barely see the road let alone you can't see san jose international at all and we're not that farro. fm here's the look at the next seven days, chance of rain. nothing tomorrow, nothing thursday. 60% chance friday and 90% of us will get rain. it starts in the north bay. it's all green. by 1:00, just about everybody else dealing with some rain. and then it gets a little heavier as we head into the
5:57 am
afternoon and evening hours and will leave us by monday morning. the streets will be slick for the monday morning commute. new at 6:00, a secret health battle for "modern sarah highland. new residents will probably have to pay a new toll. the crucial vote happening toda
5:58 am
5:59 am
. a dense fog advisory for parts of the bay area. this time-lapsed video from 90 minutes ago and things have not changed. >> this is what it looks like right now. from the north bay to south bay we're seeing low visibility as you start your day. you want to be careful on the roadways. >> we can not emphasize that enough. good morning on this tuesday, december 11th.
6:00 am
>> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's find out how long that fog will last. >> it's going to last a long time. through at least 10:00. the fact you saw it moving, doesoozing across all of our neighborhoods. you need to slow down, give yourself greater space between cars. use those low beams. look at this. only sfo where it just cleared out is six half moon bay ismi eighs.t. hayward is the doughnut hole of clearness. if you look from palo alto down to campbell, it's very soupy out there. this is the way it looks from theast bayhills. mid-30s to mid-40s, dress warmer. oo


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