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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 12, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> fight, fight, fight. >> families desperate to save their homes in silicon valley. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. developers want to replace these rent controlled apartments with luxury town houses. >> it's just one of the issues we're dedicating more time to covering in an effort to build a better bay area. >> tonight planes would displace more than 75 residents on rock street road in mountain view. news reporter he was inside that meeting. jobina, has any decision been made? >> reporter: dan and marches not as of yet. i was reading a text from the mayor's press person who was inside right now watching this debate unfold. they're now on the last council member and this vote that will be yea or nay will decide if this housing complex will stay.
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this rent controlled mountain view complex has been home to this man and his family for 16 years. >> it's frustrating because i got, you know, my kids has been living over here for you know, her life. >> reporter: a big white sign sits outside his family's home. it's a notice to demolish the 208 rent controlled apartments to build 15 luxury town homes that the developer says will cost around $1.3 million apiece. a drastic shift from the less than 2,000 a month morales pays in rent. 75 people including 30 children would be displaced. the venners offered relocation assistance. >> i don't want them to knock down the building because my school is near here. me and my friends live near and can walk together. >> housing is a right. >> reporter: protesters took the concerns to city hall tuesday night. >> it's so unjust to be that we're living in a community where only people of the highest income can live.
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>> what if you were living in a home and someone kicked you out, how would you feel? >> reporter: maya's message from inside the council. the mayor thinks this move would force people out. >>'s not just that i'm sympathetic to the kids who won't go to the same schools. we need the people to make our community tick. >> reporter: this debate is still going on inside. we're now down to the last council member. stick with abc news on the air and online for the latest updates. reporting live in mountain view, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> do you have ideas about building a better bay area? we want to hear them. use the #better bay area to get involved online. >> new details emerging about last month's deadly camp fire. pg&e informed state regulators it discovered electrical equipment damaged around the same time the fire started including bullet holes in a
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downed power pole and a fallen hook. the east bay times reports paeg found worn out parts, as well. 86 people dies in the camp fire. >> facebook evacuated part of its menlo park headquarters. firefighters flew a drone while. an anonymous threat was called in to a crime symptomers line in new york city. the nypd alerted menlo park police. no explosives were pound. >> two women caught on video trashing a san francisco restaurant during santacon surrendered to police. 21-year-old san francisco resident natalie alcantar and 21-year-old pacifica resident hannah baughman were booked for felony vandalism and battery. they turned themselves in after seeing the video on local news stations. >> let's take a live look outside. this is the view from our sutro
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camera of the golden gate bridge. it looks pretty clear. it was a very different view this morning. a tim l fog bank this morning as it enveloped the bridge. sandhya patel joins us with what you can expect heading off to work tomorrow. >> expect areas of dense fog. live doppler 7 will show you why the fog is not widespread. visibility is starting to lower. half moon bay down to five miles where it is overcast right now. a look at the visibility at midnight. we'll start to see it drop going into your morning commute about one mile in san ramon, concord, liver more, three miles in san jose. the fog will begin to lift at 8:00 a.m. but still be around. if you're flying out of sfo, you may encounter delays. they're starting to see overcast skies there right now. >> thanks very much. transraised its terror alert leblg after a gunman opened fire near the strasbourg christmas
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people market. three people died. 128 wounded. the shooter is still on the loose tonight. he has a criminal record and h f suspecte extremis thousands of people in the area were put on lockdown after the attack. >> now to the on camera argument inside the oval office. the president and top congressional democrats sparred over funding for a border wall. stephanie rap mos shows us the debate. >> reporter: in a dramatic oval office confrontation, this has spiraled downward. >> reporter: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer together with the president clashed big-time over border wall funding. > we probably won't have an agreement today. >> reporter: with a december 21st deadline to avoid a government shut down, the president wants at least $5 billion for the wall. democrats are offering $1.3 billion as part of the overall funding package. >> people are pouring into our country including terrorists. we>> reporter: according to
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department of homeland security, the department does block ten known or suspected terrorists a day from traveling to or attempt too enter the u.s. but the state department says there is no credible information that any member of a terrorist group traveled through mexico to enter the u.s. >> a lot of the wall is built. it's been very effective. >> reporter: but the president's wall has not been built. according to the department of homeland security, the wall he's referring to is a pre-existing refurbished wall and fencing. democrats want to work off the same set of facts. >> we don't want to be contradict the president when was putting forth figures with no reality to them. >> reporter: pelosi says the government is not worth shutting down over a border wall but trump is not budging. > i'm proud to shut down the government for border security. >> reporter: the leaders have offered the president two options to keep the government. they say each would get a
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majority of the vote in the house, 60 votes in the senate and avoid a government shut down. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc news. >> schumer later described the president as having a temper tantrum and at the pel had particularly harsh words for him when she described the meeting to a group of democrats on capitol hill. accord to an aide in the room pelosi say said it's like a manhood thing for him as if manhood could ever be associated with him. >> an outdoor christmas display has been stripped of its centerpiece. abc7 news reporter carlos salcedo is living in concord. a mean spired holiday mystery. >> reporter: that's right. the christmas cheer is on full display in this neighborhood. you can see the lights and probably can hear the christmas music in the background but the centerpiece of this display has know why. ♪
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for 20 years, the wymans have decked out their concord home during the holiday season. >> we do because we love it and love sharing it with the community. >> every year my husband says i'm not going to put as much out and every year we put more. >> reporter: their gingerbread and disney characters take a supporting role to the peanuts gang in the center of the front lawn. >> we redid all the characters about two years ago. i'm a big peanuts fan. >> reporter: the handmade signs is bring much joy to the neighborhood. on monday morning, snoopy's doghouse disappeared. >> i came out a few hours later and noticed wires in disarray and a broken stick where it had been. >> reporter: a count down clock to christmas was also attached to the doghouse. >> i was really disappointed because that clock was something my son and husband picked out years ago. they were so, sited about it and couldn't wait to use it. so it had sentimental value. >> reporter: no one saw the
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thieves but neighbors seem to have a suspect in mind. >> might be the grinch. that's true. i would love to look for him walking around. >> reporter: regardless of who made off with the house, the wymans are hoping for a christmas miracle. >> we would love to have them back. no questions asked. >> that's right. no questions asked. they just want their items back and don't plan ongoing ott police. if they don't get them back or if they don't get them replaced, they'll have to replace them which will take more time and more energy. reporting in concord, carlos salcedo, abc7 news. >> thank you. police in the east bay are warning people about burglars posing at pg&e workers. one burglar rang a doorbell and asked the homeowner to let them into the backyard. that's when the other burglar entered the home and swiped a of jewelry. >> don't let anyone in your
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house. you can poe heightly tell them to hold on a minute, let me make a phone call to whatever company you say you're with or call the police. >> detectives are looking for cameras in the hopes of identifying any suspects. new details tonight about the marriott hotel data breach. who investigators say was behind that massive attacking. > omg. california is thinking about taxing text messages. we'll tell you why and what the money could be used for. >> i'm kate larsson at the secret santa workshop in santa rosa. how you can play santa with just the click i've mouse. >> stay tuned for that. first here's a look what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy?an a . here's something we worked not that hard on. ♪
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new details chinese hackers are suspected in a data fwlaech ached 5 hub million marriott hotel guests according to "the new york times." marriott discovered the hacking at its starwood hotels like westin back if september. started at least four years ago. hackers stole more than just
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credit card numbers. they took passport numbers and home addresses. >> the california public utilities commission is scheduled to vote next month on taxing texts. state regulators want to charge a fee for text messaging on mobile phones to support programs that make phone service accessible to the poor. the wirelessinit could cost consumers an estimated total of $44.5 million a year. there are people all over the bay area in need during this season of giving, of course. one north bay organization just made it a lot easier for you to fulfill holiday wishes for those in need. >> news reporter kate larsson paid it a visit today. >> reporter: wrap them, scan them and sort them. volunteers at the secret santa workshop are busy making 18,000 wishes come true. >> just get to the put the cherry on top for the holidays. >> reporter: buff if i welch works with 125 sonoma county non-profits to collect holiday
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wishes from those in need. >> making sure people have a gift or food and just maybe just make their seasons brighter. >> reporter: for the first time in 30 years, secret santa is now online with a new website. >> when you go to the web site, you can adopt a letter like this one from a single mom here in santa rosa who wants gifts for her children or adopt a heart, 8-year-old isaac wants a bike and scooter. but the wishes aren't just for kids. maria is 100 and asked santa for a sexy man calendar. >> wish granted. >> you can have whatever you want when you're 100. >> reporter: you can donate money on the website. >> sometimes what they need is money for wrooe prescriptions. >> reporter: sharon works at the breast cancer center for st. joseph health and uses the dollars to help people financially struggling because of a cancer diagnosis. >> we have saved people from having to move out of their home because we paid rent. >> reporter: as full as this
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workshop looks, there are sti still,000 thousands of wishes that need to be filled. pick a present off santa's list. we have the information on our website, i'm kate larsson, abc7 news. >> that is terrific. >> it really is. we want to get to the weather because i think there's some moisture coming our way. >> sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> that's right. i'm tracking some showers but they're not going to happen immediately. let's start out with what it looks like. looked like earlier tonight. it was just an absolutely gorgeous view from our emeryville camera of the moon, setting over the bay. you can see that crescent shaped moon. visibility was still good at the time it reported this. it's not looking exactly the same tonight as we're starting to see the fog forming below this high cloud deck from live doppler 7. a lot of cloud cover. we're tracking a system pushing moisture into the pacific northwest. that's why we're getting high clouds. we're looking at a storm system headed our way.
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this one is going to bring us rain just really light stuff beginning friday afternoon. look at our rain chances over the next seven days. friday, saturday and monday we have a level one on sunday, we have a moderate strength storm. that's level 2 on our storm impact scale. we'll take a closer look in a moment. a live picture from our san rafael camera, we're starting to see the fog forming. another live look, beginning to see some signs of the fog as the temperatures in the 40s, 50s, getting close other to their dewpoints, measure of the moisture in the air. i think by tomorrow morning, you have to contend with some areas of dense fog. let's get you into the hour-by-hour forecast. 5:00 a.m., east bay, south bay, heavier fog. around 8:00 a.m., it's still there. by the afternoon, do expect sunshine again. from our san jose camera, visibility is good as we look towards the shark tank. dense fog for the morning
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commute. and showers return friday afternoon evening. morning, allow more time to get to work or get your kids off to work. the fog is going to reduce visibility making for a slower commute. for the afternoon, brightening it up. make sure to have your shades. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. sunshine with occasional high clouds for wednesday. a level one system comes in for friday afternoon through saturday. mainly light rain, about .05 to half an inch, it will be breezy at times. 2:00 p.m., light rain on friday. light stuff. scattered light showers for saturday. this is not a game-changer but carry your umbrellas. sunday's storm looks like it's going to bring in heavier rain 7:00 p.m. you will notice in the north bay and 11:00 p.m. starting to cross parts of the south bay, as well it's also going to bsystem.
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this is a weak one why most areas will be a few hundredths to an inch. this is the wetter of the models. one to possibly three inch hfz rain on sunday will certainly kick up the surf. northwesterly swells could be 20 feet or higher. stay tuned. perhaps mavericks will be happening soon. dry the next couple of days. watch out for fog. level 1 friday afternoon through sat and moderate strength storm sunday with early morning showers on monday. so we have still some wet weather in the forecast which i >> well, here's a question. does steph curry really believe the moon landing was fake? what the warriors superstar revealed today. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," jennifer lopez talks
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curry responded to nasa's invitation to tour its lunar lab with a sunglasses smile emoji after the agency invited him to tour its lab because he said on a recent podcast he downs humans walked on the moon.
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conspiracy theorists can accused nasa of staging moon walks inside studios. at the scott kelly tweeted earlier, so much respect for you, but regarding the upon landing thing, let's talking. > two words for you, kapri corn 1. >> i want to ask steph how he feels about mars. >> good question. >> you can't believe that. >> my grandmother doesn't believe the moon stuff. some interesting comments from another warriors star, kevin durant regarding his future and how does he think he's going to be
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abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> geek. everybody's wondering if kevin durant will re-sign with the warriors next summer. insightful comments with kd on posted up with chris hayes debuting christmas eve. kd two time finals mvp played for the warriors for two years. two championships. the dubs could pay him way more than anybody else going forward but there was the dustup with draymond. he sounds like his mind is made up. >> i know for a fact we'll all
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get our jerseys retired. we'll probably all get statues here. in front of the -- we'll be legends forever. all the fans will be cheering for us and reminiscing on those days. all of them. good and bad days. even with draymond. >> interesting. warriors host toronto tomorrow night. raptors in l.a. without ca we leonard. serge ibaka says it's okay, i got this. team high 25. raptors up big in this game. local ril 21 points. and then jhonas valanciunas. the raptors crush the clippers 123-99. next stop oracle. hunter pence trying to resuscitate his career in the dominican republic. the outfielder known as the reverend doing his preaching esl
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> i don't know how to say play very good. but hey, christian sick play. >> his spanish is -- pence's passion for baseball never lost new translation. this may be the funniest goal of all time. robert ber to you zo of the blues fires ahead. it bounces off the referee. we'll say it hit him in the mid stekz? that's into the net past roberto luongo. the ref's okay. the goal was disallowed because you can't score off the referee but nonetheless an amazing highlight. unless you're the one that got hit. abc sports experienced by remember rock casino. >> they made it the rule s
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superior accuracy in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc news. minute by minute forecasts plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. search accuwether in your app store and download now. >> we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for being here. on "jimmy kimmel live," nicole kidman.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> a slippery slope for a lost elephant. >> separated from the rest of it's heard. it will take a village. >> i feel stupid. >> the birthday girl gets her first gift. >> that was a clue. >> see how a skafeninger hunt leads to a real surprise. >> a mountain biker takes to the trail. >> how the force is filled with the sound of shredding. >> get totally netted. >> it is not just for christmas trees anymore. >> they didn't have netting in the world. >> it looked like all fun and games with this elephant in the
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canal but this elephant was separated from the rest of the heard. it needs to get out. >> too slippery, the angel is too much. the first thing they want to do is scare it. they want to move it into a specific direction. >> i worry about that. they do it a lot to scare it out of the village. it always sits a little wrong with me. that would be scarey. >> you see it at the gate. >> it looks scared. they've been setting off explosions. >> they do get the elephant around. when you see rescues like this, the villagers and locals and officials trying to do it. you see the first attempt, not succes


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