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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 12, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> on all the dirt. >> i do. >> a baby born. a cheating scandal. maybe another baby on the way. >> i'm not proud. good morning, america. a massive manhunt under way for the gunman in that christmas market terror attack opening fire at a popular tourist spot, killing at least two people, injuring more than a dozen. families running for cover. now hundreds of officers searching for the gunman at large as france raises its terror level. bracing for a shutdown. can president trump and the democrats strike a deal after that heated showdown in the oval office? >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. >> plus, what the president said overnight about impeachment as his former fixer, michael cohen, learns whether he'll spend years in prison this morning. race against time. the desperate search to find
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three people trapped in an abandoned west virginia mine. we're live on the scene. the new clues in the search for that missing mom. new surveillance footage released overnight showing her with her baby right before she vanished and what her fiance is now telling "gma." brazen bank robbery caught on camera. overnight, thieves use an excavator for the ultimate smash and grab. the search for the suspects right now. and insane close call. this semi plowing into a pile of cars, and the amazing escape. a woman with a child running away just in time. good morning, america. let's get right to that dragnet across france right now. massive manhunt under way for the gunman who unleashed a terror attack at a christmas market in france. want to show you the scene right now. it is closed off. they are searching.
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>> and overnight, police stopping cars at the border between germany and france trying to find the suspect. a 29-year-old man is still at large at this hour. >> france is treating this as a terrorism case and they say the suspect was known to police. let's go right to ian pannell who is there on the scene for us this morning. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. i'm actually standing in the middle of where that attack took place here last night. about 120 yards in that direction is where the first shots rang out. 120 yards in the other direction is where the second shooting incident took place. strasbourg prides itself on being, quote, the home of christmas. this area famous for its christmas market so no doubt this area was busy with tourists and locals out enjoying the festivities last night when the attack happened. [ sirens ] overnight, a massive manhunt under way after a deadly attack near a world-famous christmas market. the attack happened at 8:00
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p.m., the area crowded with holiday shoppers. >> people actually started, like, yelling and you could hear crowds running away. >> reporter: you can hear the terrifying sounds of gunfire ring out. shoppers looking on in horror. eyewitnesses on the scene describing the chaos. >> everyone who is here at the moment cannot leave. >> reporter: people sheltering anywhere they could, inside restaurants, lawmakers locked inside parliament. police calling this a terrorist investigation, searching for the 29-year-old suspect who appears on a french terror watch list and has a criminal record. the french military reportedly confronting the suspect twice but he managed to escape. the strasbourg christmas market is visited by nearly 2 million people a year. the attack taking place just 400 yards away. other sites targeted in the past. in 2016 in berlin a truck was driven into a christmas market killing 11. and at a bastille day celebration in nice, a truck was
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driven into a crowd there killing 87. this morning, border police searching cars to make sure the suspect hasn't escaped into germany as france remains on a high terror alert. what we're now learning french police had raided the home of the suspected gunman before the attack was carried out. this is part of a separate homicide investigation. we're also being told that the suspect had been to prison many times and was radicalized there. george. >> amazing, he was still able to carry it off. okay, ian, thanks very much. we're going to move to washington now, bracing for a christmas government shutdown after that oval office showdown where democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer had a no holds barred debate with the president over the border wall right in front of the cameras. mary bruce is there. good morning. >> reporter: this was quite the scene, three of the most powerful people in washington fighting it out with the press standing right there. we are now ten days away from a
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possible partial shutdown with hundreds of thousands of employees facing a potential furlough or having to work without pay and the two sides here are no closer to a deal and the president says he's willing to shut it down in order to get his border wall. it started off civil, but it didn't last. >> i think the american people recognize that we must keep government open, that a shutdown is not worth anything and that you should not have a trump shutdown -- >> did you say trump -- >> you have a white house. you have the senate. you have the house of representatives. you have the vote. you should pass it. >> no, we don't have the vote. >> reporter: president trump wants $5 billion to fund his border wall but the democrats made clear that's not going to happen. >> let me just say one thing, the fact is you do not have the votes in the house. >> nancy, i do, and we need border security. nancy -- nancy, we need border security. it's very simple. >> reporter: the meeting devolved into finger pointing and frustrated expressions all playing out before the cameras. >> chuck, we can build a much bigger section --
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>> let's debate in private, okay, let's debate in private. >> devoid, frankly, of fact. >> reporter: the president threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get that funding for his wall. >> we shouldn't shut down the government over a dispute and you want to shut it down. you keep talking about it. >> the last time, chuck, you shut it down. >> no, no, no. >> then you opened it very quickly. >> 20 times -- 20 times -- >> i don't want to do what you did. >> 20 times you have called for i will shut down the government if i don't get my wall. >> reporter: the president ultimately conceding he will take the blame. >> i will take the mantel. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. the last time you shut it down, it didn't work. i will take the mantel of shutting it down and i'm going to shut it down for border security. >> but we believe you shouldn't shut it down. >> reporter: now back here on the hill pelosi told democrats behind closed doors that getting the president to admit that he will own any shutdown was a big accomplishment and she had some pretty harsh words for the president saying his wall is, quote, like a manhood thing with him as if manhood can be
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associated with him. pretty harsh critique from the democratic leader there. michael. >> i'm sure it's a conversation that will be had behind closed doors further. thank you very much, mary. now to president trump warning in that interview if he is impeached the people would revolt. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is in washington with more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. some democrats in congress say president trump should be impeached if it's proven those hush money payments paid to porn star stormy daniels and playmate karen mcdougal were paid in order to influence the 2016 election. but in this new interview president trump says he did nothing wrong. overnight, president trump said he's not worried. there may be talk of impeachment but he tells reuters in a new interview he is in the clear, quote, it's hard to impeach somebody who hasn't done anything wrong and who's created the greatest economy in the history of our country. while unemployment has reached a 49-year low under his administration, stocks are on track for the worst year in a decade.
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about democrats discussing impeachment on capitol hill, the president says, quote, i'm not concerned, no, i think that the people would revolt if that happened. this, as his former lawyer and fixer michael cohen awaits sentencing. for paying two women to keep quiet about alleged affairs with the president ahead of the 2016 presidential election. that was after repeatedly changing his story, even first denying knowing anything about those payments, the president now says it wasn't a campaign contribution. if it were, it's only civil, and even if it's only civil there was no violation based on what we did, okay? but court documents released last week point squarely at the president saying, he helped deceive voters ahead of the election. when asked by reuters if he and cohen ever discussed campaign finance laws, the president shot back, michael cohen is a lawyer. i assume he would know what he's doing. and cohen will learn his fate later today. he is in federal court for his sentencing after pleading guilty to a laundry list of charges.
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george, prosecutors say he deserves substantial prison time and he could be looking at maybe four to five years behind bars. michael cohen is going to be in court this morning making that plea to the judge. he says he was directed by president trump to make those payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. we're going to hear from him in that federal court. i want to go to our chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, outside the courthouse here in manhattan. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning, and just in a little while the president's former personal attorney and fixer will arrive at this courthouse with his freedom hanging in the balance. he's already pled guilty to nine charges, ranging from tax and bank fraud to lying to congress, and his defense team is calling for no jail time saying he cooperated with investigators including the special counsel. we expect that cohen will speak in court taking his case for leniency directly to the judge today, george. >> that will be some moment right there. also, the two sets of prosecutors, the southern district of new york and special
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counsel robert mueller, have quite different recommendations. >> reporter: george, there are two sets of charges. on the fraud and campaign finance charges, federal prosecutors here in new york are playing hardball. they say that cohen has been motivated by greed and a pattern of deception that has permeated his professional life. they say his cooperation came late and was self-serving. bottom line, they want him to go to jail and for, quote, a substantial amount of time. on the lying to congress charge, the special counsel has been more supportive of cohen saying that his cooperation has been significant. but mueller gave no recommendation on the amount of time that should be served other than to say that time served could be equal to the time that's being served for the other charges. the judge has a lot to consider, george. >> we will see which carries more weight. okay, pierre, thanks very much. robin. we're going to move back overseas to england where one of our biggest allies, the british prime minister is in danger of losing her job over her plans for brexit.
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james longman is in london. we know she faces a no-confidence vote in just a few hours. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. that's right, a huge day here at the british parliament. the future of britain's prime minister is very much in the balance this morning. tonight, theresa may's party will vote on whether she should remain leader threatening the political future of the u.s.' closest ally. but she says she is not going anywhere, it is the latest chapter in a complicated brexit story. after months of negotiation, theresa may got a deal to leave the european union and had planned to put that deal to parliament, but she did not have the votes to get the deal done and now members of her own party think she is too weak to govern and want her replaced and, guys, in just a few hours we'll learn her fate, robin. >> a lot of people watching. all right, ian, thank you. >> all right, robin, thank you. and now to the search for those thieves who pulled off that insane break-in all caught on camera. take a look at this. two men using an excavator to rob a bank in australia overnight, a crazy smash and grab, and police say they made
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off with several boxes of cash and the two men are still on the loose this morning. robin. all right, now we're going to move to that winter storm and deep freeze moving across the country. alerts stretching all the way from california to texas at this hour and, ginger, we know you're tracking the system and got the latest. good morning. >> already making interstate 90 in washington state at snoqualmie pass a sloppy mess. troopers stopped at least 200 trucks to put their chains on their tires because that's the only way really to prevent accidents. more than half the accidents happen that way on that pass. what's happening and the storm, up to 100-mile-per-hour winds in wyoming. big sky, montana, the snow flying and gusts up to 60 in some places. there are high wind alerts with this. if we can go ahead and click, max, because i'm having some trouble here. there we go. to the big map that shows all who are encompassed in this storm, salt lake city today, up to 4 inches and 60-mile-per-hour
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gusts from oklahoma to north texas like amarillo. abilene could end up with 2 to 5 inches of snow with this. this all happens in the next 48 hours, george. >> okay, ginger, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to that urgent rescue effort to save those three people trapped in an abandoned mine in west virginia. crews searched all throughout the night battling poor conditions. abc's david kerley is on the scene in clear creek, west virginia, where the work continues right now. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. they're meeting to determine when they'll go back into the mine. very low level of oxygen. family members are waiting for any word. time is running out as teams urgently search again this morning for three people believed to be lost in an abandoned coal mine. police say four people illegally entered the west virginia mine early saturday morning allegedly searching for copper wire. right now three are still missing, only one, ed williams, managed to escape. his cousin kayla still inside. her father speaking out this morning.
7:14 am
>> honestly, the reason to be in there is to get copper. they're still our kids. i love every one of them but i want my daughter out. >> reporter: he's concerned the search and rescue may not be moving fast enough. >> to me this don't seem like it's been fast enough. i think they need to be moving a little faster. that's what i think. >> reporter: but randy williams remains hopeful that he will be reunited with his daughter as early as today. >> she just -- she's a great kid. >> reporter: there's a pending criminal investigation. but the focus really right now is the rescue effort. trying to get these three people out of the mine and family here hoping they get some word that they are safe. michael? >> all right, thank you, david. and now to a football fight but this one is off the field. the city of oakland is now suing the raiders and the nfl over the team's planned 2020 move to las vegas calling it illegal. t.j. holmes is here and, t.j., one of the things at stake is where will the raiders play next year. >> the oakland raiders might end
7:15 am
up being the fill in the blank raiders for next season. they don't know where they'll play. this came about because last year the raiders announced that they would be leaving the city of oakland and they were going to go to vegas, essentially oakland was outbid by las vegas. now they have made good, the city of oakland, on a threat to sue over that move. look at what the mayor of oakland just tweeted out yesterday calling the nfl a billionaire boys club that ditched oakland out of sheer greed. they go on to call the nfl a cartel and say some of their practices are bribes in this lawsuit they've put forward. this all came about because it had a lot to do with money. the city in this lawsuit is now saying it cost us hundreds of millions of dollars to try to keep this team. we're going to lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue generated by the team being here but in the lawsuit, hey, we don't want you. you can go. just like -- >> we want our money. >> like a lot of breakups. i don't want you back, i don't want you back, but
7:16 am
you're not going to leave me empty-handed in the process. they were supposed to stay in oakland until the 2020 season so now we got a season left. with this back and forth, what are they going to do? i'm not going to pay you rent to fund your lawsuit against me. so where are they going to go next year? we do not know. >> well, i guess we'll keep our eye out. they've been the oakland raiders, l.a. raiders, and back to the oakland raiders, now the las vegas raiders. >> they have commitment issues. [ laughter ] so any city that gets the raiders, just know 10 or 15 years down the road i'll be sitting here telling this story again. >> it could happen again. all right, thank you, t.j. >> you got it. t.j., stick around for this one too. we got that nba star. i think you know this guy a little bit getting a special invite from nasa for an unusual reason. steph curry recently said on a podcast he doesn't believe nasa put men on the moon half a century ago. his comments set off a bit of a social media storm and now nasa stepping in, inviting curry to tour the lunar lab at the johnson space center in houston, where he can see hundreds of
7:17 am
pounds of moonrocks and the apollo program's mission control. he replied with this emoji tweet. astronaut scott kelly, he's tweeting. he said, steph, so much respect for you but re the moon landing thing, let's talk. dm me. >> he wasn't joking? >> no, he wasn't. >> hold on, we're being trolled. >> i listened to it. i wasn't quite sure. >> another player said the earth was flat. >> yes, we've gone through that. he walked it back. that was kyrie irving. he walked it back. i think they're trolling us but, still, steph is a sharp dude. he is a sharp -- he knows better than this. come on, steph. [ laughter ] stop. why is everybody messing with us this morning? >> i know, really. >> makes you happy, t.j. let's go to ginger. >> i love listening to that, yes, the earth is round. i'm going to show you how it's round and how it's works because the atmosphere works because of that.
7:18 am
durham, north carolina, raleigh itself got 11 inches and this accident not from the storm sunday into monday. this is actually from that snow melting, then refreezing, black ice and they still have black ice warnings with those winter weather advisories in western north carolina and western south carolina. this morning, freeze warnings extend all the way into savannah, georgia, down to gainesville and even orlando, seeing frost pictures this morning so it's happening, guys. nice and cold. your local weather in 30 seconds.
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coming up, those new clues in that missing mom mystery and the new surveillance video just released. the last confirmed sighting with her baby before she vanished and what her fiance is telling abc. and the undercover sting to stop porch pirates. we're taking you inside the high-tech operation police are pulling off to crack down on package thieves. and the nuns accused of making off with half a million dollars from their parish. s from their parish. a million dollars from their parish.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. san francisco mayor london breed will be hosting a celebration of life for late mayor ed lee later this morning. in fact, it starts in just about one hour at city hall. lee passed away from heart failure exactly one year ago today. san francisco police right now are also investigating a hit-and-run that left a woman dead. authorities say that a dark-colored car hit her at around 3:30 this morning on leavenworth and bush streets. and last we checked, there were some closures there. alexis? >> yeah, good morning, jessica. we did have a crash just occur and just clear southbound 101, right around the toll plaza for golden gate bridge. so very dense fog in the area
7:24 am
and about a ten-minute delay, fur coming in from marin county. we also have a problem near sfo eastbound 380, right on the connector to head south on 101. just getting word of a rollover collision, so emergency crews and an ambulance on the way to the scene. jessica? >> whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we still have some really thick fog near petaluma, down toward novato. everyone else is starting to thin out just a little bit. and that's that faster sunshine that's going to bring us warmer temperatures. we're starting off milder, most of us in the 40s and 50s, save santa rosa, 37. roads, the patchy dense fog, and if you're on a ferry, you don't have to worry about delays this morning because of the fog. it's still out there, just in a little bunch of groups. so we've got chances of light rain on our storm impact scale friday, saturday, monday. a very stronger storm sunday.
7:27 am
jessica? >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma," new surveillance video in that missing mom mystery. the last confirmed sighting before she vanished. stay tuned f ♪ ♪
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ vivoactive 3 music. from garmin. ♪ what you say [ laughter ] jennifer lopez, oh, and leah remini was here yesterday and described the scene which is all improv and we are so excited that jennifer lopez and her brand-new movie "second act," she's going to be here live this morning to talk about that and so much more. >> yeah, leah was so much fun yesterday. >> oh, wasn't she? >> looking forward to that. headlines we're following as well. president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen is going to find out his fate appearing in federal court for sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple charges. he could be facing up to five
7:31 am
years behind bars, he's also implicated the president. first lady melania trump is paying a special holiday visit to troops at two bases this morning. then she'll head to the "uss george h.w. bush" in the atlantic to thank the military. a close call. a tractor-trailer suddenly losing control slamming into cars nearly hitting that woman you see there carrying a child. thankfully she escaped. she got out of the way just in time. how scary is that? wow. we're going to turn now to new developments in the missing mom mystery. it shows kelsey berreth walking into a safeway with her baby on thanksgiving. the last day she was seen before vanishing. abc's clayton sandell is there in denver with the latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. police say patrick frazee was one of the last people to see his fiancee before she vanished.
7:32 am
they say he is not a suspect. we wanted to give him a chance to tell his story but as you'll see, he declined. this morning, new video, the last confirmed sighting of kelsey berreth shopping at this colorado supermarket with her daughter thanksgiving day. police say her fiance, patrick frazee told them he hasn't seen the 29-year-old pilot since that afternoon when he picked up their daughter. we caught up with him leaving home. >> sir, can you tell us what's going on? >> this is private property. this is a private road. >> reporter: and again, as he and his daughter left a meeting at the office of a colorado springs attorney. >> patrick, why don't you talk to us? >> reporter: both times refusing to answer questions about berreth or the text message he told police she sent him november 25th. police say frazee who did not live with his fiancee never reported her missing. her mom called police december 2nd. >> she's not the kind that runs off. this is completely out of character. >> reporter: police searched
7:33 am
berreth's home finding signs she might have left unexpectedly and when police came here, they said they found both of her cars in the driveway and inside food left behind, cold cinnamon rolls uneaten on the stove. investigators say three days after she vanished, a mysterious text came from berreth's phone sent to the flight school where she worked. it said she was going to miss the next week of work. later that day her phone was also detected in idaho, but there's been no sign of her there. and at a press conference earlier this week, frazee a no-show. >> chief, i understand that patrick was invited today. why is he not here? >> that is a question you would have to ask him. >> reporter: police say frazee has been cooperative and again have not named him a suspect. investigators insist this is still a missing persons case. guys. >> hopefully she is found soon safe. all right, clayton, thank you. now to new trouble this morning for those two california nuns accused of embezzling
7:34 am
$500,000 from their catholic school to pay for gambling trips to las vegas. linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: these two nuns are asking for forgivene and prayers after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars to among other things pay for trips to sin city. gambling and jet-setting, not exactly the lifestyle you might expect for these two nuns. >> they'd come driving in in their nice white volvos and that seems kind of strange for people who took an oath of poverty. >> reporter: but parents at this high school are outraged their own tuition checks may have footing that lifestyle. sister mary margaret kreuper, the principal for 29 years, and sister lana chang, a teacher for 20 years, stole $500,000 since 2006 and were given discounts as
7:35 am
incentive to pay in cash. >> there's a lot of betrayal and you're thinking about how will this impact my child? these are the leaders of the school. >> reporter: they were accused after a routine audit found they were funneling upon to a long forgotten bank account only they could access. >> we understand this can be a large-scale investigation. we are dealing with the allegation of misappropriation of funds. >> reporter: the nuns' order moved the two sisters into a religious house removing them from all public religious work issuing this statement saying, as a religious community, we will not defend the actions of our sisters. what happened is wrong. our sisters take full responsibility for the choices they made and are subject to the law. the church and archdiocese are choosing to not press criminal charges against the sisters. they say they plan to address the situation internally through the investigation, restitution and the sanctions on the sisters. it seems like a scene right out of "sister act." you can see them now, rosary beads in one hand full house in the otherand. >> apparently so.
7:36 am
it's being handled. all right, linsey, thank you. coming up, porch pirates, beware. our behind-the-scenes look at an undercover sting, the new high-tech way police are taking action against those holiday grinches. and later, we have a "gma" exclusive. i really hope you stick around for it. the new warning about fake celebrity endorsements. not true. come on back. on back. be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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of the leading invisible solid. twice the sweat protection, secret clinical. we're back now with a new way police are battling porch pirates, pulling off high-tech sting operations.
7:40 am
the u.s. postal service says it will deliver a record 9 million packages this holiday season. one new jersey city is teaming up with amazon and the company ring to protect them. gio benitez has more on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: yeah, in the first four hours of this undercover sting, police in jersey city say they already arrested three suspects. it's one of the first police departments in the country now using technology to outsmart those porch pirates. we see them time and again during the holidays, those package bandits swiping boxes right off your doorstep. just this monday police say these two women pulled up to a tampa home, stole the packages and drove off. and sometimes police get lucky recovering piles of pilfered packages, but now this morning police are taking action. one police department in new jersey is launching a high-tech effort to take on thieves. >> what we have here is the locations where our gps devices are deployed right now. >> reporter: jersey city police
7:41 am
chief michael kelly giving us a behind the scenes look at their latest undercover sting, putting gps tracking devices inside packages. this is an undercover officer showing us how he would deliver one of these bait packages. >> you just started this program. and you said within the first eight minutes -- >> yeah, this morning, the detectives deployed this and within eight minutes we had movement on one of the devices and we swooped in and made the arrest. >> reporter: when they suspect they're stolen based on unusual movement officers in the burglary unit will hear this. and close in on the suspects. captain james crecco helped start the program with amazon's help. amazon gave you these boxes to make sure they look as real as possible. >> we actually went to their facility in staten island and allowed us to pick out the boxes we were going to use and had one of their security guys print out labels and placed the labels on it so they looked authentic. >> reporter: officers are also
7:42 am
donating doorbell cameras to homeowners hoping they get images of those overnight thieves. >> the message to the bad guys are, we're going to catch you, and that's a message that we have not been able to say with any frequency prior to the implementation of this program. >> reporter: that's what they say. this is especially helpful because the chief says this program actually frees up resources and requires less officers to catch thieves right away. they'll be right back at it this morning. they really hope this goes nationwide. >> can you tell the difference between the real and fake box? >> i got to tell you, i can't tell. this is a real box right here but i was holding that fake box, that bait box, exactly the same, amazon prints out those labels and even have the same amazon inventory codes because these porch pirates are smart. they're looking at the codes. they know what's inside the box. >> i think when you're stealing something you're not -- get it and go anyway, right? >> absolutely. this just happened to my mom a few months ago. >> it did?
7:43 am
>> yeah. >> and you're going to be back in our 8:00 hour because speaking of fake there are some fake advertisements that are out there profiling let's say public figures. lara has been the subject. i do not have a skin care product line. just let me tell you that and so glad you'll have that. >> it's really important because a lot of our viewers are getting scammed. >> hard-earned money that they're putting down on these products. >> a billion dollars. all right, thank you, gio. and coming up, the search for an oscars host after kevin hart stepped down. the stars that are now throwing their names in the ring. and are you feeling festive burnout this season? >> no. >> we're not even close to it. but if you are overwhelmed by everything you have to do, we'll tell you how to deal would holiday stress. >> look at those hats over there. >> people over there. >> yeah. whoo-hoo! they're not burned out. ♪ ♪
7:44 am
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we are back now with the search for an oscars host. the academy's board of governors meeting last night after comedian kevin hart stepped down from the role. abc's chris connelly has the very latest from los angeles and, chris, the idea of a talentless host or the show without a host -- a talentless host -- that means a talentless piece, like there's no talent in it -- you know what i mean, chris. that nobody would host the show is being tossed around. >> i get the idea and that idea is being tossed around like a frisbee on a college quad.
7:48 am
michael, good morning. there's indeed a job opening and with less than three months to go before oscar night, the question as peers to be how or by whom that job will be filled. a comic, engaging personality or none of the above. apparently, it's kind of hard to find a host for the academy awards. so much so that after it's here today gone later today kevin hart debacle in a board meeting the academy reportedly may serve up a hostless cupcake on oscars night. >> they're behind the ball right now and need too get in front. this could be an opportunity and just by the spectacle of the story there is a higher interest in how they're going to pull off the telecast anyway. >> reporter: why so shy? sure, oscar night might not have gone great for david letterman and james franco but recent oscar hosts have fared well. chris rock, jimmy kimmel's two stints and ellen degeneres. remember that selfie? and it's said to be the movies, not the hosts, that determine the ratings.
7:49 am
>> that's the truth. >> reporter: if they're looking through linkedinfor hosts, here's a few. tiffany haddish and maya rudolph. >> don't worry, there are so many more white people to come. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: their combo platter presenting put a charge in the last oscars. >> key & peele. reuniting this comedy duo would be a major coup. justin timberlake on vocal rest but lit up the oscar open in 2017. gritty, the wildly popular hockey mascot doesn't say all that much but at least he's a yes tweeting tuesday, okay, fine, i'll do it. and whoopi goldberg, the acclaimed past oscar host on tuesday's edition of "the view." >> people need somebody to take them through things and to take care of things when they happen. now, i realize i may not be anybody's first choice, but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: in fact, whoopi says her pick might be ken jeong seen in "crazy rich asians." for now, it's a little additional drama in advance of
7:50 am
academy award night on february 24th, guys. >> and chris, if they don't get a host as we say talentless, what happened the last time there was no host? >> the last time there was no host i think was 1989 and that's the show that had the opening number that featured rob lowe and snow white, both of whom deserved better dancing to "proud mary." >> i forgot that. >> reporter: we don't want that. nobody wants that. >> both of who deserve better. that's a nice way to put it, chris, thank you. we appreciate it. going to be interesting to see what happens. >> it will. it will. >> time is crunching. interesting to see what happens in our 8:00 hour. jennifer lopez is here live. come on back. u know your holiday shopping is complete. it's time to celebrate. [♪ ]
7:51 am
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morning america." you know the fog in san francisco, you know of it but just wanted to show you that but also that low essure system sliding down through today into early tomorrow. north texas, even abilene, the area around it could pick up anywhere from 2 inches to 5 inches of snow and then it becomes all rain. just fell in a place like durham, north carolina, could enup causing fog as we enter enup causing fog as we enter e weekend.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by taltz. "good morning america" is sponsored by taltz.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings and meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica. hi, everybody. some good news. visibility, pretty good just about everywhere except for petaluma, less than an eighth of a mile and two miles in the altamont pass in livermore. out and about, everything is pretty good. we'll see sunshine faster, a little bit warmer this afternoon than tomorrow. and then it starts raining friday through monday, off and on. alexis? >> all right, we have two sig alerts to talk about right now. one of those, i did mention about 30 minutes ago, a rollover crash right around sfo, eastbound 30 -- excuse me, 380 connector to southbound 101 is closed due to that. they had to actually cut the driver out of that vehicle. so we've got some injuries there. certainly some delays, as well. and a solo vehicle motorcycle
7:57 am
crash, southboun 101 near lawrence expressway. the two right lanes are blocked there. jessica? >> alexis, thanks. coming up on "gma," the new warning about fake celebrity endorsements and how you can spot the scams. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our app and see you soon.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. christmas market terror attack. a massive manhunt for the gunman who opened fire. at a popular tourist spot. at least two killed, more than a dozen injured. police now stopping car after car searching for the suspect as france raises its terror level. new this morning. the warning from the better business bureau that millions of shoppers are victims of false advertising featuring fake endorsements from celebrities who have nothing to do with the products being advertised. reportedly at least a billion dollars being scammed from consumers. our "gma" investigation this morning. under pressure. are you suffering from festive burnout when it comes to the holiday season? why so many women say they're fed up with making all the holiday magic. how to deal with the stress of
8:01 am
the season. and are you ready for jennifer lopez? she's here. she's live and she's spilling on "second act." plus, the superstar about to give a lucky fan the surprise of a lifetime live. and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ applause ] ♪ good morning, jennifer. good morning, america. thanks to all of you for being with us this wednesday morning. >> i can smell her perfume on you. >> i'm never washing this suit again, robin. >> you can't. wonderful. >> i love it when jennifer is around. this just in, we have a first look at her brand-new music video for "limitless." take a little, quick look at it there, as she's proving she is limitless. ♪ >> and we are so excited to have
8:02 am
her join us. take a look, there's our jennifer lopez superfan, kimberly, she's with our producers. she has no idea that she's about to meet jennifer in just a few minutes. she thinks she's just here for an interview. we can't wait for that big surprise. i love our producers acting like they're really interviewing her. it's going to be great though. >> she thinks she's here because of jennifer's movie "second act" and this woman, kimberly, has a second act that we are talking to her about. >> just be natural. just be yourself. you're going to be great. >> that is coming up. we've got a lot of headlines to get to before all of that. that terror attack at a christmas market in france, let's go back to ian pannell who is there on the scene for us. good morning again, ian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i'm actually standing in between two of the sites where the shootings occurred at 8:00 on this spot last night. the first shootings rang -- the first shots rang out just around the corner, about 120 yards away. the second down on this street
8:03 am
itself. heavily armed police were on the scene almost immediately. we understand that the french military had the attacker in their sights at least two occasions. we believe that the attacker was wounded in a shot but incredibly he was still able to escape in a taxi. we know that he was injured. we know a massive manhunt is now under way involving more than 300 police, and details starting to emerge about the attacker himself. he was on a terrorism watch list. he was known to the police and we understand that he had been visited by the police earlier in the morning but they were unable to apprehend him. still, the manhunt continues. robin. >> thank you so much for that. george. we're going to turn now to michael cohen. the president's former personal attorney will be in federal court this morning facing a judge for sentencing. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is outside the courthouse in manhattan. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. cohen is due here at the courthouse in just a little while, he's expected to speak to the court and ask for no jail time. he believes he has cooperated with investigators including the special counsel but federal
8:04 am
prosecutors here in new york are playing hardball. they say cohen has been motivated by greed all of his professional life and that his cooperation has been limited but attorneys for the special counsel will be here as well and they say cohen has given them significant help in their ongoing russia investigation. but they made no recommendation on exactly how long cohen should be incarcerated, so the judge has a lot to consider. cohen could be facing a lot of time in jail. george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. michael. coming up, everybody, we have that exclusive first look at that new report on fake celebrity endorsements, how to spot them and what to do if you spent money on these products. plus, do moms take an unfair share of the burden during the holiday season? what to do if you are feeling burnt out. and lara, i know it's exciting upstairs. >> i am here with an amazing audience. you know who they're excited for, the one and only jennifer lopez. she's got a surprise for a superfan. you will not want to miss it. "gma" coming right back. ♪
8:05 am
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♪ [ applause ] welcome back. 'tis the season. the audience is always wonderful but this time of year, ah, the energy that you bring, thank you so much for sharing that. [ applause ] we appreciate it. and if you haven't finished your
8:10 am
holiday shopping be sure to tune in tomorrow. tory johnson will be here with "deals & steals" on last chance presents that you do not want to miss. and you don't want to miss "pop news" right now. [ applause ] >> good morning to our great audience and to you. imagine heading to an airport where instead of long lines and pushy people this one is filled with aha moments. it's a place where you are living your best life. the oprah g. winfrey international airport. >> what? >> sounds pretty good to me and the folks down in nashville want to make it happen. a councilwoman there is proposing the name change to honor the talk show legend who lived in the music city during high school and she went on to graduate from tennessee state university. the councilwoman at large saying she thinks it's a grand opportunity to recognize someone of oprah's stature. now, there is a catch. the nashville airport authority board has the final say on the name and currently oprah's creds don't make the cut. and thankfully so. the airport's naming criteria states an individual must be
8:11 am
deceased for at least two years and have made a substantial contribution to the airport or field of aviation to have a facility named after them. but, folks there saying why do we wait to celebrate when they're gone. why don't we do it while the airport is undergoing a massive renovation and say, thank you, oprah, for all that you do. so, stay tuned. [ applause ] don't you like that idea? >> i lived there and worked there. people love her and her daddy, he's there. he's a barber. i mean, it makes sense. >> it makes sense. we shall see. >> she's given a lot to that city. >> yep, indeed. also in the news this morning, cher once again will have us all believe one way or the other. the megastar making a big announcement overnight writing, well, that she's writing her own life story. and if that's not enough to turn back time with the oscar winner,
8:12 am
she also told her twitter followers there's a biopic in the works, this comes hot on the heels of the cher show on broadway opening to rave reviews. cher, we got you, babe, and, yes, we do want more. [ applause ] >> all the way on that one. >> yeah. >> i know. thank you. after the show can we work on that? so close. now we move to audrey hepburn. who can forget the quintessential beauty in holiday classics like "breakfast at tiffany's" and 'my fair lady" and this morning, "variety" is reporting the new tv drama based on the life of the icon is in the works and they're keeping this one in the family. the treatment for the series co-written by hepburn's own son. it's already generating big buzz in hollywood. as famous as she was on screen hepburn's life outside of film was extremely private and not without drama. the series from the makers of "the young popes" starring jude law start shooting in 2020.
8:13 am
no word yet on who will play the movie icon. big shoes to fill. finally, well, royal replica revolt. madame tussauds in berlin unveiling its new living wax figures of prince harry and meghan markle, but, well, you can't unsee them. take a look. these are actors impersonating the duke and duchess wearing wax masks over their face and sporting holiday sweaters. of course, it was all in fun. meghan even showing her baby bump. >> come on. >> reaction to the counterfeit couple has been, well, vocal. one person on twitter called the pair festively freaky. the other said, i can't unsee this but i sure wish i could. that is "pop news." >> thank you, lara, for that. [ applause ] all right. we have our "gma" cover story. and i know, lara, this is something -- >> we talked about this. >> yes.
8:14 am
you've been working on it with gio. so important for people to see this. this morning the better business bureau is out with a brand-new in-depth report warning that millions have been victims of false advertising. >> yeah, many of these ads offer risk-free trials and may feature fake endorsements from celebrities including members of your own "gma" family, and they reportedly cost you, the consumer, at least $1.3 billion in the last decade. our gio benitez is back now with more on the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: such an important lara robin, good morning again. yeah, these ads may seem to come from trusted websites or offer free trials. when you read the fine print the price can be steep so this morning, "gma investigates." you've seen the ads all over major websites claiming celebrities like whoopi goldberg and joy behar of "the view" are launching their own skin care lines and it's simply not true. >> three con artists have been claiming that me, joy and other celebrities have been spokespeople for their bad skin cream. >> they say that it's my cream.
8:15 am
i haven't seen a dime. >> reporter: the ftc ordering three men it says were behind these and other ads to pay back millions of dollars to consumers. but that hasn't stopped others from trying to use celebrity names and images to push products like the makers of these ads featuring beyonce and j. lo. their reps tell us they don't know anything about these products. fake endorsements even hitting our "gma" family, robin roberts, amy robach and lara spencer. >> makes me very upset to have people think that i'm leaving a job that i love to do something that i have no idea about. i feel so violated. >> i saw the ad stating that she was going to be leaving "good morning america" and working on her skin care line. >> reporter: brenda devlin says in june she purchased two items she thought were created by lara. >> i like lara and i thought i'll give her a try for her product. >> reporter: she says the so-called trial offer, just $4.95 for each product. >> i didn't realize it was a subscription.
8:16 am
>> reporter: she says those auto shipments cost her nearly $90 per product. while the company says the subscription was outlined in the terms and conditions, brenda says she doesn't remember seeing them. >> i called the company. they said there's absolutely no refunds. >> reporter: brenda was able to cancel the subscription during the call but says it was only after she sent this complaint to the better business bureau that the company agreed to a refund. and it's not the only product using lara's name and misleading consumers. >> all of it is completely false. it makes me want to cry because this is my career and it's a fan base that trusts me. >> reporter: lara hiring an attorney to fight the claims. >> i'm telling you that i'm selling you a product that's endorsed by a celebrity when it hasn't been endorsed by a celebrity. that's a fraud. >> reporter: the ftc and better business bureau tell us this issue is an uphill battle. >> millions of people around the country have lost billions of dollars to this sort of fraud and it's continuing all the time. >> it's a lot like whack-a-mole. you can get shut down in one
8:17 am
place and open up the next day. >> reporter: one company denies even knowing about the ads until lara's attorney told them. the company told us they hire a company who hires others to promote their products but says their contract is for bid. we hit the road to see if we could get answers from the man the skin care company says is it behind some of these ads. so the manufacturer has actually given us the name. we're going to go find him. we found him. but he told us he has nothing to do with the ads. a confusing dead-end. leaving consumers and the stars being used to work hard to get the message out. >> i'm really sorry this happened to you. these guys are going celebrity to celebrity to celebrity just to make a quick buck and we're doing everything we can to try to stop them. >> you need to stop them. we need to catch them. >> what would you say to other people who might be attracted to these products with celebrities attached? >> you need to really investigate it a little bit
8:18 am
further. >> hopefully we get some change out of this. >> i hope so too. >> we're working on it, my sister, we're working on it. >> we are and we should tell you more than two months later brenda still has not received her refund money and that other skin care company tells abc they demanded that the third party take action against whoever may be responsible for the ad with lara. that ad is now down. but you are both still getting these messages. >> oh, my gosh, mine is still up because it's like whack-a-mole. they bring one ad down and go on to another one. and they are so believable. they have quotes from us. i mean, how is this not against some kind of law or something? >> made up quotes. >> made up quotes, yes, excuse me. >> quotes that were in my ad are now in your ad. >> i know. >> they just -- >> verbatim. >> how is this acceptable? how is this acceptable? >> and that's what the government is now trying to do. you have the ftc looking at this and you have the better business bureau taking action.
8:19 am
>> what should people do right now? they're online. these ads pop up on credible websites, little boxes, you can't help but click, wow, this looks great and not that expensive. little do you know you will get charged monthly. you can't get out of it. it's such a scam. what can people do? >> let's put this up on the screen right now because we do have some advice here. surprising celebrity endorsements, things that just don't make any sense. if you have a credit card and it's needed for shipping and handling, that's a red flag, and then you want to also look if the website has no contact information because if it doesn't you should be able to reach these people very easily. >> i have one too. go to the celebrity's personal social media account. if you don't see them talking about a product, it's not their product. >> because we would be talking about it on social media. you're absolutely right about that. [ applause ] i hope y'all understand our anger is not because of their using our name. our anger is that they're taking advantage of you. that is what we're angry about. we can take care of ourselves and, you know, but the fact that
8:20 am
they're using our names to take advantage of you is totally unacceptable and that's what we're fighting. >> it's unbelievable. so file a complaint with the bbb. >> the bbb needs to know. they are taking action and the more you reach out to the better business bureau, the more they can do. >> that was good advice about going to the celebrity's social site because, you know, they would be having it. >> i wish i had a skin care line, but i don't. let's go to ginger. >> i'm not leaving either. i just want to put that out there. i've had plenty of them too. everybody gets them, right? if i were leaving, our "gma" moment works for today. check it out. >> tomorrow's weather might be a little rainy. but i think it will be sunny and cold again. >> see, haley can take the job. she's got it. she's a 5-year-old from texas who wants to be a meteorologist just like me.
8:21 am
for many people it is the most wonderful time of the year but for women, and especially moms, they often end up bearing the burden of responsibility around the holidays. abc's deborah roberts is here with that and, deborah, i got to say, watching my mom, it is very true. >> a very stressful situation, michael. it's just a couple of weeks now before christmas but for some moms they want to go tell it on the mountain that there seems to be a gender divide at work during the holidays and women are often left holding the bag.
8:22 am
♪ >> i've always loved christmas but as a mom it's a lot of work. >> sweetie, we don't drink the tree water. >> reporter: 'tis the season to be jolly but not so much for some moms. >> you are a mom. moms don't end joy. they give joy. >> reporter: a recent study shows one in three americans say they suffer from festive burnout during the holidays. this dallas mom of two saying she's feeling the pressure big time. >> i take on 98% and i think my husband takes on about 2%. >> her to-do list seemingly never ending. >> i have to wrap presents, plan our meal for christmas, buy all the food for christmas. >> reporter: gemma hartley, author of "fed up," says it's not unusual. >> they were so worried about making them magic for everyone else that they really started to hate the holidays. >> reporter: what about dads? >> for men to learn the skills takes time. it takes time for them to learn to take initiative when it comes to labor. >> reporter: but there is a way
8:23 am
to balance out the workload says relationship export bella gandhi. >> the first step in getting help from your partner is know what you need. know your biggest stressors and you know your partner and know what their strengths are. ask them how they can best help you but first you have to ask yourself, how can he help me? number two, be specific in your request. for example, i'll make the list if you could order online and go to these three stores, that would be amazing. your partner wants you to be happy and when you give them specific requests, they will most likely comply. and number three, have this discussion with your partner at a peaceful, happy time. maybe it's after dinner, maybe it's when you're going to bed, and then have the conversation and watch how things can get better. it's amazing. >> during a peaceful time. the experts say it's also about retraining the way we look at the workload. telling the guys you're going to do this, i'm going to do that.
8:24 am
michael, from this mom i think one more piece of advice, the holidays don't have to be perfect, just memorable. >> that is true. most guys think they help the most by staying out of the way. >> no, no, no. >> tell us what to do and we will do it, deborah. >> if that's what it takes, we'll do it. >> we'll do it. coming up, jennifer lopez is here with a special surprise. so stay right there. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. it's 8:27. san francisco mayor london breed is going to host a celebration of life for the late mayor ed lee. this is scheduled to start in just a couple of minutes at city hall. as you know, lee passed away from heart failure one year ago today. going to check in now with alexis smith. it has been a foggy morning. how's the traffic going. >> it's been foggy, really busy trafficwise, as well. and not necessarily related. but we did have a rollover crash near sfo. finally got the all-clear from chp. so that is eastbound 380. the connector to southbound 101 is back open. but definitely looks like we have some residual delays in the area. so heads up if you have an early flight here today. and a quick check outside.
8:28 am
here's the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like the fog has lifted here and those metering lights still on.
8:29 am
annoy your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we'll take a look at fog out there. we have 2-mile visibility at livermore and less than an eighth of a mile in petaluma. that's where it's been stuck all day. next hour, that will start lifting. temperatures in the 30s, with the rest of us in the 40s and 50s. here's a quick look at your commute planner. everything's pretty good other
8:30 am
than the dense fog that's very isolated today. we have some rain, reggie, starting friday. >> 36 in santa rosa. that is cool. all right, thanks, mike. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. we ♪e welcome back to "gma." now you can hear -- we have a great audience with us this morning. yes, we do. [ cheers and applause ] and things are about to get even better because our next guest is one of the biggest superstars on the planet. a triple threat, singer, dancer, actress, her talent is, well, you could say limitless and now she's starring in the new movie "second act." please welcome the one, the only, jennifer lopez. [ applause ] >> hi, how are you?
8:31 am
>> hi, robin. how are you? >> how are you doing? [ applause ] >> hi. [ applause ] thank you. >> i love the energy. oh, my goodness. >> they loving you. >> i love them back. >> i got to say, it is so special to have you here, but there's also somebody else who is special who is here. >> more specialer. >> more specialer who happens to have a birthday today. >> my mom is here! >> your momma. that's right. [ applause ] >> look at. >> beautiful. >> look at that smile. >> thank you so much. >> do not give her a mike. my goodness. >> yes, they did. >> we're in trouble now.
8:32 am
>> wonderful when michael was reading the lead-in to you, you were beaming, you were like -- talking about -- you are so proud of all your children. >> very proud of all my girls. thank you very much, jennifer, of course is the best. [ applause ] >> so sweet. that is true. we agree with you, momma and happy holiday, by the way. >> thank you to you guys. >> thank you. we saw on instagram you and the family were decorating the tree? we were. we were. i always try to do that every year with the kids and we were doing it down in miami this year. >> a little tradition. >> yeah, yeah. >> -- one of my best memories growing up is when we put the tree up. my mom, my dad. my dad, we'd go buy the tree and bring it to the house and put it up. it was just -- >> a wonderful memory. >> i have to always do that with my kids. >> you want that. >> we saw for thanksgiving your boyfriend, alex rodriguez, kind of pranked you a little bit. >> he did. he did go something ongoing.
8:33 am
>> no, it's not. >> no, it's not. i was like, you guys really punked me. that's sad. but it was fun. it was hilarious. like everybody, everybody was in on it. >> so you thought everybody was in a trance. >> so we had this -- the master mentalist come and entertain. he had come to my show in vague and i was blown away. i was like, oh, my god, you have to see this guy. i want to talk to everybody. you have to see this guy. and so i got him to come out to the house and do like a little show for the family and they were blown away so now it's getting late and emmy is like, mommy, it's time to go to bed. you wash your hair. i went up to wash her hair real quick and while i did that they planned this prank. hey, like totally unexpecting and he's touch being everybody on the back. touching everybody on the back. what's going on? he's like, shhh and then he goes, and they all go.
8:34 am
what the -- [ laughter ] oh, i was -- 20 people, like 25 people that were at the dinner table, they just all fell out. it was genius. it was genius but i did feel punked. >> when you have 20 -- [ applause ] but when you have as we saw that table there, when you have that many people that's a lot of food so alex said that when it comes to cooking and the holidays you don't let him near the kitchen. you send him out on errands. what about christmas? >> i like to cook. me and my dad love to cook. my mom does not love to cook. >> oh, my gosh. no? >> no, she's an amazing cook and everything i learned i learned from her but me and dad like to go in the kitchen, make the turkey, make the pork, make all the ham. make all the food so, yeah, i definitely enjoy doing that. [ applause ] i'm grandma now. i'm grandma now. >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> so much fun with leah yesterday. >> she's hilarious. >> she loves you and want to see you two together. you want to see a little more?
8:35 am
[ applause ] >> put 15 years of my life into this store and after becoming assistant manager six years ago, sales have increased at a record pace. look, i mean no disrespect but what do you know about this store, the people who shop here. >> i specialize in team building. >> he got his mba from duke. i think you'll find he's the best man for the job. >> no, sir. i am. >> yes. [ applause ] >> that's a great theme. look at momma. she's in tears. i love that. i just love how you do that. why not. when leah was here -- >> what happened? tell me. tell me the shenanigans. >> the shenanigan, you know her so well. she showed the scene where, come on champ and she loves to slap me. look at this. >> she said it was improving. >> she was. she was. see -- >> there was one look where
8:36 am
you're like, what are you doing here? >> i was acting too but -- [ laughter ] we do this thing, see, the thing with our relationship i knew these characters, i have a relationship like this with someone in my life and that's leah if she agrees to do this and we can get our real relationship which is funny and crazy but also like steeped in love and support, like this is going to be something special because we do have a good time together and so when we're doing this scene she says to meo, okay, i'm going to do that, who's the champ thing i do before you go on stage. you know, because i'm pumping you. okay, yeah, yeah, let's do it. said nothing about the slapping. [ laughter ] said nothing about hitting me in the face. and she starts hitting me in the face and i'm like -- okay. [ laughter ] fine. [ applause ] by the last one i had to -- the bronx this me came out, hi to crack her on the last one. >> we saw your new music video. let's show a little bit earlier.
8:37 am
now you directed your daughter for the first time. >> i did. well, i directed for the first time so it was a big deal for me, but also you will i a's -- she comes right now. watch, watch. >> behind the scene. >> look at her, so tired. here she comes again, there she is. [ applause ] it's too much for me. it's too much for me. as a mom when i was on the set i was like all business and she -- she was like a mini-me. she was just like focused and just like tell me what to do and i was so scared to put her in it. i didn't honestly want her to do it. if she wants to do it when she's older, that's fine but the hours, you can't bail halfway through. like you have to see it through and she's like, i can do it, mom and i was like. >> ah. >> okay. you know, super nervous, she did it. she was on -- you see her yawning in that clip. she was so tired but she did not give up and when i tell you, it's my -- everybody is like what's your favorite thing about
8:38 am
the video. i'm like, emmy. emmy is my favorite thing about the video. when you see it it's so empowering. it's written by sia, "limit kathleen" and the theme for "second act" which is you can do everything and we're powerful and it's a video with all these women in it like an army of women causing this storm of change and she's the little girl inside all of us that's always fighting and it's awesome. >> oh, wow. [ applause ] >> i get so -- >> your mom was watching you and that's how you're watching her. >> it's a thing. >> and you have proven that. you are are limitless. you can do anything. so emmy -- if emmy needs an example she has a great example at home. >> she makes she so proud. >> and the movie, "second act," it is in theaters on december 21st. if you want to laugh, have a good time, go see it. >> perfect christmas movie. >> perfect christmas movie. no truer words said by jennifer lopez.
8:39 am
that's right. but make sure you check it out december 21st. don't go anywhere because jennifer is not done. she's going to stick around for a very special surprise. [ applause ] served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go. so panni-do eat one while you are in a car, but panni-don't, while you are on a car. order a pannido with doordash today. only at jack in the box.
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but panni-don't... huh? [buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. ♪ we're back. what? can we just have a camera on jennifer's mother the whole time? >> yes. [ applause ]
8:42 am
jennifer lopez. you have to see her new movie "second act." it's perfect for the christmas holidays. it is all about believing in yourself and taking that chance to create a second act in your life so, jennifer, we need you to help us with something. >> okay. >> a lot of people look up to you and they are inspired by you. >> thank you. >> and what we did is we asked people to share their second act with us. >> oh, nice. >> their stories and there was one that stood out. her name is kimberly. she is upstairs. okay. >> okay. >> our producers -- >> look at her. >> she doesn't know. our producers said she needed to come to new york for a final round of interviews and one of many talking about her second act. no idea she's going to be on live tv. how do you think she'll do. >> great. >> you are one of her biggest inspirations. i want people to meet her. take a look at her second act. kimberly didn't have the easiest childhood. at just 4 years old she came to america from costa rica with her mom in hopes of a better life.
8:43 am
>> she have a hard time in life. >> reporter: at 18 she was broke, had to drop out of college and her fiance was unfaithful and left her. >> it was probably the most hopeless time in my life. i got really depressed and for about a year and a half all i did was cry. >> but kimberly knew she had so much more to live for leaving everything behind and joining the air force. >> very hard working woman. she have very hard times but everything she went through, she prove herself better. >> and kimberly finding the true love of her life, ramsey, who says she's inspired by her every day. >> she inspires me to move forward having a spouse like that. you can't allow yourself to, you know, back off the gas. it's amazing to watch her blossom into a new person. >> while kimberly has made a lot of incredible life choices, the next is her best one yet, he second act doing what truly makes her happy helping others becoming a neonatal nurse
8:44 am
practitioners. >> it was time to make decisions tore my life. if this is what you want to do and in your heart of hearts you have to keep fighting for it. against all odds. >> very, very impressed with who she was before, how she is right now, it's like the night and the sun shine. >> i believe in myself to accomplish whatever it is i set my mind to no matter what and i didn't have that kind of belief in myself before. [ applause ] >> that belief. >> yes. >> okay. i want to you go sit in the audience. we -- we brought her downstairs. >> just sit there? >> bestie from biloxi, that's shelby. >> i'll be waiting right here. >> shhh. >> she's coming? >> she does not know. kimberly does not know. has had earplugs in, the whole bit. is she all set? is she good, okay, guys, hey,
8:45 am
kimberly, can we have kimberly come on out here and join us on "good morning america." [ applause ] hi, kimberly. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. come on, sit down. sit down, girl. [ applause ] >> hi, nice to see you. you're so beautiful. >> you are beautiful. why don't you sit on down here. >> oh, my gosh. >> we showed people your story. you thought you were like a finalist to tell your second act. >> you got me so good. i have to say. >> live on tv. you have some family you want to wave to at home because -- >> yes, hi. husband, mom, oh, my gosh. >> oh, gosh. >> hi. >> just breathe. >> yes. >> i know that you were saying that jennifer lopez was somebody that you looked to. what was it about her story that helped you, kimberly? just her tenacity to fight and to just listen to herself and what she knew was meant for her.
8:46 am
you no he, she said she had a dream that she's meant to be an ernst tak entertainer and went with that full fight and didn't let anybody stop. she's always been a role model. such an inspiration to me. we need to see that sometimes, you know, just people going for what they want. >> we see that with you. [ applause ] we see that with you, girl. [ applause ] and i mean people in the audience were so inspired watching your story so does anybody want to ask a question -- okay, there in the back. stand up. stand up. i'm really inspired by you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm really inspired by your story. can i come -- okay, okay. [ applause ] hi. >> oh, my god. [ applause ]
8:47 am
>> i know. >> yes. >> look at you. >> can you stay for a moment. >> i can stay for a moment. >> you know, she was about to skedaddle and we were like, hey, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> sheawhat is it you want to s >> jennifer, you're -- you're so beautiful i mean in person, she's even more gorgeous. but just thank you so much. you don't know. i've seen all your vh-1 making the music behind the scenes and so i know your story and you've always been such a role model, an inspiration to me. you really have and just keep doing what you're doing. just keep doing what you're doing. you always reinvent yourself and always looking for ways to improve yourself and where you can be better and that's just -- >> thank you. >> so amazing. >> everybody gets a second act. i loved your story. your story was so touching. it's exactly that thing where you think you have these terrible like moments in your life and you don't know how you're going to go on and then
8:48 am
that actual thing leads you to exactly where you're supposed to be and we just have to have faith, right? >> you talk open -- we see you now. >> yes. >> and don't realize the road that you were on. >> oh, yeah. >> and you share that so openly to help us know that -- >> absolutely, absolutely. it's a big -- it's definitely a theme for me. [ applause ] >> i can't stop staring at her. i can't believe she's here. she's here. >> she is here. and you know what, don't you have another surprise for her. >> yeah, oh, oh, oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> i just remembered, so the premiere of "second act" is tonight. here in new york city. we have a big huge premiere and i'd love it if you could come. >> oh, my gosh. yes! [ applause ] >> do you have a date? >> i know, i know. that would be great. you don't want to go by yourself. but i think -- >> do we have a date for you. >> maybe your husband? maybe. he's here. [ cheers and applause ]
8:49 am
yes. >> you guys. >> oh, my gosh. >> hi. hey there. >> hey, sweetie. mwah. oh, my gosh. >> he's good. >> oh, my gosh. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too, ramsey. so you're all set. >> we're going to go to the premiere tonight. >> how did you not let her know you were in town. >> i knew it. i knew it. >> you knew. >> i knew something was wrong because i called my mom, mom, ramsey has not answered the phone like all day. he's been just kind of like -- >> that's red lights. >> yeah. >> and my mom is like, oh, don't worry about it. it'll be fine. hmm, i don't know. something is going on, but anyway, i have too much to focus on. >> she's like, facetime, facetime me now so i turned my phoning off. >> you'll have a great date night thanks to jennifer lopez. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh.
8:50 am
>> thanks, kimberly. [ cheers and applause ] don't forget, "second act" hits theaters on december 21st. ginger, over to you. >> that is one of my favorite things we've ever done. thank you, jennifer lopez. thank you s >> this weather report sponsored by walgreens.
8:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "good morning america." we just witnessed such a sweet event and that surprise with jennifer lopez and we've got something else a little sweet for you. our christmas cookie of the day. yes, tiffany's chocolate biscotti. you got to check out her
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. hi, kimberly. how are you doing? >> i am the best that i've ever been in my whole entire life right now. >> well, you and ramsey will
8:56 am
have quite a night. thank you for sharing your second act with us. bless you. >> thank you for having me and listening to my story. >> have fun tonight. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> have a great day, everybody. thanks for watching.
8:57 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui sfrom abc 7 mornings. and mike nicco has a look at your day ahead. >> the fog that is out there is being very stubborn. it's got an little stubborn around livermore. watch out traveling through the altamont pass. over the next few hours. that is going stooart lifting. for the rest of us, we have hazy sunshine out there. warmer temperatures today and tomorrow. and then we have chances of rain. they'll be light friday, saturday, and monday. but moderate sunday. alexis? >> all right, taking a look at the roads, not much fog here. in fact, quite a bit of sunshine, 280 and 17 and san jose, our second crash of the morning, just north of here at saratoga avenue. so you are heavy in the area. and a quick check of some drive
9:00 am
times for the bridges. no delays, richmond, san rafael, slight delay for dumbarton bridges. >> it is now time for "live with kelly & ryan" and we'll see you again at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, recording artist and actress jennifer lopez. and, the legendary harlem globetrotters issue a basketball challenge to the cohosts. plus, our "holiday hits week" continue with a performance by lindsey stirling. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hey!


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