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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 13, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." i knew how proud he really
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was, and how he had really looked forward to his son being sworn in. >> justice william newsom, father of gavin newsom, died at the age of 84 in san francisco this morning. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. the judge had deep ties in california, dedicating much of his career to environmental protection and philanthropy. our reporter has been following all the tributes tonight and joins us live with more. >> reporter: i talked with former mayor willie brown tonight. not only did he work closely with bill, but they were good friends. we also saw his impact in the community and admired by many. >> that's my father, if you're wondering. >> reporter: the tributes poured in. tweets from governor brown, senator kamala harris, and from nancy pelosi, reading the passing of bill newsom is a
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great personal and official loss for all who were fortunate enough to call him friend. >> i am really shocked, because i know how proud he really was. and how he had really looked forward to his son being sworn in. >> reporter: he died in his san francisco home wednesday morning. and before he was known to the world as the father of governor elect gavin newsom, he developed a name as a distinguished judge, appointed to the superior court and court of appeal. former san francisco mayor willie brown says he's better explained as an advocate for tomorrow. >> when none of us were thinking about the quality of the air, when none of us were thinking about the availability of water, bill newsom was into all of those things. >> reporter: he also led the getty trust. >> judge newsom, this was his stomping grounds.
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>> reporter: he was a man of community, regularly stopping by north beach restaurant since the '70s. >> he was friends with everybody in here. you know, a piece of him is still here inside. and we'll have a couple of glasses of wipe for him tonight. >> reporter: a friend to many who will continue to be remembered. the newsom family has not released memorial information. we'll keep you updated on our website, repo >> all right, thank you. we do have more on the life and legacy of justice newsom on new developments tonight. the christmas eve matchup between the raiders and the broncos, that could be the team's final game at the oakland ayews reports the franchise has rescinded its offer to pay oakland $7.5 million to rent the coliseum for 2019. this is in retaliation for the
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city filing a lawsuit against the team and nfl. the owner calls the suit meritless and slowly shou lsays consider all options for a temporary home next season, but he doesn't want to fund the lawsuit against him with the rent he would be paying. anticipation is growing for the possibility as soon as next week. there's nothing official next week, but waves could get as high as 50 feet by sunday. this would be the first time the contest would be held in december. let's get right to sandhya patel. sandhya? >> some large waves are coming our way as we take a look. there are two storms that we are tracking with our radar. this first system already kicking up the waves. you'll notice this is about 35-foot waves heading in our direction. so take a look at the forecast sunday afternoon into sunday night. we'll start to see the waves
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building. west-northwest swell, breakers 30 to 40 feet. as we look closer, could see some waves as high as 50 feet. that's why there's potential that mavericks could be happening earlier than normal, which is normally in january and february. >> we'll see you coming one the rest of the forecast. police investigating a possible homicide at a home on valparaiso avenue. police received a 911 call. they came out to the home around 5:30 this evening, and inside they found a dead come. a suspect has been taken into custody. the last homicide there was in 2012. the san francisco fire department is mourning the death of a firefighter killed in a car accident in santa rosa this morning. the chp says 34-year-old steven packet was on his way to work when he tried to pass a garbage truck and collided with a car in heavy fog. both drivers were taken to the hospital in critical condition.
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packet died after arrival. arocen wim he had recently been deployed to the camp butte county. new at 11:00, dr. christine bla blazy ford speaking out since testifying against brett kavanaugh. >> i am honored to speak about a woman i admire so much, a woman who suffered abuse as a vulnerable teenage athlete, who found the courage to talk publicly to stop the abuse of others. >> the california professor appeared in a video statement for sports illustrated and presented this year's inspiration of the year award to former gymnast rachel dinhollander, who accused former usa gymnastics doctor larry nasser of sexual abuse. ford said she inspired others to end their silence. in the east bay, a long-time community church is in jeopardy of falling into a creek. the culprit -- heavy rain and soil erosion.
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the second baptist church in martinez needs $500,000 to repair the damage and stabilize the embankment. our reporter is there live with what church leaders are trying to do to save their church. >> reporter: yeah, ama, the problem is right here in the backyard. you can see tit's covered in tarp, and you see the pipes that keep water away from the church and to keep this church from falling into the creek below. pastor montgomery knows his church will fail this test every time. >> we could be the katrina of martinez. that's a reality. if we don't come up with a solution to stop the erosion. >> reporter: the major erosion began 14 yeerars ago. the city made repairs downstream. but this embankment built on the other side made the problem worse. >> when the floods came, we were
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the battered banks that led to the erosion. >> reporter: church leaders applied for disaster relief. >> we went from the city to the county to the state to the federal. >> reporter: the church needs $250,000 to fix the problem. but being a small community church, they ruled out the possibility of a loan. >> to a small church in a small community, it might as well be a billion. >> reporter: she says people have stopped coming because of the problems. >> they're afraid and have every reason to be afraid. when you look at the condition out there, it's frightening. ♪ >> reporter: but she adds the church helped build this community, providing resources like free food and programs for addiction treatment. her hope is that the community now returns the favor. now, church leaders say their only option is help from toelp out, we have a link on
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our website, >> thank you. santa comes down the chimney every christmas, but things did not go as smoothly for a would-bebu burgly suspect. he was wedged in a grease vent for two days before somebody heard him crying out for help. laura anthony has more. >> i keep hearing this uh, uh, and then i'm like, what could it be? >> reporter: igor said it was a sound he kept hearing for two days. >> and i continued to hear it. >> reporter: until this morning when he finally went to investigate. and this is what he found. a man covered in grease, stuck in an exhaust vent at the business next door. >> then i started asking questions, what's your name? oh, just please help me, get me out of here. i'm like, what is your name, what you doing there? >> reporter: campos called 911
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when first responders arrived, all they could see from below was the man's leg and foot. >> apparently he jumped in the ventilation for the cook area. he's definitely stuck. >> they saw a foot. >> reporter: in order to free the man, firefighters had to dismantle the vent. >> he was if a fetal position basically on his knees with his head in his upper body, his shoulders still stuck in the vent system itself with the lower portion, hips and below, sitting down here above the vent system on the stove, unable to move. he couldn't go up or down. >> reporter: once freed, he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. >> we can confirm this gentleman was not santa claus and did not have legal authority to be here. >> reporter: ray kelly says he's not sure yet what charges the 29-year-old will face. >> right now, he's hooking at some misdemeanor charges of trespassing and vandalism that kurd as a result of him breaking in. >> i feel lucky that he's okay,
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that i pretty much believe i saved his life. i believe today or tomorrow it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: the suspect was treated and released from a local hospital. he was not arrested. sheriffs say they will get a warrant for his arrest once they determine what the charges are. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> lucky to be okay. so are these people. they were trapped in an abandoned mine for days. see the emotional reunion after three people were rescued. was it all a joke? steph curry comes clean about his moon landing comments. >> >> but first, here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> thanks, larry and ama. please enjoy this, complements of the chef. ♪
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thank you. >> three people were found alive
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days after disappearing into an abandoned west virginia coal mine. the original group of four was reported missing on saturday when their abandoned atv was found. one man escaped on monday and he notified rescue crews. we're told they entered through a ventilation shaft in search of copper wiring and could face criminal charges. steph curry is coming clean about his moon landing commenting. he says he was 1,000% joking on a recent podcast when he sid he didn't believe we've been to the moon. he said one good thing to come out of the craziness, he's taking up nasa on his offer to tour the lunar lab. i'm sure he could have toured it without all the controversy. >> and now he's on to mars. you might call this the beginning of a invasion. >> shake she have will open its first local location in palo
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alto. here's a tasty preview of what is to come. >> reporter: the burger, fries, and milkshake experience is being taken to a whole other level. >> first time? >> yes, it. >> what did you think of snit >> i loved it so much. >> reporter: the bay area's first shake shack is set to open in palo alto this weekend. wednesday night's house warming party drew many of its burger fans. >> i'm going to spend a lot more of my paycheck than i should here. >> reporter: it's not unusual for people to wait hours to be among the first to try a new location's menu. >> this is the golden state double, a double patty burger made with locally grown items that would make anyone want to take a bite. >> we top it with cheddar cheese, with a sweet potato bun. >> reporter: how about topping it off with a glass of red from a local winery.
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>> wine and burgers goes great together. >> but for many, in and out reins supreme. >> reporter: i still like in and out, but i had my shake shack burger so long, i can't remember it. i just went there and ate a healthy burger. >> some friendly competition never hurt anyone. in palo alto, "abc7 news." >> carlos chowing down there. >> i've had it once. i love my in and out. >> decide for yourself. let's get to the weather and a rainy forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> two systems we're tracking. the first one is wimpy. the second one will bring widespread rain. we're seeing some clouds and patches of fog beginning to form, places like santa rosa where it's 41 degrees, 39 in vacaville. so we're starting to feel the chill in the area and it's
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starting to look like the holidays. a beautiful view of the board walk there. chilly morning with patchy, dense fog. sunny and mild tomorrow afternoon, and expecting two systems between friday and monday. in the sierra, the friday system will kick up the winds, but it's the sunday, monday system that will bring snow showers. take a look, expecting up to nine inches in places like donner, kirkwood, four inches at w blue canyon. and there's a reason for this. if you look at the sierra snow pack, it was 40% at this time last year. the snow pack today is 95% of average statewide, and we can use more of that snow to help our water supply. obviously we defend on the snow pack. and a beautiful view, if you are heading here, i want to show you the forecast for tahoe. cold morning, sunny afternoon tomorrow. wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour, but a chance of snow on saturday and that sunday storm is going to bring in rain and
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snow late in the night, going into monday. that's when we'll be adding some of that fresh powder. first thing in the morning, watch out for patches of dense fog around the delta. and in the north bay and valleys, chilly, down to freezing in napa. 33 in santa rosa. many areas in the 40s around the bay and coast, mid 30s inland. so you'll have to watch out for frosty conditions in spots and some fog. don't leave home without your winter coats and jackets. tomorrow amfternoon, low to mid 60s. tomorrow afternoon, it's just wall-to-wall of sunshine. then the level one system comes in, not going to produce a lot. scattered light showers under a half an inch and breezy at times. i want to show you the hour by hour forecast. 9:30, friday morning, a couple of sprinkles. same thing at 11:30 in the mrning. we wait for that band of rain to develop. in the north bay, they'll see some rain at 3:00 p.m., but then
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that front starts to fall awart as hit falls apart 7:30 friday night and not amounting to a lot. this may miss some of you on friday. a few lingering showers can't be ruled out on saturday morning. for the rest of you it's dry. so i removed the storm impact scale for saturday. i think most of your saturday will be just fine. we do have another system coming in on sunday night. rainfall totals with that friday system, a few hundredths. level two for sunday night. half an inch to an inch and a half of rain. rough and dangerous surf. gusty winds with that storm system. so that's the one we'll betcng. ak weather seven-day forecast, cold morning, mild afternoon. scattered light showers. saturday morning, north bay drops. that's about it. monday, it comes a level one. so we're getting some storms in here. that's a good thing.
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>> thank you, sandhya. tomorrow on "good morning
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firefighters in western german town were called out to an unusual emergeny this week. yeah, a tank at a chocolate factory overflowed, causing it to run out on to the streets. >> sounds like you're going to cry. >> it was tragic. firefighters eliminated the danger with shovels and muscle power. just slip and slide. >> with mout open. >> warriors were slipping and sliding all over. shocking tonight. > absolutely. the team with the best record in the nba came to oracle tonight, and the warriors didn't do
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warriors, raptors, round two tonight at oracle. klay thompson said he wouldn't be surprised if this matchup turns out to be a preview of the finals. 30 seconds in, steph curry from the corner. started well. he only had ten for the raptors go for the lead.
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raptors up 11 at this point. later in the second, all raptors. kevin durant threw it down for two for a game high 30. but not much energy in the third quarter. warriors had 19 turnovers. last chance for a run. raptors had other ideas. the raptors win by 21. nick bolins is only five career starts under his belt, but he's established a connect tore a hall of fame 49ers quarterback. he's thrown for 742 yards in the past two games, the highest total for a san francisco quarterback since steve young in 1995. mullins is keeping rather low key about the accomplishment, with reason. >> it's cool, but at the same time, i understand that stats don't matter, points do.
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the first time we played seattle, we didn't score enough points. >> today at the winter meetings, the a's general manager said the team is confident kyler murray will join the team, but he also won the heisman this year. his agents would not say that he won't declare for the nfl draft. so a's players hosted 180 fifth grade students at the oakland zoo today. it was a day of holiday cheer, which included tours and some snake petting. arts and crafts and pictures with santa. yes, we talked about this earlier, but snake petting and holiday cheer does not go
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>> all right. that is our report for tonight. thanks for watching, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. thanks for being with us. >> tv's number one daily viral
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video show "right this minute." >> do you take thee. >> do you take thee. >> a bride and groom decide to move up their wedding day. >> he is very sick. >> how they are finding joy. >> when a wing band teams up with a band, this is their music. >> what it took to pull off one crazy original idea. >> all she wants for christmas -- >> is my two front teeth. then i could wish you merry christmas. >> if the crazy russian hacker can do it, we've got to try. >> you going first? >> see which cracks first, the apple or oli's finger. >> do you take thee, lauren marie hope, to be my lawful we
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hadded wife. >> that is the 24-year-old darren and his bride. they decided to get married because he is very, very sick. he's been living with cystic fibrosis his entire life but recently had a lung transplant. because of an infection, his body rejected those lungs and doctors told him he has weeks to live. >> that is until death will we part. but that is soon. >> they decided to quickly get married. it took friends and family to pull off this wedding in a short time. >> life is so precious. >> she is my family. my family, my friend, my soul mate. >> you can see how choked up she is


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