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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday december 15th pl thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. here is meteorologist, lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7 us. hi, chris. within we have showers in the north bay. let's zoom in and show you where exactly near following. you can see most of the activity north of the golden gate, west of our sweep in mount st. helen opinion heels burg and mist and drizzle, a 1 on the storm impact scale. a weak system affecting the north bay with widely scattered showers. a couple hundredths.
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53 in oakland. a mile 57 half moon bay. we have the spare the air in the north bay. moderate air quality the rest of the bay. and high surf warning for the biggest waves we have seen all season, going into effect tomorrow morning through monday. we're having some strong northwest as well as with breakers from 25 to 40 feet. you can see currently 11 feet monterey. 13 feet in bodega bay. notice the green representing the rain. kfed really along the coast up into the north bay for the morning. and plenty of clouds in the north bay with mild 50s. the rest of the afternoon, a few clouds around the east bay and south bay. peeks of sun and we talk about the bigger storm tomorrow. chris. >> thank you. as she just mentioned stay out of the water and away from the beaches in san francisco this weekend. especially ocean beach through monday night. that's the urgent warning from the san francisco emergency management team after the
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national weather service issued a high surf warning with projected waves of 40 to 50 feet. smaller waves are expected at china beach and into the boehner chrissy field. >> visually you may think it's okay but the force of the water, specifically the tow is so strong that it could suck a person into the bay you could become a victim. >> lieutenant baxter added that waves could be too severe for rescue crews to enter the water. look at this. strong winds whipped up 4 foot waves on lake tahoe yesterday. the u.s. coast guard says people were out on boards taking advantage. any advise surfers and boaters not to go in. . you can always check the weather any time on the abc news app. the chp is investigating a possible case of road range after someone fired into the side of a car on interstate 680 in pleasanton. it may have started with annnnnn
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altercation in fremont. any say the shooting was ran. dom, the victim in the early 20s and expected to survive. they were traveling home after work. officers do not have a description of the shooter or car involved. any witnesses are asked to contact the chp. the time is 5:03. >> in the wake of deadly explosions eight years ago in san bruno and equipment may have played a role in beauty county fires. there is a bombshell reports with pg&e accused of lying about natural gas line safety. our reporter has the details. >> disgusting upset zblog the former mayor jim ruane can't believe it. the california public utilities commission accusing pg&e of falsifying documents for natural gas pipelines for years
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following the conviction for the san bruno explosion in 2010 which killed eight people. >> that's after sand bruneau o. you'd think things would have changed. falsifying documents, i mean. >> the cpuc has opened a case against pg&e reefrlg it failed to mark natural gas lines because of low staffing and pressured supervisors to falsify safety records between 2012 and 2017. the cpuc president saying utility falsification of safety related records is pennsylvania serious violation of law and diminishes our trust in the utility reports on progress. >> this shows they didn't learn a lesson. >> peninsula state senator jerry hill blasted the utility for putting the public at risk. >> i questioned the board of directors of pg&e. how can they sit there and allow this leadership and management of in company to do bits as
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usual? >> pg&e said in a statement we are committed to accurate and author o record keeping we didn't live up to the commitment. the mayor believers the people of his city deserve better bette >> translator: pg&e says it's working to update the audit protocol. the the senator wants them to put a monitor in place to take over management of marking of pipelines. abc 7 news. for more upon the accusations against pg&e and the san bruno pipeline disaster to go to our website, a federal judge in texas has ruled that the affordable care act also known as obamacare is unconstitutional. specifically he ruled that the individual health care mandate is unconstitutional. under obamacare those without health insurance had to pay a penalty. president trump signed a tax bill ending the fines. but that won't take effect until next year this new ruling
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threatens to end protections for people with preexisting conditions. governor brown released a statement staying the texas has no right to zbrief millions of health care by invalidating the affordable care act. california will vigorously fight this wanton and cruel action. in the south bay former first lady michelle obama spoke to a sold outcrowd at sap center to celebrate her best selling book. becoming. >> a glamorous michelle obama walked out to a roaring crowd. greeted like a rock star. wow. you guys are doing good out there. >> the moderator of the sweet exchange between mere and the george w. bush. >> he had the presence of mind and sense of humor to bring me a mint. he made a point to give me that
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mint there. that's the beauty of george bush. >> she shared experiences and memories that are part of her life and memoir. the sap center was at capacity. >> it was my girl's birthday presents. i thought this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> people came from all over the bay area. some as far as sacramento. >> it warms my heart to be able to just get near her to see her. >> diana evans got emotional describing this moment wanting to look her best she brought her michelle obama swag. >> i just wanted to shine her light along with me wearing it. >> the former first lady has not only inspired fashion choices but empowered young women. >> being here to see her especially a young africa. american female it's inspiring. >> michelle's message to our youth. >> you have so many mistakes you can recover from, spoech you can learn from don't beat yourself up because you haven't figured it out. >> some encouraging words there.
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many people say they left inspired. now 10% of ticket sales will be donated to a non-profit. that helps student dreamer graduate from college. in san jose. carlos salcedo, abc 7. earlier mrs. obama met with future leaders with public i allies. preparing young people for public service. a local chapter came to the 7 trees community center to get advice. >> if you have any sign of success you have to be prepared to fail maybe even every turn. >> and michelle obama has been such a meaningful presence to all of us. >> what it means to be a powerful woman of color with grace and poise and just the -- >> in the 90s mrs. obama founded the chicago chapter of public allies. remaining a strong supporter today. happening today hundreds of santa clad revellers will spread
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cheer. this is santa con. food a rally at noon at jack london square holiday tree featuring live music and a costume contest. then the santa's go on a public crawl. you can also bring non-perishable foods to benefit the food bank. the time is 5:09. mirj has been tracking the accuweather forecast. >> shotty light showers pretty mild though. 54 in san francisco due to clouds and the southerly winds. it's 57 on the coast and 47 in brentwood. moet will not see rain if you are outside of say, sonoma, napa maybe peeks of sun. but tomorrow certainly a different story. a stronger storm comes our way. a. 2 on the storm impact scale. we'll detail that next. >> also ahead. 11 digit dialing for local calls. the changes starting today coming to the east bay. plus from the sierra to san francisco, long lost trees
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breathe new live.
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. in the east bay this morning mooring o will be the first bay area city to hold a live evacuation drills in response to deadly wildfires. sky7 was over the country club where the exercise will happen. here a look at maps at marga and pair days side by side. you can see the similar layout with three main roads in and out. leslie brinkley tells us what to expect later this morning. >> reporter: is marga vulnerable in a fire. >> i think any place is vulnerable. >> the police chief says they have divided the city into 23 zones for the one encompassing
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the country club, 7:00 a.m. saturday will be show time. here a look in the suburb residents of over 500 homes will be directed to evacuate on st. andrews toward highway 24. the usually busy 2-way road is one of the few leading out of town. it will become a one way evacuation route between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. with all westbound traffic. the signs are up warning of the eastbound closure for this drill. >> i think it's important to do evacuation drills from areas that are at far ends of the communities where we only have a couple of ways out of the community. >> i think it's superimportant. if we haven't learned anything from what happened up in paradise and napa and other areas it would be silly not to prepare in a town that's similar. >> one of the things in the exercise tomorrow is we'll be doing the evacuation at 20 miles an hour. because the reality is is when a road is that choked people have
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to work together because one accident could tie that street up and block hundreds of other people from being able to evacuate. >> lessons learned tomorrow will be applied to other drills ahead in other zones. 20 other agencies are coming to watch it all in live action tomorrow to eventually replicate it in their communities. orinda is looking at a drill next spring. >> doing it live and practicing how it's going to be is the best. >> the chief says only 10 to 20% of residents are opting out of the drill. the other 80% are ready to get the early morning 7:00 a.m. call to evacuate. in marga. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. more than 1,400 apartment building in oakland need seismic upgrades. the chronicle reports the city council passed an ordinance restoring the building to make changes in six years. soft story building typically have parking or business on the ground floor and leaves them
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vulnerable to collapse during earthquake. the ordinance places limits hout of the retrofit confident can be passed on to tenants. the latest report crunching dmv data shows wait times dropping. following a frenzy of complaints over the summer the agency launched a plan to slash the long lines in the last week of july the average wait time without appointment was 130 minutes. according to a november report to the senate that number dropped down to 46 minutes the last week of october. more staffing and tech upgrades are part of the reboot. in the east bay, a new area code means people need to start dialing numbers differently. the new area code doesn't go into effect until june but changes start today. the cpuc want people in the 510 area code to dial one and area code then the phone number when making calls. in june you'll have to do this because when a new 341 area code debuts because the 510 area code is running out of numbers.
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if you have pennsylvania 510 number, you will get to keep your number. the 510 area code covers parts of alameda and contra costa up to america ulysses. a breakthrough is allowing scientisting to bring back ancient trees thought lost forever. yesterday any planted sap willings from redwood in presidio and many years they may transplant back to a magnificent san francisco. >> san francisco's presidio may be the most buft urban forest in the world. but scientisting were planting dozens of coast redwood was a lineage dating back thousands of years. >> tucked in tightly for a cold winter. >> the sap willings were not just grown. they were cloned, created in lab from genetic material cultivated from some of the biggest and oldest redwoods on the coast.
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>> joseph sandry is the ark angelina cement tree archive. the group discovered living material could be harvested from the stumps of massive redwoods cut by loggers in the 19th century. he says the key components come from layer under the barks and tips of branchs. >> we bind them together and immerse them in a hormone rich and nutrient rich swoil a hormones and special sauce we put together. we carefully monitor them in the labs. >> for the presidio this means a jolt of genetic diversity from some of the oldest living trees on the planet better protect going from fire bugs and other threats. >> and they can thrive in different climate conditions, different soil conditions. so by taking different genes from different trees we can see which trees perform best in the park and then potentially promote the trees going toward in the future. >> and perhaps plant the seed or
5:18 am
seedling for an even more magnificent presidio for centuries to come. >> experts say it takes about two 1/2 years to clone the trees one the material is collected. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning waking up to clouds and showers in the north bay. appear live doppler 7. a one on the impact scale affecting the north bay only. you notice the showers widely scattered from bodega bay inverness down to pen grief and even some mist and drizzle further south in the sweep atop st. helena showing middle twon and guys areville looking at some rain. but widening the perspective we get to a moderate storm here bringing heavy rain tomorrow. in is a 2 on the impact scale affecting us through the late afternoon and evening hours along with gusty winds. but with this system not out of the picture yet stalled to the north of us we have the mild air
5:19 am
in place with mid-and upper 50s along the coast. 53 in oakland. 49 in mountain view. that puts us much milder than yesterday at this hour. 5 degrees miler in the north bay pan oakland and 6 degrees milder on the peninsula. wind gusts from 12 to 20 miles an hour around mount tam, certainly a factor this time tomorrow as the winds gust ahead of the front. outside looking quiet. ourp exploratorium camera. a one on the storm impact scale and dryer pattern throughout the middle of next week. we have a spare the air alert today. let's go through the rest of the day. you'll notice the moisture continues to be to lifted to the north. peeks of sun in the east and south bay. tomorrow the storm is a 2 on the impact scale from 3/4 a inch to 1.5 inches through early monday. 30 to 40 miles an hour gusts and
5:20 am
dangerous surf. we highlighted that on the top of the show. let's show you what's happening through the overnight hours. 7:30 tomorrow morning we are will go at the front well north. but look what happens throughout the morning hours. it continues to push the energy to the north. 0u 0u 1:30 to the afternoon in the heavy rain in the north bay. bisecting the bay. we could see problems on roadways, perhaps myren flooding and gusty winds. 4:00 monday it's over. and rainfall amounts are impressive to the north. anywhere from an inch to perhaps two inches north of the golden gate to over an inch in redwood city. in one unlike the others is a good system with a lot of moisture maybe 3/4s of an inch in the inland east bay and the snow levels come down to pass levels throughout the day. but starting out warm. winter storm watch 5 a hundred feet.
5:21 am
10 to 18 inches late tomorrow through monday. will go up at possibly two feet with poor visibility and chain controls. here are the winds. notice 30 miles an hour gusts tomorrow morning. but by 10:00 we look at 40 miles an hour gusts along the contest with 30 miles common elsewhere. it's a windy day. then the rain arrives. you can see the frontal the passage by late in the day allowing the winds to dial back in the north bay. today though spare the air alert. 62 oakland, palo alto. mild with peeks of sun. . scattered showers north the accuweather seven-day forecast. the 1 will be dropped by the middle of the day. a weak system with spotty showers mainly north and then tomorrow at 2:00 you download the app and notice we are dry the rest of the week. but a good system coming our way tomorrow. >> good information, lisa thank you. getting into the holiday
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tuf weekends to get holiday gifts together. and if that is sending panic or reyet down your spine haveio near. reggie aqui has the best christmas deal that might apply to most on your list. >> our hoodline segment was inspired by my pitiful looking backpack. it got me thinking. high quality bags are perfect. gender, age neutral and expensive. but not this weekend. so i see the sign says hand made in san francisco. that's true. >> here we are in the san francisco factory in the mission district. we've been building bags custom made since 1989. >> timbuktu makes the custom
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perfection of the world famous luggage and fanny packs at the shotwell street headquarters. once a year they have had a huge warehouse sale. this is not heavily advertised you have to be in the know. saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 6:00 in the mission. >> give me an idea what i can get. >> this is the copilot which is an amazing travel seller. it's around 209 normally. we sell it for $10 oh this weekend. this is a great travel backpack normally 140. selling it for $40 for this week. classic messenger bag. normally 90 this weekend, 30, 35. >> goodbye. >> i wasn't kidding i need a new bag. the bonus each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee. i actually met the woman repairing your bags when you send them in. how did i do in? know of a good christmas deal. let me know about it. the royal family is getting
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in the holiday spirit. kensington palace released photos used in official christmas cards. in cmos the duke and duchess and came braj with prince george and little prince louis. >> oklahoma's first holiday ice rink is open. sky7 flew over using the sky map 7 to show the location. the rink moved from alameda. it's open every day for skating until january 6. several bay area breweries have a new beer on tap and it's all for a good cause. sierra nevada's resilience ipa is made and sold across the country. the chico based company create to do to help efforts for the deadly camp fire pch uncle including drakes in oakland where it went on tap. patrons of the bar said great deeds and good beer were a good match. >> it's a great idea.
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5:30 am
towards marshal and the bech. cloverdale a few showers. a 1 on the impact scale. isolated showers to scattered showers. mainly in the north bay. ious up to 0.1 inch. most areas staying dry. in the east asouth bay maybe peeks of sun. a spare the air alert for poor air quality. you can see north here going through the golden gate looks dry at this hour. 49 in concord. 54 in sand rafael. 57 on the coast. 45 in gilroy. look at the shower trajectory throughout the morning. stays in the north bay. cloud cover elsewhere. and anticipating a bigger storm for sunday and monday. we have a high surf warning in effect for strong northwestly as well as later tomorrow through monday. waves up to 40 feet. chris. >> thank you. our dirty air is back. air quality officials have issued a spare the air alert for today.
5:31 am
that means burning wooden doors or outdoors is banned for 24 hours. >> the one or two fireplaces may not seem like a lot but the smoke builds and billed. it's like smoking in restaurant. it fills the air with smoke. >> wood smoke is the major source of air pollution in the bay area during the winter time. look cigarette smoke is contains fine particles and cancer causing substances. east palo alto has long awaited protection against flooding from a nearby creek. yesterday dozens turn out to sbrit the completion of the project along the creek between the bay and highway 101. the work included new flood walls upgraded levies and widowening of the channel. 20 years ago this caused the evacuation of 1,100 homes after flading. the project brought peace of mind for people nearby. >> now we can look at that and see that we won't have the evacuations in the future. we won't have to be worried or
5:32 am
scared. >> the work protects the area from sea level rise. the flood walls were built ten feet higher than today's -- yesterday's high tide. remember can you check the weather conditions in your day any time on the abc 7 news app. 5:235 li 32 in the time president trump met with aides to discuss spending strategy as congress races to avoid a partial government shut. earlier the president told exactic leaders he would be proud to shut down the government unless he gets $5 billion for a the border wall. ment. >> what are you doing to potential off the shutdown. >> it's not for us to decide actually. he has the votes. he says he has the votes. put up the votes. he mass control of the house and the senate and he is the executive. so we don't want to have a shut down >> the democratic leaders are proposing $1.6 billion for border security. wutt a resolution parts of the
5:33 am
federal government could shut down next friday potentially furloughing hundreds of thousands of employees. president trump has tapped mick mulvaney as acting white house chief of staff. the current director of the office of big time and budget will replace john kelly. abc news reporter tara palmery with more. >> mick mulvaney to be acting white house chief of staff when john kelly leaves at the end of theier. the president tweeting i'm pleased to nouns mick mulvaney direct of the office of management and budget will be named white house chief of staff. i look forward to work are working with him in capacity. >> mulvaney tweeting this is a tremendous honor i look forward to working with the president and the team. it's a great 2019. the announcement coming hours after former governor chris christie declined the job in a statement saying it's an honor
5:34 am
to be considered but now is not the right time for me or my family to undertake this serious assignment. the president's first kmois, nick ayers also declined the position saying he wants to move his family back to georgia. among the possible names mentioned as permanent replacements one time deputy campaign manager david boss se and kellyanne conway. terra pal marry washington. >> citing a divide in the country. the chief justice in california says he is she is ifg up the republican party. she says she had been thinking about making the move several years. the chief justice added it's not about rejecting the republican party but rather choosing that fits personal values. one of california's largest utility companies could face legal action. pg&e is accused of lying for years about safety maintenance on natural gas lines.
5:35 am
the california public utilities commission has opened a case against pg&e an investigation revealed the company failed to mark natural gas lines because of low staffing and pressured supervisors to false fap safety records between 2012 and 2017. that's two years after the deadly sun bruno explosion. the cpuc called it a serious violation of law that, quote, diminishes our trust. pg&e responded saying we're committed to accurate and author o reporting and record keeping and didn't live up to that commitment in this case. pg&e says it's working to update audit protocol. pg&e also says it's working to mitigate the dangerous of electric power lains and high fire danger. but its solution and emergency power shut down is also under scrutiny. yesterday the utility appear state raised concerns at a public harg. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman says there is no easy
5:36 am
solution. >> the youd is concerned they are worried about a slugs that is a problem. >> we're all vulnerable. >> that the city manager telling a public utilities commission panel what he learned during the wildfire shut down it that impacted 60,000 customers last october. >> it was a difficult decision we weren't prepared for. >> napa and lake counties got hit hard for fears of electrical lines starting fires. the shutdown lasted 48 hours must of that spent reenergying the lines and leading to financial losses and inconveniences across the region. >> two hours notice really is not sufficient notice in some of our areas. >> the utility heard concerns about the shutoffs needing more planning especially for people with disabilities. >> wheelchairs, lifts getting people out of things and into things. breathing equipment.
5:37 am
hearing equipment. >> you can't just have that turned off, you say. >> no. >> pg&e says they did get the message but restoring power after a shut down remains a complicated process. >> this is about keeping our community safe during extreme weather, during extreme fire conditions to reduce wildfire threats in the high fire threat area. >> announcer: pg&e says it wants to extreme line the process but it's not easy. last pocket in napa and lake counties the utility had to check 3,400 miles of line before flipping the switch. in santa rosa, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. happening today san francisco is hoping to tackle gun violence by taking firearms off the streets. the police department is working with united. players to have a buyback even. $200 for assault weapon processes guns accepted from yourk in morning until noon. the drop off is on the united
5:38 am
playa center. the second buy back in belmont and redwood city are hosting. you can get up to $100 who are a handgun shotgun or rifle. and up to $200 for assault rifle. they collected 400 guns last time today's event is 10:00 until 10:00 on maple street in redwood city. the college football playoffs national championship game coming to levi stadium next month. . the call going out to volunteers to make it happen. the look outside from our emeryville cmoing the bay brid
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
burlingame. welcome back everybody. time right now is the 5:40 on saturday morning. we are lag live outside from the san mateo bridge camera. off to a cool start across the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen returns with the full forecast in just a little bit. happening today, thousands of families in san mateo county get to shop for holiday gifts. congresswoman jak jackie expire and jerry hill will join giving gifts to communities members. today will help the event will be at 10:00 this morning. you must be registered it meriten house to receive gifts. vorting in the south bay with organize toys to distribute to thousands of families next woke. sacred heart community service hopes to give 18,000 toys to kids this holiday season. food boxes will be filled with fruit, vegetables, rice, eggs, bread and either turkey, ham or
5:42 am
chicken. dr. platz off donations from 9:00 until 3:00 on south if first street in san jose. it will happen soon but not monday. organizers of the mavericks surf contest are watching the coast. the yesterday the world surf league sent out a statement indicating the conditions may be proim next week on thursday tuesday or thursday. waves could reach 50 feet following in weekend's storm. a lot of people watching closely for the forecast. >> already a winter storm warning out for the potent system tomorrow afternoon and evening. as for today check out breezy winds from the sutro tower camera. 54 in san francisco. fog in concord, livermore and vac aville. showers are still in the forecast for some for saturday. i'll detail your weekend forecast and the look ahead coming up. >> thanks. also next the warriors and up and coming sacramento kings down to the wire against.
5:43 am
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all right time right now is 5:44 on this saturday. no major traffic smus you a you make your way from marin over the bay bridge and into the city. lisa is tracking rain this weekend. she will break down the forecast coming up. in sports. tonight the oakland high school will battle garfield high in los angeles for the state championship. played at lany college kickoff at 6:00 p.m. good luck to mccliemds warriors. last night the warriors battled the in-state rival. the thrilling victory over the kings by the dubs in this morning's sports report. the warriors fought to win of the first meeting against the king and did so by one point at oracle. friday night at golden one center the about that was tougher. the kings set the tone by
5:46 am
trolling. moon landing. kevin durant pitched in 33. beautiful step back 3. on the fast break pap klay klay thompson and curry from the corner. wars years led by 12 petition half. here is something you don't see often. klay dunk. more used to this making threes missed that but get it back and lay it in. 27 for klay. steph, give and go with draymond green leads to another three. he had five from distance in this one. warriors led by as much as 16 but led the kings back in. then justin jakds from the corner. went on a 25-5 run 10-point lead. less than a minute. klay with a huge three. the warriors went on 17-2 run to win the game. 7 seconds let. heeled for the tie misses and the warriors survive. 130-125, the final. the. the a's revealed the plt
5:47 am
number glove winning third baseman under yent went surgery. on his left shoulder that relieved pressure. it called the resection a success. chapman is expected to be able to swing a bat in six weeks and recover before spring training. his right thumb is expected to be good by spring. had a surgical procedure on that in october. the raider took another hit though they knew this was coming. they suspended mar tafis bryant indefinitely. any allowed him to play while he appeared the one-year suspension for breaking the terms ever reinstatement. he has been suspended twois for violating the substance abuse policy. the raiders came favor up a third round pick to akwoir breyant from the steelers. he played 8 games before being put on reserve. if there is award for best gift
5:48 am
of the year drew brees gets it. he thanks every coach he gave them a custom painted football. now each ball is personalized like this one for all profullback might carney has the number of receptions he caught from karin. 170 people received unique gifts. and the college bowl season starts today. bringing you all of the highlights of the bowls airing and we'll start with those today at foirk. until then have a frustrate day. >> now the forecast with lisa argen. >> we have fog in our valleys and we also are will go at brezy winds out there. and scattered showers in the north bay. so a little bit of everything for you. a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. looks quiet. we have a one on our storm impact scale. it's a system that brought showers. a light one mainly impacting the north bay. amounts will be anywhere from
5:49 am
0.the 01 to 0.1 inch today. the rest in the east by the livermore. san jose, coupe toin. may be dry. you may see peeks of sun. from the roof camera there are the breezy winds kinning through the day and ramping up later on. here is live doppler 7 you can see the scattered showers. the sweep on mount st. helena. they've been with us from the evening mist and i see dr. le. not a whole lot going on. further north around healdsburg rk hop willing cloverdale. more showers. still scattered recommending that way throughout the day. looking at the moisture tap in the pennsylvania pacific that is when with we get tomorrow afternoon and evening. it's a strong system packing a punch. we will see significant rain possibility of even some ponding on the roadways and gusty winds. 53 in oakland.
5:50 am
53 in hayward. fremont. also. a mild 50 up in napa. 10 degrees warmer in the north bay. 5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. and on the peninsula weigh up to mild conditions. we look for scattered showers mainly north. a stronger system tomorrow and a dry pattern setting up after that. let's bring in the impact scale for tomorrow. a 2. throughout throughout the day early in the morning on monday. the main activity will rife by the dinner hour. this is the when the frontal passage happens getting the gustiest winds up to 40 miles an hour and the dangerous surf through monday morning. as we go through sunday notice in the morning it looks like it's here. staying north and more moisture pushed up to the north bay through the early afternoon. then towards the 5:00, 6:00 hour there is the front that very heavy area of rain that continuing to push threw by the
5:51 am
evening overnight then the monday morning commute not bad. amounts pretty impressive. well over an inches. upwards of perhaps two inches in higher elevations of north bay. maybe 3/4 of an inch in fremont. maybe even san jose a inches possible. in the mountains a winter storm wind chill from 4:00 tomorrow through monday and starting out mild. but then the snow levels coming down to pass level, 10 to 18 inches, up to 24 inches in the highest peaks and looking at 30 miles an hour gusts along the coast as early as tomorrow. later in the afternoon the winds get stronger and then dial back for monday morning commute. spare the air alert today. then tonight you can see scattered showers lingering in the north bay. 61 in palo alto. 60 in napa. and the accuweather seven-day forecast we feature the showers in the north bay today .. the 1 on the impact scale. a 2 tomorrow. and then dry. >> maybe you folks want to stay
5:52 am
in tomorrow night to avoid that wet weather. >> maybe get the tree today. download the app and be up to date. >> thank you, lisa. >> next month lee levi stadium in santa clara host the college football championship and local organizers are making a push for volunteer vos. >> less than a mundt away from the culmination from of the playoff and in san jose exitment builds to bring that to sfla bring as big are spotlight and hopefully attracts other people to want to come here and do things. >> the cfp national championship held at levi stadium in santa clara on jan 7th. the marquis concerts will be in san jose and volunteers are needed. >> cigaretters at hotels, growthers at airport. courtesy car drivers we need for vips. >> the the coast committee now halfway to the goal of 1,000 volunteers to staff the event. if coasten volunteers are
5:53 am
expected to put in three four hour shifts at minimum. >> we hope the bay area residents feel proud of our region and act as ambassador. >> here is looking look at swag for volunteers. the more hours they put in more free byes they get. the san jose sports authority says a successfully executed event could lead to bigger scale opportunities for the city down the road. >> the reason they know the way to san jose is the community we have and the way they step up work and love of events, especially major sporting events. >> if you'd like more information on how to reply to our website. next the grand opening that may have people lining up for hours just to eat a hamburger where the bay
5:54 am
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tuesday's night japgs goes up to as the $284 million. apple is facing a lawsuit that it miss led customers about the size and resolution on iphone models. apple insider says it was filed yesterday and reports on a notch at the top of the xs and xs max. they said they hid the notch in the advertising leading the plaintiffs to believe there are more pixels than there apple has not commented. call it dash to the finish. at first glance it looks like a man dives into a lake in finishland but the water is frozen solid. he sprints yoos the surface. if you didn't know better you would think he is walking on wart. a popular east coast burger chain opens the first location in the bay area. shake shack opens at 11:00 this norng in palo alto. the chain is known for hamburgers kringle cut fries and
5:57 am
name sake milk shakes. if you plan on going today be ready to wait. it's not unusual for people to wait hours to try a burger here. they plan to expand to larkspur and san francisco. next on abc 7 mornings, a man shot while driving on a z busy east bay freeway. a case of road rage. plus pg&e is accused of falsifying safety records. hear what san bruno's former mayor has to say about the bombshell developments. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue here in frist. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> occur merns concerns might be different but we're in this together. together. you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday, december 15th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the forecast. here is lisa argen being tracking live doppler 7. good morning to you. hi, everyone we have the scattered showers in the north bay. and live dpleoppler 7 showing ag the cost. near sonoma and right around middleton and chlorlake. cloverdale, you've been having the scattered showers since yesterday. amounts are light. we have fog in the east bay from concord to livermore and fairfield. and we're looking at 1 with this system on the storm impact scale. it's a light system impacting the north bay with a couple hundredths to a 0.1 inch of rain. rest of us are droi. the spare the air alert for the north bay. poor air quality. it's illegal


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