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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday, december 15th. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's look at the forecast. here is lisa argen being tracking live doppler 7. good morning to you. hi, everyone we have the scattered showers in the north bay. and live dpleoppler 7 showing ag the cost. near sonoma and right around middleton and chlorlake. cloverdale, you've been having the scattered showers since yesterday. amounts are light. we have fog in the east bay from concord to livermore and fairfield. and we're looking at 1 with this system on the storm impact scale. it's a light system impacting the north bay with a couple hundredths to a 0.1 inch of rain. rest of us are droi. the spare the air alert for the north bay. poor air quality. it's illegal to burn.
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numbers are mild. mid-50s to upper 50s from city to coast. 43 in livermore. lots of cloud cover to start out for everyone appear and by the around a few peaks of son in the east bay. the south bay partly sunny. we are anticipating a potent storm tomorrow. because of that we have the high surf warning in effect from 9:00 tomorrow through 9:00 p.m. monday. the as well as getting vigorous, from 25 to 45 high pressure foot wves expected. >> lisa thank you. as lisa mentioned stay away from the beaches in san francisco especially ocean beach through monday night. that's the urgent wagener from the san francisco emergency management team after the national weather service issued the high surf warning with projected waves of 40 to 50 pete. smaller waves are expected at china beach and into the bay near chrissy field. >> visually you may think it's okay but the force of the water,
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specifically the tow is so strong that it could actually suck a person into the bay. you could become a victim. >> lieutenant baxter added that waves could be too severe for rescue crews to enter the wert. look at this. strong winds whipped up four foot waves on lake tahoe yesterday. the u.s. coast guard said people were out on boards taking advantage of the my surf. any advise surfers and boaters not to go in the water. remember you can check the weather conditions where you live any time on the abc 7 news app. the chp is investigating a possible case of road rage after someone fired into a car on interstate 680 in pleasanton. it may have started with altercation in fremont and ended with the victim stopping in livermore. officers say multiple shots were fired into the car. friends of the victim say the shooting was random saying the victim is in his early 20s and expected to survive. the driver was not hurt. friends say they were traveling home to stockton from the san
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jose area after work. officers do not have a description of the shooter or the car involved. any witnesses are asked to contact the chp. in the wake of the deadly explosions eight years ago in san bruno and the possibility that their equipment may have played a role in the north bay and butte county fires there is a bombshell report about pg&e. the utility is accused of lying for years about safety maintenance on natural gas lines. be abc 7 news reporter coronell bernhard has the details. >> disgusting upset zbroog former mayor jim ruane can't believe it. the california public utilities commission aching pg&e of falsifying safety documents for natural gas pipelines for years process following the criminal conviction for the san bruno explosion in 2010 which killed eight people. >> i mean, that's after san bruno. you'd think by then things would have changed. falsifying documents? i mean, oh --
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>> the cpuc opened a case against pg&e, the investigation reefrlg that the company failed to mark natural gas lines because of low staffing and pressured supervisors to falsify safety records between 2012 and 2017. the cpuc president saying utility falsification of safety related records is a serious violation of law and diminishes our trust in the utilities 'reports on progress. >> in shows they didn't learn a lesson. >> peninsula state senator jerry hill blasted the utility for putting the public at risk. >> i question the board of directors of pg&e. how can they sit there and allow this leadership and this management of this company to continue to do business as usual? >> pg&e said in a statement we are committed to accurate and author o record keeping and didn't live up to the commitment in this case. mayor ruane believes the people of his city deserve better. people lost their lives. and it -- i neveren want to see
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that happen again. >> pg&e says it's working to update the audit protocol. senator jerry hill wants a monitor in place to take over management of marking underground pipelines. in the newsroom coronell barnrd, abc 7 news. for more upon the accusations against pg&e and the san bruno pipeline disaster go our website. a federal judge in texas has ruled that the affordable care act also known as obamacare is unconstitutional peskly he ruled that the individual health care mandate is unconstitutional. under obamacare those without health insurance had to pay a penalty. president trump signed a tax bill ending the fines. but that won't take effect until next year. the new ruling threatened to end protections for people with preexisting health conditions. governor jerry brown released a statement saying in texas judge has no right to zprief deprive millions of californians of health care by invalidating the aftermathable care act
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california will vigorously fight that wantonen cruel action. former first lady michelle obama spoke to a soldout crowd in san jose last night she was at s.a.p. center to promote her west selling become "becoming." carlos salcedo was there. >> reporter: a glamorous michelle obama walked out to a roaring crowd. the frrm first lady greeted like a rock star. >> wow, you guys are doing good out there. >> reporter: the moderator michelle moris asked of the sweet exchange between her and george w. bush. >> he had the presence of mind and sense of humaner to bring me a mint and he made it a point to give me that mint right then and there. and that's the beauty of george bush. >> mrs. obama shared experiences and events that shaped her life and are now port part of her memoir. president s.a.p. was at capacity and some waited hours to be first inside. >> it was my girl's birthday
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presents. i thought this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> people came from all over the bay area, some as far as sacramento. >> it just warms my heart, to be able to just get mere her, to see here. >> diana evans got emotional describing this moment wanting to look her best she beirut her michelle obama swag. >> i just wanted to shine her light along with me wearing it. >> the former first lady has not only inspired fashion choices but empowered young woman. >> to be able to see her especially as an african-american female and her husband really inspiring. >> her message to the youth. >> so many mistakes can you recover from, so much can you learn from. don't beat yourself up because you haven't figured it out. >> some encouraging words there. many people say that they left inspired. new 0% of ticket seems will be donated to a non-profit that helps student dreamers. 10%. in san jose, carlos salcedo abc
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7 news. earlier yesterday mrs. obama met with a group of future leaders with public alis. the organization prepares diverse young people for careers in public service. a local chapter came to the 7 trees community center in san jose to get advice. >> if you're going to have any sign of success you have to be prepared to fail at maybe even every turn. >> and michelle obama has been such a meaningful presence to all of us. what it means to be a powerful woman of color with grace and poise. and in disbelief for sure. >> in the 90s mrs. obama founded the chicago chapter of public alis remaining a strong potterer today. the time is 6:08. hundreds of santa clad revellers will plett spread holiday cheer in oakland. food is the first ever santa con. this is last week's even. at noon today in jack london square. feature as costume contest. then the santas go on a public crawl and finish after party at the sports arena.
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you can bring non-perishable food to benefit the food bank. lisa argen has been tracking the accuweather forecast. and showers in the north by. more expected throughout the morning. fog in the east bay. wind in upper elevations. from emeryville looks quiet. 52 in the east bay. it's colder in the east bay valleys. and that's where we have some of the fog. so if you are headed out, you need to careful. damp streets as well. but tomorrow it comes together for a pretty decent december rain. we will talk about it coming up. >> thanks. also ahead, 11 digit dialing for local calls. the changes starting today coming to the east bay. plus from the sierra to san francisco, long lost trees breathe new life. how scientisting bring back ancient trees once
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bay area city to hold a live evacuation bill in response to the deadly wildfire. yesterday sky7 was over a country where participants will participate. here is a look at maps of marga and paradise. side by side. you can see how they have a similar lay jut. leslie brinkley tells us what to text later this morning. >> is marga vulnerable in a fire. >> i think any place is vulnerable in a fire.
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>> the police save chief says they divided the city into 23 zones for the one encompassing the country club 7:00 a.m. saturday will be showtime. here a look from stooif in the suburb surrounded by open space residents of over 500 homes will be directed to evacuate on st. andrews drive on to marga way toward highway 24. the usually busy two-which road is one of the few leading out of town. it will become a one-way evacuation route with all westbound traffic. signs are up warning of the eastbound closure for this drill. >> i think it's important to do evacuation drills from areas that are at far ends of communities where we only have a couple of ways out of the community. >> i think it's superimportant. i think if we haven't learned anything from what what happened in paradise and napa all the other areas it would be silly not to prepare in a town that's similar. >> we'll be doing the evacuation at 20 miles an hour. because the reality is is when a
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road is that shoekd choked people have to work together because one accident could tie up the street and block hundreds of others from being able to evacuate. >> lessons learned will be applied to other drills in other zones. 20 other agencies are coming to watch it in live action to eventually copy it in their communities. orinda is looking at a drill next spring. >> doing it live and practicing how it's going to be is the best. >> the chev says only 10% to 20% of residents are opting out of the drill. the other 80% are ready to get the early morning 7:00 a.m. call to evacuate. in marga, leslie brinkley, abc news. >> more than 1,400 apartment building in oakland need seismic upgrades. the chronicle reports the city counsel passed an ordinance yesterday requiring soft storiabling to make the changes within the next six years. soft story building have parking or businesses on the ground floor leaving them vulnerable to collapse during an earthquake.
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the ordinance places limits as to how much of the retrofit costs can be passed to tenants. the latest report crunching dmv data shows that wait times are finally dropping. following a frenzy of complaints over the summer the agency launched a plan to slash the long lines. in the last week of july the average wait time without appointment was 130 minutes. according to a november report to the senate, that number dropped to just 46 minutes the last week of october. more stachg and tech upgrades are part of the reboot. in the east bay, pennsylvania new area code means people need to start dialing numbers differently. that new area code doesn't go into effect until june but changes startoday. the cpuc wants people in the 510 area code to start dialing a 1 and the area code then the phone number when making calls. in june you'll have to do this because that's when a new 341 area code debuts because the 510 area code is runnin out of numbers. if you have a 510 number you will be able to cope your
6:16 am
number. the 510 area code covers parties parts of alameda and contra costa krts from fremont up to hercules. a breakthrough is allowing scientists to bring back ancient trees once thought lost forever. yesterday they planted sap willings from ancient redwoods in the presidio in san francisco and the hope is that many years from now they may transform the growth back to a beautiful land ska skap. abc 7 larry beil has the story. >> reporter: san francisco's presidio may be the most beautiful urban forest in the world but workers helped to bolster what you might call the family tree. they were planting dozens of coast redwood was a lineage dating back thousands of years. >> tucked in tielt for a cold winter. >> the saples were not just grown. they were cloernd created in a lab from again etic material cultivated from some of the biggest and olest rdwoods on the wested coast. >> the cam by yam is the area under the park.
6:17 am
>> he is with the ark angel archive. he discovered that they could havre material from the massive redwood steps. the key components come from under the bark and tips of branchs. >> we bind them together and immerse them in hormone rich and nutrient rich soil with added hormones and special sauce we put together. we really carefully monitor them in our labs. >> and for the presidio this means a jolt of again etic diversity from some of the oldest living trees on the planet better protect going from fire, bugs and other threats. >> they can thrive in different climate conditions, different soil conditions. so by taking different genes from different trees we can see which trees perform the best in the park and then potentially promote those trees going forward in the future. >> and perhaps plant the seed or seedling for an even more magnificent presidio for
6:18 am
centuries to come. and that was larry beil reporting. experts say it takes about 2.5 years to clone the trees once the again etic material is collected. now the forecast with lisa argen. good saturday morning. here are some showers activity in north bay. a 1 on the impact scale. it's been here overnight and continues to provide nuisance rain. marin county not so much maybe mist and drids. but bodega bay, inverness. and up in santa rosa and hop willing cloverdale, middletown looking at showers also calistoga. kind of damp and remains that day for much of the day for you well north. but elsewhere a few peeks of sun and we are watching this vigorous storm system bringing pretty good rain and gusty winds midday tomorrow through the evening hours and perhaps early morning on monday. 54 in san francisco. 57 in half moon bay. looking at 50 in fremont.
6:19 am
numbers are milder due to the clouds, the rain the brezy southerly winds in the north bay. 10 degrees warm frere santa rosa. 6 degrees mild ner palo alto. the fog has been an issue from livermore and concord. 45 mile visibility. elsewhere not a factor. you can see the cloudy skies scattered showers in the north bay appear a couple hundredths to a tenth there. a dryer pattern asserts itself for the second half of the week. this is what to expect today. notice the accumulating precip well north there is the tenth and rest of us not seeing anything. the impact scale for tomorrow it's a 2, a more moderate system anywhere from 3/4 of an inch to 1.5 inches. 30 to 40 miles an hour winds and rough and dangerous surf. the forecast animation shows the activity staying in the north bay early in the morning. this is 7:30. throughout the rest of the morning dry elsewhere.
6:20 am
this is 1:30 by later afternoon hours, 3:00, foush 4:00, the rain gets going in the north bay. 6:00 the front starts its move east and south. pushing threw and takes the wind with it. so with that frontal passage that classic heavy rain, gusty winds and accumulating precip by early monday morning is upwards of one to perhaps two inches here. an inch in san francisco. close to an inch in hayward and even san jose. so the west slopes of sierra nevada above 5 a hundred feet a winter storm watch. 4:00 tomorrow through noon monday. and up to 24 inches are possible. look at the wind profile, 11:00 tonight, 30 miles an hour gusts along the coast and then 10:00 tomorrow these ramp up to 40 miles an hour. and look at the rest of the bay. it's not even raining yet and we have 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts. and here comes the front. check it out 4:00 in the afternoon you can see the colors here depicted with the wind. and the heavy rain pushing
6:21 am
through the bay area and then by 11:00 on monday it's all pretty much over. today highs in the low 60s. so mild with a few scattered showers. north of the golden gate. elsewhere we call it mostly cloud in fremont, san jose, along the peninsula. a fau peeks of sun, low 60s there. and the ac rgt seven-day forecast a one on the impact scale. communities north of the golden gate tomorrow it's a stronger system for everyone. wet and windy. download the app and after that sunday system the rest of monday is looking dry. and then high pressure brings much milder weather in for maybe last minute shoppers for the rest the week. >> a lot of people heading out for holiday events today and tomorrow take it easy on the roadways. >> good advice. >> getting in the holiday
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[ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. dan harris joins from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. >> coming up on fwchlt m pachlt leading with the breaking news overnight a federal judge ruling the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare is unconstitutional. putting the health care of millions of americans in question. what does it mean for your coverage in plus new developments this in the case of a mother from colorado who has been missing since thanksgiving. investigators now turning to mere fiance searching his home
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tooing his car and the authorities asking the publicfare help. the facebook bug. revealing that millions of private photos maybe exposed without knowledge. what the social network saying this morning. coming up on gma see you soon. the royal family getting into the monthly day spirit. kensington palace released photos used in official christmas cards. this one shows the duke and duchess of cambridge along with prince george kicking up his feet and you can see princess charlotte and kate holding prince louis. elbowed's first holiday ice rink is open. sky7 flew overed yesterday afternoon using the technology to show the location. at the cornering of 8th and washington. the rink moved frommed alameda. open every day for skating until january 6. several bay area breweries have a new beer on tap and it's all for a good cause. sierra nevada's resilience ipa made and sold across the country. the chica-based country created the special recipe to help
6:26 am
relief efforts for the deadly camp fire and offered the rest pie to other breweries to help. that included jaks in oklahoma. patrons said good deeds and great beer a good match. >> i want a great idea. everyone loves beer. everyone wants to help out. it's a great idea. it was a smart way t fund raise. >> nearly 1,400 breweries across the nation are now making the beer. still to come on abc 7 mornings, a peninsula city now has long awaited protection against flading from a nearby creek. bringing peace of mind to residents living nearby. also making the streets safer with the gun buy back
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yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quebec look at conditions where you live. here is lisa argen with the preview of the accuweather forecast. you're right. live doppler 7 showing the rain is falling. it's been in the north bay along the shoreline around point reyes up towards santa rosa appear ox dental. and there is the sweep on top of mount st. helena. this is where the shower activity will likely remain. you have fog from concord to livermore. it's a milder start.
6:30 am
s in a one on the storm impact scale impacting the north bay throughout the day today with up to 0.19 of an additional rainfall. rest bay area dry. a live look outside where the air quality will be poor in the north bay. it's a spare the air alert. it's illegal to burn. we're looking at the mid-and upper 50s in san francisco, coastline, 50 in san jose. it's 49 in the concord. 43 in livermore with the fog. so we're milder for most and also looking at the cloud cover for everyone starting out. a few peeks of son east bay and south bay with milder conditions today. low 60s. you'll hold the clouds and showers in the north bay. and then we'll be looking at partly to mostly cloudy sky. tonight high surf warning in effect tomorrow morning through the afternoon for the biggest as well as of the season. chris. lisa wab thank you irmgt as she just said the dirty air is back. air quality officials issued the spare the air alert for today. burning wood either indoors or
6:31 am
outdoors is banned for 24 hours. >> the one or two fireplaces may not seem like a lot but when the smoke sits there is builds. it's like when they use to allow smoking in a straun. filling the air with smoke. > wood smoke is the major source of air plugs in the bay area during the winter time. like cigarette smoke it contains fine particles and cancer causing substances making the air harmful to greeting. east palo alto finally has long awaited protection against flooding from a nearby creek. yesterdays dozens turned out to sbrit the completion of the project along the san francisco creek between the bay and highway 101. it included flood walls upgraded levies and widening of the channel. 20 years ago this creek flooded and caused the evacuation of 1,100 homes. completion of the project brought peace of mind for people living nearby. >> now we can look at that and see that we won't have the evacuations in the future. we won't have to be worried. won't have to be scared. >> the work also protects the
6:32 am
area from sea level rise. the flood walls were built 10 feet higher than high tide. >> remember you can check the weather conditions in your area any time on the abc 7 news app. this morning president trump mass announced interior secretary ryan zinc is leaching the administration at the end of the year. he plans to announce a successor next we can. yesterday he tapped mick mufflemy as the chief of staff. he is the current direct of the office of management and budget. a reporter has the more. mick nflny is will be the chief of staff when john kelly leaves at the end of theyer. the president tweeted i'm pleased to nouns that mick mulvaney the director of the office of management and bumt will be white house chief of staff adding i look forward to working with him in this new capacity as we continue to make marker great again. mulvaney responding a tort short time later this is a tremendous
6:33 am
honor i look forward to working with the president and the team. it's going to be a great 2019. the nouns comment metahow-mile-an-hour after former governor chris christie declined the job in a statement saying quote it's an honor to have the president consider me but now is not the right time for me or my family so undertake the serious assignment. the president's first choice, vice president pence's chief of staff also decline the position saying he wants to move miss family back to georgia. among possible names mentioned as permanent replacements one-time deputy campaign manager dave bosse. and white house counselor kellyanne conway. abc news, washington. citing increasing divide in the country. the chief justice of california says he gives up her republican party affiliation. she switched to no party preference following the confirmation hearings for supreme court justice brett calf gnaw. she had been thinking about the move for several years. adding it's not about rejecting
6:34 am
the republican party but rather choosing something fitting her personal values. one of california's largest utility companies could face legal action. pg&e is accused of lying for years about safety maintenance on natural gas lines. the california public utilities commission opened a case against pg&e. an investigation revealed the company failed to mark natural gas lines because of low staffing and pressured supervisors to falsify safety records between 2012 and 2017. that's two years after the deadly san bruno explosion. the cpuc called it a serious violation of law that, quote, diminishes our trust. pg&e responded saying, we're committed to accurate and author o reporting pan record keeping and didn't live up to the commitment in this case. pg&e says it's working to update its audit protocol. the utility company says it's working to mitigate the dangerous of electric power lines in high fire danger areas but the solution and emergency power shut downis also under
6:35 am
scrutiny. yesterday the utility and state raised concerns at a public hearing. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman says there is no easy solution. >> in santa rosa's veteran's memorial building a small crowd with concerned worried about a solution that has become a problem. >> we're all vulnerable. >> that's calistoga city manager kjel a california public utilities commission panel when he learned following pg&e wildfire emergency power shut downthat impacted 60,000 customers last october. >> it was a difficult decision we weren't prepared for. >> napa and lake county got hit hard for fears of electrical lines starting fires. the shut up downlasted 48 hours much of that spent reenergizing the lines leading to financial losses and inconveniences across the region. here is yountville mayor john dunbar. >> two hours notice is not sufficient notice in some of our areas. >> the utility heard conditions
6:36 am
about the shutoffs needing more planning especially for people with disabilities. >> wheelchairs, lifts that get people out of things and into things. breathing equipment, hearing equipment. >> you can't just have that turned off, you say. >> no. >> pg&e says they got the message but restoring power after a shut downremains a complicated process. >> this is about keeping our community safe during extreme weather. during extreme fire conditions to reduce wildfire threats in the high fire threat areas. >> pg&e says it wants to extreme line the process but it's not easy. last october in napa and lake counties the utility had to check 3,400 miles of line before flipping the switch. in santa rosa, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. happening today san francisco is hoping to tackle gun violence by taking firearms off the streets. the police department is working with the group united players to hold a gun buyback event
6:37 am
offering $$100 hand gunned and $20 oh for assault weapons. the drop at the united p plchlt aya center on howard center. there is a second buyback event in san mateo county. the police chiefs of redwood city and belmont are madison and san mateo sheriff hold hosting the event. you can get up to the 100 for handgun shotgun or rifle opinion opinion 2 oh oh for a assault rifle. it's on maple street in redwood city. still ahead, the college football playoff national champion game coming to leevy stadium. the call going out for voluntaries to make it happen. the time is 6:37 a live look outside from the exploratorium camera. you can see it's breezy. you can see it's breezy. lisa argen will hav you can see it's breezy. lisa argen will hav ♪
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happening today,nouses of families in san mateo county will get to shop for some holiday gifts. congresswoman jackie expire and state senator jerry hill with join samaritan house in giving 20,000 gifts to low income community members. the who willdy toy shop will be held at the event center starting at 10:00 this morning. you must be registerwood samaritan house in advance to receive gifts. also happening today volunteers in the sourgt bay will back food boxes and organize toys to distribute to thousands of families next woke. sacred heart community service hopes to give more than 18,000 toys to kids this holiday season.
6:41 am
food boxes will be filled with fresh frout, vegetables, rice, eggs, bread and either a turkey, ham or chicken. can you drop off any donations from 9:00 until 3:00 today on south first street in san jose. it may happen very soon. but won't be on monday. organizers of the mavericks surf contest are watching close the surf on the smat of coast. yesterday the world surf league sent out a statement indicating that conditions may be prime for holding the event next week. on tuesday or thursday. waves could reach 50 feet following this weekend's storm. a lot of people watching close that forecast. and also you are tracking a storm in our area this weekend. >> pretty significant one. we sometimes call this an atmosphere irk river headed our way. tomorrow afternoon and evening. but today a live look outside from the san jose 101 where you can see it's shaping up to be a nice start to the morning. 50 degrees there. it's 49 in mountain view. the owers are north. the fog is east. the rain will be everywhere tomorrow. i'll have it all four next
6:42 am
process the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> also ahead, the warriors and up and coming sacramento kings down to the wire once again. mindy bach with the highlights
6:43 am
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up. in sports ton. the mcclymonds high school will battle for the california football championship. the state title game played at lany college. kickoff at 6:00 p.m. good luck to the mcclymonds warriors. raft night the the golden state wars battled the in-state rival. the highlight from the dubs thrilling victory over the kings in this morning peace sports report. >> reporter: warriors fought to win the first meeting of the season against the kings and did so by one point at oracle. friday night at golden one center the battle was tougher. the kings set the tone by trolling steph curry with video of the moon landing very clever it did not work. he had a game high 35. kevin durant pitched in 33. beautiful step back three on the fast back. klay thompson and curry from the corner. warriors led by 12 at the half. something you don't see that often, a klay dunk. more used to this, making threes. he missed that but gets it back
6:46 am
and lay it in. 27 for klay. matic steph, give and go with draymond green. he had five from distance in this one. warriors led by as much as 16 but let the kings back in buddy heel lays it in. ad justin jackson from the corner. the kings on a 25-5 one taking a 10-point lead. less than a minute left. klay with a huge three. the warriors on a 17-2 run taking the game taking a 1-point lead. 7 seconds left heeled for the tie misses and the warriors survive. 130-125, the final. the a's revealed that their platinum glove winning third baseman had another surgical procedure this off season. mat chapman wund yegt a procedure on his left shoulder to relief discomfort. the female is calling the difficultile classical resection a success. chapman is expected to swing a bat in six weeks and make full recovery before spring training.
6:47 am
his right thumb is expected to be good to go by spring. he had a srmg procedure on that in october. are the raiders taq another hit. though they knew this was coming. the nfl suspended martavis bryant. the 26-year-old receiver was allowed to play while he appealed a one-year suspension for breaking terms of original reinstatement. breyant suspended twice for violating the substance abuse policy. the raiders gave up a third round pick to acquire bryant from the steelers. playing eight games before being put on injured reserve with a knee injury. and and if there is an wyard for best gift of the year drew brees gets it. he gave every teammate and coached eye who helped him achieve a nfl passing record a custom the painted football. each ball is personalized like this one for all pro fullback mike carney has a number of receptions carney caught from brees and the total yards.
6:48 am
174 people received these unique gifts. and the college bowl season starts today. we bring you all of the highlights of the bowls that will be airing and start with knows today at 5:00. until then, have a great day. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. got some includes around and a nice start to saturday. but the spotty showers have been with us for you folks in the north bay bringing down about 0.25 inches yesterday. but it's isolated to that part of the bay area. but we will all experience the spare the air alert today and the poor air quality in the north bay. elsewhere, moderate air quality. to illegal to burn. and it will be mild out there. so maybe you won't be tempted which is god. because temperatures have been in the 60s with the southerly winds, the cloud cover with, check out santa cruz. numbers here today will be in the 60s with a partly cloudy sky. the further south and east you get, a few peeks of sun and the cloud cover around the general
6:49 am
bay area for mostly cloudy but the rain falling north. it's been light. as we go closer to pen grove and inverness, scattered showers wet pavement and the there is the sweep on mount st. helena. looking at showers through middleton. but it's this system we are excited about final a moderate storm aimed for the entire bay area midday tomorrow through the evening hours. look at that. pr pretty nice. 54 in san francisco. 49 in mountain view with 46 in morgan hill and on the coast 5 a. this is sutro. you can see the cloud cover. a few peeks of son throughout the day today and dry for most pch 49 in concord. 59 in the napa. and looking at fog in the east bay. livermore it's 4 mile visibility. five miles in concord and along the shoreline 9 miles half moon bay. this is the roof camera and the winds right now not a factor but a little breedsy in the upper he feels. scattered showers north. stronger storm tomorrow and the dry pattern midday monday through the rest of the week.
6:50 am
this is what's left of the current system, 0.19 to a couple hundred dreg santa rosa clearlake mist and drizzle. tomorrow the storm impact scale 3/4 of an inch of rain to an inch and a half. higher elevations could see two inches. gusty winds, 30 to 40 miles an hour southerlily winds throughout the day. 7:00 in the morning looking at rain in santa rosa. stays to the north throughout the early afternoon. this is 1:30. and then late afternoon it begins the push south and east krs the bay. and spreading that heavy rain, the gusty winds and the snow in the higher elevations of the sierra nevada. look at the rainfall amounts upwards of an inch and a half maybe two inches to the north. over an inch in the city, the coast, redwood city. ben loemened. the the west slopes of eara nevada, the winter storm wind chill 4:00 through noon monday 5,500 feet up to two feet possible. and we will be looking at winds.
6:51 am
wow, as gusty as 30 miles an hour tomorrow morning. and then looking at them increasing by 10:00, 30 to 40 miles an hour gusts. remember it's not raining for some yet. and with the frontal passage the winds accompany the heavy rain perhaps we can see ponding on the roadways. then by midnight the hour the winds dial back. the rain easts and we see the monday morning commute at this point doesn't look that bad. 62 in oakland as well as palo alto. upper 50s over in antioch and the accuweather seven-day forecast spotty showers, mainly in the morgt by. a 1 on the storm impact scale. a 2 tomorrow. heavy rain in the afternoon and evening. you diode the accuweather app and you notice it's mild and dry after this system tomorrow. >> great time to download the app if you haven't already done so. >> yes. >> thank you. next month leevy stadium in santa clara hofrts the national football playoff champion and organizers making a final push for volunteer. >> announcer: less than a month away from the culmination of the
6:52 am
college football playoff and in san jose excitement continuing to build. >> to bring something like that here to san jose kind of big -- bring as bigger spotlight and hopefully maybe attracts other people to want to come here and do things. >> the cfp national championship will be at levi stadium in santa clara on january 27th. but leading up to it the marquis concerts and festivity will be in san jose volunteers are needed >> greeters at hotels, at the airport. we have courtesy car drivers we need for vips. the bay area host committee now more than halfway to the goal of recruiting just over 1,000 volunteers to help staff the major event if chosen volunteers are expected to put in three four-hour shifts at minimum. >> we hope the bay area residents can feel proud of the region and act as great ambassadors. >> here is a look at some of the swag for varlt volunteers. the more hours they put in, the more freebies they get. the san jose sports authority says a successfully executed event could lead to bigger scale opportunities for the city down
6:53 am
the road. >> the reason they know the way to san jose is the community we have and the way they step up the work and their love of events, especially major sporting events. >> volunteer orientation takes place this we could. if you had like information on how to reply go to our website. next the grand opening that may have people lining up for hours to eat a hamburger, where the
6:54 am
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from last night's as the $262 million megamillions drawing. 5, 22, 26, 43, 49 and the meganumber 3. nobody picked all six so tuesday's night jackpot goes up to $284 million. happening today a popular east coast burger chain opens the first location in the bay area. shake shack opens at 11:00 this morning at stanford shopping center in palo alto. the chain known for hamburger kringle cut fries, my fav and name sake milk shakes. if you plan to go be ready to wait. it's not unusual for people to wait hours. shake shack plans to expand to larkspur and san francisco. and now a final worth check with lisa. >> i would wait hours. >> me too actually if i had time to do it. >> all right good morning everyone. starting out with scattered showers in the bay. live doppler 7 you can see it's not much but it's really been here since last night. from santa rosa to healdsburg to
6:57 am
clever dale. expecting another tenth of an inch. but the next stp we anticipate for tomorrow and everyone sees soaking rain. 62 today. partly cloudy to in elbowed. fog in the east bay right now. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, mild with the clouds. breezy winds. but tomorrow really be prepared. we are talking possible ponding on roadways. maybe some tree limbs coming down. the winds gust. the surf is high. and then it's over by the wee we hours monday month. a lot of rain hoolt of people like it but potent. >> as for shake shack bring the jacket today, maybe umbrella tomorrow. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us on abc 7 morning. i'm chris nguyen with lisa argen. the news continues online on twitter, facebook and instagram. good morning america is next. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. we will see you then.
6:58 am
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and my doctor and i choose to treat my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning, america. breaking overnight, obamacare struck down. a federal judge ruling the affordable care act's individual coverage mandate is unconstitutional. this comes just hours before today's sign-up deadline, so what does it all mean for your health coverage? dangerous weather. storms on both coasts. flooding in the east. >> yes, it's moving after three hours. while in the west whipped up waves. plus, the close call from too much snowfall. missing mother. the search intensifying for a colorado woman. authorities searching her fiance's property towing away his truck. wh


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