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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 17, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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then it subsides. >> all right. good morning starts right now. good morning, america. the new warning as a record holiday travel week gets under way, trouble coast to coast. the storm brings snow and rain to the east forcing water rescues overnight, while out west multiple storms brewing. rain, wind and snow. as the system moves east. ginger tracking it all. also right now, as a government shutdown looms, the new health care showdown. president trump declaring victory after a judge strikes down obamacare. democrats vowing to fight. what it could mean for your coverage. the stunning new report. the dramatic increase in the number of children vaping, an unprecedented boom. the new warning this morning. resort scandal. the bombshell allegations against popular caribbean resorts. guests who say they were sexually assaulted and paid to keep quiet. pete davidson's crisis.
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the latest on the "snl" star's health after that stark post about his mental health battle. ariana grande and the nypd rush to help just hours before his broadcast. ♪ and super bowl bust? the new report on the search for a halftime act. why won't performers join maroon 5 on stage? plus, the perfectly timed proposal -- >> will you? >> yes. >> the bears player going for a super bowl ring, giving an engagement ring first. and good morning, america. hope you had a good weekend as we roll into christmas week. >> yeah, and on this monday, we have some tough weather out there from coast to coast as holiday travel is getting under way today. >> aaa is out with new numbers this morning, more than 112 million people expected to hit the roads and the skies this holiday, and it all comes just as the northeast gets hit with storms moving to the west.
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ginger, of course, is tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you. it's almost perfectly timed. as everybody's getting ready to hit the roads, and thinking about it. and this morning 3 to 5 inches of rain, drowning parts of the mid-atlantic. you can see it not just in maryland, but in many states picking up so much rain. almost half a foot in some spots and there were 350 water rescues in montgomery county alone in maryland. that's to give you perspective. washington, d.c., hit their wettest year on record. a lot of people along the east coast are saying, we don't need more rain, and unfortunately, it's coming. all part of storms that are moving across already bringing big waves in san francisco, california. forecast there for up to 40-foot waves with the next storm. and seattle already had 50-mile-per-hour winds with that storm. the new one coming in, and it will bring heavy rain and of course, mountain snow. by the time we get this low moving to i-95 by thursday and friday, when everybody is hitting the roads, we'll be seeing the flash flood potential
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again. we'll be tracking this of course, george. >> quite a week ahead. ginger, thanks very much. to washington now and that government shutdown looming just days before christmas. both sides are digging in with president trump demanding $5 billion for his border wall. democrats refusing to give a democrat. congressional republicans caught in the middle. without a deal, parts of the government will shut down friday at midnight. about a quarter of the government without funding and hundreds of federal employees wouldn't get paid during the holidays. this comes after that surprise ruling from a texas judge that could put the affordable care act in jeopardy. striking down the law has created staggering uncertainty for the millions who rely on it, sparking condemnation. our senior national correspondent, terry moran covering it all from the white house. terry, president trump praised the ruling. >> reporter: that's right, george. president trump has long promised to repeal and replace obamacare, and this huge decision gives him the opportunity to do just that. the downside is that he and the republicans who have been
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fighting to abolish this law for they are responsible for what happens next, and they don't have a plan. this morning, health care for millions of americans could be in jeopardy after that blockbuster ruling by a texas judge striking down obamacare. president trump declaring victory, and predicting a quick fix, saying -- >> if the republicans and the democrats get together, we are going to end up with incredible health care which is the way it should have been from day one, and it's going to happen. it now has a chance to happen. >> reporter: but across the aisle, top lawmakers are already gearing up for a fight. >> if you are going to take away the affordable care act, how will you protect the millions of people currently using it for health insurance for their family? >> reporter: the judge's decision which came down on friday night declared that the individual mandate requiring all americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. he also struck down the rest of the affordable care act, including mandatory coverage for pre-existing conditions and guaranteed essential health benefits like prescription drugs and pregnancy care.
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president obama with a blistering post on facebook writing, a lot of good people are fighting to ensure that nothing about your care will change, but all of this should also be a reminder that republicans will never stop trying to undo all that. but the white house says they expect the final outcome to be settled in the supreme court. okay, right now, and this is important, there will be no immediate changes to anyone's health care while this ruling is appealed and works its way through the courts and that could take time, but this could be the beginning of the end for obamacare, and that does mean that the congress has to get to work because it has such a huge impact on so many people. >> all across the country. late friday, there was a lot of news late friday. we also had this announcement from the president that he was going to make mick mulvaney, a hiccup after this video surfaced on friday. >> do i like donald trump? no. was he a role model to my sons? absolutely not. yes, i'm supporting donald trump.
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i'm doing so as enthusiastically as i can. given the fact i think he is a terrible human being. >> reporter: that's an oops through the video files, but his spokesperson says he had not met the president at that time. that he likes and respects the president. he likes and respects the president. so as he embarks on being chief of staff, we'll have to see how that relationship goes. >> we'll see how long it lasts. terry, thanks very much. cecilia? >> he likes him now. this morning, the president is facing for another showdown, this one over his former lawyer and fixer, michael cohen, after he implicated the president in a felony in that exclusive sitdown with george. now the president and his team are on the offensive calling cohen a rat and a serial liar. our chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, is tracking this all from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. the president and his defense attorney are launching a furious attack, and his former attorney accused trump of directing felonies. this as the special counsel investigation moves toward a potentially dramatic finish with yet another close associate of the president finding out if he'll go to prison this week.
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an extremely angry president describing his former fixer and attorney michael cohen as vermin, specifically a "rat." amid a barrage of tweets on sunday. his current defense attorney, rudy giuliani, blasting cohen as well. >> pathetic. the man is pathetic. >> reporter: the verbal assault after cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for bank fraud, campaign finance, and making illegal hush money payments to women and being a co-conspirator in finance felonies. in an exclusive interview with abc news. >> he was trying to hide what you were doing, correct? >> correct. >> and he knew it was wrong? >> of course. >> reporter: but giuliani claims the payments are not illegal and that the special counsel and the prosecutors from southern district new york are trying to catch the president for any minor infraction.
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>> i'm telling you, george, they're going to try to look for unpaid parking tickets and see if they can nail him for that. >> this is far more serious than an unpaid parking ticket. this is the heart of our system. >> oh, right, a campaign finance violation? give me a break. >> reporter: but investigations by the special counsel and the southern district of new york are moving ahead. there is a possibility of more indictments in the russia probe, and on tuesday, michael flynn, the president's former national security adviser, who pleaded guilty to lying, will find out if he spends any time in prison. amy. >> far from over, pierre, thank you. now to the case of the green beret charged with murder, back in the headlines after president trump said he would look into his case, calling him a u.s. military hero. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has that story. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this could be a precedent-setting case with a stunning intervention into the military justice system by the president. major matthew golsteyn is charged with the premeditated murder of a suspected taliban bombmaker who was in the custody of the u.s. the military in afghanistan in
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2010, the president tweeting, at the request of many, i will be reviewing the case of a u.s. military hero, major matt golsteyn who is charged with murder. he could face the death penalty from our own government after he admitted to killing a terrorist bombmaker while overseas. golsteyn did admit in a fox tv interview he had killed a suspected bombmaker which would be prohibited under the rules of engagement. he has already had a silver star revoked after stories of the detainee's death were first brought to light. amy. >> all right, martha raddatz in washington, thank you. george? we'll turn to the controversy of the 7-year-old girl from guatemala dying in u.s. custody. the family of jakelin maquin is disputing the official account of her death and now calling for an investigation, and officials said the girl had no food or water for several days before crossing the border. her father says she was fine before taking a 94-mile bus ride
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to a border patrol station where her temperature went over 105 degrees. she was air lifted to a hospital in el paso where she later died. homeland security now saying that they took every step to save the child's life. an internal investigation is under way. now an explosion rocking a shopping center in japan, causing a building to collapse and injuring dozens of people. you can see smoke and flames pouring out of the building. in the city of sapporo. the streets were littered with glass and debris. the blast caused nearby apartment buildings and houses to shake. more than 40 people were injured, including some children. the cause of that blast is under investigation. now to that new report about now to that new report about vaping. it shows a startling spike in teens using vape pens over the last year, twice as many as last year. and eva pilgrim is here with the details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. this new survey found a dramatic increase. these numbers doubling for 12th graders taking the survey. this is the second year researchers have looked at these numbers. they specifically looked at 8th,
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10th and 12th graders. in 2018, over a third of 12th graders reported vaping at all in the last year, translating to about 1.3 million teens vaping this year, which is a dramatic number. >> our kids talk about it all the time but the study did find some encouraging news? >> there was some good news. the study found that less teens are drinking or doing other drugs, or at least those numbers are holding steady in a lot of the categories, and the researchers should know their friends are not doing drugs which is an interesting tidbit to find. >> good to see that good news. thank you very much. now to the growing mystery over that missing colorado woman who disappeared on thanksgiving and investigators are wrapping up their search of her fiance's property. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado with more. authorities are not saying whether or not they found anything. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. police are not talking about what they found, but they are talking about what they did not
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find, any sign of kelsey berreth, now missing for 25 days. this morning, a new $25,000 reward for the missing 29-year-old mother and pilot who vanished thanksgiving day. at her fiance's property in colorado, this convoy of law enforcement vehicles showed up at the house where patrick frazee lives. they cut the lock and drove up the driveway. local, state and federal officers, 75 in all, arriving at the property with a search warrant friday, bringing in dogs, this fbi evidence team and digging equipment, scouring frazee's 35-acre property for clues. deputies escorting frazee and the couple's 1-year-old daughter kaylee away. woodland park police call the investigation highly complex, adding investigators do not think kelsey left on her own, calling the disappearance suspicious. they did not call frazee a suspect, and they don't have evidence that kaylee's safety is at while in patrick frazee's custody. >> we have yet to have him sit down with one of our investigators. he is communicating with us
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through his attorney. >> reporter: patrick frazee's attorney says he continues to cooperate. police say finding kelsey remains their number one priority, amy. >> clayton sandell, thanks so much. now to the struggle to lock down the super bowl halftime show. the high-profile gig, usually it's an artist's dream come true, getting to perform in front of the biggest tv audience of the year. but this time around, performers are saying not so fast. abc's t.j. holmes is at the site of the super bowl, at the atlanta, and what gives, t.j.? mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta, and what gives, t.j.? >> reporter: hey. good morning to you. yes, traditionally, robach, this is not supposed to be a difficult show for the nfl to book. you call somebody up and say, hey, do you want to perform for 100 million people at the super bowl, and the answer is usually yes. well, that was before colin kaepernick took a knee in protest. now, it appears some artists are protesting by taking a pass on what has traditionally been one of the most coveted gigs in all of entertainment. according to a new report, the super bowl halftime show is in trouble.
7:14 am
♪ while maroon 5 has reportedly landed the gig, "variety" says the band known for its collaborations like this fall's team up with cardi b., is finding it impossible to bolster the lineup for one of the most watched musical performances of the year. according to the magazine, more than half a dozen stars have turned down what it has dubbed "music's least wanted gig." >> we hear mary j. blige has said no. we've heard cardi b has gone back and forth between yes and no and yes and no. we hear they're talking to lauryn hill. we hear they are talking to usher. >> reporter: rihanna was initially offered the slot but turned it down as support for colin kaepernick. "variety" says the declines are because of the handling of kaepernick and the player's rights to protest on the field. >> given the colin kaepernick situation, they're thinking how are most of my fans going to respond.
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>> reporter: some of the most memorable halftime shows have featured musical dream teams like bruno mars, beyonce and coldplay. madonna joined by nicki minaj, and katy perry with missy elliott. other stars are backing away from the big game all together. >> my fellow americans. >> reporter: amy schumer even refused to do a super bowl ad citing the colin kaepernick controversy. and also, keep in mind, guys, that the artists don't get paid to perform at the super bowl. it is just an honor. so you throw that into it. you throw some controversy and let's go with what jay z said about it who a few years ago actually turned down the super bowl as well. he had a song lyric in which he said, you need me, i don't need you. tell the nfl we in stadiums too. >> proving true right now. has the nfl or super bowl officials said anything about this controversy or problem they are having?
7:16 am
>> reporter: they are usually really mum. any time names -- again, maroon 5 hasn't officially been named so any time that happens, and names are out there, the nfl will just let it go and let it build up, but nothing has been said about this. maroon 5 not officially named and it's getting a little late in the game if you will. some time september, october, late november is when the announcement comes. now we're in late december and still waiting for official word. guys. >> t.j., this could be your big chance. >> reporter: my big chance to perform at halftime. george, i'm lucky enough just to perform with you on "gma" most mornings. >> you cold out there, t.j.? >> we're the lucky ones. >> thank you. we've got another nfl story to tell you about, the playoffs shaping up with some big wins overnight, but it was a player chasing a super bowl ring who handed over an engagement ring that is making headlines this morning. chicago bears' lineman charles leno jr. proposing to his girlfriend at midfield after the bears clinched a playoff berth. >> jennifer marie, will you love
7:17 am
to be jennifer marie leno jr.? >> yes. >> will you? >> yes. >> will you accept? >> yes. >> i love you, baby. >> i love that. he asked a few times just to be sure. the bears making the playoffs for the first time in eight years. a double celebration for charles and jennifer. that is an nfl story. >> did i hear that right? did he get her name wrong at the start? >> he got someone's name wrong. he said, i mean -- >> he was nervous. he was nervous. >> rightfully. let's go back to ginger. >> i think he was giving her his last name already. so we had a mild weekend along with all that rain but now the cold is settling in after up to 8 inches of snow after this low pulls away. boy, is it going to be arctic and fridge it when you wake up tomorrow morning. it will feel like 1 in boston, 5 below in burlington. right here in new york city, it will feel like 11. that's what's ahead for you. you're welcome. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, though, the select cities sponsored by walmart.
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you think you're having a
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bad day? look at this guy. in portugal, taking the wave. i asked jamie, by the way, and our matt, our in-house surf experts. he was chased by the white wave. gets hit not just once, but this is the official word. takes it on the head four more times. four big waves. he is okay. he is 35 years old. barely made it up every time. thankfully -- >> i'm sure he can't wait to get back in the water. that's what they always say. >> sure. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, bombshell allegations against caribbean resorts. women who claim they were sexually assaulted and then paid for their silence. amy goes one-on-one with the sandals executive. that's coming up and also, concern growing for pete davidson after his startling post about his mental health battle. we have the latest this morning. and the pilot who ejected from that military jet. the reunion this morning. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta what? stay with me here.
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ohh! cookies! uh-uh-uh. this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. happening right now, a high surf warning is in effect along the bay area coastline. the national weather service issued the warning over the weekend, and it won't expire until 9:00 tonight. this is what the waves were like on the pacific up here this morning. they were huge. officials say in some cases, dangerous waves may reach to 50 feet high. that means anyone walking along the beach could be put in chest-deep water with little or no warning. be careful out there. >> we're still having a signal issue in menlo park. sounds like the crew to repair that is coming from san francisco. it's going to be a while. that's causing some lengthy delays across dumbarton bridge.
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no issues for richmond-san rafael. a 33-minute drive for the san a 33-minute drive for the san mateo drive. a 33-minute drive for the san mateo drive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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or maybe one more. (singing) our holidays don't all look the same. and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea. good morning. i'm still tracking showers off the marin county coast. you can see they'r moving southeast along the coast. that's the only game in town right now other than some really thick fog across the north bay. napa and livermore, visibiity dow to 600 feet or less. you can see it's wet just about everywhere for the morning commute. by the afternoon, we'll have clouds, sunshine, and temperatures nearing 60. >> mike, thank you. coming up, the bombshell allegations against caribbean resorts. women who claim they were sexually assaulted and paid for their silence. stay tuned for that. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our app and
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♪ i suspect and i'm never incorrect ♪ ♪ that you're far too old to give in to imagination ♪ welcome back to "gma." so much excitement out there for "mary poppins returns." we are just two days away, and guess what? mary poppins herself is popping in. emily blunt here live this morning. she just got nominated for a golden globe for her role. we can't wait to talk to her. >> i can't wait to see it. >> i'm excited to see it. >> excited to see that movie. that is coming up. the other headlines we're following right now. we're tracking multiple storms that could impact your holiday travel. that system in the east forcing water rescues overnight, and ou, rain and wind across the country as a record 112 million people prepare to hit the roads and the skies this holiday.
7:31 am
and a government shutdown is looming this christmas. a quarter of the government could shut down friday at midnight if washington can't reach a deal. though, the post offices will stay open. and a christmas surprise warming a lot of hearts. take a look at this. it's getting more than 11 million views online. a soldier's homecoming, an early gift for this 6-year-old in pennsylvania. >> what do you think it is? >> i don't know. >> what is it? >> what is it? >> wow. required a big box. that's the boy's uncle jimmy. he has been at military training in florida for the last year. i could watch those over and over and over again. >> very cute. >> yeah. we're going to switch gears now and look at that scandal at caribbean resorts. companies facing accusations they tried to silence claims about sexual assault. amy, you sat down with a sandals
7:32 am
executive. >> that's right. speaking out about those claims and we're hearing from the alleged victims. >> as glamorous as the riviera. >> reporter: it's one of the hottest luxury resort chains, welcoming over 10 million guests across 30 years. >> but it's even better, because it's in jamaica. >> reporter: but this woman says her jamaican vacation to sandals resort was anything but relaxing. >> little did i know that it was going to turn into something that i can never take back. >> reporter: she says one of the resort's employees offered her a solo sailing excursion and that, once they were alone on the water, he physically and sexually assaulted her. >> you trust people that are paid to make sure you're having a great time. >> reporter: she says when she reported him to the resort, she asked if she should call police. she says they told her they would take care of it and rushed her into signing a voucher for a future trip which included a nondisclosure agreement. something similar happened to this couple. >> we had a lot of dreams that
7:33 am
it would be just the perfect wedding on a paradise island. >> reporter: they say on the night before their 2006 wedding, at the company's royal bohemian resort, the butler provided to them by the company, sexually assaulted the bride-to-be. >> it's the day before our wedding. i'm supposed to be that guy to protect her and care for her, and hours before we're supposed to get married, something like this happened. >> reporter: they say sandals offered to reimburse them the $15,000 they spent on the wedding, but only if they agreed to sign a nondisclosure agreement. they refused and they are suing for $30 million. this is all part of a bombshell series by the "detroit free press" of multiple women assaulted at resorts, and then being paid for their silence. >> the staff will quickly huddle around, talk to the victim and they try to take care of things by themselves.
7:34 am
>> reporter: adam stewart, the deputy chairman of sandals international, says although rare, he is aware of some incidents involving his resorts. how many assaults are you aware of? >> it depends on how far we go back, but a handful. >> three, four, five? >> somewhere around ten. >> reporter: he says the company has strict protocols and in any incident, the police are always called. in this case, she says police were not notified and she was told that the resort was going to handle it. is that an appropriate thing? >> we have protocols. >> as for the pascarellas? >> that is now before the courts and i can't comment specifically on it, but i can say in the hospitality industry, the world over, that any time we don't deliver, refunds are a part of the tapestry. >> in exchange for a nondisclosure? >> we would call it a settle in
7:35 am
this case. if any type of refund may be on the table. >> bottom line, do you think offering someone who claims to have been sexually assaulted by one of your employees a refund and a nondisclosure agreement, do you think that's the proper way to handle a situation like that? >> in our security protocols, they are crystal clear. they are in place. they have served the company very well over the years. we follow them to the book to make sure we take care of our clients and their safety. >> now both of those sandals employees were fired in those instances, but it remains to be seen what will happen in the courts with that $30 million lawsuit. >> he seems aware of that court case in that interview. >> thanks, amy. we want to turn to the rescue and reunion. the pilot whose fighter jet went down in the waters off oahu, and he is thanking the man who jumped in to save him. gio benitez is here with more on this. good morning, gio. >> reporter: it just so happens
7:36 am
that a 21-year-old parasailing expert was nearby. he watched that pilot fall into the water with his parachute entangled. he jumped right in to save him and now they have reunited. this morning, the pilot of that dramatic ocean crash caught on camera, is speaking out from a hospital bed after ejecting from a 1950s-era fighter jet during a military exercise. >> i was just looking down at the water and i see all kinds of boats and realized the airplane is not going to make it. >> reporter: 47-year-old matt pothier plummeting to the water, entangled in his parachute as terrified tourists watched and recorded the harrowing incident. nearby boaters raced to pull him from the water. mack ladner pulling him from the water. >> the parachute is going to fill up with water and pull you under. to have a qualified person like mack in there was the best thing i could ever hope for in that scenario. >> reporter: when it was all
7:37 am
over, pothier giving mack a special gift. >> i put him up on the boat, and then, you know, i was, like, well, glad you're okay, man. i got to get back to work, and then i was about to jump off and he said, take this. he gave me his patch off of his uniform which was really cool. >> reporter: and over the weekend, the two reuniting. the start of what seems to be an unexpected friendship. >> he is now going to be one of the dudes i'll have to hang out with around. not have to, want to hang out around. great guy. >> reporter: the ntsb is now investigating the cause of that crash, but no matter how scary this incident was, that pilot says he is ready to get out there and fly again. >> every time. all right, gio, thank you. coming up next, the latest on "snl" star pete davidson after that public mental health scare. ariana grande and the nypd all rushing in to help. after that public mental health scare. ariana grande and the nypd all rushing in to help. got a proble. a few problems actually. we're overproducing, overcrowding, and overheating. we've got aging roadways, aging power grids, ...aging everything. you're kinda bumming me out clive owen.
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we're back now with the latest on "saturday night live" star pete davidson's public mental health battle. the actor appearing briefly on the show this past weekend. after he posted a startling instagram post that led police to check on him, and paula faris is here with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. he posted that troubling message writing, i really don't want to be on this earth anymore, and then he deleted his social media accounts. his ex-fiancee, ariana grande, concerned that she was so concerned that she rushed to the "snl" studios.
7:42 am
>> i was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a form of depression. >> reporter: "saturday night live" star pete davidson has made a career of sharing his problems with his fans. even opening up about his just canceled engagement to ariana grande a few weeks ago. >> it's nobody's business, and sometimes things just don't work out and it's okay. >> reporter: but over the weekend, this candid confession on instagram, no laughing matter just hours before saturday's broadcast, davidson writing, i really don't want to be on this earth anymore. that post, which has since been deleted, goes on to say, i'm doing my best to stay here for you, but i actually don't know how much longer i can last. instantly, there was an outpouring of concern for the comedian on social media. grande apparently rushed to the "snl" offices to offer her support tweeting, i'm downstairs and i'm not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. and the nypd confirmed to abc
7:43 am
news that officers performed a welfare check on davidson at 30 rock, and that he was, quote, fine. tmz reports that davidson was a no-show for dress rehearsal and had to be cut out of some sketches, adding that he stayed in his dressing room for most of the show wearing pajamas. he appeared in a pre-taped sketch and 59 minutes into the show, davidson made his one and only live appearance, to introduce a musical performance. >> once again, mark ronson and miley cyrus. >> reporter: the 25-year-old comedian hasn't been shy about his mental illness. >> depression affects more than 16 million people in this country and there is no cure per se, but for anyone dealing with it, there are treatments that can help. >> reporter: but some are questioning if the national television spotlight is the healthiest place for him, given what he is going through. >> what is wonderful about this is pete davidson has been so forthcoming about this problem. he will frequently have episodes like this, so to pull him out of
7:44 am
work could even make things worse. they should ask for some report that it's okay to continue work. >> reporter: we saw jada pinkett smith and nicki minaj reach out to him on social media, and his friend, machine gun kelly tweeted he was getting on a plane to see him. this all played out in a very public and controversial way. you just hope it continues to open up the conversation because these are treatable conditions we're talking about. he is in a bad place right now. >> very brave of him to speak out, and we heard dr. drew say we have heard other experts say, in some cases it's better to be at work, to be busy. >> the last thing you want to do is isolate yourself when you are feeling alone and have those thoughts. be around people who will support you and rally around you. >> we're certainly wishing him well. thanks, paula. ng moment at the e miss universe competition overnight. t.
7:45 am
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and we are back now with that groundbreaking night at the miss universe pageant. miss spain making history just by being there, and miss philippines winning the crown. lara has it all. good morning. >> good morning to you. it was quite a night. lots of pageantry. a few stumbles along the way as well, but it was also a night of firsts. the first all-female judging panel as well as the first transgender contestant. >> reporter: overnight, history made at miss universe.
7:49 am
spon becoming the first transgender woman to compete in the 66-year-old pageant. the audience greeting her with a standing o. the crowd also providing an assist to miss jamaica after she stumbled over her words. host steve harvey came in for some good-natured ribbing from miss costa rica. >> from one host to another, do you have any tips for me? >> if they ever give you, like, a really, really, really important envelope, try to read carefully, okay? >> reporter: she was referencing harvey's fumble at the 2015 pageant when he misread the winning envelope, naming the wrong winner. >> colombia. i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia.
7:50 am
>> reporter: miss philippines was the rightful winner then, and she was again last night. >> philippines! >> reporter: the all-female panel of judges crowning her this year's miss universe. so very big night. miss philippines said when she was little, she had a dream that she would grow up to win miss universe wearing a red dress. last night she did just that. >> so dreams do come true. >> you saw it right there, but a big night of firsts. >> they got the winners right. that's good. >> yes. >> all right, lara, thank you. coming up next, we have that alarming new report on vaping and your kids. an unprecedented spike in just the last year. dr. ashton here with the new alert for all parents. ents.
7:51 am
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call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. welcome back to "good morning america." if you are not happy this morning, take a look at these beautiful images from utah and just let that settle in. that makes me love winter right there. not feeling it, seeing it. beautiful. and also this. look at this. this is mt. bachelor, 76 inches of snow already, and you're about to get more because you have this slew of storms coming in, up to 3 feet possible with that winter storm watch, not just rounds of rain, but the mountain snow that will be with you next week. th
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> hi, everybody. still a lot of thick fog out there. you can see livermore, oakland, the entire north bay valleys down to a mile or less. a few showers just off the coast. they're pretty much staying off the coast. this is our last push through about 9:00. otherwise, we got that dangerous surf with our beaches until 9:00 this evening. a mixture of sunshine and clouds, temperatures nearing 60 today. our next chance of rain will be thursday night. >> good morning, mike. we are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. of course, metering lights are still on. we've got our typical delays there as you approach through the maze. we've got some lengthy delays there for a couple of other bridges. not richmond-san rafael. san mateo bridge, new crash at the span. 46 minutes. one hour, three minutes for the
7:57 am
dumbarton bridge. >> thank you, alexis. coming up, the new test for breast milk designed to help new moms nourish their babies and why some doctors are not backing the idea. we have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. trouble for travelers on both coasts as the record holiday travel week gets under way. the storm pummels the east with snow and rain, multiple storms brewing in the west. ginger tracking the latest this morning. also this morning, as the government shutdown looms, the new health care showdown after a surprise ruling from a texas judge striking down obamacare. the president declares victory while the democrats vow to fight it. what it could mean for your health care coverage right now. the startling new report on vaping and your kids. the boom in vaping like nothing researchers have ever seen. the biggest one-year spike in substance abuse in children in 44 years. the new warning this morning, what parents should know. dr. ashton here to break it down. a very royal christmas as will, kate, harry and meghan all prepare to spend the holiday with the queen.
8:01 am
meghan markle's father speaking out on tv this morning, pleading with her to get in touch, hoping the queen can help heal the split between him and his daughter. celebrating burt reynolds. loni anderson speaking out in a brand-new primetime broadcast. remembering her ex-husband, what she reveals about their first date, the day they got married, and what burt was like as a dad. and are you ready for "mary poppins"? emily blunt flying into "gma" this morning. ♪ some people like to laugh and giggle through the day ♪ ♪ the world's a brand-new shiny toy ♪ >> and she is bringing more than just a spoonful of sugar as we say good morning, america. ♪ they brush right off ♪ that puts you in a good mood. good morning, america. hope your monday is getting off to a good start. >> it is a motivation monday, and do you know who is ready to help out?
8:02 am
kate hudson. we'll tell you why she is facetiming with oprah and what it has to do with your health. >> all right. and christmas, as you might have heard, is just eight days away. we're bringing in the ultimate diy duo, the napiers. they will help us with last-minute holiday projects. ben by the way is actually santa's understudy as you can see from this picture. and erin absolutely loves christmas as well. we can't wait for them to join us this morning. we'll start with the headline out of washington. a government shutdown is looming just a few days before christmas as funding runs out at midnight, and there is a new health care showdown. the affordable care act in jeopardy, and millions could be affected. we want to go back to terry moran at the white house. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, this week at the white house is going to be dominated by that impending government shutdown. president trump demanding 5 billion in spending for his border wall that he the democrats steadfast refusing it, and to get a deal to keep it running, they may have to do health care for the
8:03 am
country all over again because of that huge decision. a federal judge in texas striking down the affordable care act, putting millions of americans' health care in jeopardy. president trump declared victory and he promised to repeal and replace obamacare. he says it will be a quick fix with republicans and democrats in a bipartisan health bill. we'll see because across the aisle top lawmakers are gearing up for a fight. nancy pelosi says republicans are fully responsible for this cruel decision and for the fear they've struck in millions of americans for fear of losing their health coverage. the judge calling it unconstitutional because of mandatory coverage and the central health benefits like pregnancy. the white house says they expect it will go to the supreme court, and it's important to note in the meantime, while this case is working its way through the courts on appeal, no health care will change until a final ruling
8:04 am
but stay tuned. >> stay tuned is right. as you were talking, terry, the president just sent out a tweet on obamacare attacking the deductible saying, we have to work for a new solution. much more to come. terry moran, thanks very much. cecilia? now to the storm on both coasts as they may have a big impact on holiday travel. millions in the path. ginger, how bad is this going to get? >> unfortunately we could be seeing scenes like we saw this weekend again by the end of this week, and that's when it when it gets bad travel-wise. thursday is the busiest day. you're seeing images out of maryland. they picked up 3 to 5 inches of rain, and washington d.c. with their wettest year on record. there were water rescues and 350 incidents related to water in montgomery county, maryland alone. it won't be just there so look out in the pacific northwest. that's where everything kind of gets going, already kicking up big waves. they could see up to 40-foot waves with this onslaught of storms that's going to come fr oashio do tcoas
8:05 am
wreoicking this as get closer big, big days of travel, guys. >> thank you, ginger. coming up here, the royals' wedding plans -- excuse me, not wedding. they're already married. christmas plans. how william and harry are celebrating as meghan's father speaks out on british television this morning. >> and what parents can do about vaping on the heels of that alarming new report. and lara is upstairs. >> hello, you guys. we have a wonderful audience here. we have bonded here on this magical monday with mary poppins. the one and only emily blunt is with us live. you will not believe her performance in "mary poppins." we'll talk about that and so much more about that when we come back on "good morning america." that. so much more about that when we come back on "good morning america."
8:06 am
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[ cheers and applause ] and welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience here in the studio this morning. glad to see you guys all here. got a great christmas cookie for you. this is called chrissy teigen's skillet peanut butter chocolate chip blondies. >> sounds amazing. >> cecilia has already downloaded the website which is on your website. lara is here with "pop news." >> wow. i'm just taking that in. and here we go, everybody. we begin with aquaman making quite a splash overseas. get it? already netting over $250 million internationally, and that is before the movie even hits here in the u.s. meanwhile, aquaman himself taking the movie in with some loved ones in his home state of hawaii. jason momoa treating for a special screening and then
8:11 am
posting to instagram, quote, i got to come home and screen "aquaman" for my friends and family. so stoked so see the kids love it. also, i swear on my life, i have seen it just twice and it was better the second time. boom. that's his words. [ applause ] he said stoked and he said boom. and you guys can have a chance to test his theory for yourself very soon. "aquaman" making its domestic debut this friday, december 21st. [ applause ] couldn't happen to a nicer guy. also in "pop news" this morning, kate hudson taking on a new role this time as global ambassador to weight watchers, otherwise known as ww now. the 39-year-old seen snuggling her baby daughter, jumping on a trampoli trampoline. she has one of her two boys there with her nieces and nephews. those are promotional photos and here she is talking to oprah, who is one of the owners of the
8:12 am
company, about kate's decision to join in. >> everybody has a reason to get healthy. kate, what's yours for joining ww? >> well, oprah, my why is really my kids and my family and longevity and wanting to be here as long as i possibly can. [ applause ] >> amen to that. her goal is to lose 25 pounds by spring. she says she absolutely loves the points system with ww because it's like a game. she was so excited. i guess she had sushi and edamame has zero points and she posted it like she won a prize. if you can make it fun, you can succeed. >> it's true. >> good luck to her on that. i was going to stop. but we have more, just wait. if you are like us, and you love mr. carson and the crawleys on the pbs smash hit, "down theon abbey," the trailer has
8:13 am
been released. no words. just music on what's to come upstairs and downstairs at the english manor. we see the servants prepping the estate for new arrivals, people waving at british flags at a certain point in the teaser which could mean perhaps a royal visit? we sure hope so. the original cast members returning for the movie. [ applause ] just to get you a little more excited -- >> can they reincarnate matthew? did he have to die in a car accident? >> such a beautiful man. it nabbed 15 emmy awards. we'll find out if they can nab our hearts. the movie releases september 20, 2019. two tickets already sold. >> it's a date. >> so excited for that. guys, if you don't know it, you need to. and then, do you recognize this song? ♪ it's, like, just very personal
8:14 am
to me. good grief, it's the "peanuts," people. charlie brown, snoopy and the rest of the gang. if you love them as much as i do, great news, "the hollywood reporter," revealing a deal has been signed by apple to create new "peanuts" content. how very exciting. specials and series, featuring the gang. there will also be new math and science content starring astronaut snoopy for students. the late, great charles schultz first introduced the timeless peanuts characters to the world in 1950, and now look back to the character in 2019. [ applause ] >> thank you, lara. we move on to our "gma" cover story. royal family drama. despite reports of a rift between the royal siblings, william, kate, harry and meghan,
8:15 am
all set to spend christmas together with the queen. janai is here with that. hey, janai. >> reporter: there has been word about tension with the royal siblings, and now family drama from meghan markle. her father speaking with the british tv station just hours ago saying he feels like he's been ghosted by his famous daughter. this morning, thomas markle asking his daughter to get in touch with him saying -- >> love you very much, and i would love to hear back from you. whatever differences or problems we have, we should be able to work them out. we're family, so please reach out to me. >> reporter: adding his daughter meghan -- >> she has never been rude to anyone. she has always been in charge. that's her nature. >> reporter: and that he is hopeful he'll meet his grandchild. >> there has to be -- there has to be a place for me. i'm her father, and i will be the grandfather to the children. >> reporter: thomas markle hoping the queen will help heal the split between him and his daughter, but the duchess of sussex will be busy preparing for her second christmas with the queen. it's been confirmed the entire fab four, will, kate, harry and meghan, will all be in
8:16 am
attendance with the queen for the holiday. >> there will be a lot of royal family members descending on the queen's norfolk estate. of course this is prince louis' first christmas and of course with meghan being pregnant it's a particularly exciting year for the young royals. >> reporter: and with the speculation swirling about the dispute between the brothers and their wives, the family seems determined to show a united front. >> i think if there have been disagreements behind closed doors, i think they will be very careful not to let that show, and i think we'll see a show of, you know, all of them together enjoying themselves and being united on the holidays. >> reporter: and there are new reports that meghan markle is set to receive her first royal patronages from the queen in the new year, perhaps something to do with empowerment, a subject she's been very vocal about. amy? >> thank you. we have news on that startling report on kids and vaping.
8:17 am
there are really alarming numbers here. it shows the biggest one-year spike in substance abuse in kids. 1 in 5 high school seniors addicted to nicotine. that means more than a million teens are vaping in a single year. let's bring in dr. jennifer ashton. we were just talking. we have daughters and mine are in high school, and -- >> same. >> they come and they talk about this. all my friends are vaping. everyone's doing it. you've read the entire study. what does it tell you? >> first of all, we have to be crystal clear, amy. we are talking about teenagers and kids here. we are not opening up the debate about vaping, its pros and cons in adults, those who may be trying to quit cigarette smoking. we're talking about teenagers and kids, and the numbers are very concerning. this increase in just the last year means that there are more than 1 million additional high school students vaping. >> with nicotine? >> that's right, and most of these products contain nicotine. eegers are
8:18 am
unaware because a lot of them have flavoring. this is a time when the brain is developing and we don't have long-term day to what these chemicals do to lungs, mouth and the brains of developing children. the american academy of pediatrics is adamant it is not recommended and it's considered to be dangerous in this age group. >> considered to be dangerous, and my daughter and their friends all believe it's safe. it's way better than cigarettes, so it's safe. >> that's kind of the p.r. issue with vaping, but i want you to take a look at this chart because these chemicals have been found in the urine and saliva of teenagers. this is from a ucsf study. a lot of them are associated with increased cancer risk and certain lung diseases. so again, in this age group, why would anyone want to introduce these chemicals to a young person? >> i hope every parent is watching to give that information to their children because they literally do not know what they're doing at this point. if you are a parent, it's not like kids come home with the
8:19 am
smell of cigarettes on them. >> that's right, exactly. >> it's a lot of times odorless so you don't know. so what should parents be looking for? >> know what these devices look like. that's the first step, and be on the lookout and be on the signs of nicotine addiction. these teenagers can have cravings, difficulty concentrating, increased weight gain, sleep disturbance, irritability. they really need to seek medical attention to help them with that nicotine dependance and addiction. >> bottom line, what should parents be telling their kids after seeing? >> if you wouldn't grab a cigarette, don't grab an e-cig in this age group. >> i hope everyone was listening. we move over now to ginger. thank you, amy. we have a nice "gma" moment for you from charlotte, north carolina. this is something we all do to our kids. this is a better one we have seen. it's called synchronized screaming. >> together. there you go.
8:20 am
>> get the sweater down. >> oh. here we go. one, two, three. oh goodness, got it. >> oh. but still, so worth the picture. and you'll have it forever. that was william and zoey by the way, related to one of our producers here. it's so exciting to show that. please do send your "gma" moments to my facebook page. until then, let's go okay, guys.ay good-bye to 2018, we're looking back at
8:21 am
the people we said good-bye to this year. tonight, robin is hosting "2018 in memoriam," celebrating the lives of so many beloved stars with lost, with those who knew them best. actress lonnie anderson and others open up about burt reynolds. >> burt reynolds was an icon. >> burt reynolds was charming, charismatic, generous. >> the most handsome movie star in the world. >> would you welcome burt reynolds. >> i knew him from "the tonight show" and how funny he was and how crazy his relationship with johnny carson was. >> john boorman saw him on "the tonight show," and decided to cast him with in "deliverance" because burt controlled the guests and he controlled the audience. >> why do you go on these trips with me? >> he should have won the oscar for that.
8:22 am
his performance didn't get its due because there he was in the centerfold of "cosmo." >> he called me up and said, guess what? i'm going to pose nude. you have got to be kidding me. >> "cosmopolitan" didn't have a centerfold before that. >> laying there naked. i thought, wow. he looks good. >> the first thing i thought of when burt was gone was coming down the steps of an airplane and having him waiting on the tarmac, arms folded with that just cute mischievous, grin, to pick me up for our first date. we knew what we were getting into when we got married. he planned the entire wedding. he picked out my flowers. he picked out the cake. all i got to choose was my dress. nobody could have been more excited about adopting a child than burt. he was a great dad. i think that people will look back at some of his work and realize, you know, what an underrated actor he was.
8:23 am
>> fun-loving, talented, good-looking guy with a big heart would be burt reynolds' legacy. very talented. >> i don't think there could ever possibly be another burt reynolds. [ applause ] >> yes. i'll never forget that, and robin is also paying -- i was going to say respect, but let's say what it is, r-e-s-p-e-c-t, to the queen of soul, aretha franklin. we may have lost her this year, but she and her incredible voice that will never be forgotten. >> aretha franklin was music, style. >> sassy, soulful and just beautiful. >> she was one of the greatest singers ever. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> woo. that voice. the first time i heard her sing was on the gospel radio program.
8:24 am
she did this song called "never grow old." ♪ never never grow old >> i was just riveted. i said, oh my god. listen to this lady. i didn't know she was a little girl like me. >> that was the beginning of aretha franklin, the queen of soul. >> she knew how much power she had with her music. ♪ what you want >> the song "respect," women lived by that song. men also. >> when she died, music died for me. she was music, and still is muse you can. >> aretha was one of my closest friends in the world. i'm going to miss her. >> if she's here or not here, she's still the queen of soul, will always be. who is going to take that away? you can't take away a queen's t. [ applause ] >> favorite song? hard to pick one? >> "respect." >> yeah. >> it's a good one. >> "natural woman."
8:25 am
>> yeah. >> we were all singing. that was a good video to watch. you can see the two-hour special, "in memoriam" hosted by robin, executive produced by robin, and "jimmy kimmel" airing at 10:00, right here on abc. coming up, mary poppins herself, emily blunt. "mary poppins" herself, emily blunt. >> can't top that. can't top that. you have no idea what a privilege it is to bee to say good morning to america every single morning.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui. it's 8:27. watch out, a high surf warning is in effect along the bay area coastline. the national weather service issued the warning over the weekend, and it will not expire until 9:00 tonight. this is what the waves were like on the pacific up here this morning. officials say in some cases, dangerous waves may reach up to 50 feet high. that means anyone walking on the beach could be put in chest-deep water with little or no warning. so just watch it on tv. don't go out there. >> yeah, seriously. not worth it. we are looking at the roads and hopefully you're just watching this on tv and not going to have to get in this either. state route 84 at university, still having those signal issues. crews still trying to get to the scene. boy, major delays across the dumbarton bridge.
8:28 am
6-mile-an-hour average for you. also, heavy across the san mateo bridge. an earlier crash on the high rise. that has whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
8:29 am
fog still a big issue out there in the north bay and over in livermore. it will be for another two hours or so. a few showers offshore. th's pretty much where they're going to remain. maybe a stray shower is possible. everything still wet for the morning commute. our next chance of rain will be
8:30 am
thursday. >> thanks, mike. another update in about 30 minutes. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this monday. we have a lot of great stuff coming up. >> so the best way to describe our next guest is she has just been nominated for a golden globe, two sag awards. she has flown in just to talk about her new movie, "mary poppins returns." everybody, please give a warm welcome to our friend, emily blunt. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi. how are you? nice to see you.
8:31 am
>> how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you, you too. >> that's how i like to make all of my entrances. >> hair not even windblown. >> like i was in "wicked" or something. >> congratulations on the nominations. >> oh, thank you. [ applause ] >> i just had the incredible pleasure of seeing it. you can't wipe the smile off your face. i'm sure a lot of you will all go out and see it over the holidays. you guys i would imagine are going to do your own thing for the holidays. >> i'm going to not be dressed like this for, like, a month straight. i'm going to be in sweatpants for a month straight. yeah. >> so the last time you were here you were a little apprehensi apprehensive. your daughters loved julie andrews and you were afraid.
8:32 am
>> they still love julie andrews. i ask them, which one do you yoy like most? and she is, like, i like them both the same. >> you moved to london to film this, and your american husband, john kra sin i can was wearing a lot of baseball caps and that's a no no? >> if he wants to blend in in england, you should not wear a baseball cap because nobody wears baseball caps in england. >> it's true. >> you look -- look at him. see? what an american. >> oh, we got some boos in the audience. >> guys. come on now. >> speaking of john -- >> yes. >> is it true he had some tears when he watched you on film? >> it's funny because i feel people say t thing, but most people cry when they see this film. even my most cynical of >> are you my most cynical of
8:33 am
friends? >> i'm one of them. but your dad too also cried? >> my dad too. my dad -- it truly was a memory i'll have on my deathbed because he doesn't cry, and he was just beet root red from trying not to cry. it was so, so, so special. >> are you guys ready to see some? >> good heavens. it really is you. you seem hardly to have aged at all. >> really? how incredibly rude. one never discusses a woman's age, michael. one would think i taught you better. >> you're back. i thought we would never see you again. >> it is wonderful to see you. >> yes, it is, isn't it? >> wow. [ applause ] the director said you were his first ando play
8:34 am
mary poppins. you said yes right awnd remarkable see how spot on you are, but you didn't go back and watch the original. >> well, i just think that, you know, julie andrews is so beautifully brilliant in that first one, and i didn't want to sort of be intimidated by it and what she did, and i decided to read the book, and she is quite different in the book. >> that's a smart move. very smart move. >> have you watched it since? >> oh, yes. yes, yes, why yes. it watched it and i was, like, thank goodness. >> reunited with meryl streep? >> questioyes. she is so cool. >> she is just so amazing. and how about, i mean, the great dick van dyke. i burst into tears. >> he is an angel. he is just an angel. he has got more energy than anybody in this room, and when he got up on that desk and started tap dancing, i thought,
8:35 am
this is it. will have seen the best thing in my life. >> i bet. >> so amazing. >> you all sat watching him because he has still got it. >> he has still got it. he is amazing. he is. >> are you finding yourself singing songs from -- do you have one that's a bit of an ear worm now? i keep saying spit spot. >> my daughter quite likes me to do the voice for her sometimes, you know. i think my cool factor hits the sky when i do that. she'll say, do your "mary poppins" voice. >> do the voice. >> i'll say, spit spot and off we go. she eventually goes -- she loves it. >> that's pretty cool. >> that's a great tool with kids. it works. >> i'm going to dine out on that until they are teenagers and i become inevitably uncool. yeah. >> we're there. weno >> are you very uncool too? >> yes, i am. yes. >> take it while you can.
8:36 am
"devil wears prada" made you very cool with my daughter. >> that one lives on. >> my kids are making fun of me crying. they're going to love that. see it in theaters on wednesday. thanks for coming. >> thank you. thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ applause
8:37 am
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[ applause ]
8:39 am
welcome back, everybody. christmas is just eight days away, and we have got the dream holiday diy team in the house. we have the napiers from hgtv, with us. >> good morning. >> dream team indeed, and they will show us how to make gift giving and decorating a little more personal and easier. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. this is exciting. >> this is your first christmas -- helen's first christmas. >> we are here right now and helen is at home with my mom, and she took her first steps yesterday. >> congratulations. >> i missed it. i missed it. >> there will be many, many, many more steps. i promise you. >> i know. >> we missed it, but we were on "good morning america." that's a good trail, right? >> big christmas plans for her? >> yeah, you know, just walking. stuff like that. >> minor details. do you want to start with ben? >> sure. >> you go first.
8:40 am
you doing? >> in my house, growing up, my mom would make stockings out of leftover fabrics. >> this is a tip from your mom? >> yeah. old sweaters, baby sweaters, flannel shirts. she would take these old clothes, cut them up, glue them together and make stockings. >> i love that idea. >> so it's a nice little personal touch. >> and not too hard. >> that's what erin and i like to do. >> you use hot glue. >> no sewing needed. >> no sewing needed. >> right, yeah. >> you look like you know how to sew. >> of course, this one looks terrible. >> that's all right. you're under pressure. >> we won't judge. >> so erin's also got a great holiday hack. "home town" holiday hack. this is something we throw away, but it's cute wrapping paper. >> you can buy contractor paper, but you have this under the sink, right? what's more classic than brown paper packages tied up with
8:41 am
string, right? [ applause ] exactly. >> got it. >> so you make it special. >> i like to draw a little portrait of whoever i'm giving it to. >> that one is for me. >> i thought it was for me. >> that one's for him, and then, like, if you have wine corks, you can use these stickers you can get at the store. you might have them in a junk drawer. >> and if you have pvc like we do on "home town." >> and if you have leftover. >> you can use wood, cut things out, carve things out. we have a lot of this kind of stuff. >> the kids can get involved in this, right? >> yeah, absolutely. [ applause ] >> whoa. >> whoa, ben. that reminds me of an ornament or something. >> beautiful. >> that's cute, ben. >> yeah. >> pretty good. i'm pretty crafty. >> it's really fun to do with kids, to make your own gift wrap
8:42 am
and let them give gifts that are more personal. it's about recycle and reinvent. >> yes. that's my mantra. any other tips, ben? >> do it yourself. >> diy. >> do you have a favorite holiday tradition? >> favorite holiday tradition? >> we go look at christmas lights and my grandfather bought a cadillac that got passed down to my dad that got passed down to ben, and my whole family can get in this one car because it's enormous, and we look at the lights as a family. it doesn't always make it there and back. >> that's part of the adventure. >> our hometown -- yeah. >> you guys are always keeping it real. we love having you here. best wishes. [ cheers and applause ] the new season of "home town" premieres on hgtv january 14th, and their book "make something good today," is available right
8:43 am
now. >> thanks for having us. [ applause ] ginger? >> thanks, lara. i love a good recycle and i love this. this is one of my favorite winter phenom ice, vapor, straight toa. and this is one of the most just tful things you can see. o give you an idea, will i have a white christmas? look how above average we're looking at least in the plains there? ashton, wisconsin, tied a record now it is time to give back to some of the most generous people in the world, caregivers. our sponsor, home their
8:44 am
clients, the gift of independence. we want to salute one of those special caregivers, take a look. >> joanne page has been somebody her family can count on. >> i enjoyed and felt comfortable caring for others. >> reporter: her nurturing personality turning into a full tilling career. >> you never know when you will need assistance, help. being a caregiver to me is a very rewarding profession. >> reporter: she is employed by home instead, giving support to thousands of seniors around the nation. like miss thomas who recently broke her arm in a fall. >> joann does many things around the house for me. she fixes my hair, does laundry and just talks. i enjoy being with her. >> reporter: home caregivers can give seniors help with everything from daily tasks to staying healthy and engaged longer. all for the cutting
8:45 am
such as 7:5% of seniors report making mistakes with their medication. >> we're happy to know that nanny is okay and she is happy. >> reporter: and helping her to heal. >> she is a great lady and i'm glad i have the opportunity to come and help her. >> she makes me feel comfortable. she encourages me to do things for myself, and it's just the greatest person to help me out. >> and as much as you're helping them, joann, thank you for being with us. that was a beautiful story. as much as you're helping them, this is good for you to work for home instead too. >> oh, it is. my reward is knowing that i help the client stay in the home, and in their own environment with their family, feel safe and secure, and i also have a lot of
8:46 am
friends and with the family, gained family and friends. >> through home instead. >> right. >> you give so much of you and, we're so grateful and we want to give a little something back. how about that? here's what we have got for you. bring it in. thank you. this is a spa package. you're going to do the massage, the mani-pedi. this is from your hometown so you don't have to go far. we want to treat you. you deserve it. >> thank you so much. >> so many people like you deserve it. i'll give you this basket. careful. it's big. thank you for being here. thank you for the work you do. coming up right here on "gma," grammy award winning artist, chris tomlin. that's coming up next. ♪ "gma's" care giving heroes sponsored
8:47 am
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and we are back now with chris tomlin. he is the first christian artist to reach 1 billion streams on pandora, an estimated 30 million people, singing one of his songs during a worship service every week. his 12th studio album, "holy roar" is out now. he is here performing a medially of "good good father" and "come all ye faithful." ♪ well, i heard a thousand stories of what they think you're like ♪ ♪ but i heard, tender whisper of love in the dead of night ♪ ♪ and you tell me that you are pleased and that i'm never alone ♪
8:50 am
♪ you're a good, good father, it's who you are, it's who you are ♪ ♪ it's who you are ♪ and im loved by you ♪ it's who i am, it's who i am, it's who i am ♪ ♪ you're a good, good father ♪ it's who you are, it's who you are, it's who you are ♪ ♪ and i'm loved by you, it's who i am, it's who i am, it's who i am ♪ ♪ because you are perfect in all of your ways ♪ ♪ you are perfect in all of your ways ♪ ♪ you are perfect in all of your ways ♪ ♪ to us
8:51 am
♪ you are perfect in all of your ways ♪ ♪ oh, you're perfect in all of your ways ♪ ♪ you are perfect in all of your ways to us ♪ ♪ you're a good, good w you are ♪ ♪ it's who you are ♪ and i'm a loved by you ♪ it's who i am, it's who i am, it's who i am ♪ o come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant ♪ ♪ o, come ye, o come ye
8:52 am
bethlehem ♪ ♪ come nd abehold him ♪ born the king of ange of angee ♪ o come, let us adore him ♪ o come, let us adore him ♪ o come, let us adore him ♪ o come, let us adore him himh ♪ christ the lord ♪ o come, let us adore h h h h h ♪ christ the lord
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"good morning america" is sponsored by the ups store. chris tomlin, thank you for kicking off our week so well. >> thank you. >> and "mary poppins" star
8:56 am
lin-manuel miranda been here tomorrow live. have a great monday, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. here's mike nicco with a look at your forecast. >> thank you very much. good morning to you. hi, everybody. still got a lot of fog. look at the visible. less than 600 feet in livermore. that will start lifting slowly now through the 11:00 hour. a light shower around daly city, down to san mateo. these will be around about another hour or so. then a mix of high clouds, low clouds, and a little bit of sunshine. temperatures near 60. alexis? >> all right. we did have a disabled vehicle northbound 101, golden gate bridge. looks like that did clear. the northbound direction should clear up very quickly as far as delays are concerned. finally, all clear as far as that signal issue. state route 84 and menlo park. we're recovering westbound across dumbarton bridge. >> thank you. time for "live with kelly and
9:00 am
ryan." our next show is at 11:0 a.m. our >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, abc world news tonight anchor david muir. and holiday entertaining on a budget as we kick off our countdown to christmas. plus, all week long, some members of our studio audience will be competing in "live"'s merry money games. also, recording artist rita ora performs and takes a seat at the cohost stats. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] rita ora!


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