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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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a bombshell report said facebook let spotify and netflix od rng.o it is 5:00 a.m. on this 1. in j a moment, including facebook's response. >> first, you are never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco >> good morning, everybody. visibility layer in the entire north bay. hard to get away from the fog this morning. fairfield, napa, petaluma, santa rosa, all our reporting stations foggy. some of the fog from the altamont pass leaking into livermore. now you're down to two miles. fog around half moon bay. here's the way the day breaks down. we're milder this morning. mid-40s to low 50s. flirting with 60 at noon. low to mid-60s at 4:00 with increasing sunshine. and 50 to 55 degrees at 7:00.
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hope you enjoy the mild weather. how about the commute? here's alexis. overall, that is pretty mild so far this morning as well. we are looking live at the bay bridge commute. mht the stth was well. nine minutes from the toll plaza into the city. a quick checktransit. issue if you typicferry from so to the ferry building. 7:10, 7:40 on that trip are not happening today. those are canceled due to mechanical issues. they are working on setting up a bus bridge. they should know definitively by 5:30 this morning. i am pass that along as soon as that is confirmed. a new issue at the dumbarton bridge. facebook is under fire again. a just released "new york times" investigation revealed facebook gave other companies access to your private messages. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at menlo park
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at facebook headquarters. amy. >> reporter: hi. good morning. yes, facebook has responded. they did put out a statement on a blog. in the statement facebook admitted it did allow other companies to read its users' private messages but said you gave consent, even though you might not know you have done that. according to the "new york times", facebook shared users personal information like their contact information and their friends's names with 150 companies, that's including amazon, microsoft, netflix, and spotify. the "times" cites hundreds of documents and interviews with more than 50 former employees. spokespersons for spotify and netflix said they were unaware of the broad powers facebook had given them. in a blog post, facebook said the user gave consent because they signed into facebook
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through the partner company's app saying, quote -- hold -- hol i have to get the quote here. facebook's partners don't get to ignore people's privacy settings, and it's wrong to suggest that they do. this is just the latest scandal surrounding facebook and how it uses people's personal information. and the company stock has taken a hit. it is down 20% this year. it's looking like it is taking a dip right now in premarket trading. reporting live in menlo park, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. enough to the east bay. the landlord of the ghost ship warehouse is moving ahead with plans to demolish the building. attorneys representing the families of the 36 people who died in the fire two years ago are no longer objecting to the building being torn down. they would like a memorial at that site. the families do not want the building to be sold.
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during a court hearing yesterday, the landlord will have to re apply for a new permit for demolishing the warehouse because it was listed incorrectly on the first application. police in the east bay want everyone to know they are catching suspected packageit ut shows a m wking up, stealing a package from the porch of a home in dublin. investigators say that is 27-year-old cody mcdowell. he's been charged with stealing several packages. san francisco phaeumayor lo breed is asking brown to release her brother from prison. she asked for leniency. he is serving a 44-year sentence for a mphapmanslaughter convictn the death of a woman. it could raise questions about whether the letter constitutes an improper attempt to use her status to influence the
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governor's decision. brown's office has not issued a response. san jose approved two sites for tiny homes, which is temporary house to go serve the homeless population. they will be built a lot vta site and caltrans at highway 101 and 680. they will each have 40 cabins, shared bathrooms, laundry, and community kitchen. the city hopes this will allow people to transition into permanent housing. a police officer is out of the hospital following a troubling incident. he was searching a suspect's car monday when he came across fentanyl. it made him sick. a second officer had to administer narcan. jeremy griffin and anita nay were taken into custody. police found a loaded automatic pistol, rifle ammunition. he faces charges of felon in possession of a gun and
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violating probation for her. someone shot into a bus injuring a woman. she is being treated for minor injuries. but it is not from the bullet. it is possible shattered glass from the window hit her. you can see it happen on a flicks bus. no one else was injured. in today's gma first look, the fbi is joining the search for an american woman who went missing >> reporter: on this morning's gma first look, the fbi is joining the desperate search for 35-year-old carla val pay owes. she dedicated her life to traveling the world. >> she wanted to experience as much of the world as possible before her world goes dark. >> reporter: her brother describes his sister as an explorer. >> she has done it before all over the world. she is a very well versed traveler despite her disability.
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>> reporter: she was last seen december 12th on vacation in peru when she was machu picchu her own. she spent the night at a dance club just hours before she vanished. we will have more details on the disappearance of american tourist carla valpeoz at 7:00 a.m. geniez norman, abc news new york. massive waves at mavericks. surfers took advantage of them yesterday. the high surf advisory is being extended until 3:00 tomorrow morning. surfers caught big waves but also wade out, including some professionals. aaron gold is back home in hawaii recovering from a wave that landed right on him yesterday. >> it's like going through a rinse cycle or car wash and getting hit by a car at the same time. just relax and wait for the right time to go pass by it. >> the mavericks competition was hoping to start monday.
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but conditions are too big and too volatile. >> i love watching these guys surf. it's so dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. yikes. it's amazing though, isn't i, mike? >> it's amazing to watch. something i wish i could do. but maybe i'll just watch. the high surf advisory was extended until 3:00 tomorrow morning. waves 15 to 25 feet. on the bay, average conditions there. out and about running errands, heading to work, doing whatever, today is our mildest day. not only this morning but this afternoon. look at our east bay neighborhoods. 50 to 57 degrees. most of us right around 53 to 54. cool spot, union city, fremont at 50. 40s around pleasanton, livermore, antioch and brentw d brentwood. san jose, los gatos. san francisco and the north bay, mid-50s. that is usually our cool spot. not today. you have a lot of fog. you will drop to 48 by 8:00.
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57 with the fog finally lifting around noon. low 60s this afternoon. back down to 49 by 8:00. eve bay valleys, 51 this morning. 60 at noon. low 60s from 1:00 to 4:00. down to 52 at 8:00. can't quite shake the clouds everywhere today. you will definitely need the sunglasses from time to time. 49 in the south bay at 8:00. near 60 at noon. mid-60s at 2:00. 53 at 8:00. a couple of chances of rain on the way. i'll talk about that next. here's alexis. a minor issue traveling the dumbarton. westbound 84 before you get to the toll plaza. we had a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. chp just cleared that. no residual delays to worry about. that is one of our very few incidents we have had so far today. 680, highway 4 to walnut creek in the green at 6 8 minutes continuing on walnut creek to highway 13.
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tracy to dublin, you're in the yellow at 43 minutes. a big change coming to the dmv. >> and one law you do not want to mess with. >> i couldn't tell you. i just went into rage. >> and it's all on camera. hear from the woman who says she has had enough. and the coast-to-coast trip being called a breakthrough for autonomous driving. >> let's take you outside as you begin your day. it's 5:10 in the morning. a live look at the financial a live look at the financial district in san francisco.
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the gloves came off. >> reporter: it was the wrong day to mess with taesha jones. that's her taking matters into her own hands. >> i kept hitting him saying you are trying to steal my car. really? are you serious? >> reporter: she was preparing to take her son to school when her 5-year-old noticed someone
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was inside her car. >> as i got closer i saw the guy bending down over like something in there. i don't know what happened. i blacked out after that. i went into rage. >> reporter: he was in her pardon me and does not know her. >> i saw the woman pulling the guy out of her truck, throwing him to the floor, and beating him. >> he is 19-year-old bernadino santiago. >> he tried to get away and tame off his shirt so i sat on him. >> it was hours before she saw the video. most of it she doesn't remember. you see her car had been vanity likewised twice in recent weeks. >> i saved to get that car myself. i'm a single parent. i saved to get that. >> reporter: she has a heart condition and uses a walker. but her adrenalin kicked in. she was not going to be a victim.
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>> i had enough this time to fight back. i don't think this is fair that people work hard for their things and for somebody to just take your things away. >> she was not having it. >> that was andrea reporting. women from new york do not play. no. that suspect was highly intoxicated and thought he was actually in an uber. he is facing multiple charges including attempted grand larceny. that's his story. >> also don't lie to officers in new york. we start with happening today. in this case we should say happening today maybe. >> we don't have that in our graphics library. so happening today it is. blue origin sexual try to launch a rocket after scrubbing yesterday's mission a few minutes before liftoff. it will liftoff in the next hour maybe.
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spacex tweeted that tech issues is forcing them to postpone. it will carry a gps that promises to make gps more effective in a couple of years. anthony lewandowski announced to drive without his hands on the wheel. muni's approval rating is dropping. riders are turning to ride-hailing companies. >> 63% of riders rated muni as excellent or good, down 7% from last year. the 63% approval rating is the lowest since the year 2012. service delays in the twin peaks tunnel shutdown are the major
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issues riders cited. the report finds when muni failed, riders turned to lyft and uber, 10% more compared to the year 2017. new developments san francisco voters will decide whether to extend free tuition at the city college of san francisco. san francisco became the first city to make community college free in 2017. that pilot program expires after the spring semester in 2019. hollywood is remembering penny marshall who died from competitions from diabetes. >> she first broke out in "laverne and shirley". but then as a director. including big with tom heynckes. >> man, did we laugh. >> she was 75 years old.
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a very generous gift to underprivileged children. 6,000 english and spanish books were donated, the charity's largest single donation this year. it has the goal of collecting 19,000 toys from 6,000 kids. with the library's donation, it will include two toys. a stocking tougher and new book and each gift to a child. >> nice. >> yeah, i love that. >> open up the imagination. >> yeah. books, so great. >> take you anywhere you wat to go. >> let's take you where you don't want to go. that is rain and fog in the forecast. sorry about that. it is that time of the year. our first step, fog in san rafael. southbound 101. it is thick across the north bay. it will change to clouds and sunshine. above average high temperatures. a chance of rain thursday. again christmas eve. christmas day is trending dry. let's take a look at what's
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going on with your high temperatures. 10 degrees warmer than average. 60 in lake port. 62 in antioch. morgan hill, 65. oakland, 64. santa rosa, free mont, palo alto, san francisco 62 degrees. don tonight, san francisco in the mid to upper 40s. fog in the central valley. a little less fog for the rest of us. clouds heated of our next system. noon tomorrow, all the gray covering. increasing clouds overnight through tomorrow morning but dry. as we jump into 4:00, anybody commuting around mendocino will be dealing with light to moderate rain. it will push into sonoma county. into theng overnight, the steady rain becomes lighter. random showers during the commute friday. by friday afternoon, sunshine will break out again.
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rainfall totals in the south bay, east bay. a trace to barrel 100. less than a tenth of an inch in the bay. quarter inch in the north bay. not a lot, but it will make things wet for friday's morning commute. the rest of the weekend, friday afternoon, saturday, sunday, pretty dry. monday looking the wettest right now. here's alexis. all right. good morning, mike. we have fog out there, dense fog for the a lltamont pass and 880. dense fog in both areas. use caution. we also have a new rollover crash at wood side on the peninsula. still working on details. we are working on confirming which lanes are blocked here, according to chp. esnvve in the at least st rollover collision as well. keeping an eye on that. i'll have an update in just a few minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza. when i walked up a moment ago we had on not gotten official word that metering lights are on.
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that i 4 to the maze looking good still. in the green at 17 minutes. thanks, alexis. this is a bummer. a beloved gibbon has passed away. santa barbara zoo said he died suddenly of liver family and a cancerous mass was found. kn niko was well loved and just beginning to bond with a new family. medical exams here didn't show any health problems. the leader of the dmv suddenly announced her retirement. bill davidson will become acting director of the dmv. currently chief deputy director for 16 years. director jean shiamoto will retire by the end of the year. the wait times are finally
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dropping. more staffing and tech upgrades are part of the reboot. a woman accused of posing as the wife of a firefighter in a fund-raising scam. 28-year-old ashley benis was arrested on theft and other charges. chef posted photos of herself and fictitious firefighter husband. she collected more than $2,000 in cash, goods, as well as camping equipment, sports drinks, and socks. they say a suspicious fire captain alerted the sheriff's department about this scheme. >> coming up next, the 7 things you need to know as you start your day. first, this man said he ran first, this man said he ran down every s
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number one, santa clara firefighters are watching a tesla that first caught fire and ignited again at a tow yard. nobody was hurt. stkphraot mother from yemen who won her fight for a visa to visit her dying 2-year-old son will arrive in the bay area the mother's application was initially denied because of president trump's travel ban. >> number three, new allegations against facebook. a "new york times" reports claims the menlo park based company gave major tech companies like apple, amazon and netflix much more data than previously disclosed. >> number four, let's talk about mist and a little bit of fog for your morning commute. novato, napa, fairfield, and livermore with the thickest fog right now. >> number five, high surf advisory for the bay area coastline has been extended until 3:00 tomorrow morning.
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surfers taking advantage of the swells yesterday in maverick. >> northbound 101 around woodside road. we did talk to chp. it sounds like we had part of the off-ramp blocked. that has cleared to the shoulder now. no significant delays in the area. >> number seven, disney's "mary poppins returns" hits theaters nationwide today. it is a sequel to the iconic 1964 film. emily blunt is the nanny. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a san francisco man has completed his mission to run every single street in the city. >> ricky gates finished up on twin peaks. he ran 30 miles day 4ees.what? if you do the math, that is more than 1 now, 400 miles. after experiencing all of this, he said his favorite running spot in san francisco is the
5:27 am
presidio. >> irit er a lot of history. a lot of good, clean oxygen. >> gates logged 150,000 feet of climbing on san francisco's hills. if you do the math, carry the two, that's the equivalent of climbing mt. everest five times. it was a great way to get to know the city. i'm stunned. i have to go back and look at what you said. 30 miles a day. i can barely do three miles once a week. >> i know. why is he trying to show us up? >> well done. >> congrats. >> yeah. with another 90 minutes of news, including the vote today that you will feel
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a man says his tesla spontaneously caught fire not once but twice. and there's worry it could happen again. we are live covering is the story in the south bay. a great day for anyone who loves paying bridge tolls? that's happening today. and how much you will be charged. i know this will sound weird, but it is the most delicious emotional support animal you will ever see. the marketing campaign trying to ease stress as you travel for the holidays. that is taking it a bit too far for me. >> these executives are cranking it up this time of year. good for them. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, december 19th. thanks for joining us. >> used to love that chicken >> used to love that chicken from popeyes.
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okay. all right. 5:31. i'll be back before 5:30 just to let you know. less than 7 minutes. the exploratorium camera -- >> and it goes black. >> oh, wow. the visibility is thick across the fog. that is from sacramento to san rafael. the winds are going to start pushing that out of the north bay and across the bay. watch out. it is on the move. you can see some of the cloudiness taking over san francisco from our exploratorium camera, pier 15. 60 at noon. low to mid-60s this afternoon. a real mild day. commute, answers and questions, alexis. i definitely am questioning if the metering lights are on. they should be. i think they are. no official word from chp that they have been flipped on. definitely starting to see the
5:32 am
backup. overall, drive times have been decent this morning. we'll take a look at richmond-san rafael bridge. seven minutes. 14 across the san mateo bridge. 9 minutes across the dumbarton bridge. tesla investigating after a bay area man said his model s caught fire twice. >> it burst into flames after the driver says he got a warning about a flat tire. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us in campbell. matt. >> reporter: jessica, santa clara county fire still o scene keeping an eye on this tesla model s. it is up on blocks so they have access to theteatndes car. thermal imaging is being down.
5:33 am
firefighters were following recommendations from the carmaker to put a lot of water on it. they are figuring when it will be safe to leave? >> this is new to fairly all of us. we have experience with electric cars. it's just a matter of when is this extinguished? and that's a hard thing to figure out. >> reporter: this is video from the owner of the model s after it burst into flames the first time after being gatos shop. they are glad to hearing everyone is safe. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> th att, thank mother flight to san francisco from egypt right now. her flight is scheduled to arrive at sfo just after 7:30 arrive at sfo just after 7:30 tonight.
5:34 am
2-year-old abdallah always has his father by his side. wednesday night, his mother will be there too. hassan says his wife has now been granted a spousal visa. >> my son is dying right now, to be honest. it's too late but at least i am getting her to say good-bye to her son. >> they decided one more time to get her to the u.s. to see her son one last time. two dozen consumer groups are asking federal regulators to study whether kids are being subjected to manipulative advertising in a section of google's play store designed for kids. more than 2 million devices worldwide are powered by google
5:35 am
software with a significant number of those being used by minors. google issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to protecting children while online, one of the reasons the company says it prohibits targeting advertising at kids under 13. developing news, an overhaul of the nation's criminal system is one step closer to happening. republicans joined forces with democrats to approve the first step act last night. the bill revises federal sentencing laws, like reducing the three strikes penalty for drug felonies for life behind bars to 25 years. the measure overhauls the federal prison system to help inmates earn reduced sentences. the house will take up the bill this week. president trump says he is ready to sign it. in the north bay, the family of a 13-year-old shot and killed by a sonoma sheriff's deputy is going to get $3 million from the county. the settlement ends a long legal battle over the death of andy lopez in 2013. the deputy shot the teen who was walking down the street carrying
5:36 am
an airsoft b.b. gun that resembled an assault rifle. it sparked a debate about excessive force by law enforcement. under the settlement the county admits no fault or liability. happening today, ansportatin gate bridge starting january 1st. it is the result of measte ad b june. the two lawsuits are challenging a vote. it required a two-thirds margin to pass, which it didn't get. the money will be put into escrow until the lawsuit is resolved. electric scooter operators will face tougher laws. it will put a cap on how fast they can go and establishing fines for companies who violate the law. it requires them to develop technology like geofencing to keep the devices off sidewalks. the companies have until july 1st to apply. comply. transportation a big deal in
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the bay area. we want your help to make it better. get involved by using the #betterbayarea to weigh in on the issue. together we can work on building a better bay area. just two days to go until friday's deadline to fund the government. and this morning president trump appears to be backing up his demand for $5 billion to fund the border wall. during a white house q&a yesterday, the president said it is too early to say if a shutdown could be avoided this friday. president trump added we will see what happens. compare that to last week when the president boasted he would be proud to shut down the government to secure the border. the national weather service is sending a team to washington state today to assess the damage state today to assess the damage from a rare tornado. >> it happened in port orchard southwest of seattle. the confirmed tornado is believed to be just the second ever twister to touchdown. it hit without time for a warning.
5:38 am
it ripped up giant trees. >> we were looking out the window at the rain. it was just really coming down hard. we started hearing a roaring noise. i asked my son, what the heck is that? then the wind hit and it just went nuts. >> so far no reports of anyone hurt. while the tornado has passed, the danger is not over. there are active power lines down, and gas companies are checking for leaks this morning. so a lot of damage still left over. >> yeah. look at that damage. two, that's all they average in the entire state per year. and there was one of them for m. low to mid-50s in our usual cool spots, the north bay. you have to go down to redwood city and into the south bay, the coolest weather. mid to upper 40s there. same thing in brentwood and tracy. elsa el cebrante.
5:39 am
there is some in the east bay hills, altamont pass this morning. and livermore. mass transit milder. light breezes on the bay. all right. missing a few graphics right there. there we go. let's see if i can get them to come up. as we look again once more at your commute planner. what i wanted to show you, santa rosa, san jose, their 12-hour temperatures. there's the north bay. 48 with fog at 8:00. foggy at 10:00 and 52. look at the low 60s from 1:00 to 4:00. 49 at 8:00. east behave valleys, 51 this morning. near 60 at noon. low 60s from 1:00 to 4:00. 52 at 8:00. last stop, san jose. 49 this morning. 10 degrees warmer by noon. low to mid 60s this afternoon. bring alexis in here and get over to the traffic and find out
5:40 am
what's going on this morning. we have a handful of things to talk road, that is contained to the shoulder. it did just clear according to chp. no delays in the area. that's impressive for a crash that involved a rollover. we are definitely not complaining there. westbound 80 through emeryville, that was a tough commute yesterday. today we are incident free. that drive time is still in the green. 18 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. still no official word that the bay bridge metering lights are on. they definitely have to be at this point. a quick mass transit note. golden gate ferry, sausalito to san francisco at 7:10 and 7:40 canceled due to mechanical issue. they are still working to set up a bus bridge instead. as soon as it is confirmed, i will pass that along >> can you spot the differences between these two chairs? a san francisco bay company cannot, and that's the problem. brave passengers took elon y
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>>eave you w live at the ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back.
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lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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a chance of dangerous surf on our beaches through 3:00 tomorrow morning. breakers 15 to 25 feet.
5:44 am
a rogue one could reach 30 feet. the largest waves across the state. down south they have a high surf advisory. advisory. eight feet. mid to upper 30s in the high country. tahoe, record high is 56. we'll be within a few degrees of that. a healthy snow coming christmas eve. >> san francisco based william sonoma is suing amazon. it claims it copied its west elm furniture designs. it includes the orb chair. this is side-by-side images of the two projects. west elm is on your left. it sells for 3. amazon is $279. a check this morning shows the amazon chair is no longer available. the trademark and infringement
5:45 am
complaint was filed in federal court. the bay area spent two weeks trying to avoid the smoke from the massive camp fire in beauty county. you remember people walking around and wearing the face masks >> that's all gone. what about the smoke in the air now? that is coming from fireplaces. leslie brinkley investigates how they investigate our health. >> reporter: the magical glow of the fire. and the par take lats it is spitting out. >> what is the air quality in your living room if you have a fireplace burning? >> we have done testing. et does become healthy at times. especially during start-up and when the fire is winding down. >> reporter: how much do they contribute to unhealthy air quality in a neighborhood? >> wood burning in the bay area is the the number one cause of winter time pollution. >> number one? >> number one. >> reporter: the smoky scent if you're outdoors means the air quality on your block is bad. >> after the camp fire, i think recognition has increased tremendously.
5:46 am
tremendously. >> reporter: dr. mary is an instructor for allergy and asthma research at stanford and is an expert how air pollution impacts our immune system. >> the smaller particulate matter will go into your lungs and cross into our blood stream. so it can cause inflammation of several organs in your body. >> reporter: including your heart and lungs. those who love their fireplace and remember the smoky air from last month are inundating stores with requests for fireplace gas inserts, which don't generate particulates. they want them and they want them now. they want them for the holidays. so we have several crews out. they go six days a week. >> reporter: a fireplace insert and installation can run you between $3,000 and $5,000. 7 ne.
5:47 am
elon musk is showing off the first selling many of his underground tunnel system. he hopes it will end what he calls soul-crushing traffic. the proof of concept is one mile of tunnel connecting spacex headquarters to hawthorne. a vehicle took riders down at 40 miles per hour during last night's unveiling. musk's goal, though, is much faster. >> the system is designed to do over 150 miles per hour through the tunnel. >> musk says eventually he wants to create a tunnel highway system underground. reporters who took a ride last night described it as bumpy.t wn a dirt road. so it needs to be tinkered with a little bit. popeyes is selling support chickens. you can stop by the popeyes louisiana kitchen and buy a three-piecemeal. it comes in a chicken shape to
5:48 am
go to bring on your flight. it appreciates how comfortable emotional support animals are that it wanted to create its own version. they said its emotional support chick especially is permitted to fly without any restrictions. >> it is clever. i thought it was at allthe fact airport is pretty clever. >> how do you feel when you see the guy come in and it has a very aromatic -- >> yes. . i would rather sit next to the emotional support peacock than a chicken or a burger. i think it stinks up the whole plane. don't you think? >> it would definitely get the whole plane smelling. >> i wouldn't mind. i would be the one to buy it. can i have one of those? >> and the biscuit. >> uh-huh. know that. >> yeah. yououfi ctn'ldri but here's a guy with chicken.
5:49 am
>> i can't wait to see what social media does with that one. san jose, a little cloudy. of a little bit of fog. it's patchy. that's the way it will be. mild highs with sunshine. you'll definitely need sunglasses. more clouds than fog. a little bit cooler this morning. chance of rain thursday, monday, and really, ryllea christmas eve morning. more like santa claus early than us getting up early. low to mid-60s. 60 to 65. that's our spread this afternoon. er 40s with the s back into thep thickest fog in the central valley and up into the north bay. here we are for tomorrow night. best chance in the north bay. heads into the south 0.2 in the north bay. same setup as last week's storm the north.
5:50 am
it heads southward and really loses a lot its start. at noon tomorrow, increasing clouds and dry from 4:00 all the uup thent 7 north bay where light to moderate rain moves in. yellow g.ayaw boeecomes more scattered showers into friday morning commute. drizzle through 9:00. then it's over. so friday afternoon, a little more sunshine. our shortest day of the year. saturday and sunday looking nice. monday, that's when the heavier cin and breezyonditions roll in. good morning, mike. a new crash in the tri-valley. the only good news is it's in the counter commute direction. northbound 680 before you get to calaveras in the sunol ea have a few vehicles involved. perhaps three to four. not a big backup yet. a slight delaypr apwoinrkchoaing on confirming h bay bridge ocked as well.
5:51 am
toll plaza. we got confirmation were turned 5:34 this morning. maybe a little bit earlier than not. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma in the green. castro valley to the maze, not . 14 es for you. 280, 680 to 85, still in the green. no issues for you. ank you, alexis. new at 6:00, a medical miracle just in time for the holidays. a little girl whose inoperable brain tumor disappeared. > if you are traveling don't if you are traveling don't forget your ugly
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take a look at tomorrow's afternoon to evening commute. dry at 4:00. by 8:00, a little bit of light rain around santa rosa, calistoga. light rain in the overnight. places like liver moore and in the south bayasable.the morningt for the rest of us. christmas eve storm coming up next. here's reggie >> senator harris harris met with u.s. troops, diplomats, and national security and intelligence officials. she traveled with two members of the senate intelligence committee. the trips add fuel to speculation that harris is considering a presidential run in 2020. harris has yet to confirm her intentions.
5:55 am
$9 worth of chicken wings lands a driver with a traffic ticket. an officer spotted a ford mustang with its license plate partially covered by a sticker of safeway chicken wings. he was cited for driving on a suspended license and obstructed plate. his mustang was impounded. pack your ugly christmas sweater. and you can get a pretty sweet perk. >> if you wear your ugly sweater friday you will receive early boarding privileges. friday happens to be national ugly sweater day. this is the second year alaska airlines has done this. so it must have been a hit last year. >> can we wear ugly sweaters to work on that day, alexis? >> let's try it. we'll change if we have to after. all right. taking a look at the roads this morning, we have one new issue. it sounds like some type of hazard is causing flat tires. four weeks off on the shoulder diouf to flat tires.
5:56 am
so chp on the way to the scene to assist the drivers. hopefully clear up whatever debris is skacausing that. overall, looking good. we have thick fog westbound tracy to dublin. that is thick in both directions around altamont pass. 4, antioch to concord in the area on the 21 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, dense fog along that route as well, but it's not slowing you down. in the green at 16 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> as promised, look at our christmas eve storm. storm impact scale of one, light. morning to evening with gusty breezes. heavier rain thursday. 4:00, christmas eve morning to 7:00 light rain in the north bay. 10:00, it start moving into the heart of the bay. from that point to 1:00 is when we will see the steadiest and heaviest rain. it will move out by 4:00. it will start to clear out just a little bit for your evening festivities. as far as the rainfall
5:57 am
potential, this will get everybody from a 10th of an inch in the south bay to quarter inch around the bay to a third in the north bay. i'm dreaming of a wet christmas. thank you, my. next at 6:00, the new facebook scandal overnight and a report revealing spotify and netflix allowed to see your private messages and even photos that hadn't been posted. and we have facebook's response this morning for you. >> more tiny homes coming to the south bay. where temporary housing for the homeless is about to be built. plus, if you have a snowsuit for your kid that looks like this, you should return it. this, you should return it. why you don't
5:58 am
5:59 am
now aing. the alarming new report
6:00 am
they gave companies like spotify, netflix and apple access to your private messages posted. surfers braving the huge surf and an advisory this morning. fog moved in again overnight. it is what many of you will see as the next storm moves in. good morning. it is wednesday, december 19th. let's take a look at the fog. you are seeing it is very thick all along interstate 80 in sacramento, quarter mile to a mile in fairfield. you break off into 680, 780. it lets up as you cross the delta into contra costa county.


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