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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, this is abc7 news. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> i definitely think it's a ufo. >> doesn't it seem like it's getting brietd error is it me? >> did you see it tonight? people flooded our phone lines and twitter about a mysterious bright light in the night sky. good evening. thank you for joining us. im dan ashley. >> and i'm alma daetz. the object was seen as far away as lake tahoe, sacramento, chico, and santa cruz. >> many people initially thought it was from a rocket, but a planned launch tonight from van den berg air force base was scrubbed. >> turns out it was a meteor on top of mount hamilton. the weather service said it created a high-level cloud.
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>> but that didn't stop people from wondering what in the world. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live in the south bay tonight. amanda, it was something. >> reporter: yeah, dan, alma, i think i may have been the only person in northern california who did not see this thing. but i did connect with people who are convinced that what they saw in the night sky was definitely out of this world. at a time when the bay area is blanketed in christmas lights, it was wednesday night's sky that stole the show. >> it was brighter than a normal cloud, especially this time of the night. >> reporter: after 5:30, when most are making their way home from work, the evening spectacle caught the attention ever people across the bay area and beyond. >> it looked kind of like a key almost. >> i don't know, i just thought it was kind of a weird formation. >> i thought somebody was trying to spell something out in the sky, but i couldn't read what it was, so i just moved on with the rest of my night.
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>> reporter: but others couldn't. sky 7 was flying over san francisco at about 5:36 when it captured this bright light. >> i saw like a moving cloud at first and then it kind of formed into a question mark. so, i don't know, maybe it's a sign. sanu but a sign from where, or rather, from who? >> i'm definitely a big believer in ufo phenomenon. i think it's a ufo. >> i believe it, yeah. >> reporter: while we're working to learn exactly what was visiting, or should i say visual, we at abc 7 can rule out a few things. a rocket launch planned at van den berg air force base was scrubbed and did not happen and a planned spanx exlaunch didn't take off either. the director of the griffith observatory told our sister station in l.a. that the light was a bow light meteor, one that would normally fit in your hand. what we were seeing was the compresed air around it. i'm in the south bay tonight.
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amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> thanks so much, amanda. >> did was mysterious and kind of cool. lots of people saw the meteor across the bay area tonight. >> let's get to meteorologist sandhya patel for what people were seeing, sandhya. >> yeah, dan and alma. let's take a look at what people were seeing. this really exploded on social media. literally, everybody was talking about it. interest it was a bow-like meteor, it exploded in the atmosphere according to dr. edwin crump at the griffith observatory, once or twice a year you sigh this happening, so it actually exploded over the ocean before we actually saw it here. the mystery is solve. i do want to show you some pictures that were sent to me of the bow-like meteor. this is how vivid it looked. it had a squiggly look. really a cook picture there, posted on my facebook page. one more sent to me from santa
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cruz area. this was a bolide meteor captured at lassalle vo beach. really incredible pictures. that mystery is solved. alma? >> thank you, sandhya. if you'd like to learn about noctolucen clouds, you can go to you can see more pictures of the meteor. >> new developments. the mother of a dying boy who spent months fighting for a visa arrived to a crush of media tonight. abc7 news kate larson is live at sfo with the family's ordeal and why it's led to a lawsuit against the u.s. state department. kate. >> reporter: well, dan, a really tough night. this is a story about a mom who, four months ago, put her son on an airplane with a hope and a wish that doctors here in the bay area could improve his rare brain condition. when she did that, she had no idea that it was almost the last time she would see her son.
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she arrived in san francisco international airport from cairo wednesday night. she held hands with her husband who has been in the bay area getting medical treatment for their 2-year-old son abdullah who is on life support. >> this is difficult time for our family, but we are blessed to be together. >> reporter: they are naturalized u.s. citizens and flew to the bay area in august to get treatment at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland for a rare brain condition. he is a yemen i national and couldn't get a visa because of president trump's visa ban. >> the ban has hurt yemen families. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit against the state department for delaying the visa which she say she applied for in 2017. >> the result of that failure is that a dying 2-year-old boy has suffered for the last two months without his mother by his side for no apparent reason. >> reporter: the family reached out to the u.s. embassy in cairo
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28 times this year, and it wasn't until their lawsuit, news coverage and public outcry that she was granted her visa on tuesday. >> the fact that they ultimately approved her shows that there was no issue with her to begin with and she should have been approv approved months ago. >> reporter: i am told that they headed straight to the hospital from the airport. but unfortunately abdullah only likely has a few more days to live. but, of course, now the family can be together to say good-bye. i also spoke to so many people from the yemeni american community who tell me there are thousands of shemas out there separated from their families. live at sfo, i'm kate larson, abc7 news. >> all right, kate, thank you so much. new at 11:00 tonight, a san francisco police officer faces charges in connection with a bank robbery. it's not the first time he's been in trouble. officers arrested ray dougherty yesterday. he is accused of taking $9,000
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from the east west bank in the sunset district last month. court documents show he is now suspended without pay. dougherty is also accused of sending racist and homophobic text messages in a scandal dating back to 2011. disciplinary proceedings are ongoing in that case. >> developing news out of washington, d.c., the senate has approved a bill that would avoid a partial government shutdown. the stopgap measure would fund the government through february 9th. now, this bill does not include the $5 billion that president trump wants for a u.s./mexico border wall. tomorrow the house takes that up. if it passiones, president trump has not said if he will sign it, but the white house says he'll take a look. >> san francisco's mayor says the issue of racial bias is motivating her mission to get her brother's criminal conviction commuted. abc7 news was in the western edition we are mayor london breida tended the opening of an affordable apartment complex today. she wrote a letter asked the governor to commute her
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brother's 44 year sentence on robbery and manslaughter charges. she knows of inequities in our justice system. >> here i am as mayor, and regardless of whether or not he's my brother, i have an obligation to also shine a light on these kinds of things. >> in response to her letter, the governor's office says it doesn't comment on individual cases. >> to concord now where police say a man who was a marijuana grower shot and killed a home intruder, police say they believe the intruder targeted the homeowner on phoenix street because he grows and sells pot. sky map 7 shows you the neighborhood of the man called police last night saying he shot someone who was breaking into his home. there you see phoenix street there in the center of the screen. the police found the intruder dead in the backyard. the homeowner cooperated with them and was not arrested. >> facebook is under fire tonight, accused of offering users' data to more tech firms than previously disclosed. that is according to a report by
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"the new york times." abc7 news reporter chris nguyen spoke to experts about the revelatio. >> reporter: tonight there is growing concern over facebook's latest privacy scandal. >> it does worry you because you want know where your information goes. >> reporter: our personal data is a hot commodity. we are learning facebook gave amazon, netflix, and microsoft more access to users' private information that than previously thought. >> i don't feel comfortable sharing my private information. s it's personal. right now our hands are tied. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," the social media giant shared data to help gain more users. partners could add more features while avoiding facebook's privacy rules. some were able to see entire friend lists. others were allegedly able to read users' messages without knowing. >> the government has to step in and have some kind of regulation. >> reporter: in a statement a facebook representative said in part, none of these partnerships or featurs gave companies
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access to information without people's permission nor did they violate our twfrl settlement with the ftc. a previous agreement with the federal trade commission barred the social network from sharing user data without explicit permission. >> think twice about it because you never know who might get access into your social media. >> the so-called privacy wall with protections that only goes so far. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> a lot more to come here. an unusual heist in the middle of the night. can the security video help find a missing dinosaur? >> the holiday season kicks into high gear in the south bay. see how they're celebrating in a big way. >> you're looking at just a few of the hundreds of bikes headed to butte county. i'll tell you about the massive bike build underway in the east bay. >> all that's ahead. first here's what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live tonight right after abc7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks, dan and alma. we have a show for you tonight. there's a guy -- that doesn't --
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casing my house and stealing my package. >> are you calling me a horse
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in the east bay, two men accused of stealing a fiberglass dinosaur from a gas station, they have been arrested. the contra costa county sheriff's office showed this video showing the brontasaurus being stolen last august. they used the license number of their get away truck. the dinosaur is still missing. >> check this out. it looks like santa's workshop in the east bay. hundreds of bikes are being assembled for children who lost
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everything in the camp fire. abc7 news reporter katie yudis has more on the bikes for butte campaign. >> reporter: one bolt at a time. >> is this the same size as my bike right now? >> reporter: captain derek and his son landon are assembling bikes and rebuilding children's lives. >> that's why i wanted you to come. i wanted you to see how important it is to help others, people that are in need. >> reporter: alameida county sheriff's deputies deployed to butte county during the devastating camp fire. >> it hit home. all the loss of life. >> reporter: deputy chris delima wanted to do more. bikes for butte were born. >> we went to dick's sporting goods. i talked to them. they called me a couple days later. hey, we're going to give you a hundred bikes. >> it grew and grew and now we're at 400 bicycles, plus another $20,000 in sporting and activity equipment for kids. >> reporter: donations are coming from all over. this trailer, the truck and the drive time are being donated by
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search and rescue member. tho they'll load all the bikes into the trailer and take off friday morning. every bike comes with a hell mitt and a sense of freedom on two wheels. >> when kids can't exercise, that creates anxiety and that anxiety is hard for parents. >> reporter: deputy and sheriff's office staff volunteer after their shifts. they perform final safety checks. the bikes for butte campaign is proving so successful, the agency plans to roll it out again for kids in need in the bay area. in dublin, katie yudis, abc7 news. >> what a nice thing. >> absolutely. >> well, in the south bay, hundreds of children experienced a night of holiday magic. >> look how much fun that looks. abc7 news was at california's great america in santa clara for this year's winter fest. the park hosted more than 400 members of the boys and girls clubs of silicon valley. >> yeah, they got the park to themselves and enjoyed live performances, snow, a special
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holiday dinner and more than 7 million holiday lights. >> i think it's a really great time of the year to have a lot of fun and enjoy. and no pun intended, but be present in the moment. >> boys and girls club ambassadors lighted the 65-foot-tall tree making it a merry and bright night to remember. >> that looks like so much fun there awesome. >> great night for it, too. >> it was. it was crisp, not too cold. what about the next few days? that's true. >> saept ndhya patel is here wi that. sandhya. >> dan and alma i want do show you a sunset tonight. 4:53, the sun went down from our emeryville camera. absolutely beautiful view as you will notice there with the setting sun. we did have some clouds around, but overall a beautiful evening to do some holiday shopping. and the next couple of days you'll get a chance to do that. but tomorrow, make sure before you head out that you carry your umbrella because tomorrow night we have some rain coming your way. right now it's the fog we're tracking with live doppler 7 as we take a look at a closer view
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of how visibility is. it's like pea soup in places like novato, santa rosa, down to a quarter mile. concord, napa, fairfield, down to half a mile. these are the areas where you're going to run into some problems tomorrow morning during the commute, so allow that extra time. temperatures right now in the 40s, 50s. here's a live doppler 7 again because we are tracking this system. while it looks impressive on satellite and radar, most of the energy is going to the north of us. we're going to get the tail end of this front and that means we're going to see light showers for tomorrow night. high surf advisory until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. you will notice some of those wave heights are 17 feet. monterey bay, point arena breakers could be 15 to 25 feet. still use caution with those waves. east bay hills camera, what a view. as we look across the bay. you can download the accuweather app and track temperatures any time you want. areas of dense fog for your morning commute. showers arrive tomorrow night and winter begins on friday at 2:23 in the afternoon and just in time for the seasons changing
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we're going to change up the weather for your weekend. here's a look at fog between 5 and 8:00 a.m. the worst will be north and east bay valleys. we will have fog elsewhere. by noontime, it starts to thin out. so tomorrow morning when you get going, perhaps set that alarm clock a little bit sooner so you can get to work earlier. it will take you longer to get to work, i should say, so you can get there. 40s, 50s for most of you, upper 30s at lake port. watch out as visibility will be low. and just a reminder, low beams when there is thick fog out there. afternoon high is for your thursday. in the 50s, 60s, clouds will be thickening throughout the day. a little more sun in the south bay than the north bay. a light level 1 on our storm impact scale comes in tomorrow night. rainfall will be trace to about a third of an inch with those scattered light showers. highest totals in the north bay. hour by hour we go, 4:00 p.m. tomorrow clouds only. as we head into 7:00 p.m., the north bay around fort ross starting to get some light to moderate showers.
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9:30 still in the north bay, it's going to take its sweet time. by 11:00 p.m., tomorrow night you start to see those showers, east bay, san francisco peninsula, some of you are going to get missed. but 2:30 friday morning it starts to slip south ward. in terms of rainfall totals, we'll see anywhere from a couple 100s of an inch in south bay to a third of an inch in ukiah. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. light level 1 system for tomorrow, morning fog, nighttime showers going into early friday. dry saturday. sunday, monday we have another storm coming in. it's a level 1, but christmas day, santa will have no problems delivering those gifts. alma and dan? >> we want to make it pretty easy. thanks, sandhya. >> tomorrow on
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♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> former president barack obama came bearing giflts at children's national hospital in washington, d.c. today. he was dressed for the occasion, you see, wearing a santa hat with a bag full of toys slung over his shoulder. he's a little skinny for santa. >> that's true. >> but he looked good. >> he did. the kids looked happy. >> they did. >> he looked stress free. >> you noticed that. >> in sports, warriors still trying to gel, kind of a work in progress. tonight at utah with the game slip away
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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>> announcer: abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening. steph curry says the warriors want to get back to being dominant, but clearly not there yet. and they are taking everybody's best shot. jazz tonight, they're struggling, too, but it turned into a dubs struggle in the fourth quarter. what sack a met with steph curry, the first nonwhite player drafted in the nba back in the '40s. early action, klay thompson not there. jazz go on a 7-0 run, making it 10-0 run. kyle korver from out of bounds on the three. curry shooting the three, losing his mouth guard. teeth, who needs it. goes and picks it up. 32 for steph. to the fourth, it's a four-point utah leave. dante, excellent, throwing down. 7-point jazz cushion. kevin durant his first three. warriors within 30 for k.d. less than two minutes to go. donovan mitchell, fouled by klay
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on a three-point attempt. klay not happy. less than ten seconds to go. wide open, iguodala for the tie. curry loses it out of bounds. rubio knocked it off, went off his fingers. ball game 108-103 jazz win. don't look now, but the rockets are starting to get it together. tonight houston won their fifth in a row. they set a new record. they hit 26 three's breaking the previous mark of 25 held by the cavs. rockets rolling 106-118. stanford signed 23 recruits as high school kids declared for college. the cardinals named three prominent bay area players. actually four, but austin jones out of bishop high school is one rated as the top running back in northern california. 5'10", 200 pounds, all american in sport. a total of 92 touchdowns at odod. at cal, justin wilcox building a
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bully in berkeley. loves defense, that's where kyle smith comes in. linebacker from los gatos, had 410 tackles in his prep career. how about the funny est early signing day moment? that came at lsu. >> john, another great young man. from louisiana. hold on a second. hey, hey, i'm having a press conference, okay? thank you. hey, stop the ball, stop, i'm having a press conference. thank you! >> i'm having a press conference, thank you. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino.
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all right. that's our report. appreciate your >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ben stiller, from "roma," yalitza aparicio and marina de tavira, the "jimmy kimmel live" clip of the year, and music from gryffin featuring elley duhe. and now, for good measure -- jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. welcome, welcome. thank you. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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