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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 20, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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i'm definitely a big believer in ufo phenomena. i think it's an ufo. >> we may have solved the mystery about what we saw in the sky last night. if you look at the sky right now, it's likely you won't see a thing. fog is making a lot of commutes difficult like here in emeryville. rain could impact you on your drive home. so that's the good news. good morning on this thursday, december. you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. nike nicco is tracking all of us. >> dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service for santa clara valley, san francisco bay shoreline. visibility less than a quarter
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mile. they think through 8:00 this morning. i think it will last through the entire morning commute, possibly up to 10:00. you're going to have to be careful traveling in these areas. visibility as low as 2 in concord. less than a couple hundred feet in oak lands, san carlos, mountain view at 1. san jose, less than a couple hundred feet. 280 and 17. you can barely see the highway there. my accuweather 12-hour planner dominated by fog in the morning. 45 to 49. mainly cloudy at noon. temperature, 56 to 58. a little sunshine is possible in the south bay. the rest of us in the gray, upper 50s. rain moves in at 7:00. more on that next. more on the commut, here's alex alexis. oh, yeah. it is foggy. we have all been saying this morning. here's another shot on state route 87. probably want to check in with your airline if you have a flight today. we will see a lot due to the driving and flying conditions. we have very low visibilities.
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no blocking issues significant. that is good news. no major delays on drive times either. we are slowly starting to fill in. santa rosa to petaluma, in the green at 15 minutes. castro valley the to the maze, 14 minutes. 480/680 to highway 85, looking good at 13 minutes. >> a boy dying in an oakland hospital is finally reunited with his mother. >> the mother is from yemen. it has been a struggle to get her here because of the trump administration travel ban. 6 matt keller is live at sfo. matt. >> reporter: reggie, certainly a sad story. the mother finally arrived from yemen to see her young boy. now the family is altogether at the hospital to say good-bye. >> this is a difficult time for our family. we are blessed to be together. >> ali hassan welcomed his wife at 2-arldon
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naturalized u.s. citizens and flew to the bay area to get help for abdallah's rare brain condition. he is now on life support. she was not able to get a visa because of the travel ban on many majority muslim countries. council on american-islamic relations filed a lawsuit on monday against the state department for delaying her spousal fees sa which they say she applied for in 2017. >> the result of that failure say dying 2-year-old boy has suffered for the last two months without his mother by his side. for no apparent reason. >> reporter: the care says they reached out 28 times this year, and it wasn't until their lawsuit, news coverage and public outcry that she was granted her visa tuesday. they headed straight to the hospital from sfo last night. matt keller, abc 7 news.
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matt, thank you. a south bay cybersecurity expert is now calling for regulations after facebook's latest scandal. >> as we told you yesterday, the "new york times" reports facebook gave big companies like amazon, netflix, and amazon more access to user information than previously thought. the the social media giant made deals to share the data, which then helped them gain more users. partners could add new features to their products while avoiding facebook's usual privacy rules. some were even able to see entire friend lists. others were able to read a user's private messages without them knowing. >> at this stage, the government has to step in and have some kind of regulation that will stop facebook from just doing whatever they're doing now. because this is too much for the consumers. >> a facebook remit said in part, to be clear, none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people's permission, nor did they violate our 2012
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settlement with the ftc. in the east bay, concord police say a marijuana grower shot and killed a home intruder. officers believed he targeted the homeowner on phoenix street because he grows and sells pot. sky map 7 shows you the neighborhood. the man called police tuesday night saying he shot someone who was breaking into his home. police found the intruder dead in the backyard. officers say the homeowner cooperated with them and was not arrested. police arrested a fremont man for the murder of a 17-year-old, and that arrest was made 1700 miles away from the bay area. investigators say 21-year-old christian kelling was selling mayor tpwhapb in a northgate neighborhood december 4th. something went wrong and he fired into the vehicle chadli was in and killed chadli. police tracked kelling down in texas. he faces murder charges. he was a senior at california
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high school in san ramon. a go fund me for his family has raised nearly $10,000. president trump's attempt to s ruled the trump cing another o administration violated federal law when it issued an order barring migrants crossing the border from seeking asylum. this is the second time a judge has ruled against the order. the trump administration has argued caravans of migrants approaching the border made it necessary. >> if you didn't see this last night, you most likely heard about it. people saw from bright light from tahoe to chico and here in the bay area. >> some people thought it was a rocket or ufo. when we looked into it, a planned launch in vandenberg air force base was scrubbed. so it couldn't be that. >> apparently it was a meteor. rorter:t a me thearea i blanke christmas lights, it was
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wednesday night sky that stole the show. >> it was brighter than a normal cloud, especially at this time of the night. >> reporter: after 5:30, when most are making their way home from earth, the evening spectacle caught the attention of people across the bay area and beyond. >> it looked kind of like a key almost. >> i thought incident was a weird formation. >> i thought people was trying to sell something in the sky but couldn't read what it was. so i just moved on with the rest of my night. >> but others couldn't. they were flying through at 5:36 when it captured this bright light. >> i saw a moving cloud at first. it formed into a question mark. so i don't know. maybe it's a sign. >> reporter: but a sign from where, or rather from who? >> i'm definitely a big believer in ufo phenomenon. i think it's a ufo. >> i believe it. i believe it, yeah. >> reporter: the director of the griffith observatory, the light
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was a bolide meteor, likely one that would fit in your hand. what we were seeing is >>so tre i an r it i ke t ufo explanation. >> notice the young people all thought incident was a ufo. i don't know what that means. >> mike? >> they're more open-minded to it? >> the truth is out there. >> to think we are the only intelligent species anywhere? i'm going to leave it right there. >> so the contrails -- no. send all e-mails to mike nicco. >> you're going to get some, i guarantee it. clouds 50 miles up in space in the mezosphere. a lot of time it is from rocket launches or what we saw there, a
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mete meteor. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. temperatures mainly in the mid . same thing in lowes gatos. can't even see bridge from our destination. we're about a mile away from it. so beaches, they are better today. at least the waves are. if you're out and about, get ready for evening rain. starting off at 8:00, 10:00, thick fog. mainly cloudy, upper 50s. mid 50s with a stray shower possible. fog through 10:00. we will hang out in the upper 50s this afternoon. stray shower possible 8:00 for you. in san francisco, 51 this morning with fog. and then we will just keep climbing into the upper 50s by 4:00. a stray shower around 6:00 through 8:00. here's alexis. good morning, mike. yeah, we definitely have a lot of fog out there. we are seeing that on our visibility layer.
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not many incidents so far this morning. so that's a little bit of good news. that could change further into the commute. i have one new problem to talk about. 880 at state route 238, san lorenzo, a minor collision. someone got out of their vehicle. they were hit by a vehicle as well. a pedestrian was hit after a two-vehicle collision. working on more details on that situation. tracy to dublin, you're in the yellow at 47 minutes. 680, dublin to mission, in the green at 16. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, wide open at 16 minutes. do you like quiet, intimate places or lively? a local innovator created an app to help you find the perfect restaurant or bar for you at least when it comes to noise levels. the monterey bay tweet about this sea mammal has just landed them in hot otter.
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okay. cool. good. a local legend made an appearance at oakland city council meeting last night. he said 15 words, but the east bay is standing behind him. going to take you outside at 5:10 as you get your day started. started. and you can s
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if you're going to be out this evening, i have a 1 on the storm impact scale.
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rain to scattered showers. some of us just a trace. south bay, east bay valleys. a third of an inch in the north bay. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look in the accuweather seven-day forecast. another chance of rain christmas eve. here's reggie. san francisco's mayor said part of trying to get her brother's sentence commuted is biased. she talked about the letter she wrote in october asking the governor to commute her brother's 44-year sentence on robbery and manslaughter charges. she said she personally knows the pains of in equitities in our criminal justice system. >> here i am as mayor. regardless of whether or not he is our brother, i have to shine the light on these kinds of things. >> there are questions about it being an improper attempt to use status to influence the governor's decision. but an election attorney tells
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the "chronicle" there are no violations here because she doesn't financially benefit from it and it's not a decision by the city government. in today's gma first look, actress eliza is breaking her silence after cbs paid her $10 million to settle sexual harassment claims. >> they are against the star of the show "bull." >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look -- >> oh, we have a special friend joining us. >> reporter: eliza is going public with what she says are the gritty details her $9.5 million sexual harassment settlement with cbs. in an op-ed, she said she suffered relessenless sexual suffered relessenless sexual harassment while he regularly commented on my ravishing looks, followed up by
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groans. according to the new york time, weatherly telling investigators the remark about spanking was meant as a joke. thank you for giving me my voice back. and more on her and her settlement coming up at 7:00. >> children's clothing company . gyms back se gymsboree is preparing for a second chapter 11 filing in less than two years. it could allow gymboree to keep stores open while looking for a buyer. it would likely close the majority of its 900 stores. the struggling store has put outlets up for sale. businesses these days try to be snarky and witty with their social media accounts. >> sometimes it backfires.
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monterey bay aquarium put its head under water. they tweeted this rather large sea onner and through in internet memes. abby is a thicc girl. and she chonk. 17,000 people liked the tweet. it is the internet. so they also received a lot of backlash too. the aquarium backtracked apologized saying they didn't realized connotations some of the memes had. >> nice try. it didn't work. whether you like a nice quiet bar or a noisy place to drink. >> there is an app now to find out the sound levels at local spots thanks to an oakland native. >> i like when you finish my sentences. >> sound print is an interactive searchable map showing average decibel levels at bars and restaurants. green means quiet. red is loud enough to cause hearing loss for people who spend hours in that environment every single day.
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you might want to steer clear of that. san francisco is pretty loud. the gate talked to the app creator, gregory scott, who says it is to help those with hearing loss and sensory disorders like add or autism. in the beast bay, beast mode made a surprise appearance. >> meeting last night. raiders running back marshawn lynch showed up with a message and you will want to read the subtitles. >> all right. beast mode was out. this is lynch backing the a's new ballpark proposal. the city is trying to work through all the obstacles to make it a reality. they are leaving oracle for san francisco next year. and the raiders pulled their lease offer at the coliseum
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putting next season's home location in question. if only everyone at a city council meeting were that succinct and accurate. they would be done in eight minutes. >> oakland is playing the denver broncos on christmas eve. it starts at 5:00 p.m. here on abc 7. a man of few words. >> in truth, he gave them all skittle also after that. >> i don't think so. no. >> that would be considered a bribe, wouldn't it? here's a look at the fog. it reached the san mateo bridge this morning. i mean, everything is getting fogged over. it's a much more widespread. it is going to hang around through 10:00. seasonal temperatures this afternoon. scattered light showers tonight. and christmas eve, chance of rain. a look at today's temperatures. a few 60s out there in places like oakland, livermore, fremont, palo alto, morgan hill,
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santa cruz. you have a better chance of seeing a little bit of sunshine through the canopy of clouds today. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. you can see clearing taking place across the north bay. fog will form when the clearing develops. a few low 40s in the north bay where the clouds clear out. here we go.l. in fact, it ists ture ithern state. yellows will be most dominant. it moves in at 7:00. just mainly light green around santa rosa. it moves into the rest of our neighborhoods by 10:00 it becomes more scattered. just scattered showers all the way through the overnight hours and into tomorrow's morning commute. by the end of the commute, we'll start to see some clearing and look for more sunshine even though tomorrow will be our shortest day because of the winter solstice.
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the rainfall amounts not impressive. sunday night into monday is also a one, light, on the storm impact scale. okay. taking a look at the roads here this morning. eufplt to follow up with an issue i mentioned in the east bay. two-car collision. someone got out of their vehicle. it sounds like they were then hit by a car. but we talked to chp. it sounds like the pedestrian is okay. this happened 880, around 238. everything is contained to the shoulder. no delays in the area. very foggy on our south beach camera. folks coming into san francisco across the bay bridge, a dense fog advisory for you. not slowing you down so far. just about 10 minutes for your drive time. if you are riding san francisco bay ferry to or from alameda or oakland, all arrives and departures will be using gate g starting today. next, the 7 things you need to know to start your day.
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and drastically reducing the amount of people on food stamps.
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8:00. they officially put this i ilbe uilth eir >> nberwo leads to traffic and the foggy commute we have this morning. san mateo bridge, one of the many areas where we have a dense fog advisory. just about 14 minutes westbound 92, hayward to foster city. >> number three, the mother of a boy who spent months fighting for a visa finally arrived from yemen. now the family is together at an oakland hospital to say good-bye to their 2-year-old son abdallah. >> increasing the toll on the golden gate bridge to $10. they need money to maintain the bridge and fix the ferries. >> a bright light lit up the sky last night. approv spein wa me ave
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nr seven,er9 tre lighting kicking off tonight at 5:00 p.m. and again at the top of every hour until 10:00 p.m.ntil janua. back with another 90 minutes of news, including the push to kill a tax on text messages once and for all. how these bikes will bring much needed smiles to their young new owners. but first we told you about that miss steer kwroaoe tear mysterious light last night. >> enjoy this. >> i have no idea what it is. >> what the hell is that? >> holy crap! isn't that cool?
5:27 am
>> that is really, really high. >> i definitely think it's a ufo. >> doesn't it seem like it's getting brighter, or is it just me? >> i've never seen anything like it. >> i saw like a moving cloud at first. then it kind of formed into a question mark. so i don't know. maybe it's a sign.
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would you pay $10 to cross the golden gate bridge? well, you may soon not have a choice. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge. did not show a lot of fog. but there is plenty of it on the san mateo bridge. please take it easy as you get out the door this morning. fog is definitely a thing today. this is also a thing.
5:30 am
a villain in the new aladdin movie. >> i don't think anyone at disney saw that coming. >> hey, we got these new pics of the aladdin cast. will smith as genie. i don't care. all i care about is jafar. >> thanks for joining us. >> even more of a scene stealer than the cartoon. >> cartoon jafar, not real cute. >> he was creepy. >> very long fingers. i don't know why i remember that. >> and beard. >> that was part of the creepiness. dense fog advisory. san francisco bay shoreline. not the san pablo, nor the delta. it goes into the santa clara valley. quarter mile through 8:00. i think it will be that way through 10:00 in spots. oakland, san carlos has the
5:31 am
thickest fog right now. as far as san jose, look at 280 and 17. you can barely see the road therhis afoo th rainoming into the north bay by 7:00. alexis. not were incidents on the road. definitely tracking the fog this morning too. not too terrible at 101 and 880. you can see it on the camera. not as thick at 280 and 17. 87 looking very foggy as well. it is definitely out there for most of us today. westbound 80, albany to the maze, 5 minutes. fremont to san jose, 15. 101 to cupertino, it's foggy. in the green at 11 minutes. okay. how does this sound. a $10 toll to cross the gate bridge? bridge district officials will meet today to make the first steps towards that hefty toll. >> amy hollyfield live at the bridge to break this all down for us. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie.
5:32 am
yeah, this is already the most expensive bridge to cross in the bay area. now they are talking about it costing even more to get it across the span. if you have a fast track pass right now, you are paying -- looking at raising it up to $8.75. those who pay by invoice, that could go up to $9.80. this would be a gradual increase the next five years. the financial committee will discuss this possibility today. officials say they need the money to pay for ferries and buses, which help be keep cars off highway 101 during the commute. they need more money to maintain the bridge. it is facing a $75 million deficit. tolls are about to go up $1 on all the other bay area bridges. that will be next month. golden gate is not a part of that cluster of increases. it is on its own. they need more money.
5:33 am
if this passes the first increase would go into effect in july. they would raise the toll annually for five years. reporting live from the golden gate bridge, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. new at 5:00, the usda is set to announce a proposal putting tighter restrictions on food stamp eligibility. it essentially changes state waivers for existing work requirements with able-bodied adults without dependents that receive the food stamp benefits. it would not impact the elderly, persons with disabilities or pregnant women, but it could impact people living in area with high unemployment or those not able to find a job because of lack of education or training opportunities. this morning the mother of a dying boy is by his side after spending months fighting for a visa. seamus arrived at san francisco international airport last night. her husband has been in the bay area getting treatment for their 2-year-old son abdallah who
5:34 am
likely only has a few more days to leave. ali hassan and abdallah are naturalized u.s. citizens. they flew into the bay area in august to get treatment a lot benioff children's hospital in oakland. he has a rare brain condition. she is a yemeni national and was not able to get a visa because of president's travel ban. a san francisco police officer faces charges in connection with a bank robbery, and it's not the first time he's been in trouble. officers arrested rain daugherty. he is accused of taking $9,000 from the east west bank last week. he is suspended without pay. he is accused of sending racist messages back in 2011. dsciplinary proceedings are still ongoing in the first case. new developments in the ghost ship case. a new judge will preside over the trial for the ghost ship warehouse fire case. trina thompson will likely oversee the case against the defendants derrick almena and
5:35 am
max harris. she comes the fifth judge assigned to the trial. now to the sudden surprise decision from president trump to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. the president declared in a tweet that isis has been defeated. but republican lawmakers and members of the administration disagree. abc news reporter lana zak has details. >> reporter: good morning. republican lawmakers are also complaining to vice president pens they fear that the withdrawal is premature and could potentially hand strategic control to russia and iran. confusion and backlash. >> if this decision is a withdrawal of all of our forces in syria now, we're dramatically less safe. this is an obama-like move. >> reporter: the president made the decision to pull all 2,000 troops out within the next 30 days without discussing it with key lawmakers and even key
5:36 am
members of the administration. >> they're all coming back, and they're coming back now. >> reporter: not everyone was surprised. president trump reported told turkey's president erdogan on a call friday. on wednesday, the administration announced a $3.5 billion arm sale to turkey. the decision flies in the face of what many of the president's advisers were saying just days ago. >> if we have learned one thing over the years, you can't just defeat the physical space and leave. you have to make sure internal security forces are in place to make sure the security gains are enduring. >> reporter: the move also goes against the advice of the president's defense secretary, general james mattis, according to the "washington post". yesterday the pentagon issued a statement saying that the fight against isis is not yet over. lana zak, abc news, washington. bill t art a partial government shutdown.
5:37 am
it comes a day after they approved the stopgap spending measure. it will be funded through february 9th. it does not include the $5 billion president trump wants for a border wall. president trump hasn't said if he will sign the bill. hi, everybody. never more than 7 minutes away. 52 in san francisco. 50 in antioch. otherwise, dress for mid to upper 40s everywhere else. here's a look at emeryville. you can barely see 80 there because of the thick fog. it is widespread this morning. it will last the entire duration of the morning commute. it ask so thick you may find misty spots out there at your mass transit stops s. great all day today at the ferry. fog through 8:00. you're seeing the least amount compared to normal. you'll be at 50 at 10:00. mid-50s from noon to 4:00. rain sets in 6:00 to 8:00. you drop into the low 50s.ot mh
5:38 am
need for an umbrella. scattered showers will start to move in around 8:00. until then, we go from fog to . from 48 this morning to upper 50s during the afternoon hours. our last stop the south bay where the fog is thickest. it will hang around through 10:00. we will break out with a litte sunshine. it will be hazy, murky. if we see brightness, you'll be the ones to get it. 61 for you. 58 at 8:00. least likely to receive rain. we'll show you that hour-by-hour look at today's one on the storm impact scale. let's bring in alexis and see what you're watching. looking at a lot of fog. dense fog for pretty much every bridge across the bay area, including the bay bridge here. we have metering lights on officially as of 5:24 according to chp. definitely filling in for cash and fast track users. carpools still cruising through without any issues. a check of traffic maps. zoom in to a couple of areas. the brighter the white, the
5:39 am
depositser the fog. check this out around oakland, san leandro, or in da, berk starting to settle in there. west bound 580 trays to dublin, 56 minutes in the red. antioch to concord, 19. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 17 minutes. thank you, alexis. there is a push to say ttyl to that texting tax forever. why you may never hear about the proposal again. a pursuit in the north bay took a bizarre twist when officers ended up having to rescue a suspect. and you sphaemay have seen video of a surfer bailing on wave. now hear what he is saying bit. it is the fog. you can see it in the distance there at the bay bridge.
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we have tuly fog. i know that scares some of you how thick it is and dangerous. it is out there in the san joaquin valley until noon. if you have to travel on 5, 9 or any of the other areas, be careful. all right. take a look down to socal. we will see more sunshine. 70 in san diego. mid to upper 70s in los angeles and palm springs. mid to upper 50s in chico, sacramento. eureka, the best chance of widespread, light to moderate rain. increasing clouds and 62 in monterey. as we head up to the sierra, sit a sleepy, quiet morning on heavenly as we look at our heavenly cam right there. let's take a look at my seven-day forecast. we have snow showers tomorrow after being windy today. that's a cold front that will drop us from 51 today to 43 tomorrow. watch fought or a couple of feet of snow. it is possible christmas eve, christmas day. wow. >> we are hearing from a surf offer who experienced the
5:44 am
pounding power of the surf when him. >> he had the ride of his life monday. here's how the beginning looked from matt ord from a jet ski. it was capture odd video. willem had never seen this until we showed him. >> that was the worst of it. after i fell and got is sucked into the wave. i didn't feel i was going to die at all. it was a meditative mind-set. >> well, he might have thought differently had he been shifted over 75 feet. that's where there are definitely rocks. while the video has gone crazy on the internet, he remains unfazed. he realizes all the attention will die down quickly. >> he is very zen about it. sure. the state is crack down on repeat dui offenders. >> drivers with more than one dui will be required to install an ignition interlock device.
5:45 am
you cannot turn on the engine until you blow into the device to prove you do not have any alcohol in your system. california driver's license will have and the smog check will go to eight years. chp to to rescue a man the mud while he got stuck running away from police. it happened off highway 37 near sonoma raceway. authorities say he is a wanted felon. they didn't say what he was wanted for. he was taken into custody after being pulled from the mud.
5:46 am
>> hundreds of bikes will be sent to butte county. they decided they wanted to do more. that's when the idea for the bikes for butte campaign was born. >> we went to dick's sporting goods. i talked to them. they called me a couple days later. hey, we're going to give you 100 bikes. at that moment we knew we had something going. >> they have 400 bikes, helmets, and $20,000 in sporting and activity equipment for kids. the bikes for butte campaign is proving to be so successful the agency plans to roll it out again for kids in need in the bay area. now we no longer face a possible tax on our text messages. and state lawmakers want to keep it that way. they plan to introduce a measure to prohibit such taxes. that will happen when the legislature reconvenes next californcommison scrapped its
5:47 am
proposal, proposed text tax -- oh, that's hard to say. >> see? >> the proposed text tax earlier this month. federal regulators said it is an information service which cannot be taxed. okay. our first look at disney's live action a lad din. >> everyone is talking about the bad guy. jafar. check out hot jafar as twitter is now naming him. it is actually a dutch-tunisian actor. apparently the internet likes that mix. many fans going so far to say they will be rooting for him in the movie instead of our hero aladd aladdin. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a lot of people on the dark side, huh? >> yes. >> i think i might be team
5:48 am
jafar. >> i'm into it for sure. i think there should be like -- i don't know if they're done shooting the move movie. they might want to reshoot some more scenes. make it like wicked orhe "star " spin-off movies. you have an aladdin spin-off movie. i like that idea. let's tell our boss to get on with that. i'll let you do that. it was your idea. the exploratorium camera, sfo. foggy there. we will have arrival delays. above average temperatures. winter solstice tomorrow. only 9:32:52 of sunshine, our shortest day of the year. today we're not going to see much sunshine until farther south. breaks in the cloud cover. year in the 60s. ngering during the overnight
5:49 am
hours. clearing up to the north.mi everyonels in the us aren't gng get a lot of rain. a lot of rain up north of us. look at the yellows and oranges. moderate to a few downpours there. it is possible as this moves into mendocino, moderate. for the rest of us in the north bay, it is light. it is just light from 10:00 through tomorrow morning's commute. scattered light showers will linger. even a little bit of drizzle. and the clearing will start to take place by 10:00. my accuweather seven-day forecast. even without a lot of sunshine tomorrow, it will be seasonal. 50s to around 60. mid-50s. nice saturday, most of sunday night into monday. we'll talk about the rain next. >> talking about the traffic now. overall, still doing okay. we have very foggy driving
5:50 am
conditions, as we have been telling you all morning. deposits fog for san mateo, dumbarton, yeah, basically all of them at this point this morning. so far, though, really not causing any delays. 14 minutes hayward to foster city. that drive time is still looking great. mass transit haoeb los been loo good. one important note. san francisco ferry bay riders between alameda and oakland, all rivals and departures will use gate g. that begins today. make that part of your commute. thank you, alexis. new at 6:00, americans are taking too many selfies. no, seriously. doctors say it is causing a growing number of people to come down with a medical condition. but first technology is a terrifying and exciting thing. how e bandages are speed the healing time for injuries.
5:51 am
a live look outside atbe careful. careful. there is quite a bit of fog.
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all right. storm coming in tonight. one on the storm impact scale. scattered and light showers through tomorrow's morning commute. a trace in the south and east bay. third of an inch of rain up in the north bay. and king tides starting today and lasting through christmas day. watch out around the manzanita park and ride. apple confirms some of its new ipad pros are prone to
5:54 am
bending. t they say it is not a defect is it is not eligible for the replacement program so deal with it. the band-aid of the future may be electric. >> researchers have developed a self-powered bandage that could heal wounds faster. it can produce biochemicals used in tissue growth. how interesting. we don't know what teams will play in the game but entertainment is set. country music star keith urban will be at the allstate championship tailgate. former dancing with the stars contestant andy grammar will perform the national anthem. klomanalabam orange bowl. they play for the national championship at levi's stadium
5:55 am
january 7th. you can watch the games on sister network espn. all right. taking a look at the roads. it's a very foggy commute as we have been talking about all morning. a rollover crash in the east bay. northbound 680 before you get to auto mall parkway. a three-vehicle collision total. one of the vehicles landed on its roof. we definitely have at least one lane blocked. working on getting more details from chp. drive times overall doing pretty. >> here today. 101, santa rosa to petaluma, 15 minutes. 580, castro valley to the maze, 14 minutes in the green. and 101 in the green at 14 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. christmas eve, make sure you have an umbrella if you're heading out. best chance of rain in the morning hours, 4:00 to 7:00. up across the north bay. 10:00 it starts to move into the heart of the bay. it will be around through the
5:56 am
mid-morning, into the afternoon hours. getting heavier across the north bay. that's the difference from yesterday's model. it tapers by 7:00. heading up to the high country, look at all that snow. it will be gorgeous christmas eve and christmas day. crews is have torn down a fence and six-foot seawall that blocked access to a pathway in front of a row of homes on beach drive in aptos. they have been there for decades. homeowners are suing the county, claiming it never recorded an easement, never did any work on the property or showed interest until now. county leaders say the public has the right to access the pathway. >> in the east bay, deputies have nabbed two men accused of
5:57 am
stealing a fiberglass dinosaur from a gas station. the contra costa sheriff's department showed the large brontosaurus getting nabbed. they have tracked them down using their license plates. but as for the dinosaur, still missing. new at 6:00, city college san francisco recently became tuition-free. now the school could cut hundreds of classes. london breed asked the governor to commute her brother's sentence. why she said it isn't just for family. travel at one of europe's busiest airports. the small object that brought air traffic to a stand still. >> a live look outside. fog still an issue. and taking a live look
5:58 am
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i'm definitely a believer in ufos. >> your theories have been busted. scientists fished it out. >> i will hold on that it was ridler from batman forever. with a question mark in the sign. good morning on this thursday, december 20th. but first the fog from the north but first the fog from the north bay to the south bay. there have an advisory issued. will. >> you see the gray in the santa clara valley, san francisco bay shoreline. visibility less than a quarter mile. they think through 8:00. i think it could last up to 10:00. this isn't going away any time soon. as far as one of those areas out of the altamont pass, livermore, dublin, pleasanton. visibility less than a couple hundred feet.
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