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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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bill to keep the government open and we have team coverage for you this afternoon. first though, let's go to kenth moten who is live in washington d.c. >> about 20 minutes ago, democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer spoke on capitol hill. >> today's events made one thing clear, president trump is plunging the country into chaos. throwing a temper tantrum and creating a trump shutdown of the government. >> democrats are point ougt tha any changes to the spending bill will create havoc, create chaos.
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president trump addiment about funding for the southern border wall. >> i made my position very clear. >> reporter:n last minute surprise twist, president trump s summoned gop leaders to the white house. >> keeping the government open. >> in terms of wall funding, that is a nonstarter, and thing they know that. republicans are in a state of disarray. we don't know what will happen next. >> reporter: with $5 billion of his wall off the table, there has been criticism from fox news to capitol hill. >> if you veto this bill, we will be there. but more importantly, the american people will be there. let's build a wall and make sure we do our job in congress. or of the r: the presidentse
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year. the continuing resolution to keep the government funded through february 8th appeared to be a done deal. the bill was poised to sail through the house ahead of friday night's deadline. >> do we really, i'm supposed to believe, we are suppose to believe that we are then going to build the wall and keep our promise from the 2016 campaign, no way. >> house members are on the floor debating this measure. there will be a vote taken in the next 20 minutes in the house. a border bill does not have the needed support in the senate. but the house is poised to pass exactly that setting up a showdown.
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reporting live from washington. >> to tell us how this might affect government workers >> reporter: 75% of the government has been funded by existing bills. national parks like alcatraz are probably not going to close, but it will not be business as usual. in 2013, there was a government shutdown during the obama politician. colleen and her husband visiting from ohio had to skip alcatraz, because all of the national parks were closed. >> we were here for our wedding anniversary, all of the parks were closed, alcatraz was closed. >> reporter: today they finally
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made it to alcatraz. privately run ferries to the island ran on a reduced schedule and that may be the case again. >> they are not sure. everybody is in limbo. obviously it is the weekend before the holidays, even with that, our executive staff and crew are on stand by and going to be waiting for their instruction. >> reporter: most national parks expected to remain open. but those visitor centers would close. a small part of the presidio is managed by the national park service. last year while the warming hut cafe remained open, it had limited hours of operation. the rest of the park is managed by the presidio trust. it doesn't receive taxpayer support. it is never affected by the shutdown. the staff will support the
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facilities within the national service. >> bathrooms are open to the public. trash cans can emptied and people can come on down and enjoy the park. >> reporter: federal facilities will remain open. members of congress will be paid even though there is or possibly a shutdown. i'm live in san francisco. i am lyanne melendez nbc 7 news. >> thank you. you can get the story on abc7 news app. download the news app and be sure to enable the push alerts. you knew it was coming. today is the busiest travel day across the country. right now as you can see, fog is still an issue. reporter matt keller talked with travelers trying to get home
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from christmas. >> reporter: was there any thought over the last couple of months inviting me. >> i wanted to bring you, but my partners said forget it. >> andy is one of 175,000 people expected to go in and out of the sfo today. >> reporter: how has the lines been? >> long. very long. >> reporter: the howe family is heading to kansas city. >> i am very excited. >> reporter: why is that? >> because it is snowing. >> reporter: several flights were canceled. for others, a little help in getting to their destination. this man is traveling alone with his daughter grace so he got a pass to go to the front of the line.
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>> she is very well behaved so she is getting older and more fun to travel with. >> reporter: as for andy in a sea of people traveling to hawaii seems to be his preference. in a karma twist, he missed his flight. for everyone at home, make sure to sign up for notifications with your headlines. >> i love it. >> i think andy made the right call. matt has to work. i like that andy was the prop. nodding and reaffirming everything. >> he was in the holiday spirit. >> the fog could still have an impa impact on travelers today.
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>> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it all. >> those showers are a little bit away. but right now, let me show you the rain is north of ukiah at this hour. visibility is still poor. hayward down to 2.5 miles. sfo is within seven miles. you can see how bad the visibility is. we are tracking a system that is weak for the bay area. it will push through here, light level 1 bringing us scattered showers. highest totals in the north bay. i will be back with an hour by hour look at what you can expect heading in towards the holiday weekend. >> we are just about there. you can always find your forecast at go to the menu at the top left and click on the weather tab for your full acuweather forecast.
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san francisco police are asking for your help to find this man. the suspect punched another 38-year-old man in the face, knocked him to the ground and stomped on his head. if you recognize this guy, call the san francisco police department. an eight-month long investigation leads to dozens of arrests. and more fugitives wanted. >> officials are calling this operation wrecking >> reporter: this came together back in april. luxury handbags, belts, cell phones ear buds and stolen identified in operation
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wrecking ball. dozens of arrests along with arrest warrants. >> these people are stealing large quantities of properties from the retail partners all over the bay area. >> reporter: stealing and selling. >> they are using conduits like ebay and flea markets. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is a critical partner in the operation. assembly bill 1065 was designed to combat retail theft. two weeks ago, 80 law enforcement officers conducted 70 search warrants. they were at homes, storage facility and a business. >> it doesn't matter where you try to hide. >> reporter: union square retailers have been hit hard. >> stolen three times a day, and
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at night where our windows are getting broken into. >> reporter: law enforcement officials shared these pictures. the before shows people buying and selling stolen merchandise. this is what it looked like after the operation. the name came from investigators wanting to dismantle and disrupt this operation. live in san francisco, mel knee woodrow, abc7 news. a mother has been reunited with her son who remains on life support. >> the council on american islamic relations released this photo. two-year-old abdullah suffers from a rare brain disease. she is from yemen and that is one of the countries that is part of president trump's travel ban. she was granted a waiver on tuesday and arrived at sfo last
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night. still ahead, did you see it? we are stewitalking to the expe who help identify this mysterious light in the sky. and the sea lion, we will find out where he was found. >> i am spencer
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multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to ozempic®. stop taking ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. there was a lot of buzz over that mysterious light in the sky last night. now that we know it was a
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meteor. >> somebody said. >> they told us. where did it go. >> reporter: what many described as a key, a mysterious light has been identified as a meteor. for those convinced it was from another world, you weren't far off. >> technically, it was a ufoufoo until it was identified. >> reporter: we happened to notice. >> this fireball was like a giant version of a shooting star. >> reporter: unlike meteor showers, these are >> there are sporadic meteors like the 1:00 last night that are just random. and they are not predictable and they happen and they are exciting when you see them. >> reporter: now that we know what it was, with are did it go?
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for that we asked astrastronomet nasa research center. >> we will not be able to recover. they do come down. >> reporter: if you are still thinking extra terrestrial? >> the natural fen noma is so amazing in and of itself. >> reporter: just like et had the answers at the tip of his fingers, so do we. you can find it at the abc7 news app. >> it was so bright. that is the thing. >> and the fact that it was kind of like a shape. it was like a cropped circle in the sky. >> i didn't think that. but that was my next worry. get into the holiday spirit at san francisco peer 39.
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>> spencer christian, what more could a person ask for. >> reporter: right. exactly. i'm in the holiday spirit and we are here with our sponsor. and i love your theme this year. a happier, happier season. >> pier thee nine unrapped a tree lighting show. every evening, it is nightly, and at the top of the hour. our tree adorned by thousands of ornaments and lights and transformed into a swirling color. >> every hour on the hour. >> every night. >> reporter: so you can catch it at 5:00, or 6:00. and the fire department is also
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involved. >> we are unwrapped toys to donate through sunday which is this sunday. >> reporter: the 23rd. e lot going on there. no one does it better than pier 39. >> thank you. it looks cold out there. >> it is really cold and grey. >> sandhya is here. >> yeah and the fog is keeping it socked in. temperatures in the 50s. this is a good time to light -- >> light that tree. >> let's get it done before the showers get in. we need the moisture. but still way up to the moist. mendocino county is starting to see the rain.
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eventually that will make its way southward. not everyone will see the rain. san jose camera showing you the clouds are still lingering, definitely had some fog around and thick across parts of the bay area, still impact visibility around our region. mid-50s. 5 thr3 in3 in3 in3 in3 in3 in3 n 54 in napa. now painting a different picture, it is a grey sky. foggy areas this evening. light showers will spread tonight and winter begins at 2:23 tomorrow afternoon. rainfall amounts from a trace to .2 of an inch. don't think it is going to be a complete watch out. 5:00 p.m., the rain is still to the north.
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mendocino county starting to see the showers. showers slip southward and eastward. and then it is done. so 8:00 a.m., you start to see the clearing from north to south. and high clouds passing through the bay area. in terms of rainfall totals this isn't one we are going remember, because not a lot. anywhere from trace amounts to .10 of an inch. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 40s and 50s where we start to see clearing. sprinkles in the south bay and tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the 50s and 60s. sun and cloud for the afternoon. winter starts tomorrow at 2:23. dry for your saturday. and then sunday, a chance for your light showers. monday is your day when a cold system comes through brings us rainy conditions and breezy conditions. sierra we will see snow and that
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means travel is going to be impacted on monday. a winter storm watch monday morning through tuesday afternoon. 5,000 feet. dry for christmas, santa will have no problems making those deliveries. and then wednesday and thursday will be dry as well. we need the rain, but timing is everything for those traveling. and if you want to get out of town, this is the time to do it. >> santa has >> nice weekend for shopping. >> did you make sure we are on the list. >> compaworkers are number one. let's move on, please. >> this young sea lion is in marin right now. the center took him in after he paid a visit to oakland
4:22 pm
international airport twice this morning. trying to catch a flight. >> hawaii perhaps. >> oh, how cute. deputies able to coax the animal back to the bay once. and then returned to the airport. experts made sure this sea lion is okay to return to the bay. up next, special gifts for kids who lost everything. this is the view on 101 south in san jose. the usual backup. the right-hand side jammed up. the right-it was here.mmed up. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib.
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. really looks like santa's
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workshop. hundreds of bikes being assembled for ner everything in the campfire. >> reporter: one bolt at a time. captain derek and his son are assembling bikes andp others. >> it hit home. all the loss of lights. >> deputy chris delimo wanted to do more. the idea was born. >> they called me a couple of days later and said hey, we are going to giving 100 bikes. >> it grew, and we are at 400 bikes and sporting and equipment for kids. >> reporter: this trailer, and
4:26 pm
drive time being donated. every bike comes with a helmet and a sense of freedom found on two wheels. >> when kids can't exercise, and be active, that creates anxiety and that is hard for parents. >> reporter: deputies and staff volunteer after their shifts. bike professionals perform safety checks. the program is so successful, they plan on rolling it out again for kids in need in the bay area. >> that is awesome. coming up, from the roads, airports and train stations, 12 million people packing up and heading out for the holidays. what experts expect to see for the first time in 15 year
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kristjen niels . and here are the stories making headlines as we come up on 4:30. another white house shakeup, mattis is retiring. he is leaving his post so president trump can have a secretary that is better aligned
4:30 pm
with his views. mr. trump told house speaker, a, because there is no money for border wall, the deadline is midnight millions of people driving or flying somewhere over the hlidays. today is the busiest travel day. marsy gonzalez live with more. >> reporter: christmas is several days away, but this holiday season off to a business start and on track to set records. moor than 112 million people packing up cars and piling into train stations and airports. for what is normally one of the least festive holiday traditions.
4:31 pm
getting to and from those christmas celebrations. >> we are expecting the busiest days on the roadway will be this afternoon and the days after christmas. >> reporter: aaa tells us more americans will be traveling by cars this holiday season than ever before and the number of people flying this year will be at the highest level than in 15 years. the tsa have added extra officers to help security lines moving. and airlines don't expect storms hitting the east coast to have a major impact. one in three americans are traveling this holiday seasons. and in some cities, this is one of the busiest travel days. >> reporter: how has the lines been? >> long. >> reporter: in some places synonymous as candy canes and carolers. heading out hoping for a white
4:32 pm
>> yeah, so, catch me out there, guys. >> but if you are driving, advice is leave as early as possible or later in the evening especially tonight and tomorrow when the roads will be especially busy because of the combination of holiday travel and commuter traffic. we are live in los angeles. marsy gonzalez. major disruption in g gatwick airport because of drones. officials don't know who flew these drones but describe these as highly targeted and designed
4:33 pm
to be massively disrupted. federal authorities are on the scene of a deadly small plane crash in atlanta. three people were killed when it went down in a park shortly after taking off from two miles away. so far no injuries to anyone on the ground. new details to mollie tibbetts. newly unsealed documents show investigators looking closely at four other potential suspected before made an arrest. one is a neighbor. an nebraska man who ditched his vehicle. all of them were eliminated as suspects. the man charged in her death is due to go on trial.
4:34 pm
a new york judge declined to dismiss sexual assault charges. prosecutors insist their case is strong. weinstein has pleaded not guilty and free on a million dollars in bail. one of the america's tobacco companies. >> spending $13 million to buy a steak in juul. larger than the ford motor company. the move will prepare for a future where noncombustible products overtake cigarettes. cracking down on a growing problem of vaping among young people.
4:35 pm
two proposals which will ban the sale of flavored. as for the assembly, it could soon see a bill that prohibits cigarettes from advertising in a way targeting children. a consumer report experts tell us the stores that offer the easiest and most restrictive returns as well. watch out for the fog. i will let you know when those showers are returning coming up. taking a live look at our traffic across the bay bridge, this is awesome. cars flowing
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christmas is tuesday so if you haven't mailed your packages, you better get on it like right now. priority mail today is your last chance for that. saturday is the last day for priority mail express. target says if you order by today, it should, should arrive on christmas eve. walmart shoppers will be able to order online as late as this saturday and have purchases arrive before christmas. check with each agency just to be sure. if you happen to receive a
4:39 pm
gift that you do not want to keep, take the tag off and give it to a coworker. >> awful. >> no, other important things you should know about. >> you would. >> honest. >> talk to a consumer reports experts about the store's best and worst. >> when it comes to return policies, some retailers are good and some not so good. let's starts with some of the best. >> all return policies are not created equal. one of the most generous policies is nordstrom's. they don't require a receipt. there is no time limit and you don't have to have the original tags. costco is another one that is generous. no time limit on returns. no receipt necessary except for a few items like electronics, tires and batteries.
4:40 pm
and kohl's has what it is called a hassle free policy. no time limit and if you don't have the receipt, the store can look up prior services. the one exception is high end electronics have to be returned within 30 days with original packaging. >> those are the good ones. how about some that aren't great. >> some are restrictive. and one of those is forever 21. you have to do returns within 30 days of purchase. have to have the original receipt or gift receipt if you want to do the return. and purchases, you get a little bit more leeway if it is purchased during the holiday season. if you made the purchase november 12th, you have until january 7th or within 30 days. they need to be unwashed and
4:41 pm
unworn. kmart is a tough customer. you only have 30 days for returns. and you do need a receipt. they have something called the shop your way program. and if you remember that, which is free, you will get 45 days for a refund or exchange. and they allow you to return holiday gifts through january 31st. apple is another tough one. 14 days to return or get a refund whether it is bought online or in the store. >> it is inevitable, we are going to open something that is just not right for us. what are your top tips for returning those gifts? >> w ani, i don't want it, keep the original packaging. some retailers will only accept it, especially for electronics if it is in the original packaging or you will be charged
4:42 pm
a restocking fee. don't toss out the gift receipt with the wrapping paper. if they gave you a gift receipt and you don't bring it in, you might be turned away if you don't have one. if you don't get the gift receipt, you might be eligible for store credit, but only for the lowest price it sold for. look at the return window that will be on the gift receipt. and if it is not on there and you don't have one, you can look it up online. you know if you have a generous retailer or one that is stingy on returns. >> those are great tips. donna rosato from consumer reports. if you are doing holiday shopping, make sure you have your umbrella with you. we are starting to see rain to our north. it will slide southwards.
4:43 pm
scattered showers. all the way down to point arena, seeing a few sprinkles. starting to slip southward by 11:00 p.m. in the wee hours in the morning. east bay we will see a few drops. but pretty much done by the time you begin your commute. tomorrow afternoon, sun coming out. if you are traveling tomorrow to dallas, snow in great dealing with mix of rain, and snow in miami. winter bin begins wednesday is a cold storm. by christmas day, it is all clear and starting to go with a drying trend for those of you who are actually traveling on christmas day, heading out and driving somewhere, you don't
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>> one doctor says he is treating a growing number of patients for selfie wrist. the problems begin when patients are hyperflexing their wrist inwards and trying to capture the perfect angle. patients complain of feeling tingling in their fingers and a sharp pain in your wrist. if you are doing that a lot, try using a timer in your camera. or maybe get yourself a selfie switch. doctors noticing 16 yearlies have the spine of 60-year-olds. more screen time could bead in s
4:48 pm
rgoursel w a of people on their computers like this. but is this more of a phone thing or computer thing? >> little bit of both. techniq tech neck is when people are overusing their devices. the head is ball sitting on a stick. >> we see everybody walking around, everybody is like this. so what do you tell parents, i mean, it is hard to l screen on a computer or ipad, or everybody is addicted to their
4:49 pm
posture and position. if you have a desk job, set a timer every 30 and walk around. do doorway stretches open your chest. elevating the cell phone will take 20 pounds off your neck. >> just up stairs, we are getting standing desks installed. does that help? >> perfect. you have to change positions often. you don't want to stand the whole day or sit the whole day. there are exercises you can do for your neck also. the two best ones, like i said the doorway stretch. and the other one is a chin tuck. it is a double chin move where you move your neck back for five seconds, shifting it back and rg
4:50 pm
rays of younger patients. sometimes i will look into an x-ray and thinking i am seeing 60, 70-year-old, and it is a teenager. doing a chin tuck will prevent that. it prevents a curvature of the neck. >> i have seen devices that have been advertised, brace for your posture, do you recommend those things. >> i think bracing can be dangerous. it eliminates the need for your core muscles to hol yod your boy up. you are weakening the muscles and your core muscles in the
4:51 pm
inside. for a short period of time, it is great. but i would not recommend it over a long period of time >> will our answcestors be lookg at us and saying what is happening in the 20th century. >> it is a real thing. and particularly in the last decade, we have seen 40-year old coming in and their heads are pitched forward. when i am in a subway or just at the afrpirport, everybody is li that. just elevate it a couple of degrees. and doing that will help you avoid neck strain. >> great advice. last living man with a
4:52 pm
blackberry right there. >> you can't take selfies. >> that is perfect. great meeting you. >> he is old school, i like it. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have you covered. christmas is just a few days away and the holidays activities are in full swing across the bay area. still time to check out the ice rink in union square and you can get free skating lessons from a pro. saturday and sunday morning. from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and they are free. also help feed the less fortunate. bringing together a group of people hoping to help feed the homeless population. if you need to help, rsvp on the
4:53 pm
group's facebook page. if you or someone you know is interested, it is a feel-good way. in the studio, i am jessica castro. abc7 news. we are going to introduce you to the bay area artists behind these amazing designs. new at 5:00, fall out from this week's big ways. afecting new traditions. tesla car fires, a lot is being done to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. what could be the final
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4:56 pm
coming up tonight, in prime time it is a charlie brown christmas. that is at 8:00. then the great american baking show at 9:00. and abc news at 11:00. sharing her passion for carpentry. she found this love for woodworking. >> my name is alex sandra zee. i am a wood worker in oakland. this is my best friend and studio buddy jack. i thought i was going to be a
4:57 pm
painter, possibly an art teacher. and it wasn't until i got a job working for a major retailer doing displays. i fell in love with being in the wood shop. this is the best part and any project that revolved around me building something, that's what i wanted to run with. i eventually quit that job to start my business. life as an artist is a seven-day a week 24-hour job. i make large scale to small scale art pieces. kind of anything. my biggest passion is diving deep into myself and letting my work be an extension of who i am. the redwood i get is sustainably farmed. i am not cutting down any trees. i kind of think of a general color scheme and a general design and i just go for it. i like to give myself a little bit of freedom because even when i am taking my own direction, i don't like being micro managed.
4:58 pm
i don't believe that inspiration is this way of life that i am walking around being inspired. be open to the mess ups. he has his little cube there. and an entire new body of work. i could not be the person i am today without this incredible community that i am surrounded by women that are doing the same thing for me. being female pioneers in their craft in a male dominated craft. we can love ourselves more and we are all powerful no matter what our gender is. i have definitely found a community out here of makers that do the same thing and have bigger spaces and were able to continue their art and continue to be in the bay. we are giving each other opportunities to keep growing and stay here. the artwork is beautiful. and jack the dog is adorable. check out abc7 new brand
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localish. and get the news any time in our news app. push alerts to get more to the news you want. that will do it for abc7 news at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. a murder for hire blot revealed in the bay area death of a chef. government workers facing the nightmare before christmas. the chance of government shutdown shoots up. what it means for the bay area. how this year's rough seas threatening a holiday tradition. changing the face of oakland. the tech company expanding big time. we begin tonight with the murder for hire scheme that police say led to the murder of a popular chef.
5:00 pm
it happened as he slept in his home in fremont. >> thanks for joining us. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama eric with the story. >> reporter: in a case that sounds a lot lik a tv drama. police say 50-year-old maria moore was a friend of the victim. accusing of hiring marvel to carry it out. the motive money. >> a couple of life insurance policies. >> reporter: detectives say on october 8, the victim was shot multiple times in a room he rented inside this fremont room. moore had taken out the insurance with herself as the
5:01 pm
beneficiary. >> it is evil. an evil thi


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