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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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been confiscated in operation wrecking ball. police showed this off as they announced the results of their investigation. >> melanie woodrow joins us live. when did the investigation begin? >> reporter: this operation came together back in april, following meetings between law enforcement officials and retailers victimized by theft. these are the products and luxury items investigators seized while executing eight search warrants in operation wrecking ball. investigators identified 750,000 in stolen property. $300,000 of which they have recovered, including $16,000 in cash and 46 cells. the investigation led to a dozen arrests, along with warrants for 28 more fugitives. >> these people are ambush style stealing large quantities from all over the bay area. >> reporter: stealing and
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selling. >> they're buying property by the hundreds of thousands, millions in some cases. >> as far east as texas, as far south as los angeles. >> reporter: which is why the chp is a critical part of the operation. union square retailers in san francisco have been hit particularly hard. >> some of our larger department stores have stuff stolen three times a day. it's also happening at night where windows are getting broken into. >> reporter: law enforcement officials shared these pictures at u.n. plaza. the before shows people buying and selling merchandise. this is what it looked like the day after the operation. investigators are wanting to dismantle and disrupt this operation. the investigation is ongoing. in san francisco, melanie
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woodrow, new developments tonight. neil wilson's murder trial may be put on mohold. this man is accused of stabbing wilson and injuring his sister in july. instead of filing a plea today, the public defender christina moore, said her client showed extreme delusion and paranoia and not able to have conversations about the case. wilson's mother, alicia grayson, told reporters that she doesn't buy it. >> if he was crazy, he wouldn't know how to behave. >> it's clear to me he's not able to rationally assist me in his defense. >> the judge will decide next thursday whether to appoint two new tral doctors to evaluate. two people are behind bars tonight charged in the murder for hire scheme that resulted in
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the death of a chef. eric thomas is live at the courthouse in dublin with the story. eric? >> reporter: the two suspects were supposed to be arraigned today. that did not happen. they stayed in jail without bond. this is the sort of case even vet ral police officers say they've never seen the likes of before. these are the two suspects in the killing. 50-year-old maria moore and 46-year-old marcel savant. detectives say both hoped to cash in. >> we found out that there was a couple of life insurance policies that were worth about $800,000. >> reporter: detectives say october 8, the victim, 56-year-old dominic sarcar, was shot multiple times in a room he rented inside this fremont home. they say moore had taken out the insurance with herself as the beneficiary. >> it is evil. it is an evil thing to do
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something like this. you know, somebody that she knew, as well as she knew the victim in this case. >> reporter: marvel's mother was at the courthouse for the arraignment. but the defendants did not appear. but she says her son is innocent. >> it's killing me. it's just eating me up inside, okay? it's really eating me up inside. >> reporter: police say it was a complex scheme that took a wild unravel. a large number of detectives showed up for the hearing. they were disappointed by the no show but satisfied they believe they cracked the case. >> the bottom line is we're working for the family of dominic. we've had a close relationship with his family back in india, and my condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends. >> reporter: the victim was an executive chef at a restaurant in mountain view. he had already booked travel to
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go see his wife and kids, who stayed back in india. he booked that before he was murdered. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> eric, thank you. a yemeni mother is getting a chance to say goodbye to her son after getting a visa to come to the bay area. the council on american islamic relations released this photo of the two. abdullah suffers from a rare brain disease and is on life support in oakland. he and his father are citizens and have been here since august. she had not been able to come to the united states because of president trump's travel ban. she was granted a waiver on tuesday, and landed at sfo last night and is now by her ailing son's side. well, about 24 hours ago, this mysterious light captured the curiosity of many in the bay
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area. >> it did. it was seen as fash norr north medford, oregon. and we're learning about what was overhead. >> our reporter has new video of the moment that meteor disintegrated. >> reporter: new video shows if moment a meteor came crashing into earth's atmosphere. this striking view, seen here. experts describe these meteors as unpredictable yet common, happening almost every day around the world. however, this sight is separate from the rest. >> in this case, the meteor dust was fully illuminated by the sun while we were sitting here in the evening twilight. >> it was the time of day that made this one spectacular. >> reporter: time of day and a time when technology is connecting our occcuriousty. vowers shared their view over the bay area and beyond.
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a curiosity taking over the west coast with posts from medford, oregon, to southern california. >> the social media and all the networking allows people to help out. citizen science, people are using technology to do their part to chip in and support science. >> reporter: experts say it's likely the meteor ended up over the ocean, making research difficult. >> what's interesting is we don't know where they're coming from, so that's what is unidentified. >> reporter: for those convinced wednesday night's spectacle was from another world. you weren't so far off. >> technically it was a ufo until it was identified. >> reporter: just as e.t. has the answers at the tip of his fingers, so do we. you can find all the specks on >> got so many people talking. our helicopter crew was up in
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the air when it flashed across the sky. today, they talked with us about that remarkable moment. >> our sky 7 chopper crew talk about last night's meteor like their big fish that got away story. >> suddenly out of the corner of my eye, i see a trail. whoa! >> oliver is up there with sweat running off his forehead saying what is it? >> reporter: they joke now, but when they saw the bright light, they didn't think it was something extra terrestrial. >> there's a trail and it looks like it's forming a little heart. >> i'm like, that's a rocket launch and it turns out i was wrong. >> reporter: walter perhaps let his assumptions get the best of him. he shoots rocket launches in his spare time. but he missed an important clue. >> it looked like a rocket lunch, but it was upside down. >> you expect things to come from below, but not above.
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>> reporter: luckily the new camera can tilt , and they were able to shoot the meteor's trail. >> we cannot spot everything out there. we didn't know this was coming back. >> it would be scary to know out there there's maybe a meteor that is going for the earth and we don't know it yet. >> and our thanks to our sky 7 crew for talking with us, and for all they do for us. lots of people took pictures last night. when you see news, let us know. i guess it wasn't an alien arriving. >> i guess not. yosemite ski and snow area opened today for the season. >> it could be short lived. with the looming possibility of something happening in washington. stay with us. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. live doppler 7, tracking showers in the north bay. i'll have the forecast of when they'll reach your area coming
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another white house shakeup. defense secretary james mattis is leaving his post. he told president trump in rez egg nation l rez signation letter he should have a defense secretary with views in line with his own. a bay area fire chief would like to see more effort going do the design of electric car batteries. those fires, as we saw earlier week, involving a tesla model, can require hours and thousands of gallons of water to extinguish. david louie has details on what changes might be needed. >> reporter: a lithium ion battery can generate heat of up to 1,000 degrees and take up to 3500 glons o decemb distinguish the flames. of after the danger seems to be
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over, it can reignite hours later. >> we've had incidents where things are -- it's taken hours to mitigate a problem because we don't have the tools, the technology, the capability to do it as effectively as we have had in the past. >> reporter: herald is chief of the fire protection district. he's calling for change and in designs to put out these fires faster. just a few years ago, batteries were causing cell phones and hoverboards to catch fire. but vehicle batteries are different. they put out high volt an. >> there are risks associated batteries. >> reporter: he foresees the day when his fire truck als will be electric.
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>> we have a dilemma heerl. -- dilemma here. it needs to get solved. >> reporter: not every manufacturer configures their batteries for the same way, so there might be a call for standardization. in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." happening tonight, the official release party for resilience, the beer brewed all over the country to support survivors of the campfire. it ranks as the most destructive and deadliest fire in state history. brerat aee was given to any 100% of proceeds to the campfire fund. a chance to get into the holiday spirit at pier 39.
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>> everything from a new tree lighting show, and more excitement in the new year. >> spencer christian is out there live for us tonight, having fun. hi, spencer. >> reporter: definitely having fun here at pier 39. joining me is john altar, who is the owner of the flyer in san francisco. i won't even be in to try to describe what it is. >> it's nice to be here. the flyer san francisco is a new amusement park ride and experience on pier 39. we're opening at the beginning of 2019, but are opening for a sneak peek over the holidays. >> reporter: is the experience for people to soaring, is it something like that? >> it's a little bit like that. ettr in, and someater. people can be as high as 22 feet off the ground. while in your seats, your seat also move and you're watching a
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multimedia presentation that will take you all over san francisco. >> so you get to see the golden gate, and alcatraz. >> you'll go up and over the golden gate bridge, rightalcatr. and then we take you through some neighborhoods like castro and chinatown. >> when are you open again? >> starting tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. we'll be open seven days a week through the holidays. >> so much going on at pier 39, that the tree lighting occurs every hour on the hour, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 every day. so if you miss the early lighting, come down at catch it at 7:00.epte bk a am [ laughter ] >> that is fun. since spencer is out there, we have sandhya patel in here with us. >> almost to the weekend, almost to christmas, sandhya. >> i know. counting down the case.
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i want to show you live doppler 7. we get you into the north bay, seeing a few heiglight showers, moving to sonoma county. street level radar, old redwood highway, heelsburg avenue is starting to get damp. we do have some showers around bodega bay. so keep the umbrella handy. here's the view of san francisco and it's a little murky. we have fog and clouds across the bay area. mid 50s in san francisco. the temperatures were held down today because of the fog that was so thick. definitely show you gray skies as you can see there across the region. 52 right now in santa rosa. petaluma 53. 53 degrees in concord. here's another live picture from
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our san jose cameras. isolated shower and patchy fog in the early morning hours and winter begins tomorrow. scattered showers, rainfall amounts from 0.2 of an inch, hour by hour we go, 7:00 p.m. tonight, that moisture still in the north bay. by 10:30 to midnight, some of that slips southward. in the wee hours of the morning, the showers are winding down, a clearing trend for tomorrow afternoon and evening. in terms of the rain totals, some of yo will get completely missed. so anywhere from a trace to 0.2 of an inch. in the morning, isolated shower for the south bay, maybe the ea c a patches of dense fog. readings from the 50s to 60s. if you're heading out of towno r saturday. by sunday, wet weather starts to
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ru return. winter starts 2:23 tomorrow arm. light shower chance on sunday afternoon, evening. monday, tracking a colder, stronger system, level one. that one right now looks like it could be anywhere from a third of an inch to an inch of rain. lowering the snow levels in the sierra. it is going to dump and travel will be difficult on christmas eve going up to the mountains. it might be impossible. if i were you, i would head up sooner rather than later. christmas day is looking dry on tuesday and wednesday and thursday are going to be dry, as well. overall, the pattern is good. we get a little bit of rain, a be're aaveragpack, 79% normal. >> thanks, sandhya. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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how would you like to pay almost $10 to cross it? you would, right? >> bridge officials took the first step to m
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carnival cruise line is to offer its first series of voyages from 2020. the schedule will include four to sa-day trips to alaska,
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hawaii and mexico. it will boost them as the west coast leader carrying more passengers than any other operator. it will kick off march 19th, 2020. abc news is committed to building a better bay area. this is already an expensive place to live, and seem to keep going up. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge, the most expensive in the bay area. the district that runs it talked about making it more expensive. drivers with fast track pay $ 7. officials say they need the money to pay for ferries and buses, which keep cars off of highway 101. they also need more money to maintain the bridge. if this passes, increases start in july and continue each year for five years. the exact amounts are up for debate. with fast track, a weekday
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commuter now pays $7, or $35 a week or $140 per month. if the toll rises just 25 cents next summer, one of the propsals under consideration, the monthly total $145. if it continues for five years, it jumps to $165. make your opinion heard at open houses, which start next month. tolls will go up $1 on every bridge, but the golden gate starting on january 1st. here's a live look at the bay bridge, which hey, traffic isn't quite as bad. it is the result of measure three, which voters approved in june. tell us about your commute, what it costs, how it could be better. share your thoughts to your posts on facebook, twitter and instagram. stay with us. follow the money. it could keep the federal government from shutting down tomorrow. there's one big issue holding up
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no negotiations. >> we know a lot of these people. >> that's a new
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." the countdown is on. we have about 2o avoid a partial government shutdown. president trump is demanding that any funding measure provide $5 billion for his wall on the border. > tonight, the house passed a bill that includes the money, but it's not likely that will clear the senate. kenneth mowton is in washington. >> reporter: shutdown cliffhanger. republicans passing a short-term spending bill with more than $5 billion for president trump's southern border wall. >> the president is doing everything that he can to shut the government down. >> reporter: an about face for trump. >> we need the wall. the democrats know it. everybody knows it. >> reporter: it appears the president was ready to keep the president running through february 8th, without money for his wall. but then a conservative revolt. >> this turn around that looks like he just caved. >> not funding the wall is going to go down as one of the worst things to have happened in this administration. >> mr. president, we're going to
6:30 pm
back you up, if you veto this bill. >> reporter: with the house poised to approve the spending bill, trump in a last-minute move summoned top gop leaders to the white house. >> the president informed us he will not sign the bill that came from the senate last evening, because of his legitimate concerns for border security. >> reporter: on capitol hill thursday night, the president's party scrambled to provide wall funding, but democrats are not backing down. >> president trump is plunging the countr into chaos, throwing a temper tantrum, and creating the trump shutdown of the government. >> reporter: with the changes made to the spending bill by the house, the ball is now back in the senate's court friday. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. "abc7 news" was at the alcatraz landing along the embarcadero in san francisco, where employees were working under the federal shutdown. during the last shutdown in
6:31 pm
february, februa february, ferries ran on a partial schedule. visitor centers that everybody . it comes at a tricky time. it's the weekend before the holidays, but even with that, and the holidays looming, our staff and crew are on stand by and we'll be waiting for the instruction. >> a small portion of the presidio is managed by the national trust. you are looking at a go fund me page raising money to build a wall with mexico. this was started three days ago by a purple heart recipient and triple amputee. he says up to 63 million voted for president trump pledge $80 each, that will get the $5 needed. right now, the goal is $1 billion, and almost $10 million
6:32 pm
has been donated. abc news was -- "abc7 news" was at hayward high school as students put the finishing touches on a pro immigration mural inspired by the monarch butterfly. they are working on 13 butterflies, representing 11 children currently separated from their parents. the image of the butterfly has been taken up by activists to represent freedom from borders. >> they have migrated from canada through california into mexico without having to show any papers. >> the project was inspired by a book called in the country we love, my family divided. the author and actress diane guerrero from the television hit "orange is the new black" chronicles her parent's deportation to colombia when she was just 14 years old. in the early 20th century, lettuce was shipped across the
6:33 pm
country in refrigerated train cars. in tonight's california cannabis watch report, dion lim takes a look at the new green rush. >> reporter: john steinbeck wrote about the fertile soil, and you can see why. everything from produce to flowers from flourished here over the last hundred years. but as the flower industry shifted to south america, it left many of the old greenhouses empty, creating the perfect opportunity for a different kind of plant, cannabis. >> probably a lot of these greenhouses haven't been used in 25 years or more. >> reporter: he just finished his first big harvest since cannabis was made legal in january. >> this is a prime location for the bay area and for los angeles. >> reporter: before legalization, cannabis farms often operated illegally in remote areas, hidden in hard-to-get to places, like the
6:34 pm
emerald try angle. three morn california counties that have yogrown most of the state's weeds. >> the reason for that is to escape law enforcement. >> reporter: today, it's all about the ability to move product quickly an conveniently. and gavin is hoping his company will change the landscape. >> now that ground has shifted and we're not concerned about law enforcement, now we're interested in the shoes like distribute shion logistics. >> reporter: he now brokers deals between nurseries and cannabis farmers. he's leased 1.5 million acres of property to dozens of growers. >> we also haready have all the experts, the lawyers, there trades people that know how to deal with it and the infrastructure. >> reporter: and the labor force. >> the labor force here is unrn.yple
6:35 pm
withngoriffent types of plants, that it became just second nature for them to transfer to the cannabis industry. >> reporter: and that expends to the distribution and retail center east of eden. >> all these jobs, we know a lot of these people. >> reporter: ceo paul henderson says much of what they sell and process ends up in the bay area. 110 people work here now. >> that's going to grow rapidly in the next several months, as we continue to build out our wholesale business and continue to open more retail outlets. >> reporter: cannabis is the latest crop growers hope will keep this region famous. recent weathut chr traditio in jeopardy. next, the link between the big waves we've been seeing and what might not end up on your dinner table. 'tis the season for
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we've been watching and showing you big waves all week long. >> conditions are almost right for the mavericks competition. >> great video.
6:39 pm
check out the view that sky 7 captured. but it's disrupting some other aspects of marine life, too. >> our reporter found one example in alameda. >> reporter: here in alameda -- >> thank you again. >> reporter: cleaning is in full swing ahead of the christmas crowd meal rush. but if you want to take part in the tradition, your name better be on the list. >> if the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll do something else. >> reporter: the crabs that are available are for preorders only, due to short supply. the reason, the monster waves off the coastline. >> the wind swells, the speed of the sets of the waves makes it impossible to fish. >> reporter: joe then has to raise his prices to keep up with demand. the large crab is going for $13.99 a pound. that's gone up by more than $1
6:40 pm
since thanksgiving. >> it's one thing we hope the other people understand. >> reporter: that's the question customers have to ask themselves. >> for a special holiday, yes. we don't eat crab all the time, so this is a special day. >> reporter: now, it's time to wait for the next crab delivery to come in. >> we'll stick taking orders. we understand a lot of people are canceling orders, so we're getting a lot of phone calls. >> reporter: so getting your hands on one of these babies at this fish market will depend whether there's fishable weather come this weekend. fingers crossed. a storm is bringing rain tonight. >> sandhya shows us how much to expect, next.
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firefighters demonstrated the do's and the don'ts of holiday fire safety today. look at that. check out how a frozen turkey can start a grease fire.
6:44 pm
they also compared how quickly a fire can spread in a water free versus a dry tree. preparedness is key. >> having an extinguisher, a fire safety plan, all those different things to help people know and understand what to do. >> and don't forget the obvious, keep christmas trees away from candles, as well as open fireplaces. >> absolutely. it gets trickier the later it goes in the season, because the tree has been sitting in the house getting dry. it's impossible to see a white christmas in the bay area, but we don't have to go far to find snow. >> yosemite ski area opened. here are the conditions. >> yeah, this is wild. it seems like a unique edition oh a national park. >> reporter: it's that time of
6:45 pm
the year to hit the slopes as the yosemite ski and snowboard area opens for season. >> i just retired. i told my wife, this is my year to be a ski bum. so it's going to happen. >> reporter: opening day brought dozens of people to the national park to enjoy the runs. benjamin said this wasn't part of his original adventure. >> i hearthey have somenice sequoias around here. so took a turn down at the road, didn't even know this existed. and suddenly found myself riding for the next few hours. >> reporter: for those who weren't on the slopes, the snow was just as exciting. >> making snowballs. >> reporter: formally known as badger pass, this is the earliest the ski area has opened in years. that's a big difference from last year, when lisa says the area stayed closed because there wasn't enough snow. >> looking at the forecast next week, more additional snow. so we'll keep an eye on it.
6:46 pm
we're off to a great start and we expect to see more snowfall. >> reporter: skiers are also hoping the snow will stick around. >> usually i want 20 feet of snow, but just give me average. that's all i want. >> reporter: if it keeps coming, visitor also have until the end of march to enjoy the runs. potential government shutdown on friday could impact the national park. o but they do plan to keep the ski area open and running. >> thanks, natalie. now a live look at heavenly mountain resort in south lake tahoe. about half the trails are open there. similar conditions in squaw valley. kirkwood boasts it is 100% open. ski resorts around the sierra are looking forward to more snow on christmas eve. >>s our entire state could use more snow and rain.
6:47 pm
last year, more than half of the state was completely out of drought. now just about 8% of the state is drought free. the bay area ranks in the lowest category of drought called abnormally dry. >> all right. quick look at larry. >> i think larry w57ants to do weather. >> i do. >> good evening. let's take a look at live doppler 7. we were talking about snow. it is starting to snow in the sierra nevada. it can going to dump on we're tracking moisture here in the bay area. light showers in the north bay right now. radar, santa rosa, west 3rd street getting some wet weather as we look at occidental, boeium y.
6:48 pm
so we'll have a going through. highest totals in the north bay. i want to remind you, tomorrow winter begins, as we head into 2:23 in the afternoon. the rays of the sun will be over the tropic of capricorn. highs for friday, upper 50s to low 60s. some snow in the rockies. rain and stormy conditions across the eastern seaboard. 60 in new york. 61 in boston. if you're staying in the bay area, your forecast features winter tomorrow, drying out for saturday, and then a level one with light showers sunday night. but the stronger, colder storm is monday. christmas day is looking dry for anybody who is going to be out and about. >> thanks,
6:49 pm
i have my accuweather forecast right here. >> oh. >> it's 55 now. in an hour it's going to be 54. >> oh, nice. >> it's going to be 54. fans are thinking what may be the raiders last game in oakland and derek carr thinking very much about
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
good evening.
6:52 pm
emotions figured to be running high when the raiders denver on christmas eve. with monday lng large as potentially the final raiders game ever in oakland. derek carr stressed he doesn't want his stay in oakland cut short. he admitted today, the team's uncertain future is a matter of discussion. he says despite the many knocks on the coliseum, it's still his home. >> people talking trash about it, saying the locker room stipgs, the field is terrible and i just laugh because that's home to me. this is where i was drafted, this is where i have some of my favorite memories. even when i got montor me that i'll never forget, just the love that the fans would show. and driving on the outside of the statement, just to find the x-ray machine, there's no way straight up to the locker room. driving through the fans. those are things that i'll never
6:53 pm
forget. >> yeah. ben roethlisberger loves that x-ray machine. the 49ers were shocked at defensive end deforest buckner was left off of the pro bowl roster. he was named as an alternate. mindy has more on the 49ers' top defensive player. >> reporter: his 11 sacks are second most in the nfl. so while the third year player was not elected to the pro bowl, he's not deterred. >> the organization, the coaches, everybody knows my abilities and what i can do on the field. you know, i just line up and go as hard as i can on sundays and, youon wbe cool but it is what i. it got me as an alternate. so at least they know my name. now i've got to make them remember it. >> we talked about him needing to find that extra half a step. that is what is missing. he's done a really good job, and just working on his ability to close on quarterbacks.
6:54 pm
he's really taken it to heart. >> reporter: he says the 49ers defense has been snake bitten this season with some strange, missed opportunities. and without those oddities, he believes buckner's sack numbers would be much, much higher. mindy bach, abc 7 sports. early season problem for the warriors. klay thompson has not been very sharp, under 35% from three-point range. that's never happened before in his career. and draymond green just out of whack since he came back from his toe injury. the warriors 3-2 sense draymond returned. he's shooting 32% in that span. he's 7 of 37 on threes overall. that's 19%. steph curry believes it's just a matter of time before draymond finds his rhythm. >> we all need to be threats out there on the floor. when we make the right play, somebody will be open.
6:55 pm
and obviously it hasn't gone his way since he's been back. and working his way into it. but we they have lose confidence in him and he never loses confidence in himself to make those plays. >> bad boys, bald boys, what you going to do? it is the bad boys mowers gaparilla bowl. we have a game any way, because somebody paid to put a game on tv, marshall and south florida, that was a thundering herd touchdown run from brandon knox. 28-10, marshall as we speak at the half. ba boys, bad boys. by the way, 51 in danville right now. >> you're hired. >> would you let me do the weather? >> your opportunity, junior meteorologist.
6:56 pm
>> i'm sure it will be as accurate -- >> my sports casting? 50 in danville in an hour. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00. hundreds of travelers find themselves stuck during one of the busiest travel times of the year. what has been spotted in the air that has grounded flights at one of the world's busiest airports. >> on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a couple left shaken after their baby monitor was hacked with a kidnapping threat. what steps you can take to secure your device. coming up tonight, "it's a charlie brown christmas" then the great american baking show. and join us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> that will do it for this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news any t ap. >> 39 and raining in chicago. >> that's good to know. >> see you tonight at 11:00.
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maybe you're with the family you got. (all) ooh! or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. our holidays don't all look the same. am i saying it well, l'chaim? l'chaim? and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a graduate student from san francisco, california... a multi-platform copy editor from cambridge, massachusetts... and our returning champion-- an attorney and writer from los angeles, california... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. less than a week to go before christmas. my, oh, my how the days have flown by.
7:00 pm
they have gone very quickly for jackie. she won a lot of money just this week. carrie and andrew, your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to stop her. we'll see if you can do that. let's go to work in this first round and see if this one will help the two of you. here are the categories in the jeopardy! round... and that's what you'll have to do. we'll deal with... and finally, in... each of the clues will be delivered by an on-camera personality at the station that carries "jeopardy!" in that community. it's a good category for us. jackie, you start us. say it in latin for $1,000.


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