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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 22, 2018 1:07am-1:43am PST

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we begin with two breaking stories. partial government shutdown is now in effect after lawmakers le washington, d.c., failed to reach a deal. another breaking story in south bay, propane tanker overturns and huge highway shutdown. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. overturned northbound to 880 and 217. >> reporter: four hours later and drivers are still being diverted from the area. directions both ways on 280 shut down for safety reasons. san jose police say this point evacuations for people in neighboring community are voluntary. 18 wheeler with 8600
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propane overturned. got closer look a short time ago. came in 6:30 about the truck. driver taken to hospital. scene drive drivers are diverted. goal now is get the big rig up right, get the propane transferred to another truck, reopen the roads. >> as far as getting on its wheels, depends how long it will take for the tow truck operators. three here, they have to do it gingerly, usually can flip something over and bounce, we don't want this thing to bounce. >> reporter: no telling what time roads might reopen. 8600 pounds of propane transfer is no easy task. drivers avoid in area at all costs. 4 1/2 hours so far and activity
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still at 280 and 880. abc7 news. breaking news out of washington. government shutdown just become a reality. live look at u.s. capitol building where lawmakers walked out the door at 9:00 p.m. our time without a deal. tonight president trump weighed in pointing fingers. kenneth milton with more. >> reporter: late night negotiations failed to keep the capital open and fund the president's border wall. >> don't want people coming in, only thing to stop that is great border security, with a wall. >> reporter: leaders summoned to the white house, president sending top officials to the hill including vice president. with no democratic support struggling to pass house approved spending bill with $5
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billion for the president's wall. >> you're not getting the wall today, this week or when the democrats take over the house. >> reporter: seemed willing to go. revolt from the right. >> two talk radio show hosts who basically influenced the president and we're in shutdown mode, it's just, i mean tyranny, isn't it? >> reporter: delayed trip to south florida for christmas and blamed democrats despite comments. >> i won't blame you for it. >> president now says democrats own it. >> complete lie. >> shutdown 101 is blame other party all times. he accepted the blame. most people recognize that. >> reporter: passed a measure to federal workers will be paid in
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the shutdown. not scheduled to meet again until noon saturday. reporting from capitol hill, abc7 news. wildfire victims won't have to worry for now about the shutdown affecting the recovery effort. employees will keep working, fema working in butte and southern california. >> other services stay open, airport and post office. flights and mail not interrupted. all national parks close immediately. alcatraz island, golden gate national reserve and for a complete list go to raiders are looking for temporary home before big move to las vegas. it could be at&t park perhaps. nfl team is reportedly in talks
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with giants but comes with caveats. if the deal is made, three big bay area sports teams would be within a mile of one another. abc7 news reporter unser haasen has more. >>. >> reporter: at&t park has hosted football in the past but some sports analysts say to bring the raiders here could face challenges. could the san francisco giants ballpark be home field? >> raiders should stay in oakland. >> some giants fans don't like the idea. >> i'm surprised that giants have courted the raiders and looks like they're initiating the conversation. >> reporter: host on 95.7 "the game" says the giants would welcome the revenue and at&t park the exposure in nfl season. quote," want to do what's best for bay area fans and remain open to the concept.
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says didn't make sense to leave one to play in another. >> no way to convince me playing in at&t park would better serve 2019 season than deal with oakland lawsuit. >> reporter: sued nfl and team for antitrust violations so owner mark davis decided to say goodbye. sports business consultant says the raiders don't need another distraction but focus on building momentum ahead of the move to las vegas. >> they have suites and naming rights to sell, licenses, season seats. long way from sold out in las vegas. >> reporter: some football fans wouldn't mind football at at&t park. >> just great to have team playing in san francisco again. >> reporter: if the raiders did come to at&t park would need a green light from 49ers who have
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territorial rights. told us they're open to it but raiders not approached them about doing so. abc7 news. abc7 is your home for what could be the raiders final game at coliseum, playing rivals denver broncos christmas eve at 5:00 p.m. san francisco international airport experienced delays of over an hour because of low clouds. damper on travel plans but everything is all clear now and running smoothly. sandhya patel is here for look at forecast this weekend. sandhya. >> it's looking good but show you where visibility is poor. dense fog in petaluma and fairfield, zero mile visibility in napa, watch out. thick fog, not impacting the local airports. around the country is pretty smooth sailing right now. east coast, delays huge through
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rain and snow gone for now. tomorrow should be quieter travel day. denver, 47, atlanta 50, seattle 46 and phoenix is 72 tomorrow. traveling around the state, 46 in tahoe and 67 in san diego, showers in eureka. tracking a storm, details coming up. >> access the accuweather forecast on the phone with abc7 news app customized to your location. four days left before christmas and rush is on for last-minute shoppers. major retailers staying open late or not closing. carlos saucedo is live in pleasant hill. can you pick up a few things for
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me? >> reporter: kohl's is open for christmas eve. people still coming in. if you haven't done shopping, no excuse. what has become annual tradition, open 83 hours until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. >> go late. >> i say go late. 10:00 to 12:00, get it done. >> reporter: for some it pays to wait. in concord, big crowds hitting stores. >> shoes for mom and niece and nephew, only christmas shopping i'm doing this year. >> reporter: whatever budget, always seems a bargain, some 70% off. some shoppers don't think procrastinated. >> last minute is the 24th. >> reporter: they consider themselves serious shoppers, hunt for deals for everyone on the list. >> family and friends and of course, christmas gift for
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yourself, always. >> reporter: what's a trip to the mall without a visit to jolly old st. nick. >> what did you ask santa for? >> pc, ipod touch, hoverboard and gift card. >> long list. >> he said it's about $1,000. >> reporter: end of the day depends whether you've been naughty or nice. >> you're on the nice list but you got to be good to christmas, okay? >> reporter: there you have it, i'm on the nice list, if santa said it, must be true. if you want to get on the nice list, few more days before christmas to do shopping. reporting in pleasant hill, carlos saucedo, abc7 news. bringing smiles to the south bay, who is helping make this season extra bright for some special kids? >> tonight taking you inside the
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sap center, half the spectators are stuffed at annual barracuda teddy bear toss,
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. in the south bay, forecast was very chilly with a chance of
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children's toys at sap center. stuffed animals rained down on the ice for fourth annual teddy bear toss night by the san jose barracuda hockey team. story from inside the shark tank. >> reporter: half the customers were stuffed. >> let's go big or go home. >> bags collected by bay area moms. >> asked to donate if they had anything. >> all it took was one for this tradition talked to people about their tossing technique. >> got this giant stuffed lion will will hopefully make it in one throw. if not, we've have to crowd surf him down to the ice. >> i'm thinking open the bag and try to dump it maybe. >> just throw it over and
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they'll collect it. gets pretty wild, so many teddy bears in one spot and just the best thing you'll ever see. >> reporter: another rule, get them to kids who need them most, across several agencies and pediatric unit at kaiser permanente santa clara. >> huge delay of game but 100% worth it. >> reporter: no matter what the scoreboard says. >> how fun. south bay families packed block for holiday party hosted by santa clara sheriffs department. >> canine unit, santa san jose. raised money for kids and treated kids to pizza, taco truck and deejays.
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spirits lifted. san jose sharks teamed up with alaska airlines to celebrate ugly sweater day. all passengers received own ugly sweater to show off to family and friends. that's not really ugly. >> and i like the color, teal. good color. are we going to need more than sweater for christmas? >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the weekend and christmas forecast. >> hope you get scarves and gloves and warm coats over holiday weekend. we're expecting cold ahead. winter is here, happened this afternoon. first sunset of winter from sutro tower camera, how stunning. 4:54, shortest day, heading to longer days. if you thought sunset was
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stunning, look at almost full moon from south beach camera, incredible. visiblity was still good at the time with help of rick in transmission, able to get time lapse. hope you enjoyed it. live doppler 7 showing thick fog in north bay, visibility is low. temperatures 40s and 50s. starting to feel cool. heading up to the mountains, lovely view from tahoe, no snow now but will be coming down. tomorrow and sunday best days to travel up there. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 45 degrees. sunday is mix of showers but nothing major until monday. winter storm watch monday morning to tuesday afternoon. up to two feet in the peaks. difficulty traveling for sure. festive view from santa
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showers sunday night and wet and breezy for christmas eve. if you have holiday shopping to do, give yourself time, fog will be thick and will be cold, bundle up. few 50s along the coast. showers that came through overnight and this morning? .02 to .25 inches. watch out, if you're out and about, coastal flood advisory because king tides are happening this weekend. high tide almost 7 feet at 10:20. sunday another king tide, 11:05, 6.9 feet. pretty typical in the wintertime, so is possibility of storm. christmas eve is light level one, rainfall less than half inch. breezy at times. be ready for wintertime weather.
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could be light showers, 11:30 in north bay. monday morning to afternoon, bands of colder air and heavier showers into monday afternoon and evening but all gone when christmas begins. accuweather seven-day forecast, sunday is chance of light showers, cold system, level one on monday on storm impact scale. bright christmas awaits then the winter chill settles in wednesday, thursday morning, bone chilling cold. happy holidays. >> to you as well. >> get out the ugly
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get them off. get them off. thank you.
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>> they got oohs, two police officers busted move in flash mob in florida. dancers kicked off in shopping mall, pretended to tell everybody to knock it off, shoppers started booing, different line formed, surprised the crowd. part of the routine. >> not bad. that's fun. >> going to join larry? >> called it? >> hard with the desk here. i can boogie. boogie cousins, not ready for christmas show down with lebron but making
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good evening. lot of baseball news in late
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december. a's have a new second baseman, trade for jurickson profar.rofaa he was projected to be a big star in the bigs, had shoulder problems. .254, homers for texas. a's signed joakim soria for bullpen depth. switch pitcher pat venditte, he can throw righty and lefty, how many people on the planet can do that? dodgers yasiel puig, not your friend hundley, to the reds. share of run-ins with the giants in six years in l.a. dodgers get homer bailey back but will release him.
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gigantic salary dump for dodgers. cleared payroll and possible go for bryce harper. hoops. demarcus cousins is showing progress slowly but surely, dunking on kevin durant in game of one-on-one after practice today. doesn't have great scloeexplosi you can see but showing progress. how does cousins look? ask durant. >> ask him how he feels. i didn't make the play. he beat me today, but i live to fight another day. i don't think he's going 100%, i'm not going 100% but whatever that was, it was cool to do. >> fun right? lebron and l.a. lakers hosting anthony davis and pelicans, who lebron wants as future laker. hard to stop him a foot above
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the rim. lebron triple-double, third of the year. most by player in their 16th nba season, like the benjamin button of the nba, getsounger and younger. lakers win abc7 sports by river rock casino. see the lakers christmas day. in 21 minutes daughter nikki turns 21. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday.
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that is your report. hope you have a great weekend. appreiate your time. dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry and all
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>> tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." she was separated from her dogs by the california wildfires. >> this is the moment they got together again. >> how the humane society made this sweet moment come true. >> hitting about hour. >> that vehicle no obstacle. the adventure guy ready to get
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right into it. >> look who is soaking up. >> what happens when they try living the dream. >> look at that sun set. >> okay, can you back up please. >> right off the bat. >> we know the california wildfires were devastating, not just to people but the animals affected by >> alexis here because of those circumstances had to find emergency housing for the dogs. they set up emergency shelter and took the dogs in while she figured things out. >> she's lucky. she got out with her pets. a lot of people didn't have the time or couldn't find their
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animals. >> she was finally able to find a place that would reunite her with her pets. this video is the moment they get to see her again. >> >> she meets one of her dog's first and then the other comes out. you can even hear the dogs whimper with joy. >> i missed you so much. good boy. >> it is tough you lost your home and all your possessions and a part of your family now as well. >> these pets bring comfort. in a time of grief like that, you wish you could be around. >> it is really cool this emergency shelter was able to take these dogs in while she figured things out. >> at first, i was confused as to why we were rolling.
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as the video continues, it starts to become quite clear. >> emerging on to the main road. that truck came out of nowhere. >> over to the right too. that is when the person started rolling. >> this is just an accident waiting to happen. goes on to the road. wait. where did that car go? >> is there a lake on the other side? >> there is a 160-foot >> all among the snow. >> they got involved and issued a statement saying this driver was stone cold sober. >> i don't think so. somebody has friends in high places. >> that's the official story. >> this dude in his me me me me
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burning it down the street. icy conditions. >> his dad is a petroleum and some what known for pulling tricks like this. it gets a bit more interesting. hello police officer. you might be rich and powerful but in this case, he's facing days in prison and a $1,100 fine and a suspended license. hopefully he'll slow down. let's be honest. >> probably not. >> probably not. >> there are different parenting styles. >> attachment parenting. >> she's 85 months now. >> full-grown child.
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>> cut the string already. >> i've been reading up and following the attachment lifestyle and trying to get all the other moms to do it like me too because everybody else is just doing it wrong. you see we are so connected. >> their bond is so strong. >> that is not a bond, that is a baby carrier. >> bondage. >> all that matters is the support of the child. i'll catch you later. bye. >> hurry up and bring yourself on before you get left. >> that sounds like my mama. >> mama hops in the car and turns in the engine. >> whoever is not in this bad boy is left. wait for me. >> we are up in whis ter,
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british columbia, canada. goi going bungey jumping. this is more like throwing. >> it doesn't matter. >> powell had a motorcycle accident when he was 19 years old. that left him parapleejic it tk him a while to get back to the guy that he is. now that he's 20 years old, he decided he wants to become a physical therapist just like the people that helped him recover. >> they obviously did a great job. look at him. >> you know who else is having a blast? bernard kerr in aspen. he's on an e
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you don't need snow all the time. just some smooth grass. >> so this is like e-skiing. >> does great on grass. even better on >> this girl is looking to make a deal with the big man. hear her last minute pitch. >> i promise i've been good, this week. >> the other 51 weeks, not so much. >> cocoa the raccoons come across something strange. why he can't hide from a


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