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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a close call in san francisco international airport. some plumbers run into serious trouble as they're trying to do their jobs. good evening. i'm eric thomas. dion lim is off tonight. a man's being treated for injuries this evening that he suffered during an accident that drew rescue crews to sfo. he was one of two plumbers working on an underground repair project near an airport catering company. airport officials say they're glad he made it out alive. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan explains what made the rescue so difficult. >> reporter: it was a rescue effort that lasted two hours near sfo. rescue teams were called in to find a plumber who passed out while he and his partner worked on an underground sewer project at gate gourmet, a company that
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caters for airlines. >> had a concrete-cutting device that had emitted some sort of fumes that caused them to lose consciousness. >> reporter: the co-worker initially tried to drag his partner out but when he started feeling dizzy he left, got out and called 911. but when crews went in they couldn't findhim. the man had regained consciousness and was trying to find an exit and didn't have a cell phone or walkie-talkie to contact anyone. airport officials say the building is just as large underground as it is above ground. some parts where you can only crawl. which is why the search took about two hours. >> carbon monoxide and entrapment at westfield at the airport. >> reporter: the initial call was of a small explosion, which is what triggered such a huge response. >> we didn't fully understand exactly what was going on underneath the building. so we had a lot of hazmat. and out of an abundance of caution, that's you why see the multiple units out here just in case this turned intoing? bigger.
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>> reporter: airport officials say air quality was never an issue, so no need for evacuations. and it didn't impact any flights in or out of sfo. in san francisco anser hassan, abc 7 news. >> we called the plumbing company for comment but we did not hear back. new at 11:00, a major change ahead for the tsa at how air marshals operate. federal marshals will have moved to the back of the plane for the first time, at least some of them. traditionally air marshals are seated near the entrance up front. the undercover agents will begin their new seating arrangement this friday. tsa officials have begun to comment on what specifically prompted the change, citing safety concerns. but they did say it's important to change routine to keep pace with emerging threats. high tide swamped parts of the bay area this morning. abc 7 news was in mill valley where you see some road flooding at the manzanita park and ride. caltrans says the lower half of the parking lot is currently closed due to flooding caused by the tide and will probably stay closed through christmas day. earlier we were under a coastal
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hazard advisory for possible flooding in low-lying areas. today's high tides were followed by unusually low tides and extreme high and low tides are also expected tomorrow. on top of the high tides we're also expecting rain in parts of the bay area, and it could be a wet christmas eve. here's meteorologist drew tuma with our first look at weather. >> yeah, eric. we're tracking that storm. our next one arriving on monday. cloud cover out there tonight. live doppler 7 scanning the skies right now. and it's rather quiet across the bay area. but we'll widen out the picture, combine it with satellite. you see a lot of cloud cover across much of the west coast. the storm system to our west will be moving onshore late tomorrow night and into the day for christmas eve on our monday. so the storm impact scale, this will be a light level 1 system working here on our monday. we're tracking scattered showers throughout the day and most cities will likely end up with less than a quarter of an inch of rain but the winds will certainly pick up as well. we're going to time out that system, show you hour by hour on
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christmas eve and more importantly when it gets out of here. that'son the ak qulu waerth forecast when i see you few minutes. eric. >> drew, thank you. developing news with the government shutdown. congress has gone home for the holidays without coming to an agreement to funt federal government. abc reporter lynda lopez says the sticking point remains president trump's demand for $5 billion to build a border wall. >> after failing to reach an agreement on border wall funding, both sides digging in. >> our great country must have border security. >> president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declaring the senate out of session until after christmas, asking democrats and the president to come up with a deal. >> push the pause button. until the president, from whom we will need a signature, and senate democrats from whom we will need votes, reach an agreement. >> following a lunch meeting with the president on saturday,
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republican senators indicated they would settle for less than the $5 billion the president wants for the border wall but balked at senate minority leader chuck schumer's offer of 1.3 billion. >> let me tell you what it's got to be. it's got to make some sense. i don't think i would take an offer of 1.3 when you'd previously offered me 1.6. >> both sides arguing this is all a political stunt. >> the wall is president trump's bone to the hard right people. it's no way to spend $5 billion, for a political bone. >> they just have a hatred for trump. they've won the house. they want the fight. they don't want to solve the problem. they're going backward not forward. >> reporter: and now with the halls of congress empty not much optimism that this shutdown will end soon. >> will it get done before christmas? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: as of midnight today more than 400,000 federal employees began temporarily working without pay, including
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some border security officials. lynda lopez, abc news, new york. many federal services will continue. airports are operating normally, though they may be crowded with holiday travelers. the post office is still running. so you'll still get your mail and packages. passport offices should remain open as long as they generate enough fees to keep them operating. and federal benefits like social security, medicare, and medicaid will be paid. wildfire victims will not have to worry for now about the shutdown affecting the recovery effort. the federal emergency management agency says its employees are still working. fema has been busy helping those in butte county as well as fire victims in southern california. many people who showed up at popular places around the bay area today ended up disappointed. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard with a look at what's been closed because of the shutdown. >> this is what i've got. nothing. >> reporter: ricky avila from las vegas was hoping to see fort point up close, but what he got
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was a closed barricade. >> it's sad, man. it's a long walk, no park. this is sad, man. i'm not coming back. >> it's a shame, isn't it? yeah. i don't understand why ps and why it's happening. >> reporter: blame the partial government shutdown that's forcing the closure of landmarks operated by the national park service. shuttles to muir woods were running. the park remained open because they received partial funding from another source. daytime tours to alcatraz were also going but nighttime and ranger-led tours of the rock were canceled. but the high street pier maritime museum was locked up tight. no ship tours today. >> were you looking forward to seeing the big ships? >> yeah. >> the oeber family from utah made in the first stop on their vacation. >> it's very exciting to see the ships. we've got little boys. i guess we'll have to try again another time. i don't know. >> reporter: 700,000 federal employees are impacted by the partial shutdown. some are working without getting paid. >> they can never do without a full week's paycheck or a day's
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paycheck. and especially in the holiday season when they're extra expensive it's just outrageous that they're being forced to go without. >> reporter: the municipal pier near aquatic park was another spot off limits. and i don't understand how the government got so much money and they can't get somebody to come open this gate. >> reporter: james perez had this message for the president. >> trump, i need to talk to you. call me. >> reporter: no telling how long the partial shutdown will last. the national park service says anyone who had their alcatraz tours canceled will get refunds. in san francisco cornell barnard, abc 7 news. yosemite national park is open, but visitors may notice the effects of the shutdown. campgrounds are not staffed, and the visitor centers are closed. right now the concessions, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations are all open. the park is a popular destination this time of year. and we have a complete list on our website of what's closed and
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what's open during the government shutdown. you can find that information on on the peninsula we have an update on the story we brought to you yesterday on abc 7 news. palo alto police say they've arrested 28-year-old martello garcia martinez. he's accused of attack a woman on thursday night. investigators say she was walking when the suspect came from behind and shoved her into some bushes. when she began screaming he punched her in the face repeatedly. neighbors came outside and the suspct took off running. pg&e says it is open to a range of solutions to make its energy systems safer after state regulators said they'll explore drastic measures including breaking up the utility. the public utilities commission says it's looking at possibly replacing the utilities board of directors, breaking up the company into smaller divisions or making pg&e a public agency. this comes after the utilities recent gas explosions and
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wildfires that includes last moss camp fire that killed 86 people. there are lawsuits against pg&e claiming it did not maintain its equipment. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, got all your holiday shopping done? it is super saturday. the whopping number of people expected to hit the stores to pick up their presents. christmas has already arrived for some children in the bay area. we're there as santa makes some special deliveries with a little help. and who needs a runway? you can use the highway. some drivers got quite a surprise. find out what caused the pilot to improvi
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the countdown to christmas is on, with only three days before the holiday. and on this super saturday
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millions of people are hitting the stores to finish their shopping. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo caught up with some of the shoppers rushing to get everything they need. >> reporter: even at this late hour people are still doing their last-minute christmas shopping. the macy's here at union square is open until midnight, but time is running out to get all those presents. christmas trees might be shining bright, but the mad dash is on to get what goes underneath them. >> there's a lot of people. it makes it festive. the traffic is -- well, it's exciting. right? >> reporter: that depends on who you ask. >> i just like to avoid the crowds. i don't knowy went shopping today. i really don't. i didn't have to. >> reporter: large crowds around union square made it nearly impossible for some to shop in peace. the saturday before christmas is considered super saturday. the national retail federation says 56% of holiday shoppers plan to shop this weekend. that's about 134 million people. an increase of 8 million from
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last year. over in downtown burlingame shops were busy with folks looking for a good deal. >> want to give 50% off because they want to get rid of the merchandise to get new stuff in. so definitely you get some better deals toward the end i think. >> reporter: all the shopping too much to handle for this family. >> we're done, yes. >> reporter: back in the city not everyone was spending but rather giving some holiday cheer to the homeless. >> we brought some stuff from home and then my mom makes like a bunch of gift bags. got some mittens and sweatshirts and stuff. >> the true spirit of christmas alive and well. and that's what christmas is all about, giving to others, giving to those less fortunate. in san francisco, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. in the east bay the highway patrol's oakland office today made dozens of kids' christmas wishes come true. abc 7 news watt in berkeley at phillips temple cme crutch for
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their 30th annual chips for kids events. officers have been collecting toys every december for three decades to give them away to children whose families may not otherwise have funds for the holidays. >> it's a good opportunity not only for her to receive some gifts but also to appreciate those people who don't have people or parents that give them -- buy them gifts. >> we're just lucky to be here and seeing kids' faces, smile and have a good time. >> the chp also handed out toys to kids at love temple baptist church in east oakland. jolly old st. nick had a hand in brightening the holidays for some military families. abc 7 news was at moffett field today where the nfl amni association and the wine country marines distributed hundreds of toys to the children of service people. >> we had such an outpouring. once it's out there, the community responded so generous wil i.
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just as -- yeah, it was crazy, and we have an overflow of toys. >> volunteers say the toys can make a big difference, especially for families who have loved ones deployed or injured during the holidays. dangerous waves off the bay area coast have affected families' traditional christmas crab feasts. cmmercial crab fishermen are finding the rough waters too dangerous to take out their boats, resulting in a shortage of dungeness crab for the holidays. restaurants, stores, fish markets are all in short supply and if you can find available crab for purchase it's going to be more expensive than usual. >> it's too dangerous with the swells and the waves being so high. that affects us as we don't have any crab to supply the restaurants. i'm hoping that it ends soon as new year's is coming up and there's a high demand for dungeness crab. >> reporter: fishermen say supplies of black and rock cod have also been affected. we have waves, we have high tide and we have rain on the way. what could drew tuma have to talk about? >> first, eric, we're going to
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contend with those high tides tomorrow morning and then we'll track rain moving in for christmas eve. live doppler 7 giving you the sweep across the region. quiet for the time being. but under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies temperatures have been slow to cool off. 50 in oakland right now. the same in san jose. 52 in san francisco. well into the 40s for north bay, napa right now at about 42 degrees. overnight tonight we'll hang on to a lot of this cloud cover out there. fog will not be as widespread as previous nights. a little bit of delta fog will develop after midnight. otherwise, we'll see mid 30s to mid 40s over the next 12 hours for oefrvernight lows. coastal flood advisory tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. coincides with our morning high tide cycle. high tide in san francisco just shortly after 11:00 tomorrow morning. so once again, we could see a little bit of minor flooding possible close to the water as that high tide occurs.
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hour by hour we go on your sunday. it's a fairly cloudy day. so tomorrow morning we'll call it mostly cloudy by 8:00, 1y9d in the morning. into the afternoon there will be a weak impulse of energy ahead of the main storm system coming on monday that could spark a shower in the north bay in the afternoon. if one does pop up i think it would just be confined to the north bay with most spots staying rather quiet for the second half of our weekend. so highs on our sunday under mainly cloudy skies, pretty much similar to temperatures earlier today. upper 50s to lower 60s for tomorrow afternoon. about 60 for concord. 66 for san jose. 61 -- i should say for san jose and 57 the high in san francisco. but the main storm will arrive here on monday for christmas eve. it's a light system, a 1 on our storm impact scale. so track those scattered showers on monday. you can see most cities less than a quarter of an inch of rain but it will turn breezy around here, especially monday night into tuesday morning as those winds do pick up. monday morning at 7:00 in the morning there we have tone territory chance of some light
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showers entering the bay area. as you go throughout the day we're going to see on and off scattered showers. it's not going to be a total washout of a day but showers will stick with us throughout the day. by 4:00 i think we could see a couple of downpours pop up. so by 4:00 you see those yellows and oranges on your screen indicating some heavier showers moving through, and then by 11:00 p.m. this thing is wrapping up. by christmas day it is out of here, and christmas day will be dry. we're taking a look at the raiders game because i know a lot of folks are wanting to go to this on christmas eve. i would take a poncho with you. showers are in the forecast and it will be a cool game with temperatures mainly in the 50s as you head over to oakland. we'll take a look at snow as well. there will be some fresh powder for christmas in the sierras. winter storm watch at 5,000 feet. eight to ten inches of snow possible from the highest peaks. could see 18 inches. the accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. perhaps a sprinkle in the north bay. we're tracking those widespread showers for christmas eve. good news.
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it's out of here for christmas day. christmas day is dry and bright. then we'll see some chilly mornings both wednesday and thursday. traveling around state tomorrow, eric, okay, monday gets a little dicey. >> like seeing santa there. >> thanks a lot. >> sure. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, you're driving on a highway and then you see
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well, here's something you don't see every day. single engine cessna landing on an alabama highway. enough to startle drivers there. this happened along interstate 20 in talladega about 50 miles east of birmingham. one witness tweeted video of the landing. as you can see, the pilot pulled over to the shoulder after safely bringing the plane down. two people were on board. the pilot blamed engine failure for this emergency landing. now, that would shock the heck out of you.
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>> yes, it would. >> a lot of sports going on today. let's check in with anthony florez. >> coming up why the sharks might have lost more than just a game today against the kings. and the warriors get a huge spark off the bench.
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the warriors are going to be busy for the holidays. tonight they tipped off the first of three games in a four-day span, highlighted by their christmas day showdown against lebron and the lakers. the dubs taking on the mavericks. draymond green finding his shooting touch. he had 14. most points since october 31st. draining two threes and had ten boards.
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luka doncic. finished with 19. mavs up three at the break. third quarter he'll go hard into the crowd and he ends up hitting a young kid in his seat. play was still going on but doncic stayed with the kid to make sure he was okay. after the game gave him his jersey and an autograph. thumbs up there. steph curry made seven field goals. six of them were from distance. 22 points despite a poor shooting night. player of the game jonas jere o jerebko, a career-high 23. also had six boards and this, finished up strong. two-handed jam providing plenty of energy in the fourth quarter. but they did blow an 18-point lead. wesley matthews, three of his 25. the lead was down to four. then with 20 seconds left warriors up a point. who else? kevin durant with the dagger. he had 29 points, 12 boards and eight assists. the dubs win it 120-116. >> this is a very accomplished team. so i'm just trying to fit in where i can and do whatever it
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takes. and it's rebounds or playing defense or knocking down open shots or crashing the glass hard. doing all the little things. that's what i try to do. >> made a whole bunch of shots. he shot the ball really well but he had a bunch of offensive boards too, he had four of them, and a couple tip-ins. he had several plays that just got the crowd into it. a rare saturday mat nye in san jose. the sharks hitting the ice against their long-time rivals the kings. second meeting this year between the teams. the sharks won the first in overtime. ilya kovalchuk missed the first ten games due to an ankle injury. scores less than five minutes into his return. 1-0 kings. they led 2-0 in the third when timo meyer with a great pass mae it 2-1. and then with 30 seconds remaining in the contest joe pavelski redirects the brett burns shot past jonathan quick. so we head to overtime tied at 2. in the extra frame kovalchuk on
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the breakaway, he wins is it with his second goal of the game. the kings with a surprise win, 3-2 in overtime. now, the nhl announced that after the game sharks defenseman erik karlsson will have a hearing with the safety department following his hit on austin wagner. wagner left the game with an upper body injury, which is code for concussion. he'll likely be suspended or fined for the incident. the sharks' next game is tomorrow night against the coyotes. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. more sports in about 20 minutes. >> we'll see you then, anthony. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. new developments with the wrestler who was told by a referee he had to cut his hair or forfeit his match. and developing news out of indonesia where a tsunami has turned
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, a plumber was safely rescued from an airline catering facility at sfo after he was overcome by fumes and got sick. his colleague managed to escape from the gate gourmet building and call 911. it took two hours for the victim to emerge from an underground part of the building. the victim was taken to the hospital where he's recovering. the rescue did not affect flights at sfo. shoppers flooded bay area stores and malls tonight in search of christmas presents. at union square sidewalks were packed with people looking for gifts. the national retail federation expects 56% of people to do their christmas shopping this weekend. the final weekend before the holiday. there's little hope the
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federal government shutdown will be over anytime soon. that's affected some local attractions. san francisco's municipal pier is off limits. so is the hyde street pier. daytime alcatraz tours are still happening although some nighttime tours have been canceled. thanks to funding from a separate source, muir woods is still open. developing news. a tsunami that hit the coast around indonesia's sunda strait has killed at least 62 people. the southeast asian country's disaster management agency expects that number to rise. some 600 others were hurt. the wave hit about 25 minutes after the ana krakatoa volcano erupted. officials say there were no earth tremors, which allowed no time for warnings. the town of paradise has brought back an annual christmas tradition despite destruction from the camp fire. this evening a christmas tree lighting and ice skating event was held. the city has run the rink at terry ash park every year since 2012 and said this year would be no different. paradise recreation and park district also worked with the city to provide treats to
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attendees. 90% of homes in the city were lost in the camp fire, the deadliest and most destructive wild fire in california history. yellow vest protesters hit the streets of paris for a sixth straight weekend today. protesters scrimmaged with riot police, but authorities say today's crowds were much smaller than those we saw weeks ago. nonetheless, protesters were very vocal about the rising cost of living and economic hardship in france. they've called for the resignation of president emmanuel macron. tourist attractions like the louvre and eiffel tower remained open. in san francisco a group donned yellow vests and rallied outside the french consulate in solidarity with the crowds in france. locals say the challenges brought on by austerity measures and a widening gap between the rich and poor are something many bay area residents can relate to. >> people in san francisco the wealthiest city in the world and people are dying on the streets.
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people living in tents. it's an emergency situation. and these billionaires have to be forced to pay for public housing for working people so people can afford to live here. >> similar yellow vest protests also took place in new york city, hong kong, tel aviv, and other cities. the number of active duty troops deployed at the border with mexico is down to about 2,600. according to the u.s. northern command, about 1,200 are in california with the remaining 1,600 split between arizona and texas. president trump sent the troops just before the midterm election because of the caravan of venezuelan migrants. at its peak 5,800 troops were at the border or staging areas. the deployment was set to end on december 15th but the pentagon extended it to january 21st. new developments in the growing outrage over a high school wrestler in new jersey being told to cut his hair in order to finish a wrestling match. abc news reporter zachary quiche tells us the state has now launched an investigation. >> reporter: tonight new jersey's division of civil
11:40 pm
rights launching an investigation after growing outrage over this incident at a high school wrestling match. andrew johnson was given an ultimatum as he stood ready to compete. cut his dreadlocks or forfeit the match. >> from the matches i've seen i have not seen his dreads to be a problem with the referee or anything like that. >> reporter: the ref, alan maloney, said the hair violated athletic regulations. league rules say if the player's hair is too long they can choose to wear a cap that is attached to the ear guards. it's not known why a cap wasn't an option in this case. not wanting to hurt the team, andrew agreed to the cut, wincing as a trainer chopped off his hair. the young man in all his humility went on to pin his opponent, dejected but undefeated. the governor of new jersey saying this on twitter. "no sthunt should have to needlessly choose between his or
11:41 pm
her identity and playing sports." nearly 32 million views later many want to know what role if any did race play. according to a report by the" "courier post" maloney who is white acknowledged calling another ref a slashl slur in 2016. he was suspended and sent to sensitivity training after the incident. the ref has not been fired, but he has been sidelined pending the current investigation. zachary quiche, abc news, new york. come january 1st many workers in the bay area could be taking home a larger paycheck. statewide the minimum wage will be $11 an hour for businesses with 25 employees or less. it goes up to $12 if they have 26 or more. the state wants ultimately to get it to $15 an hour. the federal minimum wage is $7.25. more than a dozen bay area cities have minimum wage ordinances on the books. in san francisco, for example, a wage increase would kick in on july 1st of next year. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, you find $10,000 inside a purse, what do you do next?
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you might be surprised at what one man did. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking rain returning on christmas eve. we'll have the latest timeline in the accuweather forecast after the break.
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lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. police searched the home of a man and woman who are being held on suspicion of launching drones that halted flights at london's gatwick airport this week. right now flights are operating
11:46 pm
on schedule after hundreds of flights were grounded for three straight days this week. the chaos disrupted the travel plans of tens of thousands of travelers right before the christmas holiday. the british military has been deployed to gatwick. authorities say they'll use a number of tactics to deal with any potential new drone sightings. it's a christmas miracle in manhattan with lots of green. richard taverna lives in new york city. he was on a subway platform near lincoln center when he spotted a blue chanel bag. taverna checked inside for i.d. and found a note written in russian, inside 100 $100 bills, totaling $10,000. he took this photo of all that cash, then he turned it over to police. >> it's not fine. you know, and the right thing to do is somebody lost $10,000 and obviously they're probably going through a lot of duress. i think it's something most people would have done. i don't think i did anything that extraordinary. >> i hope you're right. turns out the bag's owner was on
11:47 pm
her way to the airport traveling to russia when she lost it. she reported her loss to the same precinct taverna dropped off the money at and the chanel bag. well done, sir. all right. let's check the weather forecast now with meteorologist drew tuma. >> we're tracking those tides. tomorrow morning we have a coastal flood advisory that will go into effect at 9:00 a.m. coinciding with the highest tides we have all year. so near san francisco tomorrow a high tide roughly at about 11:00 a.m. so we could expect to see some minor flooding close to the water like we saw earlier today once that high tide hits. tomorrow there could be a sprinkle in the north bay. otherwise, it's a lot of cloud cover. temperatures mainly in the mid 50s to low 60s to finish out the weekend. on monday, though, christmas eve, we are tracking our next storm coming through. one light system on the storm impact scale. scattered showers. about a quarter of an inch or less in terms of total rainfall and the winds will pick up a bit. could see gusts close to 30
11:48 pm
miles an hour. we'll go hour by hour monday morning. light showers working through the region starting in the north bay. and as we go throughout the day it will be on and off rain for a time. by 4:00 as this front kind of swings through here it could help to kind of intensify some of those showers. so we could be tracking some downpours monday afternoon. and then the system is going to wrap up and get out of here late monday night. it will bring some snow to the sierra. winter storm watch in effect. about 5,000 feet. could see eight inches to a foot of snow. in our highest peaks we could see up to 18 inches possible. sought accuweather seven-day forecast, a lot of clouds tomorrow. rain on our monday for christmas eve. it gets out of here for christmas day. so tuesday itself is a sunny and dry day. chilly mornings wednesday and thursday before friday and saturday a little bit cooler for thyme of the year. but sunny skies and temperatures mainly in the 50s. >> all right, sir. thank you very much. so if you thought philip rivers and the chargers were unstoppable, maybe not. >> that's right.
11:49 pm
yeah. they went into a pretty good team in the baltimore ravens. coming up, defense dominates. how the ravens cooled off one of the hottest teams in the nfl. those red hot chargers. and the hilltop advantage. the san francisco dons beat stanford to remain perfect
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the san francisco dons know how to defend their home court. the stanford cardinal the latest team to leave the hilltop with a loss. warriors gm bob myers checking out the action. the dons undefeated at home this season. second half jamaree bouyea frsh finishing strong with a flush. stanford you much stronger in the second half than the first. davis off the turnover with the basket. three guys got caught watching the ball. leaves frankie ferrari wide
11:53 pm
open. stanford got the lead down to four. bright wills with the corner three. but usf goes back the other way. charles minlend plus the foul. usf wins it 74-65. they improve to 12 s. in berkeley the bears take on number one uconn. both teams coming in undefeated. asia thomas turning defense into offense. she takes it's other way. team-high 22 points. katie luchlt samuelsson with the drive and the bucket for the huskies. she had 20. thomas from behind the arc. she had six treys. but it wasn't enough. cal suffers its first loss of the season. 76-66. get this, uconn has now won 126 consecutive regular season games. in the nfl the baltimore ravens keeping their playoff hopes alive with a dominating win over one of the hottest teams in the nfl, the l.a. chargers. nothing but field goals in the first half. third quarter chargers scored on a touchdown but two plays later lamar jackson to mark andrews
11:54 pm
and he'll take it 68 yards for the touchdown. 13-10 ravens. three minutes left in the game now down six philip rivers hits antonio gates but he puts it on the lawn. it is a fumble. right before he touches the ground tavon young picks it up, returns it back 62 yards for the score. the chargers with just 198 yards of offense. lowest total since 2014. so they're now down 12 with 1:31 left. rivers will throw his second interception of the game. he was making a late charge for mvp but this performance will hurt him. the ravens win it 22-10. they keep their playoff hopes alive. washington facing the titans. both teams fighting for a playoff spot. former 49er blaine gabbert in for marcus mariota. titans go up 19-16. jump shot johnson trying to make something happen for washington. he threw a touchdown and two interceptions including this hail mary to malcolm butler. last play of the game, and he's going to return it all the way
11:55 pm
56 yards for the touchdown, making some people in vegas very unhappy. washington has lost five of their last six games. the titans win it 25-16. let's go bowling. memphis and wake forest. birmingham bowl. demon deacons quarterback jamie newman barrels his way into the end zone. it's a three-point lead with 34 seconds left. memphis needs just one play to get into field goal range. nice play here. they had two time outs and plenty of time to go for the end zone. instead they try to kick the field goal. but they had a false start. so back it up five yards. riley patterson from 43 yards. just a bit outside. wake forest wins it 37-34. hawaii and louisiana tech in the hawaii bowl. la tech scored 21 points in the third quarter. jamar smith dumps it off to dancy. he goes up the sidelines 58 yards for the touchdown. la tech wins it 31-14. buffalo and troy played in the dollar general bowl.
11:56 pm
third quarter troy looking to add to their four-point lead but they fumble at the 5 yard line. tyrone hill picks it up, returns it 93 yards officially. buffalo up 24-21. but the trojans would regain the lead. they'd add to it in the fourth. sawyer smith with one of his four touchdown passes. 45 yards right here to sidney davis. davis will get another one to put this game away. this time a 20-yard touchdo run. troy wins the dollar general bowl 42-32 is the final. armed forces bowl. army taking on houston. black knights quarterback kelvin hopkins jr. was 3 for 3 for 70 yards. ran for 170 yards and five touchdowns. how many guys does he make miss here? 77 yards for the score. army with 507 yards on the ground. they reach the 11-win mark for the first time in school history. 56 points ties the largest margin of victory in a bowl game. backup qb thomas also had one pass and there it was, a
11:57 pm
touchdown pass right there. %-p. 70-14. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. and that is a look at a very busy saturday. >> did you say 70-14? >> 70-14. apparently no defense from houston. >> somebody was playing basketball instead of playing football. right? anthony, thank you very much. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew and anthony and the entire abc 7 news team, thank you so much for joining us. have a great evening.
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