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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 24, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PST

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good morning. i'm janai norman. >> and i'm zachary kiesch. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." there was no warning before a massive tsunami struck indonesia. it was caused by a huge landslide into the sea after the child of krakatau volcano erupted. the first waves crashed ashore just 20 minutes later. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is still in a hospital but a spokesperson says the 85-year-old is up and working. jennie-o is expanding its recall of ground turkey, removing more than 164,000 pounds due to a possible salmonella contamination. here is the true magic of
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santa. he is immune to the government shutdown. norad's tracker will still let you for him saint nick's progress. those are some of our top stories on this christmas eve. from abc news, this is "world news now." hundreds of thousands of federal workers out waiting to know when they'll be back to work but santa, we can still track him. >> we can trust. >> yeah. all is right in the world. we'll follow his progress around the world but we begin halfway around the world the massive aftermath of that tsunami in indonesia. >> dozens of resort moments and hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged severely by this giant waves here caused by underwater landslides after a volcano erupted.
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the indonesian army, the red cross and ox fam are now helping with the cleanup in the search for survivors. >> at least 300 people are known dead and almost 60 are missing. more than 1,000 were injured and officials expect these numbers to rise. >> the anak krakatau volcano is located in the strait between sumatra and java. >> officials admit there was no warning of the tsunami. the warning system is only triggered by earthquakes not landslides. abc's julia mcfarland with more. >> reporter: indonesia now dealing with the devastating aftermath of a deadly tsunami. the lead vocalist of a popular indonesian band that was performing when the wave hit now asking for prayers. several of his band mates were killed, his wife among the missing. the water traveling 65 feet inland ripping homes and hotels from their foundations. the area a popular tourist destination. many visiting the beaches there for the holidays.
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the tsunami triggered by this volcanic eruption on the island of anak krakatau in the sunda strait. the eruption visible for miles. indonesia does not have a warning system to detect tsunamis that result from volcanic activity. the systems rely on detecting earthquakes. >> in this case there was no earthquake as such. very little could be done in this case and it's just a tragic fact of nature. >> reporter: scientists believe the huge tide may have been affected by the full moon, making the devastation worse. hundreds of victims rushed to hospitals in the area. rescuers sifted through the debris in search of survivors. >> their priority is to make sure those who survived this tsunami are looked after, as well as to make sure that if there is anyone at all trapped in the rubble that they are rescued and brought to safety. >> reporter: police rescuing this 5-year-old boy who had been trapped under the rubble for hours. the president of indonesia expressing his condolences to
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the victims and asking everyone for patience as he ordered all government agencies to respond to the crisis. julia mcfarland, abc news, london. capitol hill is quiet today as are many government offices on day through of the partial shutdown. talks in the senate over funding of the president's proposed border wall went nowhere before lawmakers left for the holidays. the president wants $5.7 billion but democrats say they won't allow any taxpayer money for a wall. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says the white house might lower its demand but democrats aren't cooperating. >> the president's not going to not accept money for a border wall. the democrats offered us -- i think they offered us $1.6 billion a couple of weeks ago. then they offered the president $1.3 billion this week. that's a negotiation that seems like it's going in the wrong direction. we've insisted on 5 but the
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discussions are between 1.6 and 5. >> jeff merkley says his party is willing to fund border security, be but he called the a fourth century solution. and mcgurk is stepping down. staff says he couldn't pull out the order to pull troops from syria. the president called the holdover departure a nothing event. police in idaho are helping in the search for clues in the death of a colorado mom. kelsey berreth's fiance faces murder charges. her body hasn't been found. berreth was last seen thanksgiving day at a grocery store near colorado springs. a ping from her cellphone was detected three days later in southern idaho. authorities in twin falls served search warrants in the area over the weekend.
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the family of a university of utah student killed by her ex-boyfriend are not satisfied by the police response before her murder. she had contacted both salt lake city and campus police several times to express fears about the man. abc's stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: questions about whether the killing of a university of utah track star could have been prevented. her chilling 911 calls for help just released. >> i've been blackmailed for money. >> reporter: lauren mccluskey filed a harassment and extortion complaint with campus police in october against ex-boyfriend melvin rowland. she called 911 at least twice in a week when she felt her complaints weren't being looked in to. eventually she's referred back to campus police. the calls obtained by "the salt lake tribune." >> they haven't done or updated anything. so the case, it involves extortion. >> reporter: three days later as she is walking to her dorm,
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mccluskey is confronted by rowland while on the phone with her parents. mccluskey's father whose just heard his daughter's terrifying final moments calls police. >> she was abducted while we were talking to her on the telephone. so we heard her being assaulted. >> reporter: police say mccluskey was murdered by the man she warned law enforcement about repeatedly. rowland later killed himself. the school opening an investigation. >> the report does not offer any reason to believe that this tragedy could have been prevented. >> reporter: mccluskey's parents disagree, writing, "failures include lack of followthrough, reporting and urgency." the university of utah president does acknowledge the weaknesses within the campus' security and says the investigation provides a roadmap to strengthening it on campus. stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. millions of americans will celebrate christmas with a blast of winter. a new storm system will bring heavy rain, powerful winds and
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snow to the pacific northwest. it will move across parts of oregon, california and nevada. >> let's go to accuweather's paul williams for the forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning, janai, zachary. well, we have a low pressure syem bringing unsettled weather from seattle, portland down towards medford along the i-5 coordinator and snow as you move a little further inland. that rain is going to be a problem for them. we're going to have a punch of cold air around the great lakes region with a high pressure system near the st. louis area. for the northeast, look for patchy snow around the great lakes, buffalo, all the way over towards boston. for the southeast, dry with high pressure in full control with chilly air across the tennessee valley region. and for the southwest, rain's going to reach down towards san francisco for monday evening. look for spot showers to pop up throughout the center part of the country as well. then on christmas day, watch out for downpours in houston, scattered showers in st. louis and snow showers in chicago. janai? zachary? >> our thanks to paul williams there.
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turning now to a new york couple and the police officer who got them to their wedding ceremony on time. things were looking grim after their jeep was sidelined by a crash. >> the officer drove them to the town hall and they were able to get hitched as planned. the couple has two children, a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old. >> fortunate for them that that police officer came on. >> yeah. yeah. obviously they're happy. they've been engaged for six years, we see here, and good for them. >> yeah. well, coming up just in case santa still needs a little bit of help. we're checking out some last-minute toy ideas for those kids who made it on to your nice list. but first, there was nothing nice about this. the growing outrage over this high school wrestler forced to cut his dreadlocks before being allowed to finish a match. you're watching "world news now." well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable.
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we're back with this dramatic video of two boats on fire in the florida keys. at least five passengers jumped into the water to escape the flames. one man suffered serious burns. he was air lifted to a miami hospital. investigators are trying to determine what caused the flames.
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turning now to the growing outrage over a scene that played out at a high school wrestling match in new jersey. >> yeah. a young black athlete who wrestled the entire year with no issue was forced by a white referee who demanded he cut his dreadlocks before finishing the match. >> reporter: new jersey's division of civil rights has launched an investigation into this incident at a high school wrestling match. andrew johnson, an 11th grader was given an ultimatum as he stood ready to compete, cut the locks or forfeit the match. johnson reluctantly agreed. the governor of new jersey saying on twitter, "no student should have to needlessly choose between his or her identity and playing sports." olympic gold medal champion jordan burroughs weighing in telling abc news he's never seen anything like it. >> for me the incident is magnified because of how closely related to culture and identity dreadlocks are. >> reporter: ref, alan maloney, says the young man's hair violated athletic regulations.
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league rules state if a player's hair is stoo too long, they can wear a hair cover. why a cap in this case wasn't an option is still unknown. after 13 million views later, people, including celebs want to know what role race played. director ava duvernay tweeting, "i don't just wear locs, they are a part of me. a gift to me. so to watch this young man's ordeal wrecked me." the league added they will not assign the referee in question until this matter has been thoroughly reviewed. according to a report by the courier post, maloney, who is white, acknowledged his racist comments towards another ref back in 2016. maloney was then suspended and sent to sensitivity training. the young man weighed down by the moment rose above the adversity, pinning his opponent. visibly dejected but undefeated. >> i was pretty proud of him because that was not easy to do.
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>> so awesome for that kid that he won the wrestling match, but deeply disturbing i think puts it lightly. >> deeply disturbing. deeply disturbing. and of course you have a referee here who is in a leadership position. i guess one of the questions i have is, after the initial incident in 2016 -- >> yeah. >> showing kind of this racial bias, what makes him a good candidate to be out here leading these youngsters in terms of being a ref? >> right. you hear even through sensitivity training -- >> didn't work. >> did that work? >> didn't work. >> right? >> obviously this has been a hot-button story. i've heard from a lot of people about this. i think the response has been visceral in the black community. >> yeah. >> when you talk about the history of hair, you know, going back to afros. >> yeah. >> but, you know, i'm fortunate to be here and rocking locks on abc news. >> all the curls. all the locks. countdown to christmas. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so we're down to the wire. less than 24 hours to christmas and if you are looking for last-minute gift ideas for the kids if you procrastinated that much, you've come to the right place. jackie cucco joins us now from "the toy insider." jackie. >> this is for kids who love peppa pig. now they can go on vacation with her. this van opening up into a two-story play set. tons of accessories you can take out of the van. there is peppa. mommy and daddy pig can sit around the campfire. there is a bed that flips over into a swimming pool. when kids are done playing, the van can close up and everything can store inside. easy storage. easy cleanup.
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we have grumblies over here. grumbly little creatures that come from the core of the earth. kids are going to poke them and shake them and turn them upside down. for you push them far enough, they'll have a full-blown meltdown. >> they're like children of their own. >> go ahead and try him out. see if you can make him melt down. >> can't be that difficult. he's called a grumbly. he's getting mad but not mad enough. come on! >> you don't know when it's going to happen. >> and then all of a sudden it's just -- >> oh. oh, he's upset. okay. this guy has a high tolerance. i'm more that one. >> yeah, he's got that attitude. >> all right. fine. >> so kids are so into slime. this is mixums. it's premade slime that comes with accessories that kids can
2:50 am
add into it like beads and glitter. this is the unicorn slime. go ahead and try that. it has textures. >> okay. >> you add them in. so the slime comes with the accessories. >> oh. interesting. >> and lots of texture. starting at just $4.99. it makes a great stocker stuffer. >> okay. man, kids like this? >> kids love slime. >> timeless. >> okay. now we have yeti, set, go. this is a game over here where you're going to make the yetties kick the meatballs up the snowy meatball mountain. you do it by bopping them on the head and meatballs are going to go flying. you're trying to land them on the different platforms. >> okay. simple enough. >> everyone's playing at the same time. so no one has to sit around and wait for a turn. >> okay. that's fun. >> meatballs flying. what a time to be alive. >> okay. >> next we have disney doorables. this is the hot new line of
2:51 am
collectives. 78 teeny tiny disney characters to collect. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have your princesses like tangled and frozen. not just the princesses, you also have captain hook, the mad hatter from als in wonderland. they also come in play sets. the best part, all the doors stack and connect to create a mega stack play set. >> oh, wow. so lots to collect there. >> lots to collect and everything combines. >> these timeless things. they're new but they'll be around for years. >> these are shimmies. sequins are a huge trend in toys this year. it's fluffy like a fluff but it's covered in sequins. you swipe your hand over it and the sequins will magically change colors. >> visit as well as our website, jackie cucco, thank you so much for joining us. this is fabulous. we'll be right back. you're watching "world news now." re watching "world news
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it's time for "this it's time for "this happened." >> okay. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> let's go for a little walk around the world. we're going to go out to india. this is a young woman. they call her rapunzel. >> whoa. >> let me tell you who is not going to get a haircut. she just got the hair world record. 5'7" long. >> oh, my -- that's taller than me. >> she said she got a bad haircut about ten years ago and said enough was enough and, hey, look at that hair, though. 5 feet long. >> oh, my gosh. schett looks pretty young.
2:56 am
this could go on for a long time. >> could go on for awhile. hygiene might become an issue at some point but you throw it up there in a bun -- >> and make it work. >> rock with it. >> wow. good for her. wow, how about this? a pitch invader. a pitch -- i just learned is what they call the field in soccer. a pitch invader. someone who runs out there to get all huggy at the club world cup semifinals. he wants to hug it out with madrid's stars bendjima and marcelo. he runs out there and is able to give them hugs before a security guard breaks in. >> apparently that's a no-no. >> i guess they're a little busy out there on the pitch. you should probably just sit in your seat. >> there's some holes in that security, though. >> yeah, i'd say. >> he got there. >> and was able to get his hugs in before -- i mean, he's just spreading the love, though. shouldn't we encourage more of this? >> we need more love. >> more love on the pitch. >> yes. let's go to this dog here. this little show-off dog. let's check it out. doing some tricks here.
2:57 am
>> oh. >> this is ziggy. he loves to show off, especially in front of his owner. >> good boy. >> who lives in england. in any case, you see the dog wagging there. >> he knows how to play dead. >> plays dead. it's all about learning how to play dead, right? >> but the thing is, his tail's alive. still wagging his tail. >> clearly not dead. >> he's got some work to do. >> i'm not quite sure what makes this dog so special. i feel like i've seen this trick before. >> yeah, i don't know either. he's trying. there is also this mom who got her daughter an advent calender. you open one every day. she doesn't look too happy. why? turns out this calender was meant for cats. the candy inside wasn't really chocolate, not caramel, nothing really good. that's like cat nip flavor and mom realized it too late. oops this was for garfield, not my daughter. >> what happens when kids eat cat nip? >> i don't know. they look sad like that. christmas is ruined.
2:58 am
>> wow. remember to follow us on
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this morning on "world news now," this morning on "world news now," the devastation and loss after that massive tsunami struck without warning in indonesia. >> a volcanic eruption triggering underwater landslides and officials fear it could happen again. hundreds are dead are popular tourist destinations and thousands injured. rescue crews are working around the clock. also this morning, shutdown stalemate. president trump not backing off his demand for a border wall, but one key office is working, that's norad's santa tracker. plus down to the wire. if you haven't plowed through your list yet, you still have a few hours left before the big day where you can find some great last minute gift ideas. it's one of the most timeless christmas stories ever
3:01 am
told but now "the nutcracker" is being reimagined not as ballet but as burlesque. we're checking out the x-rated version of this christmas classic cleaned up for tv, of course. it's monday, december 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> burlesque christmas? >> i know. a little twist on the -- >> a little bit. >> christmas action. >> yeah, we're welcoming zachary kiesch in here. an early christmas gift for us. >> good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> likewise. congratulations on the new gig. >> thank you so much. glad to have you, we will continue welcoming zachary all morning. we begin with the desperate measures under way to help the victims of a devastating in indonesia. >> it happened on the western coast of sumatra, anak krakatau erupted. dozens are missing and more than 1,000 injured. >> the tsunami struck several popular tourist destinations filled with holiday visitors.
3:02 am
however, the state department says no u.s. citizens were affected. >> the volcano emerged less than 100 years ago and hadn't been seen as much of a threat. now there are fears another eruption could create another deadly wave. julia mcfarland has more. >> reporter: crowds gathered to watch a popular indonesian band. the video cuts out just as the tide swept in taking lives with it, including members of the group performing. the tsunami came without warning for most. daylight revealing the devastating aftermath. the coastline littered. buildings, hotels and homes washed away. vehicles scattered around like toy cars thrown into buildings on top of piles of debris. >> these rooms where people were staying are just completely destroyed. you can see the beds there ruined. >> reporter: people lining up outside of clinics checking on patients' names, searching for the missing. others crying and comforting each other outside of hospitals.
3:03 am
that band's lead vocalist surviving the killer wave asking for prayers for his dead friends and his wife now lost. at least 222 killed. more than 800 injured. those numbers could rise further as rescue workers try to get into areas that have not yet been reached. aid workers desperately trying to treat the injured. the hospitals either too far or lost in the wreckage. teams working around the clock to find survivors trapped in the rubble. this boy pulled to safety 12 hours after the tsunami. all of this triggered by an underwater landslide after a volcano erupted. the child of krakatau has been erupting since june and is situated in the ocean between indonesia's most crowded islands. the coasts surround it, beautiful peaches popular with tourists and ex-pats, especially during the holidays. the killer waves come as
3:04 am
indonesia is still recovering from the last tsunami that killed more than 2,000 earlier this year. fears that volcano still erupting could trigger new tsunamis as this region struggles with the unthinkable yet again. the indonesian disaster agency suffers from a lack of funding, especially in recent years. the censors are mostly wired to measure quakes. but in this case it was an underwater landslide that caused the waves. there was no way for the system to detect it. julia mcfarland, abc news, london. >> awful story there without warning. back here at home, this christmas eve marks the first work day of the latest partial government shutdown. president trump has remained in washington. cancelling his planned florida vacation. but while he's in d.c., congress is not. >> yeah, lawmakers are home until thursday, but democrats continue to send the message to the white house, no taxpayer dollars for a border wall. here is abc's tara palmeri.
3:05 am
>> the partial government shutdown likely to continue through the christmas holiday. >> will it get done before christmas? >> doesn't look like it. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the impasse coming down to funding over the president's border wall. >> $5 billion is a lot of money. and to spend it on a fourth century strategy rather than on stuff that actually improves border security is just something we're not going to do. >> reporter: democrats supporting funding border security but not a wall. the president disagreed, tweeting, "drones and all of the rest are wonderful and lots of fun, but it is only a good old fashioned wall that works." after meeting with the president on saturday, republican senators indicated they would settle for less than the $5 billion that the president wants for the ball but balked at senate minority leader chuck schumer's offer of $1.3 billion. >> it's got to make some sense. i don't think that i would take an offer of 1.3 when you previously offered me 1.6. >> reporter: during his campaign, the president promised mexico would pay for the wall but his incoming chief of staff said any money for the border wall would have to come from the treasury department.
3:06 am
>> department of homeland security can't actually spend money from mexico. we have to get it from the treasury. >> reporter: the partial government shutdown means more than 400,000 government workers are temporarily working without pay. norad will still track santa on its christmas route. tara palmeri, abc news, washington, d.c. president trump says his current defense secretary is leaving sooner than expected. the president announced it on twitter that deputy secretary patrick shanahan will replace james mattis as acting secretary of defense on new year's day. mattis planned to stay through february to ensure a smooth transition. a white house officials tells abc news the tone of mattis' resignation letter prompted the president to make the change. the notorious rbg is back at work. a supreme court spokeswoman says ruth bader ginsberg is still in a new york hospital after a cancer surgery on friday. while there she did cast the vote against president trump's
3:07 am
proposed asylum restrictions. it's not known when the associate justice will return to washington. the court next meets again on january 7th and the 85-year-old ginsberg has never missed arguments. >> good old rbg. well, it's looking like a white christmas for some in the northeast as weather continues to cause headaches for holiday travellers. another storm is moving into the pacific northwest this morning. it will bring with it more mountain rain, snow and gusty winds. light snow is expected in parts of the northeast and new england. snow in the northwest made a mess of the roads. look at this. it caused major problems for drivers. let's go to accuweather's paul williams for the forecast. good morning, paul. >> good morning, zachary, janai. low pressure system will push quickly along the northwest, keeping it very unsettled with rain along the coast and then becoming very snowy as you move further inland. speaking of snow, lots of it along the great lakes, particularly the upstate new york area, vermont, new hampshire, going towards
3:08 am
southern maine. then for christmas, look for a little snow in chicago. rain in st. louis. downpours likely for us in houston. a merry christmas to you and all. janai? zachary? >> paul, thanks for that. turning now to a consumer alert in a major recall expanding the jennie-o company is pulling 164,000 pounds of ground turkey due to possible salmonella contamination. the products have markings saying to use or freeze by november 12th or 13th. the recall includes 1 to 3-pound packages of plain ground turkey and turkey with taco or italian seasonings. >> no turkey for christmas. >> throw it away. yeah, that's right. "sunday night football" saw another piece added to the nfl playoff puzzle. >> seattle's back in the postseason thanks to some crazy catches by doug baldwin against kansas city.
3:09 am
a spinning grab as he fell into the end zone. was his own touchdown catch of the game. later on with the seahawks hanging on to the lead, he makes a juggling one-handed grab to set up a score and put the game away. seattle wins it 38-31. >> big game there. big game. then there was this at the end of a state championship game in texas. north shore high down by one with three seconds left when demetrious davis, look at that, just puts it on a string there. a hail mary and the prayer is answered. 45 yards later by a.j. carter. north shore wins 41-36. >> davis said it wasn't luck. they practice that play every week. >> of course they do. he knew where he was going to be. coming up, the clock is winding down for those last-minute gifts but there is still a chance to snag some deep discounts before the stores close for christmas. where you can find them straight ahead. the grinch foiled in his attempt to steal christmas joy for real. the holiday arrest scene that played out right in front of a group of schoolchildren. we'll tell you how it ended later in "the mix."
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you're watching "world news now." now."
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a massive fire destroyed a
3:13 am
warehouse in philadelphia overnight. a massive fire destroyed a warehouse in philadelphia overnight. it was a large paper recycling plant. no injuries are reported. the fire disrupted transit rail service in the area for awhile, but everything appears to be back to normal now. we are down to the wire this christmas eve. just one shopping day left until the big day. >> even with the clock running out, there are still some big stories to be had. here is abc's erielle reshef. >> save on hundreds of last-minute gifts. >> reporter: the final push to get those presents under the tree. ♪staying alive >> reporter: it's a procrastinator's paradise with last-second savings on everything from furniture to toys to major appliances at home depot. experts say stores are deeply marking down winter apparel to try to move out that merchandise after the holidays. >> if you're going to an apparel store, look for discounts of anywhere from 60 to 75% off. >> reporter: in the market for tech deals? we spotted this xbox console for
3:14 am
$100 off and at target this ipad is $80 off. >> if you're looking at electronics, anywhere from 45 to 60% off. >> reporter: amazon prime members can shop before noon on christmas eve for same-day delivery in some major cities. more than 20 store stores like macy's, target and walmart extending hours and opening their doors for christmas eve. kohl's staying open 24 hours. >> experts say if you have forgiving friends and family, you could wait to shop until after christmas. sales between christmas and new year's could be even bigger. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to erielle there. i saw someone on twitter saying christmas feels more like a deadline. >> it does. a hard deadline, too. >> the countdown, number of days. >> most my family is out of town. i was at the post office last friday pumping stuff out at fedex. >> oh, good for you. are you done? >> i didn't shop for anyone. >> nobody's getting anything this year?
3:15 am
i don't believe that. >> a holiday, oh, i got to get somebody a gift. no, i'm not. so my mom already knows. >> but you expect some gifts? >> no. of course i do. santa and his reindeer are making all the rounds. before he hit the road, santa got a sendoff from his official residence in finland. >> they gathered at the santa claus village in bone-chilling temperatures after the big sendoff, santa headed to the north pole. so he is on his way. well, coming up in our next half hour, the consumer alert for anyone using web-based home security cameras. the vulnerabilities in those systems being exploited by one hacker. why he says he's doing it and how you can protect your security system. but first, "the nutcracker" like you've never seen it before and probably don't want the kids to see either. that's next on "world news now." and probably don't want the kids
3:16 am
to see either. that's next on "world news now." ♪ ♪ ayep, and my teeth are yellow.? time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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♪ ♪ join us around the campfire on this christmas eve. ♪ ♪ join us around the campfire on this christmas eve. look with 'twas the night before christmas and a christmas carol, "the nutcracker" is one of the most beloved and time-honored christmas tales. >> it is. it's usually performed as a lush two-act ballet, but in brooklyn, they do it a little bit different. this classic holiday story has been given an edgy overhaul. here is brianna stewart. she checked it out. >> reporter: we all know the story of "the nutcracker," but just in case you've been in hiding, here is a little refresher. a little girl named clara gets a nutcracker doll for christmas. it comes to life as a prince and takes her on a magical journey. in the end, we learn that it may or may not have been all a dream. it's a holiday favorite around the world. here is a performance from the boston ballet. another from the royal opera house.
3:19 am
and of course i must include a shameless plug for disney's "nutcracker and the four realms." go misty. but then there is company xiv. this company turns the demure tchaikovsky ballet into a sultry burlesque. director austin mccormick even choreographs a few strip teases, just in case you don't get hot enough. >> there are a lot of versions in which she unfolds. in our version, she becomes the sugar plum fairy and it's about her sensual awakening. >> reporter: so you're not going to find a performance like this in new york city's famous theater district. instead you have to go downtown. when i say downtown, i mean brooklyn, new york, to the one place where it's okay to get a
3:20 am
little naughty on christmas. let's check it out. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the show starts before the performance even begins. you walk in to what feels like a 1920s red light speakeasy. there are glamorous ushers in bedazzled bustiers. complimentary champagne. they aren't stingy with those bottles either. i kind of got a little carried away. >> the word "immersive" is the buzz word of the theater. the way you check in and find your tickets, order drinks at the bar, all of that is really of the same world of the show. >> reporter: this isn't exactly the kind of place you would take your family but definitely a hot date. there is gravity-defying hoop performances, a swinging trio and lots of pole dancing. he took me backstage to show me some of his moves. >> that's the warm-up?
3:21 am
>> yeah. >> that looks amazing. it's incredible. something i will not be trying anytime soon. >> reporter: perhaps the most unforgettable element of the show, the singing, featuring every genre from rock and roll to pop to r & b. >> people look for a place to just let go and be free. that's what we provide. >> reporter: brianna stewart, abc news, new york. >> quite a twist on a christmas classic. >> they do it different in brooklyn, i'm telling you. >> apparently. >> 1920s red light speakeasy kind of vibe? >> yeah. >> hmm. >> saucy for christmas. my goodness. and the company has released a music video "red velvet" which features from their stage show -- tickets for this "nutcracker rouge" are not cheap. from $95 to $385. people are paying a lot to see this.
3:22 am
obviously it's a hit. that music video. >> absolutely. you gonna go check it out? >> we'll see. i'll review it. >> good job by brianna there. yeah, absolutely. coming up, how the grinch got arrested. i'll review it. >> good job by brianna there. yeah, absolutely. coming up, how the grinch got arrested. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan,
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that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs. it is time for "the mix" on it is time for "the mix" on this monday. keeping with the tradition, celebrating the holiday of christmas eve, the grinch was arrested and some kids in nebraska got to watch it all go down. look at this. you see him running from officers with a bag of stolen things. police swoop in with their flashing blue and yellow lights. take the grinch under arrest just in time to save christmas. the school posted on its website this video on facebook saying, "the sheriff's office helped to save christmas and the grinch has been caught." i'm sure all those kids are very thankful. >> of course. the good guys out there trying
3:26 am
to help out. >> yeah. check this one out from toledo, ohio. they're trying to make the best out of things. this is an old street corner weed that they decided to dress up. >> oh. >> they say this was a sad and scraggly weed just growing there on the side of the road and a family decided they would decorate it. it's become quite the thing out there. folks are out there taking selfies and leaving behind donations for the needy. they've added lights, candy canes, ornaments, a little bit of everything out there. just getting into the spirit and trying to, you know, improve things a little bit out there. >> apparently. all those christmas decorations going on that corner. next to santa hoop dancing? check it out. the man can do everything. not only does he got his belly, he's got all these gifts to deliver, but check out this. a guy says he found the most christmassy location he could in edmonton and just wanted to record a funny hoop dancing video of santa. so the guy who is doing this, he's been dancing more than 20 years.
3:27 am
hoop dancing for eight years. also danced on stage with a tribe called "red." you can see the years of the good moves put to use here. impressive. go, santa, go. >> go, santa. could use a little bit of improvement but let it slide. >> i don't know that i could do that with a belly on. i presume that that was -- >> i bet you could. >> -- a fake belly. >> you got good footwork. let's check this one out. this is a pretty cool story about a young woman who loves dogs and was doing a bunch of volunteer work out there in oklahoma, stillwater, oklahoma, the humane society there. she wanted to adopt this dog and her parents said, no, can't do it. heartbroken when she found out the dog had been adopted, and then she found out her father surprised her. her wish came true, her parents -- >> if you saw before, the dog even had the little reindeer antlers on. >> yeah, that's quite the present, huh? >> yeah. >> and of course she's got a great heart.
3:28 am
she was obviously donating her time and volunteering there in stillwater, oklahoma.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," chaos in the capital as the partial government shutdown drags on with no deal in sight. congress has packed up for the holidays and president trump cancelling his florida vacation, standing firm on his demand billions for a border wall. the search for survivors intensifies after that massive tsunami strikes indonesia without warning. hundreds are killed at popular tourist destinations and fears that more volcanic eruptions could trigger another deadly wave. new this half hour, the security alert for millions of homeowners this holiday season. >> the vulnerability revealed in so many of those web-based home security cameras. how hackers can get in and what you need to know to keep them out. and macaulay culkin has been having plenty of fun with his new google commercial recreating
3:31 am
scenes from the movie that made him an instant christmas classic, but he's not having fun with this. what he's saying this morning about this action figure being sold this season by walmart. we'll have that story ahead in "the skinny." it's monday, december 24th, christmas eve. from abc news, this is "world news now." merry christmas eve, everyone. help me welcome zachary kiesch. >> we made it. we made it >> and we are down to a skeleton crew for the holidays. here with the curls, with the locks, lot of magic this week. >> we're doing it. >> we're going to celebrate all week long. but we begin with day three of the partial government shutdown. capitol hill is quiet right now and it will stay that way for at least the next three days.
3:32 am
congress is home for the holidays while 800,000 federal workers wonder when they'll get their next paychecks. >> the battle over potentially billions in funding for the president's border wall has put their jobs on lockdown. many think it will be a long fight. here is abc's tara palmeri. >> reporter: no end in sight for the government shutdown. deadlocked lawmakers leaving town until after christmas. the president's new acting chief of staff saying it could drag on into the new year. >> this is what washington looks like when you have a president who refuses to sort of go along to get along. >> reporter: in behind closed door negotiations, the white house backing down from its original demand for $5 billion for the president's border wall. but chuck schumer actually lowering his initial offer of $1.6 billion for border security to $1.3 billion. >> if i wrote a book called "the art of the deal," i don't think i would take an offer of 1.3 when you had previously offered me 1.6. >> reporter: since his presidential campaign, trump has repeatedly promised he would get mexico to pay for the wall.
3:33 am
>> in the end mexico's going to pay for the wall. i'm just telling you. i'm just telling you. >> reporter: after more than two years making that pledge, mulvaney acknowledging the money won't come from mexico. >> none of that is mexico paying for the wall. let's just be clear about this. >> technically you and i know it can't work exactly like that. department of homeland security can't spend the money. we have to get it from the treasury. >> reporter: more turmoil inside the white house. president trump tweeting that defense secretary mattis will be out january 1st, two months earlier than originally announced. his deputy patrick shanahan will be the acting secretary. the president initially praised mattis, even though he publicly rebuked the president in his resignation later saying, "we cannot protect our interests without maintaining strong alliances." sources tell abc news the president has become increasingly angry after prominent republicans sided with mattis and that family and outside advisers encouraged him to move mattis out now, t the drumbeat of criticism continued.
3:34 am
>> i'm devastated by this, and i think that what mattis did was very important for our country because for, you know, some of these machinations that we see coming out of 1600 pennsylvania, people realize they don't really matter. this one matters. >> reporter: after a bad week on wall street, treasury secretary steven mnuchin made calls to the leaders of six major banks to reassure them in this time of volatility and make sure they have ample funds. tara palmeri, abc news, the white house. a big thanks to tara there in washington. experts warning another massive tsunami could hit indonesia any moment. the child of krakatau volcano is still active. nearly 300 people are known dead with dozens missing. more than 1,000 are injured. the resort area was full of holiday tourists when the giant waves crashed ashore. there was no early warning for the tsunami because it was caused by a landslide off the
3:35 am
volcano not an earthquake. the tsunami hit the shoreline just 24 minutes after the volcano erupted. australia broadcasting's david lipson is on the scene. >> reporter: villages and towns that have been deserted people people fear that that next tsunami could be along the way. there is some hope that people will be rescued. there are a number of people missing. we don't know that exact number. there's still a little bit of fog surrounding, if you like, exactly what is happening on the ground, but people are holding out hope for survivors. you are seeing some villages that have been destroyed. cars swept around, tossed around like corks in the ocean and buildings demolished by the surge of sea. but then you're seeing other villages that remain untouched because of the angle of the coastline and the angle of the seabed, they have survived. authorities have released two people arrested in connection with the drone sightings at london's gatwick airport. police say the man and woman are no longer suspects, describing the pair as cooperative.
3:36 am
they were arrested on friday night. two drone sightings shut down the uk's second largest airport for several days last week. police say they have recovered a damaged drone near the airport. back here at home, a hostage and a police officer were wounded during a standoff in suburban atlanta. both are in stable condition and expected to recover. the officer was the victim of friendly fire. abc's lana zak reports. >> reporter: a hostage standoff and officer shooting under investigation in decatur, outside of atlanta. s.w.a.t. teams moving in as the dramatic situation was unfolding. >> i heard a gunshot and then they heard -- one of them said they heard a scream as well. >> reporter: it started with a domestic violence call and that's when police say they found a woman being held hostage at gunpoint. >> shortly thereafter, the male came to the door, was holding a gun to the female's head and retreated back inside the location. >> reporter: police telling neighbors to leave their homes immediately for their own safety. outside police and robots
3:37 am
staging in a nearby driveway. that's when authorities say the suspect shot the female hostage and in the chaos police now say an officer accidentally fired a gun, hitting an officer nearby. >> one officer discharged his firearm and another officer was struck. >> reporter: fortunately that officer was treated and released. the s.w.a.t. team were able to arrest the alleged shooter and the injured woman is now in stable condition. lana zak, abc news. some parts of the country are expected to have a white christmas. today patchy snow showers will make roads slippery from the upper great lakes in the northeast. the pacific northwest is on track for another round of snow and rain. >> it was a big mess in parts of washington state. blizzard-like conditions forced some drivers off the roads. the mountain passes got more than a foot of snow over the weekend. let's go to accuweather's paul williams for the forecast. paul, good morning. >> good morning, janai, zachary. this low pressure system is going to rain on our parade in the northwest part of the country. rain along the i-5 coordinator and snow as you move further inland.
3:38 am
that rain's going to reach down towards san francisco. rain in reno as well. so for monday evening, that mix along the west coast. showers throughout the center part of the country, particularly over missouri and brisk along the northeast and then for christmas day, snow in chicago, rain in st. louis and then showers in houston. janai? zachary? >> our thanks to paul williams there. so the most famous reindeer of all is a fugitive. >> life at the north pole apparently got to be too much for rudolph the red-nosed reindeer or at least someone dressed like him is wanted for a break-in in fort collins, colorado. >> this is a travesty. police have a big clue in their search for the masked suspect. as you just saw there, she took off her mask in full view of a security camera. no word if the other reindeer faced questioning. oh, my goodness. so fort collins police redid the rudolph song. >> okay. >> something like, rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shady scheme, and if you saw the
3:39 am
video, it would make you want to scream. all of the other burglars used to steal without disguise. they weren't like rudolph. she's different from the other guys. and it keeps going but obviously they're very clever over there. >> clever. they got too much time on their hands. >> apparently. >> they need to find this woman dressed as rudolph. >> i agree. coming up, ryan reynolds finally gets punked. what the "deadpool" actor was tricked into doing that's now racked up more than 8 million likes on instagram. and how hackers are able to find their way into those popular web-based home security cameras. what you need to know to protect your home and family. you're watching "world news now." know to protect your home and family.
3:40 am
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we're back with these we're back with we're back with these massive flames and smoke engulfing a resort city in mexico just northwest of acapulco. about 20 homes were destroyed by the flames. authorities say fireworks may have caused the fire. no word yet on possible injuries. an investigation is under way. and back here at home, we have a consumer alert for everyone who uses a web-based home security camera. >> a little unnerving. a kind-hearted hacker has been cracking into the security systems of unsuspecting homeowners demonstrating their cameras' vulnerabilities. here is abc's marcus moore. >> please don't be scared. >> reporter: that is the voice of hank, a self-proclaimed hacker breaking into this arizona man's nest home security camera.
3:43 am
>> who is this? >> i'm a researcher from canada. i'm here to like help you -- your password's been leaked. >> reporter: hank wants his identity concealed, telling abc news he's on a crusade to warn consumers about the vulnerability of these devices if your password is weak or compromised. >> people can long in. they can get names, addresses, banking info, credit card numbers. >> reporter: as the number of smart devices in homes have skyrocketed so have concerns that consumers' private information is increasingly at risk. first-time mom jamie summit told abc news her baby monitor started moving on its own. >> the monitor started moving and panned over to our bed and paused for a few seconds and then panned back over to our son who was sleeping in his bassinet right next to our bed. >> reporter: security experts say most hackers aren't interested in the camera.
3:44 am
they're using it as a launching point to try to get into your network and access your personal information. data breaches from major retailers and others impacting tens of millions who use the same or similar passwords from everything to cameras to personal moments made it easier for hackers for bad intentions. >> don't reuse passwords and enable two-factor authentication. it's there for a reason. >> reporter: in a statement, while nest says it has not experienced a data breach, they have reset all of the accounts where customers used passwords that were previously exposed through breaches. marcus moore, abc news, irvine, california. >> two big takeaways there. don't reuse passwords and do two-step verification. >> the other thing they're saying to prevent this from happening, you have to be disconnected from the internet, right? >> of course. because it's the internet. >> there's thieves out there. >> yes. >> it's creepy, though. >> it is. it's so two-sided. like the internet, everybody loves it, we all need it, but it's so scary. >> people are watching so be careful. >> gloom and doom.
3:45 am
well, turning now to two fishermen stranded at sea for three weeks, arrived in jamaica in style. >> yeah. they were picked up by the "empress of the seas" cruise ship. the ocean liner wasn't supposed to be in the area. a storm had forced the "empress" to change course. the costa rican fishermen had been blown off course themselves after falling asleep. >> whoa, lucky save there. when we come back, how deadpool just got punked. and why macaulay culkin is throwing shade this christmas at walmart. "the skinny" is next. s christmas at walmart. "the skinny" is next. do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth, or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white, the whitening therapy collection with new spearmint and peppermint oil. it gently whitens, plus it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ just give me the skinny time now for "the skinny" on this christmas eve, and we're starting off with a christmas prank pulled on ryan reynolds. >> that's right. this time the joke is on the "deadpool" actor himself. reynolds has built a reputation on becoming quite the prankster, but last month reynolds posted a fake hit ad against his longtime x-men buddy hugh jackman to dissuade some people from giving him awards like the golden globes and the oscars. >> but now the tables have been turned. jackman with the help of
3:48 am
reynolds' "life" co-star jake gyllenhaal pulled off this gag. reynolds shared this photo on instagram along with the caption, "these blanking blanks said it was a sweater party." hilarious. look at that. >> team wolverine. check it out. further teased reynolds showing this photoshopped marvel characters, is that what it is there? gyllenhaal has a new role in "spider-man: far from home." >> that is hilarious. of course he shows up in that awful sweater. so christmas themed. they're just chilling. >> chilling. >> gotcha. next, macaulay culkin is throwing some shade at walmart. >> last week we got a look at culkin's reimagined scene from "home alone." this time as his 38-year-old self. >> but he's not exactly thrilled with this action figure of his 8-year-old character being sold
3:49 am
by walmart, which includes a tiny rifle and little nero's pizza box. >> culkin tweeted, "go home, walmart. you're drunk." the rifle is a little odd. i mean a lot odd. >> yeah. earlier this year culkin dropped by "the ellen degeneres show" and revealed that he tends to lay low during the christmas season, saying that the annual airings of "home alone" are like background radiation for him at this time of year. i mean -- >> he's as synonymous with christmas as mariah carey. >> yeah, but he got paid. he's living good off the strength of that one -- >> yeah. or two or three or four, i don't know how many there are. >> me neither. that's why he was able to disappear for 30 years and pop up in a google ad. >> he's done all right for him. >> i'd say so. next to a christmas throwback. >> 15 years after its release, "love actually" has found its way into the christmas cinematic
3:50 am
cannon, so to speak, right up there with "christmas vacation" and "home alone." >> this morning, one of the cast members, martine mccutcheon, who played natalie in the movie, shared this throwback snap on her instagram of herself and her co-start hugh grant from the french premier of the 2003 film. >> and it was back in october that mccutcheon opened up about the possibility of a "love actually" sequel. no word on that yet, but as they say, stay tuned. >> yeah, a year ago, mccutcheon told britain's "bbc breakfast" that she actually can't bear to watch herself in the film, saying she cringes every single time. >> very interesting. i'm sure there are lots of people out there who would love -- i mean, i've heard this is a really big christmas movie, as we just said. i can't say that i've actually sat through the whole movie. you can't either. >> i don't -- >> you can't either. >> i'm not even hip to this movie. i'm sorry. >> yeah, but some people love it. hopefully there is a sequel for those people.
3:51 am
>> if it makes her cringe, i feel like it would make me cringe, too, you know? >> people on the edge of their seats like bring on the sequel. finally to another artist who has secured himself a perpetual spot in the christmas time playlist. >> okay. >> who is it? >> it's been 32 years since wham released what's become of one of the most romantic american holiday tunes, "last christmas." >> oh. ♪ this year >> that's this song. >> it reminds me of riding in the back seat of my dad's buick lesabre or something. >> it takes you back. two years after his untimely death, george michael is still making surprise charity donations. how awesome is that? a children's charity in britain and an aids charity in los angeles both say they received money from michael's estate. >> yeah, it wasn't until his death that it was revealed that over the years michael had given millions of dollars to dozens of charities. george michael died of natural causes on christmas day of 2016 at the age of just 53 years old.
3:52 am
>> wow. "weekend rewind" coming up. stay with us. >> you're watching "world news now." now." >> wow. "weekend rewind" coming up. stay with us. >> you're watching "world news now." and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ times square looks nothing like that on this christmas eve. everybody's gone for the holidays. the final weekend before christmas is always jam-packed with those last-minute errands from shopping and baking to, of course, those holiday parties. >> it is. but in case you missed it, this was also a busy weekend for news headlines. now here is our "weekend rewind." >> reporter: the killer wave may been triggered by this volcanic eruption on the island of anak happening nearly 124 miles from the capital jakarta. local officials say over 200 are confirmed dead with more than 800 injured. the number of missing expected to rise. >> we're going to have a shutdown. there's nothing we can do about
3:56 am
that because we need the democrats to give us their votes. >> members of the house and the senate heading home until the 27th. they've stopped negotiating with the president, locked in a seeming stalemate with democrats over funding for his border wall. >> reporter: the president feeling the pressure. skipping his palm beach vacation to stay in washington. republicans don't want to settle for less than $2 billion in funding for the wall and democrats, they don't want to pay for the wall. now to the search for that missing mom in colorado leading to the arrest of her fiance. >> patrick frazee is behind bars. police and fbi agents swarming his home early friday comes face-to-face with frazee just as he was about to leave his property. frazee now facing charges for allegedly murdering his missing fiance, 29-year-old kelsey berreth. >> a former lehigh university student is behind bars accused of trying for several months of trying to kill his roommate, juwan royal. he carried out an attempted murder plot inside his dorm room.
3:57 am
yang put thallium, an odorless, tasteless poison synonymous with rat poison in his roommate's drink. >> a car hitting a concrete barrier in a tunnel entrance and launching into the air. the driver only sustained minor injuries. police say he passed a breathalyzer test. they think he actually fell asleep. christmas eve, zachary, top three things on your christmas list. what did you ask santa for? >> i didn't ask. >> what would be the top three things, zachary? >> a couple good books. >> okay. >> some time with my family. >> okay. >> i think i'm taking a trip in the new year. >> that's what you asked santa for? >> just some travel rewards, you know? >> oh, that's good. >> how about you? how about you? >> sleep. time off. sleep. >> there we go. >> how about that? >> those are all good gifts. >> stay with us.
3:58 am
this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
4:00 am
morning america." have a fantastic christmas eve. making news in making news in america this morning, the death toll rising in indonesia after a volcano triggered a tsunami without warning. new video of the damage, the little boy rescued from the rubble after 12 hours, and why officials fear it could happen again. shutdown stalemate. the white house warning the shutdown could stretch to the new year as the president and democrats battle over funding for the border wall. plus, why the treasurer secretary called the ceo of six major banks following a turbulent week on wall street. the mounting outrage over this video sho a


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