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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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christmas eve wish from a diehard raiders fan on what could be the last game at coliseum. one fan took enthusiasm for whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else.
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lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. another round of rain hits san francisco, just about an hour ago. and south bay is getting a soaking tonight. will our christmas day be wet and gray? i'm dan ashley, thanks for joining us. start with weather and tough night to get around the bay area by reindeer powered sleigh to be sure. fast pelting downpours. most areas are getting a break in the rain, big question, wet christmas day? drew tuma is here with the answer. >> almost done with the storm system, still out there right
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now, brief, heavy downpours working through east and south bay. live doppler 7 is busy tonight. east bay, closer in, by pops of yellow and orange. san mateo and the bridge, brief heavy rain. north of napa, heavier rain there. still level two moderate system next three hours. 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. scattered showers and gusty winds. we'll look at time line and what to expect for christmas day in a few minutes. heavy rain is blamed for accident in downtown san francisco this afternoon. black bmw convertible plowed into a bus stop, driver taken to
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the hospital, no word on the extent of his injuries. slick roads may have contributed to accident in san jose, car slammed into tree. driver trapped at least 20 minutes before firefighters could extricate him. no other cars involved. rainy here, if driving to sierra, chains required, expected to bring two feet of snow in some passes. cal trans from a short time ago, snow falling and brake lights pumping. access live doppler 7 on your phone with abc7 news app, download, tap weather, click on the radar image as demonstrated here. customize the app for the forecast right where you live.
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this stormy night might have been the last raiders game at oakland coliseum. beat the denver broncos tonight, 27-14, pretty good game but bittersweet for most fans. reaction from the coliseum tonight. >> reporter: the tailgate still felt like big party leading into the game but dark cloud hanging over literally and figuratively as many fans came to grips with reality this may have been the last time they get to do this here with the raiders. ♪ >> reporter: the fan loyalty runs very deep out here. >> been coming since we were five years old. >> reporter: family tradition might have ended, might be last game in oakland. >> going to miss it forever. this is first time, me and him.
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>> reporter: same santa hats were worn today. some said the game day rain was the sky crying over move to las vegas. >> like ex-boyfriend, got a new girl, don't want to be happy for him but you still love him. >> going to be tragic when they leave us. >> reporter: what better way to say goodbye than thank them for the memories. >> i'll roll with my team wherever they go. >> reporter: inside same mix of emotions. pride, sadness and irritation. >> i'm been loyal to the soil, want them to stay here. i love the raiders, been a season ticket holder for ten years. >> reporter: end of the game, dance on the dugout and handful of fans tackled on the field. seems like fan support will remain even if the team doesn't.
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at least that's what they're telling us now. raiders moving to vegas in 2020, don't have lease for next year. jobina fortson. >> thanks. unclear where the raiders will play next season. there are options. ended negotiations to play at coliseum next season after city of oakland sued team and nfl over decision to move to vegas. possible options are at&t park, they've hosted football before, or levi's stadium, venue in voice still up in the air. in san leandro fans are gathered to watch and reflect on the legacy. >> sad to have been a fan since i was kid and know this is possibly last game to be played in the stadium.
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>> it's tough, couldn't be there tonight but ricky's will always be the home base of raider nation, no matter what. >> owner says will remain oakland raiders gathering place, no matter where the team is located. special night for another oakland football team honored in the raider game. won the state championship time three years in a row. invited as vip guests. got to watch the pregame warm-up from the sidelines and got camera time during the game. raiders also honored this young man who helped save six people at magnolia manor
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noticed smoke and called for help. also during the raiders game power went out for thousands of pg&e customers near the coliseum. dark, damp night in east oakland, no juice. light in the distance was the coliseum, not affected thank goodness. affected power to about 7,000 customers. went out about 5:4:00 this afternoon, restored 8:00 tonight. no word what caused the outage. developing news, christmas with partial government shutdown, limited but noticeable impact. day three of the shutdown, from washington president trump posted a tweet saying i'm all alone, poor me in the white house waiting for the democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border
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security. battle over his border wall will likely drag on past new year's. after that effects will be more deeply felt across the country. serving christmas eve meals to homeless or struggling financially. tenderloin. >> so beautiful and people are so cheerful, nice and kind. makes it so complete. it's christmas. >> salvation army volunteers prepped more than 4,000 lunchboxes for delivery tomorrow. folks will have a nice holiday and christmas meal. lot more to come. new real i.d.s may not be enough. department of homeland security says california's updated i.d.s
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still don't make the grade. what is means for you if you have one. extra security at one of the state's most iconic symbols. >> just love basically. see the smiles on the faces of the children and parents who come. >> pulling the plug, beloved holiday play going dark after
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not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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trouble is brewing for more than 2 million
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issued real i.d. department of homeland security is saying inadequate, will need additional validation. real i.d.s will be needed by 2020, sufficient until then but will implement changes in validation starting next spring. don't you love bureaucracy? >> crowds to one l.a. landmark, also more security. last year on new year's day vandals turned hollywood sign into hollyweed. city officials want to stop that, stepped up police patrols through the new year. >> hard to get people to realize that everybody gets to share stuff, not just them. only way we can do that is law enforcement. >> most visitors say they appreciate the added security to
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support the star of the selfies. for more than 30 years a pleasanton man has delighted neighbors with elaborate display but santa bob is hanging it up after this year. spectacular display. >> reporter: christmas spirit is alive in pleasanton. >> one, two, three! >> it's awesome. >> reporter: for more than 30 years bob stanley has been lighting up his home. >> time of year you want everybody to smile and be happy. it's christmas. >> reporter: known as santa bob. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. >> do you think he looks like santa? >> yeah, driving by and my sister was like, santa. >> saw him walk out, santa, is that you? >> i'm santa's helper.
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>> reporter: needs a break. wife kathy is sidekick and snow keeper. ever said bob, this is enough? >> many times but this year is enough, it's time. >> reporter: six weeks to get display up, another month prior for preparation. been home for the holidays more than 30 years. >> grounded you might say. >> reporter: would like to get away, someplace warmer like hawaii. >> everything was sold before i even lit up this year. >> reporter: taking in final smiles and sweet honesty from the mouths of babes. what is best part? >> get candy. >> reporter: best part is you got candy? what about all the lights? >> it's cool. >> reporter: memories made one christmas at a time. last time you can see the spectacular display is sunday, december 30th. in pleasanton, melanie woodrow,
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abc7 news. >> thanks santa bob. he deserves a break. santa is expected on time. norad at base, uses data on rudolph's nose. >> takes whole 24 hours to deliver gifts all over the world. >> been tracking last 63 years. official tracker, approaching lions, colorado, we have a link on the site if you want to follow his route. left salt lake city not long ago. kids, now's the time to get to bed. he's on the way. turn our attention to
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meteorologist drew tuma is here. thankfully the rain is almost done. couple more hours before dry skies. right now downpours in east and south bay. live doppler 7 will press in tighter. downpours south of fremont, about to enter san jose. downpour moving through the south bay and showers are moving west to east pretty quickly. only a couple more hours it's in the picture then out of exploratorium camera. great day, clouds stick around until after midnight. storm impact scale, now to 3:00 tomorrow morning, tracking the scattered showers, brief downpours and winds gusty, 20 to
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45 miles an hour. tracking snow in the sierra, winter storm warning until tomorrow morning. could see two feet of powder. afternoon tomorrow is good time to travel to tahoe. 53 in san jose, concord, 40 in clear lake. tuesday 1:00 a.m., showers confined in the south bay, then racing out of here. 4:00 or 5:00 before the sun is up on christmas day, rain is ending and clouds departing. live doppler 7 along with satellite, storm system moving into california, will sink south tomorrow. behind is high pressure, opposite forces so bit of wind tunnel on christmas day. racing out of the north 15 to 30
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miles an hour. overnight, showers early, ending after midnight and clouds dpa t departing as well. mid-30s to mid-40s will drop to. christmas day is brighter but breezier. a few clouds and rain-free, dry throughout the afternoon. 4:00, mid-50s, low 60s. rain is out of here, 59 in santa rosa, 57 in san francisco. 59 in san jose/concord up to about 61 degrees. traveling across the state,  northern california is quiet, sunshine, some clouds, 66 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow rain is out. sunshine returns. breezy. usher in cool mornings wednesday and thursday but all indication
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even for new year's eve is dry, comfortable, temperatures in the 50. couple more hours of rain. >> it came down for a while. up next,
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drew asked me at break are we being blamed for something? millennials are blamed for killing industries or praised for reviving them. you're getting credit. boosting sale of christmas trees. generation born 1981 to believed to be major force in the sale of real christmas trees. tabulated sales from more than 1,000 tree sellers.
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although true confessions, all three of us have fake trees this year. >> easier. >> but i like the real tree. >> all celebration. speaking of, emotional in oakland tonight, if it's raiders last game in coliseum, at least
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors.
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it was an emotional night in oakland. raiders hitting field for what might be final home game in the coliseum. marshawn lynch lighting the al davis torch, possibly final time in oakland. denver pumps, think downed at 1
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but dwayne harris alertly picks it up, ties nfl record with 99-yard punt return for touchdown. first for raiders since 2011. 7-0 oakland before offense sees the field. second quarter, pound the rock. wide open, 24 yards for touchdown, 107 yards on 21 carries. broncos on the board in third. case keenum to hamilton, raiders lead down to ten, get it back. three-yard score, 24-7. broncos ensuing possession, keenum, rolling, rolling, rolling, hits courtland sutton in the end zone, 19 yards for the td, lead down to ten. broncos get it back but silver and black make a play on
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defense, marcus gilchrist picks off keenium. raiders win 27-14. >> what a perfect way to do it christmas eve, possibly last game in oakland in the coliseum. really nice. >> energy was crazy in the stadium today, could just -- you know to get a win for this city, what they going through, you know, obviously we not in control of that but to get them a win and have them turn up tonight, it's a good feeling. >> we wanted to give the fans a show. they the best fans on the west coast. and they do a good job supporting us win or lose. turnout tonight showed. raining and still came out and supported us. >> it's exciting. could be the last memory, especially against the broncos, division rival. to be part of it was a lot of
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fun. >> i know it hurts we might be oakland raiders forever but we're still raider nation, we know they'll have our back. >> all three parts contributed, good win. merry christmas to everybody. >> closing out season on sunday. sports report by river rock
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that is your report on this christmas eve. rain is abating. santa is on the way. kids, time to go to bed. don't want to be caught. leave the cookies out for him.
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we appreciate your time being with us. for drew tuma and anthony flores, i'm dan ashley, we'll be with you t from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight, john cena from welco"we to marwen". eza gonzalez. and skylar. now for the time being, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice.


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