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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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wednesday night. officials have only said that he walked away from the prison. reporting live from san quentin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. okay. amy, thank you for that update. ist is 4:30 right now. let's get another quick check of weather and traffic where you live. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. hi, everybody. winds at the lower elevations, gusting to 25 at sfo. 18 in san carlos. 26 at half moon bay. ful it's the peninsula dealing with the fastest winds. 12, livermore. faster around concord at 17. gusting up to about 30 miles per hour on top of mt. tam. sit bouncing here at 2,500 feet. my accuweather 12-hour planner, 36 to 49. the winds keep the atmosphere overturned. they let the cold air cinqsink our neighborhoods. pretty much the same at 4:00 and noon. very much lighter by then. by 7:00, most of us in the mid to upper 40s.
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let's see what else sue is watching for ourto high wind advisories. just a slight backup there for cash-paying folks at the bay bridge toll plaza. right-hand side if you are traveling that direction. there is a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. otherwise, traffic is flowing nicely. 580 over the altamont pass, 84, and the bridge. extra caution. sue, thank you. happening now, another manhunt to tell but. federal and local sports are still searching for a suspect who they say shot and killed an officer in the town of stanislas county. >> they tweeted these photos of the suspect last night. the sheriff says key findings helped them narrow down who he is. he uses multiple aliases. that's why they won't confirm
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his name. >> we know who our suspect s. we know who is responsible for this senseless act of violence. it's just a matter of time before we find him. corporal singh was shot christmas morning. they are working on funeral arrangements with the family. the sheriff's department says there is only one authorized fund set up for the family of corporal singh through the sworn deputies association. we have a link on our website, investigators have revealed the suspect in this case is illegally in the country. that's right. president trump has weighed in posting this on twitter. saying "there is right now a full scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop is. time to get tough on border security. build the wall".
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kirjsten nielsen is expected to visit the southern border today. she ordered medical checks for all migrant children under the age of 10 in u.s. custody. this comes after two children at the border died. we have learned that he tested positive for influenza. those prompted democratic senator dianne feinstein to call for a senate hearing. in a statement she said border patrol facilities are not adequately staffed or equipped to properly care for children. a new warning about the flu this morning. stan stanislas county is reporting their first death from the flu strain. it happened within the last two weeks. health officials are warning the predominant flu strain is more of a threat to children. marin county has the biggest
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outbreak of whooping cough since 2015. the marin independent journal reports health officials blame low vaccination ratescounties. based on past trends, doctors are concerned 2019 could be another bad year. babies are most at risk for complications. the most protection is vaccination for everyone. right now you can help pick the winner of this ultimate fan contest. >> four college football super fans are spending the night on a billboard in san hoe sayre trying to get your vote. and sky 7 was above the billboard yesterday. the fans, elias, nancy, gennett and ruben are getting fired up for the playoff championship game at levi's stadium. and you can weigh in right now. head to abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has more on
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stake >> reporter: 45 feet above park avenue in downtown san jose are four college football super fans. people picked from a pool of roughly 700 chosen to represent their college teams. >> i'm genernett. >> nancy, clemson tigers. >> reporter: fans of the two losing teams will have to leave. the remaining two will stick around through january 7th. the college football playoff game at were levi's stadium. >> go irish! >> reporter: until then, they will tough it out in tents a top the billboard. >> it's worth every minute of a national championship. it will last forever. >> reporter: they are going head to head in different challenges, performing in front of a few on the ground. and others back home live streaming on espn3. the take home, prizes and cash. >> at the end of the day it is
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the chance to go to the national championship. all these side prizes are fun too. it is fun to be engaged with the fans at home and straoeu skand m to participate. >> to have a chance to be on espn, that was one of my goals, so i'm happy to be here. >> i'm a huge clemson fan. i'm glad to be representing clemson. for my own personal self, this blows away anything i've done in the past. okay. and nancy, who you just heard from there, it looks like she has fans out there this morning as they are watching our show. i saw her numbers tick up. she is tied with ruben. ruben was in the lead when we went into the story. someone out there is watching and rooting for nancy. you see nancy and ruben are in the lead with 33% of our vote. and jenette and elias are trailing. >> you can visit abc
4:37 am and you can watch the national championship on our sister network espn. levis stadium are where it's all going down monday, january 7th. mike. you're never more than 7 minutes away from a accuweather forecast. back to want billboard. let's see what they're dealing with today. 42 at 7:00. 53 at noon, 58 at 4:00 and 50 at 7:00. hopeful live it will feel a little bit warmer for them. mid to upper 40s through the south bay right now. we have 50s around the bay shore. mid to upper 40s inland. sebatopol, 34. 21 to 23-mile-per-hour winds. breezy on the roads and north of the behave bridge through the morning hours. mass transit, just a windchill out there. feels like the 20s and 30s. 40s until 10:00. mid-50s during the afternoon hour. 57 at 8:00. peninsula in the 40s through 8:00. mid-50s by noon. 55 degrees. we'll hang out in the upper 50s through 4:00.
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back down to a cool 49 if you're heading out this evening under the stars and fore san francisco, 48 this morning. 51 at 10:00. mid-50s until 6:00 dropping down to 51 degrees at 8:00. your weekend forecast coming up. let's bring sue in. light all week. we have a sprinkling of issues. this morning it is pretty good. mild so far. for those who maybe had to work yesterday, taking today off, it looks pretty nice. a very clear shot of the bay bridge incline section. if you look closely, the tail lights are moving at the limit. so no problems here coming across the span into san francis francisco. quite a beautiful morning. a look at the rd-san rafael bridge. light conditions. high winds on most of the bridges. not the richmond-san rafael bridge. that's good news there. green is looking good at 4:38
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on your friday morning. a couple of changes today. reduced service on the ferries this morning. so check the schedule. ace train, only the 3 and 5 are running today. a phoeufmodified schedule into year's weekend. pretty amazing. aaa wants to make sure you get home safely on new year's eve. the tipsy tow service starts 6:00 monday night and ends 6:00 in the morning on tuesday. you don't have to be a aaa member to get a ride up to 10 miles. if you travel more than 10 miles, you will be charged a standard towing rate. only two people can be transported at a time. how would you like to start the year with $348 million? that is pretty good. that is the jackpot in tonight's mega millions drawing. this year saw a major milestone for mega millions as the game crossed the billion dollar line for the first time in october. tonight's jackpot is the biggest
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prize ever offered any year since it started in 2002. time to play. coming up, did you get an alexa device for christmas. a warning about a fake app that appeared to go with it. the buzz over a strange site in the sky. we'll explain what caused this blue glow in new york city. most people would hate to be most people would hate to be stuck on a
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starting tonight and through tomorrow night, cold air settling in the san joaquin valley. lows drop 28 to 32 from midnight to 2:00. 52 the high in fresno. mid to upper 50s sacramento, chico. 60s in monterey. low to mid-60s in socal. about 30 today in tahoe. you can see it looks like there may be a little bit of fog this morning. we'll stay below freezing all day today and again monday. just no new snow. enjoy the groomed stuff. mike, thank you. take a look at this light that lit up the sky in new york city last night. people from queens to new jersey could see this very super natural shade of blue. in a brand-new statement out an morning, a lal power jt yellow sparks in t loads li.
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the sky. it looked like blue fire. >> it was insane. it was a real weird color of blue too. i thought, the aliens are here. >> it caused disruption for arriving flights yesterday. it does look bizarre. the power has sense been restored. but the blue sky had social media buzzing last night with a lot of people saying it looked like an alien invasion. happening today, chief bill scott will announce a statewide pilot program to crackdown on repeat offenders. drivers with more than one dui will have to install an ignition interlock device and keep it for two years. you cannot turn on the engine until you blow through a device to prove you did not have alcohol in your system.
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it goes into effect january 1st. this morning san jose's police chief is standing by officers after they shot and killed a 24-year-old woman after a high-speed chase. they thought the woman was involved in a shooting. >> it turns out the that officers were chasing the wrong car. she said the suspects were in a white car. officer spotted a white camry and determined the car was stolen, but it was not the car involved in the shooting. but for some reason police say 24-year-old jenny vasquez and her female passenger led police on a high-speed five-mile-chase. the car crashed into a fence. the women were shot when vasquez tried to back into a police car. >> the individuals were in a stolen vehicle, that took police on a high-speed pursuit. i stop short of the mistaken identity type of issue. no, they weren't the suspects in the shooting. buff also had they not been in a stolen vehicle, had they not
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tried to ram officers's cars, we would not be here today. >> the women's parents are calling for a federal investigation. abc 7 news was in the tenderloin yesterday when youth services hosted its annual winter festival. more than 100 young people attended as guests of honor. they kind on lunch while receiving other gifts. >> gift cards, back packs, warm items of clothing and wonderful food and games so they can be engaging with folks and have a safe place to come to. youth services focused on providing a wide array of assistance of homeless people between 18 and 24. the group officers help finding health care and housing. >> one dad is going viral this morning for a sweet way he decided to spend christmas. >> he wanted to spend it with his daughter who had to work as
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a flight attendant. so he went with her. that's him waving on the left. being a first year flight attendant she was expected to work the holiday. but she didn't expect her father to join her on all six flights. he shared these writing, what a fantastic father. isn't that so sweet. i love this story. it makes my heart full. >> i know. that is really sweet. i read a little bit more about the story too. people are like, whoa, how much money did he spend? i guess sometimes families are allowed to fly for frias stand-by. he was able to get a stand-by spot on all six. >> all of them? >> yes, all of these flights! maybe because it was lighter because it was christmas day he was able to do that. yeah, that is so kaoucute. >> i love that. >> as a father you would like to do that to make your family proud of you. all right. never more than 7 minutes away
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from a accuweather forecast. you can see from the exploratorium at pier 15, it is quiet. winds are still breezy. they will ease especially after the lunch hour and is into the evening. it is going to be cooler tonight with frost in our valleys. another seven-day forecast without rain. you can see the storm track to our north. area of high pressure and area of low pressure. the closer they are together, the faster the winds are. they were pretty close yesterday. now they are starting to separate. that's why we are going to see the breezes relax. winds out of the north. we still have the bone dry air outside. temperatures that will allow the sun to warm them. about 57 to 60 degrees this afternoon. now, as we go to tonight, you can see 32 in santa rosa. 32 up towards ukiah. close to that in livermore, 33. san ramon valley probably going to see scattered frost. morgan hill, mid to upper 30s
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around san hjose, fremont. my accuweather 7-day forecast, you can see a few high clouds tomorrow. otherwise, temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to near 60 as we round out a dry 2018 and say hello to a dry 2019. a few more 60s show up wednesday and thursday. hope you have a great day. here's sue. we are going to walnut creek. creek. 680, tail lights eight-minute drive to highway 24. not bad at all. san rafael, the headlights are coming at us in the northbound direction. the tail lights leaving us heading southbound past the civic center. you're looking at a 19-minute drive to get acrossid green is great. all the roadways are clear. we don't have any accidents blocking at this hour, which is
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lovely. here's a look the at your drive time for 80 core core. hercules into the macarthur. bay bridge across the span into san francisco. if you're headed to sfo, justify a 10-minute cruise. okay. thank you, sue. a fake amazon app has been removed. the setup for amazon alexa app is no longer available to download. the fake app would ask users for an ip address and your device's serial number. if you or anyone who is setting up a device and pwoupb lodownlo make sure you delete it. a massive power outage knocked out power. in today's "techbytes", a nationwide outage for centurylink. >> it affected customers across the country. it blocked 911 emergency service in at least four western states. it caused bank atms to stop
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working. the game's maker had quite a year. it banked $3 billion profit in 2018. the company is said to be valued at $15 billion. instagram learned a quick lesson when it tested a new feature. it replaced scrolling which didn't allow them to move through their feed. they said the bug has now been fixed. restarting the app should return things to normal. thank goodness. >> those are your "techbytes". >> have a fantastic friday, the last one of 2018. still ahead, breaking down the cars with the best resale value. the five vehicles at the top of a new list. plus, getting ready for new year
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the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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>> all right. you're never more than away from my accuweather forecast. new orleans, atlanta, all the way up into the northeast it turns over to snow. expect major delays apt our major airports up and down this corridor today. all right. thank you, mike. a 71-year-old frenchman is on a unique journey. jean is trying to cross the atlantic ocean in an orange barrel. he left from the canary islands wednesday night in the sophisticated capsule. he spent months crafting it. it has 65 square feet of living
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space. he said he brought a block of fois gois and a bottle of while wine. >> he is going one or two knots. so really slow. i know his birthday is in january. so he has some special treats for himself in january as well. not just for new year's. he's getting ready to spend quite a lot of time on the water. >> okay. and she's jealous. she devil wants to do this. >> it looks fun. >> yeah. the countdown is on in new york city's times square. >> workers are putting the finishing touches on the ball that will fall when the clock strikes midnight. you can watch the ball drop right here on abc 7. dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest. stay with us for live coverage of the rose parade at 8:00 a.m. new year's day here on abc 7.
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mike? all right. let's talk more about the winds. small craft advisory east of the golden gate bridge through the delta until noon today. winds north gusting to 35 knots. all right. take a look. you can see 7:00 this morning, still have some of the fastest winds at the lower elevations in the central valley. heading into the afternoon hours, they drop down to 5, 10, 15 miles per hour. a little bit of a push during the evening hours. we could get up to 20, 25, especially in the east bay. and up in the north bay. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, back down to slow levels. that's why it is going to be so much colder tomorrow morning than this morning. a look at the traffic. here's sue again. it is friday light for sure. holiday week as well. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge. a high wind advisory is in effect. traffic is flowing nicely for a 14-minute ride from 880 towards 101. a nice look at the sky there. sorry about that.
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supposed to be san jose, 87. it's looking for towards the airport there. take a look at your sensors out there. all green, which is great for this early friday morning. and some drive times, there's 80 from albany to the maze. nice breeze there. 880 southbound into san jose looking good. 280 from 101, downtown san jose, cupertino, a nice 11-minute drive stkpwhraofplt if you're looking for a new car, kelly blue book is out. toyota snagged the top three places with tacoma and tundra and 4 runner. average vehicles are worth 33% of their original price after six months. but these models are worth an average of 50%. it is likely the partial government shutdown will continue into the new year. the local impact it's having and what one government worker who is getting paid is doing with her salary. a winter
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car!
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only december 26th to january 6th. ikea.
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a massive manhunt in central california. the search continues for the suspect in the killing of police corporal ronil singh. officials say the suspect is here illegally and uses multiple aliases. we have the latest from newman in just a minute. good morning. it is friday, december 28th you are never more than 7 minutes away from our accuweather forecast. >> all right. jess cashes alexis. hi, everybody. we have gusts up to


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