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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 28, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PST

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the super fans, cast your vote. we'll be back in another 25 minutes with an good morning, america. dangerous winter storm on the move after blanketing the midwest with snow now pounding the east coast with heavy rain. flash flooding, a major concern right now. we're live with conditions on the ground and rob is right here tracking the storm. breaking overnight, the sky over new york city lighting up with a mysterious blue light captured on video by stunned onlookers. then widespread power outages. the blown transformer blacking out runways and causing chaos at laguardia airport, grounding flights during the busy holiday travel weekend. shutdown stalemate. it is day seven. congress out of session again and trump pointing fingers. no end in sight as the new year approaches.
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urgent manhunt. a cop killer on the run right now. the tearful plea from the chief of police. >> he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hug his wife. >> the goal to find the reportedly undocumented immigrant. the latest on the desperate search right here this morning. miracle rescue. a 12-year-old boy buried under an avalanche at a popular ski resort trapped for 40 minutes. double the amount of time believed survivable. rescuers calling it a miracle. we take you inside the dramatic race to save him. hey, good morning, america. great to be here with eva and whit on this friday morning. a weekend takeover of times square. i love it. >> i had to check the calendar. >> i was confused in general. it's so early i'm usually confused. >> we may not give it back. >> so early i'm always confused at this hour. did you see the bizarre blue light in new york city after a transformer explosion? these images taking over social
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media and prompting panic at the airport. we'll have more on that ahead. first we begin with the major winter storm wreaking havoc across the u.s. after slamming the middle of the country now bringing its wrath to the east. right now parts of the east coast getting hammered with torrential rain. it could turn to ice and snow in colder parts of the northeast. at some point during the storm, 25 states were on alert for snow, wind, rain or flooding. >> this thing is a beast. rob is standing by with your forecast, but let's start here with abc's victor oquendo who is in atlanta where they are worried about flash flooding. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it has not stopped raining here in atlanta, creating a wet and dangerous commute. several accidents reported throughout the area this morning. now this powerful storm making its way through an already saturated southeast. overnight high winds ripping down trees. drivers pulled from their inundated cars.
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all part of that powerful storm as it marches east. torrential rain wreaking havoc in the south causing major flooding. in mississippi, flash flooding overwhelming cars in hattiesburg. multiple rescues overnight from cars trapped in water along roadways and highways turned rapid rivers. homes nearly submerged, and in birmingh birmingham, alabama, these crews rescuing people from this car underneath an overpass. possible lightning strikes causing trees to split and fall into a home in laurel, mississippi. inside the sleeping homeowners say they barely escaped. heavy rains, strong winds causing this transformer explosion in new orleans. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: whiteout conditions from the heartland to the texas panhandle leaving cars slipping off roadways, skidding on highways and overturning like this truck in nebraska. in utah, one stretch of a freeway had 16 cars involved in crashes. and with all the rain headed this way, there is a flood
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watch. itect until tomorrow morning, whit. >> all right, victor. thanks so much. let's turn to rob who is tracking the storm and has the very latest on its path. rob, good morning. >> good morning. so many facets including the cold side. is video we just got in from minnesota, the minnesota state troopers, a dashboard camera on i-94 when it was snowing. boom. that tractor trailer crashing into cars there. we're told that tractor-trailer fled the scene. still looking for him. dangerous commute, no doubt about it. we have the snow. we have the rain, and look at these advisories. we have the blizzard warnings that are posted and a new one now for albuquerque, new mexico. severe storms across the south and the rain will continue to be heavy. we have all those water rescues across the deep south and northeast getting in as you saw behind me some of the rain and freezing precipitation across northern new york and northern new england so slick over the next few hours and changes to rain but some of it will be heavy at times, very saturated ground, so it won't be too difficult to flood, and all in
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all, a pretty miserable day on the east coast. eva, back to you. >> get back inside, rob. thank you. now to that transformer explosion causing chaos in new york city when these bizarre blue lights took over the skyline. the panic grounding flights at laguardia airport on this busy holiday travel weekend. abc's gio benitez is at the airport. how's it going, gio? >> reporter: eva, good morning to you. laguardia is back in action this morning but for a good half hour, this airport was entirely shut down. 14 flights diverted. more than 100 delayed. those spectacular images instantly going viral overnight. overnight, the new york city sky lit up in a supernatural shade of blue. >> oh, my god. >> what is that? >> that looks gnarly. >> wait. look at the sky. >> that doesn't look good. >> reporter: sparking alarms citywide. >> oh, my god. >> i heard a giant bang. i thought it was fireworks going off. >> it looked like it was daytime. you looked in the sky and it was bright blue. >> reporter: what looked like a scene from an alien invasion movie turned out to be an explosion at a queens power plant.
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>> i'm not going near there. >> reporter: the explosion and fire knocking out power in the area and wreaking havoc at laguardia airport. losing several runway lights and air traffic control running on emergency power. >> be advised the approach lights are out of service at this time. >> reporter: one of the busiest airports in the world temporarily shut down right in the middle of the holiday rush. >> we were at our gate and the lights starting flickering and the lights went out. they were like everyone run and we all ran out. >> we had no idea. >> you could see like this electrical explosion going on over there and then people started pulling out their phones and then the workers started saying that everybody needed to evacuate and exit and clear the area. >> reporter: and we're just learning that rykers island still doesn't have any heat or hot water. they're hoping to fix that by this afternoon. and police are still investigating but they say this was just a system failure, not terrorism. the good news, dan, nobody was
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injured in this explosion. >> that is good news. gio, thank you very much. we'll turn to an urgent manhunt for an alleged cop killer in california. this is a case with real political overtones. president trump tweeting about it, calling the suspect an illegal immigrant saying, it's time to get tough on border security. build the wall. abc's will carr is right there in ynewman, california, where te police chief broke down while talking about his fallen officer. will, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. authorities have been working around the clock to catch this suspect. they served a search warrant on a home overnight but he is still on the run. outside of the police department here, there is a growing memorial after this officer's death shattered this community. >> i did not know christmas morning at 4:00 in the morning when i said good-bye to him and sent him off to his family that it would be the last time that i saw him. >> reporter: overcome with
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gut-wrenching grief, a tearful newman police chief randy richardson mourning the tragic loss of his officer corporal ronil singh. >> he will never see his son walk. he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, say good night anymore because a coward took his life. >> reporter: with an urgent manhunt continuing overnight, the sheriff confirming new pictures of the suspect. authorities say the alleged gunman bought beer inside this convenience store just moments before the shooting. the suspect later left the store in this dodge ram. seconds later officer singh pulled him over for suspected drunk driving. a gun battle ensued and the officer was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the suspect ditching his truck in a nearby mobile home park. >> we will find him. we will arrest him and we will bring him to justice. >> what is your message to anybody who may be helping the suspect in the community? >> you will go to jail.
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>> reporter: while the search continues singh's fellow officers are devastated. >> my department is hurting. we are struggling through this. >> reporter: officer singh leaves behind a wife, a 5-month-old son and his canine partner, sam. she will officially be retired. the chief says he will not take another loved one from that family. dan. >> really feel for the chief and the family, of course. will carr thank you for your reporting this morning. as this year comes to a close, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the many fallen officers. more officers have died in the line of duty this year than last year. 144 in total, 52 of those were gun-related deaths. that reverses a significant one-year decline. 129 officers died in the line of duty in 2017, down from 159 the year before. all of us i'm sure were hoping
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that downward trend would continue. whit, over to you. dan, now to the latest in the terrifying new details in the manhunt for the inmate who escaped a maximum security prison in san quentin prison in california. police releasing this new surveillance video that they allege shows 21-year-old shalom mendoza carjacking a woman in a home depot parking lot less than two miles from san quentin state prison. soon after, they say, he walked away from the facility wednesday night. our station kgo spoke with the woman who said mendoza stole her car after threatening her life. >> that's him. that's him. he came real fast and had something inside. he said i have a gun. give me the key. if not i'm going to kill you now. i was scared to death. >> police are warning that mendoza may be armed and dangerous and are asking anyone who sees him or the stolen vehicle to keep their distance and immediately call 911. eva. now to the battle over the border where homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is headed today after the death of
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those two migrant children in u.s. custody. and this morning, we're hearing from the family of that 8-year-old guatemalan boy who died on christmas eve. abc's matt gutman is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. secretary nielsen will travel to the el paso sector where the two children died in the span of just three weeks, and because so many migrant families are now crossing the border to surrender to u.s. authorities, that area has seen a tenfold increase in migrant families just the past year. so overwhelming authorities there, that they are releasing them in city parks. so overcrowded were its facilities that immigrations and customs enforcement released 1,600 migrant families into el paso on christmas week without processing them. >> it is unacceptable to release families with children, some of them very young children, to the street. >> reporter: day after day,
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buses filled with hundreds of migran migrants, dropped off here at parks and bus stations with no plan, no guidance for local authorities and no word to the migrant shelters which typically accommodate them. >> i'm calling upon i.c.e. and calling upon cbp to commit themselves to ensuring that never again will families be released to the street. >> reporter: in a statement, i.c.e. blamed congress saying that it released the families to mitigate the risk of holding family units past the time frame allotted to the government which is 20 days. beyond that, u.s. courts require that children must be released in the majority of cases with their parents. 8-year-old felipe gomez alonzo who passed away on christmas eve was part of that surge of migrants to come through. he died six days after being detained along with his father. his mother speaking to cameras for the first time saying it was a surprise when my husband said
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that my son died. when i said good-bye to him, he was healthy. felipe was the second child to die in the span of three weeks while in border patrol custody. we've now learned that i.c.e. in arizona has also begun releasing migrants near the central bus station there in phoenix and it's not just the government that's overwhelmed, but in many cases, local church groups and shelters that have typically cared for migrants, have run out of bed spaces and resources. their volunteers are exhausted. dan? >> thank you, matt. this is a crisis as you said. the border battle is, of course, the driving force behind the current government shutdown now stretching into day seven as president trump fired off a barrage of tweets blasting democrats for opposing the wall and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seem to have given up on ending the shutdown before the new year. abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri is on the story. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it's the seventh day of the
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government shutdown that's affecting 800,000 federal workers. some furloughed, others working without pay, and it looks like there is no end in sight. congress reconvened for the first time since christmas for four minutes because democrats in the white house can't seem to break this stalemate over the border wall. it looks like the government will not be reopening before the new year and when they pick up this issue, it will be a divided congress that deals with it. >> unclear how this ends. and if you look at the president's twitter feed, it seems like he's doubling and tripling down on blaming the democrats here. >> reporter: that's right, dan. president trump is threatening to shut down the southern baeorr if he doesn't get money for the wall. he also said he'll cut money for three countries. here's his latest tweet, this isn't about the wall, this is only about the democrats not letting donald trump and the republicans have a win. now nancy pelosi says the first
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vote that the democrats take as the majority is to reopen. government, but the bill will not include funding for a border wall, and it still needs the support of senate republicans and the president who can veto the bill. many government employees will be pay through mid january, but some continue to work without pay, and they will need congress to vote on legislation to get this back pay, dan. >> hard to see how it ends and hundreds of thousands of workers in the middle of it. tara palmeri at the white house, thank you. eva, over to you. now to the wild week on wall street. the stock market taking a dramatic roller-coaster ride as stocks looked like they were tanking. it looks like there was a last-minerally to turn it all around. abc's erielle reshef is here with more. good morning, erielle. >> definitely a roller coaster. the dow managing a dramatic rally. the market staging its biggest comeback in a decade actually ending the day up 260 points. it's been a wild week on wall street to say the least stoking investor fears for their l the major indices showing
7:16 am
losses for the year. a lot of people asking what's causing this. , a. it'a show bhec ouhe others looking at the uncertainty and predicting a lot of trouble ahead. >> what is driving all this volatility? >> of course, there is a lot of immediate factors driving this. you have the partial government shutdown tara was talking about, the trade war with china and president trump's criticism of the chairman of the federal reserve. >> this is why experts say don't check your 401(k)s too often. just let it sit. >> ride it out. >> need a seat belt for all this. thank you, erielle. we are turning to the nationwide internet outage that knocked out 911 emergency services in at least four states. dispatchers report people in washington state were receiving busy signals when dialing 911. missouri, idaho and arizona were also experiencing outages. centurylink customers reported issues across the country which
7:17 am
also caused some bank atms to stop working. the telecommunications giant restored some services around 1:00 a.m. this morning but it's not fully operational yet. eva? >> thanks, whit. now to some big money lottery news this morning. there was one winning ticket sold in the nearly $300 million powerball drawing. that ticket sold here in new york city in brooklyn. the third powerball jackpot winner from new york in a row, but the winner has not stepped forward, but you still have a chance to become an instant mogul. tonight's megamillions jackpot up to $348 million. finally remember that near $1.5 billion mega millions drawing, one winning ticket was sold in south carolina, well, that winner has still not come forward. he or she has until april to claim their riches. otherwise, all that money goes back to the 44 states that ve me wld looking for that ticket. >> they're probably looking for a lawyer first. >> that's good. take your time. get your ducks in a row first. >> how much time do you need to take? >> whatever you need. fair enough.
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fair enough, i take your point. eva made the mistake of telling rob to come back inside. i was enjoying watching him suffer out in the rain, but it's time to check the weather again. there he is warm and dry to our dismay. there he is. >> you're welcome. dan, you know that's my happy place, being closer to you. not so much. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. some folks say you hit the lottery if you had a white christmas. be careful what you wish for. this is oklahoma, about a foot of snow there. steam boat, colorado had five feet. incredible start and a blizzard warning out for albuquerque today. weekend getaways brought to you by quicken loans.
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coming up, custody battle in that case of the missing colorado mom. the 1-year-old caught in the middle and her grandmother coming face-to-face with the man charged with her daughter's murder. plus, look at this. a miracle rescue. a 12-year-old boy swept away by an avalanche and buried in the snow for 40 minutes. d swept away by an avalanche and buried in the snow for 40 minutes. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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and up to 50% on beauty and more. only at target. . good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. the search continues for the prisoner who escaped from san quentin wednesday night. police believe he walked away from a work detail. he's suspected of carjacking a woman about a mile away. she says he had a gun under his shirt and he was going to kill he her. her car is a silver toyota rav4a license plate, take a look at walnut creek, southbound 680 near north may.
7:24 am
they had a christmas tree in the lanes. that's the first f this holiday. that's pretty much it. that's how quiet it is out there. we have mostly green censors. okay, thank you. mike nicco
7:25 am
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the wind advisory is over but we still have brisk conditions. look at the winds gusting to 25 in livermore. 22 at sfo and 26 at half moon bay. it's making the temperatures feel five degrees cooler than they really are, which is the mid to upper 40s this morning. caution on the roads. dress for warmer this morning than you did yesterday morning. looks pretty dry the next seven days. >> good for the fireworks, thank you. coming latest twist
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in the case of the colorado missing mom. there's a custody battle over her child. we'll have not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab.
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♪ i met him out for dinner on a friday night ♪ ♪ he really got me working up an appetite he had tattoos up and down his arm ♪ ♪ there's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm ♪ welcome back to "gma." that's superstar christina aguilera performing in times square on new year's rockin' eve 2007. now this year she's returning to the stage at the famous celebration for the first time in a decade. ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy will be here with the details and hopefully you'll keep dancing. >> not on camera. >> remember last year how cold it was? it was insanely cold. so i think we'll all get a break this time. >> jenny said she was thinking about quitting in the middle of the show. she'll be here later to talk about it. it was horrible and it will all happen right out t adrienne bankert joining us
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on the set because we're completing the weekend takeover of the weekday set. they'll have a hard time getting it back from us. ainst strahan?es. >> i think strahan wins that. >> i think he does. >> take him on in an arm wrestling contest. >> i was never a linebacker. i know that will shock everybody. much more on the fun stuff coming up. first a look at the headlines we're following right now, including the winter whiteout from the heartland to the texas panhandle. dangerous conditions on the roads and in the south torrential rain wreaking havoc prompting water rescues causing major flooding. also happening right now democrats in the white house still at an impasse as we enter the seventh day of the government shutdown with no end in sight before the new year. and this morning some sad news. america's oldest world war ii veteran has died. richard overton passed away at 112 years old after a battle
7:32 am
with pneumonia. he volunteered for the army in his 30s and was at pearl harbor shortly after the attack. the governor of texas said he made us proud to be texans and proud to be americans. we can never repay richard overton for his service to our nation and for his lasting impact on the lone star state. one more headline for you. it's about this guy, a frenchman who is embarking upon a unique -- that's one way to describe it -- a unique journey across the atlantic ocean. he is 71 years old and set off on -- here's another word we could use -- ambitious trip in a large orange barrel. this began wednesday. he's traveling at an approximate speed of one to two miles an hour and hoping to float to the caribbean by march. >> do we know his motivation? >> no, but get this, he did plan for new year's. he apparently packed a bottle of white wine and foie gras. >> that's all you need. >> how are you going to keep that cool in the -- don't you
7:33 am
need that chilled? >> just drag it behind the barrel in the water. reroute t anyway, we have to move on this morning. we begin with new developments in the case of that missing colorado mom. her fiance charged with killing her, appearing in court for a custody hearing over the couple's 1-year-old daughter. abc's clayton sandell has more from denver, colorado. clayton, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. this was an emergency custody hearing set right after patrick frazee was arrested for kelsey berreth's murder. for the first time her parents came face-to-face with the man accused of killing their daughter. in shackles and a jail jumpsuit patrick frazee entered a colorado courthouse. his 14-month-old daughter at the center of a custody showdown. >> patrick what do you have to say? >> reporter: frazee is accused of killing kaylee's mom and his fiancee, kelsey berreth, coming face-to-face with her parents
7:34 am
who argued her granddaughter should stay with them. >> do you have anything to say to your daughter? >> reporter: they left court without commenting after a judge granted them temporary custody of kaylee. berreth was last spotted publicly shopping with kaylee at this woodland park supermarket thanksgiving day. police say frazee was the last person to see her. >> there's nothing you would like to say? will you talk to me? >> reporter: investigators say berreth has not been found, but they have recovered evidence in idaho where her phone was detected november 25th. police moved in last week as frazee tried to leave his property. >> you see him, he's in cuffs. >> reporter: arresting him at gunpoint on charges of first degree murder and solicitation to commit murder. that charge suggesting police believe he did not act alone. >> patrick, did you have an accomplice? did somebody help you? >> reporter: frazee was silent as he was escorted back to jail. patrick, anything to say? are you innocent? >> reporter: formal charges have not yet been filed so frazee has not entered a plea, but he'll be back in court on monday. whit? >> frazee's mother is now
7:35 am
fighting that custody decision? >> reporter: that's right. patrick frazee's mother, sheila, was in court with her attorney requesting for custody, but the judge said she would rule on that request at a future hearing, whit. >> clayton sandell for us in denver, colorado. thanks so much. eva? now to the miracle rescue at a popular ski resort. a 12-year-old boy was caught in an avalanche, swept away from his group and buried under the snow for 40 minutes before he was pulled out alive thanks to the help of brave rescue dogs and abc's james longman joins us now from london with that story. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, eva. definitely a christmas miracle for one young boy this year trapped in an avalanche in the french alps. his only hope, the rescue dogs sent to save him. the sights and sounds of this chopper perhaps the best gift this 12-year-old could ask for after a young boy found himself buried in snow and ice for 40 minutes. more than double the amount of time believed to be survivable. the young skier was on a closed
7:36 am
black diamond run at a popular ski resort in the french alps when he was suddenly trapped in the aftermath of an avalanche. the boy was able to be located with the help of a rescue dog. according to the dog's handler the canine suddenly put his nose on the snow and scratched the area with his paw. a mountain rescue team arrived less than 30 minutes later. racing to save the youth trapped beneath the snow and ice, rescue workers feared he had just 15 minutes to live. desperately digging the boy out of the snow as that chopper followed overhead. once free the workers wave the chopper down. and he's hoisted to safety able to escape with just a broken leg. now, this was all the more exceptional because it's not thought the boy was wearing any kind of tracking device that skiers often wear. those dogs really did save his life. eva? >> james, is there something you should do if you're ever caught in an avalanche like that? >> reporter: yeah, right, well, experts say if you're ever trapped in an avalanche
7:37 am
suffocation is actually the biggest concern, so the thing to do is create an air pocket as big as possible with your hands digging the snow around your head and that could help you survive for several hours, eva. >> thanks, james. an incredible story. so fortunate he is alive. >> yes. love those dogs. we turn to the frightening dash cam video showing a police car. look at this, swerving to safety after narrowly avoiding a speeding train and this morning a lot of questions about the apparent malfunctioning crossing gates. abc's erielle reshef is back now with more. erielle, good morning once again. >> reporter: good morning. it is heart stopping, that video. officer peter stanglewicz said he never considered himself lucky. he never won a raffle or winning lottery ticket, but after cheating death this morning, his thankful his luck and his instincts kicked in at just the right time. it's an illinois cop's shocking near-death encounter caught on camera. watch as the officer manages to swerve just in time avoiding this speeding commuter train as
7:38 am
it barrels toward his squad car without warning. take another look. this car heading towards the train just squeaking by. lights only flashing as it whizzes into frame. the crossing gates lowering too late after the train charges through the intersection. authorities say it was an electrical short that caused the dangerous malfunction. trains crossings treacherous in the past like this head-on collision in long island and this incident in utah last year. crossing gates are up, lights and bells off as this double decker train violently splits this semi in half. stanglewicz thankful he dodged disaster writing on facebook, he never considered himself lucky until this. i was just saving it all up for the perfect time. here is my luck being used all at once. if i never win anything again, i'm perfectly fine with that. as he well should be. he miraculously managed to escape unharmed. train auth
7:39 am
electrical problem was fixed just hours after this incident and they have taken precautions to make sure these don't happen in that area in the future. >> they can have devastating results. >> terrifying. >> counting his lucky stars. >> for sure. >> absolutely. thanks, erielle. coming up, revealing new audio released in the kevin spacey sexual assault case. the recordings a possible window into the actor's defense strategy. and the accidental update that prompted instagram users to lose their minds including eva pilgrim. it's going to be okay. >> everybody freaking out. >> it's all right. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (mom vo) over eighteen hundred wishes granted. (vo) that's one hundred and forty million dollars donated to charity by subaru and its retailers over eleven years.
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whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. back with details on that criminal case against kevin spacey accused of sexually
7:43 am
assaulting an 18-year-old man. a new recording obtained by abc news is shedding light on his possible defense strategy. abc's janai norman joins us now. janai, what are we learning? >> reporter: this audio recording is from a show cause hearing. we hear spacey's defense lawyers trying to chip away at the accuser's story including the fact the accuser didn't report what was happened right away and wasn't interviewed about the alleged incident for more than a year. in these newly obtained audio recordings, kevin spacey's lawyers pressing witnesses in court about the allegations of sexual assault against spacey made by a then 18-year-old restaurant worker. >> you asked mr. [ bleep ] if he walked away, correct? >> correct. >> he indicated he did not walk away? >> that's correct. >> reporter: abc news obtained audio from last week's hearing. >> the audio was a recording of spacey's defense attorneys outlining some of their strategy for how they plan to defend him. >> reporter: the accuser alleges the 59-year-old actor bought him
7:44 am
multiple drinks at the bar. investigators report showing one person noticed the teen at one point turn pale, blank, a bit frightened. now spacey's defense attorney is heard pointing out what he says are inconsistencies in the alleged victim's story such as the clothing he wore and even lying about his age. >> he indicated that he was 23 years old, correct? >> that's correct. >> was that a correct or incorrect or false statement? >> that was an incorrect statement. >> reporter: questions about the snapchat video which the accuser claims captures spacey groping him. >> what the video shows is a person's hand make contact with the shirt, correct? >> yes. >> okay. not the -- any body part? >> correct, you don't see any body parts. >> the video is very brief. only about a second long. and the defense attorneys described it as showing someone's hand touching a person's shirt, but not touching them in any way that was inappropriate. >> reporter: the two-time oscar winner is due in court january
7:45 am
7th to be arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery coming on the heels of spacey a twitter video channeling his former "house of cards" character in what seems to be a thinly veiled defense. >> i'm certainly not going to pay the price for the things i didn't do. >> reporter: we still haven't heard directly from spacey or his lawyers regarding that bizarre video. remember, he is facing additional investigations of sexual misconduct in california and london, and he faces allegations from more than 30 accusers so it doesn't look like it will be over any time soon. >> still talking about that monologue and what it meant. >> it was head scratching. >> that is probably the best way to describe it. janai, thank you very much. coming up, we'll switch gears a little bit. a little bit of a lighter story. that instagram outrage. users sent into panic mode when a new update went live and the reactions this morning including from eva who was freaking out. >> we've been calming her down all morning. and the other story that sent instagram users into a frenzy. new details inside miley cyrus
7:46 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:49 am
back now with a story that gave eva the shakes yesterday. it involved an instagram update. >> don't change my instagram. >> exactly. the format for the popular ph o photo-sharing app changed from scrolling to swiping, causing some people to lose their minds. i don't want to name any names. her initials are eva pilgrim and you've been looking into it. >> eva is kind of the mascot for everybody who uses instagram. she literally is the voice of the people. it was supposed to only be a test for a limited ynumber of
7:50 am
use users, but it went out broadly by accident claims instagram. people used to scrolling through their feeds found out they had to tap horizontally. instead of the traditional ways to view pictures. instagram taking to rival twitter to describe situation saying due to a bug some users saw a change to the way their feed appears today. we quickly fixed the issue and the feed is back to normal. we apologize for any confusion. >> there's confusion. >> then when you tried to like the pictures it got all screwy then you would like end up seeing more pictures from that same person, i don't want to see that person anymore. >> as you can tell people are getting worked up about this. users did not take kindly. they greeted the response the way eva did. >> exactly. in fact, a lot were saying why are the comments so dominant. why is everything horizontal versus vertical? it seems like such a minor adjustment. none of us like change. it didn't work out, this whole finger moving horizontally thing. us twitter saying instagram, if it ain't broke, break it. >> north, south, east and west and mixing that all up. i get it. so confusing.
7:51 am
hopefully instagram hears us and won't make that change ever. >> they changed it back to normal now. >> we'll be right back. >> bye. ram hears us and won't make that change ever. >> bye. attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! like new york! from bus tours, to breathtaking adventures, tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor save on thousands of clearance itemsave 50% on up to 50% on home. and up to 50% on beauty and more. only at target. that i never would have imagined. ancestrydna was able to tell me
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welcome back to "gma." celebrating the holidays at copper mountain after the torchlight parade. some fireworks. love that. how about celebrating with fresh powder. telluride. cutting tracks in the knee-deep stuff. loving that. if you are celebrating new year's eve, cold across the mid section of the country, including the mountains and warmer across the northeast. this weathercast sponsored by carmax.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
st, metrogi mike niccojessica has our forecast. it's the last friday and weekend of the year. >> it's a beautiful one. look at all that sunshine. hi, everybody. sunny and dry today. if you're out and about grab the sunglasses. we have a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge until noon today with north winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. pretty mild this afternoon, about 57 to 60 our highs. here's a look at my accuweather. the storm door is shut, get used to the temperatures and dry weather through the new year. north 101 is sluggish by the airport. we have reports of an accident involving two cars partially blocking the slow lane of traffic. north 101 near the sfo off ramp.
7:57 am
coming up, secrets to celebrating in style in 2019 from a date night to a blackie affair to watching the ball drop in times square. how to showcase your best lookt. stay tuned for that. we'll see you here in 30 minutes. deal talk. when you're powering up for a video game binge try my new chilli cheese or triple cheese and bacon curly fries for just $3. jack. so just so you know, i was like this close to totally destroying your planet until i heard about those fries. that's uh, so thoughtful. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries.
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try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. double punch. the dangerous storm now on the move pummeling the east coast from florida to maine after blanketing the midwest with snow. and the new snowstorm about to hit the southwest. rob is right here tracking the latest. ♪ i want i wanna marry you >> secret wedding. new details on how miley and liam tied the knot. the family photo. when they were really supposed to get married and brand-new details on miley's jaw-dropping dress. three moms, one innovative solution with breast-feeding struggles sharing their milk. is it safe? should you do it? our doctor weighs in this morning. are you ready for new
8:01 am
year's? the perfect look at a great price and "gma" style editor jessica mulroney here live. ♪ we've got high hopes for new year's. ryan seacrest, jenny mccarthy counting down to the biggest rockin' eve yet, the dynamic duo live and saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ hey, good morning, america. thanks for being with us on this friday kicking off friday with a little panic at the disco. >> always fun having ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy here. we're just days away from a blockbuster new year's eve as only he can do it and it will all happen here. >> check them outanng o backstage, the selfie. looking forward to hearing from them. the party started early. >> they're always unpredictable so who knows what will happen. first we have a lot of news to get to and start with that dangerous winter storm on the
8:02 am
move through the country, snow in the midwest, pileups on the highways, possible flash flooding on the east coast this morning so back now to abc's victor oquendo on the ground in atlanta where there is a flash flood watch right now. victor, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, dan. what a mess. flooding concerns here and throughout much of the southeast. the rain has not stopped coming down creating dangerous conditions. overnight whiteout conditions from the heartland to the texas panhandle leaving cars slipping off roadway, skidding on highways and overturning like this truck in nebraska. watch as this officer is struck by a semi in st. paul as he was pulling over to assist other crash vehicles. in utah one stretch of a freeway had 16 cars involved in crashes. in mississippi, flash flooding overwhelming cars in hattiesburg. multiple rescues from cars trapped in water along roadways and highways turned into rapid rivers. homes nearly am
8:03 am
crrescuing people from this car underneath an overpass. heavy rains, strong winds causing this transformer explosion in new orleans. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: and, unfortunately, a lot more rain is on the way. this powerful storm is not letting up. dan. >> victor oquendo on the ground, thank you. victor, of course, showed us how dangerous it is. back outside to rob marciano who is standing in the rain right where dan likes him best. rob, what can we expect for the weekend? >> this is going to end at some point this weekend but right now it is stretching from canada all the way down to mexico and look at these advisories. flood watches from new jersey to the gulf of mexico, winter weather advisories with a little cold air left over in the northeast. that will be scoured out with the warm front later on but pulses of rainfall, some of which will be heavy and the rivers and streams are running high so flooding not out of the question anywhere along the east
8:04 am
coast. across parts of the southwest, another inside slider diving down into el paso for snow and lot ofnowarnings are up now fol accumulated but winds ripping through the canyon. the land of walter white seeing snow. >> it's true you'll be in times square all day taking selfies with elmo and the naked cowboy. >> that's the only ones that would take selfies with me. >> is it going to rain all day? is this going to stop? >> enough with your personal forecast. >> just wanted to know for 9:30. >> for our viewers at home. turning to michelle obama who is having a very good year. her memoir "becoming" is a best-seller. now she has been named the most admired woman in the world. her first time topping the list joining her husband former president barack obama who has been most admired for 11 years in a row. there are three first ladies on the list, melania trump and hillary clinton, clinton has been on the list for 17 years.
8:05 am
according to gallop, the former secretary o the list may be because of her return to a more private life. coming up, new details on miley cyrus and liam hemsworth's secret wedding. why those gorgeous nuptials weren't what the couple originally planned for their big day. our style contributor, jess mulroney breaking down the best looks no matter how you're celebrating. not a new year's party without ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy, that's coming up. keep it here. [ applause ] she's doing it again no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant
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welcome back to "gma." now is the time when we get down to business. >> exactly. >> and by that i mean adrienne is here with "pop news." >> come on. let's do it. thank you. our audience is so full of energy and life so early in the morning. let's begin with meghan markle making the day of one of her young fans this christmas while meghan and the other royals were walking into christmas church service the duchess spotted a young woman in the crowd holding a sign with her instagram user name and duchess meghan recognized it. that's jessica daniels. she and meghan exchanged instagram messages before she delighted her account to become a royal and all that. >> you can't have an instagram account if you're a royal. >> no, you can't. as far as i know you can't. she got rid of that, ghosted and became royal so meghan walked down over to jessica, gave her a huge hug and jessica posted it was an absolute dream.
8:11 am
thank you for everything in the past couple of year, i'll never forget about it. chatting about your blog and love of food, i love you always, so -- >> i love this. >> because she noticed her. she noticed her. >> she remembered her. that's really remarkable. >> it wasn't just another post and comment. now to macaulay culkin. a name so nice he'll say it twice. he posted bunny ears, bored of his middle name carson and asked his fans to suggest a new one. the third most popular choice was kieran, number two, the mcrib is back. >> really? come on, guys. almost like boaty mcboat -- >> everybody loves the mcrib. >> the overwhelming choice is macaulay culkin which means his new legal name is macaulay
8:12 am
macaulay culkin culkin. >> i like the macaulay mcrib culkin. >> some of his super fan has a little moment poking fun at the whole thing saying publicity stunt was the fourth choice so i think he has a good choice. macaulay macaulay culkin culkin. he will not do that face from "home alone" anymore. he retired that at age 37. we'll cure your post-christmas blues with adorable animals. panda sisters enjoying the snow in mongol la, china. it hasn't snowed there this season so the park created the winter donner land. one doesn't have her bearings on the swing. check it out. >> oh. >> we could watch panda videos all day. >> there we go. oh, wait. that's like me on the ski lift. >> need a little help. >> that was eva after she found out that instagram wasn't working. >> yeah l around.
8:13 am
>> we lov panda videos and love the holidays so happy holiday to l hiweekend. >> yes, thank you. [ applause ] >> nailed it as always, adrienne. turning to our cover story, miley cyrus and liam hemsworth, two superstar, one secret wedding and so many questions. now we've got a new look inside their romantic nuptials ten years in the making and "people" magazine revealing it wasn't the one they had previously planned. janai norman is back with those details. janai, good morning. >> reporter: everyone is talking about this. ten years and according to miley 1 million kisses later the couple is married after an on again off again relationship but it wasn't all smooth going to get down the aisle. the wedding location had to be changed after those devastating california wildfires. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth's wedding photos are picture perfect with photos surfacing of the beautiful bride with her mom tish and dad billy ray cyrus by her side and her dad tweeting
8:14 am
long live love and mer mom instagraming this makes my heart so happy. it was a small family gathering in the couple's home in franklin, tennessee, but learning the wedding was initially supposed to take place at their oceanside malibu home. that home destroyed by the california wildfires last month. liam posting the devastation on instagram sharing his love for malibu and everyone affected by the fires. soon after miley telling howard stern how this tragedy only made her love for liam grow. >> liam, i've never loved him more for this. i call him my survival partner now and he thinks it's not romantic but i learned it is. that is why you pair up for survival. he was so incredible. he got all the animals out in his truck and put two pigs in crates which i tell you is so hard. >> reporter: the couple meeting ten years ago while filming "the last song." ♪ stay awhile and we will >> miley beaming, looking elegant with natural makeup and no jewelry and liam strikingly
8:15 am
handsome pairing his tux with white sneakers. a party fit for the fun couple with incredible dance moves. ♪ ♪ too hot >> reporter: even a hemsworth brother shotski. >> one writing congratulations you married the hottest man in hollywood. and miley's response, i know, right? [ applause ] so "people" magazine is reporting that while the nuptials may have caught us by surprise she's been playing to say "i do" for awhile so nice job keeping that under wraps. >> i want to know if they did the achy breaky heart. now a trio of mothers who formed a bond while overcoming struggles with breast-feeding and banded together to come up with an innovative solution to their problems. these three moms have formed a
8:16 am
unbreakable bond. a connection that is coined them a unique name. >> milk mommas. >> susie wasn't able to produce enough milk. >> no matter how many supplements or how many doctors i went to, my body was just not producing the milk she needed. >> reporter: as chance would have it she ran into an old friend while she was at a store stocking up on formula and shared her ordeal. kelly, it turns out was nursing two and had a surplus of milk. >> here i am with so much milk, i just thought this is a no-brainer. if you want it and you and your husband are comfortable with this decision, i would be -- it would make me so happy to give it to you. >> reporter: that worked to are a while but then kelly's milk dried up too. >> i tried to relactate which in essence you try to bring your milk back after you had already stopped your supply. >> reporter: but kelly was unsuccessful. now both kelly and susie were in
8:17 am
serve of breast milk for their babies. kelly's college friend brittany came to the rescue. >> i basically just offered to her the opportunity to donate the excess milk that i had been storing. >> reporter: brittany lived over two hours away and unpacked her frozen milk supply and placed it into two huge coolers. kelly then drove from pittsburgh to cleveland to pick it up. >> i've never met brittany, but i owe her so much. when brittany offered the milk, i cried at first. because i just was so overwhelmed with gratitude. it was kind of a big sigh of relief for me because it was just a goal of mine for my child to have as much breast milk as possible and because of brittany that happened. >> well, joining us now is dr. jessica shepherd, ob/gyn and woman's health expert. is it safe to give your child another woman's breast mill jon karl. >> and the overwhelming answer is absolutely it is safe
8:18 am
depending on how you get it. we want to make sure women consult their doctor before they partake in any organization or breast milk bank and making sure it's stored properly. as can you see here, milk can go bad so we want to know it's stored in proper temperature and when you store it using bottles that are provided and using things such as dry ice or ice when you transport that refrigerated bag. >> you don't want to give your child bad milk. >> you want to make sure if it's in the refrigerator you don't have it for more than say 72 hours or if you have it this a deep freezer making sure that can go as long as a year but following those techniques when you're having your milk refrigerated. >> now, there are organizations that also offer breast milk or you can do a group like these women did. what are the pros and cons? >> when you have an organization, what you'll realize is they use advanced technology to make sure that it's screened for any transmissible diseases but when you use a community breast milk
8:19 am
bank it allows you and others to contribute. >> why not just use formula. >> you absolutely can use formula. that is the thing. at the end of the day, a fed baby is the best baby. no shame in using formula but usi using breast milk allows all the advantages and if you're not able to produce it there are ways to give your child that breast milk. >> the immunity things that come along with it, does that transfer when you have someone else's milk? >> absolutely. it's coming from again the mom who has all those so using another mother's breast milk will give you those benefits as well. >> thank you very much, dr. shepherd. for being with us. are you back inside or outside. >> siarm front that passed through scandinavia and a young finnish
8:20 am
swim irtook the opportunity to maybe set a speed record across this lake. check this out. swimmers out there, still kind of chilly. swimmer, trach your mark, get set and -- can you believe that? so that lake frozen and then they had the warm front and kind of smoothed over so looking silky smooth there. look at how the reflection of the -- it's hard to look at. by the way his brother and he are both organists and pastors at a local church
8:21 am
our next guests are joining forces to kick off the new year's biggest party from dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. let's welcome ryan seacrest and jenny mccarthy. here they are. [ applause ] >> sorry. mine didn't work. >> that's it. one pop. >> oh, my gosh. of course, delayed explosion. >> do you need a license for that? >> hi. how are you? >> happy new year. >> good morning, america. >> hi, everybody. >> have a set. jenny. >> thank you. >> so fun to see you guys. owally looking forward to seeing i'm ad>>li >> i'll pleaseleoruss yr ar.
8:22 am
yrch theic entire.ow? is you're going out and not going out we're bringing everything to you across the country here in times square, also in new orleans and in los angeles, everyone from the chainsmokers to halsey to charlie puth. christina aguilera live just before the ball drops then we'll toss from the ball platform out to post malone performing in brooklyn so we're trying to cover all the bases and we start at 8:00 eastern and go until january 3rd. [ laughter ] so feel free to just keep the tv on. >> that's so true. >> i hear there is an ab scour act you're a fan of. the new kids on the block. >> i know. that's what i'm most excited about. there's a story. >> there's some sentimental vae --e hostind ryan
8:23 am
hene me for about m making. had nothing to do with the show. it was about finding true love. >> that's what it was. so then i was there and the band was coming up to talk to ryan to be interviewed and i heard, hey, jenny mccarthy and i said, hi, donnie wahlberg and i never met him before. little butterflies happened and then i wound up falling madly in love with him. this year he's performing again, i'm hosting so it's going to be very sentimental. >> the first time he's performing and you're hosting since then. >> correct, in nine years. >> so some magic. >> four years of married bliss. >> thank you very much. >> so, the following question not so blissful, last year was the coldest new year's on record for a hundred years. >> yes, it was -- i think the w
8:24 am
trick? i could barely speak because your jaw starts to freeze. >> we put those heat pads on our faces. >> holding up those heat warmers. >> are there not health warnings about that. >> i'm not sure. it was 9:30 and i started crying because it was so cold and then i went, i can't do it anymore. i quit. they go, only 9 24ir9, jenny so i hung in there and thanks to, you know, my husband who kept me warm and the people in times square. there's a million people in times square. >> they were there all day in that kind of weather who have to stay in their spot and can't leave. >> let me ask you about that. you had a million people right out here and then millions more watching. do you feel pressure? not to psych you out. [ laughter ] >> i don't actually. i don't feel pressure. i feel like i'm just talking to someone at home. >> i feel a lot of pressure. [ laughter ] i want to get it right, not screw it up. make sure because it's kind of kiwi time the show right to midnight because if that's off then, well, the whole thing is
8:25 am
not -- >> this is why ryan is professional. i mean to lean on him, you guys, he's the most professional guy i've ever worked with ever. [ applause ] that's why i get the easy part and he's the captain of the ship. >> you outsource your anxiety to him. let him do the worry. i love people like that. the other question i wanted to ask about this is your resolutions. do you make resolutions? and what are they? >> we get asked that a lot. the hinge that i kind of contemplated on was think of something, jenny, for real and, you know, i decided that self-care, i think that's the new buzzword, but i've been going 100 miles an hour and i've been kind of -- they say put the oxygen mask on yourself. it's been put on everybody else but myself so i really teed to start taking care of myself because i want to live -- >> a good one. >> -- a long time. i have a son that needs me. the year for taking care of myself. >> i would ask you about yours but i'm being told we have no anyway. want to get us to a
8:26 am
>> fair enough. this is a game called don't drop the ball. to test your knowledge of your co-host. so we'll ask you questions and jenny will give you the answer. what is jenny's preferred new year's cocktail? >> jenny's preferred new year's cocktail is her spirit brand. her -- >> blondies, that's right. awesome. >> who is the first person jenny texts to wish happy new year. >> it's got to be evan or donnie. >> you're so smart. >> the craziest new year's moment you've ever shared. >> one might have been mariah carey two years ago. >> freezing our butts off. >> best of luck this year. >> thank you very much.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. the search continues this morning for the prisser who escaped from san quintin wednesday night. he is suspected of carjacking a woman at a shopping center. she said he had a gun under his shirt and he told her he was going to kill her. be on the look out for her car, a toyota rav4. more info on our website. let's check in with sue hall with a check of traffic. >> take a look at the golden gate bridge. crystal clear.
8:28 am
traffic is flowing nicely. a beautiful morning to be out on the roads. super light. green is great. we'll take it, thank you. meteorologist mike nicco has a quick
8:29 am
♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪ united. official airline of the golden state warriors. the winds continue to taper. still a little breezy around sfo and half moon bay. those will we head throughout t. mid 30s to near f50.
8:30 am
we will be dry all the way through next year. thank you. we'll have another abc 7 so if you're a handsome ex-nfl player who had his heart breaken by becca and you're the new bachelor where do you go in the morning to tell all? "gma," of course, colton is here wednesday only on "gma." [ applause ] welcome back. we're so excited to have colton, the new bachelor in times square wednesday. first counting down the days till we ring in the new year and jessica mulroney is here to show us some styles to kick off 2019. no matter where or how you are celebrating, this is an important night for a lot of people. >> new year's dressing is so much fun. we tend to be a little bit more sparkly, a little bit more
8:31 am
colorful. maybe a little bit sexier than we dress on the average day so if you're looking to save money in 2019 but you still want to look super stylish when the ball drops you've come to the right place. >> the first one we have is the night out on the bar. >> club hopping. what i used to do. i don't remember all the nights but i certainly remember putting a lot of effort into my fashion. >> the picture of the outfit. >> this is the perfect. a skinny black pant with a tuxedo inspired stripe down the side. a sparkly tank. i love this one in particular because the sleeves are thicker so you can wear a bra. it's not so tight. lady, it is not the time to wear reasonable shoes on new year's eve because there are shoes that look like this. you'll be in pain the next day, no big deal. the great thing about this
8:32 am
outfit, it's under $100. [ applause ] from head to toe. >> for the whole thing. >> earrings, tank top, the pants and the shoes, $97. >> good job. that is remarkable. >> isn't that fun? >> our next outfit is for the people that have somebody special in their life. romantic dinner. they already know who they're going to kiss at the end of the night. >> no mystery involved. new year's eve can be really romantic. after kids it kind of goes downhill. but i love it because you can get dressed up for dinner. it's a special occasion. if you don't love color and don't love sparkle winter white is a great option so i got her a beautiful white jumpsuit with a matching jacket and then add your color with the shoe. have a great red shoe and add the sparkle on top with a great statement earring. doesn't she look great? >> she looks fabulous. [ applause ] >> and this outfit is -- >> so the earrings, the jumpsuit
8:33 am
blazer, the shoes, $99.98. >> i need to go shopping with you. >> i'll take you shopping any day. >> the big issue for people on new year's, it's cold so this next outfit. >> we have the man. we don't want to forget. >> we almost forgot. >> so, you know, spackle is not just for the ladies. we can do a little bit of sparkle for the guy, especially if it's done in a subdued way with a beautiful black blazer. great kinney jeans and classic pair of loafers. this look total turtleneck, blazer, pants and shoes, $142. >> he costs more. [ applause ] now, for the people who have to be outside in the weather like the people here in times square, if you're like going to be a ski bunny. >> yes. >> the whole wearing puffy clothes conducive to looking cute always. >> no, but you can do it. you can do it. doesn't she look so cute?
8:34 am
i mean this is -- [ applause ] this is the typical cute girl outside with the red puffy coat, the cable knit sweater, the plaid shirt, fitted jeans, great combat boots an a great pair of warm socks. doesn't that look amazing? >> it does look amazing so what's even more amazing about this is that the whole entire outfit, every top, the jacket, the pants, boots, socks, whole thing, $142. >> that's a lot of layers. >> that's a lot of bang for your buck. >> finally, well, not finally, we have the dressed up people, the fancy people. >> yes. >> the far end. >> exactly. not going to be my new year's eve but this is so much fun. it is a time to bring out the fashion. bring out the sparkle. go crazy and these two look fabulous. so -- >> this coat is amazing.
8:35 am
>> it is gorgeous and this is for definitely a cocktail or black-tie event. if she takes it off it is a full sequin full commitment with a pair of rose gold shoes and great pair of statement earrings. now, this entire look, coat included is $137. [ applause ] >> you were talking that coat is 30 bucks. >> $30. >> it's like an actual real thick coat. >> you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good and for him, what i love is this really great gold tuxedo jacket. you can bring it out once a year, you know, it's on new year's eve with a great black shirt, great black pants and velvet loafer. the whole look is $132. shoes, jacket, suit. like a full suit. >> that's crazy.
8:36 am
i mean it is like a little special for new year's. not just a standard tux. >> it's not what you wear on the average day to the office but a once a year kind of moment. >> or your birthday. one of those two things. our final outfit, more our speed right here. >> this is what i'm going to be doing on new year's eve. >> oh, yeah, my pajamas don't look quite this cute. you guys, it's such a fun time to start traditions with your families and start them by wearing new pajamas every year. you can find some at some great deals at old navy or gap. these are just like really great picture moments. you'll remember them as opposed to over at the bar, you'll remember these and they all look so comfortable and cute. who doesn't want to ring in the new year like this? and we want to tell you -- oh, yeah, you want to talk? are you feeling chatty this morning? isn't he just adorable. >> i love these slippers.
8:37 am
>> the brokaw family from new jersey. we heard you have faced some pretty tough medical issues in the last year. you also have a new little baby here. he is super cute and we wanted to make sure your new year's eve as super extra special so these pjs are yours to keep but we have a special 55-inch insignificantny 4k u hdtv from our friends at best buy to watch new year's rockin' eve and it has voice assistant alexa so you can ring in the new year in style in thank you. >> happy new year. >> thank you. >> we actually have another special announcement. >> we do. >> oh, yeah, a big wedding giveaway with the one and only right here. >> yes, so we are giving away a full wedding and what i mean full wedding i mean from the venue to the accommodations to
8:38 am
the wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the groomsmen, the bride and the groom, flowers, photography, the whole nine yards, a complete wedding giveaway that will be styled by me with "gma" and it's going to be amazing, so we are really hoping to get a special couple. >> this is your specialty. you have a chance to win it. the reception at the royal punta cana resort in the dominican republic by wedding vacations with the help of kleinfeld indo-china -- >> yes, i'm so excited. i can't wait to do it. for the full details logon to our website, go get to it right away. we will be right back. [ applause ]
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look at this crowd, florida, georgia, detroit, wisconsin. congratulations, big win yesterday in the pinstripe bowl. you want it to rain more for new year's eve? probably not. 45 degree, so much warmer than last year, that's the good news. on and off wet so bring the this weather report is sponsored by s.a.p. well, the new year is fast urgece
8:45 am
order. well our sponsored capital one has some unique ways to help you. ♪ kelly and steve have been married for 0 two years. as professionals in the music industry, they're both always on the go. >> headphones and email are our life. it's true. >> it is. >> checking our finances can be sort of the last thing on the priority list. >> reporter: but as the new year approaches so do new priorities. at the top of their list becoming homeowners and first-time parents. >> now because we're looking to make big purchases, we're looking to expand our family we actually have to think a lot about how we spend our money where we haven't before. >> hey, guys, i'm nicole. >> reporter: enter nicole lapin, first p, savings? so a baby fund. or a house fund. putting a name on it makes you feel more motivated to actually stick to saving for it. >> reporter: next, use proactive
8:46 am
technology like eno from our sponsor capital one. >> it's your assistant monitoring your money 24/7 so you can say, hey, eno, when is my credit card bill due and it techs you back when it's due. if your capital one customer you can sign up for bill paying reminders. you can also get double charge alerts and potential fraud alerts. >> reporter: finally make a spending plan. >> i look at a spending plan like i would look rat an eating plan. instead of a budget, right, that feels like you're going on a crash diet and cutting out all the extras, i don't want you to do that. i break up a spending plan into the three es. so essentials, end game and extras. 70% of your overall spending plan should go to the essentials. so your food, transportation, your bills, 15% should go to the end game so the baby fund, the house fund, and then 15% to the extras, so whatever it is that makes you guys happy, a latte in
8:47 am
the morning, a mani-pedi. >> that would be for me. >> reporter: now better equipped for their ever-expanding lives. i love it. all right. so you have your finances in order for the coming year. >> we're all good. we spent it here. >> from minnesota. we love folks from minnesota, as well. coming up, world renown opera singer aida performs live in times square. stay tuned. "gma's" "financing your future" is sponsored by capital one. learn more about eno, it's a revolution in sleep.
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the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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all right. we have back now with the world renowned opera singer aida. i was listening to her sound check. you've seen her perform with andrea bocelli and at the world cup and gearing up to make her highly anticipated debut at the met in january. here she is singing juliet's
8:50 am
aria from the opera "romeo and juliet." take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> announcer: can you believe it? since we started we collected over 2 million coats, from celebrities and people like you. >> thank you. >> announcer: so come on, america. join us. go to any burlington store to donate a coat and share the warmth this winter. >> "good morning america" sponsored by lactaid, the real milk that doesn't mess with you. [ applause ] >> thanks for watching, a big thank you to ryan seacrest, jenny mccarthy, jess mulroney and aida. >> aida. you are incredible, thank you so
8:56 am
much for your performance. before we go if you'll indulge us i want to wish a special happy birthday to this guy over here, come here, fonsi. alfonso pena makes every morning here at "good morning america" a great morning. one of the funniest, kindest dudes, i know. we love you. happy birthday. mwah. you are 50 years old. >> we love you, fonsi. >> have a great weekend, everybody. see you right back here on saturday and sunday. [ cheers and applause ]
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good morning, i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with mike nicco for the forecast. hi, mike. you can see a few whitecaps behind you there. you can see the yellow right there, that's where our winds are going to be fastest through noon coming out of the north up to 35 knots. 57 to 60 this afternoon. 30s and 40s the next couple of nights. some frost possible in our deepest valleys. get used to dry weather, it's here all seven days. we've got friday light, and holiday light as well. all those green censors are great. 680 frdclxxx from conquerecord. we'll be back at 11:00 today for the abc 7 midday news.
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our reporting continues on our news app at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly & ryan." today, the onendnl tyler perry, plus lionel richie, katy perry, and luke bryan in an appearance you won't want to miss, and ryan gets into the ring with ufc fighter daniel cormier, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ♪ make 'em go oh, oh, oh ♪ as you shoot across the sky >> ryan: hello. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hi! hey. >> kelly: hey. thank you. >> ryan: good morning. >> kelly: oh, my. >> ryan: well, thank you, thank you, thank you very much.


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