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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 29, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, wild weather across a large part of the country. record rainfall in the southeast submerging cars. >> he's still in the car. >> trapping drivers. snow in the southwest. near blizzard conditions and flash flooding on this busy highway. new arrests in the killing of a california police officer as the alleged gunman is tracked down. >> thank you. >> family members speaking out through tears and a sheriff vents his anger. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. >> plus, the vigil overnight. shutdown stalemate. now entering week two. the president raising the stakes as the democrats dig in and museums get ready to shut their doors. caught on camera, police car crash.
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an officer severely injured. >> yo, the car is on fire. get him out. get him out. >> the urgent cries and the rush to get him out in the nick of time. and life-saving moves. >> my 1-year-old just fell in the pool. >> the paramedics speaking out about their efforts to revive a 1-year-old boy. the happy update to this christmas miracle. hey, good morning. a lot of news on this holiday weekend. let's start with the stormy weather for much of this country with millions of americans out there traveling. >> a storm that brought rain and snow to the east is heading out to sea this morning but only after wreaking havoc on the roads. look at this floating camper in north carolina where they got more than 6 inches of rain. eam is video, d ers watching two storm systems that will team up and bring more unsettled weather as we head into new year's eve.
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one of the storms already bringing heavy snow to the southwest. >> yeah, check out this flipped over pickup truck in new mexico where they got up to 30 inches of snow. let's kick things off here with rob marciano. rob, good morning to you. >> yes, good morning, dan. a busy weather week. this storm started christmas eve on the west coast and made its way all the way across the country and really going from the canadian border all the way down through mexico. so there was no way avoiding this, and yesterday it made its final push through the east coast. overnight, torrential rain and severe storms rocking the east coast. record rain drenching parts of the south. >> oh, my god. >> take a look at this dramatic cell video capturing this suv sinking in floodwaters in north carolina after authorities say the driver drove around a safety barrier. >> he's still in the car. he gonna drown. >> reporter: moments later a bystand irdiving into the water
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vehicle walking to safety. >> my god. >> reporter: also in north carolina, emergency crews quickly responding to calls for help rescuing this woman trapped inside her vehicle. in new england, icy conditions wreaking havoc on the roads. this semi truck crashing causing a huge backup on this new hampshire interstate forcing it to shut down. and this was the scene out of albuquerque, new mexico. blizzard warnings up for blowing snow. the storm dumping up to 30 inches on parts of the state. and in hawaii, flash flooding from over muddy water and debris pouring down the mountainside right onto the busy highway. well, there you go, nearly all 50 states getting in on the act now and we got a couple of systems now heading towards the west coast and will combine as we mentioned. high wind alerts across the northern rockies, winter weather advisories across the cascades. and we had that blizzard warning across parts of albuquerque with the winds rippinill combine with the pacific northwest storm over the next couple of days, and by
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the time we get towards new year's eve we're looking at a rain event through the ohio river valley and maybe a little bit of snow across parts of then times square it looks like. more on that later in the broadcast. eva, back to you. >> everybody will be watching for that forecast for sure. now to new arrests overnight in the fatal shooting of a california police officer. they come as police captured the suspect, a man they say has been living in the u.s. illegally and was trying to escape to mexico. >> overnight family and friends gathering for a vigil in honor of the fallen officer, ronil singh. abc's marci gonzalez is in our l.a. bureau with the latest on a case that has really grabbed the attention of our president. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, guys, good morning. that's right. this case now at the center of the national conversation on border security. the accused gunman, investigators say, has a criminal record and is in the u.s. illegally finally tracked down and surrendered after more than two days on the run.
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this morning, this accused cop killer behind bars. >> i was waiting for this to happen. >> reporter: police corporal ronil singh's brother breaking down after learning the manhunt is finally over. the suspect seen here being taken into custody in bakersfield, california, about 200 miles from where investigators say he shot corporal singh wednesday morning. >> i'd like to thank you working day and night. >> reporter: authorities executing a search warrant finally finding gustavo perez arriaga and overnight arresting two more alleged accomplices. in all seven people are now accused of helping him hide from police including two of his brothers. >> they misled us. they provided information that was false all in an attempt to protect their brother who we also know was trying to flee to mexico. >> reporter: president trump using the case to argue for tougher border security tweeting during the manhunt, build the wall as investigators say some of the suspects including arriaga are in the u.s. illegally. the stanislaus county sheriff
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saying arriaga crossed over from mexico several years ago, had gang affiliations and two prior arrests for dui. but that california's sanctuary law kept authorities from reporting arriaga to immigration officials. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventible. >> reporter: it was during a dui stop that police say the 32-year-old suspect started a gun battle with corporal singh killing the seven-year veteran of the force just hours after his wife posted this photo to facebook celebrating christmas with their 5-month-old son. overnight she and the baby attending a vigil honor the man friends say lived to serve his community. >> he was our brother. we're never going to forget him. >> reporter: arriaga is behind bars this morning being held on a murder warrant. authorities say the handcuffs he wore while he was transported to jail belonged to corporal singh. whit. >> all right, marci gonzalez. that community hapse someone behind bars. thank you. speaking of border security, that is the main issue of
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contention as the u.s. government shutdown enters its second week this morning with the lives and paychecks of some 800,000 federal workers hanging in the balance. >> it is day eight of the funding showdown, and there is no end in sight. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is at the white house with the latest on negotiations and what it all means for those families affected. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, eva. president trump is staying here in washington instead of spending new year's at his palm beach resort, but the negotiations have broken down. neither side is even talking to each other at this point, and the president's chief of staff said they're in it for the long haul. it's day eight of the government shutdown, and neither side is willing to budge. negotiations to re-open the government at a standstill with no end in sight before the new year. >> discussions have broken down. we do expect this to go on for awhile. >> reporter: the deadlock over the president's demand for a border wall. democrats refusing to pass a bill that includes funding for bun of trump's main campaign
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promises. >> i guarantee you, folks, that mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: and the president now raising the stakes tweeting, quote, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall. incoming speaker nancy pelosi saying the house's first vote as the majority on january 3rd will be to re-open the government. the president's chief of staff mick mulvaney explaining how last week's negotiations went awry. >> saturday afternoon we sat down with mr. schumer and gave him a number below five and last night they called us and said they weren't even going to counter that. >> reporter: experts believe that closing off the border could result in billions of dollars to the u.s. economy depending on the duration. the political showdown pinching 800,000 federal workers over the holidays, some working without pay and others furloughed. several national parks are not being staffed, and smithsonian museums will close their doors on january 2nd. the coast guard's 42,000 members receiving word friday they will
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receive their final paychecks on monday and homeland security sen erinheorder cies. two children have died in u.s. custody this month. today nielsen will head to yuma, arizona, where she'll meet with medical technicians and local officials, but, guys, all of those meetings are closed to the press. dan. >> tara palmeri at the white house, thank you. let's go to texas and bring in our chief political analyst, matthew dowd. matthew, good morning. let's start with the president threatening to shut down the entire southern border. do you see that as a real threat or a negotiating tactic or maybe a message to his base? what do you think is going on with that? >> well, i don't think it's a real threat. first of all, many treaties -- this would be a violation of many treaties for him to do something like that. it would be a violation of the new nafta agreement that he signed, and it would actually be a violation of much of the law the united states about restricting legal immigration that is in the books, so i don't think it's a realistic threat.
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the other part of the threat is it actually wouldn't hurt mexico as much as it would hurt the united states because of the economy that we share and what we benefit from that. i actually think the main part is it's a signal to his base saying i'm standing tall. i'm standing firm. i'm going to do whatever it takes but it's not realistic he would shut the border down. >> this horrible murder of the police officer in california, we've all seen the picture of him posing with his wife and 5-month-old child hours before he was shot, the president has been pointing to this case as he argues for his border wall. is that not potentially a powerful line of argument politically? >> it's incredibly powerful. obviously this is horribly tragic, as you mentioned, and what's happened to his family and what happened to this man and everybody involved in this. i don't think, though, appealing to people's fears in these ways, in these anecdotal ways has actually benefited donald trump. he tried this in the midterm elections with various points in time running on the wall, doing
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all that, and he lost the midterms badly, and so in the short term i think it's incredibly emotional, incredibly tragic, and it's incredibly powerful but making long-term public policy, i don't think it's helpful in that regard. >> back to the shutdown for a second. no matter who quote/unquote wins here, is it possible that the president is playing a smart long game in terms of portraying the democrats as soft on border security, a point that he's just hammering and hammering and hammering? >> well, we know in the short term right now it's not benefiting the president. most americans blame the shutdown on the president. and i think when you look back at 1995 and 1996, when that started, they blamed the republicans, and it never got better for the republicans, so i think in the long term it doesn't benefit the president. what i think happens if this goes on and we could see a record shutdown, i think the last record was 21 days long of a shutdown, we could pass that record and i think it's going to
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be a pox on everybody. i think at some point in time the public will say, come on, show some leadership, democrats and republicans in washington, but for now it hurts the president and he has actually claimed credit for the shutdown so in the end i think this isn't beneficial for the president and it's definitely not beneficial for the american public. >> and we've got a new house speaker coming in next week. we'll see if that moves the ball forward in any meaningful way. matthew dowd from texas this morning, we appreciate it. thank you. >> great to be here. now to a new report highlighting security failures in the parkland school massacre. >> this as chilling images emerge of the accused shooter inside marjory stoneman douglas high school during the attack. abc's erielle reshef is here with the details on that. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. those images from inside the high school showing the moments leading up to that deadly rampage and a series of apparent security failures by police and school officials. a warning if there are children in the room, the content here may be disturbing. >> possible shots fired at
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stoneman douglas high school. >> reporter: this morning chilling images and 911 calls from the parkland massacre painting a time line of terror. 19-year-old nikolas cruz seen here loading an ar-15 in the hallway of stoneman douglas high school as a frightened freshman walks past. "the sun sentinel" reporting that according to that freshman cruz telling him, you'd better get out of here. things are going to start getting messy. moments later, cruz killing 17 students and staff. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the release of surveillance videos and audio all part of a scathing draft report from a florida state commission shining a light on a host of fateful security missteps. >> if we can't protect our children in schools, then who can we protect? >> reporter: doors unlocked, the gates open allowing cruz to get inside undetected. >> he got into the 1200 building because that door was unlocked and unstaffed and that we say that that is a security failure. >> reporter: a campus security
7:14 am
monitor failing to call a code red after seeing cruz carrying a rifle bag. the report saying the spray of bullets set off a fire alarm sending panicked students and teachers out of their classrooms to escape. this picture capturing kids trapped helplessly in a crammed hallway. meanwhile, cameras showing school resource officer deputy scot peterson waiting outside on his radio instead of trying to stop the gunman. >> i think we got shots fired, possible shots fired. 1200 building. >> reporter: five minutes go by before police officers even enter the building. cops using surveillance footage on a 20-minute delay to try to track down the armed assailant who had already escaped according to "the sun sentinel." >> they are monitoring the subject right now. he went from the third floor to th finally just under an hour later a judge entered a not guilty plea for nikolas cruz in march. since the attack the sheriff's office says it has made some major changes in policy. the findings and a list of
7:15 am
recommendations for school safety will be turned over to the florida governor, guys, next week. >> so many issues here, not having a p.a. system. having security cameras on a 20-minute delay. >> yeah, you have five minutes for police to enter the building, so think about what happened in those five minutes. >> hopefully lessons are learned here. erielle, thank you. appreciate it. turning to philadelphia, the story, a dramatic scene after the crash of a police cruiser. the severely injured officer stuck in the car as flames break out while a bystander captures it all on video. >> yo, the car is on fire. >> get him out. ers, c hea out.t. ting at the officers who rushed to get him out just in time seconds before the car explodes. >> good thing all those people were there. >> and the officer now being treated for spine and hip fractures, but his family expects him to make a full recovery. all right. let's get a check of the forecast now. rob marciano is here. people a bit worried about the new year's eve forecast
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especially in some places. >> what are your big plans? how worried are you? >> i'll be in bed by 9:30. >> yeah, i thought so. >> we'll do the youtube video with the kids. >> when he says people, he's referring to his friends. >> exactly. i live vicariously through the revelers. >> we all do that, my friend. yes. we are watching that forecast very much so, and if you're traveling this week, it's mostly been rain on the eastern half of the country but where it snowed it snowed pretty heavily. i want to show you this, extreme northern parts of minnesota, a look at the mountains near the canadian border. the arrowhead there, they got 17 inches of snow with this. this looks like something out of colorado for goodness sakes. knee-deep in that stuff. they got off to a slow start this year but they're piling it up fairly rapidly. another storm coming through the northern tier and we highlighted this just a te mh nks to fal generally about six inches, maybe up to ten inches or so between i-84 and i-80 if you traveling through rapid city. jackson hole, might get fresh powder out of this as will some of the mountains in idaho. today if you're traveling, looks
7:17 am
to be pretty dry. finally into a bit of a dry pattern from san francisco back through los angeles. i think the rains will hang on across the florida panhandle. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. good visibility but an awfully cold start to yr. it's dry for new year's eve. a kmans of rain arrives next friday. so we're looking at numbers today all in the upper 50s. cool afternoon. 58 in san jose. as well as vallejo and santa cruz. the accuweather seven-day forecast windy in the hills tomorrow. next chance of rain next friday. re deep tease that toquite talk the next segment to decide whether you wear flannel pajamas or lighter summer variety. >> none of it matters when you're tucked in your bed. >> that's right. >> i only wear the lighter summer variety.
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>> all right. we're getting tmi. >> tmi. >> oh, my gosh. where is this going? >> a little holiday oversharing. moving right along, a toddler is back home this morning after a miraculous rescue on christmas day. >> this is an awesome story. now the first responders who rushed in to help are telling their story, and abc's janai norman is here with more. good morning, janai. >> reporter: guys, good morning. this is an amazing story for this family. it was a family's nightmare that turned into a christmas miracle and that's exactly what the family says they prayed for after finding the 1-year-old unresponsive and without a pulse in the family pool. >> orange county fire and rescue. >> my 1-year-old fell in the pool. >> reporter: this morning the firefighter paramedics that responded to this dramatic 911 call on christmas day are speaking for the first time about the heroic effort to save that baby boy's life. >> with the training that we have, you usually put most of your emotions aside and take care of the situation at hand. >> reporter: little connor hamler was rushed to the
7:19 am
hospital after nearly drowning in a backyard pool in central florida. the toddler now healthy and home. >> if it wasn't for our dispatcher giving instructions to the neighbor, the outcome would have been -- you know, the patient would not have survived. >> pinch his nose closed and completely cover his mouth with your mouth and then blow two regular breaths into the lungs. >> he's gurgling. >> he's gurgling, okay. >> reporter: the family telling abc news connor has continued to get better and now is walking, talking, eating, drinking and smiling. we're overjoyed at his progress and recovery and are praising god for this miracle. >> my prayers go out to them and i'm glad to hear that the baby is doing well, and i hope, you know, everything works out for them in the long run. >> and the family says this has been a sobering reminder at how quickly children can become out of reach and the importance of water safety and pool fences, and you can imagine in places like florida where so many people have pools, something definitely to think about. >> i know you think about this, and whit and i have talked about
7:20 am
it a lot and rob as well of having tiny kids around the house, just constant paranoia. >> aned they can be gone in a second. >> absolutely, they're running away. you have to watch them every second. >> it's also a reminder as if we needed one about the importance of the work that first responders do. >> completely. >> thanks for bringing that story. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," a hotel confrontation caught on camera. a registered guest as police were called on him and he was forced to leave because he's black. the hotel responding to the incident. plus, fixing your finances in the new year. five things you can do to help you keep your money resolutions. >> yes, and they don't involve playing the lottery. and coming up in "pop news," janai is going to be doing "pop news" today. the big story, why ariana grande canceled her planned return to the stage. what's going on here? we'll tell you again coming up in "pop news." keep it here. much more "gma" on this busy saturday morning. "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm neighborhood of good. visit to volunteer in your community.
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welcome back to "gma" and northern california, two more arrests overnight. a total of seven now accused of trying to help suspected cop killer gustavo perez arriaga evade police. perez arriaga was caught following a two-day manhunt after a police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop. authorities say perez arriaga was in the u.s. illegally. in massachusetts, kevin spa judge to let the actor skip his charges next month, the reason not disclosed thus far. the oscar-winning actor is accused of groping an 18-year-old man in a restaurant in 2016. and the mega millions jackpot rising to $415 million. no one matched all five numbers plus the mega ball in last night's drawing so it could be a very happy new year for someone after tuesday's drawing. >> can't win if you don't play.
7:31 am
also coming up, the money resolution, speaking of money here that you should be making aside from the lottery for a prosperous new year and rebecca jarvis has lots of great advice. all that coming up later this morning. indeed, but first here the man who says he was calling his mom from a hotel lobby and was kicked out because he's black. >> jermaine massey taking video of the incident saying he was approached by a security guard while he was on the phone, later told to pack his bags and leave. >> i was racially profiled. >> reporter: outrage growing this morning over this video that has now gone viral. jermaine massey saying he was targeted simply for being black. >> he's calling the cops on me because i'm taking a phone call at the doubletree hotel. i'm black african-american and that's the only justification i have. >> reporter: massey was staying at this portland doubletree by hilton when this happened. he recorded this video showing a hotel security guard telling him he's loitering despite his
7:32 am
attempts to maintain that he is a registered hotel guest. >> the police will be here in a minute. >> thank you. call them. i'm waiting. >> okay. >> they're coming why? why are they coming? >> to escort you off the property. >> because why? and i'm staying here? >> not anymore. >> when i left that hotel, i remember seeing the faces of the people in that lobby, and i felt like a criminal. these people were looking at me as if i had just committed a crime, and i didn't. >> reporter: the incident echoing other cases of white people reporting black people for things like selling bottled water or hanging out at starbucks. >> i need to leave? >> -- control of the property, yes. >> -- runs this place, right? i'm sitting here. >> reporter: in this most recent case the hotel now apologizing to massey calling what happened unacceptable and contrary to our values. >> these situations hurt people. they make them feel excluded from the rest of society, and
7:33 am
that's not how it should happen. >> now, the hotel says it has placed the employees involved on leave. it is using a third party to conduct a full investigation, and the hotel also saying it's reviewing its internal processes, protocols and training to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> all right. eva, thank you. let's check in with rob marciano. another look at the weather forecast. this is a big weekend for you. people really depending on your forecast. >> no pressure. >> i don't need that. >> yeah. >> i'll shake it off and show you this pretty picture. >> could you do that one more time? >> winter park, colorado, it's a tradition that they do every christmas. it is the torchlight parade where skiers grab torches and make their way down the hill. the fireworks going off. don't worry, whit. this is a long exposure. the hill is not on fire, okay, so no one was hurt during this exhibition. we have some fresh snow in the mountains and we have some cold air that pouring down across the midsection of the country. some of this is the coldest air of the season so far. so even though it's been mild
7:34 am
in the east coast minus 2 for a windchill in denver this morning or thereabouts. some of this, a chunk will get towards the northeast from detroit back through boston, temperatures tomorrow morning will feel like they're in the teens and 20s. that will be relatively short-lived with another pulse of some warm air. 56 degrees for burbank, california. new year's eve forecast, really cold. in the midsection of the country. a little bit wet here in the eastern high there, saturday morning, awfully chilly out there for mount tam. it looks calm but plenty of 30s through the 7:00 hour. 40s by the coast. later on today mid-and upper 50s with sunshine. >> this weather report is sponsod big day in college football if you want to get your jammies on early and watch them on abc and espn. we'll have all the action and a run down with tim tebow a little bit later in the forecast. >> i love how you're trying to distract us from the terrible
7:35 am
weather by showing pretty pictures. reminds me of my son having a temper tantrum wanting ice cream. look here, here's a superman doll. total distraction. >> weather 101, smokescreens. >> pretty picture. it's pretty. it's pretty. >> anyway, the forecast is not. but you are, my friend. thank you. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," the new year's resolutions to follow if you want to be wealthier in the new year. >> isn't that all of us? and the little tennis fan. when your mom serena and your aunt is venus, who do you root for? >> that's so cute. you're "ehhhhhhhhhhhh?" well, it's more like a "mnaaaaahhhhhaa-ooofff." hmmmmmm. not "hmmmmmm," it's like a, "mneeeeehhhhh?" are you sure it's not "phfoooooof?" yeah, it's like a cross between "phfoooooof" and "agagagagaguh." ohhhhhh... well, i've got good news, carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy one from them. ahhh-haaaaaa. mmmmm-hmmm. hoohooo. hoo-hoho. haaaa. hey hey! weeeooo-weeeoooo.
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a good way to save yourself some money regardless of what happens to stocks. guys. >> some good information there. >> she didn't mention the mega millions. >> that's not a way to -- >> no, don't plan for that. >> good info. coming up on "good morning america," tim tebow joins us with his take on college bowl games. >> rob is doing that interview. a lot to talk about there and then ariana grande's apology to her fans. that's coming up in "pop news" with janai norman on this saturday morning. ng. ♪
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college footballtton bowfol anl on espn. joining us this morning from florida where the orange bowl is being played, someone who knows
7:45 am
a little something about football, former professional quarterback tim tebow, not to mention heisman winning, national championship winner. all right, tim, always great to have you on "good morning america." are you pumped up for the orange bowl tonight? >> oh, i'm so ready for it. i think it's the most intriguing game in all of football. you have one of the best minds in football in nick saban versus one of the best offensive minds in lincoln riley and two of the top quarterbacks, number one and two in the heisman race. listen, this game has everything you want, a lot of points, a great atmosphere and everything is on the line. >> well, saban has the same issue he has last year. sttsndysnk it's a's jo k, youno tua had the haration he ahtove withheale, ernghe docto will be able to do for him, i think tua
7:46 am
will be able to play tonight above 90%. i think he'll play well. i think you also have that blessing of having jalen hurts as a backup, and we saw the s.e.c. championship game, what he can do if he has a chance but tua is the guy. tua got them here this year and he is one of the best players in the country. you roll with tua tonight. >> you know, i think to myself and this is why i'm not a coach, does he tell tua, you can run hard and play hard and hit hard because if you get hurt, we got a backup. is this a conversation or even a thought that might be going through his head? >> well, i think you do have a lot of freedom. you have freedom where you don't have to worry about tua. you can let him play his game and scramble and make plays because you know you have a solid backup and more than just a backup, listen, jalen hurts is a guy that two years in a row brought his team to the national championship game. he is a big-time quarterback. i think he's the top 15 quarterback in college football. so if you need to put him in the game, you can trust him as well. >> all right, let's switch gears to the earlier game, the cotton bowl in dallas, clemson/notre dame, this one seemingly a little bit more closer matched,
7:47 am
i assume. i haven't looked at the line. who do you like in this match-up? >> i like clemson in this match-up. i think clemson has more speed and more athleticism and i think they're more physical. the one thing i think about notre dame is they're extremely well coached and play hard but i think for notre dame have a chance in this game, ian book has to be the mvp and best player. as the quarterback for notre dame, the biggest weakness on the defense for clemson is their secondary. south carolina threw for over 500 yards. this is an opportunity where ian book and notre dame has to take advantage of that secondary. and if he doesn't, they have no chance. >> kind of a warm-up bowl game. i shouldn't say that but the peach bowl at noon today. florida against michigan. who do you like there? >> i think florida. i am going to give them a slight edge, but i think so much is on the line for michigan right now. so much pressure. listen, they've lost their biggest games this year. they lost to notre dame to start
7:48 am
the season and they lost to ohio state, and if they were to lose to a florida team that wasn't supposed to be anything this year, i think some of that momentum that harbaugh has had goes away and also hurts them in recruiting. i think florida will show up. michigan needs this one badly. >> you are a pro and said that with a straight face as if you weren't a homer rooting for florida. you are a true unbiased journalist. thanks so much for your insight. we always enjoy talking with you. big match-up today and good luck tonight at the orange bowl. we'll all be watching and happy new year, my man. >> thank you vy i appreciate it. >> all right. you can all catch the clemson versus notre dame game at 4:00, the cotton bowl, as we mentioned followed by alabama veus oaha t orae bo a8:00eaern time, both, of course, on espn. looking forward to today. >> rob, why didn't you ask for my analysis? >> well, you know, we got that during the break and it didn't hold much. >> our stat man, dan harris. all, serena williams' daughter. what happened when she watched mom play auntie venus. ahead in "pop news."
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is sponsored by sub "good morning america" is sponsored by subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. here now for her inaugural "pop news" delivery, janai norman. eva has been vowing in the commercial -- >> yeah. >> -- that she will protect you from me. >> hoping that you're going to play nice. >> i'm not going to do anything. >> all right, we'll see. >> we'll see. starting off with ariana grande's return to the stage which has been delayed. the "thank you, next" singer canceled tonight's -- las ght's performan at cosmopolitan hotel in vegas. the singer writing on instagram she's currently working through some health issues. "people" magazine says she's battling bronchitis. this would have been the first time we really have seen her on stage since breaking off her engagement to "snl's" pete davidson. 2018 has been quite a year for ariana grande. she called it one of the best of her career but the worst of her life, but she's already
7:54 am
looking ahead to 2019 telling fans she's looking forward to making it up to them next year. so we will see her on stage. >> she really did have a tough year. >> i hope she feels better. serena williams' daughter, look, it's a tough place to be in when your two favorite teams are playing each other. this is the position she's in. she's just clapping along. one little diplomat. her dad, alexis ohanian, posting this video on instagram of her watching mom and her aunt playing an exhibition game in abu dhabi writing she's a good sport. she clapped for every point. she is adorable. just happy to be there. just clapping all around. this time it was big sister venus who was the winner. >> yeah, burberry. fortwawhen to apinba >> ocoseher mom didn't w that one. >>to more spor action, t competition heating up on the ice for a wiener dog t? >> so much for hot dogs. these are some chili dogs. you get it? >> oh!
7:55 am
>> the event taking place during the atlanta gladiators hockey game. 65 pups facing off in various heats. some using the slippery surface to their advantage. the ones behind trying to catch up to those. >> oh. >> you know, hot dogs, yeah. this is the second annual wiener dog race. should i say they were relishing the competition. >> oh. >> just pushing it one step at a time. >> yeah. i thought they were good. >> if you asked for my analysis on that athletic event, i could have provided it. that is one where i can talk. >> so far the "pop news" delivery is spot-on. >> thanks, i'm trying. and finally they told me that if i wanted impress you guys and for you guys to be nice to me, i ar wendy's frosty. >> yes. >> you can get free ones, you spend $2 on this fros frosties tag, and it goes to a good cause for helping find adopted families for children in foster care then you get a free frosty every day of the year. >> frosty dairy dessert is the full name, by the way. >> rossty dairy dessert. >> love these. >> whatever it takes. >> thank you.
7:56 am
>> thanks. >> we love you already. see you back here tomorrow, right? >> okay. >> i'll be here. >> awesome. we'll see you, as well. have a great saturday, everybody. have a great saturday, everybody. >> announcer: abc 7 mornings sflo all news all morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. food is the semi finals of the cooling football playoff. and one of four fans living on a giant billboard in downtown san jose wakes up a little bit warmer this morning. >> you win in giant abc 7 news parkay which will come in handy. how excited are you. >> i'm pumped because i'm really cold. >> winner winner janette kim has been named the ultimate fan thanks to viewers who voted in .
7:57 am
the group has been hanging out 50 feet in the air since thursday, vying for a chance to watch the favorite team compete in the college football playoff national championship. >> i want to apologize in advance. we are going to win again. we will bring home newman 18. >> two teams and two contestants eliminated today. number three notre dame faces number 2 clemson at 1:00 p.m. in the cotton bowl. number four 4 oklahoma blams number 1 alabama in the college bowl. don't forget the college football playoff national championship at levi stadium on monday january 7th. you can watch it on espn. turning to weather now ieat. with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> chris, nice and sunny behind you. but boy is it cold. i've heard from lots of you. you can see from mount tam that has something to do with it. 46 in san francisco. morgan hill is 35. 37 in mountain view.
7:58 am
from our exploratorium camera we have plenty of low 30s from santa rosa, napa petaluma. 37 in livermore. impaired to yesterday about 12 to 16 degrees colder in our inland valleys. a sunny afternoon. we'll have the details for the holiday coming up. >> thank you. just ahead, a total of 8 suspects are now in custody in connection with the death of corporal ronil singh. what we know about them and had you this case is putting the issue of illegal immigration back in the spotlight.
7:59 am
not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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>> announcer: good morning, buerre. let's get up and getmornings. it's saturday, december 29th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the forecast. here is meteorologist lisa argen, tracking live doppler 7 for us. hey, dries. fwoerng. it's chlor. live doppler 7. because we are looking at a chilly start. the atmosphere dry. beautiful picture of emeryville. you can see the camera shaking a bit. upper elevation winds are gusty. 40 in mount view. process a few clouds around the golden gate bridge. colder in the north bay valleys. many places at freezing. but slowly coming up to the upper 30s in concord. that's a look at tahoe where it's breezy. for the bay area, a cold start by the next hour or two we'll nb th40


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