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tv   Action News  ABC  December 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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now from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> that breaking news captured after three days on the run. >> officers find a big clue 245 leads them to arrest a convicted criminal that's caped from san quentin. thanks for joining us. >> that manhunt for shalom mendoza started wednesday night after he walked away from a san quentin work crew and carjacked a woman. >> that car was spotted yestda away, with a sighting of mendoza yesterday in san miguel.
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>> cornell bernard has a look at how police caught up with mendoza. >> reporter: almost four days of freedom, now over for shalom mendoza. he's now back in custody. a tip from the public led authorities to a taco bell restaurant on the central coast. >> i went to the table i was sitting at and i recognized this gentlemen who had a tattoo above his eyebrow. >> reporter: crystal thought the man having lunch here looked familiar. she had no clue how close she was sitting to a suspected prison escapee. >> the booth i was sitting in, and he was in this booth. >> reporter: later police came in and arrested 21-year-old shalom mendoza. cops first asked him his name. >> he said his name was andrew. an officer goes, now, i know it's not andrew, don't lie to me. >> reporter: the california department of corrections said
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officers searched mendoza and found in weapons. he was wearing a black shirt and sweat pants that he bought friday night after ditching the toyota he was suspected of driving. >> sense the arrest, we have confirmed that he's the carjacking suspect that occurred here. >> reporter: this was mendoza driving through the bay toll plaza. >> he just came very fast and he just said i have a gun, give me the key, if not i'll kill you. >> reporter: he somehow walked away from a supervised work detail outside the security perimeter december 26. he was serving five years for using a deadly weapon during a carjacking in l.a. got and is nonger to anybody.
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>> reporter: authorities say mendoza is now in custody in prison. his case will be referred to the marin county d.a.'s office. it's unknown if he will be returned to san quentin. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." >> cornell, thank you. a total of eight people are in custody, suspected in the death of corporal singh. investigators say the prime suspect was trying to flee to mexico. seven other suspects were arrested, including his girlfriend, two brothers and co-worker. they are accused of helping him evade capture. two of the other suspects were in the country illegally. singh was shot and killed early wednesday morning. he was a native of fiji and joined the force in july of 2011.
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a funeral was held today for the 2-year-old yemeni boy whose mother had been prevented to see her dying son because of the travel ban. she said goodbye to her son in lodi. he passed away at children's hospital in oakland. she was granted a waive tore see her dying son last week. she was reunited with him last thursday at the hospital. in developing news, the president took to twitter and blamed the deaths of children in u.s. custody on democrats and immigration policies. all of this while the government shutdown over the president's wall entered a second week. here's an update now from washington. >> reporter: the government shutdown now in its second week and both sides sunlling t budge. negotiations are at a stand still. >> discussions have broken down. >> reporter: the president tweeting this morning, i'm in the white house waiting for the democrats to come on over and make a deal on border security.
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but nancy pelosi saying the democrats won't fund the wall. the president tweeting on friday, we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats don't give us the money to finish the wall. >> i think the main part of this is it's a signal to his base saying i'm standing tall and firm. i'm going to do whatever it takes. but it's not realistic that he would shut the border down. >> reporter: pelosi says the house's first vote on january 3rd, when the democrats take control of the house, will be to reopen the government, ending the uncertainty for 800,000 federal workers. as the political showdown continues, a growing crisis in el paso, texas, after a second child died in u.s. from overcrowded facilities in that city. on friday, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen
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toured border patrol centers, saying the system is clearly overwhelmed. then on saturday, she traveled to yuma, arizona. tara pulmari, abc news. the four bedroom home is where prosecutors say david and louise turpin shackled their children to furniture and abused them. the home was valued at $353,000. it foreclosed in november. the couple pleaded not guilty to charges. a daughter escaped from the house in january and called 911. pg&e could face murder charges if found guilty of starting the camp fire in butte county. the official cause o t is still under investigation, but the first flames fire crews spotted were located directly under an active tension power line. the camp fire was the deadliest and most destructive in state
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history. 86 people died and 14,000 homes destroyed. a federal judge is demanding answers from pg&e by new year's eve. a man suffered serious burns and two dogs died when fire raced through a home this morning. it started around 6:00 a.m. off of seven hills road. a man was used trying to use a garden hose to put the fire out. a woman and 18-month-old escaped unarmed. firefighters suspect a space heater started the fire. >> space heaters can be very dangerous. in this case, they were too close to combustibles. we ask the public to keep them at least three feet away from furniture, clothing, anything like that. >> the first floor is a total loss. the second storyokdage a fire raced through a town home in san jose. you can see most of that damage is in the garage area of the home. fire crews say no one was in the
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house when they arrived and no one was hurt. it's still unknown what caused the fire. christmas delayed but not denied for families in the bay area. police and firefighters respond to a holiday emergency and make the season brighter for victims of a destructive apartment fire. then there were three. an update on a college football playoff competition involving some super fans living on a bill board in san jose. i'm drew tuma. a live look at the sunset. it turns c
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in the north bay, police officers, firefighters, and the salvation army paid a visit to families devastated by an apartment fire earlier this week. local first responders brought toys and gift baskets to the victims of this week's two-alarm fire at the apartments in the canal district. many of the victims lost everything, including christmas presents for kids. north bay first responders stepped up to fill the void. >> i retired after 36 years from the police department. so all the times we as first responders see it going into different houses and apartment where is there's nothing in the residence to indicate christmas to the kids and the whole bit, this is truly fulfilling. >> at least two apartment units were destroyed by flames. some residents escaped on a second floor window using those sheets to get to safety. then there were three. one of the super fans living on top of a 45 foot high bill board
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in san jose is going home. espn 3 was live streaming as clemson won in the finals. that means the fighting irish fan goes home. no hard feelings between the two. they shared a hand shake and selfie after the game and jeanette said goodbye. either ross or hunter will be going home tonight following the conclusion of the alabama/oklahoma game. and the college football playoff national championship is at levi stadium on monday, january 7th. you can watch it on espn. >> i was out there yesterday, and it is cold to be out there. >> e ail ar >> oh cfettias story ahead. >> i was like, o my god, really? >> a new mom left stunned. meet a baby who broke a record
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the moment he was born. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. beautiful outside there tonight, but it will get chilly over the next 12 hours before we track a high wind watch. the details in the accuweather forecast after the break. abc 7 has more news, weather and hot topics coming your way. "abc7 news" at 11:00 a.m. is expanding to a full hour. join us each weekday rig an earlyce
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iust a test,
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the confetti system in times square. police are prepared with drones, counter snipers. officials usually say as many as 2 million people pack times square. they -- you can watch theatch th drop right here on abc 7. dick clark's new year's eve "rocking eve" with ryan sea kret sta -- seacrest starts monday night. hundreds are working around the clock to get the floats ready for the new year's day rose parade. most of the action is taking place at a warehouse gabriel valley. many say the work is not only rewarding but therapeutic. watch the parade tuesday morning at 8:00 right here on abc 7. you know the saying,
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everything is bigger in texas, including one baby who broke a record at birth. check him out. he weighed in at 14 pounds, 13 ounces. we should mention he was born by c-section on december 12th. that broke a hospital record. they say they were expecting a big baby because their first child weighed 9 pounds at birth, but they were still surprised at just how big their son is. >> he is meant for something big. maybe not football. everybody says that. >> he can do whatever he wants. >> that's right. ali did have to spend a week in the nic-u because of his blood sugar, but he is now home and windy new year's eve at hand. live doppler 7, we'll give you a scan across the region, and we are rain free tonight.
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the picture, it was a gorgeous sunset moments ago. you can see the silhouette of the san francisco skyline with that sun going down, just a few thin clouds out there, and with that mainly clear sky, we're going to get chillier. today, warmes cities were in the 60s. right now, in the 50s and 40s. 46 degrees in the north bay. 55 right now in san francisco and san jose with a temperature of 57 degrees. so overnight tonight, temperatures fall rapidly over the next couple of hours. and you can see the majority of the region dropping into the 30s so i wil stt. the day planner rbon copy t col sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. by 4:00, in the 50s if not low 60s. and thanks to the sun getting longer and longer, sunset coming tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. exactly.
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but the winds increase as the sup goes down. highs on your sunday, 57 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. 60 for san jose. about concord up to 62. live doppler 7 with satellite, quiet across california right now. tracking a cold front bringing rain to seattle and portland. as it inches closer to us over the next 24 hours, it will ramp up the winds. tomorrow night, a high wind watch will go into effect, lasting into monday and tuesday morning, as well. we're likely to see gusts over 50 miles an hour. the north bay mountains, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. nday tart to seeind gusts, by the wind very activut of the ng 2 to perhaps 40 miles an hour. all day on monday, breezy to windy. even by 8:00 monday night, those
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winds are really active, gusting nearly 40 miles an hour. new year's eve itself, as you're out and about, it will be clear and cool and windy. so your forecast, it's a bright looking day. moon lit skies and windy and brisk. by midnight, mainly in the 40s. the winds cool us off even more. by 2:00 in the morning, sit a cold night. upper 30s to mid 40s with the winds. the accuweather seven-day forecast, for the next seven days, mostly sunny on your sunday. it's windy on new year's eve. for the new year, the winds reax on tuesday. ton schein continues. dry through friday and the next chance of any rain will come one week today at night. still could have a change in the pattern coming. >> i'm just glad there was no rain for those folks on the bill board. we are talking college football, but nobody here was on
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top of a bill board today. >> they are halfway through the college playoffs. one team that's secured its position in the title game. the other has
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the countdown toy. clemson and notre dame.
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clems clems clemson's trevor lawrence finds justin ross. 52 yards for the end zone. under 2:00 to play in the first half, they connect again, this time for 42 yards. ross had 148 receiving yards. 16-3. clemson got the ball back with 39 seconds left. the drive ends with lawrence throwing his third touchdown pass of the quarter. what a catch. 19 yards out. 23-3 tigers. third quarter, ices it with this 62-yard touchdown run. he had 109 rushing yards, the longest play notre dame has given up this season.g tohe bay area for the championship game. 30-3 the final. right now, georgia and ohio state shaking their heads. florida and michigan in the peach bowl. the gators' quarterback rushed for 74 yards, include thing
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20-yard td run. florida led 14-10 at the half. michigan had four starters skip this game to prepare for the nfl draft. it showed. shea patterson picked off twice in the second half. you can see the michigan fans aren't too excited. 53-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. florida claims the peach bowl in a rout, 41-15 the final over arkansas state, nevada in the arizona bowl. 59 minutes in, and the wolfpack reach the end zone. devontae lee drove it in from a yard out. fie he nail this one t nevada needs a touchdown to win. right here, they get it. 11 yards to roverson.
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nevada wins the arizona bowl 16-13. to the nhl, the sharks start the new year on the road and san jose's trip is bound to be better. this is a marvel comics addition. they get the three on one, and carlton feeds donskoi for the goal. and the sharks take a 2-1 lead into the dressing room. then joe thorton sets up couture for one of his two goals. then a quick shot from the point. a goal and three assists for carlson. but the other carlson had two goals. his assist coming from eric. sharks win 7-4, the final. are you a little confused about which carlson did what? >> exactly. >> the orange bowl just under way.
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highlights at 6:00. >> when
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not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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question, what weighs almost 3,000 pounds and comforts children? >> here is the big reveal. meet chunk. he's a six foot steer that became a therapy animal at a farm in virginia. keepers say chuck has a way with children. he seems to know how to respond. i don't know, maybe you shouldn't put him on the lap.
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>> and don't put him on the plane, either. that's "abc7 news" at 5:00. >> for all of us here at "abc7 is for all of us here at "abc7 tonight, the brewing storm threat and arctic blast. two systems are colliding just in time for new year's. a big chill is on the way. wind and snow alerts across the northwest and heads up for millions headed to a soggy times square. no end in sight. washington is shut for an eighth day. the halls of congress empty. no negotiations. and it seems, no way out. hiding a killer. friends and relatives suspected of helping him evade capture. the new arrest and what investigators are now saying. tinder date terror. the investigation. screams coming from inside a home. police arriving to see a man attacking his date with a knife.
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tasing himnd


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