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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> you all up on the street, they get the cars. come on, get up. >> for the second time in two weeks, a brutal a -- brutal attack on the streets of san francisco. >> san francisco police, they are looking for the man who brutally beat someone outside of a b.a.r.t. station fear union square. the incident all caught on see. ? within the past hour, police released a picture of the suspect, there it is right there. he is 25-year-old melton earl kelly and they are looking for him as we speak. we spoke with the woman who shot the video. >> reporter: we need to warn you, some of the video is graphic. she was walking from the story
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when she spotted a man being beaten near the entrance to the palace street b.a.r.t. station. others called police and she pulled out had err c-- pulled ot their camera. the streets were just like this early friday evening. but on the other side of market and in front of the palace street b.a.r.t. stagtion. >> it was starts over here. >> reporter: a brawl was unfolding, so brutal that some of the video was too much for tv. >> it made me in disgusted and like i mentioned, it angered me. >> reporter: the police are looking for the man in the black hoodie, identified as melton they saw him beating and punching him in the face. one person did try to break it up. >> i was surprised a hear it's escalating on going issue. >> reporter: last week another video of a man getting stomped on and assaulted on mason street, a few blocks from this
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fight. >> call 9-1-1. >> he was of being wrestled and choked and gasping for air. >> she sees officers around here usually. >> that day at that moment, where were they? i did in the see a single one. >> reporter: this area draws thousands of tourists. and many issues along with it. we had to stop our interview at one point because of harassment. >> can you get the guards to get the people out of here? >> reporter: our encounter did not escalate, she said that in too many cases they do. she refuses to accept it as the new form normal and said the video is her way of seeing something and saying something. sopd is asking with any information on kelly to call their anonymous team line. if you see kelly, do not approach him. just call police. reporting in the newsroom. abc 7 news. >> all right, very disturbing. thank you very much. >> new developments in the man hunt for the prisoner who walked
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away from a san quinton work crew. he is captured and back in prison. he escaped some time wednesday night and suspected of a carjacking later that night a mile away from the prison in a home depot. the car was found abandoned. and police received a tip from the public that he was in nearby san miguel, they caught up to him today in a taco bell in pa symptom o r-- in >> i recognized the man, he had a tattoo above his eyebrow. loed strangely familiar. the man she had no clues sittcted prison escapee police came in and arrested the man. cops first asked him his name.
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>> he returned that his name was andrew. and the officer goes, now, i know your name is not andrew, don't lie about your name. >> reporter: the officers searched mendoza and found no weapons. he was wearing a black shirt and sweat spant pants that he bough the dollar general store after ditching the toyota rav-4 that he was suspected of driving. >> since the arrest, we have confirmed that he is the scar ja -- he is the carjacking suspect from the carjacking near home dep depot. >> he was here just 15 minutes after carjacking a man who was shopping at the home depot. >> he came fast and he said something inside and he said. i have the gun. give me the key, or i kill you now. >> reporter: he walked away from a work detail outside the security perimeter on december
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26th. he was serving a five year sentence after a deadly carjacking. people are glad he is in custody. >> i'm glad he is caught and he is no long er a endangerrrrrrr anybody. he is now in in in in in i abc 7 news. >> we have been sending out alerts about the story as it develops with the abc 7 news app. the app is free to download and available for all mobile devices. just make sure to enable the push alert feature to receive breaking news updates. >> new details now on the capture of the man suspected of killing knewman police corporal singh. the man was arrested yesterday in kern county, he is due in court on wednesday. authorities say they believe they have recovered the gun used in the killing but they have not said where they found it.
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he is accused of killing singh after singh pulled him over on suspicion of driving him under the influence early in the morning after christmas. funeral services were held today for the 2-year-old boy who's mother was prevented from visiting her son in the had hospital because ofpresident trump's travel ban. mourners packed the california islamic center to say goodbye to the child. he suffered a rare brain disorder and passed away in a children's hospital in oakland. his mother was granted a waiver to travel from yemen to see herrer dying son last -- her g n lastee she was reunited with him at the hospital last are found guilty of causing the campfire. the first flames that crews spottspot ed under a pg and e power line.
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it's the most deadly and destructive in state history. 86 people die and 14,000 homes were destroyed. a federal judge is demanding answers from pg&e by new year's eve. >> a man suffered serious burns and two dogs died in a early morning house fire. the man was hurt trying to use a garden hose to put out of the fire a off seven flames ved qui-- flames spread . and fire fighters put out of th fire in 20 minutes. they suspect a space heater started it all. >> they can hbe dangerous, if they are close combustibles. >> in the south bace ay, througn jose. this happened this morning. you can see there, most of the
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damage is -- most of the damage is in the garage. no one was hurt and it's unknown what caused the fire. >> newspaper customers are expecting normal service tomorrow after a cyber attack hampered delivers today. several newspapers share a production platform including the los angeles times which published an apology and the san diego union tribune, the chicago tribune and the baltimore sun. the west coast versions of the wall street journal and new york times were affected andhe t rept the attack occurred from outside the u.s. data has not been affected. >> still ahead. >> creating some holiday cheer, the effort by first responders to brighten the holiday season for bay area families dealing with loss. is pamela harris gnhengoi
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cold? the reports coming in on a possible run at the white house. and in san jose, changes are coming, take a look. now, the downtown espn bill board will reflect the to teams heading to the college football playoff game and the two super fans who remain. >> and we are in store for a cold night. cities already in the 30s a this hour. before we track strong winds
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it appears democratic senators are gearing up to2020 . >> now according to the "new york times" senator harris is likely to put her headquarters in baltimore or atlanta, but
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dooring to the record, she is -- butaccording to the report, she is going maintain an office on the west coast. they are scrutinizing her time in public office including as san francisco district attorne. other candidates are listed in the times. >> in the north bay police fire, community groups came together to help families that lost everything in an apartment fire that happened the day after christmas. abc 7 news was in san rafel where a batch of presents and gusts families who were displaced by the fires. first responders and volunteers said it's a small gesture to replace what was lost. >> we see it, we go in to different houses where there's nothing in the residence to indicate christmas for the kids and the whole bit, this is really truly fulfilling. >> four families were displaced by the fire, one family escaped by tying sheets together and climbing out of the second story
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window. >> well, good news for brick and mortar retailers looking for ways to compete with amazon. buy on line, pick up in store spending increased 47% from november to mid december. that is all dooring to consumer research from adobe analytics. stores like walmart, target and best buy offer the option and the advantage for consumers is that there's no cost to ship and it offers a chance to skip crowds and those check outlines. in the soth bay, the group of college football fanatics living on a billboard in downtown san jose is down to two tonight. the college football playoffs semifinal games were played this afternoon and the fans representing the two losing teams were sent back home. >> all right, abc 7 news reporter amanda is live and she caught up with the ultimate fans not the ending of a couple of them, they were hoping for. amanda. >> reporter: yeah, crews are quickly changing the the billboard here in downtown san
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jose to reflect clemson and alabama, the teams are going head to head for the third time in four years in the college football championship game. the once in a lifetime camping trip has come to an end for two fans. for kim, her fighting irish did not have much fight in them. losing to clemson, 30-3. >> pretty disappointed, i mean, i wish i could say the irish left it on the field, i think we under performed today and we could have punit up a better fight. >>. >> reporter: and hunter, coming down from the billboard, oklahoma losing to alabama,ish start to the game. it was fun. >> reporter: proof it was not all bad news for the pairity. they were part of a group picked by our sister networ beating out a pool of 700 people for this had opportunity. their experience live streamed on espn 3. for the remaining two.
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45 feet above chilly downtown san jose is where they will live until monday, january 7th. >> i looked at the weather for 96 week and it going to be the same thing. so i have just kind of psyched myself up that it's the way it's going to be. >> she will join another until their teams go head to head until their teams go head to head at levi stadium. the third time in four years that the to schools will meet for the title. >> it lab close fought game. i feel. but i -- it will be a close fought game this year, and i feel we will pull it out again this year. >> reporter: clemson and alabama met in 2015 and 2016 for the championship game. each took home a w back then, so, we have got a rubber match on our hands. back to you. >> the group may have been split in half, but other college football fans making their way to the bay area for the playoff football championship game. >> reporter: i yeah, eric, you are right. we are still ten days away from
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the game again, that is january seventh. but i can tell you that downtown san jose is transforming. there's going to be plenty of activities for people, and even more people joining the two will remain on this bill board. they are gone tonight as the crews are changing the billboard, but they will be back tomorrow. reporting live in downtown san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. don't forget, the college football playoff national championship is at levi stadium on monday, january 7th. you can watch it on our sister network. espn. >> all right, we talked about the cold temperatures that the two remaining fans will endure. the question is, will it rain at all? >> drew has the answer. >> well, we will end the year on a dry note. it will be a breezy end to 2018. a high wind watch will go in to act for new year's eve, as strong north winds will move in. tonight, though, live doppler 7 the sweep across the region, it's dry and the picture tonight, it's a beautiful one.
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the exploritorium camera, atop san francisco, mainly clear sky, patchy clouds here and there. otherwise, it's getting cold out there. look at the numbers away from the coast. we are dipping in to 30s. 35 in fairfield. and we are down to a cool 38 in santa rosa. the same story in san ramon and san jose at 46. the warm spot relative lly speaking is half moon bay sitting in the 50s at this the numbers had will contin -- continue to fall. we have mainly clear skies and a but of patchy fog here and there through the delta, but most spots will deal with mainly clear it will be chilly, and we are dipping well in to the 30s over the next 12 hours. your 12 hour day planner, patchy fog and the big headline at 7:00 in the morningment much it's chilly -- morning, much chilly,
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partly cloudy conditions through the around and temperatures by 4:00. topping out in the upper 50s to lower 60s. pretty much where we should be for this time of year. so, highs on your sunday, 57 in san francisco, after a chilly start, 60 in san jose with afternoon sunshine, and 61 in santa rosa, and 61 in concord and 59 on sunday in palo alto. the big picture, you can see across much of california, it's a really quiet picture right now. to our north though, we are tracking a cold front and ask it slowly inches our way, what it will do unfortunately, it will not bring us any moisture, it will kick up the winds over the next 24-48 hours. so, a high wind watch will go in to affect tomorrow night and had this will actually last through tuesday morning and our highest winds are exacted to be in the north bay mountains. the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains, areas shaded in orange, where we could see gusts well over 50 miles an hour.
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closer to the surface though, you are certainly going to feel the north winds. tomorrow night, the winds are first along the coast, gusting over 30 miles an hour and then, early monday morning we really think the winds are going to crank pretty quickly. so, by 7:00 in the morning on new year's eve. you have the winds racing out of the north and gusting 30, 40 miles an hour. monday looks windy the entire day. by 7:00, 8:00 at night ee eyou the winds coming out of the north. if you are going to be out, you want the hat, gloves and much. temperatures in the 40s, you have the winds 30-40 miles an hour. as they ring in 2019 at midnight the temperatures will continue to dip in to the 30s again for the first morning of 2019. so we will see mostly sunny skies tomorrow after a cold start, those winds ramp up here on monday with the high wind watch. we will welcome 2019 with the
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winds easing in the morning. we stay dry for much of the week and the next chance for showers are a week from today with the next storm system, bringing us a chance at night. new year's eve will be cool. it will feel windy and brisk. >> so, hairspray and hats are a must. >> totally. >> i have a forecast for you, if you are trying to leave san francisco to the east bay using the bay bridge, not good right nowst. you may be able to see there, the traffic backed up on the lower deck east bound, it's because of a suspected hit and run, four vehicle accident, eastbound just east of treasure you see the view here. you see that traffic at least back behind the tour -- behind the towers is not moving at all. we are told the accident is blocking all but two lanes so things are very slow and just about stopped. keep that in mind if you are leaving the city toward the east bay of. you may need alternate
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>> still to come, horse on a horse. steph curry may have trick shot competition from of all people, a police officer. abc 7 has more news and weather and hole hot topics coming your way. we are expanding to a full hour of midday live. join the abc 7 news team every weekday
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horse?ke a look at the police fh this happened to davey dy wiv t ball by a kid and he sinks the shot. look again. the police department posted it online, saying connecting with the community is what it's all about. let's see him do it with defense on him though. >> that officer could give steph
11:27 pm
curry a run for his money. look at that. swish. >> i am telling you, a little defense. he would never get that shot off with mindi bach. >> i would be too interested in the horse. >> the horse has no idea what is happening. >> mindi would reject that shot in to the eighth row, whack. >> you want a bad pun? klay thompson, back in the saddle. there you go. >> yeah, well done. >> that is amazing. >> right. thompson led the warriors in scoring with his 50th career outing of
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any questions you may have had about what the warriors thought of the overtime loss to the trail blazers on thursday were answered tonight in portland when the two teams met again. the warriors took the lead with 3:16 left in the first quarter and never gave it back. klay thompson and the warriors have struggled from beyond the arc recently. so naturally looney will score the first three of the game. and of his season. unbelievable. you go call a loved that. clay -- iguodala loved that. thompson found his mojo, 4 of 5 from distance. not everything went well. but the smile was worth it. yeah, the dunk on the break away, not perfect. no matter. kevin durant, had 25 in had this one and the warriors led by eight in the half. they played the second half without iguodala who was kicked out for hucking the ball in to the stands. the officials called it a hostile act. portland "d" did not get back in
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time and look at that. entering, durant makes quick work. he found klay cutting down the mulgd. a team high 32 points for klay. that is the 50th game. santa barbara the gouchos are 5-0, this three put the team up by three. usf trailed by two until they made a great little shot. time running out, tied at 63 much. ramsey, hits the threement he had 14 in this one. and you canjacori came up with basket. drives and banks it. usf suffered the second loss of the season. 73-71 the final. the sharks will start the new year on the road. and san jose's trip is sure to be better with erik karlsson on the team bus. he has served his two-game suspension and back for the game
11:33 pm
in edmonton. saonoiorthe goal. this one tied at one. brett burns, then finds hertl in front. and hertl making good use of suppose. they take a 2-1 lead and second period, sets up logan couture, and couture had two goals. karlsson, he is from the point, he is going to then find the net. donskoi provided a screen on that one. a goal and three assists for karlsson, one of them going to the other karlsson melker who had two goals. the sharks win the second straight game. 7-4 the final. and we are going to have college bowl game highlights coming up in a half hour and that raises more issues about the college playoff format, so that is a, not a lot of sound minds about how this is working out. >> it's a diplomatic way to put it. >> it's nice to see klay get his
11:34 pm
stroke back much. he has to work on the dunks. >> more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. she met a man on tinder and they were all set for a date, but when they met it turned in to terror, what her date did that led to his arrest. >> and no sign the government
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. >> in tonight's headlines the inmate that walked away from a work detail has been captured.
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he was arrested at a taco bell in paso robles today, he escaped wednesday night and carjacked a woman nearby and that car was found abandoned yesterday. >> san francisco police are searching for the suspect in this beating and robbery caught on video yesterday near the powell street b.a.r.t. station. police have identified the man as 26-year-old melton earl kelly of oakland, an active man hunt is under way. >> pg&e could be pros cuted murder if it's found that they caused the campfire or any deadly fire in the past two years. thats according aegal iefmihete attorneysef the campfire is under investigation still. >> the government shutdown is in i. its eighth day. we have the latest. >> tonight on day eight of the government shutdown, with no end in sight, negotiations at a
11:39 pm
stand still. the president tweeting, i'm in the white house waiting for the democrats to come on over and make a deal on border security. >> we are in this for the long haul. >> with congress out of town. 800,000 federal employees either working without pay or furloughed are bracing for the first. this new mom said her husband is among the 53,000 tsa employs at work with no paycheck. >> he is the only bread winner and we have two young kids, and it's scary when you don't know when you are going to get paid. >> reporter: now she is battling with the credit cards to her payments. the museums are going to close on january 2nd and the national parks are seeing trash issues. >> i'm proud to shut down the government for border security. >> reporter: the showdown is over funding for the president's wall on the southern border
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where they have been examining detention centers. a filing published by the arizona republic paints a grim picture inside the centers where two children have died in the past month. one filing from august 2018 stating that the children had vomited on the clothing and the officials would never give new clothing and there was never enough soap to wash anything. and another, my daughter was sick the whole time. she kept vomiting, i told an official that she was sick, and he said, why did you come from the country. they did not bring a doctor or any medicine. tonight the president blaming the deck -- blaming the democr claiming that they are pathetic immigration policies that allow people though make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally, they can't. if we had a wall, they would not even try. >> because of the partial government shutdown, president trump is not at his resort in florida. but a man who created a giant inflatable rat made to look like
11:41 pm
the president is. claude taylor calls it a political pro at the time. he put the rat on a boat and sailed it around the lake near the resort. flags set up a counter protest nearby. seven people were taken to the hospital when a jet rig collapsed. medics were told t meet a southwest flight because of a sick pass enjerks as they were tending -- sick passenger, as they tended to that passenger, the platform collapsed. they all fell to the ground, all of the injuries are considered to be nonlife threatening. panic passengers say the -- cha. >> the flight attendants were like, please sit down and nobody knew what was going on. >> tinder terror near boston. a woman is recovering after
11:42 pm
police say that a man she met on the app stabbed her multiple times the man was tased by police and later died. we have the story. >> reporter: tonight, shocking new details in a massachusetts tinder date turned terrifying. a family of a 24-year-old vet narrowy assistant telling -- veterinary assistant telling people that she met this man on the dating app. >> what is up, guys? >> the two ending up in his home. where he alleged began stabbing her in the face with a knife. her mother saying she tried to escape through a door. and a window. neighbors hearing screams calling 9-1-1. officers forcing their way inside the bedroom. where he claimed that he was god and tapley the dfl. police using stun guns on him four times to the 6'7" body builder unresponsive soon after, he died
11:43 pm
at the hospital. his father, now demanding answers. >> he is my son. i want to find out what happened. >> reporter: tapley seriously injured and possibly losing an eye, the police chief commending officers for saving her life. >> abc news, new york. >> so scary. >> it is. >> well, still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. 3-2, wait, not yet. the final preparations being made for one of the b-- for one the biggest new year's celebrations around. >> it's cold out there tonight. we have a chilly start to our sundayy before the
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make sure that the new year's celebration goes off without a happy new year! >> okay, your eyes are not deceiving youte. employees took turns learning to use the confetti machine in mid
11:47 pm
town. hundreds of thousands are expected to pack it in to ring in 2019. the new york city police department said that it will deploy for the first time, a fleet of drones to help keep an eye on the crowd. now a reminder you can watch the ball drop here on abc 7, dic clark's new year's rockin eve with ryan seacrest starts at 11:30 monday night. >> they will have a rainy new year in new york, what about us here? >> let's go to drew. standing by with more. drew? >> you think it will be windy for our new year's eve celebration. it will be dry, but the winds will maket feel brisk out there. let's talk about the temperatures. 40s and 30s in the coldest spot. 39 in brentwood and down to 35 in fairfield. and 36 in san rafel, so it will be a chilly start to your sunday o . it's a cold morning we see a lot
11:48 pm
of sunshine and clouds streaming in. close to where we should be for this had time of year. 62 for concord, and 59 in fremont, we are down to 57 in san francisco, the high on sunday. 60 though in san jose, about 61 that high in santa rosa and a high wind watch will go in to affect for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills and winds could gust well over 50 miles an hour. the winds will be with us through monday, new year's eve as well and they will finally relax here on tuesday morning. here is the seven-day forecast. mostly sunday. and the next chance of anye ek tonight's saturday in the seven-day forecast. guys. >> pretty consistent. >> drew, thanks. >> you have to wait another year for the cheez-it bowl. but there were other bowl games. >> there were, but the two semifinal bowl games, they had all the excitement of the first responder bowl, that was the bowl that was cancelled.
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this year's college football playoff is sure to raise more scrutiny about the platform than end it. it did not seem like the selection committee got the four teams right. alabama scored 21 points in the first quarter of t orange bowl a ten yard score. harris had the other two touchdowns and an easy one-yard run through the -- through the oklahoma defense many. a -- he picks up the six points. alabama led oklahoma 28-0, 17 minutes in to the game. at this point, a's fans want to see kyler murray stay healthy.
11:53 pm
he was dropped here and slow to get up. he stayed in the game. yeah. he went on to make a ten yard touchdown pass right here to lamb. murray, 308 passing yards and ran for a score. but any chance of a comeback was destroyed on the fourth touchdown pass of the game. he was 24 of 27 for 318 yards. 13 yards to jerry judy. alabama is doing back to the title game with a win. >> well, they were focused today and they stayed that way all year long. so, you know, any time you win 14 games that's a good thing. so, we have not always played our bet, but we played against a good team today and i really proud of our players. >> it good, you know, it's good to see the hard work pay off. and i mean, just with the team, you know, working hard with the team as well. it's good to see that, everyone is happy. >> many questioned if notre dame deserved to play at the playoff table. as the university does not belong to a conference and creates its own game schedule.
11:54 pm
you can see the conflict. today's cotton ball did not change the skepticism. tied at three in the second quarter, and trevor lawrence found justin ross. ross shook a tackle and went 52 yards to the end zone. and 9-3 tigers after the missed extra point. under two to play and the pair connect be again, this time, from 42 yards out. clemson got the ball back with 39 seconds left and the drive ended with lawrence, who is a freshman, throwing his third touchdown pass of the quarter. this was to t-higgins 19 yard score. 23-three tigers lead. -- 23-3 tigers that was the longest play notre dame has given up this season. clemson coming to the bay area for the championship game, 30--3 the final. >> we won the game, we achieved our goal.
11:55 pm
really proud of our team and our staff. just an amazing performance. >> you cannot give up four big plays on defense. we did not do it all year. uncharacteristic of our defense. and we, we generated virtually no big plays. >> frarngs ru -- franks rushed and micgantarters a 20 y td th. skip the game to prepare for the nfl draft, it showed. johnson picked off patterson, not once, but twice in the second half and the first pick, franks turned in to a five-yard td pass toperine. perine added a 53 yard touchdown run. florida claims peach bowl victory 41-15 over jim
11:56 pm
harbaugh's crew. arkansas state, nevada in the arizona bowl. 59 minutes in. the wolfpack finally, finally reached the end zone. lee drove it in from a yard out. and they missed two field goals in the game and nailed the 32 yarder to send it to overtime, he had a 24 yard field goal in ot, that means nevada needs a touchdown for the win. they get it, 11 yards to roberson, nevada takes the arizona bowl, 16-13 the final. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino and that national championship game, january 7th, right here at levi stadium and you can see it on our sister network on espn. we will be down there covering it. >> and of course, alabama and clemson have never met before in a change-up game. >> i would like a little variety. >> i think of the people on the billboard and the two remaining will be there to january 7th. that is something else. >> that is a mental capacity
11:57 pm
that i do not have. >> you are not alone. >> they do deliver pizza to the top of sorts of food they good. >> i would rather have it from the couch. >> with that, thanks for joining us. abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00 and by the way, traffic is
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