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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 30, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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in session january 3rd. but she also says democrats will not go for a wall, it's unclear when or how a deal would happen. she trump and senate minority leader chuck schumer haven't spoken to each other in 19 days. >> while all of this plays out, hundreds overthousandsverthousas employees are restricted and federal funding is cut off. >> cornell bernard joins us with more on this story, cornell? >> reporter: deon and eric e for now now. it's hitting a national treasure hard. >> disappointing. >> reporter: this family was ready for an adventure until they started reading the posted signs, impacts from the partial government shutdown. >> i like it but i so sad that
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we can't go bathrooms. >> reporter: even more public bathrooms closed and off limits because maintenance workers have been furloughed. the visitor center is also closed. >> it's very disappointing to see the closure. we're hoping to give a lesson to our son and show the in laws what we have right in our own backdoor and i'm a little sad to see that we can't do that. >> reporter: hiking trails are open but garbage is starting to pile up in some trash cans. park visitors are urged to plan ahead. >> practice, leave no trace principles of hauling your garbage out with you. >> i feel bad for the employees not able to work and not able to get paid. >> reporter: the traffic and parking nightmare, access to the trail head and parking lot was closed due to the shutdown, forcing more than 100 people to park on both sides of this small road and hike in any way. >> it's a beautiful day. it's a shame that the access is closed because there are so many
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people that would want to enjoy this. >> reporter: some overnight campers got their cars stuck. >> we came back and it was all blocked off and we could barely get through. >> the government shutdown and how you can help. >> reporter: in southern california, volunteers are stepping up at joshua tree national park by cleaning pa bathrooms and restocking them but locals can't maintain it forever. >> it hope the federal government gets it together and comes up with an agreement shortly. >> reporter: with no end in sight to the government shutdown, there would be more funding impacts to the national parks. officials say plan ahead if you're going. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> much appreciated, thanks. we do have much more coverage at our website including details on the government workers directly affected by the shutdown. thousands going without pay. we have new developments on a story only on abc 7 news. police arrested a man suspected
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of viciously beating another man. cell phone cameras captured the attack, the man being punched and kicked remains in the hospital recovering from life threatening injuries. the woman that took the video walks through the area frequently and is urging police to do more about crime. >> angered me to see it. where were the -- i come and frequent the area very often and i often see at least maybe two or three officers in this area and it just, that day at that moment where were they? i didn't see a single one. >> reporter: this is the suspect melton earl kelly arrested this morning. he's facing 11 felony charges including attempted murder and robbery. the oakland raiders played the very last game of the 2018 season while reports emerged that they might play home games in england next year. >> abc 7 news was in san watch the game. the raiders are moving to las vegas in 2020.
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fox sports and england's daily mail report the raiders could play the 2019 home games in london. a legal de legal de legal de raiders from playing here. >> they will continue to support the silver and black and should. it's been a great experience. a lot of people have become friends through the raiders. >> all right. joining us to talk about all this is abc 7 news sports anchor mindy balk and you're spectacle about this. >> it's a tall order to fill. the nfl wanted to increase presence in the u.k. and the raiders discovered the spurs that are opening a new stadium in london but really look at everything that needs to be done financially. how do you move an entire team of several hundred over to the u.k. and shchedule games home
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versus away with a time difference and get teams to agree to pay in london. who pays for the extra travel? how do you decide this in six to eight weeks because they need to set the schedule next year by the end of february, beginning of march. so much to do. >> yeah, i'm really glad you mentioned that because we're talking about february, they have to make the decision by then. what are the other options here? >> the best options obviously are a football ready stadium. that is going to be the coliseum. they have much to work out with the county authority there and the city. the next would be levi stadium that makes sense. they are ready for the fans and tailgaters and space to handle crowds like that and maybe san diego, with the chargers old stadium. there is talk about at&t here in the city. that's really difficult because one of the problems of the coliseum is they share it with the a's. do the giants want an nfl team on the outfield grass and infield dirt taking away sunday home games, especially the
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giants making a push for the post-season and don't have the infrastructure for the tailgating the raiders fans like. those three football stadiums are the best options. >> a lot of stadiums that are joint baseball stadiums left everyone unhappy. >> exactly. >> the nfl players do not like playing on it it. >> thank you. new at 6:00, right now crews are trying to clean up an intersection in san francisco, a car slammed into a fire hiydran after 4:00. police believe the car is stolen and they arrested someone that ran from the car after the crash. the traffic signals were impacted causing a major backup. shifting gears to thets of area were in for a windy and chilly night. >> here is drew tuma. >> the winds are generally light across the region but that is going to change over the next 12 hours. later on tonight at midnight, a wind advisory will go into
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effect and last through new years eve until tuesday morning. the areas shaded in yellow, the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains and east bay hills will see the strongest wind gust under this wind advisory. so for many of us, we'll feel the forth winds 20 to 35 miles an hour tomorrow but along the ridge top, we could easily see gusts close to 50, if not over 50 miles an hour and these winds will make it feel very cold tomorrow night. we'll take a look at the temperatures for new year's eve forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thanks. jerry brown is speaking out about his visit to the campfire burn zone with president trump. the two visited the area outside chicco last month. governor brown talked about it on pe"meet the press." >> i appreciate he came and the president made funding available under the emergency acts of congress so that's all good. i would say he is very convinced of his position and his position
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is that there is nothing abnormal about the fires in california or the rising sea level or all the other incidents of climate change. >> the president did say himself during the tour it did not change his perspective on climate change. the campfire killed 86 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. new details coming up about the man accused of stabbing his tender date. they have been trying to get him mental health help. >> crews are putting the final touches on times square for new years.
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new details on the case of a massachusetts man that died in the custody of police. her daughter met 25-year-old eric stelzer on tender. he called police and emts on christmas. emts said he didn't need assistance because he was lucid enough on his own. his family says they hired a team to bring help bring him to a facility for treatment but then the attack occurred. police used stun guns on the man but he became unresponsive while being taken to the hospital. >> he's my son. i want to know what happened.
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>> the victim megan tapely suffered extensive injuries but expected to survive. some san francisco people literally rang in the new year today. abc 7 news was inside san francisco's art museum today. people took turns ringing a japanese bell that dates back to the 1500s. this marks the 33rd year for the bell. that billboard in san jose promoting the national championship has a new look tonight. workers swapped out the background to reflect the alabama and clemson will play in the game at levi stadium on january 7th. four super fans had been living on the billboard but after oklahoma and notre dame lost, there are two fans left. nancy and ellis ross will stay on the billboard until the 7th. don't forget the college football play-off national championship, that is at levi
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stadium on monday, january 7th. number two clemson takes on number one alabama and you can watch it on our sister network espn. crews are putting the finishing touches on times square ahead of new years eve. we get a preview of the musical act making sure the celebration is rocking. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the accuweather forecast. and the nfl's regular season comes to a close tonight. still a lot to be decided and there are still records to be broken. not a great ending for the 49ers but a perfe
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the countdown is on. >> the ball drop is rehearsed and there will be thousands of officers and a police drone overhead. they are expecting more than 2 million partiers to be in times square although that number is up for debate. ryan seacrest will be there hosting dick clark's new years rocking eve and they explain what is planned. >> as usual, we get the best of the best from post malone and brooklyn, christina aguilera, new kids on the block. >> you can watch the ball drop
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here on abc 7. dick clark's new years rocking eve starts at 11:30 monday night. it will be raining in new york city for new years eve. here for us, it will be windy and cold out there tomorrow night. live doppler 7 right now, we enjoyed lots of sunshine earlier today. equally as clear tonight so we are dry on live doppler seven. the picture now, a live look and great visibility but that camera is shaking going back and forth as the winds are on the rise tonight and will continue to increase over the next 12 hours. winds close to the coast are the strongest and you can see the gust in san francisco. 35 miles an hour, 21 in san carlos and elsewhere away from the coast, not nearly as strong but that will change overnight. temperature-wise. we have fallen back into the 40s and 50s, 54 that current number in santa rosa down to 52 in san francisco with the breeze and 49
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fairfield and livermore at about 51. overnight tonight, clear skies, plenty of stars out there, with that breeze on the rise, what it helps to do is keep the atmosphere mixed-up so that means we don't get as chilly tonight as we had been in previous nights. still 30s and 40s is cold in the next 12 hours. that wind advisory will go intofect tonight admit night lasting through tuesday morning and the areas shaded in yellow on your screen are hills across the bay area and will feature the strongest wind gust on monday. so monday, it's really bright day, lots of sunshine but the wind will keep temperatures in the 50s for afternoon highs. so let's take a closer look at the wind speeds. future tracker wind gust as we get you into tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning those winds are racing out of the north 20 to 30 miles an hour. throughout the day they may weaken slightly during the daylight hours but ramp up once again and by 7:00 in the evening
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on monday, likely will see gusts well over 30 miles an hour at times. so the new years eve forecast is dry. we have clear skies overnight into new yeerar's day but the winds will be 20 to 35 miles an hour. while your air temperature will be in the 40s, you can forget these numbers because you want to remember what the windchill will look like or what it will feel like thanks to the north wind on the gusty side. so windchills as we say hello to 2019, look at the numbers. it will feel like the 30s across the entire region. you want to have the winter jacket, several layers because it will be a chilly end to 2018 and chilly start to new year's day. here is the forecast, the next seven days for you, tomorrow it's about the winds on new years eve for the wind advisory in effect. chilly overnight into new year's day. the winds will relax midday tuesday so with a calm finish that ushers in cold mornings
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wednesday and thursday and dry on friday but the next chance of any wet weather will come next weekend on saturday with a storm level one on the storm impact scale. the 49ers and raiders wrapped up the 2018 season on the road with the chance to alter the play-off picture for their opponents, each team played the division leaders and for the 49ers that meant a visit to the coliseum and an l.a. win means the rams secure first round buy. first round did not go well as kyle fumbled the ball away. jared goff on the next drive connected with brandin cooks on a three-yard score. on the very next drive, nick mullins with the first interception of the game on to corey littleton. c.j. anderson, remember him? he was on the raiders three weeks ago and got the touchdown on the following drive after that. second quarter not any better for the 49ers. he picked off by littleton
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again. littleton picked off 19 yards. 49ers had four turnovers in the first half. here is the season highlight. george says the nfl single season record for most receiving yards on this 43-yard touchdown is 1,377 yards for kittle. congratulations. >> it hasn't really hit me but definitely exciting and i mean, definitely wasn't just me. three quarterbacks throw me the ball and the o line ups and downs throughout the year and a credit to our team to push and grind the whole year no matter what happened. definitely would have really enjoyed a win today but this definitely makes it a little bit better. >> the raiders also had turnover troubles against the afc leading chiefs. four turnovers. that included derek carr's first pick since week five. daniel took this 54 yards. the other way. hold up, look at jared cook.
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he quit on the route. the two have a discussion so we have to find out what happened on that play. next possession, carr gets stripped by justin houston. carr threw for 185 yards and two picks and that led to this four-yard touchdown. in the third quarter patrick mahomes became the third quarterback in nfl history to throw 50 or more touchdowns in a single season. tom brady and peyton manning being the other two, 89 yards here to demarcus who had all kinds of room to run into the end zone backward so the chiefs then added on more. tyreek hill with the touchdown and a 15-yard early in the fourth. the chiefs secure the top spot in the afc that comes with a buy and home field advantage as they win 35-3. >> nothing wrong with the effort. i'll take responsibility for the loss. obviously, we have a lot of work to do. i really like this football team and i like the way we finished. today was not a good note but
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great group of guys that laid quite a foundation that we can build on. >> so the arizona cardinals have the number one pick in the 2019 draft followed by the 49ers due to the 4-12 record and the jets and raiders also at 4-12 and bucks round out the top five as far as draft order. the vikings lost to the bears so if the eagles beat washington, they are in. nick foles threw two touchdown passes and win 24-0 and sneak into the final wild card spot. the steelers need to win and have the ravins lose. pittsburgh survivors thanks to the three field goals. this is his first game with the steelers, big sigh of relief there. 16 of 13 pittsburgh but they still need help from the browns. first we'll flash back to week 17 of last season. the ravins beat the bengals in the playoffs but on fourth and 12 with under a minute left, andy dolton for the game winner.
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49 yards. so they eliminated the ravins in the final minute of the season. back to today against the browns, the steelers watching from the field. cleveland down two and baker mayfield is picked. the ravins survive. no deja vu for them. they will go to the playoffs. pittsburgh is essentially out. the only way the steelers can make it in is if the colts, titans game ends in a tie. that's unlikely. a lot to be decided. >> always hope. >> yeah. >> for a tie. >> i don't think there is a chance, right? >> no. [ laughter ] >> all right. mindy, thank you. the weekend after christmas is a big one at the box office. we'll take a
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a new year means new laws from the foods you eat. thing wills for californians in 2019 and will break down big ones. and is london calling next season for the raiders? we spoke to a former executive about the likelihood of the not only wonbolts from the bay a but the north american continent. >> i'm surprised you didn't break out in the clash song. maybe after the show. all right. aqua man maintained his role
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of king of the box office. >> the movie took in $51.6 million in the second weekend in theaters. "mary poppins" "chan "transformers, spiderman" with $18 million and clint eastwood's "the mule." >> reviews on "aqua man". >> maybe, a definite eh. tat's it for
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